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Fifth Day of Christmas – Evertite Stretcher Bars!


One of my favorite tools over the past seven or so years of stitching is the Evertite Stretcher Bar frame. Evertite Stretcher Bars are the Rolls Royce of stretcher bar frames for hand embroidery, and today, thanks to Evan Burroughs, the creator and manufacturer of Evertite Stretcher Bar needlework frames, you have an opportunity to win a set!

Evertite Stretcher Bars

What makes Evertite stretcher bars my go-to stretcher bars for embroidery projects? The fact that they are adjustable. They are adjustable after the fabric has already been mounted on the frame! This means that you can mount the fabric, and then tighten or loosen the tension, without having to un-mount your fabric. This is a huge time-saver, and the ultimate in convenience, when it comes to using stretcher bars.

Evertite Stretcher Bar Frames

Using a T-tool, which is more or less an Allen wrench with a fancy handle, the little screws set into each edge of the bars can be lengthened to push the bars of the frame further apart.

This is an ingenious concept! I love these frames. I use them all the time for projects that are a bit smaller – like any of Trish Burr’s kits, or Tanja Berlin’s – and that will be on the frame for a while.

Evertite Stretcher Bars can be found through several different retailers online. I usually get mine from either Stitchers’ Paradise or Needle in a Haystack. It’s true that they are a bit more expensive than plain stretcher bars, but they last (and last, and last – I’ve been using various pairs over and over again for years), and save a lot of time. Plus, they are smooth and well-constructed, from wood that is soft enough to easily push the tacks in when mounting fabric. To me, they are definitely worth the slightly extra cost.

Today’s winner will receive one whole frame (that’s two pairs of stretcher bars), in whatever size you wish, from the standard sizes that are available. You can see what sizes the Evertites come in, by visiting this catalog page on the Stitchers’ Paradise website. I would say the most useful sizes are anywhere from 10″ – 14″. You can mix and match, too. You might want a frame that’s 10″ x 14″ – so if you win, you’d receive a pair of 10″ and a pair of 14″ bars to make up your whole frame.

Give-Away Instructions

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on that link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

When you stitch, what type of frame or hoop do you normally use? Or do you prefer to stitch in-hand, without a frame or hoop?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box. For example, if your name happens to be Freddy, you might include a last initial or a location to differentiate yourself from any other Freddy that might join in.

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Fifth Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.

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  1. I’ve always used different sizes of vintage plastic hoops that I’ve had around forever. I’ve always wanted to swap over to a stretcher frame, though, I have just never been able to afford one. 🙂

  2. I started out years ago using hoops. Then went to a scroll frame. Now I do most stitching in hand! I didn’t like wrestling with the scroll frame. I am looking at floor stand to purchase. I think that would really help me with my big projects. the Evertite look like a great thing to use.

  3. I usually use either scroll frames or stretcher bars depending on the size of the project. If it is small, I use stretcher bars, large, I use a scroll frame.

    I am playing with a slate frame on my new project as that is what the designer recomends.

    I would love to try the Evertite’s as I have heard that they are a major step up in stretcher bars.

  4. What a wonderful product! I like using wooden hoops, but these would be fabulous for certain projects!

  5. Thanks for this informative and detailed frame tutorial. I’ve only ever used hoops, and I have to say that you’ve opened my eyes and mind to many possibilities today…

  6. I usually use scroll rods for cross stitch, and stretcher bars for canvas work. I’ve thought about trying the Evertight(s), so this is a perfect opportunity, without outlaying the dollars! Thanks for the opportunity to be included in your giveaway!
    Barb in Syracuse

  7. I’ve just recently returned to the world of embroidery which has drastically changed since my teens when I switch to cross stitching. Now quilting with embroidery on the side. Actually working with crazy quilting is what has brought me back. I still use the little wooden hoops and sometimes plastic for my work. As I can see from this set a lot has changed. Thanks for sharing the info and who knows make the bars.


  8. Hi! I’m such a nube. I just use cheap wooden hoops from the craft store. Working with stretcher bars would be awesome though! Great idea for the Giveaway!

  9. My favourite frame is the Millennium frame which you reviewed in your blog. No tacks, no stitching – it’s wonderful. I prefer to stitch in a frame more than many of my friends but sometimes frames just don’t work and I’ll stitch free. I’m enjoying these 12 days very much.

  10. I am definitely a hoop or stretcher bar gal and I use them on almost all my projects. I also have various types of frames (2 different types of lap frames, 1 el cheapo floor frame, a clamp that you put on a table to hold a project, etc.). The only items I don’t put on a hoop or bars are projects that are too small or difficult to stitch (such as certain pre-made items) or a project better done in hand such as hardanger. I’ve been drooling over Evertight bars for a while so it would be lovely to win a set. Your contests are always great but this 12-days concept tops them all!

  11. Hello Mary!
    These look awesome! I usually use a really lame hoop. It is never tight enough and my fabric gets floppy no matter how hard I try to stretch it taut. This would make the projects I do much more delightful to stitch. The practical things usually make our life easier, no? 🙂
    Jen in Oregon

  12. I have just returned to embroidery and use the small hoop. I have been reading and gathering new knowledge in this area. I hope to embroider some blocks to use in my quilting. I did purchase some tubes that were recommended for needlepoint, but have not tried them out yet. These stretcher bars fascinate me. I will have to see if my quilt shop carries them.

  13. i would love to win. When i stitch i roll the fabric and hold onto it, stretcher bars that are the “rolls royce” of stretcher bars would be great!

  14. I use the q-snaps for quilting and the wooden hoops for embroidery. I’d love to try these frames. Thanks for the offer.

    Karen L.

  15. Mary, I have wanted to try one of these frames since you first wrote about them

    I don’t like stitching in hand, so I always use some kind of frame. I most commonly use Qsnaps, however also use scroll frames for bell pulls, and have tried lots of them from all different companies. Since I usually not happy with the way the fabric gets sown onto them, I have most noerth american models for getting the fabric onto the bars by other means.

    I use stretcher bars for canvas work and plastic hoops with a spring loaded metal top piece to hold the fabric taut for small stitching like ornaments.

    I am currently working on a GAR needlebook and keep thinking about these frames. they would be great.


  16. I most often use plain old stretcher bars. They’re inexpensive and do work. . .but do have that one big disadvantage of having to untack and retack the fabric to tighten it.

  17. I love Evertites. When I do canvas work I use atretcher bars, when I do surface work I use a wide hoop, and when I do most counted work I do it “in hand.”

  18. Mary, Another wonderful give-away. I have used almost every sort of stretcher to do my handwork, beginning with the old wooden circle within a circle hoop. I have had my husband fashion strechers for me for whatever size item I was working on. I have used roller bars and I have sewn my pieces onto canvas and stretched them. I have had floor models which I felt were too confining and cumbersome and I have lately been using the “Q” bars. All have their benefits and drawbacks. I’d like to try something new! Thank you

  19. I really haven’t had experience with different hoops – I’ve only used what is available at my local craft stores, either the plastic or wood round hoops.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try something new!

  20. It really depends on what I’m doing. I prefer to work in hand when possible, but my go-to is old-fashioned stretcher bars. I use hoops most often for crewel–some of the stitches work best with the fabric taut and some with it looser and hoops offer that flexibility. I learned to do Hardanger and pulled thread in hand and still prefer to do those that way. My Japanese embroidery is on a traditional frame. Never, ever Q-snaps, I had trouble holding them. The evertite stretcher bars look very interesting.

  21. Haven’t used these frames but would love to try them. Usually my husband constructs them for me. The fact that they tighten even with the material on them sounds like a great idea.

  22. I switch between roll frames and Q-snaps with somewhat sporadic luck with each. Thanks again for a great prize.

  23. I have hoops on an Elbesee seat frame and a Klass & Gessman floor frame. These are good for me because I have a heavy work schedule and live in a city apartment; it’s easy and quick to set up or to move my work out of the way. I’ve shied away from stretcher bars because of all the maintenance involved, but based on your review, I would love to try the Evertite stretcher bars! It’s such a joy to stitch with a consistent, even tension. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and also for sharing the Christmas spirit with us all.

  24. I’m an in-hand girl at heart–I spent a year in Scandinavia and was taught to cross-stitch their way without a hoop. I’m very good at it. But of course there are many other embroidery techniques that require a hoop and would be ruined by doing it in-hand, so I still need this frame! 🙂

  25. Because of the size of my project, I’m currently stitching with a large oval hoop on a floor stand.
    It’s a bit unwieldy. I’d love a set of these stretcher bars!

  26. I use a regular frame attached to a lap holder. For larger pieces, I sit at a standing frame. I lace the sides to make the piece more taut. I used to have a bar stretcher but it wasn’t near as efficient as the one you describe.

  27. I used to work with hoops, until I read your review of the Evertite system. I purchased a frame and wouldn’t go back to a hoop. The frame and stand free my hands to use a laying tool and that is just wonderful!

  28. Mostly I use a fabric covered hoop, but I want to branch out. I’ve tried those crappy split-dowel scroll frames and hated them. I’m buying a quality one with my Christmas money, and I’m hoping it’ll be all I want it to be!

  29. oh – these stretcher bars look wonderful! I normally stitch in-hand, but as I want to try doing goldwork, stretcher bars are a “must have” – so I hope I win them!
    Elizabeth L Mac

  30. I usually stitch in hand on linen. On canvas, or congress cloth, then it’s on a roller frame. I don’t use a floor stand, so the project has to be a manageable size. Thanks for the opportunity.

  31. I have never used the frame to work embroidery projects….always the hoop. It would be interesting to work with a different method. I would have to take a look at the website and see what the in’s and out’s are. Thanks again for another wonderful day of Christmas!

  32. It depends on what I am stitching. Canvas, which I have only recently become interested in, requires those stretcher bars. For counted thread on linen, in hand or a Q-Snap – especially for 40 count linen or over one – easier on these mature eyes! ; ) For surface embroidery I like something nice and tight, a good hoop or frame.

  33. Ohh wow, these look a like lovely prize to win! I currently use Q-Snap frames, roller frames, a small round Clover hoop, and if it is small enough, I stitch in hand! But I can never get the tension that I want! Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful and practical prize!

  34. Mary, I prefer a hoop either q-snap or one that can tighten. I Have yet to get the ultimate wooden frame for embroidery. I would love an opportunity to win a set and be as pleased with them as you are.

  35. I usually use a 6″ or 8″ hoop which I have had for years. I certainly prefer to embroider using a hoop (or frame as the case might be). I believe it gives me more control. Wonderful to win a frame!

  36. Currently stitch in hand; need to advance to another method with the thread painting and the finer thread use on the linens, I have many times read your recommendations and have yet to make a purchase of the bars – love to win and begin. Thanks for arranging all these fantastic give-aways!

  37. I used hoops. What a wonderful concept these stretchers are!!!!! Thank you for the chance to own these!!

  38. This is definitely something that I would love to win!!! I have had my eye on some stretcher bars for a while now because I’ve been getting frustrated with my good ol’ embroidery hoops. I almost always use a hoop to stitch, but I will occasionally baste with safety pins and just hand stitch. I would love, love, love, to get my hands on a set of these to try out a new method!!

  39. My last project I stitched without a frame, just in my hand, but I also have a hoop. I like the hoop better but having to tighten it up all the time drives me nuts!

  40. I have seen the evertite bars, but they are not available where I live, so use reular stretcher
    bars. What a treat it would be not to have to
    adjust the tacks all the time!

  41. I’ve not entered before, but would love to increase my supply of Evertites! I usually use stretcher bars, though I have splurged for Evertites for a large project that would be up for most of a year. I love them and would use them for everything if it weren’t for the extra expense.

  42. I’m relatively new at stitching, so I’ve only tried hoops and the Q-snap (and no frame). I definitely prefer to use a frame, but I’m not sure I have a preferance yet. I like hoops because they keep the fabric tight, but I like that the Q-snap is square. Maybe it’s time I try a stretcher frame – square and keeping things tight would be an awesome combo.

  43. I nearly always use a hoop or stretcher bars. Even for stitching that is traditionally worked in hand, I prefer the tension control that I get from mounting the piece. Although a hoop is good for some things, my hands tend to cramp with these. So stretcher bars are more frequently my choice. I have one set of Evertites; they are very nice to work with.

  44. When doing crewel I use roller frames, but hate having to baste the project to the fabric on the rollers. For cross stitch and “regular” embroidery I use a hoop. I love this give-away!

  45. Mary,
    Your 12 Days of Christmas just keep getting better and better!
    I’m a new embroiderer and have been using a Hardwick Manor hoop but have been wanting an Evertite frame ever since I read about them on your blog.

    Ann from Whitefish Bay, WI

  46. I’ve never used Evertites before – I have a good selection of the older stretcher bars which I use for canvas work. For counted thread stitching on linen, I work in hand for small pieces and use Q-Snaps a lot for bigger pieces. I do also have scroll frames and have used those for both canvas and linen work. I’d be thrilled to give the Evertites a try!

  47. HI Mary!
    Thank you for this very very generous opportunity!
    I work all of my personal embroidery in a hoop since it is done relatively quickly. But, the ecclesiastical embroideries are worked in a frame.
    I have long wanted to try the Evertites (since reading about them on your site!!). What a wonderful chance to explore them.
    Thanks again and have a Merry thread-filled New Year.

  48. Happy New Year Mary, et al

    I like in hand for small pieces but love Q snaps. What I don’t like is sometimes its very hard to get the tension tight enough and I raely use hoops anymore because of the wrinkles. Thank you
    Northern California

  49. I stitch with a hoop, and have wanted one of these a long time. I asked for one for Christmas, but guess santa just wasn’t listening.

  50. Ive used all kinds of stretcher bars and scrolls as well as using none. I like the Q snaps for counted cross, scroll for needlepoint, and hoops for crewel/needle painting. I have a new lap frame for hardanger but it seems I am jealous of your posts of how you mount your needlework! I have my New Years resolution to prepare my projects more efficiently and properly. You have inspired me. I think this will help me to feel better about my finished work if I eliminate the practices I’ve used for 40 years and promote more finished projects. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you!

  51. It would be wonderful to have the help from such a wonderful frame. I can see and believe my embroidery would be improved tremendously. That would be a true joy.

  52. I’d love to try the Evertite frames. I’m getting back into stitching after years and years away from it. I usually use a 7″ hoop, and do smallish projects. I’ve never tried frames or scrolls, but drool over the dream of someday having a really good stand and really good frames to work with.

    I enjoy your blog, and have learned so much just by reading your daily posts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  53. Actually I go in waves – I did some embroidery last summer without a hoop or frame and it was very freeing and portable. But this summer I stuck to my hoops! I have one frame but having a project on it makes it unavailable to start new ones!!

  54. I’m using a sit upon hoop for a goldwork project and it is driving me nuts! The fabric won’t stay taught and I’m worried about dirt around the hoop. So I’ll take it out today and put it in a frame. The Evertite frames are wonderful! Thanks for such a nice prize.

  55. My choices vary. I do a lot of historical reenacting, and so I go with what ever was used in 1470, 1812, or 1918. These look like they would be wonderful for my real-time work.

    FYI-I found your site from a reenacting friend in Austria and it’s wonderful!

  56. Hi Mary!
    I always use some sort of frame. Roller frames for linen (although I have a slate frame here I haven’t tried yet), and stretcher bars for canvas work. I like using the Evertites for large projects, since they take longer and end up stretching more! I’d love to get more of these wonderful bars!

  57. I use a hoop. I have it wrapped as you taught us, but it’s poly/cotton (keep looking for all cotton at the thrift store!)so the fabrics never stay tight enough. Prefer the ovals. Would love to experience using Evertite.

  58. Hi,
    When I stitch a small project, I prefer to stitch in-hand, a medium project a hoop and a bigger project a wood frame.

  59. I most use a hoop but I do a lot of shadow work on baby clothing. I have use the stretcher bars a couple of times. I am trying to do some new and different types of embroidery and will definitely use the stretcher bars. I have one of the Royal Persian Tallifero designs that I hope to trace this weekend. Diane

  60. Whenever possible, I do use stretcher bars. I think they are a lot better than a hoop. Didn’t know too much about them until I started to learn cross stitch from the ladies at work. Really do like them and haven’t had too much of a problem–have the kind that you baste your project onto the flaps of material of the stretcher bar. They hold the material very taunt.

  61. Hello Mary,

    Well, I am a faithful follower of your website and I took up embroidering after I found you, so I use Evertite Stretch Bars or the hard wood hoops you mentioned, but I forgot their name. They are awesome.

    I always wait for your product recommendations and go from there.

    Have a lovely day.

  62. I am an embroidery “newbie” and as a result have never ventured beyond hoops. I use hoops between 6-8″ in diameter. I think the stitches are more uniform as a result. I’ve never been happy with my stitching when done “hoopless.”
    The stretcher frames look as if they keep the fabric taut and have a little more maneuvering room than the circular hoops I currently use.
    I’d love to try it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
    p.s. I love Needle n Thread — so helpful.

  63. I usually use either a scroll frame or a plastic hoop as they are reasonably cheep. I’m still saving my money for a better hoop and/or frame. I would love to win this.

  64. I use stretcher bars all the time for my counted thread work, but I buy them from art supply stores and use the ones that are wider, almost look like picture frames, as they do not move and stay square and tight at the corners.

  65. I’ve recently started using stretcher bars for more of the fine work I’ve been doing. Q-snaps aren’t my favorite, but use them for larger counted thread projects. Mostly, my preference is in hand. It seems that the little things lately have been stitched in small hoops…just to keep a bit more tension than I get in hand. The fact that the Evertite’s can be tensions while working is fabulous! Perhaps my rough handling of the edges can be tamed!

  66. Over the years, I have tried all types of stitching. While I love using a small hoop (with tightening screw), I just started using a pair of Evertites last week and I love them. They are so quick to set up, which gets you stitching that much faster.

  67. Good Morning Mary’

    Thank you once again for the opportunity to enter in this give-away. I wish I can say which I have used or prefer. I don’t have a Frame not even a Hoop at this time I can not afford one. I am practicing without anything just a hand sewing needle and sewing machine thread. To be able to win this would be such a Blessing for me… I leave it all in Gods hands. Thank you once again Mary

    Jennifer G.

  68. I enjoy both frame and in-hand stitching although I haven’t used my frame in over five years (it’s in storage since I’ve moved). I love the stitches having a more even tension and it helps to almost be hands-free while stitching.

  69. I stitch small designs in hand and use scroll rods for larger pieces. I’ve used an American Dream lap stand for many years and recently purchased a Needlework System 4 floor stand – both currently in use. I also purchased a small set of Q-snaps but have only used them once. I enjoyed reading your review of the Evertite stretcher bars and would love to win a set!

  70. I have used hoops and roll frame- it just depended on how large the piece was. I bought a small holder that you sit on in order to have both hands free, but it was so NOT ADJUSTABLE that I ditched it in favor of just balancing the frame on my knee, the arm of the chair… I have a project in mind that these would be perfect for- silk velvet vest embroidered with metal, braid and silk. I have been trying to put together everything needed…got the silk velvet in august …trying to figure out what to use so I don’t have to roll and ruin the velvet and still be able to frame the entire front or back at one time….this would be such a blessing!

  71. Hi, I use both Q-snaps and regular stretcher bars, depending on the project I am working on. Stretcher bars are always my first choice because I can use them with my floor stand. Thanks again. Sandi

  72. Hi Mary
    I usually work with a normal hoop and recently ordered the Millenium bars but this frame would be wonderful for some of my projects! Thanks once again.

  73. I almost always use wooden stretcher bars for my needlepoint projects. I am continually having to take my canvas off the bars and re-stretch them, time that encroaches on my stitching 🙂 I would love to have Evertite stretcher bars allowing more time for actual stitching.

  74. It really depends upon the type of embroidery I do that decides the type of frame I use….or no frame at all, such as bullion roses and stem or outline stitch, etc. But for small embroidery pieces I love the evertight frames. They are my favorite, because they can be tightened so much easier than a regular stretch bar frame. Would love to win this set!

  75. Hi Mary, I usually stitch in hand. After having used a slate frame for a group project I can see why it is best for certain projects. I would really like to try this type of frame. Thank you.

  76. I only have hoops, with those stretcher bars I would be able to do something more elaborate.

    Good day,

    Ginette of Mexico

  77. Dear Marymentor:
    OH How I always use a hoop or preferably stretcher bars….and OH how I NEED these. Maybe my Christmas angels will have you pull my name for this one, which I desparately need. Otherwise, by hand, everything quickly gets pulled out of kilter for me. Happy New Year Mary. Looking forward to more of your great tutelage…Judy in Pittsburgh

  78. Mary,
    I always use stretcher bars for my larger projects because I like to use a hands free stand. Hoops,I find, come in handy for small or quickie projects. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win Evertites. What a great concept.

  79. Good morning,
    What a great give prize. I would like to try these very neat stretcher bars. Right now I use a hoop for crewel embroidry, stretcher bars for canvas work or needlepoint and when the designer, like Tanya Berlin, suggests stretcher bars for any of her projects. Still, I work hardanger in my hand, as well as small cross stitch projects, like Christmas ornaments, especially on stiff fabric like Aida cloth.

  80. Yes I would love to try a pair of these stretcher bars! I currently only use a common plastic hoop with a tightening screw as I generally embroider small projects. What a great giveaway this is. Thanks to all for the donations! This has been a fun week.
    Thank You,
    Mary Ann H.

  81. I always stitch with some kind of frame, usually stretcher bars. Last year I started replacing my old, cheaper bars with Evertites, and yes, I like them very much. I still need a few sizes, though, so this would be a wonderful oportunity to complete my collection. Thanks for the chance!

  82. Mary:
    Another wonderful tool! I have stretcher bars – the “frame” knid, not ones designed specifically for stitchers. I use them for some projects, and a scroll frame for others. I would love to try these!

  83. I usually use a hoop just because it was cheap and available for when I was a beginner. Now I’m feeling more confident I might try a frame.

  84. I have wanted to try some different frames, especially when I did some crewel embroidery a while back. I had an older plastic snap together frame that I “made” work.

    Thanks for the great gifts you are offering.

  85. I too like many others use a variety of hoops, frames, floor stands etc depending on the size and material of the project. Have seen these advertised but have been reluctant to purchase yet one more gadget that may not work for me. Your review, Mary, has sparked my interest and would agree 10 x 14 for smaller projects might be a good starting set. Thanks to you and Evan Burroughs for this interesting prize.

    Lynn H Texas

  86. I need a set of Evertite Stretcher bars! I have been using ancient (about 30-year-old) 7 or 8 inch wooden hoop. Arthritis is attacking my right hand, and the tiny screw has become almost unmanageable. Working without a hoop seems more comfortable, but the embroidery looks better when done under tension.
    Thank you, Mary, for being always ready to help with needlework questions.
    Debbie S.

  87. I have in the past used just about all ‘holding’ methods, but most often have used a large (mult-person sized) frame for restoration work. My preference for personal work, however, is an appropriately-sized frame and these have been on my ‘want list’ for a while!

  88. I generally use a scroll frame unless I’m doing canvas work and then it’s a stretcher bar frame. I have been thinking about getting a set of these but winning them would be very nice!

  89. ooohh, man, I have always wanted a pair of these! I use regular old stretcher bars for my floor stand or I have a german wood hoop in my lap stand. these giveaways are incredible!!! thank you!

  90. Hi Mary
    I have tried various types of frames over the years and recently got a bar type one that you can pin the fabric on which is great for a project that is going to be on the go for a time but these bars on offer for todays prize are the rolls royce I would say with just that bit extra – it is always what us Scots people say – buy cheap buy dear and it is a true thing to say you get what you pay for and you should save by buying the best you can to begin with and you will only win in the long run. Wonderful prize thanks Mary.
    Eleanor – Isle of Man

  91. Ohhhh MARY!! I have been looking at these since you blogged about them, but alas, they are out of my budget range. Winning these would be a wonderful opportunity to expand my horizons in stitching. I enjoy your daily blogs, you really have a rare gift for teaching. Your Tutorials are so informative to a novice like me.
    This 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is an awesome concept! Thank you!

  92. I am a Evertite fan – slowly adding to my collection from using the plain wooden frames – but I never seem to have the size of Evertites I need!

  93. I actually prefer to stitch in hand. However, I do like using a scroll bar to keep track of all the loose fabric when stitching a wall handing or some other long/narrow piece. I have only used a stretcher bar for needlepoint projects, never for embroidery.

  94. Oh my gosh, I would so love to have these frames. I have a piece now in a scroll frame and I can not keep it tight. I constantly have to roll and tighten. On some pieces I use a wooden hoop, but what I am working on now is a ribbon embroidery piece by Di Van Niekerk and you just can’t put it in a hoop. I know something else would be better, but this was all I had access to.

  95. These stretcher bars look wonderful. Lately, I have been holding the fabric in my hand, not an optimum method.

  96. Mary, for most of my needlework I use some form of a hoop. I do have a couple of sets of Q-Snaps for quilting and a floor frame for quilting. The floor frame does not hold the fabric drum tight. The frame is made by Hearland Quiltworks of Canada, but my search for their webpage was fruitless. I also have a roll frame somewhere in the house 🙂

    I would love to have a set of Evertite to start my collection.

  97. I usually stitch in the hand, but, and this is a big but, there are times when one must use a frame. I have never had one that suited me and have loads of odd sizes and frames in my stash closet. How nice it would be to have one that seems to be so ideal.

  98. I started out using a hoop but changed to a scroll frame when I tired of trying to keep the fabric straight. I do still use a hoop when I’m working on very small projects. I currently use a rather wobbly scroll frame with lap stand. While trying to find an alternative, I was fortunate to come across your website & your article on slate frames. Then I read your review of the Evertite stretcher bars and was intrigued. I would love to try them out.
    My crewel work has greatly improved since I found your website. Thank you and happy new year!!

  99. I stitch cross stitch and linen projects in hand and needlepoint canvas projects on stretcher bars, though i have used roll frames when I use my floor stand. These evertight bars sound interesting to try.

  100. Oh wow, this frame looks absolutely fantastic.
    It’s not something that is readily available in SA. I use the plastic snap on frames, or Susan Bates frames or the good old fashioned wooden ones. As you can imagine, the re-tightening of the fabric is a nuisance.

  101. Why have I never heard of these before reading your blog!!! These look fantastic! What a great invention. I’ve used hoops (metal, plastic, & wooden), q-snaps, and scroll bars with varying degrees of success. Some small projects I stitch in-hand with no frame. I must try these in the near future. Looks like I know what I want for Valentine’s day. Now I just have to decide on the sizes.

  102. The 5-inch Susan Bates hoop is the one I use most frequently. It seems to be the most convenient size for my “take along” projects; those projects that get done the fastest! Recently, I’ve tried an 8-inch “sit-upon” style hoop for projects that stay at home and I like it, too. The Evertite frame is one I’ve wanted to try. Your beautiful ecclesiastical embroidery is working on me and I’d like to invest in some better equipment and supplies to give this type of embroidery a more serious try. It seems the Evertite frame would be a good frame to use! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  103. I agree with you Mary that the Evertite frame is the best. I cannot say enough good things about it. I have one and it’s THE only one I use.

  104. I have thought about these many times, but not sure… I use Q-Snaps for 98% of my stitching. Wonder if these frames are heavy? Certainly appreciate the opportunity you are sharing for us to win something great!

  105. I like to use a square frame – have just started using a slate frame for big projects, but always have lots of different projects on the go, so never have enough frames! These look awesome.

  106. What a great idea. Checked the website and they are not too expensive for a long term investment at all.

  107. Hi Mary, Having embroidered for many years using hoops of different sorts, I would like very much to try these frames. It would be a challenge to try these, but that’s what a new year is for!
    Best wishes,
    Gail in Burlington

  108. Oh my! thank you so much for including this in the give away. I normally use a hoop for embroidery but work in hand when I do really small items or hardanger. I would so love to win this.

  109. When I stitch a small lightweight project I use a hoop. When doing something heavier, like crewel, I always use stretcher bars. It’s nice to be able to stitch holding the fabric alone but that is a rare occasion!

  110. I presently have Q-Snaps & hoops and like using both. However, Evertite frames have been on my Wish List for ages. Your tutorials on framing sold me.

    Linda A

  111. When I was a teenager, I found a round tin box at the Goodwill in Denver, CO. This was someone’s embroidery box because there was a round, wooden hoop with an unfinished embroidery project and silk floss inside. That hoop has been my favorite every since then. The woman’s name was penciled on the outside of the wooden hoop …. so my favorite hoop was probably her favorite as well. Annette in Vancouver, WA

  112. I really like to work in hand or with a 5″ hoop. But I use a variety of frames and frame holders when required. I have an old (1960s-70s) wooden lap frame with three sizes of hoops, labeled “West Germany” that I like when I want to do two handed stitching. The Evertight bars appeal to me for canvas work. I’ve heard they are great. Thanks for your Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts.

  113. I use either plast or wood hoops to do my embroidery. When I do cross stitch, my husband makes a stretcher frame and I work on that. Since I love working with the stretcher frame for cross stitch, I know I would love this one for embroidery. I think the fact that is is to easy to adjust is great

  114. I mostly use regular stretcher bars. I have even repaired some with white glue and clamps after they have split.

  115. This giveaway of the stretcher bars couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Since Christmas is over and so is my bank account and the fact that my stitching frame bit the dust(a cheapee) and I have a large project that I’m trying to finish. Well…you get the picture.
    I would simply love to win these stretcher bars!!!!

  116. I have used slate frames most of my life, but I also use hoops, Q snaps and ordinary stretcher bars. The Evertites are ingenious and have been on my wish list for a long time.
    Thank you for including them in this wonderful event.
    Vancouver BC.

  117. Beautiful frame. It seems that a lot of the work of preparing the canvas is made easier by this frame. I usually embroider without a frame because of the loosening of the fabric with the regular hoops but I know that the hoop or frame make the work look better.

  118. When I stitch it is normally with the ubiquitous round embroidery hoop. I have one that is a table top, but I rarely sit at a table to stitch. I also have one that is a saddle hoop. But I find it uncomfortable to sit on, so the old fashioned round one it is. However, I do want to try goldwork and I realize that the slate or adjustable hoop as you have shown is preferable.

  119. I mostly use wooden hoops, although over the last few years I have been using wooden stretcher bars more often. I guess that it just depends on what I am stitching. I really like the idea of being able to tighten the stretcher bars once the piece is framed. I think the Evertite frame would be a wonderful frame to use.
    Thanks, Sharon K.

  120. These look like very nice stretcher bars. I have used the Q snap system until I left it a little too close to my baseboard heating unit and it melted out of shape! I have also used regular artists stretcher bars (not the best way to go) and of coarse, all sizes of hoops. My favorite hoop when I do embroidery is a 4″ one because of my arthritis in my hands. Unfortunately, that causes a lot of re-hooping, so I am considering a standing frame someday soon. Thanks for the drawing!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  121. I would love to try the evertites some day, but have yet to. When I do needlepoint I always use stretcher bars. For other embroidery if the piece small enough and there are no specialty stitches that are better done when in a hoop, I will do it in hand, otherwise I use mostly Q-Snaps.

  122. For Canvas work and larger projects I always use stretcher bars. I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to restretch something and it takes hours (and much lost stitching time). I will be investing in some of these even if I don’t happen to be lucky enough to win this prize (would need more anyway – this would just be a start to the sizes needed for my “stash”).

    Heather from from balmy BC, Canada

  123. Mary,
    What a great gift…I’ve wanted to try these stretcher bars but couldn’t see spending the money when I already have bars & hoops galore. But would love to win these to try them. Most of my embroidery I do either on Hardwicke Manor hoops or if large, on Edmunds stretcher bars. Thanks again for doing this 12 day giveaway! Sheila K in CA

  124. It depends on my mood and the project, if I’ll put it in a hoop. There are lots of things that look better if done in a hoop, but I sometimes loose patience, reaching around the project. I have recently acquired my first scroll-type embroidery frame, and plan to give it a try! 🙂

  125. I usually use the Lokscroll Fabric frames because there is no stitching required to mount them. They can be adjusted while stitching, like the Evertite Stretcher bars, and that’s essential for me. Qsnaps were my favorites when I could hold a project in my hand, but now that I can’t, having a really taut fabric is important.
    With a degenerative spinal condition that doesn’t allow me to hold my stitching anymore, a floor stand with a frame is essential for me.
    Would love to try the Evertites. After investing in a few Lokscrolls, the only way that I could afford to try something new is through this Fifth Day of Christmas contest, thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Holidays & stitching everyone!

  126. I usually use scroll rods with velcro strips on them to attach the fabric. I hadn’t heard of these bars before, but they look very nice.

  127. There is no easy answer for this! Sometimes I work in hand. Sometimes I use Q-snaps. For needlepoint I use the wood frames like the evertites, but cheaper. I have used a scroll frame, but usually adapt the Q-snaps to use as a scroll frame. I like the Q-snaps because you can make almost any size or shape, but they do need to be tightened almost constantly. It sure would be nice to try out the Evertite frames.

  128. Since I normally work on canvas, I use stretcher bars a lot. If it is a cloth piece I usually put it on my scroll frame. That being said, I am currently working on a big piece on Evertite stretcher bars. They do work!

  129. I am generally a “hoop” user — and mostly small hoops (4″, 5″, 6″), but there are certain projects that require stretcher bars (as you know) and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use these Evertites. When I need to use bars it always feels like a more “formal” project — instead of just grabbing my hoop, flopping in a chair, and embroidering. My favorite hoops are the Hardwick hoops (wrapped, of course).

  130. When I stitch I prefer to use stretcher bars whenever possible (never tried the Evertite though), otherwise I will use a small hoop. Love the ones from Hardwicke Manor!
    Carmilla G. in Texas

  131. I’ve used both the hoop and stitch in-hand, it depends on how my hands are feeling that day. I would love to try using the strether bars.


  132. Mary, thanks once more for your wonderful giveaways. I generally use Q-Snaps for my stitching, with smaller pieces done with a hoop or in hand. It would be interesting to use these stretcher bars.

  133. This 12 days of Christmas is such a great way to spend my vacation mornings–looking at cool embroidery tools! I have been mostly doing Brazillian embroidery backed with thremal lamb, so the snap tube frames have worked very well with that. But I have been trying to branch out to some other types of projects. I don’t generally use a stretcher frame, but I am thinking it is a good idea. I only wish I chould find the right stand to hold a frame. The one I have it a bit precarious with a snap frame. Maybe it would work better with the stretchers.

  134. I always use a frame or a hoop. Hoop for small projets. Frame (actually a Q-Snap) for bigger project.
    Evertite stretch bars sounds really comfortable. Unfortunately, they are not available in France.

  135. Hi, When I stitch its usually really large projects so I make my own stretcher frame. But I recently used an Evertite for a smaller project and WOW what a great frame. Hope I win another one.

  136. Oh wow!! I was looking at these frames a few weeks ago. When I embroider in clothing I work in hand, typically. Or small projects in hoops. I have several scroll frames that were given to me for larger projects, but I can never get the tension right. In fact, I have been working on a project on silk damask, on and off for several months, and noticed the other day that there are tension issues. Ugh!

    This frame would solve a multitude of issues that I am having.

  137. I prefer to use a hoop or stretcher bars when I work on any stitching project. I like it to be very tight. It drives me crazy when it is loose.

    Mary in Oregon

  138. Being a beginner in the world of embroidery I use a spring hoop. I have read your past articles on the stretcher bars and they sound exciting to try.

  139. I use the Evertite frames for all my recent work. I am slowly building a supply. I do a lot of Needlepoint so the frames are great. I love the fact that I can tighten them with the T-tool. Some of my work takes a year or more for me to finish so the Evertite’s are the only way to go!

  140. I have attempted stitching both on hoop and frame and are so used to working with them that I cannot do without using them for my embroidery projects.

    I sure will appreciate very much the stretcher bar frames that you offer. It will come in good use.


  141. Hi Mary,
    I use Edmunds stretcher bars for needlepoint and larger embroidery projects and wooden hoops for smaller projects. Some of my friends in my EGA group are using the Evertite frames and they look great! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway.

  142. Lately I’ve been participating in a number of RRs and often find myself having to work without a frame because there is either not enough space to put the piece in a hoop or there is too much embellishment to accomodate a hoop. It would be lovely to have some stretcher bars like these and think it would improve my stitching considerably. When I do use a hoop I have an old flexible metal one that I received as a gift years ago from my grandmother. I understand she purchased it in Germany–I have never seen another one like it. It works great, never needs to be padded and projects can be left in the hoop for days without leaving any marks.

    Thank you for hosting these giveaways!

    Sue U

  143. Thanks for day 5, Mary.

    I choose my frame/hoop based on what form of needlework I am working on. My favorite for tension control is the slate frame, but that’s not for everything. Still it’s easier to adjust the tension with it. I have never tried these, though. They look like a huge improvement over the normal stretcher bar systems I’ve seen. I’d love a chance to try them out!

  144. Well … well …. here I am in my daily torture until January 9 …. can´t resist!!
    I often use round and oval hoops, but I like mores traditional frames …
    Still did not work with Stretcher Bar Frame … I think it’s a good time to start!
    Thank you !!!

  145. Good Afternoon! I use both stretcher bars and hoops … hoops for small projects, stretcher bars for larger projects. Thank you.

  146. I use a stretcher bar, scroll frame or by hand, depending on the work/stitches I am using. What a beautiful addition this would be for my options. I have three darling daughters who are up-and-coming embroiderers and we would love to use this in our learning.

  147. Aloha Mary,
    Long time user of square frames- but not so fortunate to have one that can “re-stretch” the fabric. What a time saver. Would not mind at all to win this set.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  148. Hi Mary,

    I am a beginner and by reading your emails I now know that a frame is important for certain embroidery project.

    Françoise Y. Beauchamp
    Mafyb Créations Textiles
    Bois-des-Filion, Québec, Canada

  149. If I am stitching a project with pulled thread or hardanger, iI usually stitch in hand. If I am stitching a bargello or similar pattern on canvas with wool, I ususally roll the canvas and hold the rolled edge in my left hand as I stitch with the right hand. For smaller surface stichery projects, I generally use a wrapped, German-made wooden hoop that can be tightened with a screwdriver. If I am working a larger crewel, needlepoint or gold work piece I will use wooden stretecher bars to put into my frame so that I can stitch with both hands.

  150. You name I have tried it. Hand,hoop,stretcher bars,Q-snaps.I am always looking for the perfect way to stitch. You always write about how great these bars are so I hope I win so I can try them out. Thanks for bring us this wonderful blog and all these great gifts!

  151. I do stitch in hand when doing stem stitch, back stitch, etc. For some stitches one just needs a frame or hoop – satin stitch, french knots, etc. Anything that requires stabbing. I use a hoop or frame and my Lowery stand for stabbing. 🙂

    Elaine in New Mexico

  152. I just use a small plastic hoop, but I’d like to try using the stretcher bars which ( I hope) are more comfortable to hold in my hands.

  153. Something amazing again!
    I always use round hoop for small projects and Q-Snap for bigger ones.
    I would like to try this one too.
    Thank you for for giving a chance to win 🙂

  154. Oh my goodness, I have been wanting some stretcher bars for ages. I currently use wooden hoops for all my projects but would love to not worry about avoiding leaving rings and warping fabric on bigger projects. I’ve had stretcher bars on my wish list for a while!
    Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  155. I use a scroll frame for my larger projects. Sometimes I use a hoop for smaller projects. I also like to just use my hands occasionally for small projects. I have never tried the stretcher bars and would love the opportunity to try them out.

  156. I use a frame for 99% of my stitching. My lap frame is a Kay’s Creations but for my smaller pieces I use the wooden fit-together frames or a wrapped hoop. I would love to own the Evertite frame as it appears to have the ability to tighten the project to some degree. Happy 5th Day of Christmas Mary,

    Missy Palmer

  157. I am a beginner and always in doubt of buying the wrong tools and being disappointed. I love your website; you almost give too much information I don’t know where to start. It all looks beautiful.

  158. Mary, I usually work out of hand if possible. I have never learned to be comfortable with frames, especially large ones. When necessary, I use the plain old stretcher bars with fancy thumb tacks,
    Thanks for the give-aways!

  159. Aloha Mary,

    I have never used stretcher bars when I embroider but would like to try it. The Millenium Frame was at the top of my list after reading about it on your site. Now I am considering the Evertite frames as well. On my last pin cushion project, the material was a little thin. So I backed it with fusible interfacing which made it much easier to work with even though my project wasn’t in a frame. No wrinkles etc also. Anyway, thanks for informing us about what our options are for frames/stretcher bars…will be making my decision soon.

  160. WOW, I would love to try out the hoops. It is very annoying when the fabric loosens on a project. I plan on investigating this frame further. Karen F

  161. Dear Mary,

    So far I have been using hoops as I generally stitch while visiting or watching television. I have been interested in larger projects, though and have designed a tiger in grass for my niece. That project will require a frame so this contest comes at a great time. The 10″ and 14″ sets would be perfect.

    Thank you, Greta596, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  162. For most stitching, I prefer “in-hand” but with crewel or needlepoint, I use a frame that I got a long time ago in a needlepoint supply store.

    But these new bars look really nifty, and I would love to try them.

  163. Wow – what an awesome give-away! I like to use a frame but the one I have – not cheap – does not hold the fabric at a constant tension – it is a roller type frame. I have tried the ring ones but the fabric slips. Lately, for small projects, I have taken to not using a frame at all.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win a premium frame

  164. for someone who learned to embroider back in the 50’s as a requirement for school and has just now taken the hobby back up this would be a vast improvement over the hoop that I use. This is something I have never used and would love to try.

  165. I’ve only ever used whatever hoop i happen to have around. I’ve just started using a slate frame, but for stitching in the evening i’d love to get a nice hoop with a lap stand. I’d love to try the evertites also. I’ve just begun to explore the world of hoops and frames and i had no idea how much there is to choose from.

  166. For pulled work I use a round wooden frame covered with cotton tape. Recently I have begun working with very fine cotton fabric and find the frame leaves a nasty round mark on the work where the threads have been displaced. I think that I need to graduate to stretcher bars which won’t damage the delicate fabric. Winning a set of Evertite Stretcher Bars would be magical.

  167. I use a stretcher bar system that I purchased over 30 years ago. By no means does it keep my work taught..a must for me when I do needlework. It has a tendency to come loose as it’s on rollers and I can never get it tight enough! I use hoops for some of my embroidery, mostly the small portable projects. The giveaways would be fantastic for my next project, which is fairly large.

  168. Thank you so much for the chance to win the giveaway. I’m working with my 8″ Q-snap right now. I would loved to use a stretcher bar . I hope if i can make a stand for it i can use both hands for stitching…Please do add me for the draw

  169. Evertite Frames are an embroiderer’s dream. Usually I use a hoop because the above is on the to do purchase list along with designs, etc.

    It would be a pleasure to work on this type of frame, I am sure.

  170. I like stretcher bars for bigger projects, but for small projects I often stitch without a hoop. Sometimes I will use a small wooden hoop, but I feel like I have more control without one for a small project.

  171. I have only used wooden hoops so far. These stretcher bars look really handy. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    Karen Rosario.

  172. As a child I learned to use a hoop. As an adult doing cross stitched I learned to go hoopless…no comment needed here. Since those times I go with the flow, and sometimes change midstream! Anything goes.

  173. Wow, I’d really like a set of these!
    I’ve been using hoops for a very long time, but they do not work well for some projects. Lately I’ve been trying different things: Q-snaps (OK for some work) and plain stretcher bars (which I quite like). I’ve also used scroll frames (which my husband made for me) but I decided I don’t like having large parts of my projects rolled up where you can’t see them; I prefer to be able to see the piece grow from nothing to completed, especially as they tend to take me a long time.

  174. Oh my goodness! I am desperate for these. I have a set of roller bars but I find it so hard to keep even tension on them; usually I use a hoop but it makes me hesitate to do anything on a delicate fabric. These would be amazing!

  175. I always use those round wooden hoops. Cheap and cheerful for my budget. I have one hoop which is a favourite that I have had for around 15 years now. Have never thought to try something else and would love the chance to.

  176. I definitely prefer to stitch in-hand! I never got used to stitching with a frame or a hoop. Having said that, I am currently working on a drawn thread project which obviously requires a frame. I still have not been able to find one I feel comfortable with. Maybe the Evertite Stretcher Bars would be the solution!

  177. I have used all of the hooping styles mention, including no hoop hand stitching, and I find that stretcher bars are my favorite choice these days.

  178. Oh Mary these look wonderful. The past free years I have been mostly doing small things. So I tend to stitch in hand but in the past for my larger projects I use a bunch of methods. I did the hoops for medium sized round things, the stitch onto tap bars for needle point, q-snaps for medium to large and my handly snap scroll bars for the big stuff. I never tacked or mounted to a frame so I would like to try it as I am getting back into larger projects for 2012.

  179. I usually use a hoop when stitching however, I have seen many a movie where a frame is used. I sure would like to try this as it seems that when one uses a frame and stand along with it that one has a command on the project. Should I win this, it would sure be a neat way of stitching!

  180. I do prefer to stitch with a frame of some type. Technique is important to me and it always seems that my stitching is better when I use a frame.

  181. I have always used wooden round spring hoops or just in hand. I have never tried stretcher bars. I would like to as I have a couple of kit I got for Christmas and think it would be a better way to do it.I can’t find new hoops with springs anymore and mine are very old.
    Thanks, Carol W, Windsor, CA

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