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Give-Away! Trish Burr Books – Great Little Supplements!


With Easter right around the corner, I think it’s a great day for a give-away! And this one reminds me particularly of Spring…

While I was visiting the Deep South a couple weekends ago, a little package arrived from South Africa with a couple of Trish Burr’s “supplement” embroidery-related books in it, and today, I’m giving away the pair!

I call them supplementary books, because they are really meant to accompany other books or designs by Trish. Take a look, and you’ll see what I mean.

Trish Burr Color Book

The first is a little book called Traditional Embroidery Colour Schemes. It’s a small supplement (available through Trish Burr) that’s meant as a supplement to her major work on color in embroidery, Colour Confidence in Embroidery, which I reviewed when it came out.

Even so, the little book can stand on its own, so if you don’t have Colour Confidence yet, no worries – this book will get you started on considering and choosing color schemes for hand embroidery.

Trish Burr Color Book

What Trish has done in this little supplement is take many images of famous works of art and pulled from each of them a color scheme of five major colors.

Trish Burr Color Book

Then she’s expanded the colors to shades and compliments, in DMC floss colors, which she shows on the opposing page. She also provides a small stitched sample, to show how the colors can work together in embroidery.

Trish Burr Color Book

Then, in the back of the book, she includes the line sketches for the samples in the book, as well as an explanation on how to use color schemes and a page where you can make notes of color schemes used in various projects.

Traditional Embroidery Colour Schemes is not really an embroidery instruction book, but it is instructional, as it will give you exposure to how to select your own color schemes for embroidery. But the nice thing is, if you have trouble selecting color schemes, it’ll provide you will many pre-picked color schemes along with their corresponding DMC floss numbers.

Miniature Embroidery Guide

The other book in the pair is the little pamphlet titled An Introduction to Miniature Embroidery.

Miniature Embroidery Guide

This little booklet takes you through the concept of long and short stitch shading in small places, to create pretty little needle painted vignettes.

Miniature Embroidery Guide

You’ll find step-by-step guidance through a project, along with tips to help you improve your needle painting skills. This book is meant as a supplement to Trish’s miniature embroidery kits, and it fits in well with her other books on long and short stitch shading.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like a chance to receive this pair of books, please leave a comment below, using the following guidelines:

1. Leave the comment at the end of this article. You may follow this link directly to the comment area. Comments left on other articles or via e-mail are not eligible.

2. In your comment, please answer the following question:

In embroidery, do you find yourself gravitating towards a specific colors and color scheme, and if so, what is it? Or… is there a particular color or color scheme (group of colors) that you tend to avoid, and if so, what is it?

For example, in embroidery, I always find that I gravitate towards shades of reds and golds (with some accent colors, like certain greens) and blues and golds (with accents that generally involve shades of red or green), and I find myself avoiding colors like mauve and very light pinky-purples. I actually have to force myself to think of them as optional colors. And even then, I can’t seem to bring myself to use them!

3. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central daylight time (Kansas, USA), Monday, April 1. On Monday, I’ll announce the winner!

4. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the comment form or in the line for the “name” on the comment. For example, if your name is Sue, you might leave your full name, or you might say “Sue is St. Louis” or something like that, to differentiate yourself from other Sues who might leave comments, too. Thanks!

So – go to it! Leave your comment, and tell me all about your color preferences for your embroidery projects!

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(711) Comments

  1. Blue! I love any shade of blue, particularly periwinkle. I would always choose blue for knitting or embroidering if I could. I love the cool, calmness of blues. And I never willingly use orange or brown – boring colors! 🙂

  2. I love all the reds, purples, oranges and “warm” colors. Strong pops of color with some interesting fibers mixed in. I like colors that make me feel so very alive

  3. Even though blue is my favorite color, I do not have very many items embroidered in blue. The colors I choose depends on what I am embroidering. It is fun to sit and plan the colors – although sometimes the array of colors and threads can be overwhelming.
    Thank you for another give-away and Happy Easter!

  4. I absolutely love Trish Burr’s techniques and have also loved the things I am also learning from this site as well!

  5. I find myself always gravitating towards green/blue combinations. I find that pallet pleasing to my eyes but I should force myself to look at other colors of the rainbow!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Love all colors! I prefer to work with colors most found in nature all times of the year! Absolutely am in love with Trish Burr’s color techniques and with the many techniques I am learning from this web site

  7. I tend to choose projects that feature colors that appeal to me – usually brighter, clearer colors – but I push myself to experiment with more subtle color palettes. And I love poison colors for their ability to really bring a project to life! I am working more historical projects these days so am intrigued by Trish’s new pamphlet on the subject. And I love Trish’s birds so NEED the other one as well! 😉

    Thanks for your most excellent blog, Mary – and for making it so fun with the contests!

    Happy Easter!

  8. Since I learned to embroider on baby clothes, I gravitate to pastels. These books would be just the thing to break me outside that box! Thank you for this great give-away.

  9. I love all shades of pink and violet. I especially enjoy purples and turquoise together.

  10. I find myself always leaning towards red and gold, with black and sometimes white accents. Every time I tell myself no more red and gold, I fall right back into that same color palette. Colors that I never use and avoid, would be browns and yellows.

  11. Most of my embroidery work has been done on quilts, applique. Lots and lots of blanket stitches and french knots. I love purples, but find myself using lots of shades of green because of the content of the applique. I have done four or five full size wall hangings all hand embroidered applique. Now I would love to find hand dyed perle cottons to up things a notch. Bet I will be looking for purples and blues first, sky colours. The only colour family I need to push myself to purchase or use is orange unless it is a pumpkin, then necessary. Hope I win, looks like the books have lots of ideas. Thank you for your tutorial on the stem stitch. That’s how I found you. That stitch still causes me grief and I am left handed. Pulled out everything I did yesterday. Tomorrow I will watch your tutorial again and PRACTICE.

  12. I love colour. Sometimes it’s the couloirs in a design that inspire me to make it. The brighter and more saturated the colour the better. I especially love Brazilian embroidery and silk threads for this. I just started a hard anger piece on robins egg blue linen using garnet threads. It is gorgeous if a bit untraditional.

  13. I love earth tones and my least favorite color is pink though I will use a touch of it now and then but still lean towards the pink coral vs. true pinks most of the time. I love to see all colors used but have to be happy with what I choose to know I can live with it after I’ve spent the hours into making it.

  14. I’m enjoying using a variety of greens at the moment. I like bluey greens but find bright blues really difficult although I can cope with pale blues of any shade. I don’t have a lot of colour confidence and am more likely to ‘copy’ other people’s choices. I’m hoping I will gain in confidence as I sew more. I’d love to design my own piece but always decide to follow a pattern at the last minute. I’ve got lots of ideas but just can’t seem to make the move and go for it. Perhaps the booklets would encourage me to take the plunge!

  15. My work tends to gravitate around lettering. I love positive affirmations and inspiring quotes and rather than write them down and pin to my mirrors, etc., I love bringing them to brilliant life adorning the piece with small designs and pictures of creatures of nature. I do flounder with color though both in my embroidery and bead work (I absolutely love combining beading with embroidery. My colors are usually deep and contrasting but I would like to learn to blend with more subtlety.

  16. I embroidery according to the season.Valentine:Red, white, pink; July 4, red, white, blue; Mother’s day, pinks; Father’s day, Blues; Thanksgiving is Fall colors; Christmas is reds, white, greens, sometime I use blues. I use three colors when embroidering: 2 major and one minor color. This method works for me! I love color in my every day life. piddypat in Texas

  17. Trish Burr is so inspirational i could just sit an look at her work for hours and still see something there i did not see before.
    i love to work in pale sagey greens and dusty pinks with some grey too, but occasionally i go wild and go red red red with flaming yellow too.
    my daughter loves the deep purple and violets of pansies contrasting with the vibrant yellow and cream highlights so i sometimes work with these too. i find black the hardest thing to use it just is so flat– i would love to learn how to make black come alive

  18. What embroiderer, or what crafter for that matter, doesn’t love color! Add Trish Burr to the notion of color and it’s a win-win combination. While I tend to love brights and metallics when embroidering, I also love to represent nature where color is sometimes subdued. It isn’t always easy to choose the right colors for a female bird when standing in front of a display of metallic threads worthy of a peacock’s tail, but I do try. Trish Burr’s book looks like just the thing to help people like me!

  19. ciao Mary..ti seguo con ammirazione da tanto tempo ma solo oggi ho focalizzato il tuo give away…sicuramente per la mia difficoltà con l’inglese….ma vorrei provare anch’io a partecipare…ti rispondo alla domanda dicendo che amo i colori che dal lilla vanno al blu. Non c’è un vero colore che non amo perchè dipende in che disegno si trova…….magari essendo così ai limiti del tempo..sono un po’ fortunata!!ci spero molto perchè questi libri devono essere fantastici…grazie

  20. I always gravitate to the rich jewel tones, using the lights only as complementary color, or for adding highlights. Although I do like pastels, I don’t care for them in embroidery, as I feel they just don’t show up as well. And I must say that I nearly always steer clear of orange. Not only in my stitching, but in my clothes, my home, even my garden!!! I guess I really don’t like orange – But I know I DO love anything by Trish Burr! 🙂 Karen Gass

  21. I love prints. They are a great way of putting colors together. To take the colors out of the print and put them on to my projects. I love the muted colors. Then you can add bold accent colors with them to set it all apart.

  22. I find that I have a vaguely medievalist sense of color – all over the chart and resembling the work of a 6 yr old left with a full big box of crayolas. I have a fondness for blues, as well as gold – lots and lots of gold!! I did an Opus Anglicanum piece that had so much gold that the review was less gold, more shrubbery. When turned to the sun, the effect was blinding.

    I cold really use these books to help me focus on colors in a rational way. I get so lost sometimes in just the color selection that I take forever to complete projects – like now.

  23. I like the bolder brighter colors. I love blending colors also like differant greens in leaves and trees! I like things to catch your eye! Thank you for the give always.

  24. I don’t think there are any colors I avoid, but I do gravitate towards pastels in pinks, blues, greens, etc. Sometimes I appreciate bold colors like when I appliqued Jacobean flowers but generally I prefer a lighter palette.

  25. I really love Trish’s work and is a wonderful teacher. I would love to have her book so that I can practice her methods. I tend towards Spring colors of coral, green and blue. Would love to win this giveaway.
    Ruth on the First Coast

  26. It is Easter and here in the Midwest color will start to turn from brown to green as the rains begin. Speaking of colors changing, I always love the earthy terra cotta colors blended with golds, reds and shades of blues which simulates natue’s colors year round. It is those purples and pinks that look good in nature but don’t fit on my samplers and needlework. They disagree with my senses and I avoid them at all costs. Most likely this is because I do not know how to work within color families. The three Trish Burr books I have do not deal with the color palate and choosing colors from the same family. Thank you Mary for giving away such useful info to someone who can truly use the info. Happy Easter everyone.

  27. Your post today made me smile. I hadn’t commented previously because I thought I had run out of time. I’m probably making a huge mistake thinking the small projects in the books would be doable for me. (By the way, I’ll be first in line for your little projects….)

    I love the cool colors. Which generally means a lot of fish. And your purple slug. Which may not be turning out the way you’d hoped, but you wouldn’t have known until you tried. And at least it’s purple.

    Lori from Mountain View, CA

  28. When choosing colors for myself, I tend to lean toward blues/purples. I usually avoid orange/yellow as main color but I could not say why. I like to see items made with these colors, but never choose them for myself. When choosing colors, I usually do not worry about whether or not the item will go in a particular room. That does not matter to me as much as being happy with what I have made.

  29. Some of my favourite colours are in the range of blues, greens & purples. I usually stay away from peachy pinks & flesh tones although I do love sea shells & they often come in those shades.

  30. I tend to use variations of blues, greens, purples and pinks – and default to orange as my accents! I should try switching the theme around and see what happens. I also tend to use hyper realistic of psychedelic colour schemes rather than natural ones, I think because I get nervous about colour matching reality, and doing it wrong deliberatly seems more secure than doing it wrong by accident! Similarly although I love the look of pale toned designs I tend to go with bright when doing my own.

  31. What a lovely books! I love a lot of colours.
    And this is a lovely give-away as well.
    I wish I´ll win one. Would be great!
    For colours and patterns those books are very interesting.
    Kind regards, Marjo

  32. The Trish Burr supplements are gorgeous! Thank you for your generosity. For several months I have been poring over your site, trying to summon enough courage to try embroidering again, after 50 years! While I used to gravitate toward jewel tones, I have come to realize that I am excited to try many colors and combinations that I might not have thought about in earlier years. Now, if my brain, fingers and eyes will just cooperate…
    Kathy H in Fl

  33. Hi Mary, Happy Bunny Day!
    I work with Mother Natures rich colors – jewel tones! Like the beetle wings purple blueish greens,emerald green and copper, along with butterfly wings, tropical birds, rain forest greens, and how about the beautiful flowers? Their colors are so vibrant and deep you just sit there and go awwww!
    I also work with mid-tones and pastels for contrast – they make the jewels pop!

  34. Mary
    Of course I would love to win the Trsh Burr
    Suplements. Her books are always wonserful.
    Thank You for all the amazing things you show

    Robin Marks

  35. I love all colors, some more then others. Muted greens and flower colors for flowers,pastels for babies and girly items the most. Brights,muted pastels,etc. It depends on what I’m doing.

  36. Reds and greens–especially corals are my colors. And warm colors. I’ll move into purples somewhat reluctantly, but usually warm ones. Cool colors are the last that I think to use. But the bad thing is that red, magenta and pink all tend to run like crazy if you use rayon threads. It is a trial!

  37. I love color and I choose based on project or mood or season…If I am to pick what I want I look at the color around me; blues from the ocean and the boats in it; silver whites from a fresh fallen snow mixed with holly green and red were colors I used for a christmas ornament .. I do love green red combos….I love the idea behind looking into a painter’s eye and using their colors….

  38. Hi Mary:

    I tend towards soft shades, pastels, and earthy shades as well. I think that is because it feels safe. Perhaps with more experience I will work in a few bright colours in the future. Currently I prefer to work with pale blues, lavenders, soft yellows and earthy greens, whites, off whites and creams.

    Good Luck to everyone,

  39. i have enjoyed doing needle painting projects taught by Tanja Berlin, who is a member of the Calfary Guild of Needle and Fibre arts in Calgary AB, Canada. I purchased Trish Burrs. Book on Colour Confidence, and have really enjoyed reading it. instead of saying that I have a favorite color, I could say that I enjoy seeing how the shades of one color family work together and what can be used to accent them, such as complementary colors.

  40. My ‘colours are changing’. I’m also a quilter, and you can see this by what fabrics I’ve bought. I still love blues and whites – I can plan something using those effortlessly, but I’m also working more than I ever used to with reds, yellows and oranges, but that is still a conscious decision, rather than an automatic choice.

    A couple of years ago I did a City and Guilds course with three amazing women – it was really interesting to see how our use and sense of colour developed over time, we had four very different palettes. Mine was more ‘greyed’ than the others, and I think I was the only one who used coppers and black in any of the final pieces.

    The colour I still avoid is Pink. In quilting it is almost absent from my fabric stash! I use it occasionally when sewing, but always with other ‘spice’ colours, to keep it in its place.

  41. I don’t naturally gravitate towards oranges, browns, taupes and purple so tend not to use them in my work. I have done a lot of work using pinks and green.

  42. In embroidery I seem to gravitate to the blue purple blends of colors and I seem to avoid yellows and oranges I like the colors because they are mellow and relaxing so it is calm and inviting to work with the colors it releases all stress from the week and gets me on a happy even plain to enjoy what ever is happening later in the week.

  43. Hi Mary and Happy Easter!
    To answer your question, I tend to prefer bright colors in my work (more quilting than stitching these days) and stay away from “grayed” colors. Another way of approaching it is if I looked at my stash of embellishments and fabrics, RED would fill the most storage containers!
    I also have red carried through many rooms of my house.
    Thanks for the opportunities to win such great supplements!

  44. I like deep rich colours – reds, blues, greens which go really well with gold threads although these are better used in small amounts and combined with a neutral background.

    I do not like pink at all it just does not appeal. Perhaps I should set myself a challenge to embroider something using pink!

  45. Hi Mary,
    Happy Easter and thank you for this ‘give-away’ opportunity. My favorite shades for use in embroidery are the autumn shades of the falling leaves. These colors complement my living room furniture and I would like to do a set of Jacobean-design crewel work pillows in these colors. The instructions in Trish’s booklets would be very useful.

  46. I always tend to use deep rose, corn flower blue and olive greens. I’ve tried to vary the colors in my new projects, but can’t seem to get away from my “comfortable” combinations.

  47. I don’t think I really have a clear color preference. I do not have a super good eye for color, so tend to either follow a designer’s suggestions or keep things fairly conservative.

  48. Hi Mary,

    Happy Easter!!

    I am, on occasion, attracted to earth tones, sometimes to jewel tones, then again, I just love soft pastels, etc., etc., etc. I guess I’m more attracted to designs than the colors, even though I LOVE color. It comes down to this: If I see something I like (for whatever reason), I’ll probably buy it. Oh, how I love to stitch!

  49. I love jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc. I really don’t like orange & yellow and find myself shying away from those colors. I also love varigated color threads!

  50. Hello,
    I seem to always have blues in my work and seem to avoid greens. I have learned to love green over the last several years, but maybe my greens stash needs to be enhanced. (Shopping opportunity!)
    Thanks for holding this giveaway. I think this would be a very useful tool.
    Betsy in the sunny and mild Seattle suburbs

  51. Trish Burr has outdone herself with her miniature embroideries. They are just beautiful and the color schemes can only be described as delicious. SC

  52. I have always adore rich saturated jewel tones. I like to have the saturated colours to stimulate my eyes and my mind. They bring a hint of luxury as well…

  53. Happy BunnyDay,
    I think that I like one color scheme and then BAM I see a picture of something and I am all in with primary colors and not muted tone. I must admit that I am not drawn to purple shades and pinks. I have however usednthese colors on flowers and loved the results…… basically anything goes….I think .that is what makes life so fun…..learning and changing and growing….

    Hope your holiday was wonderful,
    Cathie from Frisco TX

  54. I love color, so sometimes I like for things to have realistic type colors and sometimes I go for the cartoon feel, and sometimes I just go for redwork, (or whatever single color is my favorite at the time.) I find that my color choices tend to lean according to my moods…don’t know if that a good thing, but I love bright colors..so..and would love to win either book, thank you for offering them.

  55. In embroidery, I have preferred using monochrome designs – shades of gold, blackwork, and redwork. Only now I am drawn more to the bright colors I see on the embroidered eggs which I intend to take up and try.

  56. Wonderful books!
    I mostly do cross stitch, and usually redefine part of the pattern’s colors.
    I tend to replace the light or dull colors to darker, shinier ones. Greens, pinks are the first victims. I also put some gold or silver into my patterns whenever I could.

  57. I like colors of Blues, Purples and Greens most of time. Blues like royal blue or cobalt and deep purples like voilets and dk lilacs, greens most like evergreen,moss green and dk greens. love to do redwork type . and embroidery around appliques for quilts or other piece work.

    Joanie in W. Tn area

  58. I gravitate toward blues, blue-greens and greens. I will use other colors, but these are my strogest preferences. I avoid browns and purples/lavenders.
    Thank you for this offer.

  59. Designs seem to talk to me though I do gravitate to natural coloring rather than fanciful ones. Hair is going to be blonde, brown, black, etc. and not orange or blue – though in this day and age, orange and blue hair is rather common!!

  60. I gravitate towards purples and yellows to reds and I tend to avoid all the greys and browns.

  61. Color, every color, green and pink for spring. Purple in any shade and with reds or
    golds. Blues and teals. I guess it is easier to tell you my least favorite. Dark yellows and oranges I do not work much with, however, they have their place in design. Oh, black, white and reds, very classy. I could go on and on… G Daniece

  62. For Christmas, I usually end up choosing red over green and gold over silver. At other times of the year, I usually choose patterns with blues, purples and greens. I have never been fond of the pinks and purples that seem to be so overwhelming in the girls departments these days. When I do patterns the reflect the “real world”, I like to have colors that are close to the real deal. For that reason I guess I will never stitch pink flamingos.

  63. These ‘little’ books look great! They would be a valuable addition to my library.

  64. the colors that i lean toward are teal and bright pink with blue greens and light purple. i also like burgundy blues and plae metalic gold. these color choices depend on mood, time of year and where in my home the piece will live. tnank you jo mchenry

  65. The beautiful art work and ability to take my skill set to another level. Thank you as always for sharing! Diane

  66. My colours lean towards neutral soft tones with the occasional splash of vivid colour to accent the whole project. My accent choices are mainly cool colours, as I love their vibrancy.

  67. Mt favorite colors are jewel tones of blues, all so vibrant and so alive, they make me feel so good!

  68. Hi Mary and Happy Easter everybody! There are a couple color schemes I’m comfortable with, like blues and browns, pinks and greens. Unless the kit already has the colors coordinated for me, I’m afraid to try and tackle yellows and oranges with red. Something really summery. I love to see these colors together but I am not confident enough to put something together on my own. So I stick to soft colors. In my quilting magazine this month they out together a palette that mimics, summer fruit. Lemons, cherries, oranges, and plums. It’s gorgeous. I think if I had some practice I could learn to be fearless with colors. Maybe that should be my goal this year?

    Thanks Mary!
    Melissa Bird

  69. Hi Mary,
    I love all colours and tend to teach myself as much as I can from your site and books, books, books so everything I embroider is quite eclectic in regards to colour. It depends on what the subject is. My favourite colour is green and my biggest problem is that I don’t have the FULL RANGE of all colours in every thread possible. You know all the silks and cottons and wool available, Oh that is dreaming, I should own a shop of threads just for my choices. I cant think of any colour that I don’t like. I would love to do something in just one colour with all the different hues ranging from the palest to the darkest and maybe that would be in the blue range as my daughter loves blue and I haven’t done much in that colour. Hey thanks for the great work you do and the competitions……

  70. Most of my past embroidery was smocking done for my daughter. I tended to choose aqua/peach or pink and pale green, because she looked good in those colors.
    When I embroider for myself I choose jewel tones, especially emerald green and amethyst.

  71. I always gravitate to a realistic look depending on what I’m stitching…natural earthy colors more than artificial or fantasy colors. Colors I am not fond of would be magenta, maroon or darker pinks unless they are used as shades for other colors.

  72. I used to like subdued colors, but now I lean towards really vibrant ones. I’m currently in love with this gorgeous navy blue I’m using.

  73. Gracias:pero yo se que es muy dificil enviar esto aca donde vivo

    (Colombia),pero yo lo seguire a traves de esta pagina,vivo viendola con mucho interes.

  74. I gravitate towards blues and greens, although I also love purples and reds. I don’t like pastels as well, so I usually end up with darker versions of my favorite colors. I like oranges, but have trouble coordinating them with other colors, so I don’t use them very often. I would love some guidance on how to use all the colors more effectively.

  75. Thanks for offering the chance to win such a great prize!

    I tend to stay away from blues, but I love the reds and greens. And I just love all the birds Trish Burr designs.

  76. Mary, as a rule I love the colour white. Lately I’ve been collecting light pinks through to dark reds. I think with Spring around the corner I have visions of roses in my head.

    I would love to be luck enough to receive either of the booklets from Trish. I find her details so wonderful.


  77. I tend to avoid reds and oranges. For some reason i have always been uncomfortable with theses colours and really have to force myself at times to use them. It doesn’t stop at embroidery either, because i don’t even wear these colous, or have them in my house!!!!!

  78. I love the autumnal colors and somehow gravitate towards them. However I love trying out combinations of colors in nature. I am a little choosey about the shades of green though.
    I take care to see that the color combinations used in the embroidery, go with the color schemes used in the room they are meant for.
    Overall, I love all colors in their right perspective.I love embroidery and the effects of the stitches and the colors used in it, just like the strokes and colors, in a painting

  79. I am always drawn to my “happy colors”–blue and yellow–the sky in Spring, daffodils all around. The pinks and purples don’t pull my heart-strings. Maybe I should challenge myself and use them in a new design or two. Hmmm. I wonder if. . . . But I need some help from Trish Burr!

  80. Most definitely love the fall colors, rusts mostly, maroons, greens and golds. Least favorite are yellows, teals and pinks…..no particular reason….maybe I am not putting them together in a coordinated way. Always open to learning new things! Grace from Minnesota

  81. Much of my color schemes are based on what I am working on. However, I will admit that I am often drawn to patterns that have bright, jewel tone colors. They seem so much richer and give the right pop to the overall look.

  82. I have almost all of Trish’s books. I like her style of embroidery and her very easy to follow directions. I always pick a blue palette, if offered because I find blue very calming. I never pick a pink because it’s too feminine for my taste.

  83. My color choices tend to go to earth tones. Autumn is my favorite season of the year so it makes sense to me that I choose these colors more than others. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and use colors that normally don’t appeal to me, such as pastels. I have found that mixing darker colors with a much lighter color can produce some amazing results!

  84. What a fantastic giveaway,who wouldn’t want Trish Burr.
    I always gravitate towards earth tones. Greens,browns and oranges in all their forms.I tend to find they will always look good if you want to introduce another colouration,because that’s want happens in nature.I always stay clear of dark somber colours as I like colorful work it attracts the eye and keeps them looking.The joys of colour.

  85. My experience in needlework started at about the age of 8. My Grandmother and Great Aunt started me out. Bought a bunch of floss at the 10 Cent Store for $.05 and $.10. did a few pillow cases and moved on to the farm animals and didn’t have the time to dedicate to needle work. Now I have retired and dug out my stash of floss and iron-on patterns and want to continue what they started in me. I’ve used your website videos to relearn the stitches and wow, a lot of new ones! I’ve also inherited quite a lot of materials from family. I have tons on floss in over 200 colors, but definitely need the guidance on how to make the most of the colors I now have. My Grandma & Great Aunt are no longer around so I’m definitely in need of help. Love your website and probably would not have returned to needlework and stuck with it without your invaluable website. Thank you!

  86. I like patterns that lean towards “jewel tone” colors – garnets, deep sapphire blues, rich, emerald greens…..I am not a “pastel person” at all!!

  87. Hello Mary, I hope I’m not too late, I’ve no idea what day it is never mind what time it is where you are.
    I have a passion for stitching seasons, it has been my excuse for years for buying 4 patterns not 1 each time I enhance my stash. So my choice of colours changes with the seasons as you might say. I love the rich autumn colours, reds, yellows, oranges and browns, then again it could be spring with crocuses in purples and yellows, with those beautiful spring greens, or winter with blues and greys, with hints of dusky pink, but vibrant summer colours of startling pink, purple, orange, yellows, and greens can be so uplifting. How can anyone choose favourites, or leave any out? Actually I sometimes leave all of them out, stitching calico gardens in all neutral tones, using texture and different threads to add interest and leave the colour aspect to other people’s imaginations, its surprising how many shades of cream and off whites you can find you can find when you look!

  88. Hello Mary, I hope I’m not too late, I’ve no idea what day it is never mind what time it is where you are.
    I have a passion for stitching seasons, it has been my excuse for years for buying 4 patterns not 1 each time I enhance my stash. So my choice of colours changes with the seasons as you might say. I love the rich autumn colours, reds, yellows, oranges and browns, then again it could be spring with crocuses in purples and yellows, with those beautiful spring greens, or winter with blues and greys, with hints of dusky pink, but vibrant summer colours of startling pink, purple, orange, yellows, and greens can be so uplifting. How can anyone choose favourites, or leave any out? Actually I sometimes leave all of them out, stitching calico gardens in all neutral tones, using texture and different threads to add interest and leave the colour aspect to other people’s imaginations, its surprising how many shades of cream and off whites you can find you can find when you look!

  89. Hi, Mary! I could swear I answered this challenge, but don’t see here what I wrote. The fact is that I have always since a little child craved turquoise and would settle for any muted aqua or eye-stinging almost royal blue as long as it was blue-green, peacock, petrol, teal or even spruce green. My avoid colors are ochre for sure and sometimes yellow or orange, though I have a growing craving for burnt orange. I never liked avocado or harvest gold that we all suffered through in the last century. Now we suffer fashionable greens that I think are trying too hard. In selling fabric, I came to appreciate all the shades of brown, taupe, beige, bitter chocolate. I love how the Italians especially will throw in an unexpected color like hot pink, citron yellow or orange in a color scheme that would otherwise be tasteful (i.e., boring) and subdued. In embroidery, I usually use the thread color indicated, but the books would help me understand WHY and also how to decide colors for myself. I love your blog!

  90. Beautiful books! I’ve been trying my hand at crewel and doing long ans short stitch shading (your site for stitch instructions was very helpful). Thank you for your teaching.

  91. The colors I love to work with are shades of greens using teals and then to blues. Reds and oranges are next. I do not mean to quote the example but I never use mauves and very light pinks (hot pink and normal pink, yes) maybe I just have not found the right use for them. Come to think of it I only have one light pink and one mauve skein of yarn bought at a yard sale about 4 years ago.

  92. Hi,
    I would like to use all the colors available in nature for my works and also try to use naturally dyed threads!

    I have this simple wish of learning long and short stitch, if its from Trish Burr’s books.it will be even great!


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