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Rookie needs help!

Hello, Reader.
I'm a cosplayer, which you may or may not have knowledge of. If you don't know what a cosplayer is, to put it simply we're fans of Japanese animation who tend to be poor teenagers/college students/adults who dress up as our favorite characters and go to conventions. Nerdy, depends on your perspective. Fun, without a doubt. Most of us can't afford to buy parts of our costumes, thus forcing us to make them ourselves. I am one such person. As part of my costume, I need to create an armband, with writing on it. Because nothing other than proper monogramming/embroidery (I'm as of yet unsure of the difference) would suit it, I have come here.

I haven't got much experience at all, being both a fledgling cosplayer and embroiderer. Much of what I read here is very new to me. Thus, I am floundering in doubt of what stitch, fabric, needle etc. would be best for this project, and I am seeking any small about of help I can receive. The armband looks like this: ... Reborn.jpg

and needs to be completed by next February, so there's not a huge rush. Can anyone give me suggestions?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Re: Rookie needs help!

Hi, Kinirohana - You might take a look at this list of lessons on hand embroidered lettering: ... -text.html I think the satin stitch lesson is what you might get the most use out of for your project.

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Re: Rookie needs help!

Thank you very much!
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