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flower long n short

I love long n short stitch. I made a square on a cloth and shaded it.And it was fine. But whenever i try shading a flower with three colours it doesn't turn out that well.Infact it looks awful . What am i suppose to do? :(
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Re: flower long n short

If you follow Mary's tutorial on the long & short stitch for a flower that should help with similar flower projects, infact the whole tutorial on different shapes helps with long & short stitch in general.

Regards Anita
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Re: flower long n short

Ok, Madam, I'll take a stab at answering your question.
My biggest mistakes when I first started to do l-s were crowding stitches, not leaving enough space for the next line, and making the stitches too short.
When you are doing a flower petal, start at the outside edge in the middle of the petal. Make alternating LONG and short (about 2/3 length of long) stitches, but make sure not to crowd the stitches.
Mary has a good lesson here: ... son-8.html
In Japanese embroidery we mark the petal in thirds, with the long stitch going about half way into the next layer. As you move toward the center, the number of stitches will diminish but the length should not. Don't go all the way around the edge with the first layer. Even if you want that color, treat it like the second layer or you get crowding on the edges. Also, keep in mind the general direction the petal grows from. You can't make stitches point drastically that way, but gradually in the general direction with each layer going more towards the center point of where the petal attaches. Does that make sense?
Mary posted my pansy picture here: ... idery.html. ... hotostream
This is my flickr stream and there is a pretty good pansy picture there. See if that helps. AnneG
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Re: flower long n short

Thanks a million.Sorry for the late reply as i was a bit busy
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