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I am looking for ideas on working crewel leaves. What stitches work the best and does anyone have good ideas that they will share?

Thanks, pj
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Re: leaves

Hi, PJ, Besides a long and short like Mary has several times on this blog, I can think of several ways I might do them in embroidery. You might have to try them out with the thread you are using to see if it will respond well.
One would be doing long-legged french knots, with the knots forming the long edge of the leaf. Another method would be what we call in JE horizontal layer, of satin stitch across the axis of the leaf. Then you could couch a line of 2 or so strands for the vein lines.
You could sew evenly spaced and very straight stitches across the leaf, usually, in JE we do this on fabric with a noticeable weft grain line, then, couch along the line with the same or a different color.
I think Mary posted either a Van Dyke or Herringbone stitched leaf as well.
Those are about all I can think of right now. I can't figure out how to post photos here, but you are welcome to look at some of the leaves on my Flickr page, here:
You can scroll through to see how some of the JE leaves are done. Hope that helps, Anne
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