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Washing before stitching?

I've just completed a complicated pattern marking on a set of table linens I've marked for my mother to embroider. I used black pounce powder, and it has mostly come off but I'm still seeing dots and smudges of it.

I used a brown Micron pen for the tracing. Is it safe for me to put these linens through the wash to get all the powder out before I pass them on? Do I have to iron them before washing them, maybe, to set in the pen markings better? Would ironing do anything to the powder residue? Is there a certain detergent I should (or should NOT) use?

I have about a week before I fly down to see her, and bring her the linens... which should be enough time to take any steps necessary... I just want these to be as presentable as possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice. :)

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Re: Washing before stitching?

Hi, Meagan - Did you give the linen a really good shaking? The pounce should come off. Even if it doesn't at this point, it'll come off by the time she's finished working them. I'd probably test the micron pen on a scrap of fabric, before washing the whole set, personally. I always test before laundering any kind of ink. The microns are "permanent," but they are only guaranteed permanent on paper.

Did you try a brush on the pounce that remains? You might try brushing the pounce off with a soft bristled brush...

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Re: Washing before stitching?

I think it was too humid the day I used the pounce, maybe that's why the gray smudges! Also I think I was having a problem getting a really good shake on the center of the big tablecloth; shaking off the motifs around the edges worked fine, but that big piece in the middle just had so much fabric weight around it, it was hard for me to wrangle. :) I'll try a soft clean toothbrush and see if it helps....Also I'll ask my husband to try shaking out the center!

Thanks for your advice; I always feel more confident after I run things by you, Mary!! :D
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