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Dry Iron Recommendations

I want to buy an iron specifically for my embroidery projects such as linen table runners and cotton pillowcases.

What brand or type of iron should I buy? Does anyone have a favorite?

Thank you.
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Re: Dry Iron Recommendations

Hi, Kelly - Well... I don't want to sound like an iron snob, but I have to admit, it makes a whole heck-of-a-lot of difference, ironing with a good iron, as opposed to ironing with a practically-disposable iron. I bit the bullet quite a while ago and invested in a "good iron."

But it's hard to say what brand to buy. Rowenta is a pretty good iron, if you buy their products that are made in Germany. You have to really examine the box to see where each particular iron is made. The ones made in Germany are much better than the ones not made in Germany. I understand that their newer irons are not necessarily as good as their older ones. I've had mine for years, so I don't know what the situation is on that. I like mine, but again, it's a little older. It's held up well.

I'd say one thing to look for in an iron is weight. An iron should weigh something! I've always found that really light irons are just not as effective. Also, I am not partial to irons that have a coating on them. Again, just me... I prefer a polished stainless steal surface that's easy to clean.

You might try scouring the internet for consumer reports on irons. Maybe you'll have some luck finding some that are universally super highly recommended.
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Re: Dry Iron Recommendations

Thank you, Mary. This is the kind of information I was looking for. I appreciate your response and I don't think you are an iron snob.
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Re: Dry Iron Recommendations

I agree with Mary. I have 2 Rowentas. One is an enamel sole plate steam/dry. It is weighty and works well. Controls temp well from barely warm, useful for lots of pressing, to very hot.
The other is a steam pump. Holds a lot of water and fabulous for fabrics that like to wrinkle, like linen. I wouldn't give up either one.
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