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Counting Threads

I'm pretty sure that THIS is a stupid question.

When counting threads for something like cross stitching, needlepoint, etc., are you counting the "threads" that divide two openings, or are you counting the openings themselves?

Enlighten me, please...

Carolyn in SoCal
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Re: Counting Threads

Hi, Carolyn - When you look at a piece of linen, you'll notice that the threads of the fabric run perpendicular to each other. Where they cross, there is a hole on each of the four corners around the intersection of two threads, to form a square. That thread in between those openings (so, the thread that divides the two openings as you put it), is one thread. If you start counting on the first hole after the first thread that you've marked as your starting place, then when you get to the number you want, you will have crossed that many threads.

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Re: Counting Threads

Not a stupid question. When I was learning, even after a couple of printed projects and Aida Fabric projects, moving on to actual fabric, like Linen or something was really confusing. Was even confusing while reading included kit instructions or having someone try to explain it to me over the phone, and then I searched the Internet and found lots of cool visual and clear explanations.

Mary, your explanation here hit the nail on the head. Clear, and quick to the point.


Have fun with your embroidery!

Mindi Hammerstone
Mindi Hammerstone
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