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Transfer with flair pens

Dear Mary,
I read with great interest about transferring designs with the PaperMate Flair pen. Why do you think that only the green pen is recommended? I was able to find one in an assorted package and many of the colors seemed appropriate for use?

I also found similar 0.3mm water soluble flair pens that have fluorescence. Do you have any experience with these pens? The purple is very attractive.

I have three christening gowns to personalize with names, dates, etc. I am exploring with white on white embroidery. One gown is Swiss Neola and the other two gowns are Swiss Bearessima. I know that you love the 40 wt Coton a Broider but I have not been able to find any. I do have floche, Chinese silk, and DMC embroidery floss.

I look forward to your comments.
Debbie Brian
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Re: Transfer with flair pens

Hi, Debbie -

Even with the green flair, I'd go easy. I'm not sure why just the green is the most recommended for transferring - I suspect that others have used the other colors with less positive results. The green flair worked "ok" for a short-term project. I tested and stitched within a two-day period. I've heard from folks who have left the ink on for longer, and some say with very long soaking, they were finally able to get it out. Others have said that a project left six months - a year is a bad idea, that the ink doesn't come out as well. So I would go easy, especially if you are working on something of heirloom quality. In fact, on swiss batiste and fabrics like that, for a christening gown, I probably wouldn't use the flairs. I'd use a ceramic pencil with the blue or light green lead, I think.

Floche is fine, as is a coton a broder in 30. They don't make (or at least, I can't find!) the 40 anymore. If it's something that's going to be washed, I'd go with floche or coton a broder in 30 or maybe even regular floss. I don't know how Chinese silk would hold up, but I do know that it would be a pain to stitch with! :D

I'm not familiar with the florescent flairs at all. I dabbled with the flairs for a while, but I suppose it's the whole "ink running all over everything" problem that finally scared me away. I'd hate to do a lot of stitching, and end up with a green wash all over everything!

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