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Prick & Pounce help needed

Okay. I bought the dark & light pounce pads & chalk. I pricked my paper with a large needle. I pounced as explained in the blog. I got a lot of chalk all over my work area & no discernible pattern to follow.

Then I tried wiping the pad over the stencil, as shown on the package and only succeeded in bending a delicate area of the stencil.

I'm working on cotton aprons, embroidering our church name on them for our kitchen crew.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong!!! Help!!
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Re: Prick & Pounce help needed

Hi, Merryann -

Sorry to hear about your misadventures with P&P. I'm not sure what you mean by the dark and light pounce pads.... and is it regular chalk, or was it sold as pounce powder? Pounce powder is very fine - almost like powdered sugar. It's fine and light.

When you prick your design, you should use a fine needle - finer holes are better than larger holes - and you should ensure that the paper doesn't come up off the fabric as you work the pounce over it. Don't "pounce" (or bounce) the pounce on, just rub it lightly over the paper. I normally do this in a small circular motion over all the areas of the design. Make sure that the paper is in contact with the fabric the whole time. If it moves up and down or away from the fabric and back, it'll smudge your dots, or even cause them to kind of puff out. Once you get the hang of pouncing, you'll be able to do it in a flash.

Also, the smaller your design (and the more detail) the harder it is to work out what dots lead where, so it's not necessarily a method I'd use on small very detailed stuff.

Hope that helps a little bit!

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