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Slate Frames

Mary, I don't know what a slate frame is or who sells them. Are they a lap frame or is another piece of equipment needed for support? Pls advise and thx so much. I ALWAYS learn so much from you!!! Missy Palmer @
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Re: Slate Frames

Hi, Missy - A slate frame is usually supported by trestles, if you have them, but small slate frames can easily be rested on the table in front of you as you work, or even held in the hand if they are small-small. My Needlework System 4 stand holds even my medium slate frame well with the frame clamp, but it doesn't hold my largest slate frame (which was made by Evan Burroughs). The latter one is very large and very heavy, and it definitely has to rest on trestles. You can find slate frames in the US at Hedgehog Handworks and at Tristan Brooks Designs.

Hedgehog Handworks direct link:

Tristan Brooks Designs:

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