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How do I back embroidered Jute/Cotton bags?

Hi there, I am coming back to embroidery for the first time in many, many years so I am having to learn everything again!!! As a way to make some money and keep myself occupied now my 3 children are all at school I decided to embroider felt/fabric appliqu├ęs on to Jute shopping bags and cotton drawstring bags. I am using metallic embroidery thread which is very slidy too! I was looking for the best way of covering the stitching to hide/protect it on the inside of the bags. Thanks in advance, Sal.
P.S. Your site is fantastic and I am getting so excited about my new project just looking at all the beautiful embroidery!
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Re: How do I back embroidered Jute/Cotton bags?

Just a thought, Sally, you could line the bag with either a matching or neutral cotton fabric, or even with something complimentary.
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