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Anchor Stitches?

In today's post, Stem Stitch Filling, a reader asked about the small stitches resembling seed stitches, and Mary responded they are anchor stitches. I've seen this done before, but they were referred to as an aid for stitch direction.
Will someone elaborate on these stitches? If they are used to anchor, does an anchor serve the same purpose as a waste knot? If they are used to indicate stitch direction, do they indicate vertical or horizontal direction?
Many thanks!
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Re: Anchor Stitches?

Hi, Terry - Here's a photo tutorial on starting and ending embroidery stitches with anchor stitches. In the tutorial, I'm working an outline, but the concept is the same. The little stab stitches or anchor stitches can be made in any place that will be covered with embroidery. They secure the thread better than most other methods. ... es-on.html

They don't indicate stitch direction at all - they are as tiny as you can make them, worked as close together as you can without making a bump in the fabric.

Hope that helps!

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