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Need Sewing chair

I am looking for a comfortable recliner that I can use with a sewing frame I have.I Xstitch a lot and need a good chair.
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Re: Need Sewing chair

What I did is determine what I needed in a chair. For me, it was four legs rather than solid sides so my System 4 stand could slide in from the side. I also needed arms low enough, and wide enough apart that my arms could hang naturally -- the prior chair forced me into a quasi "shrugged shoulder" position that after a while caused pain. I also use a sit-on frame for some work and I needed a chair that I could use with it. Once I had my criteria, I started visiting furniture stores.

I looked like an idiot, I'm sure, because my process was to sit in the chair and check the arm height. If that was OK, I got down on the floor and looked under the chair to see if the floor frame would slide under it, both while upright and when reclined. Then I sat in the chair, reclined, with the sit-on frame and stitched for about 10 minutes to see if anything felt awkward or cramped. Once the sales person knew I was going to do it my way, they were fine and let me wander. It took a while, but I eventually found a reasonably-priced chair that met all my criteria.

Good luck on your search.
KathrynK in Blacklick
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