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Wedding Handkerchief

I am making my soon to be daughter-in-law a handkerchief in whitework to give her on their wedding day. I have been sewing since I was a teenager, but fairly new to hand embroidery. I have been practicing several stitches and they look very nice until I turned the piece around. Since this is a handkerchief, the back side will be exposed. Please help with advice on how to fix this, preferred stitches, etc. Thanks, Melissa
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Re: Wedding Handkerchief

Would you be able to share a photo or something that shows the design? Perhaps if the design you were using for the wedding handkerchief were shared, someone might have some suggestions on stitches.

Another suggestion, if you have any antique shops in your area, perhaps spending a little time browsing at old linens might lend an idea or two on stitches to use.

Best of luck.
Carrie R
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Re: Wedding Handkerchief

May I suggest closed herringbone stitch? It's herringbone worked close together so that the opposite side looks like backstitch. There's a picture partway down the page here ... -plus.html. If you work it carefully, one side will look like herringbone and the other will have the design outlined in backstitch. It's often used in Indian Chikankari embroidery (see my post ... r-pradesh/) and can be very very pretty.
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