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posting photo of work

Hi Mary,

I have a saved draft in the Gallery share phots area and I can't find the link to attach my photo. Can you please help?? ;)

Thank you,

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Re: posting photo of work

Hi, Melissa -

Click on the green "reply to thread" button or "post new topic" button - don't use "quick reply" or you won't have the option for posting photos. Underneath the box that comes up to write in, you'll see a small menu highlighted in tan that has "options" on the left side, and "upload attachments" on the right side. Click "upload attachments" and then "choose file" and then "add the file."

If you have your picture already online somehow - for example, through flickr or picassa web album or on your own blog or website - you can use the little "image" block in the menu above the writing area. Look for the little grey block that says "Img." If you click that, you'll get two tags - the opening and closing tag for an image - and all you have to do is paste the URL of your online photo between the two tags.

If you need anymore help, please let me know!

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