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Looking for "Moorish" hand-embroidery patterns

Hello. I am new to the hand-embroidery world and eager to get started. Mary, I like many of your free patterns very much. The Celtic cross, the pomegranate in the round, your Jacobean round "thing"--these are lovely. However, while looking at them I realized that what I really wanted was a hand-embroidery pattern that was based on the kind of Islamic tile work or wood carving you see in the Alhambra. Lots of these patterns are many-pointed stars or Arabesques. Does anyone know where I can find hand-embroidery patterns with these kinds of abstract, geometric "Moorish" designs? Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can give me.
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Re: Looking for "Moorish" hand-embroidery patterns

Hi, Kim - there are a couple books out there that may be useful, as well as some online resources.

There's an older book called "Turkish Embroideries" that's got some good stuff in it. You might look up The Mad Samplar - it's a good source for used and hard to find needlework books.

There's always Jane Nicholas's "Persian Tiles" book - it's stumpwork and goldwork, but the designs could certainly be adapted.

Finally, in this post on Needle 'n Thread, you'll find links to four free design books that fit the description of what you're looking for: ... lture.html

Hope that helps!

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