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Inspirations Magazine

I just received my first Inspirations (Issue 72). Thank you thank you Mary and Country Bumpkins for the discount. For any of you that have not taken advantage of the offer do so! In two minutes of leafing through the issue I realized its value! Wow. Yes, it's pricey but so worth it. World class artists such as T. Burr, H. Stevens, Y. Stanton. Tips, patterns, stitches, ideas! I'm breathless. An incredibly aptly named magazine.
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Re: Inspirations Magazine

I agree I received my copy this week and already I have stitchy hands to follow some of the free designs inside the magazine, wonderful, thanks Mary for introducing us to Inspirations.

Regards Anita Simmance
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Re: Inspirations Magazine

*sssiiiiiigggghhhh* I always think I'm about the last person in the world to get my copy. But - it'll come! I love my lunch break on days when Inspirations shows up in the mail! :-)
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