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Silk threads for beginner

Hi Mary and all,

I'm getting excited about trying my hand with silk threads. I must state up front that I am a beginner at the finer work of embroidery. What would you suggest as a "starter" silk collection?

Many thanks,

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Re: Silk threads for beginner

Hi, Doreen, I saw your question and thought I'd chime in. What kind of embroidery do you do? You might pick a few colors of Kreinik. Comes in skeins like DMC and you use it the same. Soie d'Alger is shinier silk, but, again, stranded and the next step up.
The best, beautiful and shiniest, but the most tricky to use, is flat silk. I prefer Japanese flat silk, but it takes some direct instruction to use as it snags if you don't know what you are doing.
Mary has several very good posts. Check those, too. Anne
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