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Welcome to The Gallery & Photo Guidelines

The Gallery is the place where you can post photos of your own needlework projects to inspire the rest of us!

To post a photo that is already hosted online somewhere, you can use the "Img" button in the tools found just above the text box when you're typing a message. Just click "Img" and place the URL of your photo between the two "Img" tags, which are surrounded by brackets. The URL goes right between the two full tags, including brackets.

If your photos are not already online, you can upload them! Down below the text box where you type your message, you'll see a gold colored menu with the option to Upload Attachment. Click that, and you'll be prompted to upload your photos.

Photo maximums: 100K; 400 px wide will display best

Photo Content: Needle 'n Thread is a family-friendly, kid-friendly site. Please avoid posting photos of needlework (or anything else) that is unseemly or depicts anything unsuitable for children. Thanks!
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Re: Welcome to The Gallery & Photo Guidelines

Hi all embroiderers and Mary.
Would you be kind enought to detail me on how to upload photos from my comp.? I have them in folder.
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