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Elizabethan Bible Cover

Hi Mary, I have just completed my version of an extant bible cover which I thought you might be interested in viewing. I have used Elizabethan & Gold work techniques to stitch it plus the addition of tiny beads & pearls.
Bible cover finished!.jpg
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Re: Elizabethan Bible Cover

WOW! This is so beautiful!!! What am amazing job! Are you going to use it for a book cover? The details in this are great - the tiny pearls and the little beads in the outline areas with the tiny leaves. Just perfect!

Thanks for posting the photo!

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Re: Elizabethan Bible Cover

*L* And now I am feeling inadequate. I just started a blackwork bible cover and was pretty pleased with the way it started, now I have seen this and it's a whole other level. Did you make your own pattern?
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Re: Elizabethan Bible Cover

Silly question but... how do you make the cover itself? Is there a secret pattern out there because I can't seem to find one > can anyone recommend what to type into google to get the response I want? :oops:
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Re: Elizabethan Bible Cover

I just saw this cover and it is gorgeous. in the "just in case" category, here are instructions on how to make a bible cover
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