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A small beginning

I so want to learn ecclesiastical and goldwork embroidery. The hold up has been equipment. Knowing a slate frame is out of the question for at least the next year or more, my husband helped me improvise. It is a cheap scroll frame from the local sewing store, with purchased dowels that are 36" long. We stapled twill tape to the dowels, and then I sewed the linen to the twill tape. I had to join two frames with metal brackets to get the frame wide enough. Then I laced the sides. Surprisingly, the linen is tight, and it does stay fairly tight while stitching. It's not the best, but at least I can start learning.

I even used the suggestions from Mary's post, and made my own pouncer, and transferred a design with prick and pounce to the blue linen. It really was a easy as Mary says! I'm hooked for life on this. I used a product called Miracle Marking System that came from a quilting store. It is a white powder used for stencil transfer. ( I purchase this prior to the post on using talc for pouncing.) The texture reminds me of ground up wax tailor's chalk used for marking by those who do alterations. I was afraid the powder would be too thick to go through the prick holes, but it worked great. Even the small details showed up perfectly. The thickness may have been an advantage, because it stayed in place until I was able to trace the design with a marker.

I would be afraid to use this white powder on a dark silk though, because of the caution that it stays in place until you apply heat. I would want to test it to be sure it would not leave a wax mark as the tailor's marking chalk sometimes does.

Thanks so much for the many suggestions and the encouragement of your posts. Hopefully some day I'll have a real finished work to post.
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Re: A small beginning

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this comes along, Carrie! I think your frame improvisation was Very Clever!!!
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