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crewel work wedding present

Hi All,

I'm very excited to finally have something to share with you all. I made this for my niece for her wedding. Her colours were green and purple. I hand dyed the woolen ground fabric (in a crock pot!). I used 1 strand of Caron Impressions for the stitching.


This was my first time stitching with Impressions. It is a thicker thread than I am used to using and that presented some challenges because the grain of the thread shows much more than with 6-strand floss. It does have a lovely glow from the silk content though. Another thing I learned is that it's more prone to wear than normal floss, so shorter lengths have to be used. I'm not sure I'll use it as the main thread again, but it does make lovely stem stitch.

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Re: crewel work wedding present

Very Nice!! The stem stitch looks great - and I love the white-and-blue on the flower petals! Very striking! Clever dyed background, too. So that's what a crock pot if for!

Caron Impressions is a difficult thread to do any kind of surface work with (it's made for needlepoint), so my hat is really off to you for such a successful finish!

Congratulations - I'm sure your niece will love it!

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