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Trish Burr Butterflies! A Give-Away!


Spring is coming!

Ok. I realize this is a relative statement. But by virtue of the fact that every day, no matter where we live, brings us a little closer to the next spring, I can legitimately say “Spring is coming!”

So, Spring is coming! And to celebrate, here are some Beautiful Butterflies!

Trish Burr Butterflies

Each of these three needlepainting kits by Trish Burr feature a bright, vivid butterfly and blossoms, worked in long and short stitch shading.

The kits include everything you need to stitch the design (pre-printed fabric, complete instructions, and embroidery needles), except the threads. A complete DMC and Anchor thread list is included in each kit.

Trish Burr Butterflies

This one’s my favorite! The African Red Butterfly. *Sigh.* It’s just so red. And it has strawberries on it. I love this kit!

Trish Burr Butterflies

And then we have this vivid Adonis Blue Butterfly, with its blue wings that look as if they are floating on the fabric.

Trish Burr Butterflies

And finally, the Orange Butterfly & Blossom – a beautiful fire orange, with dark tips – just lovely!

Courtesy of Trish Burr, I’m giving away all three kits, which means that three of you have a chance to win one of them! This is a great opportunity to advance your long and short stitch skills, or even, for the determined beginner, to give long and short stitch shading a try.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to enter today’s Give-Away, please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below (on this article on Needle ‘n Thread, not via reply e-mail or on any other post on the website), answering the following question:

Which butterfly of the three above do you like best?

2. In your comment (either in the large box where you write the comment, or in the “name” line on the comment form), please make sure you leave a recognizable name.

3. Eligible comments must be submitted before 5:00 am CST (that’s in Kansas, USA) Friday, February 1, 2013. I’ll announce the three winners that day, and they will need to contact me with a mailing address, so make sure you check back on Friday to see if you’re one of the lucky winners!

And that’s it – pretty simple!

So, if you’re ready to kick up your needlepainting skills a bit, or you’re just bonkers over butterflies, join the fun, before the opportunity… uh…. flutters away!

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  1. Ann Moran from the UK here – I have been wanting a Trish Burr kit for ages. I love the blue butterfly. Blue, black and grey are some of my favourite colours.

  2. When my sister and I were little girls, my parents painted my grandmother’s room orange. It was a very pale pretty orange, but none of us could understand how orange could be her favorite color. 35 years later, orange is a favorite color for both of us (what goes around comes around). So, I will vote for the orange butterfly, although all three of them are perfect and beautiful!

  3. I’m not about to let one of these flutter away. I would love to add a butterfly to the slowly growing collection of completed needlework projects. The first framed embroidery piece that my Grandma made for me would have friend in our family room. So, in chosing one, I would go with the Orange Butterfly and Blossom to create a set. Good luck to everybody and a big thank you to Mary and Trish for the giveway and excitement that goes with it.

  4. The The African Red Butterfly is my favourite. The flowers and strawberries are all in the right place and complement the butterfly really well. I like the 3D look of the Adonis Blue Butterfly though so I might think about implementing this in a Red one.

  5. I love the blue butterfly!

    I was tickled to learn that you are in Kansas! My parents are both from there and it is where I did my first stitching with my grandmothers.

    Thanks for so many days of beautiful needlework to admire and learn from.

  6. Oh, how beautiful! I love the blue butterfly best. They are all gorgeous but right now, blue is a top favorite color. Thanks Mary and thanks Trish for this great giveaway!

  7. Hi Mary,

    I like Adonis Blue butterfly, best though all 3 of them are adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Hi,

    My choice is Adonis. I think the blues are really captivating. And it would look great in my baby’s nursery (baby is arriving at the end of Feb).


  9. The orange butterfly would be my choice. I have fallen in love with needlepainting and enrolled in Margaret’s Strawberry class in order to learn shading, one of the major weakness in my needle skills. I stitch a lot of reproduction samplers and many have sections of freehand which includes shading like this.

  10. I love the red one! I just can`t get enough of red. And I just want one of her kits so badly! lol

  11. These butterflies are beautiful and have just reminded me of two pictures that my grandmother had of red admiral butterflies that I used to look at and admire as a child. Thank you for the few moments I have had reminiscing of both my grandmother (who I fondly miss) and her beautiful butterfly pictures! Happy stitching everyone.

  12. I LOVE butterflies!! I’m forever trying to get them to come to my garden. I like the red one because it also has my favourite fruit with it…the strawberry.

  13. The Adonis (blue) butterfly is my favorite. Blue is my color. Trish Burr does amazing books that outline her method. Would love to win this. Thank you.

  14. They are beautiful and it is so kind of you to offer them as gifts to the lucky winners. I prefer the Red because of the strawberries. My favourite colour of butterfly is blue so I would be tickled to win either one. I have been making a wall hanging/quilt top called Tree of Life with Butterflies for over four years and it will have butterflies (of course) with embroidery and stumpwork strawberries on it – when it is finished. They would be pleased to have an embroidery piece from Trish hanging with them. thanks so much helen

  15. Trish Burr does AMAZING work with needle and thread, and her book and kits are incredibly beautiful and clearly written.
    I love the BLUE butterfly the most, but all three are gorgeous.
    Thanks for running a contest for the chance to win one of these kits!

  16. I have to agree with the you – the African red butterfly but it’s a very close call. I would be delighted with any one of them. Trish Burr is such a lovely gracious lady.

  17. I love butterflies, I love strawberries, and I love flowers, but if I have to pick, red is always my favorite color. And I keep studying Trish Burr’s book and trying to make my thread painting look passable.

  18. I love the red one! Plus, it has strawberries which are the favorite of my daughter-in-law. I plan to stitch it for her.

  19. Love the orange butterfly and the flower!
    Looks very real.
    This kind of stitch work would be something new for me.

  20. The African red butterfly is my favourite. No contest. Red always wins! The other two are lovely, but not as red 🙂

    I haven’t tried a kit by Trish yet, although I have two of her books. Her shading is so artistically done.

    Jannat (on holiday on 1st Feb, so if I win, give me till 8th Feb to respond, please)

  21. These butterflies are gorgeous. I love the shading that makes them almost luminescent. The orange butterfly is my favorite, but really hard to choose, they’re all gorgeous. I follow via email.

  22. Because my dearest friend ever is 85 and absolutely loves blue – it would have to be the Adonis Blue. I would think of her everytime I looked at it!

  23. I love all those beautiful butterflies and would so like to have the opportunity to try to do one, I have never done thread painting but I have a friend d who could help me if I got stuck. Like you the red one is my favourite but think they are all so perfect. Trish Burr is so clever I have admired her work for a long time.

  24. Trish Burr, I salute you. These designs are so special because of Trish`s really clever use of bright colours, blended with a delicate touch. Clever clever clever designs. Love them, especially the orange 🙂

  25. Oh what a beautiful way to welcome Spring! I think I would love the Orange one….we have so many orange trees here in Arizona and the orange blossom fragrance gets mighty strong. I have not tried needle painting and this would be nice to try.

  26. I love the orange butterfly and blossom. It makes me think of my little cat and her vibrant coat. She is very ill at the moment and never far from my thoughts.

    Thank you for this giveaway Mary. I look forward to reading your website every day.

  27. I love the colours in the orange blossom and butterfly, so that would be my favourite. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway, these are wonderful kits

  28. I think they are all very pretty but I have to say that I love the Orange one with that pretty blossom is the one that seems to say look at me!

  29. Hello Mary,

    Thank you, once again, for a chance to win one of your wonderful give-aways!!

    I would love to work the Adonis Blue Butterfly. It’s such a beautiful piece.

    Best wishes to you.

  30. The blue butterfly is just wonderful! It reminds me summer in blue: blue sky, blue flowers, blue dress, blue dreams… Peaceful and just wonderful!

  31. A wonderful chance to learn, to practise beautiful thread painting from master embroiderer Trish Burr, to have a chance to stitch the glorious African Red Butterfly and delicious strawberries complete with their blossoms…if only i could be sooooo lucky !

  32. Good Morning Mary!
    Great give-a-way! WOW!
    I love the red butterfly; her colours are stunning and the shading is exquisite! I have been dreaming of learning Trish Burr’s techniques!
    Happy Spring!

  33. Ooh, I love Trish Burr – I normally say ‘I don’t do kits’ but for any of these I’d be MORE than happy to make an exception. My favourite is the Adonis Blue because we have them in the UK, although they’re becoming increasingly rare, so it would be nice to commemorate them in such a beautiful picture. (Also, I realise from my current embroidery disaster that I’m sorely in need of a small project to practice my hand stitching on!)

  34. Wow, each of those kits set my heart a-flutter but I like the Orange Butterfly & Blossom kit the best due to the colors in the butterfly’s wings.

  35. I love the Trish Burr kits and books and have been wanting one for some time! I love the orange butterfly best I think. The Dogwood Blossom is our state flower here in Virginia.

    I’m crossing my fingers! X X

  36. It’s so hard to choose because I love them all, but I think the orange butterfly would be my first choice. Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful kits.

  37. That was tough- all 3 are lovely…but if forced to choose, it’s the beautiful Adonis Blue Butterfly…

    Elizabeth Mac from Saskatoon

  38. Ever since I was small I love the colour blue, in all its shades. And no suprise, the blue butterfly attracted me immediately. And I’ve never done any needlepainting, so it would be my first attempt. What better than a Trish Burr kit to do that with….! Thank you and Trish for this chance to win something wonderful like this.

  39. They are all beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I think the orange one would go best in my house. I’m moving from the warm South East to Northern Minnesota so I’m sure I could use a little spring cheer! Mrs. Burr and you are such beautifully gifted individuals. Thank you, both!

  40. Picking my favourite among these three is like picking a chocolate from my favourite box. I love them all. I think the Blue one might be my favourite, just because it floats so nicely and the blues are beautiful. but then again, I do like those strawberries on the red one.

  41. I like all the butterflies, but the red one is my favorite. It’s such a vibrant red!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  42. I like the orange one the best. Really, I like them all but the orange one is so different. I can see them all framed on the wall together.

    Thanks for the great blog.

    Melody in VA

  43. I have been meaning to make an embroidered butterfly pin for my daughter in law…this would be a great motivator! I would pick the Red AfricanButterfly en souvenir of my life in Africa! Thank you for all you do. Jackie

  44. Hi Mary,
    Please consider me for one of these beautiful utterly kits. I think all are beautiful, but I am quite partial to the blue butterfly. I would like rotary needle painting and this little blue butterfly would be just enough to get me to try this form of needle craft. I have done surface embroidery, and cross stitch for many years and recently tried my hand at some gold work. I am trying to expand my needlework skills. Hope I win. I have just the place for this regal butterfly.
    Thank you Mary, and thank you Trish.

  45. Love butterflies, espically the Red one with strawberrys. My niece lost her baby 2 1/2 months of age. She remembers her with butterflies. I would stitch this beautiful Red butterfly and give it to her.

  46. I love the orange butterfly! Orange is one of my favorite colors and the blossom looks like dogwood which is one of my favorite trees.

  47. The blue butterfly kit is to die for. The brillance of blue is incredible. All I can say is I love it.

  48. I was just looking at these designs this morning and wishing I had the kits. All are beautiful, but my favorite is the Adonis Blue Butterfly. Thank you for such a great giveaway opportunity!

  49. Wonderful giveaway!! I think the Orange Butterfly is gorgeous – of course all three of them are gorgeous but I am partial to orange!!

  50. I am a big fan of Trish Burr’s books and kits. I love the blue butterfly, in part for the reason you mentioned, Mary. It has a 3D effect in seeming to float above the fabric.

  51. I just bought several of Trish Burr’s book because I want to try needle painting. I love the Adonis Blue butterfly, blue is my favourite colour and that butterfly is so vivid.

  52. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for sharing these Trish Burr kits! I love them all, but I think my favorite is the Orange Butterfly & Blossom. The shading on the wings is exquisite and would be a great way to practice the needle painting technique. The yellow/orange/red/brown combination reminds me of fall here in Vermont.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Barb Aldrich

  53. Oh, I love the orange butterfly the best & am so happy for the opportunity to win one of these kits. Thanks you.

  54. What could be better than butterflies in spring. They are all three just beautiful, but if I had to make a choice, I would pick the blue one.
    Thank you Mary, and Trish for the opportunity.

  55. I love the African Red Butterfly. The red is so vibrant along with strawberries and strawberry flowers (my favorite symbol of summer). Trish’s designs are just beautiful.

  56. All three butterflies are just gorgeous, it is hard to say which one is my favorite. But if I had to pick, I think it would be the Adonis Blue butterfly, because his wings just seem to be glowing with light.

    I love Trish Burr’s needlepainting! Her work is exquisite.

  57. Oh I love the Adonis Blue Butterfly! The color just calls to me. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful kit.

  58. Ah! beautiful butterflies. And don’t worry about the threads, I probably have them all since I have started to learn Trish Burr’s long & short method a while ago. Making a choice is heartbreaking but I choose the Orange butterfly because it resembles the very familiar “Monarch”. Reading your newsletter is always a great pleasure.

  59. Beautiful!!! Love all three, but I’ll pick Adonis Blue. I would love to have one of Trish Burr’s kits. I love hand embroidery. My favorites are hummingbirds and butter flies. I sit at night watching TV and working on a embroidery quilt squares that one day will be a quilt for me. Thank you,

    Sally Miller

  60. Hi Mary I tried the long short stitch with tast last year would love the Blue butterfly kit so that I could have try again with needle painting.

  61. Love all 3 butterfly colors since there isn’t a purple one! But I’ll go for the strawberries, one of my favorite fruits!

  62. Wow this is difficult to determine. I love them all.
    I guess I will say the blue appeals most today. (Probably tomorrow I will choose the red)

  63. These are so beautiful. Choosing one is tough. I am a strawberry fan also so I think I love it the most. The Monarch is definitely running a close second. Where do you find all these wonderful things!?

    Patti Dagg

  64. I should be extremely happy to receive the last of the three – my elderly mother (94 in February) loves orange blossom, and it would be lovely to be able to give her such a lovely gift – once stitched and framed of course!

  65. I love all of them ,but the Blue Adonis is my fav. Its iridescence is simply captivating and can be captured using lovely silk threads.

  66. I love the blue butterfly. It really does just seem to float on the fabric. I have really wanted to try one of these forever! Thanks for the awesome give away!
    -Heather in Chicago

  67. Dear Mary

    The red butterfly is my favourite. It is so vibrant and I simply love embroidering luscious strawberries.

    As you say, Spring is on the way and the buddlia will soon be out and covered in beautiful butterflies. The Red Indians (or more correctly (indiginous Americans) think that butterflies are the souls of people that have gone before. That’s a nice thought, I wouldn’t mind being a butterfly after I’ve passed on!

  68. I absolutely love the blue butterfly. I like that it has the blueberries with the flower, I’m used to seeing strawberries usually. Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits! All of the butterflies are beautiful of course, but the blue has my favor.

  69. I would like the Adonis Blue butterfly. There is something that is so peaceful to me about the colors. I would love to be able to work on this!

  70. Oh my goodness! I love to try one of Trish Burr’s needlepainting set. My choice would be the orange butterfly and blossom kit. My favorite color are mauve, red, orange and rust. I have been playing with various embroidery stitches and learning different skills. I would love to learn how to needlepaint. The beauty of the design created from the magic of using just floss and various needlework.

  71. Thank you Mary Corbet, for inspiring me to stitch again. I am 56 years old and have not stitched since age 19. I now have my 60 year old sister into it. I love your website and your videos have taught me many stitches. I am still not where I need to be with proficiency, but I am trudging along. I would love to attempt to stitch the butterflies for my 91 year old Dad who just moved to Panama, the country!! I miss him so, and I think these butterflies would be a cheerful awakening every morning. Thanks again. kim

  72. I am watching the ice form on the branches outside my window and imagine the beautiful blue butterfly ushering in spring.
    Your site has inspired me to skill myself in this beautiful art form. I am on the backside of 60 now and am like a 5 year old, curious about all of it and so excited to know you are never too old and it is never too late to learn.
    Thanks for such an incredible format to become educated and skilled. I start my morning with you and then have my “class time” with a video session. I will be checking in more often now. This is my very first time ever commenting to anyone on line.

  73. I love them all but the blue butterfly is my favourite. It is a great opportunity to win one of Thrish Burr butterfly’s
    Love from the Netherlands

  74. OOPS!! Got carried away and forgot to say which butterfly is the most beautiful!! Hard to say, but I’ll go with the blue one. lovely.

  75. Be still my beating heart! Oh my, they are just gorgeous. I absolutely love, covet, and adore the blue butterfly. But truthfully, I would be so happy to have any of them. Please, please enter my in this awesome giveaway!

  76. I love the orange butterfly! Here ia Ventura, CA, we witness the migration of the Monarch Butterflies. It is a beautiful site. I would love to try my hand at short and long stitching. Caroline W.

  77. They are all so beautiful, but the blue one really caught my eye right away! Thank you for the reminder of spring!

  78. Each of them is so beautiful it is a very difficult decision to decide which one is my favorite. I love the color blue but I think I will choose the red one.

  79. Love all of them but got to say that the African Red is my favorite. It is so bright and cheerful. I have never done any of the needle painting but I would love the chance to try. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  80. I love the orange butterfly! But the others are nice too – but I am not so into primary colors.

    I always try to do needlepainting, but my efforts never live up to Trish Burr’s efforts. Perhaps another attempt will make me a master!

  81. Oh so pretty in orange and blue and red! Trish Burr is amazing in her detail but since you are forcing me to choose, I think I must go with the Orange Butterfly. I love the graduation of color from pale yellow to vibrant orange/red. Although the strawberries were very tempting in the African Red.

  82. Oh they are all so lovely. I would have to pick “African Red”. She is not my favorite, but I do have to pick one, so red it is.

  83. Hi Mary, Thanks for the great give-away! I have bene itching to try some of Trish’s work (bought the books, read the books, re-read the books) and this would spur me on! I love the blue butterfly the most, although they are all beautiful. I actually chose the blue because it is a bit outside my usual comfort zone (RED!)

    Thanks again, for the give-away and for the thought that spring is coming!


  84. The blue butterfly is lyrical but red is my signature color and strawberries my favorite fruit so my heart says red is best!

  85. They are all so beautiful but my favourite is the red butterfly. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  86. They look like the will flutter away. So beautiful. It’s hard to pick one, but I think the orange is just stunning. I’ve been following Trish on her blog and her designs are just so life-like.

  87. I am an avid gardener with a number of large mixed perennial beds around our yard. Plants to host and feed butterflies are included in all the beds, and I am rewarded each year by getting hours of pleasure watching the butterflies nectar and the caterpillars crawl on my flowers. The orange butterflies have always been my favorites, and the dogwood is one of my favorite trees, so that is my choice: Orange Butterfly. Thanks for offering all 3 of these beauties.

  88. Hi Mary
    I really like the Adonis Blue Butterfly. But the other two are good as well. I am a great fan of Trish’s work and have all her books. I am in the process of collecting the DMC threads required but am a bit stumped by which linen/fabric to use. Just thought if I won one of the kits it would give me a sample to try and source. At the moment am using patchwork fabric plus butter muslin backing to practice the technique.
    Kind regards
    Jenny from a blustery Chester (UK)

  89. I love them all, but the blue is my favorite. It looks very elegant to me. Thank you so much for the giveaway chance, and for sharing so many wonderful examples and tips!! I look forward to your email every day!

  90. I wish, I wish, I wish that you
    Would pick for me a butterfly
    All pretty and blue.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  91. Thanks for this giveaway.
    I really like the look of that Adonis Blue butterfly, something I would love have hanging on my wall to remind me of summer in a long dreary winter.

  92. I love the red one its got strawberry’s another favourite of mine.I have done short and long stitch but would love to improve on the skill.


  93. G’day Mary, and thank you and Trish both for this very special and generous giveaway.
    The African Red Butterfly is a beauty, and with the strawberries it would make a wonderful addition to the Vintage Strawberries I’ll be doing soon with Margaret.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

    PS, Yeah, so is Christmas! Looking forward to Autumn though ; )

  94. All three butterflies are gorgeous! While I’m usually an absolute sucker for anything red accessory-wise (red wallet, red umbrella), I’d love to stitch the blue butterfly and those luscious blue berries.

  95. I just love the blue butterfly!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    A kit from Tish is on my list to do.

  96. I love them all but since blue is my favorite color, I would pick that one. I had never done much needlework before but I find now that I am really loving it. Oh no, a new addiction lol.

  97. I really like that blue flutterby! But, that orange one is a close second!
    Thank you!
    Shari Harniss
    Houston, TX

  98. Can you tell I love the blue butterfly ^;^ I love your website. It is like going to stitchery school everday! Now why didn’t they have this in high school as an elective? What an idea. That would be one sure way of making the craft continues to further generations ^;^
    Thank you so much and please never stop educating us everyday ^;^

  99. Which do I like best? – Now that’s a hard one — all three!! They’re lovely! But I think I’d vote for the Orange butterfly – I also like the flower above it which enhances it – and the coloring is perfect for my home!

  100. These butterflies would be great to add to our collection. My mother and I do some embroidery work twice a week. I visit her at the nursing home and we talk and embroider together. (she is 101 years old but still able to thread her needle. The butterfly stitches are easy and would be great for us to do together.

  101. First off thank you Mary and Trish for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful butterflies. Trying to pick one over the other two wasn’t easy but I kept being drawn to the Adonis Blue Butterfly. That bright, electric blue is just so heavenly, I can imagine that butterfly fluttering through the air with the white blossoms as a backdrop. Ooo, pretty.

  102. I absolutely love the blue butterfly! I am a beginner who just found you. I absolutely love all the different stitches found on your site. I’m telling all my friends about it. The tutorials are excellent!

  103. I like the blue one. The colors remind me of the ocean that I miss so much since moving to this little town in Kansas.

  104. They’re all equally gorgeous, so I choose only because you ask. I like the orange one because one’s eye focuses a little more on the butterfly and flower because of the absence of the fruit. I like the fruit, but it seems like gilding the lily to put three lovely bits of nature in such a small space. Although….that deep blue is riveting…

  105. I love the blue butterfly. They are all gorgeous and it would be great to have a bouquet of butterflys, but the blue one flew off the page (computer screen) right into my heart.

  106. All three are beautiful, but I’d have to agree with you on the african red. I have most of Trish’s books and her DVD, but this kit is just what I need to overcome inertia and really get into it.
    Plus my birthday is next week, so winning this would be a great gift! 🙂

  107. It’s hard to choose, but I think I have to pick the blue. It’s so vivid and you’re right, it does look like its floating.

  108. Ahh the red butterfly with the strawberries…..really reminds me of spring. Would love to stitch this one.

  109. oh wow! I would really love to win of one of these kits. I love all of them, but I would choose the orange butterfly. thank you so much for this giveaway chance Kathy living in the ozarks of Missouri

  110. My favourite butterfly is the blue one. And my favourite day in winter is the solstice which means that we are getting longer daylight every day and getting closer to spring.

  111. I am a fan of Trish Burr. I have sticthed her flowersd in the past. I would be happy to have a kit of butterfly. I favourite colours are purple blue and grey.

  112. So difficult to pick only one. The orange butterfly is beautiful. The colors bring a sense of the warmth of the sunshine on a peaceful summer afternoon. How wonderful it would be to add another touch of nature to my indoor living space. Spring cannot come soon enough for me!

  113. Oh, Mary what beautiful butterflies! I love the African Red with the strawberries! I would love to win that one. Thanks for the give-a-way. You always have such nice thngs on your site.

  114. Dear Mary,

    I think the blue butterfly is soooo beautiful.
    Sometimes my fingers just itch for a needle and thread. This beautiful butterfly made them start itching again. Thank you Trish Burr for donating the kits and thank you Mary for the chance to win one.


  115. the blue butterfly is my most favorite. It seems to speak to me..

    It reminds me of a dreamy spring afternoon at the beach in the south seas….

    thank you for the chance.

    peggy Nyberg

  116. Oh wow! That’s actually kind of a hard question. I adore blue and orange anything. So choosing between blue and orange butterflies… hmm. But I think the dogwood blossom edges the orange butterfly into my #1 preference.

    They are all so beautiful. Trish Burr’s work is inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  117. I have Trish Burr’s book and been enthralled with the needlework technique but so far have not had a chance to try doing it. (Cold feet, I guess.) I absolutely love the gold butterfly with the dogwood blossom. It looks as though it would give the most visible opportunity to try the long, short stitching method which might not be a good thing given my lack of experience with it. This is a great chance to try working this way. Thank you both, Trish and Mary, for giving three lucky people a shot at something new.

  118. I have embroidered dozens of butterflies. I love the blue adonis but they are all incredible.

  119. Wow what a hard decision. I would love to have any of them as they are all beautiful. I think the blue is my favorite.

  120. It makes you want to pick up the strawberry and eat it right there, with juice running from your mouth and your eyes watching the magnificent flight of the African Red Butterfly in flight and appreciate life. Trish Burr definitely has God-given talent that she shares with the world. Thank you for sharing the give-away opportunity.
    Absolutely love your website- details, details is what I like.

  121. The orange and red butterflies are warm and tropical but the blue reminds me of the tiny blues seen fluttering and clustering like fairy dancers around a little pools of water. All three are lovely but I like the blue best.

  122. I am always excited to see butterflies of any color in nature, but like many others who have commented before me, I believe I would choose the blue butterfly to stitch.
    Thank you for your wonderful website. A bright spot to any day !

  123. Oh my goodness I cannot believe you are giving away three Trish Burr pieces. Trish is my favorite needlepainter. Everytime a new piece comes out I am amazed at her talent.

    I love everything she does, but I have to say of the three pieces you selected for the give-away my choice was easy. I adore “Adonis Blue Butterfly”. You ask why? Well, first of all the butterfly is BLUE. Blue is my favorite color. On top of that I LOVE “BLUEBERRIES”. The combination is a match made in heaven for me.

    Thank you for the oportunity to win one of Trish’s lovely pieces. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

    Karen Jetton

  124. My favorite butterfly is the Red butterfly as I could never imagine how red it is and the more vivid colors are my favorite!

  125. I am a fan of Trish Burr. I have worked with flowers. I would be extremely honoured if I win her butterfly kit. My favourite colors are purple violet blue and grey.

  126. Hetty from the Netherlands.
    Last year I learned embroidery with long and short stitch. It’s very difficult, but the result is beautiful. I like to learn more of this and I love the butterflys. I also learn a lot of your website. Amazing, the world is very small.

  127. I love all of them but my favorite is the blue Adonis with blueberries. I have been trying my hand at needlepainting with some good results and this will spur me on to something more advanced. My twin sister who passed away a few years ago did a lot of crewel work and I am trying to add to that collection with some of my own. It is definitely a challenge to go from counted work to more freehand because the decisions are much more numerous! I am working on getting to the point where it is as relaxing for me!

    Thanks so much for your work and inspiration!


  128. Good Morning Mary,
    Once again you have come up with an awesome giveaway that I am sure everyone would love to own. Trish Burr’s designs are so beautiful it is hard to pick one (LOL!) but as a personal preference I love the yellow and black butterfly the best as it reminds me of the ones I see in my yard. I live in North Florida and I have a native Florida plant which has taken over the area around my front porch(with an OK from me). It is called Fire Spikes and has tiny red flowers along the stem and butterflies (and hummingbirds too) love it and this type of butterfly is the most prevalent. Thanks again for all your inspiration.
    Dottie J.

  129. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the blue one. I’ve never done needlepainting but would love to try it! Thanks

  130. To prawda idzie wiosna, od jutra w Polsce odwilż.
    Każdy z trzech motyli jest piękny i przypomina o słońcu,a teraz go mało, mnie podobają się wszystkie.
    Temat motyli jest delikatny i lekki.

  131. I love the orange butterfly and since I am just getting back into embroidery I would love to have the kit as I am anxious to try that type of embroidery. I have purchased a piece of fabric with white edged embroidery and thought I would fill in the design with colors. This kit would help me learn how to do that. Thank you

  132. How does one pick a color when all three are just beautiful? Since I love red in any shade I will go wth it. I have done Trish’s sampler, pansy in blue, and loved it. I now have her book and am trying to learn by reading and learn more and just love the work of ths talented lady.
    Thanks for all that you do to educate me and others all over the world.

  133. I would love to stitch any of the three, but I think the orange butterfly would offer the best learning experience. Second choice, the blue.

  134. Many thanks to you and Trish for such a generous give-away. All three butterflies are stunning. I love the colours in the orange butterfly. The blue butterfly is gorgeous as are the little blue berries. But I think I think my favourtied would be the red butterfly and it is the strawberries that tip the balance.


  135. I would love a Trish Burr kit, but I am not that good at stitch shading.And it is a long hot summer here in Australia.

  136. I love earth tones and can see myself happily stitching the orange butterfly. We have similarly colored butterflies come through our area each year. That would be my choice. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these kits. You are always so generous…

  137. What a lovely idea to brighten up the depths of winter. I would pick the blue butterfly purely because of the wonderful 3D effect from the shading. But are my skills up to this level of shading?

  138. I have an affinity for the blue butterfly. My favorite color is blue and the blueberries remind me of my parent’s acres of wild blueberries. Of course all three of the butterflies are beautiful. I have been wanting one of her kits for a long time.

  139. Oh drool!!! They are all so pretty. If I have to pick one it would be the Adonis Blue Butterfly. I am particularly fond of blue. We have several old Mock Orange blossom bushes and when they bloom they are covered in butterflies of all kinds. Love to watch the yellow swallowtail. This year we saw several Tiger Swallowtails too!
    Thanks for the opportunity to try my hand at needle painting.

  140. I love the red butterfly too since we have a few wild strawberries growing in our backyard.
    But they are all beautiful!
    Ruth Ann

  141. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite is the blue butterfly but I’d be thrilled to win any of them!

  142. Love the red butterfly., I haven’t tried embroidery painting but would love to learn .thank you so much for your learning site, I’ve learned plenty and have even surprised myself with the small things I done.

  143. Gosh, that’s a tough question because all of the butterfly kits have a beauty and appeal. I would pick my favorite color of blue however. The sky and the butterfly….. oh my.
    Annette in Vancouver, WA

  144. Hard to pick a favorite – love the strawberries on the red one, the butterfly on the blue one and the orange one …. so if I have to pick a favorite it would be the blue one. Love that butterfly and the flowers and the blueberries are starting to grow on me 🙂

  145. My favorite is the orange butterfly and blossom. I like the shading particularly on the butterfly from the light yellow to the black outline. It was hard to chose…they are all so pretty. Thanks Trish for donating three kits.

  146. Each of these butterflies has a reason to like it best. When I think which butterfly I would like hanging on my wall it is the African Red. I like the balance of the piece with the butterfly placed in the lower right and the viney softness of the scattered elements above.

  147. These kits are new to me!

    I feel about the blue one the way you feel about the red one. It’s just so blue! Love that electric blue color.

    This one also looks like it has the biggest challenge for shading…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Carol S.

  148. Preference: all three of them. but particularly the blue one.
    We profit again of your generosity, You give each day many advices to go farther in the k
    knowing of embroidery. many thanks. Clau

    My english is not very good.

  149. Just bought one of her books and two others. Would love to have one of the butterflies to really have hands on with her techniques. Colors are so vivid and realistic. The butterflies look as if they will fly of the fabric. Thank you for the offer and keep the emails coming., Jane Jones

  150. Hi Mary,

    It smells like spring is in the air today! It is suppose to be 71 degrees in my part of Kansas this afternoon. I am truly excited by this and your give-away today. I love all the butterflies, but would choose the blue as my favorite! Thanks, Karen

  151. Being an artist, as most of us are ins some way or another, I love the term “painting with thread”! I think I like the orange one best..no the red, oh wait the blue one…they are all gorgeous and make me think of spring!

  152. Mary,
    Awesome give away – love Trish Burr’s kits.
    My favorite is the Adonis Blue Butterfly – just love blue!! Thank you Mary and Trish!

  153. I love the blue butterfly! And the blueberries! (We grow a lot of blueberries here in Michigan.) This would be fun to stitch and look great in my sewing room, which is painted (you guessed it)…blue!

  154. In our beautiful Colorado town, we have butterflies in many colore but none in that brilliant blue! I would love to win the Adonis Blue Butterfly to embroider so that he could join his summer Colorado cousins! I would love to continue improving my long and short stitch technique as well, and I’m certain that Adonis would be an inspiration! Thank you, Mary, and thank you, Trish, for this opportunity!–JudyJ

  155. Oh, to pick just one is hard, for they are all so lovely! I do love the Adonis Blue Butterfly, for it’s varied hues of blue, as if flying through the deepest deep blue of the ocean, to the crisp clear blues of the skies above to adorn it’s beautiful wings. Such a beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing!

  156. You always present the most beautiful options. My favorite would be the red with the strawberries, but I have to admit that the blue butterfly is magnificent.

  157. oh, I’d love to win a Trish Burr kit! My favourite is the Adonis Blue Butterfly! Thanks for this opportunity.

  158. I love that orange butterfly. It would fit perfectly into my room when it’s finished and I know I’ll learn a lot in the doing of it.
    Trish is so talented.

  159. Adonis Blue Butterfly…. just beautifuf and oh…. that name!!!!
    Trish does beautiful work as you do and I would love to have one of her kits,

  160. My 7 yr.old granddaughter and I have a passion for butterflies. Especially Monarchs. For years we have raised milkweed in amongst the flowers in the garden. Every summer we look for the eggs, then caterpillars, then cocoons, then emerging monarchs. Nature provides us with so much beauty. I want to teach her how to stitch. I won’t start with this pattern….but I will show her how it is done. Some day she will also stitch these beauties. I like the last of the three best.

  161. All the butterflies are georgeous but I have to say if I had to choose ,the blue is my favorite. It brings a sense of calm , peace , and beauty. That little butterfly with the blueberries says alot so I have to go with the blue and its my favorite color.
    Teresa R.

  162. Wow, these are all so gorgeous. My favorite is the orange butterfly…because I love dogwood! Any of these would be a glorious project to work on. What a super cool idea!

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