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Fifth Day of Christmas – Evertite Stretcher Bars!


One of my favorite tools over the past seven or so years of stitching is the Evertite Stretcher Bar frame. Evertite Stretcher Bars are the Rolls Royce of stretcher bar frames for hand embroidery, and today, thanks to Evan Burroughs, the creator and manufacturer of Evertite Stretcher Bar needlework frames, you have an opportunity to win a set!

Evertite Stretcher Bars

What makes Evertite stretcher bars my go-to stretcher bars for embroidery projects? The fact that they are adjustable. They are adjustable after the fabric has already been mounted on the frame! This means that you can mount the fabric, and then tighten or loosen the tension, without having to un-mount your fabric. This is a huge time-saver, and the ultimate in convenience, when it comes to using stretcher bars.

Evertite Stretcher Bar Frames

Using a T-tool, which is more or less an Allen wrench with a fancy handle, the little screws set into each edge of the bars can be lengthened to push the bars of the frame further apart.

This is an ingenious concept! I love these frames. I use them all the time for projects that are a bit smaller – like any of Trish Burr’s kits, or Tanja Berlin’s – and that will be on the frame for a while.

Evertite Stretcher Bars can be found through several different retailers online. I usually get mine from either Stitchers’ Paradise or Needle in a Haystack. It’s true that they are a bit more expensive than plain stretcher bars, but they last (and last, and last – I’ve been using various pairs over and over again for years), and save a lot of time. Plus, they are smooth and well-constructed, from wood that is soft enough to easily push the tacks in when mounting fabric. To me, they are definitely worth the slightly extra cost.

Today’s winner will receive one whole frame (that’s two pairs of stretcher bars), in whatever size you wish, from the standard sizes that are available. You can see what sizes the Evertites come in, by visiting this catalog page on the Stitchers’ Paradise website. I would say the most useful sizes are anywhere from 10″ – 14″. You can mix and match, too. You might want a frame that’s 10″ x 14″ – so if you win, you’d receive a pair of 10″ and a pair of 14″ bars to make up your whole frame.

Give-Away Instructions

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on that link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

When you stitch, what type of frame or hoop do you normally use? Or do you prefer to stitch in-hand, without a frame or hoop?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box. For example, if your name happens to be Freddy, you might include a last initial or a location to differentiate yourself from any other Freddy that might join in.

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Fifth Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.

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(984) Comments

  1. I use canvas stretcher all the time and would to have a set that didn’t loosen up. I havn’t seen these in my LNS and would like to try them. Mary thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful things. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the days.
    Debs in South Texas

  2. I have circular hoops in various sizes, which I use for smaller pieces. They all have the inner hoop bound with white tape for better grip. Then I have a large and a smaller slate frame of the same brand, so I can mix and match the pieces, for larger items. Recently I have used a Siesta frame for a couple of projects. It’s not quite as rigid as I would like, but works well with a lap stand. Depending on the stitch, and the fabric,there are some items which I stitch with no hoop or frame.

  3. When I stitch, I usually use a rod n roll. In the past neither a scroll frame nor stretcher bars ever kept the fabric taut enough for long enough and it was a pain to be constantly removing the piece and re-stretching it so i learned to stitch in hand and then found the rod n roll that (even though there was no tension on the fabric) at least kept larger pieces from bending in the middle. i would like to try the evertite bars.

    sharyn in cincinnati

  4. I stitch in hand but have taken a class where we had to have stretcher bars. Some embroidery just has to be done in a hoop or on a frame to look nice.

  5. G’Day there Mary,
    I mostly use a hoop and have managed to get a few sizes in the better quality ones, gradually weeding out my ‘cheap’ ones that I started with. I have used a general tapestry frame where you tack onto the cloth at each end but haven’t found them successful. It wasn’t until reading your posts that I knew there was anything else and have been longing for ‘anything else’ ever since!
    A very special thank you Mary and Evan for making this generous giveaway possible.
    Cheers, and happy 2nd last day of the year! Kath from Oz.

  6. I nearly always use some kind of hoop. Usually, it’s a pair of regular stretcher bars. While I’d heard of evertites, I’d never actually seen a set in a store, so… I never picked one up. Living abroad doesn’t help that. I’m also a fan of Q-snaps for crewel work and cross stitch, and have been known to lace up something all the way around on stretcher bars, too.

  7. When I stitch I use the plastic round ones. I also have a wood frame which is a flat picture frame that I use. If my piece is too small I sew a piece of fabric to the sides to stretch to the right size. I would love to try the evertite bars.

  8. I’m very curious about stretcher bars. As I do mostly flat embroiderie (like hardanger or cross-stitching), I usually use Q-snap or scroll frames. But as I intend to learn crewell and needle painting this year, I’ll need to work with something else, principally if the project is larger than my Q-snap. So stretcher bar would definitively be a option.

  9. I am a newcomer to embroidery and so far my projects have all been small and have fitted into a small hoop. This frame looks as if it would encourage me to try something larger, since as yet I do not have a piece of equipment like this.

  10. Right now I use stretcher frames. I will use my hoops for the small project. I would love to try the evertite frames. New embroidery items are always welcome!
    Avis in VA

  11. I stitch using a circular frame, the common ones found in every craft store. I was very interested to read about this product and would love to win this set. It looks to be so much better than what I’m doing now. Thanks for educating your readers re what’s available out there.

  12. OMG—This is the one thing on my Christmas wish list I didn’t get. My hubby wanted me to pick my own out…WHAT??? lol!

    I am currently just using the cheap circle hoops you can buy at Hobby Lobby…it is fine…but I want to start doing pieces of the Bayeux Tapestry and I will have to move the linen a good bit for this project so I am stuck for the moment.

  13. I use Q-Snaps for most of my stitching. I am sure that I would like these for when I am stitching on Congress Cloth.

  14. When I stitch, I almost always use a frame, either stretcher bars or a scroll frame. I may use a hoop, but that only for non-evenweaves. Rarely do I stitch in hand – that would only be for something quite small.

  15. I use both stretcher bars and in-hand for my projects. Have heard good things about this brand. Would love to try this system!

  16. I have several inexpensive wooden hoops that I use but my favorite hoops are a set of metal ones that I inherited from my gramma.

  17. I use Morgan hoops almost exclusively. I have tried stretcher bars and did nor find them easy to use. So maybe if I win these I will be a convert.

  18. Good morning Mary,
    Frames- that has always been a major obstacle. When doing blackwork, I just stitch in hand . For stumpwork, I use the old fashioned small plastic round frames for isolated segments. Well, as you can see, I have never had what i would call “the perfect answer to a frame”. So glad to have this opportunity for such a special giveaway. Thank you!
    Peg F. from NJ

  19. I’ve just started using Evertite stretcher bars in the past year. Before that I used embroidery hoops, but I have begun using more beading, raised embroidery and stumpwork, so need a support which doesn’t squash the dimensional work. I find I like it very much and especially being able to stitch with both hands. Speeds things up. I believe I’d like 10 inch ones if I win.

  20. Hi Mary,
    I would love to try the Evertite bars. I’ve only used various round hoops for my stitching so far. Thank you for the opportunity.

  21. I usually just use various size hoops, wood and plastic. I have noticed all the different styles of bars and frames but haven’t had the chance to figure out what works best. I would love the opportunity to try the frame especially since you can adjust your work without undoing the frame and putting it back together. Which is was I have to do, but mostly I’m making my work more taught.

  22. Mary I like to use stretcher bars (thin stock) and tacks for mounting.
    I have seen these “Evertite” before and have been intrigued.
    Susie Jarosz in Omaha

  23. Hi mary, wonderful 5th day of christmas. I’m mary varma from india. I always use a circular hoop, i have a lot of sizes in it. No, i never prefer to stitch in hand without a hoop, i’m used to it. I have used frames once or twice but it was a little difficult so i stuck to circular hoops.

  24. I don’t own a pair of stretcher frames at all. I would typically use Susan Bates round hoops or I have a round frame that you sit on the base, keeping both hands free. I haven’t done much handwork lately, but I love it and would like to get back into it.

    Debi in MS

  25. I’ve been admiring your Evertite frames for a while now! I stitch in antique, non-adjustable, spring-loaded hoops that hold the fabric *beautifully* tight–like no modern hoop I’ve ever used. The ones I use most often (about 8″) are labeled “Princess,” and I have a couple larger ones that say “Duchess.” I’ve never been able to learn anything about these hoops, but I snatch them up whenever I can find them, at auctions/estate sales, etc! I often think I would be lost without them, as I haven’t found another mounting technique that I like as well.

  26. I usually do surface embroidery and am constantly looking for ways to keep my work tighter on what ever frame I use. With Japanese embroidery it’s no problem. The Jap. frame is perfect, but it’s never available for my other work. I have a 9″ hoop on a stand that I often use but it isn’t suitable for some projects. The Evertite frame is new to me through your newsletters. I would love to have one for those other-than-Japanese embroidery projects.

  27. I’ve been struggling to find the perfect frame/hoop for me. I definitely need something, I don’t like sewing in hand much. Hoops are rarely tight enough. I had a roller frame where you sew the fabric on to the tape at the top and bottom, but found I had to tighten it every few stitches – annoying! I’m currently using a Q-snap frame which I quite like but I’m open to trying new systems!

  28. I have all kinds of hand held round hoops, stretcher bars used on floor stands, rug frames, etc. My favorite for small projects is a round hoop which is sturdy with a screw type tightener so fabric is vry taut. A wooden round frame with a stand for quilting and other projects. My favorit is the metal floor stand with my stretcher strips attached. I would love not to use a frame it is more comfortable but for the sake of a beautiful piece of needlework a frame is the answer. I would love to try the tension frame because that is my big problem. I have not found a product to keep the fabric taut till completion. The adjustment on this frame is so simple.

  29. WOW! I drooled over this frame when you first introduced it to us. I have done hand stitching with and without a frame . The frame is round and can be used with a stand.

  30. I usually use a hoop or scroll frame with a stand. I find holding the hoop/frame and trying to stitch, just too much for my arthritic fingers. I was wondering if you could use these stretcher bars with a frame and I am assuming after looking at the Stitcher’s Paradise site that you can. Often times with the scroll frame I find myself adding tension to the sides with my hands. The fabric is held firmly top to bottom but the sides are not. The fact you can loosen the
    Evertite Frames to do a special stitch like the bullion and then just retighten, is a real time saver.

  31. Most of my tools are sadly cheap little hoop frames. I love my scrolling lap frame, and have wanted to look into various other frames. Although I rotate my work, and don’t use a stand, I must admit I would like to try a stand sometime.

  32. I use the circular hand held frames which do not hold the fabric as well as you would like it to. I would love to try one of the frames you have in the give-away. Mary, thank you for this opportunity.

  33. I usually use wooden circular hoops for smaller items.
    I stitch in hand for large pieces.
    I would really like to try the stretcher bars for larger items.

  34. I’ve never used Evertites, but there are definitely times I wish I had them. The thought of easily tightening a piece is wonderful, as both a timesaver and an improvement in my stitching experience.
    Terry in PA

  35. I love Evertite stretcher bars. I like tight canvas when I stitch and these really do the job. Also I tend to not finish things rapidly so Evertites help keep the canvas in good shape. I use a frame holder stand and always use stretcher bars.

    Pam C. KS

  36. I normally stitch with Q-Snaps. I find that they do not normally leave marks. I started using frames about 5 years ago when a project I was working on became too much for me to handle in-hand. A friend recommended the Q-Snap frame. I tried it and loved it.

    Recently, another friend was given a set of the EverTite Stretcher Bar Frames and she highly recommends them.

    Joan S

  37. I generally use hoops, however, as they are quite cheap ones it is sometimes difficult to keep the tension that I like. I got a small frame for Christmas and am looking foward to trying it.

  38. I used to use the old metal hoops. But, they leave marks on the fabric. Then, I went to the wooden hoops.Which are better. But after they get a lot of use, they tend to slip while I am working. So, I use my mother`s old stand by. By wrapping either fabric tape or a thin ribbon around the bottom hoop. This helps keep the hoop from slipping and no marks are left on the fabric.

  39. What I use vary’s with the piece I’m stitching . I stitch ‘in hand’ a lot but have used qsnaps and wooden hoops if I need tension to be tighter. On my goldwork course I used a proper wooden frame and twine for tension.
    Horses for courses !!

  40. When you stitch, what type of frame or hoop do you normally use? Or do you prefer to stitch in-hand, without a frame or hoop?

    I’ve always stitched with a wooden hoop, but since I started reading your blog, I’ve been coveting these stretcher bar frames! Hopefully, I can try them out by winning this giveaway!

  41. I am unfamiliar with stretcher bars, but am curious about using them. I generally use a hoop, whether it be plastic or wooden wrapped with bias tape….I have times when I don’t use anything.

  42. Good morning, Mary. Thanks to you and Mr. Burroughs for such a great prize!

    For projects that I will be working on for a while I generally use a scroll frame, with strips of cloth to pull the sides taught. An Evertite frame would make a huge difference in getting even tension all the way around.


  43. For small projects, l use a hoop or work in hand. I have a couple of roll type frames for larger pieces, neither of which is completely satisfactory. Still, the end result is worth any inconvenience.

  44. Mary, these look fantastic. I usually use a scroll frame or work in hand, depending on the project. It would be nice to try something that gives a better tension.

  45. Actually my decision for bars, hoops, snaps or hand depends on the size of the project and if it is canvas or linen. Small is usually by hand. For portability in travel, then it’s a snaps or hoop. Larger, non-portable projects are definitely stretcher bars. When not actively stitching, the project becomes a display until I get to it. Thanks for offering this as one of the 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

  46. Mary, I do most of my stiching in hand, on the belly of Teddy Bears. But hoping to get into some frame and hoop stiching.

  47. Mary,

    Another great offering. For canvas projects, I use stretcher bars. For fabric, I work either in hand or on a scroll frame. I prefer the scroll frames with tapes I pin or sew fabric on, not velcro or split rods.

    Have been buying Evertite stretcher bars this year, in 2″ increments, to maximize my options even if it means buying a little more canvas. Next size I plan to buy is 24″. An extra pair of 14″ would be great, too.

    Thank you for another great giveaway.

  48. I don’t use anything when doing cross stitch, but for all other types of needlework, I use cheap, crummy stretcher bars made in China. I’d love to try the Evertite bars. I’ve heard such good things about them.

  49. Mary, you are a treasure to offer everything you do to your readers every day. Your twelve days give-aways are truly the icing on the top of the cake!

    I use stretcher bars (plain, boring = CHEAP) for canvaswork pieces and a roller bars/frame set-up for cross stitch, blackwork, etc. I’ve read your reviews about these Evertite bars and would absolutely love to have a pair!

    many thanks,
    and happy 2012,
    arlene c in NJ

  50. Happy 5th Day of Christmas, Mary! Where is the time going? I can’t believe we’re almost half-way through this event!!

    Anyway, I really prefer to work in hand, but many of my projects require a frame. I have some wonderful German-made hoops to use when that size is called for, but do not have any good quality stretcher strips. So, I could really use these … 😉

    Thanks so much, Mary. Have a wonderful day!

  51. I have tryed a lot of frames and stretcher bars, but never the Evertite brand. My method of choice is the Q-Snap type frames because I can adjust them easily. I wrap the bottom frame with a piece of bias edge remnant or inch-wide strips of fleece or flannel. That give enough bulk for the top pieces to snap and hold tightly.

  52. I use a variety of frames and hoops depending on the project and space. I use a K’s creation lap frame for most cross stitch projects, evertite for canvas projects, and hoops for other needlework projects…..and, in hand. Kinda depends on mood , project size and comfort of use…..comfort being my main criteria!

  53. I stitch with a 3″x6″ plastic oval hoop. I have a larger oval hoop but rarely use it. The smaller oval allows me to comfortably reach any stitching area within the hoop.

  54. I usually use a hoop. I have a rickety frame and scroll frame but they don’t keep things tight so I work that out as I go! It’s probably comical to watch!

  55. I sometimes use a wooden hoop (nothing special), but at times I stitch-in-hand. It depends on the project and the tension needed. I will have to try the Evertite Frame as it sounds like it’s just what I need especially for longer projects!

  56. I usually use a hoop.
    For miniature petitpoint I mount my gauze on a piece of mountboard (with a hole cut in it). Works fine for those small pieces.
    Bye, Winnie

  57. When I stitch I use the “Millennium” frame of Needle Needs. Before I had one I used hoops, but I always had to re-tighten the fabric. The Millennium frame is really wonderful, it keeps it tight and it stays that way.

  58. I use various frames, and the only preference is that I can use a two-hand method for stitching as it gives me much better control of stitch placement.

  59. Wow! How did I never see these before? And I’ve been to Needle in a Haystack! I just recently bought a Needlework stand….usually I use k’s creations scroll bars, a Hardwick hoop, or plain old everyday stretcher bars, which torque and are not the best….I would use these for a big needlework project I’ve been ‘saving’ for when I am ready. These new bars might be the impetus I need. Thanks for such lovely offerings.

  60. I use hoops a lot I have several lap hoops but also have many of the roll bar frames. I do not yet have the streacher bar but came across a pattern I want to do that suggested using one. I like the idea of those as it appears that they do not crease the fabric like a hoop would.

  61. I use an assortment of frames depending on the size and kind of project. I even stitch in hand but usually only for a small project. I have to say tho that once you use Evertite stretcher bars, it’s hard to go back to using anything else especially for a large project.

  62. It’s so wonderful to get all these resources from you!

    I used to use a round hoop with an attachment I could sit on to keep it up, I loved it, and hope to use it again soon with the gold threads and new patterns 🙂

  63. Since I usually stitch on wool, I don’t use a frame or a hoop. I don’t own a frame. I have a few hoops but don’t use them as they tend to stretch the wool. It would be fun to experiment with different fabrics however! chris beresford from Michigan

  64. Not being an expert at embroidery yet I use a small round frame for small pieces and I have a square frame which I bought from Tania Berlin for my gold work and of course I also do free hand. But I have just purchased for my own “Chrissy present” a Millenian frame with the stand that goes with it. There was a special going so I jumped in and purchased, can’t wait to get it from the UK . Postage rates were over the top from UK to OZ but if it will improve my sewing skills it will be worth it. Now I have another thing to learn. Life is so great just being able to do the things I love…………..stitching
    Thank you Mary once again………

  65. Hi, what a wonderful idea – very clever. I tend to be the old hoop type girl, but I always seem to be re-tensioning so this would be a vast improvement. What a handy giveaway.

  66. I much prefer stitching in hand, although some things are much better using a frame. I like my little wooden hoop, although a frame is better for larger projects

  67. I use old time stretcher bars. They often do not stay taut. I would love to try your stretcher bars! This is a great website and I refer to it many times. Happy New Year

  68. You know, I love projects that can be done in hand but when I do need to stretch I prefer a frame. Sometimes I resent the time, wanting to get to the threads, but it does make for a better finished project. Sometimes it encourages me to finish up, to release the frame to be used in another project. Thanks again Mary!

  69. I always stitch with my ground fabric stretched tight. For small embroidery projects I use a hoop. For larger embroidery projects I like to use the Evertites. For my canvas pieces I use either Evertites or plain stretcher bars depending on the piece and the amount of time I expect to spend on it.

    I would love to have more Evertites and just replace all the regular stretcher bars.

    Lee C.

  70. As I am a “beginner” I use a circular hoop. Am trying to learn all the options and would love to be able to try the evertite bars.

  71. I use both a hoop for small items and a slate frame for large items. I do like the tension one can get with the slate frame but it is a bit of a fiddle to set up so I would be very interested to try these as some form of via media!

  72. I have used many types of stretcher bars and also work in hand. These intrigue me because of the method of keeping the work tight. I think they will be wonderful! Thanks for choosing them for one of the Days of Christmas.

  73. hi the stretcher bars will be a delight for embroiderers. i have only the hoop frames, iuse for free style work. i work my cross-stitch on hand. it be wonderful to possess these bars while working Trish,s kits.
    thank you ansu chennai

  74. I don’t like to stitch unless my ground fabric is framed up. I’ve found my stitches look ever so much better than they do when I work in hand. For smaller pieces, I use stretcher bars–so the Evertites would be WONDERFUL–for larger samplers, I use scroll frames and lace the sides–and for a certain, long-term project, I’m using a slate frame.

  75. I use hoops for my stitching – and not great hoops either; just the brightly colored plastic ones. (At least they’re the ones with the screw adjustment! The pop-in ones are useless!) I know I would be so much happier working with better supplies, and probably get much better results – but I’ve never had the funds to make an investment of that kind. Someday I really want to buy a GOOD wooden hoop and bind it properly – I haven’t seen any wood hoops locally that didn’t seem weaker (and more full of splinters!) than my plastic ones – but I think I’d really enjoy having stretcher bars as an option for some of my long-term, more special pieces. Someday maybe Santa will decide I’ve been good…. 😉

  76. I do both, but more often I am stitching on a crazy patched block which has been pieced on a foundation fabric so it is sturdy enough to work on without a frame. For straight up embroidery though, a hoop or frame is very necessary.

  77. LOL..seems like you have been reading my mind of late. When I stitch, I may use an ‘old fashion’ wooden hoop that has a screw to tighten or loosen. The vast majority of the time, I use nothing. I keep being told, I don’t know what I don’t know. I have looked at the frames that you reviewed during the year and think I need to experiment with the ‘new ways”. (:-) Happy New Year!! Cheers!

  78. How nice of you Mary to offer a chance of getting those marvelous stretcher bars. My choice would be 10 x 12 since the projects I am working on are rather small. Hope to be a winner ! Have a nice day !

  79. I use a 6 inch spring hoop, wooden hoop wrapped with bias tape or no hoop for CQ blocks. I would like to try a wall hanging on the Stretcher Bars. When I collect enough 6 inch squares of different techniques, I will make a quilt.

  80. Dear Mary,
    You certainly are one of the things I’m grateful for when looking back at 2011. I have so enjoyed your work and purchased many of the things you’ve shown us this past year. I have dreamed about the Evertite stretcher bars but haven’t had the money to buy them yet! I like a frame that is supported by a floor stand or a lap stand so I can work with both hands. I will use a small hoop though for small projects 🙂
    My best to you in this new year,
    Vickie in Va.

  81. Good morning Mary,
    I use hoops for small projects even for my quilting but last year, I purchase a lap frame from a Canadian artisan and the Evertite bars would fit beautifully on it. I like the bars for needle painting etc. Yes, I would love to own a set of bars, it would be great.
    Thanks again
    France from Canada

  82. I have tried, and don’t care for, in-hand stitching. So I use a variety of hoops and frames depending on the project, from a sit-on frame with stalk/hoop, to hand held hoops, to stretcher frames. All of them have their use depending on the threads and fabrics I use. The Evertites would be a great addition to my tools inventory!
    -Sharon in France

  83. Definitely, this is a plus-plus!! I will love to win this one. It would be perfect to wotk with placematts.

  84. I am always searching for the perfect method for keeping my work taut and this looks like it might be the answer.

  85. Heaven help me, I use the hoops that can be found in big craft stores in malls! I never knew about stretcher bars until I started reading your blog. Well, to be honest, I never knew about much at all until I started reading your blog! You’ve taught me so much about threads, and stitches as well as what to use for which type of project that I sometimes wonder where I’ve been all these years. But I’m learning; now these stretcher bars are something I lust for! Noel Payton in Capital District, NY

  86. Oh, I definitely prefer the stretcher bars for a frame particularly with the idea you shared several days ago: making a crosscut in the middle of a lightweight towel or napkin and folding back only the area you wish to stitch.

  87. I’ve been using a small spring tension hoop for everything. It’s the only thing I’ve found at regular craft stores that gives me the tension I need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let me keep my work very well blocked, so things tend to come out kinda crooked. I’d love to try something more high-quality like this frame!

  88. I would love to try these! I am branching out to some counted canvas work and very nervous about using stretchers. Right now I use a hoop…6″ and plastic or in hand.

  89. Unfortunately, I am still using the wooden circulars that are hand-held. Imagine the frustration when constantly having to stop to tighten the fabric in order to continue my work. If there is a better means, I am open to it! JupZi in Morton, IL

  90. Of the myriad things I have learned in the two years since I joined a stitching guild, by far the best is to use stretcher bars instead of hoops. I have found the fabric is easier to get and keep drum tight. It can stay on the frames a long time with no problem. The best part though is no hoop marks to deal with later. 🙂

  91. Hi Mary,

    Your blog is a gift that keeps on giving. I love to embroider but I’m not very good at it….but you inspire me to keep trying new things.

    Love the evertites They make all the difference in my work.

    Happy New Year,

  92. When I stitch I don’t usually use a hoop or frame. If I do it is a hoop as my frame doesn’t work well. The Evertite bars sound like a good option, Would love to try them.

  93. Lets see.

    Some things I do in hand — particularly when I’m using embroidery to hem historic garb.

    Smaller items, or small motifs on larger items (I’m working on a tablecloth with embroidery in the corners), I use nice tight wood hoops. I have some Marie Products hoops and one Hardwick.

    Bigger items and canvas I do on stretcher bars. I’m itching to try the Evertite, especially for working with linen which sometimes will “ease” with working.

    I also have a really big item on the largest of Ethan’s slate frames. Now that I have two floor stands I hope to be able to work on it. It’s so big that one won’t hold it, but I’m figuring two — one holding each side — will work.

    I own an assortment of scroll frames but I haven’t used them in quite a while. In a pinch I’ll pull out the Q-snaps for a quick project, but I find holding them to be difficult.

  94. I have just learned how to do needle punch and pulled out one of my wooden circular frames and got frustrated because the fabric started sagging. It’s so important to have a taut fabric. These frames would be wonderful for this type of needlework. I like to use frames so all of my stitches will have the same tension when I stitch.

    Suzanne from The Woodlands

  95. I stitch every which way – from Q-snaps to a scroll frame to stretcher bars to a slate frame to a Japanese Embroidery frame for my Japanese Embroidery. i also like to stitich in hand every once in a while, just to change things up. The only thing I don’t like are hoops. I can never get them even or tight enough and they leave awful marks on my linen. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or not, but I haven’t used a hoop in years. I would love to try the Evertight bars to see how they compare iwth what I use now.

  96. Oh my heavens, I have to have a frame — usually stretcher bars or scroll frame. I can’t imagine working without one, that would feel very strange indeed. It is funny how we have our little quirks, that are sometimes most pronounced.
    Thanks again Mary, you do a great job,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  97. These Everite Stretch Bar Frames sound brillant! As my stitching is diverse I require different types of bars. For example for Japanese Embroidery I need a special frame and sit to a stand. My true love is to sit with my needlework in my hands, in a frame/hoop and in the morning for the best light and the clarity of my mind that has not yet been cluttered with other thoughts. The Everrite stretch bars sound a a stitchders dream!

  98. When not stitching in hand or using a wooden hoop, I use Evertites and absolutely love them. I have just a few in the standard sizes and would love to have them in the larger sizes too. You can never have too many!

    Connie McC – NBNC

  99. I most often use a hoop when I stitch. My passion is Brazilian Embroidery; I have begun using stretcher bars so I don’t have to put a hoop over a stitched area. I have been using a Q Snap Frame which hasn’t been completely satisfactory either.

  100. I’ve been using a ratchet scroll frame for my large needlepoint, which works well for me. It’s light weight and holds the fabric taut. I’ve never used the Evertite bars but having read how useful you find them, I’d love to try them.

  101. Thanks for making stitchers aware of these stretcher bars. I would like to have the opportunity to try them on my new 2012 sampler.

  102. Saddly, I use only the simple hoops that beginners get at any craft store. As my work is getting more advanced/complicated I am finding that it is really not sturdy enough or very practical. Now that I think of it – I should have asked for this as a Christmas present – rats!

    Mary Ann

  103. I would love to try a pair of stretcher bars. I’ve never used them before. I’ve always used a plastic Q-snap frame for larger projects and smaller plastic hoops for smaller projects. However recently I’ve tried no hoops with cross stitching which I kind of like with again smaller projects.

  104. I have just begun to read your posts and love your stitches. So far my stitching has all been embroidery stitches rather than tapestry and I use a Morgan hoop. I have been looking at the type of hoop you use and really would like to try using one like that. Your work encourages me to branch out with different threads and te hniques.

  105. I didn’t realize these were available. I thought you had “custom made” when you kept talking about your stretcher bars. I would love to have a set.

    Becky in upstate SC

  106. Hi Mary,
    Interesting question! Until last year my answer would have been Evertites, scroll rods and slate frames – never in the hand, and even though I have beautiful hoops I rarely use them because I don’t like the idea of squishing my work etc. – always used the above with the Lowery or the Elan lapstand. This year things have changed – I now use the Millenium frames and the NN stand and lapstand exclusively – am actually taking projcts off the slate frames etc. and transferring them all to the new frames as I get to them. Evertites are still useful for classes though and they are great for keeping the tension etc – so I confess that I still will keep them around…. they work well with most stands too.

  107. I have used mostly stretcher bars. I have a few different sizes. I like it when I can mount the piece and keep it there for the whole project. If a whole piece is small enough to fit in one of the hoops I have, I’ll use that. The evertites look really handy! Because of the cost, I would take a bigger size and sew extra fabric onto a project piece to make it fit, if the piece is too small for the bars.

  108. I use some sort of frame for almost everything I stitch, except hardanger, which I do in hand. Q snaps are probably my favorite, with stretcher bars and hoops also used.

  109. I was so excited when I saw today’s offering. I have been using gripit scroll frames or regular stretcher bars, but I took a class some time ago and the teacher was using evertite bars. They looked so cool. Finances have not allowed me to purchases anything new, but a recent flood in my area has made it necessary to replace many of my stitching tools. Four feet of water in your stitching room will do that. Thanks for your generous offerings. I look forward to reading you’re newsletter every day.

  110. I use Susan Bates hoops of various sizes and slate frames.These Evertite stretcher bars are in my wishlist.Thank you Mary for all these give-aways.

  111. I always use a frame of some sort with fabric or canvas; if I need both hands to lay threads, I always put the frame into a stand or clamp it to the table.

    With fabric, I usually use the Q-snap frame augmented with strips of shelf-liner (the very thin rubbery kind) which prevents the fabric from slipping so everything stays fairly taut for longer. I like these because they’re light and easily placed and replaced. If I’m travelling with a project (ALWAYS!), I can remove and separate the frame to pack it in a smaller configuration. And I’ve never had a problem with the frame marking the fabric.

    With canvas, I attach smaller projects, or large projects that cannot be rolled, to wooden frames with tacks.

    I stitch very large projects, either canvas or fabric, that can be rolled to roller bars that come with some wooden frames.

    I have been coveting Evertite bars for several years, and definitely plan to add them to my stash. Janet.

  112. I have only ever used hoops, both wooden and the plastic spring tension, neither of which I can ever seem to keep tight enough. That is why I was so excited about this day, the chance to possibly start working with stretcher bars! Woo Hoo! Since discovering Needle ‘N’ Thread, I have learned so much more about embroidery than I ever knew existed and I’m always reading the posts about the Evertites and looking at the shop websites pricing them and determining when and how much I can purchase. The chance to win a set is oh so exciting!!!
    Diana B. in La.

  113. If using linen, I usually use a set of scroll rods for larger pieces, a hoop for other pieces, and rarely do I do it “in hand”. When using canvas or congress cloth, I always use stretcher bars. I’ve never tried the Evertites, but someday I will.

  114. I love this long celebration! It’s like waking up every morning to see what’s under the Christmas tree…I feel like a kid again.
    I use a hoop, which for me has not worked out so well. My hands get cramped and my work ends up uneven. I have been following your reviews on frames and I am wanting to try them out, I am sure they are worth the investment.
    Merry Christmas!

  115. I use Evertite frames and have been collecting them buying 1 full frame a year. For me the best thing about these frames is the reason they were created-no need to take a cloth off and retighten the piece.

  116. I’ve been using wooden and metal hoops and would love to try the Evertite bars…thanks for the opportunity Dianne in Brockville On

  117. Hi Mary,

    When I first started stitching needlepoint;
    frames were not used, all stitching was done
    in hand. Then frames were introduced and I’ve
    used the stretcher bars ever since for needlepoint as well as cross-stitch.

    I’ve always wanted to try the Ever-Tites, but
    the price is an issue.

    Teri S.

  118. I use a variety of small wooden hoops when I stitch, but I have longed to try out the Evertite bars. They seem amazing.

  119. Oh my goodness. I have been wanting to try the evertight stretcher bars and have a ribbon embroidery project that would work perfectly. What wonderful gifts you are giving. They just seem to get better and better as the days pass.

    Thank you.


  120. I use very small hoops – I have a circular one about 3″ and an old oval one about 3″ x 5″ but most often I do stitch in hand. Most of my stitching is done on crazy quilts and that works best for me.

  121. I do like stitching without a hoop but only for the more simple designs and stitches. When using a hoop I use the picture frames that have the rubber ring. Works well for me but would like to try stretcher bars.

  122. At the moment I only have rotating tapestry frame and unfortunately learnt the hard way importance of properly stretched fabric.. It is my first and only frame at the moment.

  123. I am currently using a wooden hoop that was my mom’s. It works OK but I don’t like it when I have to put a portion that is already stitched between the hoops. I’d love the stretcher bars.

  124. Hi Mary; depends on the piece I am working on. I like stitching in-hand for cross-stitch, but for embroidery, I prefer the Evertite Stretcher Bars. I am getting quite a stash of different sizes, and of course, they will last forever. Love them!

  125. When I do embroidery I use various hoops. I would love to try stretcher bars and winning these would be fabulous. Thank you for the opportunity.

  126. Another gift I would love to win. I (99.5%) of the time stitch on a frame. When I replace stretcher bars I buy Evertites and I especially like them for long term projects. You can relax the fabric when not stitching and then tighten to resume stithing. Thank you again for the chance to participate in this wonderful 12 days of Christmas.

  127. I always use a hoop that I move along as i stitch. It is not always ideal, especially when i’m doing 3-dimensional projects or adding beads. I’d love to try the stretcher bars.

  128. Oh Mary,
    I would be in heaven if I were to win this prize. I ALWAYS like to work on stretcher frames, wether I am working on linen or canvas. But alas, after a while the linen &/or canvas stretches and I have to take them off the stretch bar and put them back on again (not to mention the pain in putting the fabric square on the frame again. I have been admiring the Evertites for some time and would be so happy to receive them.

  129. I mostly use circular hoops. I have completed one project on stretcher bars(not very expensive ones) and have another one set up. Not very often do I stitch in hand. Thanks again Mary for another wonderful item.
    Jean B.

  130. Since I am a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of embroidery, I have been using q-snaps that I love for my counted cross stitch and small quilting projects. I have also used hoops but like the tension of the q-snaps better. I do have a scroll frame and floor stand I’m using for a still unfinished needlepoint project I got for Christmas several years ago (not a big fan of printed needlepoint kits). I would loe to try the evertite frames.

  131. I am currently using a scroll frame. It’s not ideal, it doesn’t keep the tension very well at all. I’m constantly tightening the scroll bars as the nuts are somewhat “slippy”. For smaller things I would use a hoop.

    I’ve been longing to try the Evertites and the Millenium frame :).

  132. I use nothing or round hoops for my smaller projects. For my bigger projects I use Q-snap bars. I recently bought a used slate frame but have not had the opportunity to try it. I am hoping I can get better tension with it than my other bars for big projects.

  133. Hoop-de -do: when I stitch, I usually use wooden hoops. I have one that attaches to a sit-upon holder for hands free stitching, but it doen’t always work as well on the living room couch where I prefer to stitch as it would on a straighter back chair. I have a sporadic stitching schedule, and when I do get time, I am always eager to get at it, so time saved in setup would be a major incentive.

    Another great giveaway!

  134. I use stretcher bars, roller frames and tension-style hoops for all my needlework. I don’t like the feeling of having the canvas and material lose the sizing and become distorted.

    I’ve never seen these stretcher bars; I will be checking these out online…they are a great idea!

    Happy 2012 … I plan on stitching away as the new year rings in!

  135. Hi,
    I have used both stretcher bars and hoops for my projects although I prefer stretcher bars, and Evertites are the best. I do not own any right now so to have a pair would be great.
    They make it so easy to put your work down and loosen then tighten up when you resume stitching.
    I would love to win this gift…
    Cheryl H

  136. I normally use a frame whatever type of embroidery I am doing, but especially for anything that involves crewelwork, freeform or long & short. Slate frames are my favourite but they do have the disadvantage of not being able to adjust the tension fully once the fabric is framed up. The Evertite stretchers seem the perfect solution and I would be thrilled to win some. Thank you Mary for the opportunity of doing so.
    Best wishes
    Barbara, UK

  137. I generally like to use something that is portable, as I work here and there around the house. I also generally have several things going at once, so sometimes the choice is just whatever isn’t being used for something else!

    I used a floor stand for many years, but it was very wiggly and I finally gave it away. Might try one again at some point.

    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  138. Morning Mary! When I stitch, I use either a 5″ hoop or the split rail scroll rods and a floor stand. I use the scroll rods and floor stand on designs that are stitched “all over”, like HAED and Golden Kite, but I hate using the rods because you can’t get good tension on the sides. For everything else I use a 5″ hoop. I’ve never tried using stretcher bars, but would love to. Thank you for this opportunity!! Have a wonderful day!

  139. I have used Evertites almost exclusively since I discovered them. It is such a dream to be able to tighten the canvas without taking out tacks. They are great.

  140. I really appreciate your opinions on these products. These are things my local stores don’t carry and I would never have known to look for. Thank you.
    I love your elegant stitching too.

  141. Most of my stitching is counted work on linen and I tend to do most of it in-hand (unless I’m doing specialty stitches requiring laid work, etc.). However, I’ve got an upcoming canvas project for which I am considering purchasing Evertite bars, so winning today’s drawing would be ideal! Thanks for the fun!

  142. I used hoops for years (I still have my first ones from over 45 years ago when my Grandmother first taught me) but have recently been using a roller hoop attached to a stand. I have used stretcher bars but it seemed a hassle but it would appear that this type would be easier to use because tension can be mainted more easily. It would be great to try!
    Sandra O in WA State

  143. I am a “stitch in hand” stitcher. Don’t know why, but have always done so. When I do lettering on my crazy quilt blocks, I do use an embroidery hoop as I find that the words come out straighter and the tension is better.I like to watch your progress with the bars and stretchers though, and maybe would like to try it.

  144. Hi,

    I would like 2 sets of 15 inch bars to do Christmas Patches which our ANG chapter will be starting.

    For canvas I use stretcher bars, generally regular ones but I have invested in a few sets of Evertites. For other work, I use hoops, roller bars or Q Snaps. I rarely stitch in hand as I was taught embroidery using a hoop and have found it hard to change. I have a Lowery Floor Stand which I keep set up by my chair.

    I’m hoping the roller bars you high lighted in a recent daly post soon come to the US with a lower price tag as I’m really interested in those.
    Violet A in NH

  145. Mary,
    I usually stitch in hand except when doing pulled thread or something that requires firm tension. I would enjoy using the Evertite stretcher bars. I am sure my finished piece would be a lot nicer looking. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

  146. To have a set of Evertite frames would be the ultimate. I usually use a wooden hoop or for smaller things, no hoop at all. I read everything you say about hoops–and everything else—and I have drooled over these for ages. Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year.

  147. I usually stitch in hand because I do mostly cross stitching. I sometimes use a wooden hoop, but it is hard for me to adapt to it. I would love the opportunity to try stretcher bars on one of my embroidery projects. Thanks!
    Jen L. from Ypsilanti

  148. Great Give-away Mary!
    I usually use regular stretcher bars and have just started to experiment with scroll bars. I started with hoops but really like how stretcher bars don’t distort the fabric. I also like the way these Ever-Tite frames are so easy to tighten evenly, keeping the work nicely centred. I’d love a chance to give them a try!

  149. I have been looking for these since reading about them on your site, but haven’t been able to find them in the UK. I usually use a hoop, or my Dad will make me a wooden frame and tack the canvas on for me. It would be lovely to win a set of these. Thank you for another great opportunity!

  150. HI, I have only used these stretcher bars once.
    They were lovely. I borrowed from a friend.
    Usually, I use a covered hoop for counted stitch and
    a basic stretcher bar set and tacks for needle point and laced for stump work.

  151. Mary, it depends on what I’m stitching on as to whether I use a frame or do in hand embroidery. I prefer to stitch in hoop, q-snap frame or stretcher bars because I get much more even stitching. There are times I can hold them but its more often I need these on a stand for 2 hand stitching.
    Cathy S from MI

  152. I would love to use this Evertite,but I have always used different sizes of hoops. The Evertite bars must be fabulous?!

  153. Mary, I have been using hoops, but I would love to try the Evertite stretcher bars! Might I also take this opportunity to tell you how generous you are, both in these give-aways, and in sharing your knowledge so freely – thank you!

  154. I would so love an Evertite frame because I use either a hoop or a wooden frame that I pin my work to. Unfortunately, here in the UK, the type of frame I use, although looking like the Evertite, doesn’t lock into place, and so I have to be very careful not to let my fabric go wonky. I have wanted some Evertite frames ever since you explained their advantages on your Blog.
    Happy New Year, Mary.

  155. I would really like a set of thses stretcher bars! You have a lot of generous contributors, Mary and thank you to everyone for their contributions! I use a standing frame for my big pieces and a hoop for smaller. For my quilting I don’t use a frame at all. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

  156. What a wonderful set of bars. I too have looked for these since reading about them on a previous post. I love that these would help ensure even stitching and add to the beauty of the handwork. Many people think of “hand” work as a “4 letter word”, but I think it is peaceful.

    Thank you!

  157. I always use stretcher bars for needlepoint projects. For small embroidery projects, I usually use a hoop. For cross stitch I use scroll bars or stitch in-hand. I love the evertites for medium to large projects. They make keeping the canvas tight so much easier!

  158. I’ve never heard of these and I’m intrigued. I use hoops & the plastic square thingies but I really don’t have a lot of love for either. Wooden hoops are my favourite but it’s still hard to find one that holds securely without having a weird bend where the fabric will slip. I’m not too picky when I’m doing an Aida kit but when it comes to linen, I get frustrated.

    It’s definitely time to start doing some research on frames again.

  159. These are my favorite, but I just have 1 set of the loctite bars and it’s always in use for one of my projects. I also use 5 other tools for holding my work in progress.

  160. I am delighted to learn about this replacement for a hoop! I have the old wooden hoops but more often don’t use a hoop at all. I’d love to try these & plan to buy them if I don’t win! Thank you for all the information you share.

  161. Hi Mary, Thanks for the chance to win these stretcher bars. I’ve never owned them before I just have always used the wooden hoops from Joanns. We live in a small town that doesn’t have a fabric or craft shop. Only the usual big dept stores, so I would love the chance to use these. God Bless

  162. I’ve used various sizes and kinds of hoops both wood and plastic and also done some in hand sewing. But now I have a new project all kitted up for which I need stretch bars and these look just wonderful!

  163. I have always just used a standard hoop, but the stretcher bars look amazing! I would love the chance to try them out! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  164. I use various hoops for most of my embroidry but do in hand for small items like needle holders. I have never used a stretcher but have been interested in trying them. I have never used a frame.

  165. I’ve never tried a floor hoop (but would like to). I’ve also never used a stretcher. I usually use QSnap frames and have occasionally used hoops. Basically this would open a whole new world to me! 🙂

  166. Hi Mary,

    I am definitely not a stitch in hand person. I’ve tried it, but am never satisfied with the tension. I use a hoop if the project is small, Q-snaps, or tack and lace onto stretcher bars. The evertites would be a dream come true!!

    Janice U.

  167. Excellent product Mary–so glad you are giving away a 10×14 set! My friend/roommate at EGA GLR seminar suggested that I invest in a set when I won a canvas (doorprize) that was warped. The already worked petit point center was lovely but the background area was compromised. We used a damp towel & the Evertite frame to tease it back into shape. It’s not perfectly squared, but much improved. While I prefer to work in-hand, it really depends on the project. AND, working in a frame is much quicker!

  168. I use scroll bars for larger projects with a stand and hoops for smaller stuff I find it easier to hold a round or oval hoop than a square or rectangle frame.

  169. I like to stitch in hand when I can, but when I need it tight I use a clover hoop or Q snaps. I need to get some kind of stand so I can handle something like the evertite bars.

    Thank you again for still another giveaway.

  170. I use stretcher bars about 80% of the time and have several sets, so it always seems like an unneccessay expense to order the evertite bars when I don’t really need them. Winning a set here would be the best way to try them out. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed here.

  171. I definitely prefer to use a frame. The only time I don’t, is with small cross-stitch projects, and I have not done cross-stitch for 20 years.
    Right now I have “Morning Glory and Bamboo” from the book “Painting with a Needle” by Young Yang Chung up on my slate frame, and on my ring frame I got some small beading motifs, that will be appliqued to a dress I am sewing.
    I plan to do some more goldwork and I need a square frame with good tension for smaller projects

  172. Happy fifth Day of Christmas Mary,
    When i stitch, which is a lot of needlepoint, I use the wooden bars that fit together with notched ends. Sometimes a round hoop for
    cross stitch or embroidery. Have not heard of evertites until you….
    They sound like a strong and useful product.
    Have a happy day!

  173. Yes, yes, yes! I would love me some Evertite bars! Usually, I stitch in-hand, which I love, but every so often, I have a project that can only be done on stretcher bars. And these would be perfect.

  174. Good Morning Mary,
    I wish I had known of these stretcher bars years ago, but I am afraid I can no longer use them. Due to arthritis in my left hand and tendinitis in the left elbow I have given up using anything heavy. I tried in hand, but due to years of hoop use I found that hard. So I have resorted to a very different kind frame, one advocated by Jane Rainbow in her book “Crewel Embroidery”……a pin frame!!! Which I love, I can use it for crewel work, flatwork, redwork and cross-stitch and it weighs next to nothing. I can prop it in such a way that I do not have to grip it with my left hand and needlework is a joy again! Thank you though for the chance of winning this lovely gift, but one I will decline.
    Dottie J.

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