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Ninth Day of Christmas: Favorite Linen & Silk for Hand Embroidery


Hand embroidery books and tools and accessories are all well and fine – we need them to inspire us, to help us learn, to get the job done. But when it comes to actually producing a beautiful piece of needlework, it’s the basic materials that make all the difference in the outcome of the work.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again. The fact is, average embroidery done on good materials will always look good. Exquisitely executed, perfectly stitched embroidery done with poor materials will never look better than just average. And poorly stitched embroidery with the wrong materials will pretty much always look like poorly stitched embroidery with the wrong materials.

The basic materials you use in your embroidery – the fabric and the thread – determine the difference between an average outcome and an exquisite outcome. If you take your embroidery seriously – if it’s more to you than just a fad or a craft that fills time and will eventually be faded, discarded, and forgotten – then eventually you’ll want to invest in the right materials for the best outcome and for the best chance of longevity.

Today’s give-away offers some of the Best basic materials on the market today for hand embroidery.

Legacy Embroidery Linen and Silk Thread Pack

For this Ninth Day of Christmas, courtesy of Hedgehog Handworks and Access Commodities, two stitchers out there will receive a nice length of hand embroidery linen and some beautiful silk threads.

Legacy Embroidery Linen and Silk Thread Pack

This is Dower Quality Legacy Linen, which is made (you could pretty much say) from the ground up specifically for the hand embroiderer. It is the finest embroidery linen available today, and absolutely beautiful stuff. Alabaster Angel is a 48 count linen, in white. It can be used for very fine counted work as well as all kinds of surface embroidery. This is my go-to linen for practically any type of surface embroidery and it works well for anything from free-style surface work to cutwork to whitework to goldwork – you name it. For example, I used it for my blackwork fish project a couple years ago. I’ve also used it extensively for goldwork and silk embroidery, and I’m currently using it as the ground in my Medallion project.

Legacy Embroidery Linen and Silk Thread Pack

Napery Ivory is also a 48 count Legacy linen, in a barely-ivory color. It is similar to Alabaster Angel, and can be used for the same applications.

Both linens have plump, round threads that completely fill the weave, in both warp and weft directions. This is what makes them so ideal for surface work. Though you may run across the occasional small slub in the fabric (which is characteristic of linen), you will not run across super-thin threads with large gaping holes between them. Whether you’re working with heavier threads or very fine threads, these linens will take the thread well and give it good support. With very fine threads, using a sharp embroidery needle (a crewel needle or a chenille needle), you can split the threads of the fabric easily, to get the exact placement for each stitch you take.

The winners of today’s give-away will receive one or the other of the two linens, in a generous cut.

Legacy Embroidery Linen and Silk Thread Pack

Each winner will also receive one Ensemble de Soie, a collection of various weights, twists, and types of silk thread. The majority of the threads in each ensemble are silk thread threads by the French manufacturer, Au Ver a Soie. The white ensemble includes 8 types of thread, all whole spools or skeins: Trebizond, Soie d’Alger, Soie 100/3, Soie Gobelins, Soie de Paris, Soie Perlee, Soie Chenille, and Accentuate Metallic Thread.

Legacy Embroidery Linen and Silk Thread Pack

The black ensemble contains 10 types of thread, all whole spools or skeins: Trebizond, Soie d’Alger, Soie 100/3, Soie Gobelins, Soie de Paris, Soie Perlee, Soie Chenille, Accentuate Metallic Thread #971, Accentuate Metallic Thread #269, and Bijoux Metallic Thread #470.

Both collections of threads will give the beginner and the experienced embroiderer alike a wide variety of types of threads to experiment with, or to use in one or several projects.

If you’re looking for good hand embroidery linen for your fine embroidery projects, or you’re trying to track down beautiful silk threads and gold threads, or even all the accoutrements for embroidery, including good embroidery hoops, slate frames, and the like, add Hedgehog Handworks to your “favorites.” Not only do they carry everything you need for fine surface embroidery, but they offer great service and competitive prices. They can also special order anything that Access Commodities carries, that you might be looking for (Access Commodities is a wholesaler & manufacturer).

I have to admit, I’m a bit partial to Hedgehog, because it’s thanks to them that I found good embroidery supplies online when I needed them (and when it was really hard to find them!). It’s nice to know that there are still some shops out there that are willing to take the risk of stocking the really good surface embroidery supplies, when the general US needlework market isn’t necessarily focused on surface embroidery.

Give-Away Instructions

Today’s Ninth Day of Christmas give-away winners (two winners will be drawn) will each receive a generous cut of one of the fabrics above, plus one or the other of the silk thread ensembles described above.

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on this link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

One project, or many? If you were to win this give-away, could you see yourself splitting these materials up between many smaller experimental projects, savoring them and stretching them out for a while, or could you see yourself launching into a full-sized, all-out dream project, utilizing all the thread types and all the fabric in one huge stitchfest?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box.

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Ninth Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.

Also, just another little note – though rather late in this whole give-away series – please don’t leave your e-mail address or residential address in the body of your comment. It’s just not a good idea to expose your addresses to the world. If nothing else, you probably don’t want to end up with a bunch of spam in your inbox. Just use the line provided in the comment form for your e-mail address. Thanks!

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(1,067) Comments

  1. Both and neither.
    I would use the 42 ct linen for cross stitch, it would be nice miniature even if I stitch over two. I love high count fabrics! This way I could stitch many large projects on a relatively small piece of fabric.
    The thread I would use where the pattern wants some sparkle or silkiness, not all together, but wherever I need them.
    Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. One project at a time, I am afraid. I practice other types of needle arts (knitting and crocheting) so I cannot stretch myself that thin. I would use the supplies offered to make a music-related piece that I’ve had in mind for a long while. The circle of fifths as a tool for teaching students the different scales on the piano. It is something I’ve been wanting to do as a gift for my piano teacher for a long time now and I just haven’t had the time or opportunity to do it.
    That would be a rather large project, so I guess it would fall into the “full-sized dream project” category.

    Wow! All that linen has made me go all starry eyed.



  3. I would use the linens and silk threads in many projects. My hands are itching for them! Thank you, Mary, Hedgehog Handworks and Access Commodities for offering these fine materials and silk threads.

  4. I absolutely love embroidery linen and silk threads. This give-away would just be perfect for me to launch myself into a full-size project for my dinner table, using all the thread types.
    Best regards,

  5. Wowsa, that looks really really good.
    I really cannot decide what to do, on one hand I would love to do something over the top and on the other hand I would like to try a number of different projects.
    All the materials looks so good and luxurious.

  6. Oh, decisions, decisions. I guess it would depend how much material there is. I just bought a beautiful pattern for a large sampler, so I could use it for that. Or I could use it for smaller projects – a number of different irises.

    (I’ve done petitpoint on 48 count silk gauze, but never worked with 48 count linen. I think the results would be lovely.)

  7. I would love to receive that material!! So good quality! So well to our eyes!!! And imagine for touch! What should I do with that? Not a big project because it take to long but for sure some beautiful little projects in that thread of silk – gorgeous whites! Let us have fun with your give-aways!! nancy

  8. G’day Mary,
    I’m for lots of smaller projects. Manageable for me to keep focused and finish. I need the interest of a variety of stitching and design styles and items. Warm thanks to HH, AC and you, Mary for this very special giveaway. Cheers, Kath from Oz.
    ps, yes it’s really KfromO’s ‘tiny’ comment. As always, dependably varying!

  9. I already have several large projects on the go, so I think it would be nice to use them for some smaller projects. On the other hand, a large white on white project or even a black on white project sounds very appealing 🙂

  10. Hi Mary, another lovely give-away but a tricky question! I have a big project in mind and I’m currently searching out linen or really, really nice cotton for its background. This would be absolutely perfect – either one. I haven’t found what I want yet in the UK!

    The threads though, I think they would definitely be used over several small projects. If I was lucky enough to get the black threads, I would probably use them for several blackwork projects and a few other things besides. The white threads would probably just be used along with other things in all sorts of projects. One always needs lovely white thread!

  11. With such an amazing stash of stitching supplies, I think I would want to work on several smaller projects. It would be a great adventure to experiment with so many different materials!

  12. it would be many projects – I love CQ work so I can see using this on different in work CQ projects!

  13. Blackwork/whitework – it would be hard to choose which to start, but I can see some small experimental projects at first. It is not easy for me to obtain such fine linen and threads, so I would have to be sparing and savor their use.

  14. would like to win this to do a series of small projects which would go together as a sort of collage on the wall as usual another wonderful gift to win

  15. i think i would try all the threads on just 1 of the fabrics and see how they work together? as i’m partial to black i’m envisioning black stitches on some of that nice crisp alabaster linen.

  16. Wow! What a wonderful gift of linen. I’d savour these pieces and make several smaller projects. That way, the pleasure of working with the linen and threads would extend throughout the year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. ohhhhhhh I would love to stitch a sampler on this stuff! you are so right…not many carrying the GOOD stuff anymore…I love doing samplers and LOVE LOVE LOVE linens…the thread looks delish as well…so I would probably find a hugeeeeee sampler to use it all! ty for a chance…and yes, marked them on my favs list..ty ty ty

  18. Ah, Hedgehog — also my go-to place for many good quality supplies! This wonderful give-away is generous of them (and Mary!), and I’m grateful for their participation. I would use these materials in various projects.

    It’s so nice to so many different types of one color (black or white in this case), to be able to see the subtle differences in the threads. And the linen! Goodness, I’d hold it in my hand for a while and see what it wanted to be. Alabaster Angel is a favorite of mine. I’ve never used Napery Ivory, but will have to add that to my “someday…” list to try.

  19. Hi Mary!! I’d definitely split up these gorgeous materials into several small projects. They’d make excellent giveaways for my family and friends.
    Have a lovely day!
    Libertad from Argentina

  20. You are right, it is best to have the best supplies at affordable prices. I want to be proud of my project and have it admired and last for years. My project with these supplies would be a large project and any leftovrs used in smaller projects. I have worked with some Au Ver A Sole threads but never the Dower Quality Legacy Linen. I like to work with linen and being able to use it for variuos techniques has me very excited to use it in my next project.

  21. Hmmm. This is a toughie. I have never learned any type of needlework by starting out with something small so I’d be tempted to just splurge and go with something special. But with such special fabric and threads I’d also be tempted to ration them to savour on smaller special projects. Decisions, decisions…

  22. As I’m a beginner in surface embroidery, I would experiment with the material, mostly with the silks. I’ve never used this kind of I quality material and I would need to get used to it before tackling a bigger project. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  23. If i were a lucky winner of these items i would place them in a beautiful box and enjoy drooling over them until i found the RIGHT project to use them in. i’ve never worked on good embroidery linen so i would search high and low for a project worthy of the fabric

    sharyn in cincinnati

  24. Mary, I think I would have to split the fabric into more bite size projects. I find I can actually finish the project if it is smaller to work on. I shamefully have found out that large projects seem to end up in my draw of UFP. It seems I get bored working on the same thing for very long.

  25. I’m excited to try a series of small projects. Usually I go for the big extravaganza, but I’d like to FINISH something!

  26. Another wonderful giveaway…I would probably use this for several smaller projects as I have beeen reading the Helen Stevens books, books on goldwork and stumpwork and really am going to play with these technques this year. I also have one large project in mind that I need to revisit and the white theads would be a perfect place to begin. But either packet of threads would be a great gift. Thanks again for this great giveaway.

  27. Oh to do a whitework with those threads and the special fabric would be just lovely. And whether to do just one large project or several small ones – well, I’d have to win first before I could decide.

  28. I would definately stretch them out for multiple small projects. It is my goal to learn every type of needlework I can. The ideal is to have a stash of many fine fabrics.

    I am in the process of setting up a card file with samples of fabrics along with notations of source and best type of needlework applicable to the fabric. I got my inspiration from the Needle Index purchased through Valley Quail Chapter EGA. I plan to to the same with threads.

    Is this a temporary diversion for me? Not at all, there are is so much inspiration “out there” that I can’t imagine ever having the time to do all I want to do.

  29. I would love to enter the ninth day of Christmas give away. (Embroidery linen) I have never used this type of linen before. I think I would use it in several pieces for different designs. Unless there is a chart that requires a large piece of material that I would be stitching. The link to comment is not available so I am not able to sign up for the give away.

  30. That’s an interesting question! normally when I acquire something really special, such as a fabric or a yarn/thread, I tend to dole it out sparingly so that I still have it. Then, I end up with no showpiece for that special item. So, in this case, I say I’d go all out and make that showpiece!! Beautiful fabrics and thread! Thank you!

  31. Hello Mary,
    If I won this give away, I would probably do a lot of little projects, just in case launching into a large experiment might prove too much and would be such a waste of fabric that I could never dream of finding here.
    Kind regards

  32. Oh how lovely are these, I think I would HAVE to do a large project with todays giveaway if only to show off the beautiful threads.

  33. Hi Mary,
    Legacy Linen in Napery Ivory is absolutely my favorite ground for embroidery. I’d love to try the Alabaster Angel as well. I would both experiment with the threads and create a dream project that uses at least some of them, enjoying every moment.

    All your giveaways have been a fantastic journey into seeing the best of the best for hand stitching in a myriad of techniques.
    Lee C.

  34. This one is easy for me. As I have no experience in the finer things, I’d split it up so that I could savor and learn. A very small sampler here, a monogram there… I want to touch these things, feel them. That must sound crazy to someone who uses them all the time. For someone like me though,it’s a once in a lifetime chance to touch fine things like this (unless the Lord has plans for me that are quite unexpected. Whatever He has for me is best though, so I”m happy with my lot in life!

  35. Mary, this is a dream giveaway! I would love having these fine materials to use for future projects. Since I am currently working on two large projects, I would definitely use this linen and silk for exquisitely small projects, with a lot of variety in colors and type of projects.
    -Sharon in France

  36. I would use the linen and silks on many different projects. I like to have a rotation going where I can work on one for a while then work on another. It is nice to have no-brainer projects mixed with very challenging ones.

  37. Good Morning Mary,

    Yes I can see myself using these materials on many different small projects. I hope I win something :0) I never won anything before. Thank you for the chance to enter.

    Jennifer G.

  38. The linens and the threads are such a treasure. I think I would “play” with a bit of each thread to see how it handles and then use them in many different projects. Adding that touch of “bling” to a needlework project may be just what it needs to really make it shine above the rest. That way I could prolong the enjoyment of all the various threads instead of having them all disappear into just one project.

  39. Hi Mary!
    Beautiful – I lingered on Hedgehog Handworks
    looking at all of the threads and silk ribbons.
    I must admit – I do prefer to work with colors rather than blacks and whites – That’s just me – However, that being said I do love the classic look of whites and blacks –
    If I were to make some thing with very expenive
    fabric and threads – I make little things – maybe a brooch – I learn new skills by making little things – I found “inchies” tiny 1″ quilt sandwiches fascinating – using various
    threads and yarns – yet having some leftover to continue to look at.
    Thanks Mary –

  40. I absolutely love Alabaster Angel but haven’t tried the Napery Ivory. I’d love to win it and a thread set.

    I’m not sure what I would use the supplies for — but being in the midst of a large project now, a series of smalls sounds good.

  41. Due to my actual condition I think I’ll work small projects (after a surgery my left hand is a little inactive with some prickings (?) but I am much better than a week ago what is very very good).
    Have a great 2012!!!

  42. I have always wanted beautiful linens to work on and always settled for ‘less than’ quality. I didn’t really know where to order them from but will put Hedgehog Handwork into my favorites. I would have to say with my frugal nature I would use the fabric for several projects to get the most from it. I’m not really experienced enough (or patient enough) yet to do a large project.
    Thanks again for another great resource!

  43. I would love to try this fabric and thread out. I often use 40 ct so going a bit higher would be delightful. I have worked with some of these threads but some would be a new experience that I would look forward too.
    I think I would do one or two smalls and then choose a large piece to do with this set.
    Thank you for an opportunity to win.
    Judy Starkey

  44. If I were lucky enough to win today’s give-away, I would probably hold the fabric a little while, stroking it, admiring the round threads, and dream about various projects. I would drool over the silk and feast my eyes on the thread. It would take me a little while (not long because I’d be so eager to start) to get up the nerve to use tne fabrics and thread. Using something this fine is slightly intimidating but also alluring and dream-worthy (an isn’t that part of the fun?). I would use the linen for a small project at first, and then I’d use what would be left for a larger, more demanding piece. The silk fabric would be stitched into a small crazy quilt block. Each stitch would be lovingly rendered and the joy of working with the finest materials would be nirvana!

  45. Oh my, that’s a hard question to contemplate. First, I’d probably cuddle it for a while! In the end, I don’t think I could commit to using it up in one project and would devise multiple so I could enjoy it even longer.

  46. If I were lucky enough to win today’s drawing, I would likely focus such beautiful fabric into a single project (either one full-size or several coordinated pieces)incorporating the wonderful threads together too. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

  47. I am go big or go home kinda girl! I would do and opus of sorts! Oh oh oh! gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  48. I would use them for small projects. That way I can enjoy working with them longer. They are beautiful!

  49. I probably savor the linen and threads . use little and try out them on small project at a time.so many small ones..

    Joanie M in west TN

  50. I would have to say, savor it and try many smaller projects! There are too many sewing techniques, stitches and ideas to try. I may need to live forever just to get to them all!

  51. Oh, goodness. I think I’d probably end up doing multiple small projects (probably after “warming up” on something less consequential).

  52. I have a couple of projects in mind that are just waiting for some good linen to work them on. This would be just perfect for that. The threads would probably be split up, although it would be interesting to try and come up with a project that used all of them. Something to think about, right?

    Thank you again Mary, and all your sponsors, for these marvellous giveaways.

  53. I would probably make a bunch of smaller projects with the fabric. I don’t know if I could settle on one big project as there are so many ideas out there to choose from. Making little things will be more likely to get finished and satisfy my need to try a little of everything.

  54. Morning Mary!
    For me, it would be many smaller projects. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve done any surface embroidery, I’m not sure that I would want to tackle something big. Beautiful fabric and threads! Thank you for this opportunity!

  55. What luxury to have the opportunity to work on fine linen. I’ve been wanting to take on a large project to really challenge my skills. I think I would look at the materials from that angle first.

  56. Definitely the dream project! I don’t know what it would be, but it would be fabulous. Hedgehog is a great site. Once again, these are awesome prizes, thank you Mary,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  57. I could go either way with such beautiful materials. I’ve been experimenting with both whitework and blackwork recently, so either thread kit would be magnificent. And the quality of the fabricv would spoil me for less expensive

    Thanks again for the opportunity to win these beautiful materials
    Kathy Pennington
    Diggins, MO

  58. I think I would use these beautiful fabrics and threads for a largish project – I’m just about to start a blackwork project and the variety of black threads would look spectacular used in it.

  59. One or many? That’s a hard question. I have a number of projects milling about in my back brain that these would be good materials for. I’ve wanted to try the Legacy Linen since first reading of it on your blog. Maybe something small to get the feel of it, then look for just the right larger project…

  60. So true it is. I have cherished the projects where good linen and threads were used. Would love to add another project to this list. Thanks again for the chance to win.

  61. I would surely split these materials to make smaller projects just to make sure they get finished someday. The white assortment would be great. I must admit articles of such quality are not readily accessible in my hometown and receiving them as a gift would be fantastic. Bonne journée !

  62. Mary, how wonderful and giving you are! I’ve wanted to do a blackwork project for a while and have been gathering threads. I have pondered what fabric to use and you came up with the solution. What I have in my head is quite large so either fabric would work and the black threads would be my choice!

  63. I think I would go for smaller projects, partly because small is what I usually do, and though I have worked with nice linen before, I have never sewn with silk (oh but I’d love to try!). So I guess small would be better for a first silk project. Hedging my bets as it were, just in case the first didn’t turn out well. But maybe I’m just too cautious!
    Thanks, Mary for this opportunity!
    Vivian M.

  64. Ooooh! I would spread this out over many, many projects. As a cross-stitch enthusiast and hardanger practicer (no one is ever fully finished practicing), the linen would be a dream to work with! And the silks?! Oh, the silks! How I would love to create a beautiful piece of black work with the black threads. Or a lovely, delicate piece with all the various textures of white. Makes my hands absolutely itch!

    Thank you, Mary for remembering that Christmas is not the end of the shopping season, but the beginning of the liturgical season ending with Epiphany! And, of course for all your inspiration and your willingness to share with all of us. You have truly used your “talents” well!

  65. I am sure I would use this day’s gift for several smaller projects, maybe to practice motifs for a Baptismal gown I will bet making in the future!

  66. I’m working hard to focus my stitching on things I REALLY want to do. . . so I would plan to use these yummy materials on a single, more ambitious project. I really like both whitework and blackwork. . . so either package would provide a wonderful challenge to find the “perfect” project to splurge on.

  67. I would have to say I’d do a full blown all project. I started doing linen projects about 3 years, however I have to work small to keep costs down. Would love the chance to do a full size project.

  68. Hi Mary, What beautiful fabrics and threads. I have been collecting information on ecclesiastical embroidery for a while and have been wanting to do something for my church. This may just help me on my way. Thank you.

  69. Finding really good quality linen that I can afford is the bane of my sewing life!
    I think I would go for lots of smaller projects, partly because I’m not experienced enough to really do the materials justice in a single piece but parlty because it would be great to have the chance to experiment with different patterns and techniques with really good quality materials. I quite like the idea of producing a sort of patchwork picture made up of lots of little things on a similar theme such as the farming year. Hmnnnn….ideas, ideas!

  70. This give-away is sparkling ,I work often small and medium projects,but this time ,I would like a full project ,certainly a japanese embroidery…it’s my nice and pretty dream ..oh yes !!!!

  71. Bonjour Mary,
    I am a small project person. I would choose a small pattern from your file and enjoy the silk threads, The only silk thread I own is for blackwork, it is beautiful and so delicate.
    Thank you
    France from Canada.

  72. With such fine fabric, I think I would commit to a grand achievement. This is the first give-away (so far)that has made me really decide to purchase the item being given away. I have done many projects that I am happy with and think look nice, but I wonder what these works would have looked like had I invested in a good textile. It is high time to embroidery on good linen to have really good examples to show to students in my hand embroidery workshops. My goal is to get people interested in doing embroidery – so showing fabulous work will help to inspire…
    Thank you Mary!! Also – you have inspired me this morning to start Tweeting – I set up an account and am following you Mary!!

  73. I would have to say I have many projects going on! (Who doesn’t!)

    And then I would probably split it up into smaller projects!

  74. Au Ver a Soie is absolutely one of my favorite threads! I think I would begin with a small project, just to get familiar with the fabric and all the fibers; then move on to one of the beautiful pieces I’ve drooled over, but never had the courage to tackle.

  75. I would make several smaller projects. I have been saving cards with beautiful drawings that I thought would work up beautifully.
    Silk and linen–one can only dream.
    Louise B.

  76. Savor using all the different types of silk thread on beautiful fabric in many small projects. Thank you.
    Jean B.

  77. Oh Mary, these are beautiful packets. I would definitely split these materials up between many smaller six inch projects. A crown and cross square for the front only of a prayer book, a Blackwork leaf, Whitework violets and a very small nine patch sampler (two inch squares). I would divide the prize with a shut-in friend, who inspired this senior citizen to learn something new each month.

  78. I would like to make several small projects. I use to embroidery a lot when my children were small, and now that they are grown up I would like to do more embroidery to add to other crafting projects that I am working on. I have never had the opportunity to work on linen before, so this would be a nice treat…..

  79. Oh! Mary. I’ve dreamed of owning a piece of this linen ever since I found your blog, many years ago now. We can’t get it in the UK so for me it would be a dream come true to own as piece. I don’t think I could bring myself to cut it , so I would make a stitch sampler with some white work, pulled and drawn thread work, cross stitch, motifs etc.Using the black threads would be very interesting.
    Many Thanks for the opportunity.
    Pam in Hampshire UK.

  80. Oh – one large project so that the different threads can be compared and all the orts that are left over used in small things like greetings cards etc. I would love to experiment with all the orts but have a lasting, gorgeous project to keep.

  81. Mary,
    Another stunning offer! You will make two stitchers very happy. It would be fun to work as many of these into one project as I could. With the black threads, I’m thinking blackwork – the Accentuate and Bijoux would be great “bling”. With the white threads my first idea is drawn work, although I haven’t worked on that fine a count.

  82. I would dive in and use a small piece of this right away. Bigger projects are a favorite of mine however, so I would consider for a while a larger project for the remainder. Both fabric and threads are beautiful, thank you for the opportunity!

    Jenny P. from Kansas City

  83. These precious materials would serve to make many smaller projects, going as far as possible. The fabric is beautiful, and the array of fibers is gorgeous! Yummy!!

  84. This linen would be perfect for a tea cloth pattern I have which is a sampler of pulled and drawn thread stitches with hemstitching around the edge. The silk threads I’ll save for other, smaller projects. This is a great give away!

  85. Wow this sure looks like the makings of a beautiful project. Have done cross stitch for years and embroidery many moons ago and recently rekindled my interest because of stumbling across your web site via Pinterest. This would surely get me off to a good re-start!


  86. Dear Mary,
    Oh my! This 9th day of Christmas give away is delightful! If I were the lucky recipient, I would savor the linen and threads with small experimental projects. I haven’t worked on such beautiful linen or used silk threads like those in the give away.

    It is back to work and school day for my family. The house is quiet and I hope I can maybe stitch a little today.

    Have a great one!
    Tania from Brooklyn, NY

  87. I have never had the luxury of stitching on such a fine linen ! I am sure I would start in on a small project right away to experience it…and soon as I end this I want to click on the link to Hedgehog. Thanks again for this opportunity with your 12 days of Christmas give away.

  88. Today’s question is a difficult one. The fabrics and thread would have to be left alone for awhile in order for me to drool over them (not directly over them). Then I would think long & hard about how I would put them to use. Most probably on smaller projects.

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  89. Hi Mary, I would definitely do some smaller projects although I might do a sampler, especially if I won the white threads. This past week, when choosing colours for our cottage I was amazed that when I said, “paint the walls off white,” the contractor presented us with a book of paint chips and said “there are 200 shades of off white.” And there were!! I think it would be interesting to explore the subtle differences in the white threads. And surely one of them would match our walls!!

    Thanks again,


  90. Ouch. Hard question. Hm. I think I would likely split it up after hoarding it long enough to accumulate a wide color spectrum of NICE silks and gold/silver threads, and then do a bunch of small, exquisite projects one at a time…

  91. I think I would use them for small projects so they’d last longer. The threads and material are both gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win them both.

  92. One project, or many? I would defiantly split this lovely material into many projects. There are so many projects I’d love to do and being realistic, I am not brave enough to take on a huge project. I did a number of handwork projects when I was a young woman and have just recently picked embroidery up again. Your critiques of the various supplies has helped me tremendously and I look forward to checking out the Hedghog site.

    Thank you!

  93. What a great gift for today. I believe that I would use the silk on different projects. I am planning to take an online class from Catherine Jordan this year in creating a needlework map, and I’ll just bet that I could use some of the silk in that or another map after the class. Love to see all of the gifts for the 12 days of Christmas. It is so much fun.
    Sharon K.

  94. Always would love to try those beautiful linens, surely for a single silk and goldwork project.

  95. I would spread the wealth and enjoy the supplies in multiple projects. I really enjoy the variety that small projects offer.


  96. Should I win, first I’d probably just fondle them for a while. Then most likely there would be a mid-size and smaller projects, as they would have more chance of being finished. The threads would also most likely be on several projects, instead of one. Maybe.

  97. I could see myself making smaller projects. Since life gets busy I find keeping to smaller projects helps with accomplishing something special. Also, since I have not done a lot of this embroidery, small projects would probably be the place to start

  98. Small projects. I want to do a smallish version of the blackfish in a different color, utilizing all sorts of different filling techniques and put it in a tray for my daughter for her bathroom. I can see it now….oooo…ahhhhh…Brenda Day, Wilmington, Ohio

  99. Wow – another gorgeous giveaway 🙂 I think that, should I be lucky enough to win, I would carefully plan a large heirloom piece; if winner of the black threads, it would be a blackwork cross-stitch project, and if winner of the white, I would love to try my hand at whitework embroidery! I am new to linen and silk, and these packages look like the very ideal of everything a beginner like me could dream of 😉 Thanks again for hosting this wonderful giveaway series!

  100. To me, these are “dream” materials and I would begin my one big dream project. Thanks for the chance!

  101. Today’s giveaway is irresistible! I would love to work with such fine materials. I’ve done one or two silk embroideries, but having such a variety . . . I think I’d like to do a big sampler of the silks using special stitches. Thank you!

  102. Such fantastic giveaways Mary! If I were to win this one I would definitely stretch it out and make as many small projects as I could possibly make out of this beautiful fabric and threads!

  103. I think I would probably go all out and try one big project. This is such a beautiful material that I would hate to cut it apart more than necessary.

  104. Ah, the linen…my daughter recently made a trip to Ireland. I asked her to please find me some linen. She was unable to find any “Irish Linen” where she was located. This linen and the lovely threads you are featuring today are wonderful. I would use them to make 1 project. Can you imagine how extravagant that would feel? Real linen and silk threads…I may think I am stitching for the queen!

  105. I would rather work on several small projects. I have seen this past Christmas several ornaments that I would like to try.

  106. I normally have several projects going at once. But if I were to win this wonderful giveaway I would use it to begin the footstool project from last years Inspiration magazine.

  107. I would love the opportunity to win some quality products. I’ve used some kits in the long ago past, so it would be great to see the difference in the quality of the fabrics and threads, and know what I should be using now that I’m getting back into embroidery.
    I would likely use the supplies in several different projects. Thanks for the chance to win.

  108. It must be the smaller projects. There are times in life when you need a bit of luxury. I think of this as a needlework bubble bath! Put aside the cotton floss and luxuriate in silk!

  109. I was always the one in our family who made her Halloween candy last all the way through the month of November. Today, needlework is my enjoyment, and much easier on the teeth! I stretch the materials to their farthest use and get as many projects out of the goodies as possible.

  110. I never dive right into anything without mulling it over for awhile. I would savor the beauty of the threads and my what beautiful colors the winter whites are. Also, I would make several projects from the linen. It’s not often that I get the opportunity to work with such exquisite notions.

    Thank you,


  111. What a wonderful gift! I think it would be used for several projects … just to stretch out the time I get to spend with this fabulous fabric and the silks.

  112. I would do many smaller projects.
    They finish up more rapidly, and would give me the opportunity to try & learn many new stitches and techniques.

  113. Gosh Mary, what I would give to have some good quality embroidery linen. Having read your blogs about the linen you use, I have trawled shops and web-sites for suppliers of Legacy Linen in the uk and Brussels (I live in Belgium)without success. Thus, if I were a lucky winner, I would most probably save the fabric for a while and then use it for a special project. I think I would experiment with the silks, working smaller projects, as whilst I am familiar with a couple of them, I’d love to try the others.

  114. Oh, my goodness. What a give away! If I were to win this fabulous gift, I would plan several smaller projects so I could experiment. Generally. I am a big project person, but not having to spend dollars for the fabric and threads would be my chance to not always play it safe.

  115. I think smaller experimental projects would be the way to go with this wonderful material and thread. I have a lot to learn ….

  116. This is yet another question for yet another lovely giveaway! Merry Christmas! I would make the linen last. It is gorgeous and I don’t have access to good linen. I would love to make many exquisite miniatures with it. It would be the same for the silks. I want to make whitework and blackwork pieces.

  117. More than likely, I would play with some little projects.

    I have a lot to learn about embroidery materials. I would be ever so excited to get one of these packages!

    Your 12 Days of Christmas is A W E S O M E and informative!

  118. Many projects. Although if I won the black ensemble, several of the threads and the linen would go immediately into my next project: blackwork vines with golden highlights. The design features 12 different flowers set in a lattice of curling vines. It’s based on a late Elizabethan coif and head cloth. The Elizabthans assigned meaning to flowers, so this design bespeaks constancy, faithfulness, purity and piety. It isn’t unique in its meaning or elements (there are several surviving embroidered coifs) but it is in the balance of the design, being well proportioned to the modern eye. I’ve been planning this project for over a year, so the linen and thread in today’s give-away would be very welcome.

  119. I would definitely do several smaller projects, it would take some time to determine which projects I want, but I’m sure I could find something.

  120. I usually am a big project person. Lovely, lovly giveaway…. I think I would divide and do two medium projects!! Great post on using good quality supplies!

  121. I’m currently enjoying smaller projects. I’d use these materials is a number of projects rather than in one large stitchfest. I’d never finish a project that large if my past is any prediction.

  122. I had a hard time getting to the comments section today!! All the prizes seem to be ones that I could surely use; you sure know how to find them!
    I would use todays prize in smaller projects that may end up in a large one! As a crazy quilter, sometimes the blocks end up in a small project and if ‘I just love it!’ it may end up in a large project. Never know where my mind may go once I start something!! Usually ends up a bit different than what I thought it might..

  123. Definately several small project, a greater chance to experiment and play, and to truly savor every last scrap of thread

  124. If I won this, I would probably stretch it out into several projects. I’m a saver by nature :). Also, I’m very much a beginner, so I know I would be too overwhelmed by a big project.

  125. As much as I’d like to say I’d use them all in one dream project, I know I’d use the threads over time and savor each and every one of them.

  126. Would love to win the linen. Being on a strict budget keeps me from buying those beautiful types of fabric, and I’ve never owned silk embroidery thread. Wow, what a blessing it would be to embroider with those. Thanks for the chance to win.

  127. Oh! I am a beginning embroiderer, so this would be such an amazing resource for me!
    I would definitely split the linen & thread use among many small projects, so I could utilize them most effectively.
    THANK YOU for the opportunity!

  128. I’m a novice when it comes to surface embroidery. If I were fortunate enought to win, I would probably sign up for classes and hope to do several small projects with these supplies. Success with those would give me the incentive to make future purchases from HedgeHog and do a larger piece. Someone is going to be very lucky! Theresa/OctoberLace

  129. Hi Mary,
    I gave myself a delicious new pattern for Christmas, and would definitely use this fabric. It would be so perfect. Plus it would mean traveling to my favorite needlework shop in Tucson to purchase all the threads. Thank you for the special inspirations you have given us. I’ve only recently discovered your website and start all my mornings with it.
    Clara in Clifton, AZ

  130. Oh, my! I LOVE today’s giveaway. I’m salivating over both the materials and the threads. In fact, I think I have brain freeze as a result–I can’t make up my mind if I would use the threads all in one project or in smaller separate projects. I have never done a large dream piece for myself, so I’m leaning that way. But to use those threads and fabric slowly and savor their look on multiple projects…again, all I can say is “Oh, my!” Please choose me…

    Sue U

  131. Hello Mary,
    Thanks for the generous gifts. I have two projects in my mind that I would like to do the designing myself. I am not quite sure about their sizes yet, but if I end up getting the ivory linen I’ll use it for these two projects if the size permits. Hedgehog Handworks is on my list for goldwork kits.

    Thanks again

  132. I think I would split them up – use them just a little bit at a time and savor them. Times are rough right now and I have a hard time justifying buying expensive embroidery supplies when we are trying to make ends meet – this would be a dream that I would cherish for as long as possible.

  133. Such lovely supplies would need to be used on a special project, to me. I’d like to try a medium project or two, depending on how much fabric there is.

  134. This is just such a wonderful prize ! I would most definitely stretch the precious material out and also the threads to use for smaller projects to give to special friends. The sponsors for all these gifts have been so generous.

  135. Savor and stretch the threads. The linen would be snapped up and used ASAP. Thanks for all of the links to sites I’ve never perused before!

  136. Hi,
    I like to make small things, so I would probably spread this out. But, maybe I would use it on a big project. I do want to do some blackwork. This kit is beautiful and would love to win it.

  137. Good Morning!
    I would most likely make several small projects with all the beautiful threads provided, and anything I don’t use
    I would ive to my Mother who has been cross stitching probably since she was a child.

  138. i would love to experiment and play with these materials on a number of small projects. there is still so much about needlework that i would love to learn!

  139. Oh, what lovely materials! I would use these gorgeous materials in several projects, but I would have a terrible time deciding which projects.

  140. Easy. One. Probably. Depends on the size of the cut. It’s all relative.
    Uh…well, you know, I would have to compare it to what’s in the stash too.

  141. I would try to use them all (plus maybe more?) in a project like your blackwork fish (which I love!). Or, I might try to do your crewel rooster (which I also love!) in blackwork or whitework.

    I have maybe a dozen projects for which I’ve collected all the supplies and even though they’ve been sitting for eons, I enjoy knowing that when I finally get ready to work on them I will have what I need.

    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  142. I would probably make several smaller projects, as we are moving into a new home in the summer. And the walls are crying out for something speical to be placed on them.

  143. Oh wow, thanks Mary for another wonderful giveaway. I would definately use the linen and silk threads for smaller projects, that way I could really enjoy these gorgeous silk threads thanks for the chance Kathy in Missouri

  144. Okay I admit I need another project like another hole in the head. But I want want want this giveaway. Thank you Mary for your generosity.

  145. Stitchfest, but with multiple stitchings going on at the same time!!! This is a very nice gift!
    Avis in VA

  146. Oh this prize looks like so much fun to play with! So to answer your question, I would use this package to try several different smaller projects to practice and just have fun! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely prize on the ninth day of Christmas giveaway!

  147. Wow, what a win this would be! I would do a cutwork runner in white for my dressing table and then launch into a blackwork project that I have a pattern for, and which I would like to show at our next Royal Agricultural Show (Crafts Section)in Pietermaritzburg. One could only be spoilt with such fantastic quality materials.

  148. Oh MANY! SAVOR! What a treat it would be to stitch with such fine materials! The things you are giving away are the stuff (embroidery) dreams are made of!

  149. If I were to win, I’d probably embark on a larger project. Getting to play with the juxtaposition of the different thread textures and really see how they interact seems like a wonderful journey.

  150. My answer is–a little of both.

    I tend to do larger projects on pieces like this, so I would probably find a stumpwork design to do. Depending on the size of the linen pieces, I might be able to get more than one project of out each one, but I would likely not cut them up into several smaller projects.

    The threads, however, I probably would use on multiple projects. I usually don’t do monochromatic pieces, so these would get split up.

    Carol S.

  151. I would use the fabric for several projects and would incorporate the threads using techniques. Stump work is one example

  152. Hi Mary!
    I would go for the all out stitch fest!!One huge project…over the top…extravagent!!!! Then I would rethink, and probably be more realistic, and do a few smaller projects. :)Thank you!
    Jen B in Oregon

  153. I would do many projects and stretch them out and savor them over a long period of time. 🙂

  154. Oooh these are gorgeous! I would most definitely attempt one large project. With either option, I would also introduce a fun pop color into the mix. As for the design? I am envisioning something geometric, maybe something Escheresque…

  155. What beautiful fabric and threads. I envision lots of Christmas ornaments in white and gold;
    delicate snowflakes, an intricate cross, a tudor rose and many more. I love small embroideries where every little stitch and detail counts.
    Laura va beach

  156. I have never worked with anything this beautiful. It would be a dream to use! I think I would have to do one big dream project. All these items scream to be worked together on one design over a long period of time. This would be such a treat!

  157. I would use these in several smaller projects. I have not used linen or silk before so small projects would be best for experimenting.

  158. I would love to do a dream project with this material. However, I have to be realistic too. I think many smaller projects will be what I plan to undertake with this loot.

  159. So much information, Thank you. I have tried many big projects, and have not been so successful in finishing, so I would do several small ones which I could finish and try out different techniques.

  160. Oooh,
    I’m in love with Ivory threads and Linen.
    I’d create a pair of fine corset stays for a
    royal and embroider them with these fine
    silk threads. I’m inspired!

  161. Oooh, I would have to do one big dream project! Couldn’t imagine anything less for such beautiful threads!

  162. Gosh, what beautiful threads and fabric. I made the mistake as a beginner choosing my first two projects as very large and detailed (my ambition gets me every time) As a result 2 years later they are still not done. I would definately go for smaller projects with this assortment. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  163. I can’t see breaking up these sets into smaller projects. I’m the one with the huge project in mind even when I am learning a new technique. This sometimes results in a UFO, but generally I stick to a project until it is finished. Honestly, though, I once paid a friend to finish a cross-stitch with over 70 shades of green, similar symbols for different shades of colour, and 10 pages of graph that had to be blown up so thatthe symbols could be read.

  164. I would probably split it up. And I would have to hunt long and hard to come up with just the right pattern to use these gorgeous supplies! I tend to hoard things like this for a while. Just knowing I have it brings happiness to me 🙂

  165. I’ve not tried embroidery as extraordinary as what I see on your site, Mary, but am very interested in starting a project like this during the first part of 2012. I enjoy so very much reading about the linens and threads. Thanks for the website – it’s beautifully done.


  166. Since I don’t really have any ambitions (yet!) to do any BIG project, that “generous cut” would definitely make its way into many smaller pieces. I’ve never worked with very good fabric, so the opportunity to try it without investing any cash on my end is very appealing!

  167. This is something I’d have to spread out over several little projects and savor. Such wonderful materials.

  168. Oh dear, I think I’m starting to hyperventilate! I could never use all the materials on one large project – but would savor each bit over time with lovely little works.

  169. I have only done surface embroidery once and used twill cotton. I have never even heard of these fabrics and they look like they would be heaven to stitch on. The thread collection are also amazing and would give you the opportunity to work with a wide variety of beautiful threads and add to your knowledge of fabrics and fibers available. I could see doing some very large fine art reproduction with them.

  170. Wat beautiful fabric and threads! I would be a dream to stitch with . If I win , I will put all items on a table to admire them till I see the perfect project for it, worth to wait and savor them!

  171. Most likely it would be many little projects. I fantasize about launching into a huge gorgeous project, but since I’m still new to everything I am taking it slow and small to start with. This is probably my favorite giveaway so far next to the wool threads.

  172. I would take the class you have been talking about and do my project with this wonderful material. I would like to know what it feals like to work with realy realy good material. I would use it carefully and hopefully have enough to do a couple of christmas ormaments for next year.

  173. I’m going to say I would use the materials for several medium size projects. My friends might laugh at that statement because I have a reputation for doing large projects.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  174. What beautiful materials! I would use them for several smaller projects so that I could try different things.

  175. I would probably use them on many different projects. I always have quite a few on the go.

  176. I would probably use them on one project. I try not to start a new project until the existing one is finished.

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