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Tenth Day of Christmas: Tools for Hand Embroidery!


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For some reason, I am Really Excited about today’s give-away. I suppose it’s because I’m a “tool” junkie – even though I’m not really a collector of tools. Just give me good tools that do the job well and I’m happy. If they happen to be attractive to boot, that’s great!

On this Tenth Day of Christmas, the give-away focuses on a few tools that I find serviceable. It happens that two of them fall into the “good looking” category – and in fact, one is downright gorgeous. So, three tools in all for one lucky winner.

Tools for Hand Embroidery

First up is a laying tool, courtesy of JRCrafter. Ahhhhhh – but not just any laying tool! This is a BLT (Best Laying Tool), encased with a hand-crafted gorgeous oasis laminated wood case. The tool is fitted into the handle and securely epoxied. The case closes by screwing the cap onto the handle, so that the laying tool is protected – and so is everything else that the laying tool comes in contact with.

Tools for Hand Embroidery

The touches of brass that finish the case add to its attractiveness and its substantial feel. The wood case is silky smooth. The handle makes the laying tool comfortable to hold, and the whole piece is a perfect weight. It just feels good to use it.

Tools for Hand Embroidery

And golly, it is gorgeous! It’s unique to the owner, since each tool case is hand crafted, and no wood or acrylic cuts exactly the same every time.

The tool case is crafted by JR Crafter. Jack and John have a website that’s currently under construction – JRCrafter.com – but they also have an Etsy shop that features all their beautifully encased tools. Along with the laying tools, you’ll find fine crochet hooks and tatting hooks encased in either wood or acrylic. You can also find their tools in several retail needlework shops, which are listed on the JRCrafter website. Maybe there’s one close to you, so you can see the tools in person, for the photos barely do them justice.

I can’t praise these tools enough! I’ve never held a laying tool so comfortably. And I’ve never been so enchanted by the beauty of any tool. I have the rainbow acrylic laying tool, and it is almost mesmerizing to look at, it’s so pretty! But it’s perfectly serviceable, too. Once I had it in my hands, it quickly became my favorite laying tool. I’ve been using it almost daily ever since it arrived.

Tools for Hand Embroidery

Perhaps not quite as pretty, but certainly excellent quality, nice looking, and extremely serviceable, the second tool in today’s give-away is the essential pair of embroidery scissors. Why essential? Every embroiderer, whether beginner or advanced, needs a good pair of scissors. These Dovo scissors are just that – a good pair of scissors. They are small, they are sharp, they are extremely well made.

Tools for Hand Embroidery

I’m not really a scissor collector. I know lots of stitchers who are – who have dozens of pairs! I suppose beautiful scissors or fun & funky scissors would be fun to collect. There’s a part of me that would be a scissor collector, but the rest of me just won’t let it happen! For me, it’s just a matter of having a few good pairs of scissors that I can rely on. And Dovo scissors always fill the bill. They are my favorite scissors, hands down.

This pair, courtesy of yours truly, comes with a small leather sheath to protect the tips and anything that comes in contact with them.

Tools for Hand Embroidery

This last tool, also courtesy of Needle ‘n Thread, isn’t exactly “drool worthy” (it’s not a drool tool!), but it is still extremely serviceable and quite handy for every stitcher to have. It is a Bohin ceramic lead pencil, with ceramic lead refills. The ceramic leads are white, and they write a kind of matte white, kind of like chalk, but not as dusty. The leads are fine enough to draw a visible fine line on any medium to dark fabric. Bohin also makes different colors of ceramic leads, so if you happen to pick up colored refills, you can easily use those on any fabric. I use the Bohin ceramic pencil on lots of projects – they make a great tracing tool.

Give-Away Instructions

Today’s Tenth Day of Christmas give-away winner will receive all three tools pictured above.

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on this link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

What’s your favorite needlework tool and what makes you like it so much?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box.

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Tenth Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. Sometimes, this takes a little while because I am not able to moderate comments around the clock. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.

Also, just another little note – though rather late in this whole give-away series – please don’t leave your e-mail address or residential address in the body of your comment. It’s just not a good idea to expose your addresses to the world. If nothing else, you probably don’t want to end up with a bunch of spam in your inbox. Just use the line provided in the comment form for your e-mail address. Thanks!


(1,043) Comments

  1. Without a doubt scissors are my favorite tool. I cannot seem to have enough of them….there could be 5 on my table at one time and I still cannot put my hands on one of those five!

    The laying tool is beautiful and worthy of comment too because it is definitely a wonderful aid to embroidery.

  2. My favorite needlework tool is my 3″x6″ hoop. It’s so comfortable to work with. My second favorite tool is a small sharp scissors with curved blades. It allows me to snip very close to my work.

  3. Each one I pick up is my favorite at the time I’m using it. Just like flowers, they are my favorite when in blossom. Call me fickle, I guess.

    Does the second hand handi-work standing bag count? I love that so much because it lets me carry around a project and tools so I can work in a variety of places.

    And if the scissors in this giveaway do not come to my home, I’ve found a similar pair at Nordic Needle and will finally invest in some Hardanger scissors. Have been looking for awhile and indecisive. Today you helped me decide. Thanks so much.

  4. My favorite needlework tool… uhmm I most confess that I do not yet have one… I am just into embroidering since last september and I haven’t really got things that are specifically for needlework apart from my millennium frame (which I love), two hoops and a water erasable pen (which draws far to big lines). For cutting the fabric and cutting the treads I have my scissors that I already had for quilting, they do the job reasonably well although the one for cutting the treads could do with being a bit sharper.
    But I have to say what a beautiful looking laying tool and the one you’ve got is a beauty too, love the colors!

  5. Doesn’t really count as a tool but its my sewing box which I keep all my tools in. My mum gave it to me as a present – she lined it with some beautiful fabric and I just love it.

  6. My favorite needlework tool is my laying tool. I have the trolly laying tool and it helps me railroad multiple strands of threas when I am doing canvas work or when I am crosss titching with 2 strands.

  7. My favorite – my old stork scissors given to me by my mom. Thank you Mary, JR Crafter, and Needle ‘n Thread for offering these very useful tools.

  8. This one is a little hard as I am a tool person. However it would have to be a 100+ year old ivory fine crochet hook. I use it as a laying tool and to bury ends of wool on needlepoint. It feels wonderful in my hand and smooths fibers better than anything else I’ve tried.

  9. Wow Mary, what a wonderful collection, I simply love the laying tool and as I have previously stated I am an unintentional scissor collector, however my most favourite tool is a thimble that was given to me as a present many years ago by a very dear friend, it is decorative asnd fits beautifully.

  10. Beautiful tools , the laying tool would be so handy with silk ribbon embroidery …my favourite embroidery tool is the John James needles..thanks for this opportunity Dianne from Brockville Ont.

  11. Thank-you again Mary for your generosity. My favourite sewing tool is my scissors. Without the proper scissors for the right project, and their being sharp, it like cutting through rope with gardening shears. I treasure my small collection and somedeay hope to have a chatelaine framed and hanging on my wall. I would love to see more articles on needlework tools as there are some that make life so much easier and they do not have to cost a fortune.

  12. my favorite is an awl that I can use for a variety of things such as guiding my sewing through the machine or to aid in placement of silk ribbon. It is useful for so many things.

  13. My favorite embroidery tool, hands down would be the ceramic pencil. Scissors are a must ,but the pencil looks to be a dream come true. I am still a beginner by your standards, Mary. But I love learning from your site. Thanks for all you do.

  14. I have a glass laying tool that I absolutely love – it lays the threads so smoothly and is so nice to hold in your hand. Not to mention it looks great! The only problem – I am afraid to take it anywhere so it only gets used at home. I need to find a laying tool I love that I can take outside the home!

  15. My clip-on magnifying lens — it makes counted thread work so much easier and more enjoyable because each thread in the linen (or whatever) is so clearly visible.

  16. Ha,ha,ha……..a thread picker…..and I don’t have to explain that one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Todays question is a really toughy – it depends so much on what I am doing. I purchased a pair of Dovo Scissors after hearing about them from you and they are definitely now my favourite scissors and since I learnt how to use a tekobari, I rarely stitch without a laying tool close to hand.

    But I could improvise and make do without either of these even though stitching would be less of pleasure without them. The one tool that I could not do without is a needle, so I am going to say that my handmade Japanese needles are my favourite tool.

  18. My favorite tool is the BLT which is very fine metal, no handle. Now with arthritis I would love to try the Rainbow BLT. The fine point on this tool allows me to lay threads just where and how I want them. My BLT is my most prized possession. I cannot imagine anyone doinmg needlework not knowing about the BLT.

  19. Dear Mary, Another droolable feast of fabulous give-aways. My favourite tool *was* a wooden laying tool (it met a sad demise under the foot of a friend). My current favourite is my sajou scisors (they just feel nice) but in a trivial way I really like that new (to me at least) highlighter tape for following patterns. Slick! Rainy and warm here on the east coast; hope your weather suits the season!

  20. Somewhere I’ve read that the right tools are as important as your threads and fabrics, and your own skills. These are ALL cool tools!!!

  21. I’ve never been one much for tools, although I’ve always fancied a wooden laying too. I do have a hexagon template that is special, my brother cast it for my mum when he began working

  22. I love all three…..I have been coveting a pair of Dovo scissors since I read your recent review of them……I am a woodcarver so I fully appreciate the craftsmanship of the laying tool……and the chalk marker is just so practical. This truly is the nirvana of giveaways!

  23. OK, OK!! So I’ve become a scissors collector!!! I REALLLLLLY want these Dovo scissors! Several of my sister stitchers have them and I’ve been drooling over them for ages. I would be thrilled to be chosen for this day’s gifts, Mary.

    The laying tool is so handsome – I would be proud to add it to my tools. And the ceramic lead pencil sounds great. I want to give it a try.

    So, to answer your question, I will admit that my favorite needlework tool is … is … Oh, I just can decide! I can’t imagine giving any one of them up.

    Thanks for all this fun, Mary, and I hope you have a wonderful Tenth Day.

  24. Dear Mary,

    My favorite needlework tool are my little scissors I bought at the big retailer store. They are German-made and really sharp. I really love them! Also, I got a golden needle once from one of the stores from where I purchase needlework supplies. It’s such a pretty needle, I didn’t want to use it and I put away. *facepalm*

    Yes, rather silly.

    Have a wonderful day!

  25. i know that most needleworkers don’t use them, but i do quite a bit of hand sewing besides my needlework, and i have to have my thimble. it’s an heirloom that was my grandmother’s and is sterling. it fits me perfectly. one of my projects right now is a wool blanket i’m needle painting for my new grandson. going trough the wool and felt without a thimble would be a painful operation. this is a wonderful giveaway that i would love to win. thank you so much for the chance.

  26. Mary, that’s a no-brainer. My Gingher embroidery scissors have to be my favorite tool. I have several pairs of embroidery scissors but they don’t seem to get into the very small spaces as easily. I’ve never used a laying tool and this is a great opportunity to have a chance at acquiring one. The Davos scissors look to be even finer than my Gingher, so also would be very welcome, as well as the marking tool.
    BTW still haven’t been able to access the “Ninth Day” drawing. Will keep trying as I love 48ct linen and never have used those silk threads.

  27. For me it’s scissors, dull I know, but I am that scissor junky you mentioned!
    The laying tool looks beautiful and is something I have yet to use – so that would be just amazing!

  28. My favorite tools from 2011 were a case for holding beads, and a magnetic gem to hold my needle on the project. I think the case was called “sticky bob”. I took a class at my local shop for a sampler that had a lot beads in it, and the owner recommended this tool. It made working with beads so much easier. The magnet is just a fun, easy way to keep track of my needle.

  29. you are right, the laying tool is gorgeous!! I do own a pair of Dovo scissors and they are one of my favorite. Now, for my favorite sewing tool….I doubt if this is what you have in mind…but mine are my hands!! I never take them for granted anymore. Imagine if you didn’t have them. Eight years ago, I had a serious illness and totally lost the use of my right hand. Uppermost in my mind was what if I could never stitch again! Temporary set back and I can still stitch.

    Debi in MS

  30. Favorite tool is a clean pair of glasses because without those I would be blind and I have a wonderful tool that cleans them from both sides that look like mini ear buds that have a glass cloth attached that keep them clean. They can be attached to a key chain if you want but I keep a pair nearby when I do my needlework because inevitably my glasses go messy and I have been known to use them for my magnifiers too!
    Avis in VA

  31. There aren’t a lot of tools at my house and I’ve been looking for a good laying tool…so will check out the sites mentioned for that! My favorite at present are my little gold embroidery scissors.

  32. favorite handwork tool would be needle and thimble. I used to have thick skin. since thyroid problems: thimble is needed now.

    Joanie in W. TN

  33. I don’t have a favorite tool per say, as I am still figuring out what is needed to help with my work. However I have been trying to find a good pencil to use for drawing my guide lines. I have gone through so many!! I will definitely be looking for a ceramic pencil!!!
    Breanna-lenexa ks

  34. My favorite needlework tool would have to be my Gingher Stork embroidery scissors! Why? They are not only sharp, and precise but also beautiful to look at while you use them. They just feel good in my hands and that makes me want to use them all the time!

  35. Ohhh, these are gorgeous!! I just love that laying tool,( I have been trying to get used to using one) JR Crafters make some wonderful tools! Dover scissors are great too, can’t have too many . I tend to have several projects in different containers and keep like to have scissors handy in each one.
    The Bohin ceramic pencil is something I have not used yet but should be better than what I’ve been using.
    Thank you so much for all of these giveaways…..they’re fabulous!
    Jan M

  36. My favorite tool is my scissors. KAI. They are just right for me for some reason. I have told all my friends about them. I once lost them and every snip was just not the same until they were found. I have never made the investment in a laying tool and this one looks grand indeed. Chris Beresford from Michigan

  37. I have to admit to being a scissor junkie. I have at least a dozen pairs of embroidery scissors but don’t have the Dovo brand so that would be a lovely addition to the collection. The laying tool is absolutely beautiful though and would be a lovely addition to my tool stash!

  38. I love all my tools but I think my favorite is a pair of Dovo scissors. I would love to win any of today’s gifts.

  39. My favorite tool is a pair of scissors – I do a lot of cross stitch and hardanger and these scissors have a small dip on the pointed end that easily goes under a stitch, allowing for just a small snip.

    But that laying tool is awesome! If I don’t win, which frankly, I never do, I think I’m going to have to get one of those. It would be wonderful for silk ribbon embroidery.

  40. Believe it or not, I am drooling over all three tools. We don’t have a lot of choice in embroidery tools here in South Africa. I have always wanted a laying tool, never used one….
    The scissors actually look a bit vintage, but maybe its only be the way the photo was taken. I love a good pair of sharp scissors. And the marking pen sounds wonderful. HB pencils for us here I’m afraid.
    Regards, Petra

  41. Does one have a very favorite tool? I like all my tools and gadgets, in fact I sort of collect them. But if I had to pick just one to be stuck on an island with it would be a very sharp, fine pointed pair of scissors.

  42. Well I’ve never tried using a laying tool so would just love the chance to win one and give it a go, so I would have to say that my favourite stitching tool is my little pair of embroidery scissors, they sit in an attractive case on a chain.

  43. (Gasp) That laying tool is just exquisite! I use my old laying tool quite often. I love my scissors….have about 4 different pairs. I would have to say my favorite tool is my scissors…especially with hardanger. I could never get along with a good pair of scissors.

  44. My favourite tool is a stiletto which my grandmother and mother used for their embroidery. As I am nearly 70 it must be getting old; but is in perfect condition.

  45. Hi Mary,

    My favourite tools are the scissors and the stitch ripper. Scissors helps me to end a project with satisfaction.

    Stitch ripper helps me to turn an awful project to an awesome one.

  46. wow, what beautiful tools!
    my favorite tool is a pair of ginger embroidery scissors, not because they are so well made, but they belonged to my dear grandmother. She gave them to me when I first started to embroider, and I was using some little school scissors!! ha!I am going on esty right now,to see JR Crafter!
    Thank You Mary!
    Nora jg

  47. Morning Mary
    I have never used a laying tool, always just grab a knitting needle or some other thing that is handy. The tool I love and can’t live without is my scissors. I can’t seem to get my family to leave them alone and so find myself buying new ones all the time.

  48. Dear Mary, My favourite tool is my strawberry ๐Ÿ™‚ I am talking about the strawberry filled with emery to sharpen one’s needles. Can’t do without it. Elza Bester, Cape Town xx

  49. My favourite tool is actually a screwdriver of sorts. When I think my hoops are tight enough, I bring out this little tool and manage to tighten so much more. My stitching has improved immensely since I got it. But I just love the laying tool in your giveaway, it is definitely drool worthy, as you say. Not completely neccessary, but oh so lovely!

  50. Ooops, forgot to answer your question in my comment above. My favourite tool is a pair of Embroidery scissors which is a present from my son. They are from England and look very vintage.

  51. I have a lot of fav tools, scissors, good quality needles, but my newest fav is my Hardwicke Manor hoops…very smooth and they feel so nice in hand!

  52. My favorite, most treasured tool is my pair of embroidery scissors. They are one item that can’t be replaced by a makeshift device. (other than teeth!!?)Next in line would be needles and I have built up quite a stash of those. I am a tool junky and love to have the appropriate tool to use. I already have a BLT and it does feel perfect in my hand, but it is very ulitarian, the laying tool in today’s give-a-way is stunning!

    Doreen B.

  53. I love the laying tool, I have been looking for a good one, I have one for leather work, but not for embroidery work. My favorite tool is my leather thimble. It doesn’t make my fingers sore, like regular metal thimbles. Thank you for having these giveaways.

  54. My favorite tool is my Q-snaps. They are used every day and are so easy to use! They’re not as glamorous as a laying tool or as sexy as scissors, but I love them anyway.

  55. Dear Mary, Being reasonably new to embroidery I have to say that I love my 5″ embroidery hoop. It helps me keep my stitches even and my fabric smooth. I also love my small pair of non stick very sharp scissors. I would love to get a needle holder that indicates the different needles as I do get them mixed up once they are out the packet. I love the give away tools.
    Kathy P – Pretoria, RSA

  56. My favorite tool is my tekobari (laying tool). However, I’m finding it hard to hold so have been gravitating towards projects that only require a single thread. The laying tool you’re offering might be just the thing for me to grip.

    Lee C.

  57. Laying tools are my favorite tool to work with…I have several of them and switch between them depending on what I am working on both fiber and project size….The BLT is a great one when I have lots of canvas space but the trolley needle one is best if I am working in a tight area….the long glass one is mostly a “look at me”!

  58. My favourite tool is a pair of Henkels embroidery scissors because they have very fine tips and can cut very close.

  59. My favorite tools are the small scissors and seam ripper. I use these for the various projects that require small delicate work….I love the tools that were posted……

  60. Tools, tools…I only really have a couple, a repurposed dental tool I use as a laying tool, and my surgical…er, needlework…scissors, which I adore.

    Those Dovos look INCREDIBLE…am praying I win this one just for those! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. My favorite tool is a pair of Dovo scissors that are sharp right to the very tip of the point. I just love them. And I know I’d have to replace them if they were ever misplaced.

  62. My favorite tool is probably my mothers home made thread keeping – it is very nice for keeping the various colors neat and organized
    Mary Ann

  63. My favorite needlework tool is my Do-Lolly. I have a terrible habit of stitching down to the last little bit of floss and then having to ease it under with Lolly. And if I decide that I have to take out some stitches in the middle of a bunch of stitching, Lolly helps me tuck the ends under so that I don’t have a bigger mess.

    The awl in today’s giveaway is indeed awesome. I love the dyed wood. My husband has used that type of wood to make some bowls and they are beautiful beyond belief.

  64. The laying tool simply stated is a work or art! I could own one …just to hold and handle it!

    My favorite tool for embroidering is a set of two needles that belonged to someone in the family (I do not know who) that somehow I came to have. Anyway, they are extremely thin and strong – the points on each are clean, without burs – they go thru threads in fabric nicely. Most of the ones in fabric shops near me are more rounded. So, when I need to get the threads just so…they work best. Also, it is not an embroidery tool…but, I own a small running headlamp that tilts down…good for dispelling shadows in the evening. Charlotte

  65. I protect my scissors like a dog guarding his last bone! Thanks for the chance to win more great tools!

  66. I love all three of the products and use the scissors daily! Would love to have additional ones for each basket!

  67. I have two favorites, one is a little sewing quilted sewing box, my mother-in-law got me, it is perfect size to fit my threads and needles and to throw in my bag with my hoop. The next is a next little scissor keeper I got at a quilt show that has a really strong magnet and clip to keep me from losing my scissors in the couch as a stitch.

  68. My favorite needlework tool is my laying tool. Although it is no where near the one in your giveaway in terms of beauty, mine is very easy to use which makes my stitching always enjoyable.

  69. Even though I use a lot of flat silk, I don’t own a laying tool, much as I would like one; I use a small double ended knitting needle! And whilst I can’t say they are my favourite embroidery tools, more a necessity, I cannot do anything without my clip on magnifying glasses and daylight lamp!

  70. I don’t even know what a laying tool is! So if I win I’ll definitely learn how to use it. And this one is a beauty. And one can always use a good pair of little scissors. Mine always get misplaced somehow. Thank you for this opportunity to win these wonderful tools.

  71. Once again, another neat giveaway! My favorite needlework tool is the needle. All sorts of needles from crewel, embroidery, milliners, quilting, whatever fits the task at hand. I don’t think we often stop to think how lucky we are to have so many different types, that are so easily accessible compared to our ancestors who used to have to use a needle until it broke in their hands!

  72. My favorite needlework tool? That would have to be my snips. Not scissors, but snips. They are about 4 inches long and 3/4s of an inch wide. They do not have the finger and thumb holes, so they fit better in my embroidery box. I purchased them and mt thimbles at an early 19th century pioneer museum. I also like my ORTament.

  73. What a great giveaway! I have a magnifying glass that goes over my neck and sits on my chest, and that is my favorite tool. It helps my eyes so much, I can stitch for much longer than I can without it. I would love to have any of these tools to use, thank you for the opportunity!

  74. In thinking about what my favorite tool is, I considered what I use most often, and that would have to be the clip-on, flip up magnifying lenses. They fit on my regular glasses, don’t have to be continually readjusted like a magnifying lamp, allow me to focus both across the room to carry on a conversation or watch TV, and flip up out of the way when I don’t need them. They are also inexpensive, so I can have a pair in my to-go kit, and one by each chair where I may sit to stitch for a bit.

  75. I forgot to say, the scissors are nice and sharp and I do believe that would be my favorite tool in all of my needlework projects.

  76. My fav tool would be my tiny embroidery scissors which are just sharp enough, fit just right enough in my hand and cut just beautifully!

  77. My favorite marking tool must be a good marking tool. I most often use the Bohin ceramic pencil. It draws a very fine line and works on almost every color of fabric. All the tools offered are lovely and useful and what could be better than lovely and useful together? Thanks for this opportunity, you have chosen such nice things to give away!!

    Jenny P. in Kansas City

  78. What beautiful tools. I have very basic tools and they are fine but all of these would make needlework even more pleasurable. Especially with the pattern for the embroidered sewing box. The tool that I use a lot is a magnifier (one for chart reading and one that I wear on my head as well as good lighting).

  79. My favorite tool is a pair of stork scissors with a little leather sheath. Since I do my embroidery work in various places, I appreciate the small size and the fact that the sheath protects the contents of my project bag. I don’t have a laying tool, just use a darning needle which I’ve had forever — since the time that I used to darn socks! Eeks. That makes it over 50 years old. Still, the little scissors are the most useful and my favorite tool.

  80. My favourite tool! That’s hard to narrow down. Does a full-spectrum light qualify? If you are talking about the amount of time used – my Ott-lite. If you talk aesthetics – my sewing bird. If you talk about speciality tools, it’s a toss up between my hedebo ring stick and my trolley needle.

  81. My favorite tool is definitely my pincushions (yes, in the plural :-); I love them big so I can easily stab my needles in them without really looking. I always put one in the same place so my hand know where to find it!

  82. My favorite tool is the needle because its the only one I have at the moment. This giveaway is a great one, i hope I win

  83. If I don’t win, I’m definitely buying one of those laying tools! I love it when beautiful and practical combine. I think my favorite tool right now is a flower-shaped piece of rubber that I use for pulling my needle through tough spots–like bullions or cast-ons. It is a real finger saver!!! I also love my decorative needle holders–I think I need more of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Oooooh, I want that laying tool.Not sure I want to ‘lay’ anything with it – I just want to look at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favourite tool of the moment is definitely the Elessee (not sure I spelt that right) ‘seat stand’ although I use it as a lap stand. Because I have rheumatoid arthritis and have a job that involves using a foot pedal all day, when I get home it’s good to have my feet up on a recliner, so being able to have my embroidery mounted in a frame and then on a stand that I can use while ‘reclining’ is just fab.

    I only got it this Christmas (from another rheumatic stitching friend who understands these things) and can’t think how I lived without one for so long.

  85. Wow! Another great give away. I do a lot of reverse applique and drawing free hand fine lines are always difficult. And the lure of new scissors…..

  86. Wow… I guess my favorite needlework tool is the tiny magnets that attach to your project to hold your needle. It keeps your needle where it belongs and you don’t have to stick additional holes in your project to hold on to it. I have several pair of them ranging from really tiny to about the size of a watch battery.

  87. This is one area where my embroidery supply is sadly lacking. I’ve never had or used a laying tool, and this one is GORGEOUS! I usually just buy the small pair of Fiskars scissors at the fabric store as my embroidery scissors, although I do have one pair of stork scissors that I love. At this point, I’d have to say that until I get new glasses, my favorite tool is the magnifying glass that hangs around my neck! ๐Ÿ™‚ Classy eh?
    Karen Gass ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Does an Ott lamp count as an embroidery tool? I use mine all the time, and it makes a world of difference!

  89. My favourite needlework tool is a needlecase made out of red felt with flannel “pages” for the needles. It is enbroidered with simple lupin-like flowers in chain stitch and was made for me by my Mother’s God Mother when I was about 7 years old and she was well into her 80’s. It is now well over 30 years old itself and still looks fresh as a daisy which come to think of it was her name! I always think of auntie Daisy when I use it and while it may not be the most spectucular of tools, it means a lot to me.

  90. To receive either of the three of today’s gifts would be a delight but I must say that the Best Laying Tool would be the charmer as I did put it on my wish list when you first feature it.

  91. My favorite tool is my stork scissors, partly because I’ve had it for so long and partly because I just love the whimsy of the bird. Thanks for all these giveaways.

  92. My favourite needlework tools are my gold needles and my really good scissors – oh, and of course my Hardanger scissors. I have never used a laying tool but can see the advantage of using one and this one is a delight as are those beautifully pointed scissors. I am drooling over them already!

  93. I guess the tool I find most necessary for needlework, besides having a good assortment of needles is the scissors. A nice sturdy, sharp pair of scissors on hand for snipping threads. And those Dovos look perfect.

  94. My favourite needlework tool is my scroll frame. But if I had to choose between the three tools offered today, that would be the laying tool. Presently, I use an oversized wool needle as a laying tool. It’s not very adequate as it is too short and too sharp. I’m quite envious of today’s winner!!! I hope it’ll be me!!! Thank you again and again for this great giveaway!

  95. I have a small pair of gingher scissors that I purchashed about 20 yrs ago-my favorite pair. Beuatiful gold plated handles feel good in my hand and they cut so cleanly. Of course, always room in my heart for another pair!

  96. Favorite? It’s like children, who can admit to having a favorite? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very fond of most of my tools. I do have a vast number of pairs of scissors — and am always shoving another pair in my purse “to make sure I have some with me” — which was a huge problem once when I had to go to the courthouse. Xray and search proved that I had something like 8 little embroidery scissors in my bag — got some funny looks I’ll tell you.

    For a long working session, a good chair is a top tool. I now have one that has wide (but very straight down so the floor frame can snug up close) arms and a wide back so the cats can sit “with me” but not on me — makes everyone happy.

  97. I have to say that my favorite tool is the nice pointy small scissors. It is exceptionally beneficial when you are successfull in your embroidery adventure as well as otherwise.

  98. My favorite tool–probably a tie between my magnifying glasses without which I could not see to stitch, and my beautiful, hand-turned laying tool which fits my hand so well.

  99. Scissors are a must in any tool supply, Laying Tool, oh boy, why did I not know about this sooner, it is magic at unpicking as well as laying the fabric smooth and flat when working multiple layers of fabric, so these two would be my favourites, once again Thank You so much for being able to take part in your offers.

  100. oh u are so right! how pretty is that laying tool? I dont have one…YET! ty for the link tho…will take a looksee later today…me and my scissors…have lots of those but none really good or special for stitching..mostly for other crafts I do…many fiskers for sure..and I also dont have one of those pencils, but thinking it would be great to have.My fav tool…DONT LAUGH! it is VERY old…like some 30 years old..not sure if you can even get them like I have…but..it is a piece of metal with 2 strip magnets…you slap your pattern on it..and u can use one of the magnets to mark your place…seriously…at this age with these eyes..it is a pure necessity lol…wasnt expensive, but PRICELESS I tell you! good luck all! ty for the info as always

  101. Oh my, tools to hoard. Well not really, but they will be well loved and guarded. I’ve been wondering about the Dove scissors and these look like they would really do the job for any embroiderer.

    Thanks for all you do!

  102. The right tool makes stitching so satisfying. I would love to add any of the ones you’ve chosen to my arsenal. The most precious tool I currently own is mu magnifying floor lamp. I couldn’t work without it!

  103. I love tools! My favorite needlework tool is a 3 inch, mother of pearl, ruler. The perfect tool for measuring out where to start on my line. I keep it on the table next to me.

    Great giveaway, Mary. Thank you!

  104. My favorite tool is a pair of embroidery scissors that my mother valued very much during years. I still remember how angry she was when my father had the courage to use it to trim his moustache. I will love to win these tools.

    Salvador from Costa Rica

  105. It’s difficult to make a choice… I love my tambour hoop when the fabric is well taut and if you tap it with your fingers it makes a wonderful sound… I love also my magnifying lamp… I seldom use the magnifying lens, but couldn’t stitch without the white light over me… and what about a good pair of scissors?
    As for today’s giveaway, I’ve never seen a ceramic lead pencis, and I bet it would be really useful on dark fabric. It would be a great addiction to my basket!

  106. If I must pick a favorite tool I would have to pick my own hands. For without them all other tools would be of little use. That said, the beautiful wood laying tool is unique. The scissors would be a dream to own. Truly yet another day of wonderful gifts – Thank you.

  107. Wow, what beautiful work! Thanks for the link to the JRCrafter Etsy shop! My favorite “tool” for my work is a tiny, hand-made, felted, hat-shaped, pin cushion! I put pins in the crown and needles in the brim. It is just so cute that it makes me smile while it sits โ€” happily and patiently โ€” next to my work. Because of its shape it doesn’t roll around, but it is very small and doesn’t take up much space. It was also an Etsy purchase. (I love Etsy! I love supporting other extremely creative artists.)

  108. My favorite tool is my scissors.It’s special to me because it was a gift from my mother.The laying tool is beautiful.

  109. I love to do hand work and my two most favourite things to collect are scissors and laying tools – I would love to add these to my collection, thanks Mary for these wonderful offers – Happy New Year and many wonderful stitching days to all ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. I love having the right needle for the thread/ stitch. I read here about using milliner’s needles for French knots/ bullion stitch, and it’s made a huge difference to me. I have four or five needles in a bowl next to me (milliner’s, embroidery, beading, crewel in different sizes) and switch them up as needed. Someday I’ll get some handmade ones!

    Thanks for all these awesome giveaways, Mary.

  111. My favorite needlework tool is the laying tool. When used properly for silk embroidery, it makes all the suga life flat and then the stitch just shines: so satisfying. That is why I like it so much.

  112. Right now, I have two favorite tools. One are my needle threaders (without them I would not be able to thread the needles!) The other is a small very sharp pair of scissors with curved tips. Thank you Mary – a laying tool and the Bohin pencil have been on my wish list for some time now.
    Jean B.

  113. You just presented my favorite tool — Dovo scissors! I have a couple of pairs and they are wonderful! They have those nice fine points for doing cut work.

  114. my favorite embroidery tool is a very small pair of hemostats (clamps for non medical people.) They have been the most useful tool in my box for getting me out of “difficult situations”.

  115. Hi Mary,
    These are wonderful tools, and the laying tool is so gorgeous! I’d love to win them.
    My favorite needlework tool is the needle in my hand–I don’t have any tools specifically for needlework other than my needles and hoops– so I could really use the ones in today’s giveaway!
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  116. My favorite tool is a matter of sentiment rather than practicality. I have a small emery strawberry that belonged to my seamstress grandmother. It probably came with a tomato pincushion. It has a neatly hemmed and appliqued leaf as opposed to pincushion-accompanying strawberries with cut felt leaves. I use it as she did, to clean and sharpen my needles and pins. As always, thank you for orchestrating this give-away! -K.

  117. Don’t laugh. My favorite needlework tool is a stir stick from Starbucks. I was at a stitching convention and had stopped by the coffeeshop on my way to class. While in class, I desperately needed a laying tool to help hold down some unruly stranded cotton while I couched it. Since I hadn’t even used the stir stick (Who has time to stir the coffee when you’re late to class?), it was the perfect device. I’ve used it ever since.
    I would love to have today’s treasures! The awl is so so so pretty!

  118. I do not know if this quite qualifies as a needlework tool, but I sure use my telescoping
    metal stick with the magnet on it a lot. I am
    always losing a needle (down in my chair, on the floor, etc, etc) and my “stick” always finds it. A good friend gave me a new one for
    Christmas which has a light on the tip, and that is even better. I take it to guild and classes and people are always borrowing it! Todays prizes are awesome. I am a bit of a scissors collector, and I keep mine in several old flower “frogs” on the shelf by my sewing area,
    so I can enjoy then. Todays gifts are beautiful
    and whoever wins them will enjoy them I am sure.

  119. Although I’m not a scissors collector, my favorite scissors are probably my favorite tools. I have several specialty pairs — including a pair with super sharp points for hardanger and other cut work, and a special pair for cutting metals.

  120. My favorite tool is a little stitch marker I made using two needles, some doubled-up floss and ort beads I had laying around. You know the tool: You put one needle in where your section starts, another where it ends. This is really useful in counted stitching. I saw one in a magaine once and thought, “I can make that.” It’s not perfect, but it does the job and looks good doing it!

  121. What a great give-away! My favorite needlework tool is an old thimble that belonged to my mother and grandmother. It makes me feel connected to them.

  122. My favorite tool would have to be needles. Having the right needle for the task makes it so much easier, and prettier.

    Thank you for all the opportunites to win one of so many great prizes!!

  123. gorgeous tools-thanks Mary for the offering.
    My favorite tool s high quality needle. I have been experimenting with different ones, and so far I like the ones from Bohn of France.
    Kathy in Missouri

  124. Oh I think I am in love with needles, just my wide variety of needles. I am constantly picking them out and getting a feel for which one is going to be my favorite for a project, which one has the right weight and length. They are all my favorites and I almost broke down and got some vintage gold plated ones I saw at the thrift store recently but I resisted.

  125. My favorite needlework tool, or tools, is oddly enough,my needle(s). So precise, so practical, and you can accomplish so many different things with just one!

    I’d like to do some broderie anglaise, and those scissors look like they would make the cutting out of the fabric pretty precise.

    Thanks for this fun Christmas give-a-way, Mary.

  126. My serrated scissors are my favorite tool. They’re perfect for cutting metal threads, and if I can only take one scissors with me on a trip, they work well on floss, too.

  127. I’d have to say my Lowery Workstand that my husband bought me 2 yrs ago for Christmas. I absolutely adore it for my big projects, makes stitching so much more comfortable than holding a large frame in hand.

  128. I really would like to win this prize, these tools are just what I need. The scissors are what I love the most. I have to hide mine and of cause sometimes I forget where I have hid them as when I have been spotted getting them out I have to find a new place. I certain that they have been found a few times as they feel different and I know how they should feel. So to have another pair would be great. The other 2 tools would come in handy also, and thanks for the chance of winning this set.

  129. This was a hard question. I’m still acquiring tools, so I haven’t really viewed any as a favorite yet. I do remember when I bought my cheap pair of embroidery scissors, thinking how much nicer it is to cut thread close to the work, etc. When you mentioned the Dovo scissors, I did wonder how much nicer better scissors could be to use. Honestly, just like material and threads, I’m learning it’s best to invest money in good items.

    Also, the laying tool having a cap? Awesome! I wish my awl had one like that!

  130. Mary, another good give-away. I love my trolley needle. It is a laying tool that attaches to my finger. I started to use it years ago for my cross stitch and quickly learned how good it was to use for needlepoint, Hardangar and even smocking. In fact, I sometimes take it to the sewing machine when I have to guide fabrics under the needle. Another plus for it is that there are times when I wear it on my index finger and times when I need it on my thumb in order to get the best leverage for laying my threads. Many thanks for this 12 days of presents for us, your readers. Much appreciated.

  131. My favorite tool, huh. I love a new pack of needles, all lined up so perfect and with so much promise. I’ve been thinking about getting a laying tool for a while now, and thats a very pretty one.

  132. I’ve never thought of “having special tools” Although I certainly have “notions” all over my work space. I guess a good needle that guides the thread through cloth is high on my list.

  133. My present laying tool is a large craft needle–works fine, but not nearly as beautiful as your giveaway. I have looked at these but never invested in one. Winning one would be fabulous, but winning any of the wonderful giveaways would be supreme!!! Thanks for all you do for us.

  134. My favorite tool is probably a needlethreader that works on every needle and every thread — and that’s what gets the project rolling. These tools look great, thanks again,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  135. It is fun reading about everyone’s favorite tools! I just love having a whole assortment of different tools (sort of like how men love to have every kind of tool) Most indispensable? My good scissors (not Dovo good but….) Also my dololly for catching those small tails I seem to always end up with when I am stitching!
    Sandy O. WA State

  136. My favorite needlework tool is the needle trolley that fits on my thumb and makes laying threads a breeze. I’m not as keen on the kind of laying tool you have to hold but since I know many people who prefer that type, I could certainly give it a try!

  137. Oh boy! Neat stuff… love the Dovo scissors of course but though I’ve been thinking about getting the Bohin pencils, I’ve not yet managed to actually place the order.
    My favorite tools are many… but I think at this point my thimbles (plural!!) are my saviour throughout all types of needlework. Second, tekobari, Third Japanese Professional scissors and Dovo scissors….

  138. I love my stork embroidery scissors. The main reason I like them so much is that they are too small for the men in my family to use them.(My scissors seem to get grabbed for everything no matter where I hide them) I also have a pair of small sewing scissors that are a little bigger than the embroidery scissors that are very comfortable to use. Both pairs stay very sharp and being left handed they are comfortable. I also have some of my grandmother’s tiny crochet hooks that I like to use for pulling loose thread and even using for laying tools.

  139. I have to admit that my favorite tool is actually another pair of scissors: Kai Omnigrid scissors to be precise. I thought my Ginghers were wonderful until I tried the Kai scissors, and I was blown away. The precision of their point is amazing. That said, I do like the look of the Dovo scissors, and I wouldn’t mind giving them a try!

  140. Oh Yes! This prize is perfect. I have been making do with substitutes for a laying tool and older but still good scissors. Would love to have these fine implements.
    Thank you for this chance.
    Lee F.

  141. I love them all! I would have to say my favorite is the laying tool–I use that every day in my stitching, and love it as it helps the threads to lay so nicely. And if I had one in a beautiful case like the one pictured, I might be less likely to lose it!
    Kathy from McKinney

  142. I often use a scroll frame and I have one with a wooden piece to sit on so it holds my work at the right height in front of me. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s my favorite tool for needlework.

  143. Mary,
    Another lovely giveaway!
    I love tools. My favorite is what I need for the moment. Having the right tool for the job makes such a difference no matter what you’re doing.
    I had never heard of a laying tool until I “met” you. :)But, I have one on my wish list now! JR Crafter’s are grogeous, and when I have one in my needlework box I think I may have to have a favorite tool after all. I LOVE the colors, and the fine workmanship.

  144. Tools??? All I’ve used on the only 2 projects I’ve done are the basics: needle, regular DMC thread, some muslin, a plastic hoop, tracing paper, mechanical pencil, and whatever pair of scissors I could find around the house. I think that special pencil in this give away would be great for me so that I could stitch on something other than white fabric.

  145. One of my favorite tools are metal needle threaders! Not the flimsy wire ones, but the nice sized metal ones with 2 sized hooks so you can thread floss on one end and yarn on the other. They are relatively cheap and easy to come by and I’ve yet to have one break.

    I also have a thing for scissors. My mother brought me a pair of Dovo Scissors from Germany and they are awesome for Hardanger! I would love another pair.

  146. Definately a SHARP pair of scissors with a fine tip. Doing hardanger makes me appreciate what a fine scissor is – my problem is keeping them sharp. I’ve not found a shop for sharpening good scissors – scared they might ruin the tips. I have Gingher scissors but these look beautiful! Thank you!

  147. My favorite tool would have to be the scissors. I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to cut small threads with standard scissors! I’m in need of a good pair of embroidery scissors. The other tools are just as great and I would love to include them in my embroidery tools.

  148. Oooh, that ceramic pencil, didn’t know those existed.
    My favorite sewing tool at the monent would be my tatting shuttle, a wooden one, oak, with a takeout bobbin. It is a silent shuttle, made by Edwin Clarke. So lovely to work with, smooth, fits my hand well.
    Second favorite is my needle case with all kinds of needles.
    Bye, Winnie

  149. Well, This is a hard one. I love my Japanese needles and my Dovo scissors, but right now I love my embroidery bag the most. It looks like a carpet bag and it will hold all of the tools and projects that I need. I love today’s giveaway. The scissors are beautiful and I love the laying tool, especially since that is the one thing I really don’t have.

  150. I love scissors. Don’t know what it is about them. My scissors are like a small treasure just for me. Although, I love my thimble also.

  151. I love toys and these are some of the most intriguing I’ve seen. I’d be more inclined to use a laying tool, if I had such a pretty one to play with. The Dovo scissors are phenomenal. A lot of my friends swear by them and the white pencil is something new to me. I could have used it several times in the past year!

  152. All 3 tools look really interesting. I love the slim lines of the scissors, but the ceramic pencil sounds likie a real find. I’ve never seen one before.

  153. My favorite needlework tool is Gingher Stock scissors because they have a sharp point for ripping. I have two Bohin ceramic pencils, white and green. They were put away somewhere during the family reunion at Christmas. Today I have to search them out for my January projects. There goes two hours of bringing everything back to my livingroom, hoping to find them!

  154. My embroidery tools are actually sewing tools except for a pair of very sharp scissors used excusively for Hardanger. How I would love to own one of these beautiful laying tools and a ceramic lead pencil ! ! ! !

  155. Hi Mary
    My favorite needlework tool is a small brass handled needle threader which I call the “magic tool”. It is more than just a needle threader…in fact, I never use it to thread floss. The wire is super thin and very strong and can be run under finished stitches on the back of my work to catch that last short end of floss that needs to be anchored. I purchased my magic tool years ago at my LNS (which alas, is now out of business). I had taken it to a needlework retreat and when I returned home, it was no longer in my stitching bag … what a tragedy!! I phoned my shop and ordered another one right away. Two years after purchasing the second magic tool, I found the original (Oh happy day!!) … so now I have two. I don’t think you can buy these exact ones anymore … too bad as this has been a stitching lifesaver on many occasions!

  156. i love all the three products. i have no idea of a layering tool. here in Chennai there arent any shops exclusively selling embroidery supplies. my favourite tools are my tailoring scissors-40 yrs old,apair of small scissors to snip threads, various sizes pony embroidery needles.am proud of my pony needles since i grew up working with them -made in my country.layering tool-must give it a try-if i win it.
    ansu chennai

  157. Oh my what beautiful tools! My favorite tool changes depending on what I’m working on at the time. Most often it is my MagEyes, they really help me in getting stitches exactly where I want them.

  158. My favorite tool would have to be my thimble. I have soft girly fingers and the needle tends to leave a hole so protection is definitely required. I also love my air-erasable and water-erasable markers, they are awesome for tracing or drawing a design and I don’t have to worry about the marks showing when I’m done stitching.

    I really should learn the prick and pounce method, you’ve definitely sold me with all your tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Bonjour,
    I like the laying tool a lot, really beautiful but my first choice would be the Dovo scissors then I would pick the ceramic pen because these are the tools I would use the most.
    I am planning to purchase a pair of Dovo scissors in the near future.
    France from Canada.

  160. Hi Mary,

    I absolutely love all the tools,especially
    the laying tool. Laying tools are a neccessity
    in stitching needlepoint, This one is indeed
    the most elegant I’ve ever seen; I would love
    to have it in my collection.

    Teri Sanfilippo

  161. My favorite tool is my stiletto. I love it because it’s so versatile. An old friend, it’s helpful when machine sewing an unruly seam just as it is with all embroidery projects.

  162. It would be wonderful to own such great tools. Not only good to work with but some so beautiful as well.

  163. I treasure my mother’s thimble wich is not really a tool as such. I am busy making an embroidered sewing box and these tools would look so good displayed in it and to be used of course!
    Pam Rae

  164. I don’t really have a favorite embroidery tool, unless you count the library which I use a lot for pattern and stitch ideas.

    I also quilt and I have a cherished pair of bent-handled fabric scissors. My mother bought them for me from J C Penney when I was in school for the mandatory sewing class. They are comfortable to hold, cut nicely, and have never needed any servicing except for the occasional sharpening. I use my rotary cutter more than the scissors now so it is always a pleasure when I do use my scissors. My children were taught before they could speak properly that Mom’s sewing scissors were not for paper!

  165. I would love to win the beautiful tools.!! You can do your best work when you have the best tools!!! Love,love, love them !!

  166. The laying tool is simply scrumptious to look upon. Thank you for the lushious eye candy. My favorite and most needed embroidery tools are my stash of magnifying glasses’, with Ott Light assist. This workhorse duo has enabled me to continue with all the small stitch details I adore, well into my 4th decade of less than stellar eye sight.

  167. My favorite tool would be my leather thimble with the “coin” sewn into the tip. I can’t stitch anything without it!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  168. Hi Mary.
    What beautiful stuff you find. My favorite embroidery tool is my scissors, not because I have anything special, than because they are so necessary. I have about 5 in my 50 m2 apartment and I have a difficult time finding it when I need it.
    For goldwork, my favorite tool is my mellore

  169. G’day Mary,
    Are stitch instruction books, and your site, classed as tools? I hope so because I sure want to be in the running for this prize.
    Because of medical conditions and their medications, I have difficulty remembering. Well, I can remember how and when to use scissors, needle, cup of coffee, etc, etc! Without my stitch guides to prompt me though, all the other tools wouldn’t be so useful.
    It’s frustrating because I used to have a quick, clear mind. Glad for my sight and hands and my oh-so-subtle (NOT!) sense of humour!
    Browsing needlework sites yesterday I saw some Bohin items and was impressed, and here you’re offering one today. Lovely. Thank you for this and your special scissors. I likes their looks!
    And the laying tool! I’ve certainly added some interesting pages to my bookmarks through these giveaways. Thank you, Jack and John, for sharing your tantalisingly beautiful and useful craft so generously.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  170. I think my favorite tool is my scissors. they are from walmart and shaped like a stork. they even squeek if I open and close them just right. Mary I just can’t thank you enough for your love and generosity. so I’ll just say, thank you. I hope you read much more into those 2 simple words. thank you for gifts, thatnk you for teaching us, thank you for sharing, thank you for inspiring, thank you for your joy…

  171. My favorite tool is my late mother’s silver thimble. My late father gave it to her long before I was born so it is probably close to 80 years old. I feel close to them whenever I have it on my finger.

  172. Scissors are my favorite and absolute requirement, couldn’t live without them, infact I don’t let anyone else near them.

  173. Those laying tools are beautiful. I have never used a laying tool. But I do have a handcrafted wood handle seam ripper that I just love I also got a wood turned toothpick holder on a keyring that I use to store my needles. Thanks for all these give aways.

  174. No contest – my neck magnifier. It is invaluable when I am doing really fine work, and when I am undoing a stitch (or stitches). I have also found it useful for reading small print in poor light.

  175. I guess a great pair of scissors would be one of my favorites. Without a good sharp scissor you can snag and or pull threads. Thanks

  176. My favorite tool would have to be my small pair of scissors, but my marking chalk pen has to be a close second. It is so hard to find a good marking tool, esp one that does fine lines. The 3 items you have in your giveaway are great! I think I would like the pair of scissors most, but who knows until I try them all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck to everyone, and thank you again Mary for another lovely giveaway!

  177. Does my “daylight” lamp count as a tool?
    I can’t sew without that and my magnifiying

  178. The laying tool would be awesome. Much better than the large needle I am using. Also the sissors would be nice so I could put one in my travel bag. The chalk pencil is something I have never used but would like to try and trust your judgement.
    My most useful tool is my lighted magnifying glass. Now that I have the time to do handwork, my eyes don’t work as well as they use too. What a “crewel” joke. Happy New Year

  179. Mary, you are truly a blessing to us all. Your daily information has become one of my favorite tools. I use my embroidery scissors everyday.

    Debbie T. In New Mexico

  180. Ohh what a fun prize today! I LOVE that laying tool! It is so pretty! I have never used a laying tool, but I have been hearing about how many stitcher friends love and use theirs! My favourite tool would have to be my Gingher scissors! They are small, sharp and gold and fit perfectly in my hands! They are my go-to! Thanks again for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  181. I don’t have many tools, as I haven’t done high quality embroidery like you do. But, I know the proper tools improve the quality of your work, so I need to make the investment and improve my skills. I guess right now my favorite tool is a stitch dictionary.

  182. I’m a scissors girl. Perhaps that is because I am also really into knitting and a good, small pair of scissors is equally servicable in the knitting realm.

  183. My favorite tool is my embroidery scissors. They are so sharp and pointy (and yes, pretty) that I love to use them.

  184. My favorite tool would be good quality needles. They glide through the fabric and last a long time. They also glisten in the sunlight while I stitch!!!

  185. A good pair of scissors is my favorite needlework tool. I’m always searching for a pair of scissors that will fit my hand like a glove.

  186. It is easy to find my favorite tool. I think it is my needles, I could not stitch without them. I like those three products.

    Thank you very much Mary,

    Nicole Gelinas, Laval, Quebec

  187. I guess I would have to say my favorite tools are my scissors and my magnifying glasses. The old I get, seems the stronger the prescription. Your instruction videos are definitely my go-to resource and my biggest motivator.

  188. I would have to say my scissors they get the most use and they work so well and I am lost without them.

  189. It is so hard to choose my favorite tool because I love needlework tools. An old one but still one of my favorites is the Star DTailer which allows me to hide the end of threads easily. Another rather new to me is the pair of Gingher tweezers with very sharp points which come in handy for removing pesky showing threads, and one last one is the thread keepers from Kelmscott to keep my threads handy and I identify the threads with my labeler and can remove the labels when I am finished with the piece. Thanks for all your lovely things you are highlighting for the 12 days of Christmas.

  190. Somebody mentioned the daylight lamp. I have got one, and it is a real treasure when I choose flosses for a new embroidery project on a gloomy day. (I know, I _could_ wait for the sunshine, but I cannot.)
    Other is a long magnifier, which I use for keeping track on my cross stitch charts.
    I don’t use laying tools, but sometimes I use other things to aid laying, especially with metallic flosses.

  191. I don’t have a laying tool and have been using a large needle so far. It would come in real handy and lovely to look at, too! And I am never averse to another pair of good scissors.

  192. Hi Mary,
    Again, a wonderful give-a-way! There are several tools I simply can’t stitch without; my Ott Light, magnifier and of course my favourite scissors. I bought my scissors for what I thought was a ridiculous price. Little did I know then what a difference quality tools make in stitching, not only in the finished product but in the process itself. Good tools are worth every cent!

  193. Once again I am drooling hoping to get hold of these items. I have to say that I love the pencil, I quilt and use the pencil for laying lines so i am familiar with the value of this tool. The scissors would be wonderful to add to my “tool kit” becuase I am usually working with my childrens scissors (rounded tip) and they are a bit difficult to work with….just haven’t invested in a good pair of embroidery scissors. The laying tool is something I have not been exposed to yet but would love to have the chance to use one! Thanks again for extending Christmas!

  194. What lovely tools! I am not really a tool junky but I do keep buying scissors, looking for the sharpest, most comfortable one, and it looks as if the Dovo would be the last one I would ever need!Thank you, Mary, for this generous Christmas giveaway program, and for all the time you devote to helping others learn more about embroidery.

  195. Good Morning Mary,
    Happy Tenth Day of Christmas.
    The three tools i like most are one: needles. I love watching through the magnifying glass as they go through that certain spot and then the noise when the thread travels through the canvas or fabric!! yaaa. Then the next tool
    is a tie between a magnifying glass and scissors. I love the enhanced large sight i get with the magnifying glass and a clear, clean sharp snip with good functioning scissors.
    Great products for the give away today.
    Have a nice day.

  196. My favorite tool is my clip on magnifier. Without it I wouldn’t see the stitches. I can see the hairs on the threads they are so good! Second to them would have to be my hoops.

  197. Hi Mary!
    All of those tools are drool worthy. As for my favorite tool…well, it’s hard to say. THE BEST pair of scissors, that I’ve never had. Great needles. A REAL awl.
    Like any tools, the proper one for the job – of great quality – it just makes you want to use them, ya know!
    Love your sight!

  198. My favorite tool is also a laying tool, but made totally of beautiful rosewood. It is a “Henry the VIII” design and incorporates free-moving rings on the handle representing Henry’s wives. The tool came with a story, which makes it even more special. I just love the feel of the wood in my hand, and love to play with the little rings at the top!

  199. The laying tool in this collection has to be the most lovely “tool” I’ve ever seen. What a great collection! Happy New Year to all of you.

  200. My favorite tool is my magnifier with built in light. I couldn’t see without it and therefore couldn’t stitch without it either. It is also very portable, so I can take it with me to a friend’s house or class.

  201. I love my scissors. They are very sharp and help me cut the threads in my fabric when I am doing hardanger work.

    Dawn C
    Southcoast, MA

  202. Hi Mary,
    My Scissoroo scissors have been excellent but I value my magnifier with its LED lighting as my favourite accessory to ensure I get those stitches in the just the right place!

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Chris from Melbourne

  203. My favorite tool is a gold plated needle. It always seems to float through linen holes better than another type. I’ve been using a bodkin as a laying tool, so this would come in handy and is so beautiful! One can never have enough needlework scissors. I have them all over the house, so there is a pair wherever I decide to stitch!

  204. Off the top of my head; it must be my scissors. Big sharp taylorscissors with a very good grip for old fingers.
    But just the look of that laying tool case. Blimy!

  205. My favorite tools are my Brittany crochet hooks. I love the feel of the wood and they are wonderful to crochet with, but I find myself using them in sewing, embroidery and all sorts of other crafts. Being able to hook things, pull drawstrings through cases etc is just so darn useful.

  206. Hello Mary,
    My best needlework tool is not specific to needlework because I use it for other things. My best tool is a good pair of magnifying glasses that would fit to my glasses if I am embroidering or reading. I bought a pair at Michael’s that’s when I first came into contact with them, they are good but they fit so well to my glasses that they pulled the frame apart.
    Also a good pair of magnifying glasses that I can wear if I am wearing my contacts. Another good tool is a good light source.

    Thanks for all the nice giveaways,

  207. My favorite tool is a laying tool I received from my grandmother. It is a little one ,all metallic, just nice to have near me when I am stitching.But scissors are my most used tool, besides I love all tools for stitching., it is a wonderful give-a-way!

  208. Another great prize! And question.
    I would have to say my favorite tool is my small pair of Davo scissors–they feel so nice in hand.
    Love, love, love the laying tool–such a pretty woodencase. I have a talented B-I-L who is a cabinet maker–he made each of his S-I-L’s a wooden ornaments–so pretty! We were lucky he took the time to make them as it is very time consuming!

  209. I am not sure if you call my Ott lite a tool or not. All I know is that I couldn’t do stitch #1 without it! Or I suppose my tiny scissor that can be used for NOTHING ELSE! (My family understands that warning!) I have a friend who says she lays down a thread every day….no matter what! I hope I can always do likewise!

  210. Well I do love my super sharp scissors but to be truthful I really need “love” my magnifying glasses. I wouldn’t be able to do one piece of needle work without them.

  211. Morning Mary,
    I would have to say my favorite tool is my Fiskar Embroidery scissors. I don’t have a laying tool, I’ve always just used another needle. Great give-away!

  212. My favorite is my little wooden embroidery hoop. It wasn’t expensive. It’s nicely finished and so much kinder to the hand and eye than plastic. It became even better once I wrapped the inside hoop with muslin strips. It makes me smile every time I pick it up.

  213. Hmmmm… These days its my Ott light (my vision isn’t quite what it used to be!). I do need a new laying tool though; I broke mine.

  214. Mary, you are just to kind!! I would love to be the
    proud owner of these tools…drooling! My favorite
    tool is a rubber finger thingy I got at an office
    supply store… I’m still a novice but learn so, so
    much from you!

  215. Needle threader!!! Without it, I could not embrodier as I can’t see well enough to thread the needle alone. Other favorite is a laying tool…got one after your post on satin stitch. What a difference it makes.

    My continuing thanks for your blog…I am learning something everyday(:

  216. When I see an expert needleworker they always have a laying tool. I wonder which came first the expertise of stitching or the laying tool enabled them to have precise stitches? Even if you weren’t an expert stitcher this laying tool, would make you look like one. The scissors are perfect. I love the leather case. Good sharp scissors need not have fancy engraving or colors. They just need to cut what I want them to cut with out chewing it away.
    The marking pencil is something I do have. My “leads” are yellow and they leave such a nice subtle marking.

  217. What a great give away, i am drooling over all of them.
    I am known in my circle of stitching friends as the “gadget gal”, because I love them all!
    My favorite thing is my Dazor magnifying light. I couldn’t see to stitch without it. I love it because it is on casters, so easy to move and the arm stays where you put it, I have 2 one for upstairs one for downstairs.
    I love my Dovo scissors..at the time I thought I was nuts to spend that much, but well worth every penny!
    I have been wanting to try a laying tool, have some friends that use one, so that would be nice.
    Thanks for a chance to win such a wonderful prize.

  218. My favorite tool which I’ve just started learning to use is the laying tool. And that one is a beauty!! I have been using a “big eyed needle” it works…but isn’t inspiring by any means. I want this one!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  219. I guess my most useful tool that I have would be my embroidery hoop. For the life of me, I don’t know how folks can embroider without one. I don’t really have any favorites when it comes to picking out which one of my tools is my favorite, but as long as they are helpful to me, then I like my tools.

  220. What beautiful tools!! My favourite tool is a clip which I attach to my scissors. It has a spring loaded nylon string which means I can use my scissors to cut thread whilst it is clipped to my shirt or jumper. No more lost embroidery scissors.

  221. I have several different types and sizes of hoops.
    I have been wanting a laying tool since you talked about it. this one is soooooooo beautiful. I would be a real pleasure to work with it.

  222. I have a very special pair of scissors given me by my daughter – that’s special enough. But I have a light box made by my husband which certainly comes in handy. Love your giveaway! I’ve never seen a Bohin pen yet in my area of the woods.

  223. My reading glasses are my favourite tool – at least they’re the most essential. My favourite to hold in my hand tool would be a needle. Sounds strange I know but when I’m putting a needle through cloth I get the feeling that I’m doing what I’m meant to do; that I belong in that long line of stitchers going back forever. Thanks for all the fun these twelve days are.

  224. Hi Mary,

    My favorite needlework tool is called a “stitch fixer.”. It has a curved pick on one end and a split needle eye on the other and it’s great for smooth stitches. I use it with a laying tool especially when working the satin stitch.

    Jan B. in Florida.

  225. Mary,
    Thanks again for a chance to win some stitching treasures! My favorite stitching tool is my very old thimble. It fits me just right and never causes callouses or blisters like some thimbles I’ve tried. My stitching time is more pleasant when my thimble fits! One of the things that makes it so special is that it comes from my grandmother. Using it brings her to mind and that is all good!

  226. Scissors are my favorite. I guard them from the rest of the family. Would like to try the Dovo Scissors. Another nice give away. Thanks again Mary

  227. My favorite needlework tool is my leather thimble. It protects my fingers from getting poked with the needle. I have worn 2 of them out, and am working on the third. I haven’t figured out how to use a metal thimble.

  228. I’d have to say that my most necessary tool is my Ottlite. Without it, I could not work in the evenings, which would mean that my embroidery would be limited to weekends. Unfortunately, it looks like an alien praying mantis!

    But my scissors are my favourite tool. There is something very satisfying about cleanly cutting a thread exactly where desired.

  229. My sentimental favorite tool is a small silver measuring implement which belonged to my great-grandmother. I do not have a laying tool, as I have been using a large needle. I would love to have the beautiful BLT laying tool! The scissors and the Bohin ceramic pencil would also be welcome additions to my stitching basket! What a wonderful give-away!

  230. Tools are AWESOME!!! Like you, I’m not a collector per se, but when I find a tool I need and like, it’s usually pretty too. Although strangely,I’d say my best, if not favorite, tool is my Swiss army ‘credit card’ – knife, scissors, tweezers, pen, a couple inches of ruler, all flat and protected. It lives in my knitting case, except when it lives with the bobbin lace ๐Ÿ˜€

  231. My favorite needlework tool is my thimble. It was my aunt’s, and she gave it to me when she saw me embroidering on a visit. (She’s in a “less is more” phase in life.)

  232. My favorite tool depends on what I’m doing/working on. I have an Ott light that is perfect for working with in the evenings, magnifying glass for small items or working with high count linens. Squizzers for cut work. Pretty much covers the tools in my arsenal.

  233. Wonderful tools! Love the laying tool, I don’t have one so I would love to have this pretty one. My favorite needlework tools are my magnifier and my Bohn ceramic pencil. The magnifier is self explanatory, my eyes are getting bad up close! The Bohn pencil is wonderful. I use it not only for needlework but for sewing and quilting also. I love the fact that is has many different colors of leads.

  234. It’s hard to say whether I value my scissors or my trolley needle more. Good scissors are vital to some pieces, especially cutwork. I depend on my trolley needle for smoothing my stitches, hoping one day to replace that with a fine laying tool. Thank you for the drawing! Theresa/OctoberLace

  235. Hi
    My favourite tool is the meg eye head band/hat type glasses makes for longer stitching time. Eyes do not get tired as quick. Thanks for the great give aways.
    Deloris D

  236. My favorite needle working tool is a pair of embroidery scissors which I purchased while traveling. They are pretty, functional and a lovely reminder of a great trip

  237. My favorite tool was actually a gift from a teacher at the end of a class. Every time I use it, I think of her and of everything she has taught me over the years with her books and classes. Tweezers that have emotional value!

  238. Hi Mary, I have a couple pair of small Gingher embroidery scissors and they are faves – because they are sharp and cut precisely, they are small and travel well, and they are pretty. The right tools add to the pleasure of doing embroidery – they are fun to use and definitely result in a more lovely finished piece. Thanks again for your posts!

  239. Hi Mary! WOW what a lovely giveaway today! My favorite tools other than the obvious is my thimble! I’m delicate!

    Traci in OK

  240. My favorite needlework is goldwork which you do so well. Although, I have never tried it, mostly because I don’t have any of the tools or thread, it is something I have always wanted to do. As I have said before, I have been working on a piece of dupioni silk with DMC copper metallic thread, and hope to be finished soon. It will be the third one of these that I have made and I am tired of the monotony of the same old thing. You have shown so many other things to do, that I can’t wait to get going on some of them.

  241. In your blog you’ve already written about the laying tool (a beauty!) Dodo scissors and Bohin ceramic pencil but I’m specially curious about that pencil…
    Is the laying tool the same object to make eyelets??
    My favourite tool is the Ott Light I got when travelled to USA (I have no magnifier so far… but I really need one or change my lens – perhaps both)

  242. Sometimes I think I get interested in hobbies or crafts just because I have a thing for the tools that come with it! The tools you’ve reviewed here are like eye candy for me. My favorite tool for stitching is a fine pair of scissors, perfectly sized for the task and sharpened to avoid any hint of frustration. It’s amazing how the little things make such a difference and these tools all seem to be crafted with that care in mind.

  243. Well, I guess since I’ve never used a laying tool or a ceramic pencil before, GOOD scissors would be my favorite tool. I also have a small loop tool to pull stray ends/threads to the back when necessary, which can come in handy sometimes. Especially when you’re at the very end of your thread and on the last stitch for that particular color!

    I’ve seen your posts about laying tools and I would like to try one – especially for the Hardanger work I do – but then again, maybe for most any needlework….

  244. My favorite needlework tool is a tiny pincushion that was given to me by a cyberstitcher friend. It is very handy but just as important, it reminds of how many friends I have made through stitching.

  245. It’s not a small tool, but my favorite stitching accessory is my OTT Light. My home has poor lighting, so a stitching light is a must have. I’ve even gotten in the habit of taking my travel light with me whenever I’m going to stitch on the go. Lighting is so important to seeing what I’m doing.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway! Whoever wins this is going to be one happy camper!

    Katie in Indiana

  246. Mary my favorite needlework tool is my
    Ott-Lite with magnifier.I spent a year making and embroidering a wedding dress for my dauther-in-law, alone with her bridesmaides dresses,I would sit by a sunny window for good light. Her bridesmaides gave me a gift card as a thank you gift. from which I got my Ott-Lite. Now I would not be without it.
    I have never used a laying tool, I just make due a neel. But seeing these beautiful tools, once I get one I will never be with out them.
    Thanks Mary

  247. I need a good needle, I can make do with other tools, but I need a good needle. One that is appropriate in size for the materials.

  248. Hands down, for me it’s the Bohin ceramic pencil. True, it’s not glamorous, but I’m glamorous enough for both of us.

  249. Good morning friends and fellow stitchers….
    My favorite stitching tool is my System 4 which will hold any of my frames or hoops. Before I got that, I would not tackle a larger project. Now the possibilities are unlimited.
    Thanks Mary, for the opportunity to receive so many lovely items.
    Clara in Clifton

  250. My favorite tool – well, I do a lot of temari stitching and use long 3 to 3 1/2 inch needles for that. I had nothing they would fit in – I eventually found a cute little Japanese candy in a local shop, which came in a flat-sided plastic tube with a removable flip-top. Silly to say that the plastic tube is my favorite thing – but whatever would I do without it!?

    Granted, I work on the cheap and haven’t had the opportunity to accumulate many high-quality tools. But my second-favorite is a *real* tool – super-sharp little scissors I found at Target (labeled for scrapbooking!) and they’re great. I can only imagine the joy of having scissors worth more than $10!! These tools look great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Hi Mary:

    My favourite needlework tool would be a laying tool, if I had one.

    Currently I would have to say my stork scissors are my favourite tool. Sharp and pointed and just the right size.


  252. My favorite needlework tool are my needles. A good selection of sizes is important so we don’t damage our embroidery threads.

    Thank-you for offering yet another great giveaway. Hugs.

  253. I too am a tool junkie. I love all the gadgets available to us now. I really don’t know how they every got along without them in the past. I guess that is why we have them now. Somebody had to build a better and easier way to do their work. I am in awe.

  254. Since I sew all over the house, my tools seem to get strewn about the house in different places. When I sit down to sew, I never seem to have everything I want. Being too lazy at the moment to get up, I use my hands to do whatever the tool would normally help me do. Sooooo, I would have to say that my hands are my favorite tool! What would I do without them?

  255. Hi all! I reckon my favorite tool would be my wooden embroidery hoop handed down from my grandmother, to my mother and on to me. It’s worn smooth and it’s substantial. Not like the little flimsy things they sell these days. Then my scissors come in a close second. Only now I need to make myself a scissor fob I think they are called because I’m forever laying them down and losing them!

  256. I am not a gadget person nor a collector so I usually make do with whatever gets the job done but one thing that is indispensable is the right needle for the fabric and thread.

  257. Its hard to decide which “tool” is my favorite. I do love, love , love my scissors…all of them! I helped a friend and used her scissors! What poor scissors they were! I had to work to cut a thread! If I won this group of tools – would gift the scissors to her! Anyone who does stitching needs a pair of Dovo’s. However I would be very happy to keep the laying tools and marking kit. My next favorite tool is a laying tool.

  258. The laying tool is so pretty. I’d love to win that!

    Favourite tool? Well, I guess it’s my recent Christmas present of a stand light with a magnifier ….. my eyes have been feeling the strain lately and having only just started to use it, it is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. My favorite tool is the Evertite frames/stretcher bars I have. I only have enough to frame up two projects at the same time, so I have to be selective about which projects get the “royal” treatment. It’s just incredible to work and have the fabric stay drum taut without constantly having to readjust it.

  260. I would have to say a lovely basket (if that’s a tool!) that I have all my supplies in….extra needles, threads, a scrap catcher, my project, etc…that I can tote from room to room and work. It’s just sturdy and well made and I don’t even remember where I got it. I lined it with gathered fabric and I’ve never tired of it being my stitching companion!


  261. Hi Mary,
    Another wonderful giveaway. My favorite tool for needlework is a book. Now that isn’t really a tool per se but I find myself referencing books (and often your website) when I am working on a new stitch or technique. I love needlework books and can’t seem to get enough of them (similarly i collect cookbooks). Other than a reference book, I would say my scissors are my next favorite tool and I have been drooling over the DOVO pair in today’s giveaway as well as those featured on The French Needle.

    Thanks again for this set of beautiful embroiderly tools. Whoever wins this lot is a lucky stitcher indeed.
    Tania from Brooklyn, NY

  262. My favorite tool is my needle minder! Before I purchased one I lost so many needles and lived in fear of sitting on one or my kids stepping on one. Now I just put my needle on the minder and I know it’s there until I take it off.

  263. My hands. I don’t have many tools. I have hoops, needles, and a scroll frame. None of these are as versatile as my own hands.

  264. I honestly don’t have a favourite tool- yet! Just a newbie at all of this. I can tell you my least favourite is the darning needle I use as a laying tool. Does not cut it when looking for beauty or serviceability. It’s what I have so will have to do for now.

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  265. My favorite tool is also my ott light. I also use an open end thimble that I really like I would say that would be my second favorite. Than scissors, scissors, scissors I am kinda obsessed with them the dovo scissors are my favorite . I love the leather cases that come with them I have 5 nice sets.

  266. I just recently started using a laying tool. A friend made mine out of a piece of dowel and a darning needle. I never realized what a handy little gadget it would be! Another friend is learning to do wood turning, and yesterday she arrived with a beautiful little handle for a laying tool. This may become my collection – from the primitive to the elegant!
    Nancy in Newport

  267. My favorite needlework tool? that’s easy. My needles. I purchase them at a local needlework shop, The Sampler. These needles are sold individually, rather than in packets and are extremely fine. I use them in my needlework and my sewing. I can even use them with most of my beading work. If I were to win this package, the next favorite tool would be a laying too. As I learned embroidery from my grandmother, she would stress that each stitch should be uniform in shape, size and tension – which she mastered effortlessly. I have always retained my love of embroidery, though I have must less time to practise it now. A laying tool would make satin stitches fall smoothly under hand. It would also be employed constantly when I work on other stitches; particularly stem stitch which is my all time favorite

  268. Okay, I know this may sound silly, but my favorite stitching tools are my Really Strong Magnets. I use them to hold my pattern onto a steel board, to hold smaller pieces of the pattern onto the edge of my material, as a place to put my needle(s) and my scissors. They’re not pretty (I wish they were), but they are truly Strong!

  269. I absolutely love the scissors!! They have the long narrow sharp points needed for cutwork. Would love to have these.

  270. My favorite sewing tool is my thimble, I simply cannot sew without it. I do, however, collect scissors and have been wanting a laying tool for my embroidery.
    Keep warm. It’s freezing in Alabama.
    Louise B.

  271. I don’t have a whole lot of tools, but I love my little embroidery scissors. And my Ott-Lite is essential! I could sure use that ceramic pencil–last time I put a design on dark fabric I used transfer paper and a spiky wheel.

  272. I dont think I have seen such a beautiful laying tool, I have a plain one and also some good scissors but nothing so beautiful. The one tool I cannot be without is my clip on magnifying glass and I always use one of my frames. I do have a wooden needle holder that I beaded following instructions in a magazine, it is very pretty and I am proud of it but I don’t think I could do another. I was recently given a very fine tambour hook owned by a lady who will be 100 years old in a few weeks. She was an embroideress with Norman Hartnell, all his ladies were allowed to put in a few stitches on the Queen’s wedding dress and coronation gown. She did beautiful work so this must now be my most treasured piece.

  273. What lovely tools! It would be such a treat to add them to my workbasket. Thank you for offering this give-away!

  274. My favorite tool is a travel craft iron. I am new to applique and go to a lot of classes.

  275. My favorite tool is a set containing a laying tool and seam ripper. The laying tool is the most versatile. I use it in stump work to arrange the bullions, in gold work to sink the ends, in Ribbon work to lay the ribbons just so, in thread painting to lay the silk or cotton threads, in hardanger and schwalm work I use the seam ripper to cut the threads and the laying tool to pull out the threads and last but not least I use the laying tool to guide fabrics through the sewing machine. It is my most used and valuable small tool and I would be hard pressed to be without it. It would be awesome to win the laying tool. I think I would never put it down. Ana-Maria K

  276. My favorite tool is a good pair of scissors. I stitch Hardanger mostly, and a good, sharp pair of scissors is essential! I have a pair of Ginghers that I like, but I’m hoping to find a pair with slightly thinner blades this year.

    Thanks for this series of give-aways, and I have really enjoyed your articles!

  277. The laying tool is, of course, gorgeous and who wouldn’t want to look and hold that! But the scissors are, without a doubt, the best because what else do you use the most and to have such a pair as these would be wonderful!

  278. What a beautiful laying tool!!! My favorite tool is the BLT but a close second is a bobin tool that has this little scoop on one end and a stationary bulb on the other. I have it in my gold work box for nudging gold work threads into place. It is hard to explain but it really works kind of like a mallor.

  279. This is hard, because I am a widget junkie. It all dates back to Captain Kangaroo and his shoebox of art supplies — scissors, crayons, tape, pencils — neatly organized in a shoebox that I simply lusted after as a kid.

    My favorite tool is a very fine, blunt nosed tweezers. I have more than one pair, I have to admit. I use them when I have to remove a thread or stitch from silk or any delicate fabric. I have saved more than one work in progress from disaster by careful, slow use of tweezers and a magnifying glass.

    Widget junkies should know about widgetsupply.com — or maybe not. If you go over there, have a look at Fiskar’s Donna Dewberry 12-in-1 Sewing Multi-Tool. I haven’t given into temptation yet — not at almost ten bucks — but I am endlessly curious about it.

  280. I’m horrible and never really looked beyond needle, scissors, and frame. The laying tool is something I should really try out.

    And as someone who freehand embroiders on clothing, that ceramic pencil intrigues me. (See how out of the loop I am?)

  281. I have never had the opportunity to use a laying tool or a ceramic lead pencil. But, I do have a cute little pair of curved scissors that my Sis-in-law gave me. Love them as much as I do her. I never do any stitching without them next to me.

  282. Hi, my favorite tool is my sissors. I wonยดt let anyone touch them, in case the damage them!

  283. These tools are Terrific! Of the three, I’m most intrigued by the ceramic marker. I’ve done quite a bit of applique in quilting and marking is always a, shall we say, challenge. Favorites that I have on hand: For beading or other cases where there are teensy thread shreds that you can’t get with scissors, the Thread Zap by BeadSmith gets rid of ’em. For cross stitch, tiny ziplock bags for keeping me sane with all the color combinations in Teresa Wenzler patterns, and my magnet board for keeping my place in the pattern. For surface embroidery, tbd as I’m just getting back into it (thanks, Mary!!)

    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  284. Let’s see, it’s between my wonderful sharp scissors or my light…OK I will go with my scissors. They have a wonderful point for snipping miscounted stitches or other mistakes! I love it because it is comfortable, sharp and easy to use in small spaces!

    Desiree from Oregon

  285. Okay. You made me admit to it. I’m a tool junkie. I love my scissors (several), laying tools (several – can you EVER have enough of the pretty ones that work well?), needles, mag eyes magnifiers, frames, pincushions, and of course, tool storage. These many days of giveaways are so much fun. Even if I don’t win a thing, all the prizes are certainly drool-worthy!

  286. My favorite tool in my Magnifier. Stitching has become a pleasure once again since I purchased one. I sure do hanker after that Bohin ceramic pencil.
    Pam in Hampshire UK.

  287. A very good day to you Mary,
    My favorite tool I think is the laying tool. It is soooo helpful for me to make threads look so natural and smooth. I have tremors in my hands and this tool gives me what I need to accomplish the look I want.
    Thank you

  288. Oh, that laying tool is just gorgeous! Having it might make me even more likely to use one when I should! I would love the scissors also (not sure about the pen, but it sounds intriguing). My favorite tool is currently my newest Mini Ott light – battery powered and VERY bright!

  289. You know what, I don’t have a favourite embroidery tool! I’ve never found a thimble I like, I do like my scissors but they’re just scissors, I don’t own a laying tool… I suppose I’ll have to go with my Q snap frame…

  290. My favorite needlework tool is my thimble. I have two of them, both Roxanne. It has an open top and deeply dimpled face that holds my needle exactly where I want it. I have 2 sizes because my finger size changes on whether my hands are cold or not and the thimble needs to fit well to be useful.

    It took awhile to get used to it, but now I just can’t pick up a needle without putting it on.

  291. my current favorite tool is my frame- used instead of the hoop I learned to embroider with. I’m fairly new to the more fabulous end of this hobby (obsession?) so am still collecting supplies and tools in order to make a fabulous garment for next season’s Costume College in L.A.~

  292. Incredible,yet another day of fine items Mary! My wish list keeps building. The laying tool is very unique. I admire the Dovo scissors as they are made in Germany.I haven’t came across a bad tool yet that was made in Germany. My favorite tool or I should say one of my most used would probably be my common old seam ripper.I have used that so many times to take out stitches and then used it to lay threads back in place.Probably not considered a emroidery or hand stitching tool but I can’t say how many times it has saved my projects.
    Terese USA

  293. My favorite tool is my magnifier. I am thinking about getting a light but I would be lost without the magnifier.

    This giveaway is wonderful!

    Thank you!

  294. I love the laying tool you are giving away. It matches my interchangeable knitting needle set! And some of my kitchen scoops, too.

    I have a special laying tool. My partner gave it to me. It’s not meant to be a laying tool, but it is perfect. It’s a stainless engraved chop stick. Yup! Chop stick. What’s more, it’s flat. Oriental flatware! It’s weight is nice and it’s a tad longer than other tools I’ve seen. Because it doesn’t roll, it goes where I put it. I learned how to manipulate the threads to lay individually with this as opposed to when I used my Zecca laying tool.

    I gave the matching chop stick to a lady I know who collects laying tools. Repurposing is a good thing1

  295. I would expecially like the Dovo scissors. I am forever needing scissors in so many places. I tend to group all my projects separately with all the threads, material and directions so I can easily pick up whichever project I feel like working on. Nothing more frustrating than getting to the dentist office ready to stitch and not having scissors at hand!!!!!

  296. It’s as simple as my needle minder. Heaven knows how many more needles I would lose without it.

  297. I think the most important is my favourite needle and I am really upset if I lose or break it and have to break another one in.

  298. I consider my needles to be tools and adore my millners needles. They work so well in all types of embroidery for me and allow me to do dimensional embroidery if I choose to, at the same time I am laying down other stitches. Leslie

  299. My favourite needlework tool has to be my embroidery hoop. Without a good hoop/base, I find that my work puckers. I love the hoop though it is at time cumbersome. This give-away is amazing! I’ll confess that I don’t have embroidery scissors and I use a crayon to mark my fabric. I don’t do this out of choice though but necessity, it is just hard here.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  300. I’m debating between “favorite”and “necessary”.
    I couldn’t see much without my Dazor magnifier lamp, but I love my Dovo hardanger scissors. They are so thin and pointy. Just what is needed to cut closely to threads in hardanger.

  301. The laying tool. I do like the threads to lay flat and next to one another. That makes your project look so nice. Also like the scissors–especially when cutting threads for hardanger. Have never used the pencil.

  302. My absolute favorite stitching tool is not a tool in the real sense, but a Daylight floor lamp, with arm extensions for magnifying glass and chart holder, and a tray to hold stitching tools and threads. I received it as a Christmas gift about 10 years ago and use it daily. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It is indispenible.

  303. My little nippers by Ginger are my favorite necessitie. I do counted thread work, mainly reproducing antique samplers. I have the nippers on a lanyard around my neck, and also attach a needle threader to it. They are a fast way to do my work and also are handy because they are around my neck and don’t get misplaced.
    Susan- Edmonds,WA

  304. Im a scissor junky not by choice I loved my singer embroidery scissors from the 80s they were ruined sad story dont want to talk about it…lol The best scissors I have found since are fly tying from a sporting goods store and I have tried many.
    Melisa from Saskatchewan

  305. Hello Mary !
    I do not really own any tool : some needles, a scissor, 1-2 hoops. The only thing that I can’t do without is my daylight lamp.
    I admit that I dream of a laying tool (and this one is sooo lovely) but never find any in France. Maybe with a bit of luck ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a nice day

  306. Can I leave a response for the 9th day’s linen and threads here? The link would not connect.
    I would definitely be using those silks on multiple projects. I’ve used the Soie fibers many times before, and they are lovely for many purposes.

  307. I agree – these tools are beautiful. I could be a “tool junkie” as I teLl my husband “you have to have the right tool for the job”.

  308. It’s hard to choose between a good pair of embroidery scissors–small, tiny tips and razor sharp–and the right needle for the fabric and thread combination. I don’t collect scissors although I do have a pair in my at home project and one in my out and about project but you might say that I collect needles.

  309. I would have to say my favorite tools are two: one is a beautiful wooden-and-brass needle case I’ve had for 30 years and the other a small, 6-inch wooden ruler. It was my mother’s, given to her by a 4th grade teacher, has her name on it and was a prized possesion for her during the Depression. Everytime I use it, I smile and think of Mom (and miss her, too.) She taught me basic embriodery when I was in 4th grade.

  310. This is going to sound strange, but my favorite tool is paper and pencil. I come across ideas and tips and URLs and all sorts of things that I want to remember. So I keep a pencil (mechanical, so it retracts) and some sort of paper with all my work. I like Post-its and small notebooks, and sometimes put the small papers into larger notebooks and then work on designs, instructions, colors, stitches, etc. from the basic ideas. Other than paper/pencil, my favorite tool is a good pair of scissors.

  311. Needles are a must, but, cannot do without good scissors. The Bohin pencil is ideal for marking. It is the best out there. If I am doing silk ribbon the laying tool is marvelous. I love all three. Cuts your work in half to have good tools. This is wonderful.
    Karen NC

  312. Since I am out of work and perhaps retired early, I would not be able to afford any beautiful tools for my stitching. I have a large needle that I use for a laying tool, but I would love to have a beautiful laying too!

    And an excellent pair of scissors would be wonderful.

    Finally, the ceramic pencil. I assume that it would be a great way to transfer patterns. I’ll have to try it.

  313. My favourite needlework tool has to be my Kai embroidery scissors because they are sharp and cut right to the point. They are especially good for stumpwork. Gay B, South Africa

  314. My favorite tool would be my scissors that only cut floss and thread. No material and nothing else.

  315. My favorite is a pincushion, was my first work when my husband gave me as a present my sewing machine. Is special for me, I made it with all my love.
    Thank you for let me write it about.

  316. this is not so much a favourite tool as an essential tool – a good quality pair of embroidery scissors that are used for nothing else! the pair being given away are awesome and I would be delighted to win them – and the other tools as well.
    Elizabeth L Mac

  317. I think I mentioned before, my favorite is an enameled-handled scissors I got many years ago. But I can always use a new pair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  318. My faorite tools are two that I cherish but never use…my grandmothers thimble and stork scissors. The scissors are dull and the points bent and the thimble has been worn thin by use. I keep them in my sewing box so whenever I see them, I can remember my Grandmother using them. I do love good needles that are correct for the project at hand. I absolutely hate using an incorrect or dull needle.

  319. Aside from my ‘tens lords a leaping’ (fingers), I’d have to say my selection of needles is my favorite tool. A good smooth and perfectly sized needle makes all the difference…then again, my trusty old thimble is a close second. Thanks again for this wonderful selection of tools..I’ve got my eye on those Dovo scissors…hmmm. As wonderful as your offerings are, I must admit to enjoying all the comments and answers to your questions as well as the anticipation of drawings come the 9th! One prize I’m taking away no matter what, is the new links that have come with this series. Thanks!

  320. I think it’s my scissors. It must come from growing up where every pair of scissors in the house was dull, and when you tried to cut anything with it, would just smush the stuff up instead of cut neatly. I love me a pair of sharp scissors!

  321. I like my little Gingher “nippers”. My mother gave them to me for Christmas when I was a teenager. I use them constantly. I’ve had them 40 years, and they are still sharp as can be. The ones Gingher makes now are plastic. Mine are metal. And they remind me of my dear mother every time I use them. She’s been gone 14 years. She was an extraordinary seamstress, and she knew a good tool when she saw one.

  322. My favorite too would have to be my Gingher golden crane scissors. Not only are they beautiful but I also love using them. The blades are long and sharp so the are great for trimming threads close to whatever I’m working on or snipping stitches that have to be pulled out. They also make a pretty good seam ripper in a pinch.

  323. All of those are useful tools. I love the laying tool especially. One can never have enough embroidery scissors. I particularly like my little curved and exceptionally sharp Japanese scissors.

  324. My favorite tool is my Ott light. I thought I had fine light until I got my Ott! I can actually see what I’m doing! Now that I can see, these tools will come in handy! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  325. Hi Mary,

    I’m too new to embroidery to have a favorite tool. I’m still accumulating tools as I have the need for them. What I would especially like to have and I think WOULD be my favorite tool, is a good daylight lamp with a magnifier or a great stand like the System 4 that you have. I don’t have a good sharp pair of embroidery scissors yet, so the one in the giveaway would be most welcome and that ceramic pen is amazing and would be so useful.
    This is such a great idea of yours. It’s so much fun just seeing what you come up with to give away, although winning something would be even better!

    Susie H

  326. My favorite tool is my floor stand. Couldn’t embroider without it…I only have one hand! Kind of a necessity!

  327. I have several favourite embroidery items, and they are my handmade Japanese needles. They are an absolute dream to stitch with as they are sharp pointed and made especially for using with flat silk. I love hand crafted things too so they tick all the right boxes for me. I do have a laying tool but the one on offer today is beautiful and would be a pleasure to use.
    Thank you
    Barbara, UK

  328. My favorite tool is an Elaine Considine leather fingertip thimble. I often give them for gifts. They are wonderful. I used to have a pair of the scissors, but after much begging, I gave them to my daughter. Boo Hoo!

  329. I have many favorite tools. Certainly the laying tool is one of them. I always find an attractive laying tool is so nice to work with.
    Dovo scissors are a classic. They are so nice and sharp. Great for doing cut work

  330. I love all my needlework tools — I usually look at the gadget wall in a shop before I look at the other things. Right now, I would say my favorite is a magnetic needle rest that is strong enough to hold my scissors as well as my spare needles. I can always use a new pair of scissors!

  331. hands down – a good pair of scissors! And why do I say this? I am looking for some at this very moment! My last pair have bit the dust and chew more than cut the thread.I ‘saw’ my thread rather than slice, making the thread very hard to get in the needle again! Thank you Mary for the many opportunities to win some really great prizes!

  332. My Bohn scissors that I hang on a lanyard around my neck so I don’t have to keep looking for it. It has blunt tips so I don’t stab myself and working beautifully for cutting threads.

  333. My favorite needlework tool is a thimble my mother bought for me when I was a young teen. Over the years I have purchased a number of other thimbles, but the old one is the most comfortable one I have ever used.
    Rebecca M in Texas

  334. The best tool I have found this year is the ‘Jansjo’ lamp from Ikea. It’s a LED light on a flexible arm and comes in a desk or floor lamp model. The light is very bright with a narrow range but not hot and can be focused riight on one’s work without creating any shadows, even when using a magnifier.

  335. Wow Mary! What great tools. I checked out the Etsy shop for JRCrafters. The laying tools are absolutely beautiful. Also liked the crochet hooks! I would have to say that my favorite tool is my Ott light and magnifier. without it I could do no stitching at all. I have never used a ceramic pencil. I think it would make the pattern transferring job much easier than the chalk pencils. As for the Dovo scissors, they may not be in the category of “beautiful”, but a good pair of sharp scissors that fits the hand is truly beautiful to the stitcher. Great give-aways Mary. Would love to have even one of them. Thanks for your generous spirit.

    Judy Holland, Fresno, California

  336. Happy Tenth Day of Christmas!

    How pretty! The laying tools is beautiful. It would certainly be a treasure, as would the scissors and the marking pencil.

    A favorite needlework tool is my magnifying glass. When I started needlework again last spring, I almost gave up, because I realized that I could not see the fine details of the stitches.

    Thanks to a readers comment here about Trish Burr, I popped over to her site one day, and read that she recommends the use of a magnifying glass while stitching. What a difference that makes to eyes that are now 50! As I celebrate my birthday this week, I’m so grateful to be able to “see,” and to be able to learn and advance my skills.

    My most favorite tool, though, is the ladies who come together here on this site, who have spent years at this craft and trade, and so willingly share their knowledge with those of us who so desire to learn. Thank you all!

  337. I am just starting out so I don’t know what is my favorite tool yet. The scissors seem to be very important at the moment. Would love to win.

  338. My favorite embroidery tool is my needle.
    Mary’s previous post about Pony needles led
    me on wild hunt. I ordered them from England.
    I love these needles and would not use anything else. Layered stitches can get a bit thick and these needles
    glide right through.
    I just looked at the Ceramic pencil at Hedgehog and
    would love to try it!

  339. I have never used a laying tool, but would love to try. My favorite tool has to be my sissors. Since I am trying to relearn embroidery, it seems that I use them all the time. May all your dreams come true this new year.

  340. I am a newbie to laying tools. But I can’t live without my scissors especially the pair with the extra sharp points. I use them to help me frog and to clip my threads close. I would love to win these tools and add to my skills.

  341. That tool is almost too pretty to use. The Bohin pencils are the best. I have all the colors of refills for mine.

  342. my favorite tool is my scissors, which was my grandmothers. i have no daughters of my own to pass it to, but i have a daughter-in-law that i am hoping will enjoy stitching as much as I do. I could see the gorgeous laying tool becoming a part of that legacy someday. What a beautiful piece of art in and of itself!

  343. My favorite needlework tool may be different from most. I have a pair of 19 year old Ginger kindergarten scissors that are my favorite. They immediately came to mind when I read the question. I was making my oldest granddaughter’s Christening gown and needed to cut fabric from behind the laces. I stopped and drove to the store and bought the scissors right that minute. So when I use them I think of my granddaughter.

  344. Good Morning Mary,
    I love the laying tool for it’s beauty, but honestly in over 50 years I have never used one. But I am always up for something new. I also love the idea of the Bohin tool and will have to look into that myself as I do redwork and sketch directly onto muslin for this work and this looks like a wonderful addition. Plus my son does Seminole beadwork and this would work for him on felt and flannel. But, I will admit that I have a favorite pair of scissors and I guess not surprisingly, mine are little black embroidery scissors like yours, but not of that quality I can assure you! To let you know how much I treasure these little old scissors, I am a living historian and I use these scissors in my demonstrations of needlework as they fit the era. After one event I could not find my scissors in their usual basket when I got home and I was seriously depressed because I thought someone might have taken them. A month or so later I happened to look into another basket I had with me that day that I had not checked and there they were…..it was such a relief….I guess in my old age I have to get a little more organized!!! Thanks again for all your thoughtfulness in this contest, besides the chance of winning, we are all learning SO MUCH.
    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Dottie J

  345. I must have a sharp needle and sharp scissors. It’s just too laborious to work with dull tools. Kind of like a sharp knife in the kitchen.

  346. My favorite tool is my thimble. It protects my delicate fingers, keeps blood off the fabric, and feels so right.

  347. I have 2. My flip down magnifiers that clip to my glasses (indispensible) and my Needle Index book by the Quail Valley chapter of EGA. It’s a great way to store orphan needles and I would have never understood the difference in needles without it.

  348. I have so many tools. I discovered some time back that I am a sewing & needlework tools collector but my favorite one changes every week, I think.

    Probably my favorite one(s) right now are my clip on light and magnafier that attaches to my frame. I used to think only old ladies needed them but….I guess I’m there now. Next favorite would be my Grandmother’s thimble that I use all the time. She died when I was young so using it makes me feel close to her and when I’m not sewing I keep it in it’s thimble cage that I wear on a long chain around my next. So you could say it falls into the useful and beautiful catagory.

  349. I’ve never tried a laying tool but have wished at times that I had one. But my favorite tool has to be scissors – a good pair of small scissors to snip thread close. I love scissors.

  350. Mary – I love your website! My favorite needlework tool is my hand held spring loaded embroidery hoop, it’s so easy to use and I don’t have to screw and unscrew screws when I need to move the hoop or adjust it. You are right when you have the correct tools stitching is so enjoyable!

  351. Mmmmmm, favorite needlework tool…that is a question. I think, after much consideration, that my personal favorite is the transparent make-up pochette (about 5″x7″)that I carry my tools in. It is easy to pick up and carry around and holds everything together in one place. Plus..it is see-through, so I can instantly see any tool I want and take it out. In there I keep my needle book, 3 pairs of scissors, tweezers, 2 reels of regular cotton thread (light & dark), a laying tool, small pencil and eraser, 6″ ruler, 2 very thin crochet hooks for pulling tiny ends through, a thimble and a needle threader

  352. My favorite embroidery tool is my special Gingher scissors. They are made extremely well and are the most expensive tool I have, ($32), I know it may seem like that is not a lot of money. Especially considering the beautiful $500 scissors at French Needle. But I am very protective of my scissors. I bought a wood laying tool this year after I learned what it is for. My embroidery skills have improved so much in the last year than in the last ten years.

    Thank you Mary!

  353. I love all the tools and techniques that you provide for us. I get soooooo excited everytime I see your email.

  354. My favorite tool is a metal needle threader. You’ve probably seen it at AC Moore/Michaels/local needlepoint shop. It is flat, sticks to a magnet, has 2 different width threaders on each end to accomodate different needles. It is not the one with plastic handle & wire threader – that breaks way too easily. It makes threading a needle so easy. It is small & uncomplicated to use.

  355. My favorite needlework tool is a small pair of scissors that my mother had used when she did needle work. I always keep it in my needle bag that see made.

  356. My favourite tool is a laying tool I bought at a crafT showM. The handle is rosewooD and feels wonderful in my hand, it is easy to use and make a finished design look so much better. It’s beautiful and functional

  357. My favourite tool has to be my little scissors, although they are now well over 20 years old, I still love them. Then secondly I read your previous article about how to use a laying too and was so fascinated (I’d always used a second needle, even in ribbon work) I had to buy one, not the best on the market, I couldn’t afford it but I do like the one your showing today. Regards Mandy (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  358. Hard to choose. I have a pair of scissors that belonged to my grandmother that I am sentimental about. Not a logical reason, but they make me smile. I hope I can pass them along to a granddaughter someday, or at least someone who would smile when using them. Your tools today are awesome, and well chosen.

  359. I am so glad that you have this website and share your recommendations for “stuff”. I’ve purchased several things you have recommended and have never been disappointed. Tools…..what’s not to love about stitching tools? Be assured if I win, they will be going to a loving home and be well taken care of.
    The Loon

  360. Mary,
    I really enjoy using my Mighty Bright floor lamp. It is a wonderful help!! I would like to use the laying tool as it makes your work so much nicer looking with the threads laying side by side. What a difference nice scissors make in cutting fine fabrics and fibers. The marking pencil would be so nice as I use colored pencils and you can’t get a nice fine line. thanks for offering this great give away.
    Ruth on the first coast

  361. These tools are gorgeous, especially the laying tool, which i have never tried. I also would like to collect scissors but i keep telling myself i only need one or two at best. I can’t get over how great these giveaways are – wonderful things to use or look at as i get better at embroidery.

    d. altieri

  362. Oh Marymentor:
    My favorite, bar none, tool is the laying tool…of which I do not have one ! ! I have searched stores, JoAnn Fabric, Etc..to no avail. But I desperately need one because I “know” that it will remedy my awfully lumpy looking satin stitches. It’s so hard to keep the strands smooth and so I need this laying tool so very very much. Thanks again for the opportunity to try to win. Judy in Pittsburgh

  363. My favorite tool is a rotary cutter. It comes in handy for so many things. Embroidery, when I am cutting my linen, squaring up when I have finished my embroidery, anything that needs a straight edge.


  364. My favorite stitching tool is my laying tool. I was deeply in love with my tekobari, because it stroked the silk threads into submission much better than any other laying tool. I lost it on a trip and, until I can get to my LNS to replace it, I am using a Zecca laying tool. It is longer than the tekobari, and I am delighted with my additional “reach” on larger pieces. Suddenly, I am a bit confounded as to my fave tool. But, when I have stranded silk to lay, I know I will be reaching for the tekobari.

    Cheers to a very happy new year!

    ~Judy / Critter Cove Ranch

  365. I have a Tool With No Name. I repurposed it from my toolbox when I worked on the Collider @ FermiLab. I use it as a substitute laying tool, an awl and all-round handy dandy tool thingy. I would love to have everything in this giveaway, especially the marking pen. I have been looking for one that works for a very long time. I’m lighting candles to win this 12 days gift! Thanks for the chance.
    Christy (ChrisTea)

  366. I’m not too much of a tool user – but I have to say, today’s tools are WONDERFUL – but I often use a dololly for hiding short thread ends on the back of embroidery projects.

  367. Using the right needle is important with me. I like the embroidery needles, they are easy to thread and feel good on my fingers. may I take a moment to thank a very dear Auntie that taught me how to embroidery when I was 8 years old. When I was 12 I won second prize on a pair of pillow cases that I entered in the county fair. My Aunt asked the judges why I didn’t win first prize…their answer was… because the pillow cases were colored! We’ve come a long time since then, wouldn’t you agree! BTW, I’m still learning on your website! Thank you.

  368. My sharp scissors would be my favorite. They are not the most expensive pair I have, but they are the best by far I have tried. Haven’t bought a laying tool yet so would love to have that.

  369. Wouldn,t you know it, my husband bought me one for Christmas, but nowhere near as nice as this one, and another pair of scissors is always handy. one for each on going project ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. Whatโ€™s your favorite needlework tool and what makes you like it so much?

    3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the โ€œnameโ€ line above the comment box.
    I am so new to this hobby that I would have to say my favorite tool so far is the plastic bobbins and ring to hold my floss for my current project. I started needlepoint a couple of months ago. I wrapped all my Christmas presents sewing old clothes I was going to get rid of together and embroidering the recipients name as well as a picture of a Christmas tree or Snowman etc. The bobbins and ring made life so much easier and organized.

  371. I don’t really have a favorite tool, I have never used a laying tool. That is such a beautiful tool, whomever wins it will be so lucky. I do have a Fon’s and Porter pencil set something like the pencil set you are giving away and I do love using that.

  372. Dear Mary, I watched your video on how to use a laying tool and was quite impressed that they actually made a tool to line up and straighten the threads before you “laid” them down on your fabric.
    I do a lot of smocking, so most of the time I split and iron my threads before smocking. Even so, on my picture smocking especially, the threads twist up sometimes. I would say my favorite tool is the laying tool. I have one, put it doesn’t feel quite right when I am using it, it has nonetheless really helped solve the twisting thread problem. I would love the beautiful one you are offering because it is of excellent quality and would fit better in my hand. Thank you, Dede

  373. Aside from needles and scissors, I use the Star De-Tailor (by Compu-Stitch) most often. It is perfect for tucking in thread ends. That is my go-to tool.

    Accessories would have to include thread rings and thread winders!!!

  374. Well, this is a tough one but the one tool I can not do without is my Ottlite. I use a floor model and bend it all kinds of ways to suit my needs. I also love my BLT but mine is not encased and this one is lovely and so, so useful. And lastly Susan Bates flat needle threaders. I bought a bunch several years ago on eBay and guard them. However, at least one always finds its way to the floor when I’m stitching!
    Robin in Virginia

  375. Dear Mary,
    I have very few needlework tools- mainly the basics that would be on everyone’s worktable. My most important are probably my very inexpensive pair of eyeglasses with high magnification- I wouldn’t be able to even begin without them. Nothing fancy- nothing for the fashion minded- just an inexpensive pair. SO, any one of these lovely tools would be amazing to own. It is true, the right tool always makes the job easier. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to win such fine instruments.
    Peg in NJ

  376. Hello Mary

    Oh I love all the tools that are on display especially the BLT which(you’re right)looks ‘downright gorgeous’. I also admire the scissors offered of which I have quite a few. All the tools are very useful each one serving their own purpose. I wish to be the lucky winner!
    Thanks and Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

  377. I love scissors. Being not only a handwork person, but also a fashion sewer means having lots of different types of scissors. So I think the need developed into a mini collection of scissors bought when I go out of the country. Love all the differnt shapes, sizes, colors, and functions.
    Enjoying the contest. Thank you for putting this together.

  378. My favourite tool is one of the bigger ones, I guess: the floor stand for the Millenium frame I got a couple of years ago. Having both hands free makes embroidery as well as hand-quilting so much more enjoyable!

  379. Hi Mary – of course the scissors are always a necessary item – would love to try these out. Good tools make work so much nicer in whatever you do. The colourful laying tool looks as though it has a nice hand feel, but the tool I most would like to try out would be the white ceramic lead pencil. I volunteered to help Mike with setting up the Hungarian project with our Guild and this may just be the answer other than painting the pattern on the black linen.
    My favourite tool after good needles, fabric and threads are my clip-on magnifiers that I can also see over and participate with friends, fellow stitchers and family,

  380. I don’t really have a favorite tool… But my big lap hoop is probably my favorite piece of needleworking hardware…

  381. It is difficult to pick one tool as my favorite. But when being pressed, I would say the small leather dots that stict to my finger are my favorite. I guard these dots zealously, perhaps because I have such a hard time finding them when I am running low.

  382. The giveaway items just keep getting better. Favorite needlework tool? Does a really good light count? My eyes ain’t as young as they used to be. Next to that would be GOOD SCISSORS. A must have for me.

  383. My favorite embroidery tool is a good pair of scissors. I like to do cutwork and scissors make all the difference in cutting the threads.

  384. If frames/hoops count, than I have to say that my Qsnap is my favourite tool. It’s so easy to work with. Other than that, I don’t really have many tools beyond the basics as I’m still relatively new to needlework. I sometimes use a small knitting needle to help with laying, but I haven’t actually bought a real laying tool yet.

  385. I have never had a laying tool. The ceramic lead pencil sounds great to have. I have a number of embroidery scissors plus ones for cutting fabric. Right now I would have to say that my favorite tool is my pliers that help me pull thick threads through my fabric either for beginning and ending couching threads or for threads that are just hard to pull through–just grab the needle with the pliers and pull. (The idea of pliers came from Allison Aller)

    Thanks for this give-away!

  386. I have to agree with you that the most important thing about a tool is serviceability, but how much nicer to use one that is also beautiful. The rainbow laying tool certainly meets all qualifications. I like BLTs, but I can see how much more comfortable this one would be to hold. My scissors all fall into the “adequate” category. I would love to have one, like the Dovo, that I could call “excellent.” I’m not familiar with the ceramic lead pencil, so that would be an interesting tool to try out. Although I more often use stretcher bars, one of my favorite tools is the Morgan hoop.

  387. Tenth day! I’m still alive, even if by a thread ๐Ÿ˜€ …. many days of torture every day! Today I have to decide between three items and not just 2! …. But I think after some thought, I prefer the tool of embroidery that is not a tool embroidery …. “Bohin ceramic” … because we still have no white lead … Thank you!

  388. Happy 10th Day of Christmas! I would be proud to own that laying tool – wow!! And those sexy little scissors look perfect for all of my work, especially hardanger and surface pieces. I have not accomplished a good process for tracing as yet so the tracing pen looks really yummy too. All of these pieces make me drool Mary!

    Missy Palmer, Grand Juntion, CO

  389. My favorite tool is my Gingher embroidery scissors – small, sharp, fits well in my hand. I also like my tweezers because when I have small ends of thread to cut, I hold them together with the tweezers so I can get a good cut from the scissors. These tools you are offering today look marvelous! I am anxious to try a laying tool – I have used my needle to do this work in the past.

  390. To do embroidery well, I feel there are several tools needed, not just one. But first and foremost is the right needle for the right thread and stitch. After that, a good set of eyes, which means either you are blessed with these from God, or you go buy yourself some good magnifiers and lights. After that comes the scissors, laying tools, markers, etc. Would love to have this quality set of tools. Thanks again for the give-aways! I enjoy them, even if I never win them!

  391. My favorite needle work took is my embroidery scissors. I’m a lefty and it’s nice that they can be used by either hand and not grooved for a right handed person only. It really hurts to use those made for righties.

    And as much as I hate to disagree with you, I think all of these tools are droolworthy. If my name isn’t pulled, I’m gonna have to find a way to buy them. Thanks.

  392. I have several “I can’t live without it” tools for my embroidery. I use Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage Straw Needles whenever possible, and a no name flexible lamp with a magnifying glass in the middle for close work. I also have a pair of no name scissors that I have had forever and they never seem to get dull. I have never used a laying tool, probably because I didn’t want to take the time to do so,lol, but this one is so beautiful I would love to try it.

  393. I checked out the Etsy shop of the laying tool and all their tools are so beautiful. My favorite tool is my snippers (those scissors that you squeeze, instead of having to put your fingers in the holes). I use them for everything! Thanks, Mary!

  394. I don’t guess you’d call it a tool, really, but I made a hussif for myself recently and it houses all my favorite tools. It has become my favorite tool because it saves me time looking for my favorite tools. In fact I made it with my favorite tools in mind, so everything has a place and is easy to put away.

  395. Oh man would I like to win this one!!! I am a collector of thimbles (I have at least 60) and scissors (only 18). My favourite tool is a laying tool. I have at least 12, two of which are duplicates as it is the nicest of all the tools that I own – World’s Best Laying Tool. But the laying tool in this package looks very similar – I may have to purchase one if I don’t win this prize – what’s one more thing on my wish list, sigh….
    Heather from Surrey, BC

  396. I, too, like a few good pairs of scissors, nice and sharp, to use and are always with the current project in progress. The BLT is amazing to look at. I only have one laying tool (obviously I am not a collector), so having another will be a bonus!

  397. My favorite needlework tool is a well-crafted German pair of stainless tweezers made by Chandler’s. I use it to remove cut threads in Hardanger and also any unwanted threads in other types of embroidery. It has very sharp points and is very useful.

  398. Wow, the tools that are available for embroidery are just amazing and beautiful. My grandmother was a seamstress and she would have really enjoyed all thew new things that are available to us today. I am sure it is from her I have inherited my love of needlework.

    What wonderful additions to my sewing kit these items would be.

  399. While needle and thread seem indispenible – my trusty magnifying glass is equally important.

    One question – since you are running 12 days of gifts and most likely some of us are entering multiple opportunities – is there a restriction on same-person-winning for different days?

    Best wishes
    lorraine mabbett

  400. My favorite tool would have to be my Needlecase. It hangs on a string so I can’t lose it easily. I love the tools you have showcased. I’ve never actually used a ceramic lead.
    I hope the person who wins will let us know how it works out!
    Thanks, Joanie

  401. What a wonderful set of tools! That scissors looks lovely, and Dovos is a wonderful brand.
    My favorite tool is all my needles. I love all the different types. I like darners, and sharps, and tapestry needles, and beading needles.

  402. No favorite tool as of yet, but it is interesting that today you bring up laying tools. I was just asking a stitchery group if they recomend laying tools and the use of them. I find that even with allowing my needle to hang I sometimes find my threads twisting and my stitches not laying as flat and smooth as I want. Have heard of the pencil but have not ordered one.. I know they say this is the type to use but hesitated buying one. So much to learn!

  403. My favorite tool is the Star DeTailor. It is so good for pulling threads under other stitches when I leave too little thread in my needle. I also use it to pull gold thread to the back of the linen when the thread is too large to thread in a needle. Dovo scissors are also my favorite brand. The folding Dovo’s are so wonderful to carry in your purse so you always have good scissors with you when you stitch other places than at home.

  404. Hi Mary, my favorite tool are needles, with the right needle you can do so much. I have found the Bohin needles are wonderful. Tools are an essential part of needlework.
    Thank you for the 12 days of Christmas give aways.

  405. I enjoy reading your daily newsletter. Have gotten many good hints on stitching from your expertise.

    One of my favorite implements is my light/magnifer combination.

    Another is a finger thread laying tool that a friend, now deceased, gave me…brings back fond memories of our times stitching together.

    This BLT is gorgeous and I’d be honored to be able to win and use it.

  406. My favorite tools are the little rare earth magnets I keep on all my canvases to hold needles, scissors, and threaders. Nothing falls off. I also really like my wooden laying tool, but I would put it aside for a while if I won the beautiful object you’re offering today!

  407. You are sooooo right about the beauty of the laying tool. My favorite tool is my old fashioned spring loaded hoop. It is ancient but I love it. There is some new tape stuff I tried on the inner hoop that does help hold the fabric well. I lost the packaging so do not remember the name. Ooops.
    Carol W, Windsor CA

  408. My favorite needlework tool is scissors.
    I have many. I like small, sharp, and pointy scissors. Dovo is one of my favorite brands. It’s a good quality scissor. I like the way they feel in the hand and the way they look. So if I purchase a beautiful pair I can always admire it because it doesn’t always get “put away”…it is used and loved.

  409. I have a hard time convincing myself to spend a lot of money on tools, so my favorite tool is usually my finger, which I use as a laying tool. It’s best asset is that it’s always there! I can’t lose it!

  410. Good Morning Mary! I guess some might call me a “simple” person as I don’t have any special tools to speak of. I use a generic hoop, generic needles and generic scissors. They work for me! Honestly though, I’d love to win the scissors you are giving away, they look to be quite nice.

  411. My favorite needlework tool was given to me as a gift from one of my students. It’s a combination tweezer/seam ripper that was made in Germany. Doing hand embroidery I am constantly pulling out stitches and also pulling tissue bits out with the tweezers from a motif I’ve done on a block. I also have a laying tool – very simple bone, but positively invaluable when doing silk ribbon embroidery. It’s very simple but I’m positively drooling over the one you have shown today!

  412. I don’t really have a favorite tool, since I consider myself to still be a novice. The only thing that I have besides hoops & needles is scissors, good, utilitarian scissors. But now that laying tool, oh la la!

  413. With a good needle, a pair of scissor, a day light, my favorite tool was a laying tool. Now, it is my Millennium frame. I love it. Louise Qc

  414. I do not really have a favorite tool. I currently either a scroll bar or Hoop for my embroidery and would love to upgrade to better tools for the craft. Also just beginning to learn to learn Metal Thread Embroidery, I have no idea what tools are needed for that craft. It just intrigues me so. Thank you for having such a fun 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!

  415. Good Afternoon Mary,

    I think I will have to say that my favorite tool would have to be scissors. This is a really nice Laying tool… Though scissors are not the only tool needed… it’s something I need most often. Thank you for the chance to enter again in the give-away…

    Jennifer G.

  416. My favorite needle tool is the needle! Without this handy, tiny tool, all would be but lost in the art of needlework…I guess there would be just work!!! Haha, no really, aside from the lovely little needle I love scissors. I cannot seem to own enough of them. They come in so many differnt designs; I wish to own them all. I will hopefully someday be able to own a pair of handmade scissors. They are sooo beautiful.

  417. Another great giveaway! I have a quilter’s mechanical pencil-type of marker that I’ve been using for several years now. It’s refillable with several different colors of a chalk-like marker which easily wipes off the fabric without leaving marks. I use the yellow refill mostly since that seems to stand out on both light and dark fabrics.

    Again, thank you for hosting this 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!

    Sue U in KY

  418. Wow, what beautiful tools you have! I fell in love with that laying tool. So beautiful. My most used/favourite tool is a small wooden skewer. I use it to help keep seams flat/together when I sew on my machine. I sure don’t want to put my finger anywhere near that needle. Been there, done that!!!

  419. My favorite needlework tool has to be the no slip lap stand. I have been developing a touch of carpal tunnel from stitching for hours and working with both hands has made it much better for me! Other than that I don’t have any fancy tools.

  420. I really don’t have a “favorite” tool. Any of them that will help me do the best stitching job is my favorite. I love gadgets but they also need to have a specific function.

  421. My favorite needlework tool is my Gingher designer embroidery scissors. They are pretty and they cut really well.

  422. The laying tool is gorgeous, the scissors look like very nice quality and the tracing tool seems useful – a real treasure trove! My favorite “tool” is actually a needle-felted pumpkin shaped pin cushion to which I sew a magnet (on the bottom). My thread/scissors caddy and the side table from which I work are both metal – which means my pin cushion stays in place!

  423. My favorite needlework tool(s) are my antique bone awls. They have a nice feel to them and are usually just the right tool for eyelets. Plus its fun to find them at antique shops. I sure would love to win the scissors; everyone I know who has them, swears by their precision.

  424. Oh, wow. The BLT took my breath away! I’m a fountain pen collector, and that looks absolutely fabulous (and should hold a pen!). I love it. My favorite tool is probably my three-headed needle threader — I use it for various size threads. I have a terrible time now trying to thread needles (oh how I remember giggling every time my mother asked me to thread her needle thinking I could do something she couldn’t — hangs head). The laying tool would be wonderful — I use an old one I’ve had for years, but this one I’d show off every time someone was nearby!!!!!

  425. I LOVE my Blue Max light. Without it my stitching time is extremely limited because my house doesn’t have much natural light and it’s very hard to see most of the day. With this light I can stitch anytime and see everything perfectly clear!

    Thanks for this fun give away Mary!

  426. My favorite tool is the scissor. First of all, they have to be beautiful, then very sharp, very small points, and Dovo are the best. I have several pair, but not black. Would love to win those!! thanks for the offerings. Mary Beth J

  427. I have a combination seam ripper/tweezer called a Combicut that I use a lot. It’s very convenient for someone like myself who often needs to remove stitches. I also have a small pair of scissors that I bought at Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. It is a colonial reproduction that can be used either right or left handed. I bought it as a cheap souvenir and it turned out to be wonderful to carry in my stitch bag. I also have a magnetic needle case that I like. All of these items are inexpensive, and very utilitarian looking, but they do a really good job. It’s been fun seeing all of the items you have been featuring during the giveaway. Some of them have been new to me and I enjoyed learning how to use them.

  428. Good Afternoon! My embroidery scissors are my favorite tool. A good pair of sharp scissors are a must for when working with thread and fibers. Thank you.

  429. For some reason, I love tools. I like the laying tool shown because it is protected so well. I am a real scissor collector. I do a lot of hardanger and have to have a really sharp scissors with sharp points. I recently learned about the Dovo scissors but have not had the money to buy a pair. I think that is exactly what I need for the hardanger as people who do this work have said it is the best scissors. My cutting would be so much better with the Dovos. Great description of these items!!

  430. My favorite needlework tool (I hope it’s a tool) is my stand. I use it for 95% of my stitching. With it I can stitch two handed and have better control of my tension, etc. I can leave my project out so I can quickly take a few stitches here and there when I have time, without having to get out and put away my project. I have had my stand for almost 20 years and I don’t know what I would domwothout it.

  431. Hi Mary,
    Wow…another fantastic give away…how do you do it? The laying tool is unbelievable…I’ve wanted one of these but they are just too expensive. I also love the Dovo scissors…have a small pair that you recommended a long time ago. Also use the pencil all the time quilting. I would say my favorite tool is a tiny pair of tweezers which I use for Hardanger embroidery to pick out the cut threads. Thanks!

  432. My favourite tool is my chatelain. A pair of scissors for embroidery, a pair for goldwork, and a plastic needle grabber (essential at times, and eminently loosable)

    My fav of the tools you list above – ? The laying tool sounds wonderful.

  433. These gifts are all so wonderful! Beautifully crafted. Don’t underestimate the pencil. Ilove pencils of all kinds, those for material, such as the Micron that I had to hunt down and finally found. But a good , sharp needle is very important to me, but I cannot do without a good scissors and…and…

  434. My favourite tools are the Laying tools…Now THOSE I collect…I love the different laying tools I have a glass ones,bone ones,wood new and Pewter ones and I use them all when I see one that I really like and its different I buy it…Like some people collect scissors and don’t look at the price thats me with the Laying tools.And Mary thats one nice looking tool….Love it…Thanks for the opportunity of winning this wonderful looking laying tool..That one I don’t have in my collection but would love to.

  435. Mary, How can I pick just one tool? I agree with you wholeheartedly that there is nothing like the right tool for the right job. It makes all the difference in the world. Sooooo, I pick all my tools as best. I have a good laying tool but I want this crafter tool, I’m oohing and aahing over it. I not only like the looks I love the fact that it has a protective cover. I’m just going to have to buy one if I don’t win this one. Thanks Mary!
    Kathleen F

  436. My favorite tool is my threadholder from Bloom Woodworks (which I discovered through your blog). Besides organizing my project threads and keeping them handy, my threeadholder is a thing of beauty in its own right.


  437. Hi Mary, My favorite needlework tool has to be a really great thimble. I have been using one for years and without it I would be lost, especially when working a closely worked or thick pattern. A great pair of scissors would be second. I am one of those collectors, and my family knows not to use ANY of them!!!

  438. My favorite needlework tool – I think I’ve cussed and blessed them all at one point or another! My newest favorite is a very small steel crochet hook – it’s small enough to run under stitches and pull tails through. Or the small Gingher scissors with the tiny points. I do not have an official laying tool, just use a needle when neccessary, which is probably not as often as I should use one.

  439. I can’t believe it’s already the 10th day! My best tool are my tiny, super sharp, super pointy embroidery scissors, but I do have a certain fondness for my Liberty of London pincushion. It’s not special in any way except that it came from Liberty!

  440. My 2 favorite tools are a golden brass stiletto–looks similar to the laying tool–a gift from my DH years ago, a bit pricey but much used. I know I’m a beautiful tool “junkie” since other favorite is a sterling silver thimble, which I absolutely love to use. I don’t understand it, but I do know that they are “untouchable” even to my family and I’m very protective of them.

  441. My favorite tool is a pair of scissors that I got in a dissecting kit I bought when I took a general biology lab. I didn’t ever use the scissors as there were some available in the lab, and they have been great for needlework. They are very fine and sharp- great for delicate work. I’ve used them for years with no complaints.


  442. i am very much enjoying my new embroidery scissors. Kai originals, made in Japan. They have curved blades and they’re so sharp and get into tight areas so easy without snipping things that are in close quarters. I’ve never had a pair of scissors that were so fine before and I really enjoy using them. thank you again mary for this lovely giveaway.

  443. I have not been doing a lot of embroiderying recently but worked in a shop s little while ago and love it. The other day I was going to remove some embroidery from a shirt and realized how much I needed that pair of sharp, pointed sissors I used to use at the shop. I enjoy your e-mails & want to get back to more embroiderying!!!!!!!!!!

  444. The laying tool is absolutely beautiful. A far cry from what I use now..my husband’s awl. Of course it’s clean and usable for my embroidery, but what I wouldn’t give to have a laying tool such as the one shown. Very, very pretty!
    Ah yes… and those scissors. Who wouldn’t want a pair of scissors that are the very best in quality.
    The ceramic pencil and the leads are great also and I would love to win all of these “tools”.

  445. Strangely enough, my most often used tool (after the basics) is a little circle of rubber. Since I do an encrusted style with lots of different threads and fibres, this little circle enables me to pull recalcitrant needles through the fabric.

  446. Mary, my favourite tool and essential is my daylight lamp . Without it I could accomplish little. Next is a hoop inherited from my Mother and maybe her Mother. Being a novice in some ways, I’d not heard of a laying tool but it is beautiful. The scissors appear so sharp and would be my first choice. These twelve days of Christmas have been fun and informative. I’ve spent hours touring your contributors websites. I know I’ll be purchasing one day soon. Thanks, Sue Savel

  447. I really like the lauying tool. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been using turkey trusser pins. They work, but aren’t nearly as beautiful! Sharon C. Bethel

  448. I have to admit, I am a scissor collector, however the most useful tool is a magnifier light which I am using all the time.

    The laying tool is drool worthy, as are the other gifts in today’s line up.


  449. Mary, I love scissors, and enjoy having great tools to help me with my embroidery. At the moment it would be my new “unpicker” that my friend’s husband turned for me. I love the feel of the wood in my hands, I don’t always enjoy using it as it means that I have made a mistake! The laying tool on offer looks amazing. Thanks for organising the 12 days of Christmas, I enjoy reading all the comments.

  450. I have been using a crochet needle as my laying tool for years. someone gave me one once and it was not smooth, it kept pulling the threads, so I threw it out. What embroiderer can be without all these wonderful women’s toys? You’re generosity is unbelivable!

  451. My favorite tool is my great-grandmother’s silver thimble, used by her, my grandmother, my mother, and now me. I just feel so connected to my family when I use it. I would love to have any of the three tools in today’s giveaway!

  452. Hi Mary, My favorite embroidery tool is my goldwork mellor, used as a laying tool, nudger, awl, squisher (well, occasionally) and general help around the goldwork frame. The laying tool and the scissors are gorgeous in this giveaway, but I would love to have the pencil which I’ve not seen before and looks very useful!
    Thanks Mary,
    Victoria, Vancouver, BC

  453. Hi Mary,
    This is really a pretty finish on the laying tool. I do not currently own one but I really see the importance of such a tool. My current favorite tool that I must use always of course is my little plastic needle threader. It would take so much time to try to thread a needle without it. The pencil and scissors for the giveaway today is also a great gift to win. Thanks for all that you do for all of us!
    Mary Ann H.

  454. Hi Mary,
    I would have to say my Ott light is my favorite tool, if you can call it a tool. Without it I couldn’t do the needlework or hand piecing of my quilts. Second would be my embroidery scissors, small and sharp. So many tools for so many uses; it’s hard to choose:)

  455. The tools are gorgeous and it is always helpful to have good quality items with which to work.

    I like best, finding needles that have good sharp points and are not too fat but also have eyes that are not impossible to thread.
    BC Marilyn

  456. My favorite tool right now are my scissors! After seeing your demo of the laying tool I have wanted one to use The one you are giving away today looks wonderful & I would love to use it!

  457. My favorite needlework tool is probably a double-ended needle. When I first got it, it took some getting used to, but now I find I can stitch so much faster and more efficiently! Though, that said, I felt one of my friend’s BLTs and I LOVED it. Been looking for an excuse to buy one for weeks now!

  458. My favorite tool is my bobbin winder. It seems like a small thing, but being able to quickly transfer skeins to plastic bobbins for organized storage has really made my stitching time more pleasant.

  459. The laying tool is awesome. I have used collar stays in the past they work but not as lovely. I love to lay threads since they become as one in the finished project and really show off their shine. The sissors are wonderful also. I have trouble picking just one favorite tool but sissors are right up there also. You can’t live without sissors when embroidering.

  460. My favorite embroidery tool is a pair of scissors. I am not a collector but these scissors enable me to trim a seam up close to the seam if needed or trim a thread. I never have to worry about what is underneath for one edge is curved on the bottom and flat next to the blade and the blade edge is razor sharp for the cut.

    Thank you once again, Mary, for today’s give away is one that I would cherish. I have been looking at a laying tool but have not purchased yet.

    Georgia Gal

  461. Hi Mary, My favorite tool is also a laying tool. Its an antique large sewing needle probably for upholstery or something.I’ve burnished it till its smooth so it works well with silk. I think it would be nice to have a real laying tool

  462. You going to laugh when you read this!!! My favorite needle work tool is the needle & needle threader. I have heard of the Laying Tool but have not bought one, the white ceramic marker sounds great. If I don’t win anything I will still be a winner because I have learned so much from this 12 days event. Thank you so much and Happy New Year all 365 days. Judy N

  463. Hello Mary,
    Hope you received my email on the change of my email address.
    Now on to the tools! My favorite tool would be the laying tool! There is nothing worse than having threads that are twisted and not laying correctly on a piece you’ve invested hours in. I would consider it in the top three for the outcome of a quality piece.
    Hope you’re day is full of joy! Until tomorrow, Elizabeth

  464. Hi Mary

    I don’t have a favorite needlework tool as yet (still somewhat new to embroidery), but I am trying out different needles to get a feel of which feels confortable while I do needlework. I would like to try those Dovo scissors. I have tried something close to the Bohin ceramic lead pencil set; Fons and Porter, for quilt hand piecing. The Laying Tool would also be something that I would like to try; I watched your video on the tool and it appears that we could become great friends.

    Fredi SW

  465. My favorite tool is the laying tool my husband made for me. He carved a handle around a heavy upholstery needle and even carved a stand to hold it and my favorite scissors. I’ve not used Dovo scissors but they look wonderful. I especially like the narrow pointed tip, essential for any needleworker.

  466. My favorite needle work tool is my needle case. It was made by a blogging friend and I love using it. It’s made from felt and then embellished with hand stitching and one of a kind. It holds all my needles and a pair of scissors. I’d love to try out a laying tool as I’ve never tried one and the scissors and marking tool will come in handy. Thanks!

  467. My favorite tool would have to be my needles…I have German made ones and continue to find others that make the process cleaner and smoother…what beautiful items you are sharing with others…anyone would be blessed to try them…..thanks…Grace from Minnestoa

  468. I am too new to embroidery and am now just rediscovering the art after thirty years so I am very limited to the knowledge of many tools available. Right now I have a needle, needle threader and I am waiting on my scissors to arrive.

  469. I’d have to say my favorite tool right now is my slate frame, because I just love the tension it gives me. The hoops just don’t have it compared to it, even the nice wooden ones that I wrapped.

  470. A laying tool would be great to own
    If I did, it would sure become a favourite
    Dealing with wanky satin stitch
    Indeed, I would absolutely savour it!

    …In the mean time, I’ll settle for my new embroidery frame as a favourite as it is so easy to attach the fabric to it.

  471. My favorite tool is my thimble. It has so become part of my hand that I frequently forget to take it off.

  472. My favorite tool would be a great pair of scissors although I must say this laying tool has me excited I just love the craftsmanship of it . Love it love love it

    Bernadette Garcia Albuquerque New Mexico

  473. My favourite tool is my embroidery scissors. They have such a lovely thin shaft with sharp points. Couldn’t do with out them.

  474. Hi Mary, this is Lisette Root freom Oregon. Yesterday I could not reach the comment area because the link was not there and it said page not found, so I am going to comment on the 9th day and the tenth day right now! The question yesterday was how I would use the magnificent threads and fabric. I like to use my special effects threads in a sparing way, so I would use them a little at a time:) Todays question is what is my favorite needle working tool. My favorite is a scrapbooking awl tool. I use it all the time! It helps me in removing unwanted threads, and it allows me to make a pilot hole for larger needles. I also love my scrapbooking tweezers!

  475. My favorite tool is not a real tool but it is a small quilted case that can sit on the armrest of a chair, has 2 pockets & a pad for pins & needles. It folds over so it is easy to carry and fits scissors, thread spool, small ruler, etc. – all the basics for stitching.

  476. I’ve never owned such luxurious tools. But I think my current most useful tool is a small seam ripper I use for slicing threads and mistakes.

  477. Well needles and scissors have to be my favorite tools, since I couldn’t do much of anything with out them, but next comes pretty needlebooks, scissors cases and etuis. It is so much more fun to get your needles out of a pretty embroidered needlebook than a plain paper folder or plastic box. And the most fun of all is when a group of stitchers get together and you get to admire everyone else’s pretty things — and show off your own.

  478. Perhaps my favorite tool is my trolley needle. But when I have LOTS of thread laying to do, it can put a cramp in my hand. So I keep a wooden laying tool close by to use when I need a break. Old muscles just don’t have the staying power of young ones! The Dovo scissors sound great – that’s not a brand I’m familiar with.

  479. Mary,
    Do magnets count as a tool? Honestly, I always have to have one near my work so my needles don’t go missing. After that it’s needles. I am really picky about which one I use for the work I am doing.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  480. Good morning Mary.. I don’t have one favourite amongst the tools (a bit like not having one favourite child!) I love my Gingher scissors, Richard Hemming needles, my slate frame and a good light + magnifier, as well as lots of free, uninterrupted hours to stitch! I thought the laying tool was just beautiful along with the Dovo scissors (I have never seen them for sale here in Australia..) and the white pen would be such an assistance with black fabric.

  481. My favourite and most useful tool is my ‘Dololly’ It was made for me by a friend and I can honestly say I use it a lot (and it’s pretty !!!)

  482. Thank you Mary for another great line up of stitchy goodies! To answer your question–among the tools in your giveaway, the scissors are my favorite. But there are lots of tools that I use daily & three items that, when you need ’em, you REALLY need ’em! First, you can always borrow a pair of scissors, but can you borrow a bunka brush? Want to fluff some tufts or fray out decorative edges? The BB is indispensible. Second, what about dropped needles? You’ve just taken your seat at seminar & opened your kit in which there are two needles–one to use & one to lose. Take your eyes off them for a moment & they’re gone! Find them both–tick, tick–with a telescoping magnetic wand. No more searching on hands & knees. The third item is a pair of spandex fingerless gloves–Supp-Hose for your hands! They’re not much to look at, but that can be remedied. I dyed mine & decorated the cuffs with silk ribbon embroidery so they look girlie & feel great. IMHO–EVERY embroidery basket should include all three. BTW–thanks for the link to the JRCrafter site. I had no clue that anyone was making custom crochet hooks! Just what I need to make “sewings” in lace.

  483. Mary, I also do not have a favourite needlework tool but I can see the laying tool becoming it. It is very drool-worthy. I wait with anticipation for the draws.

  484. My very favorite all time embroidery tool is my beaded needle threader! While I work, I like to keep my tools in an antique silver bowl at my side….my needle threader, scissors, thimble and sticky notes….I love to be pampered with pretty things!

  485. The tool I seem to reach for most these days is my needle threader. The eyes aren’t what they used to be. I don’t have a laying tool, but I would like to have one.

    Cheryl in San Diego

  486. I just use the usual tools. I guess my favourite would have to be my four inch hoop. I use this the most!

  487. Hi Mary,
    Lovely tools, my favorite is the laying tool reason being that it makes such a difference in your finished product when you see all the threads laying side by side like nice little fellows.
    Thanks again for a lovely give away, I am sure that all of us would love to win them.
    Joan Turrell from Canada

  488. When I think of all the tools in my collection it seems impossible to choose just one. But there is one that I use most often, it is an ornate pewter laying tool that I wear on my thumb.

  489. Hi – your ideas/give-aways are so interesting. The tools featured today look wonderful. My favourite tool are my little special scissors. They are sharp and work great. I also have a special needle holder that I made (cross stitched from a pattern from Shepherd’s Bush). They are my constant sewing companions.

  490. I’m not sure if it counts as a tool, but my favorite embroidery “thing” is my embroidery bag. It keeps everything organized and lets me take my projects with me.

  491. MMmmm, what yummy treats you have for us today, Mary.
    My current favorite tools are my needle threaders from Lacis. One has a very fine threader end for very small needles and the other a thicker wire suitable for crewel needles. They’re well-made; I’ve had these for a couple of years and there is no sign of the wire pulling out. They have a cap which keeps the wire from getting bent when in my reticule, and since my vintage eyes and a tremor in my left hand has been making threading needles a little more difficult these past couple of years, I find they make my stitching experience more enjoyable.

  492. my favorite tool right is my hoop. I do not have a slate so having my hoop lets me do beginning simple projects.

  493. My favorite tool is my 4 inch blunt tip scissors. I treasure it because I can take it on the plane and do embroidery work to help pass the time. Also, since I just finished a hussif that I embroidered, my little scissors is protected while I travel.

  494. My favorite tools are a seam ripper with a light on it and my tiny embroidery scissors that have a very fine point on them.

  495. These tools are a must have. The laying tool is beautiful and a tool that I use. It makes such a difference when threads are parallel in the final product. I’m not a scissors collector either, but early in my stitching career I purchased a pair, thinking they would be the last. Well, they don’t cut at the point. What a disappointment.

  496. My favourite tool would have to be good embroidery scissors. The difference between working with a poor pair and a good pair is quite marked. I find them essential, especially when trimming threads neatly for stumpwork.

    All your giveaways have been amazing, but I thinking this one is my most wanted … so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

  497. I have none of these tools, and so would like to have each. Thus, so far, my favorite tool has been my magnifying glass. ๐Ÿ™‚

  498. I don’t have many tools, just the basics, so I would love to try out all of these. I guess the most important “tool” for me would be my bifocals and good lighting. Something to do with my age catching up with me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  499. My favourite embroidery tool is my Dorcas thimble, bought at an Antique Fair on a trip to England a few years ago. I can’t stitch without it. it slips onto my finger before I can pick up a needle to begin stitching. I love it.

  500. A large size needle has been my best tool to present. At a workshop I learned to use a laying tool for the piece we were working on. They stated that the poor man’s tool was to use a needle. The laying tool you offer certainly classifies as a ‘queen’s tool’. Simply beautiful.

  501. I have not collected enough tools yet to choose a favourite, but I do have a favourite pair of scissors, my first pair of good old stork scissors!

  502. Hi Mary, I use my scissors that are attached to a bear so I don’t drop them into my chair and they are easy to grab. I need to get them sharpened or a new pair. I like the Gingher but I will have to look at the Dovo. The laying tool is beautiful! I will be doing some needle painting and that would be great to have! Thank you for all your gifts and sharing of your knowledge.
    Debra Puma

  503. I do not have one favorite tool. I can work with everything. Good tools are expensive, so I can make some gifts for myself not too often. But before Christmas my Dovo scissors came from USA (I could not find them in Europe). I like them very much. Maybe I could say, that they are my favorite, but if some others are nearer, I use them.

  504. Hi Mary,
    My favourite needlework tool would have to be my magnifying light. There is something inside me that makes me want beautiful needlework accessories and the BLT and Dovo scissors would for me be the “cat’s whiskers” they are just beautiful and the pencil would also be a very useful tool.
    Cheers, Lyn D

  505. I don’t have many tools as I’m really just getting my feet wet in embroidery. I do love using water soluable pens.

  506. My favorite tools are scissors and needles. a lot of scissors, needles and hoops :)I would like to have Dovo scissors in my collections. I have heard they are just perfect for needlework.

  507. I really don’t have any special tools. No special scissors but years ago I went to a show in Charlotte with a local shop owner and one of the booths were handing out thread nippers and I’ve used them ever since. I guess I’d have to say my scroll frames that I have in just about every size.

  508. Scissors, scissors, scissors. I love scissors. And needles. And hoops. And threads. I have a problem don’t I! I have been doing surface embroidery for over 50 years and during that time my favorite things have never changed. “All things embroidery” is my favorite. Just Janice Silverdale, WA

  509. My favorite embroidery tool is the magnifying glass because without it I could not stitch a thing. Must be getting old. I’m particularly interested int he laying tool. I have a trolly needle and it is too thick.

  510. I think scissors would be my favourite tool, though I have to make sure that my children don’t borrow them.

  511. My fav tool is my all metal “snips”. They are so easy to handle and you dont have to fiddle around getting fingers into scissors holes.
    I always make sure I get the full metal, not the metal tips/plastic handle.

    I dont have a specific laying tool so the giveaway would be luvveerley ๐Ÿ™‚

    Phillipa in NZ

  512. Since I became an avid ribbon embroiderer, my favorite tools are an awl and a hemostat. When I am trying to gently pull wide ribbon through the fabric and it does not go easily, I widen the hole with an awl and grab the needle with a hemostat on the other side of fabric. Since I started using these tools, my fingers are no longer sore after embroidery session, or, at least, not as much as in the past. I have been doing cross stitch for years, but for some reason never used a laying tool. Ribbon embroidery books taught me to use a chopstick for the same purpose which is a bit awkward (or may be I am just not dexterous with it).

  513. Dear Mary,

    My favorite tool is Clover desk needle threader. It makes threading the needle much easier. (FYI, it only works with oval shaped eye needles.)

  514. Mary, throughout my years as a member of both ANG and EGA, I learned that with the proper tools (which I call “toys”), the quality of the finished product is greatly enhanced. My stitching is so much neater and controlled. My favorite is laying silk thread. I like using a metal laying tool because after much use the wooden ones tend to dry and fray at the tip. I say… the more toys, the merrier.

  515. My own hands, which so far have not managed to get lost or damaged. The others are just extensions of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  516. Tools, tools, tools!

    I love tools. It’s hard to think of a favorite because I like them so much. Of the tools that I use, probably the best one is a laying tool, it makes stitches look so even and I’m that kind of stitcher, everything even and nice.

  517. I consider my lamp with lens to be the top priority these days. It enables all my other tools and gadgets to work better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  518. I have several items I like when doing any type of embroidery but the ceramic lead pencil is one of my favorite. The marks seem to disappear after you stitch over them. That is the best thing for me. I used to have problems finding something that was easily removed once the project was finished. It is so frustrating to put all your work into something and the marks you made still show.

  519. Such ‘little’ treasures. Tools to help ensure the beauty and the quality of your needlework. Tools such as these I have never owned. AND I would treasure them. They would truly be a wonderful gift.

  520. Ahhh, my favorite needlework tool is a good needle! Followed secondly by a great scissors. I can easily see how one can become a collector of scissors! lol!

  521. My favourite tool? I think my daylight lamp closely followed by the Madeira Magic Pen for marking fabric. I’ve never heard of a laying tool before, but will be using something in future after watching Mary on the web, would love it to be this one.

  522. I don’t have a favourite tool as such, maybe my nice sharp scissors. thanks again for the opportunity to win these tools Pam

  523. My favorite tool is the needle because I think it the most used and needs to be good! I love that hand-turned item. My husband is a woodturner, but he doesn’t make those! He would probably get a kick out of my winning a woodturned item! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for a chance to win!

  524. My favorite tool is small and inexpensive but it saves me a lot of time. My needle threader is my favorite tool and is something I’m lost without.

  525. well, that’s a hard one … i LOVE my scissors the most … then i would have to say *thread heaven* for fixin’ up those stubborn threads … thanks for the opportunity to win these great tools … always room for another pair of scissors .. LOL …… darlene

  526. I use a laying tool but nothing as nice as the one shown. The tool the fits on the thumb, is one you need to be very careful when using.
    Thank you for your newsletter.

  527. Since I still am a novice, I have not had enough time to know if I have a favorite tool needlework. But if I need to say…..it would be my lamp. As we all need is great lighting for all our projects

  528. It would have to be the laying tool for me, magnificent. My favourite tool are my little golden scissors bought from the royal needlework society shop at King Henry VIII’s Hampton Palace after a day wandering around looking at tapestries and paintings of clothing (and people) which are so awe inspiring in beauty, skill and sheer labour. Would not replace my scissors for anything.

  529. I think my most valuable ‘tool’, just has to be my quick unpick…..’reverse stitching’ is all part and parcel of our wonderful world of stitching…. unless you are perfect and I am not !!! cheers

  530. My favorite tool is a laying tool I got years ago that slips on your finger. Its ugly but works like a charm! This one is lovely and would be lots more fun to use! Thanks.

  531. I don’t really have a favorite tool. Perhaps my favorites are the basics, a good needle, a sharp pair of scissors and a good quality wooded hoop; with these you are never far from a needlework project.

  532. Happy New Year!

    I will have to say that my beautiful wood crochet hooks made by Ed Jenkins are my favorite tool. I love to crochet and hand sew.

    I would love to be entered for your giveaway..such wonderful tools you are offering.

    Stephanie Suzanne

  533. Hi Mary and everyone!
    I have to say my favorite needlework tool is my little pair of scissors. I have never used a laying tool and would love to have one to learn! I don’t use many other tools either, but probably should.

  534. I guess I just love good scissors – something very sharp – ones that look good and feel comfortable in my hand. I always say it’s all about having the right tools to do the job. I also love good quality needles – ones that just glide through the fabric. This laying tool looks beautiful – might have to have one of these too.

  535. At the moment my favourite embroidery tool is a little turned wood Etui with a needlecase inside, space for your thimble, and sections on the handle on which to wind different threads. It was a birthday pressie from my best friend and business partner Kate Dicey.

  536. My current favorite needlework tool is probably my Cotton Candy scissors – very inexpensive, but very fine & sharp points. They have colored plastic sheath (VERY necessary!) that I’ve beaded to the scissors as a fob, so I can’t lose it. 3 colors – useful & fun! Thanks for this terrific giveaway Mary – the laying tool is spectacular.

  537. I have a little question: Are these give-aways for United States residents only? I live in Poland and I love your competitions.
    Mary, You’ve got in Europe, especially Poland, more fans that You think.
    Could You say: Are You sending give-away also to people who live in Europe? That information is very important.

  538. I don’t really have a favorite tool but other than scissors which are necessities (I suppose there are other cutting tools one could use but I prefer scissors), I have found needle minders to be the most useful tool for me.

  539. I don’t have any tools, I would love to win this tha scissors and the pencil really excited me!

  540. Oh I would love to win the beautiful laying tool. It would make me feel so elegant to own this. Thanks! Claudia

  541. I can’t name a favorite embroidery tool because I really don’t have a favorite – what I have is a basic set of inexpensive, decent quality tools. They function well, but I wouldn’t cry if I lost them! Lately, though, I’ve been dreaming about getting a laying tool and a pair of Dovo scissors, so now I’ll add dreaming about winning this giveaway, too!

  542. I don’t know if this is actually a tool, I think of it more as a necessity, but I couldn’t do any kind of needlework (or reading, even) without my OttLite. I have a floor lamp and also have a portable light that I can take room to room with me. Our house has high ceilings so it tends to be kind of dark. The OttLites are a real eyesight saver!

  543. Strictly embroidery tools… I own a pair of really good snips (an early version of a pair of scissors). They pack small and allow for extremly neat trimming of threat.
    On a more general note, probably an electric whisk, the perfect tool for making draw-strings quickly and to high quality.

  544. I don’t really have a favorite working tool. I just started working with the mellore but don’t use it too much.

    Thank you!
    Camille Van Fleet

  545. my favorite tool depends on what I am doing ..sometimes it is scissors or my husband laughly says my seam ripper…lol

  546. My favorite tool has to be a pair of magnets that I can put in a corner of my work to hold things out of my way. Small scissors will stay attached, threaded needles will lay on top of my work ready to be picked up again in a few stitches, and it will even hold the large needle I have been using as a laying tool. They make nice fancy magnets, but I just use the plain ones or one made for holding a few needles (Needle Park Ave.).

  547. Oh what a feast of lovely tools! They would so much help my embroidery especially that fabulous looking laying tool. Thank you so much for offering such a gorgeous prize – naturally I hope I win!!

  548. I would have to say my scissors are my best tool, I’ve used cheap ones which just don’t do the job, I also own a Bohin ceramic lead pencil and use it often.


  549. My favorite tool is my needle threader. Without it I could not thread YLI silk that I use in applique.

  550. Mary,

    More wonderful items for a lucky stitcher!

    My favorite needlework tool? Just one? Love my laying tool — a spiral carved bone one. Which do I really rely on? My needlethreader — the flat punched kind with a big end and little end. Especially with multiple strands, it’s so much quicker and easier.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  551. “Favorite” or “Most Necessary”? — one can’t beat good needles. Good scissors seems “necessary”, but I do know that some are better than others. I really DO acknowledge “good” needles, “good” scissors, and “good” hoops. I also love my pincushion stand that has hooks to hang my scissors on and a couple of spindles for thread spools — sort of a mobile sewing station.

  552. My favourite embroidery tool is my scissors. I have always been disappointed in the embroidery scissors available. So I headed to the fly fishing shop and bought a pair of Doctor Slick Razor Scissors. Brilliant. My current pair are starting to wear out and so I would love a new pair of scissors.

    As a maker of contemporary embroidered art works I embroider for about 35 hours a week. I often draw my design onto the fabric as I work the piece. One of my greatest frustrations is finding a marker that will show up on dark fabric. That Bohin ceramic pen would be a treat.

    As for the laying tool. What a gorgeous object. Who wouldn’t love that one? thanks for the opportunity to win all these wonderful give aways. What a lot of christmas fun!

  553. I love laying tools. My favorite tool. I have just started making a collection of them.

  554. I only have the most basic tools so I can’t really say I have a favourite, though as my eyesight gets a little worse each year, Perhaps the needle threader is going to come to the fore …
    The tools on offer here are just beautiful.

  555. My very favorite needlework tool is a very large one. It would have to be my Dazor floor lamp. I confess, I can’t work anywhere else but under that lamp. I also covet the Dovo scissors, and would be very happy to be chosen for this wonderful give away.

  556. I’m not a very advanced needle-worker so my tools are pretty basic. I’d have to say though that my favorite tool so far is the very most basic tool of all: my gold plated tapestry needle(s). They just slide through the linen so easily. The ends are so nicely rounded that they slip neatly between the threads without splitting them. My embroidery isn’t always on the finest quality linen because it’s done to embellish (visible) undergarments for historical reenactment. The quantity of fine needlework-quality cloth needed for an entire garment would be too pricey for me. The small extra cost for the good needles is worth it. They help a lot when working on the loosely spun, rather slubbly threads found in lower cost linen.

  557. Hi Mary, Its hard to pick just one- but I’d have to say my stork scissors. Not only are they a wonderfully sized pair of scissors, but my husband gave them to me early in our marriage. He still doesn’t really “get” the needlework obsession, but he does try to indulge me with the things I love. Thanks always.


  558. I can only dream of having tools this fine. As a retiree living on a limited income there is little left over to add tools to my hobbies. I admit it is often frustrating trying to work with inferior tools but at the time that I bought them I didn’t know any better. My favorite tools in addition to my hands, needles and threads would have to be an ott light. being able to see true colors makes a huge difference in the outcome of my work.

  559. Hi Mary
    Yet another mesmerising gift on offer and I have to say the laying tool is beautiful but my instinct would be going with the lovely scissors which is such an essential part of an embroiderers kit. I am not a collector but do like to go for the best I can afford when it comes to embroidery tools and all three of these are useful as well as beautiful which is the double whammy. Many thanks again and will be looking out for the website to see what else is on offer from these two gentlemen. Many thanks again.
    Eleanor – Isle of Man
    ps I dont know if anyone else had problems getting to your comment box for yesterday but it just said there was a problem which was being worked on but thanks again for that superb gift of material and threads.

  560. My favourite tool is the small pair of Gingher scissors a friend gave me for Christmas a few years ago. They were a present as I was about to try Hardanger for the first time. I still haven’t gotten up the gumption to try cutting threads for Hardanger but I love those little scissors.

    I’m leaving this comment (my first ever on your site) because I love the sound of that laying tool. I’ve been interested in getting one for a while now, even with hanging my needle, I’ve been having increasing issues with getting my top stitches straight (I’m primarily a counted cross-stitcher). I’ve looked at everything from a laying tool to a needle trolley but this little gadget from JR Crafter seems the perfect item!

  561. My favorite tool is my Dazor floor magnifying light.
    My dear husband flew it to me when I was at an embroidery school and called him to tell him old age had finally set in and I could no longer see the stitches. Everyone at the school thought he was the best husband ever!

  562. You have asked one of the most difficult questions to date. I feel like a parent having to single out the favorite child. So, going by usage alone, I have to say one of my sharp pairs of scissors since they accompany me at many different projects while the other tools are more project specific (and also loved).

  563. My favorite needlework tool is a silver needle threader. I love it partly because it makes threading needles so easy — some of us have been using the same set of eyes for many years —
    and partly because it is so beautiful and partly because my husband gave it to me many years ago.

    The laying tool is beautiful and a good pair of scissors is like a work of art.

    Fran Johnson, Red Oak, TX

  564. Current favorite “tool”, my stitching glasses that I had specifically made. There is the bifocal – so my work is not by my nose. The regular part is not up to true strength, so I can see the teacher for a class and read the instructions. The ultimate goal was not having to take glasses off and on for stitching and classes. Next favorite tool-needlethreader for not so delicate hands.

  565. I have lots of tools to make stitching easier and more enjoyable, but besides good scissors the one that comes out the most is my Dololly. Being able to easily pull those little tails through makes for much less frustration. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tina from Melbourne.

  566. I think my favorite tool is my hardwicke manor hoop which I adore. I just love the way it feels and it is great to hold. I have just started using evertite bars and they may just replace my hoop. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love having good scissors. My husband always laughs at me because I have a bunch of different pairs of scissors, but each pair is good for something specific. Anyway those scissors seem particularly wonderful. Thanks again for your amazing site and these fabulous giveaways.
    -Heather in Chicago

  567. My tapestry/cross stitch needle book. Maybe 20 years ago I cross stitch several 3″ flower block, which stayed in a drawer until last year. After seeing all the needle books on web sites, and magazines I decided to do something with those poor neglected squares. Lined with felt, beribboned, and repurposed, they keep my needles from wandering off to lacations unknown. But a laying tool–I have not. And I would love to try using one.

  568. I am a beginner at needle crafts, so I have very basic tools. However, years ago, my grandmother insisted on buying me a very good magnifying lens with a light on a floor stand. I have moved it with me and kept it covered for years. I am so thankful for that magnifier/light because I really need it now! I know that using that tool is helping me to be successful at stitching.

  569. Mary, my favorite needlework tool would have to be my fine embroidery scissors. But I’ve had them for 25 years, so I am thinking it must be time for a new pair – I would love to win this day’s drawing! I have never had a laying tool, although I was always fascinated when I would watch Shay Pendray on PBS – she highly recommended them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, Mary, for this opportunity!
    Tomi Jane

  570. The laying tool would be great with the gold threads. I’ve never worked with either, but I have future dreams of working on church related embroidery. My most favorite tool is a magnifying glass so I can thread my needle. Without that, I wouldn’t get very far. Thank you for these wonderful give-ways.

  571. I have two favourite tools. One is a pair of fine pointed scissors for cutting threads in Drawn Thread work or Hardanger and also an old awl for making Algerian Eyelets nice and round. The awl was given to me many years ago. Wendy from Hobart

  572. A trolley needle is my favourite tool. I don’t like to stitch using a floor stand and the trolley needle lets me lay threads easily with the hoop or frame in my hands. It is so comfortable that I always forget I have it on my finger and tend to poke myself with it.

  573. I can feel the silky smoothness of that beautiful wood! The scissors are always handy. They always seem to disappear. The ceramic pencils are a must. I’m loving the 12days of Christmas give aways

  574. Hi mary,
    merry 10th day of christmas. I dont have a favourite tool but i like a good pair of sisccors, a steady frame or hoop, thimble to protect my finger. I learnt the value of all the 3. I have’nt used a laying tool but glad to learn of the tools that make hand embroidery easy. It makes me sad that there is only 2 more days left and your gifts make me wish that there was another 12 days of christmas. Love you for all what your doing.

  575. My favorite needlework tool is my needle minder magnet. I love the look of it (silver, beautiful design and square shape). However I love it the most because it keeps my needle right where I need it. I haven’t lost a needle since I started using it.
    Thank you for the chance to win these lovely needlework tools, Mary.

    Shirley Crockett

  576. I think my favorite tool would be my embroidery scissors, however the needle is very important!! Alot of things go into making a good finished product, such as the fabric, hoop, threads, and of course the patterns by great designers. But a good pair of embroidery scissors sure helps keep the job more enjoyable and less stressful!
    Kathy M

  577. Loving these give-aways! These tools look fantastic–esecially the laying tool. It is gorgeous!

  578. Mary – I love this site. Thanks so much for spending the time to do it.

    My favorite tool is the Little Square Magnets that my company distributes. They are small and strong and can hold multiples. If I am needlepointing, I can hold many loose threads under on magnet that is attached to a tack. With linen, etc., two magnets together really hold a scissors, etc. They are very versatile. They do a great job!

  579. That laying tool is so pretty. I guess my favorite needlework tool is my scissors. I have a pretty little fob attached to the scissors made from broken china. A one of a kind hand made item. It’s one of my favorite things.

  580. Up until a few weeks ago my tekobari was my favorite tool. I liked the feel of the metal in my hand and it enabled me to lay threads beautifully. My favorite stitching spot is my lazybot recliner and I guess I managed to let the tekobari fall down the cushions without realizing it. The next time I put the foot rest up – you guessed it – my tekobari is no longer straight. Your description of how the laying tool feels in your hand makes me think this one could be a good replacement. Thanks for all the great info and giveaways!

  581. I would have to say my favourite tool would be a nice sharp pair of scissors – I’m always making do and it is frustrating when trying to get close to my work. This is such a lovely giveaway – I can see the layout tool extremely useful for my other passion – patchwork, getting the points through the machine, plus it is absolutely gorgeous, just to look at.

  582. My favorite tool is my needle grabber that clips on to my canvas. It keeps my needles at the ready for quicker stitching!

  583. Other than my nice Floriani scissors, which I love. I don’t really have any tools. This stilletto is beautiful and I have never seen a ceramic pencil- that looks really interesting.

  584. As a rank beginner, I don’t have a lot of things yet- but I will! I am a lover of good tools. If I had to pick, it would be my Optivisor (a magnifier you wear on your head) which I had from years ago. I can’t work without it. My scissors are funky but they work well enough. I have been shopping for scissors so I jump at the chance to win one, as well as the other two tools- very nice!
    Thank you Mary!!!

  585. Ooooohhhh Mary! These are so beautiful and as a beginner, I don’t have any of these. I have to use my fingers as a “laying” tool. I always go by your blog on keeping my hands as soft and free of dried flaky areas as possible. I do have some scissors that work okay,(I have threathened anyone of my guys that touch them!) I would so love to win these, I have not entered all of these give-a-ways because some of them are so far above me that I don’t know if I would ever get that good on needlework, and someone else could use them so much more. Thanks for the opportunities!

  586. Definitely super sharp scissors for me. I also would like some advice on where to find a quality “fine thread” needle threader that doesn’t fall apart after a couple uses.

  587. I am answering to the Ninth Day here because that site is down.
    Wow! I would love to be a winner of these beautiful linens and threads- I mean really! I know what you are saying about working with quality materials and at this point I need to begin to find the right things for what I am trying to do.
    Again, thank you Mary, this is great fun, and I am learning a lot about what is available and what is possible.

  588. I’m usually just a needle and thread kind of stitcher! But maybe that’s why I struggle some much with satin stitch??

  589. I would have to say my favorite tool is my ott light. I take it anywhere I need extra light to work. It is a wonderful “assistant” in sorting different shades of thread. My second favorite tool would be my needles. I’m still experimenting with different types/sizes since I have started becoming ‘friends’ with arthritis.

    Becky in upstate SC

  590. I love the needlework tools.

    My favorite needlework tool is a wooden laying tool. The handle is large and just fits in my hand, so very comfortable. It’s not round so doesn’t roll away when I put it down. I brought it years ago for the beauty of the wood, before I ever did stitching requiring a laying tool. Although I love mine I do need a laying tool with a metal tip for some of the silks I currently do.

    I haven’t found a tool to trace patterns on fabric yet so would like to try the one in this give away. And who can’t use another scissors?

    Violet in NH

  591. I discovered one of my favorite needlework tools quite by accident. I do bead embroidery and one of the tools I use is a small jewelry makers needle nose pliers. It comes in handy for pulling a stuck needle through whatever it is stuck in. I also use it to grip & pull tiny threads when I have had to rip something out. I like it better than a hemastat because it doesn’t lock closed when you use it and it saves wear & tear on your hands.

  592. Faรงo trabalhos com agulhas smirna,agulha mรกgica, ponto russo,arraiolo,ponto cheio,meio ponto,ponto cruz.E tambem faรงo bordados com contas acrilicas (bead).Todos os instrumentos sรฃo รณtimos para quem gosta de bordar. E faรงo crochet.Ficarei imensamente feliz se for a ganhadora destes brindes.Obrigado.Abraรงos.

  593. Hi Mary,
    I don’t know if they qualify as a tool, but my
    Machinger gloves are a necessity for me.- I use them for quilting, but I
    now use them for hand work – it helps grip my needle – and they are just enough protection to be used as a “comfortable timble”. Now I know that this is not a traditional thing to do – but I am for comfort and pragmatism. I do love, love those tools and yes, I am a lover of all quilting, sewing and embroidery tools. I would love to have that beautiful shiny laying tool. That would be my very first one. Thank you Mary

  594. My answer may not be a tool, exactly, but it definitely gets a lot of use. A couple of years ago Nordic Needle offered a wooden block for the display of embroidery scissors. I quickly found other items which fit those slots as well. I keep a couple of favorite pairs of scissors, a needle threader, a glass nail file, tweezers, etc. The block is heavy enough to fit on the counter near my sewing chair without getting knocked off easily. I can’t estimate how much time I save by having my most frequently used tools right at hand.

  595. Oh wow, Mary, these are so lovely. The colours in the laying tool handle and cover are so merry!
    Please consider me in for this set,
    All the best Gail

  596. My favorite “tool” when embroidering is a good glass of wine & some great tunes!! I really enjoy embroidering more sitting on my porch on a beautiful summer day.
    I LOVE the tools featured here & would love to win them.
    Thanks again,
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  597. Mary, my favorite tools are my scissors…yes, I am one of those people who cannot resist the newest, prettiest, or funkiest scissors! The good news is, I can ususally find a pair when I need one because they are in all of my project boxes and on my sewing machine table and often on my coffee table!

  598. Hi Mary,
    My favorite tool is my tool box. It is a Currier and Ives tin that I have had for many years. I keep my needles, scissors, needle threader (I need that now a days and my magnifying glasses), and leather thimble in my old, but colorful, Whitman’s chocolate cloisonne tin.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  599. My favorite “tool” is my “hussuff”, sometimes called a “huzzuff”. The english translation is a “housewife”. So, are you curious to know what this may be? No, it is not a lady who comes to do my needlework for me. (I am sorry if I am explaining something that everyone here may already knows about.) A hussuff is a sewing kit that was carried by soldiers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Later, embroiderers, as we are famous to do, began creating extravagantly embroidered sewing kits to keep their supplies. A dear friend of mine made one for me several years ago. It keeps my supplies close at hand, and it is beautiful to look upon. I would not part with it for the world.

  600. These tools all are wonderful! I especially love the Dovo scissors– yes, I’m one of those collectors. The laying tool is beautiful. And I would love to try the ceramic pencil! What a great combination ti would be to win!!


  601. Mary,
    Another astonishing set of gifts – you and your suppliers are very generous!
    My favourite tool are my current “stork scissors”. They are many years old and probably have seen better days, but nevertheless are generally sharp and reliable (if a little maintenance is applied occasionally). Without the expertise of a decent pair of scissors my linen whitework projects would not have the final look that I would want and would disappoint after the many hours of work applied to them.

  602. I’m not really sure if you would consider it a tool, but I love my little biscuit tin that I generally keep my current project in. It was a gift from a friend and is one of my favourite things.

  603. I love my laying tool! It makes such a difference in the way my stitches look. I am so glad I learned how to use it, because there is a definite difference in my stitching. That said, sigh, my magnifiers are what are keeping me stitching. So even thought they aren’t my “favorite” they should be, because they make stitching possible.
    Thanks again for the chance to win some awesome tools.
    P.S. My husband tried to give me a hard time about what he called my gadget purchases. I walked out to the garage and pointed to all his purchases. And astounded, he said, “those aren’t gadgets, those are tools.” So now my tool purchases are right in line with his.

  604. I have a trolley needle that I use as a laying tool – it fits on my left index finger and I’m able to smooth my threads over it. The best part is that it is embellished, which makes it both pretty and functional. The tool giveaway is a great idea; the scissors, pencil or laying tool would each be a wonderful item to win. Thanks, Mary!

  605. Hmmm. You’ve finally come up with a question that’s tough to answer. A lot of the time I am just using a needle and thread to embroider. I have other tools and I use them when the stitchery demands, but my go-to tool is probably the small embroidery hoop. It is one of the metal ones with a spring in the outer hoop. Somehow, through the years, this little hoop has not been bent out of shape and the spring is still strong. It does a really good job of holding the fabric taut. I’ve got a wide variety of sizes and styles of hoops, but I seem to pick this one up most of the time.
    My laying tool is not nearly as pretty as the one you’re giving away, though. I’ll bet I’d use that one a lot more!

  606. My favourite tool is my tiny pair of scissors – because I have been able to keep them exclusively for needlework (the family have left home, so they have survived as ‘exclusive use’ scissors). Not only are they small, they have an incredible point and are still beautifully sharp :-).
    Thanks for the opportunity to join in.

  607. May I also answer the DAY NINE question? I would probably use the linen over two or three larger projects.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to enter.

  608. Mary,
    Great pratical give away to today. Who can’t use useful tools. We could all wish to win. Thanks again, Nancy R

  609. I am new to needlework but I have a favorite tool. It is a wood laying tool. It was given to me by a good friend. I love the feel of the smooth wood.

  610. Wow, Mary! What beautiful tools. My favorite is a good sharp pair of scissors which my son got me for my birthday. But what I’m really coveting here is the ceramic pencil. I do a lot of sewing on black fabric (monk’s habits) and it would be a real godsend.

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  611. Very easy question for me: My grandmother’s laying tool is my very favorite! It is a stainless steel spear with a knobbed end and for most of my life, I thought it was a funny short letter opener, which is how I used it. I loved how it was both smooth and sharp and the way it felt in my hand. I never got to meet my grandmother — she died before I was born — though I grew up with two chairs -“the King and Queen chairs” — that she did in needlepoint, along with some small latch hook rugs. I think I literally shrieked out loud when I saw Shay Pendray demonstrating the tool on her show on a PBS station. It was a true aha moment for me. I then went to the library and found a reference book which further explained how to use the tool. So it would be a laying tool at the end of the rainbow for me to win, plus a wonderful opportunity for me to also receive some fabulous scissors and a very practical tracing cool drool tool (love that term!)

  612. Impressively nice tools. I for one am like you I need good scissors, however my EGA group has turned me on to some great ideas for repurposing things to needlework. Examples are using those small disposable brushes intended for bridges/braces from the dental isle to brush away fuzz from rip-outs. Works great and is my favorite tool I can’t live without. Also, in pet stores they sell rubber protectors for stud dog collars/works great for scissor protectors.

  613. My favorite tool is my BLT-Best Laying Tool. I use it to lay silk and floss. It fits my hand perfectly and I have a hard time stitching without it.

  614. Do needle minders count? I don’t know why but whenever I place an online order and these are available I always get one. I get a lot of use out of them and they’re very pretty to look at.

    I also own a lovely wooden laying tool which gets used quite a bit.

  615. Hi! I also do a bit of beading, and I’m not sure if this counts, but I love my square of deep pile material that keeps the beads from rolling all over the place!

  616. My magnifiers! Can’t stitch well if I can’t see what I’m doing. As I get older, these get more and more important.

  617. I have an old pair of medical, small mosquito forseps that I use for stumpwork and goldwork to manipulate the wires and pull to the back of the work.I would love to add any of your tools to my kit, but the funky looking laying tool is most appealing!

  618. I have a lot of tools but I like my light box the best. The laying tool here is simply beautiful. Thanks.

  619. A good marking tool is by far my most wanted tool – I do quilting – both crazy and sane as well as needlework. Nothing gets a project off to a great start as good pattern marking on my fabric! I’ve used many different types of pens, pencils and chalk, but I still have not found the best option. Judy

  620. Hi Mary,
    These are beautiful tools. Thanks for the opportunity to aquire them… hope I win. My favoite tool is the needle. I have been stitching since I was a child, and have loved every minute I have had with this sleek, little wonder. I nowwishI had more time to sit and stitch!

  621. I would have to say that my favorite tool is my magnifying lamp. I found that light and magnification are essential. Embroidery is impossible for me without it. I don’t have alot of tools other than scissors and a pair of tweezers. Just basics! I am really interested the BLT laying tool and ceramic pencils.

  622. I guess I would have to say my scissors are my favorite tool. They are certainly the tool I use the most and it would be hard to stitch without a good pair of scissors.

  623. As a fairly armature needleworker I do not have many tools. I have been trying to find a laying tool, but none of my local shops have any. My current favourite tool is a pair of scissors that I received from my brother, they are actually part of a manicure set, but they are so sharp and well made they quickly found their way into my embroidery box.

  624. While I love all 3 of those tools and would love to have any of them, I think my favorite is the laying tool. I can use all of the help I can get to lay my stitches correctly.

    LeAnn Smith in OK

  625. I Don’t really have a favorite tool. I have done embroidery but I make do with what I have. I think I need to get some good tools. I love your give aways, because I learn about products that are available for embroidery and why they are needed.

    Sheila from Pa

  626. Hi Mary,
    These days I cannot live without a magnifying lamp – but only since I got older!! Recently, though, I have discovered Clover Black Gold needles and they are simply superb needles for embroidery. The tools you have shown here are lovely too, and would be great to own and use.

    thank you

  627. My favourite tools are my floorstand Daylite lamp, magnifying glasses, thimble and good needles. All these make the job so much easier. I would love to win the scissors as my scissors are just cheap ones I bought in a reject shop. Also the ceramic pen would be wonderful. The laying tool would be great also as I do a lot of stump work and need to keep my stitches even. Thank you Mary
    Doto, Western Australia