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Eleventh Day of Christmas: Millenium Frame!


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I love my new Millenium needlework frames. (That’s a link to my review, if you’re not sure what the Millenium frames are and you’d like to read about them.)

It was one of those love-at-first-try sort of situations. I set up the frame the first time and was completely twitterpated. It was so easy to set up a large project: no tacking, no sewing and lacing up a slate frame. Oh wow. I was really besotted! But I knew that infatuation doesn’t always last, so after working with the frame for a couple weeks (and calming down a bit), I sat back to re-assess my first impressions.

And they didn’t change. The Millenium frame is a magnificent tool!

Millenium Needlework Frame

And today, courtesy of the folks at Needle Needs, you have the opportunity to win one of these wonder-tools yourself!

Millenium Needlework Frame

This give-away includes 16″ roller bars (these are the top and bottom horizontal bars, around which you can roll longer pieces of fabric) and the 8 – 10″ side stretchers. This is a good size frame for medium-sized projects. It’s not huge – the maximum width of the project would be 16″ – but the project can be much longer than the 10″ side stretchers seem to dictate, because (as long as you aren’t doing goldwork or stumpwork) you can roll your fabric around the top and bottom bars of the frame.

I’ve been using the Millenium Frame almost daily for a couple months now, and along with it for the past month, I’ve been using the Necessaire floor stand. (You can read my review of the Necessaire floor stand here, if you like.) Every time I sit down to stitch with them in front of me, I am thankful for them – for their beautiful craftsmanship, for their ingenious design, for the ease and convenience they offer. For me, they are the ideal stitching set-up.

To see how the frame works and how easy it is to set up, feel free to stop by the Needle Needs website, where you’ll see a demonstration video on the home page.

I could go on and on and on about the frame especially, but I won’t! Methinks many of you may be quite eager just to get on with the give-away business on this one!

Give-Away Instructions

Today’s Eleventh Day of Christmas give-away winner will receive one complete Millenium frame, as described above, courtesy of Needle Needs and shipped from the UK.

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on this link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

What aspect of the Millenium Frame attracts you the most? Is it the quality craftsmanship, the convenience it offers, the fact that it’s a “new” gadget to try, the idea of a good needlework frame in general?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box.

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Eleventh Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. Sometimes, this takes a little while because I am not able to moderate comments around the clock. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.

Also, just another little note – though rather late in this whole give-away series – please don’t leave your e-mail address or residential address in the body of your comment. It’s just not a good idea to expose your addresses to the world. If nothing else, you probably don’t want to end up with a bunch of spam in your inbox. Just use the line provided in the comment form for your e-mail address. Thanks!


(1,061) Comments

  1. I love these frames. The convenience of setting it up attracted me first, but the ease of use and being able to keep the fabric taut really makes this a treasure to use

  2. Merry Eleventh Day of Christmas to you, too, Mary.

    Today’s gift goes way beyond my really wanting it, but to really needing it. I have been fighting with my scroll frames for FOREVER. I can’t get them to stay tight and it’d driving me mad!

    After I read your initial review on this frame a little while ago, I’ve been saving my pennies to purchase it. The best part of this frame has to be that it keeps your work taught. Of course, the fact that it’s unique in style and appealing in craftsmanship doesn’t hurt.

    I’ve probably said this to you before, but … Oh, Mary, I hope you pick me to receive today’s gift!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Have a great day, Mary.

  3. I have always been intimidated by needlework frames and didn’t know which ones to invest in. Now that I know what Mary recommends, I am excited to try the “gold standard” of frames that Mary uses.

  4. Hi Mary, I am always looking for a good frame I have quite a collection of them and they all frustrate me in some way, I have read your Emails about them and if you like them they must be really good, you have given a very good review of this frame and I would certainly be keen to try it,it appears to be really easy to use and well made.
    Cheers Flora

  5. Hi,

    The exquisite craftmanship combined with the excitement of try out a new gadget attracts me

  6. Your reviews of this frame have had me sighing ever since I read them. I think I love both the craftsmanship and the convenience of the frame.

  7. I would so love to win this! I have a scroll frame I picked up from the thrift store, but ever since you posted your review of the Millenium frame, I’ve wanted to get one. I love the way the side bars twist up & down and think it would be so easy to use this for my cross stitch.

  8. What attracts me most about the millenium frame would be the convience of use for a large project. I have a project from BC (before children) which would have been prior to 1976, that is very wide. I started it, became unhappy with the colors, lots of avocado, gold and burnt orange, so I’ve picked it out and want to start over. If I hade a good frame to use, that would be the inventive to get me started.

  9. After watching the video, I love every aspect of this frame. The wood looks like a carving and I especially like the ease of which you load and wind your canvas. I wouldn’t even need a twelve year old to show me how (ha ha). Easy to store and carry for trips. LOVE IT

  10. Millenium frame is of interest to me because you do not need to tack or sew the project to the frame making it easy to use. Also the good craftsmanship makes it appealing.

  11. Dear Mary, After your review of this product, I couldn’t help myself and ordered one from the makers, so I don’t want to win this, and if my name is drawn out please choose another.

    I can’t wait to receive my christmas present to myself as I purchased the whole stand and frame, so I will be able to set it up and stitch to my hearts content

    I will be sad to see the end of this little 12 days of christmas you have set up, and even if I don’t win anything it has been a joy to participate……..THANK YOU SO MUCH……..cant wait to see what the last day will be. It makes me feel like a kid in a lolly shop

  12. I love the idea that this is a really good frame to use and that you find it so useful and such a good product I also love the idea that this is a new “gadget” to try and would just enjoy the experience of trying something with fine craftmanship that really does the job!

  13. Just the thought of working with and on this type of equipment is overwhelming to me. As stated in your review and on the website it is much easier to set up and get to the joy of stitching. This is an fantastic giveaway. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win something like this

  14. Hi mary,
    im mary varma from chennai, india. I think The idea of a good needlework frame in general is enough for me to try this new frame if i win it. Thanks.

  15. I first saw this frame at a show where Katie Pirson was using it. When I asked about it, she raved about it. I’ve wanted one of these frames ever since and your endorsment only made me want one even more.

    I love the ease of it, and the quality but the main thing about it is that it keeps the fabric absolutely taught!

  16. I love the idea of working with a frame that does not require repeated futzing and adjustment. Yet another wonderful item from my “covet” list!!!

  17. Hi Mary
    I think this embroidery frame looks superb. The timber frame and the wooden screw sides just plead to be touched. The ease with which a piece of embroidery can be set into a frame is another aspect of this frame which makes it so desirable. I have been looking at these since you first discussed them, but Christmas presents for everyone else took priority. Maybe……..



  18. I have been pondering the purchase of the Millenium frame ever since I saw your recent review of it’s features. The convenience of breaking it down easily particularly intrigues me(for easy transport),along with the smooth quality of the wood. Thank you to you and your vendors for the opportunities to win beautiful stitching supplies.

  19. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness…I would love to have one of these. Ever since your review, I have contemplated it, but sometimes it is so hard to justify purchasing a new “toy” when the frame that I use are already fairly “serviceable.” It appeals to me so much to have a finely crafty item to use in my hands and I suspect that once I started using such a frame, I would never be able to go back to my cheap serviceable ones. But, I just haven’t been able to take that leap with my own purse strings.

    Love, love, love the opportunities you are offering to everyone with your giveaways, Mary!

    many, many thanks,
    arlene c in NJ

  20. I’ve wondered what this type of frame would be like to use. I’d like to try it very much.

  21. What appeals to me the most about the Millenium Frame is the ease of setup for embroidery projects – no need for a lengthy setup process (lacing up linen twill especially) to have a super-taut linen to stitch on. What a dream frame!
    -Sharon in France

  22. Oh my goodness! This is totally awesome! I really love convenience it offers! I have tried so many and have been left flat with their ease of use! Oh this would be so wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Ohhhhhhhh Mary, this is one of the best gifts and after seeing and reading your review this has been on my ‘ bucket list ‘ for supplies. I love the fact that the sides can be adjusted so readily.

  24. OMG..OMG….this is what I would wish for the mostest!!!

    What attracts me is the convenience of setting up the project. I am one impatient person…one of the reasons I have never used a frame is simply because of the hassle of setting up.

    I hope I’m lucky here…Mary each day gets even better…aren’t we unbelievably lucky!!

  25. I read the article on this frame. It certainly seems to be of good quality, which is a must in my book. Nothing worse than a wiggly and non smooth frame. I would certainly add this to my gadget wish list.

  26. Definitely the craftsmanship! The photos (and your review) show what a finely made frame it is. I’m so tired of seeing poorly made wooden frames in the craft stores sold as “quality” just because it isn’t plastic! Hopefully I can get a chance to run my fingers over these beauties! Thanks!

  27. As you suggest in your article I like the idea of a new gadget to try. So far I have only done small pieces which fit into a four of five inch hoop. The idea of a frame for something larger appeals to me.

  28. what attracts me the most: the idea of a good needlework frame in general. and new gadget to try.

    Joanie M in W. TN

  29. Hello,
    The one before last,another great gift. What attracts me the most is the convenience it offers, I watched the video and it seems easy to use also it is really nice compare to the regular frames.
    I would use a frame like that, and, a plus, it looks good.
    Thank You
    France from Canada.

  30. What a luxury it would be to use this frame. I’ve been enjoying your site and all the information you have supplied for everyone. The tools that you have tried seem to be well crafted and a pleasure to own. Beautiful tools do make stitching even more enjoyable. Thanks, Mary, for laying the groundwork for us stitchers.

  31. I’m always on the lookout for a better frame, versatile and easy to use. This one looks like it meets my requirements and is beautifully crafted as well

  32. Hi Mary,
    On your favorite tool question the other day I was thinking of ‘smaller’ tools not floorstands or frames…. BUT as you well know I love the Millenium frame and stand and never seem to have enough of them, so winning this one would be great!
    My reasons are many – here are some of them in order of importance: the frame is very functional, maintains tension consistently, easy to set up, projects can be easily switched (but unfortunately I have a few of them occupied with long term gold and stumpwork projects), and to top all that off it is made beautifully! It is hard to go back to other types of frames after experiencing this one…

  33. Absolutely Unbelievable! Such a grand prize would be a gift that gives every day. This frame looks perfect because of the ease of using it. It looks like a quality tool that makes me giddy. Can’t wait to use it, if I’m the lucky lady. Thanks again. Ann

  34. I don’t have anything like this, anything at all. Just my wooden round hoops. If I won something like this, it would definitely mean I would have to get back into stitching!!

    Debi in MS

  35. I like to use a needlework frames with good tension. The ones I have are fair and constantly need cumbersome adjustment. What I want is good quality with tension that is easy to reset. I like the wood to be smooth to the touch like fine furniture as the Millenium seems to have. This frame looks solid for years of use. The fact that it is easy to reset the tension on the Millenium is a great plus.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  36. Definatly the quality of craftmanship is important. I love the way one can easily and conveniently keep the material of the project tight at all times.Sometimes I have to undoe the piece in order to tighten the material,but with this frame it would be far easier
    Beryl B.

  37. I love the quality of those frames…I don’t enjoy having to use thread or tacks to secure my work with the other frames…..Love all the neat websites that you add for us…..

  38. When I irst read this post wasn’t sure I would enter,thought the frame would be just a new gadget in my workroom. But then I went and re-read your revieve on this frame, and since I have a slate frame on my to get list I decided that for my goldwork/ stumpwork experiments this might be the frame to have. If you “love-it,love-it, love-it” , it must be something I need to try.

  39. Merry 11th Day of Christmas to you too!

    This sounds FANTASTIC and it’s easier to get in the UK too. Woohoo! Yikes, it’s pricy though. But having said that, it saves so much time! I think that’s what attracts me the most – getting a really good, taught piece (or pieces) of fabric in my frame without spending ages setting up, putting tacks in or whatever. Amazing!

    My birthday’s coming up soon! I shall drop some broad hints (assuming I’m not lucky enough to win the giveaway!)

  40. It would be lovely to win this frame. I work with a hoop and get awful backache. My physio advised me to get a frame with a stand. I have been pondering the Millenium frame since I read your review. If I win this I’d only need to buy the floor stand and bye, bye backache!

  41. It would have to be the chance to try a good frame. I’m looking for a good one so would love the chance to try this frame out. What a great prize for a give away thank you

  42. You bet I’m eager for this one! I was hoping you were going to offer the millenium frame! I loved this when you showed on your site a while back. I have only used hoops and I would really like to have this frame. What attracts me to it is that I would be able to start a project and move around the work without having to hoop/un hoop and only see a small portion of the work at a time. And, the quality of the frame is much more sturdy (a tool for serious stitching!) I teach hand embroidery workshops a few times a year in the Hudson Valley and it would be great to work on it and bring the whole set up to a workshop with a work in process! Love, love, love it!
    Mary Ann
    Beacon, NY

  43. Its looks to me like it would be all of the points you make. The craftmanship looks amazing, and the idea of a good needlework frame, and of course a new gadget. I love trying new things. Went to Needle Needs and watched the video, what a convenient superb frame!

  44. I haven’t come across these in England but they look fantastic. ‘The right tools for the job’ you can’t possibly craft such detailed work as embroidery without a really good frame, I also love working with wooden tools that have been lovingly crafted.

  45. What a beautifully crafted frame…I have never used a frame like this……would love to try it….especially a well made frame. great website with video instructions too.

  46. I’ved been using stretcher bars and staples, Not the ultimate answer.

    I would love to have the good fortune to be selected to receive these new bars. I need some good luck in starting and completing a MAJOR NP project.

  47. I like the convenience this frame would offer. It would be great to quickly frame up a piece of fabric, especially when taking a class. It also appears from your review that I would be able to use it with my Lowery as I like to use a floor frame. Also the fact that you’ve found it to hold your fabric taut, I have a very old frame that frames up quickly but it no longer holds it tight so of limited use and frustrating.

    Violet in NH

  48. Being able to mount work without having to lace, the ability to tighten by rolling the bars, and the feel of the smooth, smooth wood are tremendous attractions. Oh, dear…am I drooling with desire?!

  49. The main pro for me would be the consistent tension. At the moment I’m using a scroll frame with side lacing and I find that I’m having to tighten the wingnuts every half an hour or so. It’s just not keeping tight!

    I also love the all-wood craftsmanship. I love things that are well made, as a crafter I really appreciate the time and skill that goes into making a quality product. I think if you are going to spend your valuable time making something then you should use the best materials you can afford and do the best job you can :).

  50. I’m attracted by the easiness of setting up a project even it would be a large one, and as you say
    no tacking, no sewing and lacing

  51. I am always willing to try new frames. I guess I am still looking for the PERFECT one. This could possibly be the ONE for me.

  52. A hearty THANK YOU to the people at Needle Needs for this generous give-away! The Millenium Stand has been on my wish list for a while now. Its sturdiness, and ease of set-up are the two qualities that attract me most as an embroiderer, but the clever and innovative (and beautiful!) design are all frosting on this cake.

  53. well, I know I need one of these is why it would be great to win it…I don’t yet have one and it is a bit of an essential tool I feel..just one more thing I would not have to borrow…sounds like quite a perfect tool too, the best kind. ty for the link, needed that as well.

  54. What interest me most about that frame is the non-sewing part! I regularly use scroll bars to setup my needlework projects and I find it hard to put the project on the bars (strait and thigh). This system seems so much easier!!

  55. Mary, I have loved loved loved this frame since the day you reviewed it. I went to their web site and fought my impulse to buy one that day. I have pretty much purchased every frame you have reviewed. This time it was not in my budget so I was good and waited hoping to buy one this year. So happy to see it in the 12 Days give a way!!! I fell in love with the ease of use and how quick it is to load. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

  56. Wow, what a great give-away! I definitely appreciate a well made frame, but what really stands out on this one is the convenience. I would love to be able to set up a long-term project this easily.

  57. after seeing the demo on YouTube I can see why you like this frame so much. I can also see why you would like the floor frame. Super giveaway

  58. Wow, oh wow! I can’t believe it!!! You’re actually giving away one of these beauties in your contest! When I first read your Millennium Frame review in November I was intrigued. What, I said to myself, no more tacking/sewing my linen in place before I stitch? I couldn’t believe it. What a time saver. That means I could start stitching from the get-go. Will wonders never cease! Please, oh please, choose me to receive Millennium Frame. I’ve been to their website numerous times, just to drool and wish for one of these beauties. Santa didn’t hear my plea this year. So, here is my second chance. I’m sending out “vibes” so you, Mary, will hear my plea. Send this Millennium Frame to this loyal reader…ME! Thanks for reading this loooong post.

  59. Wow, Mary, what an incredible give-away time this has been; just when I thought the items couldn’t get any batter, you surprise mw again! The first time you review these needle work frames, I promised myself that “someday” I’d make sure to get them. Like you and probably everyone else who reads your blog, I believe in having good materials with which to work, and I trust your reviews completely. You are the best needlewoman I’ve ever come across, you use these frames, and that’s enough for me. Thank you for the chance to look at all these items again as well as the chance to win one. It’s a delight! Noel

  60. Hi Mary,

    After your glowing reviews, who would not want one of the Millenium frames? The ease of use is what interests me most, although the fine craftsmanship comes a close second.

  61. I find the Milenium frame very practical. Beside this fact, it gives me an impression of solidity and excelent quality that makes one think this is a frame for the intire life and after. It is nice to see that this kind of craftmanship survives in our days of short-life products. I would love to get this frame, my embroidery work would certainly (!) looks better with a better frame like this. Thank you for offering this opportunity. Greetings Rita

  62. This frame seems to be great because it’s well-made and easy to use. Ease of use is especially important for a newbie like me!

  63. I use scroll bars often and would like to try the Millenium frame and am rather intrigued by the tightening mechanism.

  64. I would love to add this wonderful frame to my needlework accessories, it would be wonderful not to have to spend so much time setting my stitching up!! Happy stitching to everyone in 2012, may you find more time to do something you enjoy!

  65. Hi Mary,

    I always like to try new things and this looks like a very high quality frame and maybe easier to use than a slate frame. I definitely would put it to good use.

    Lee C.

  66. Good morning, Mary!

    I think the main reason why I am so attracted to this frame is “no tacks”. I use the stretcher bars and I find that having to tack the whole project into the bars is tiresome and if you are not careful you can have some uneven sides and all that. It is a really pricey frame, but so pretty and it seems it would work well with bigger projects.



  67. I’ve been doing counted cross stitch for years on a scroll type frame, always with sagging sides. I’d LOVE to have this frame-can hardly imagine how much my stitching would improve with such a tool.

  68. This frame looks great. My husband keeps saying that he is going to build me one but it hasn’t happened yet. To be fair he doesn’t have the time. He works during the day and goes to night school! I would LOVE to have this frame!
    Thank you!

  69. This is something i could really use. It sounds so easy. Getting my needlework set up is daunting, and interrupts the enthusiasm i have for a new project. I do love the feel of well-made things, but it’s the convenience that tips it here. Needlework is challenging enough with Parkinson’s without having to wrestle with frames. I would love to be twitterpated!

  70. I WANT one of these frames. It is on my desire list, just waiting for the funds in my “pin money” jar.
    Blessings and gratitude to you and the wonderful suppliers who have made the 12 days of Christmas possible.
    Debbie in New Mexico

  71. I’ve never tried a high-quality frame before, and I’d be excited to have the opportunity! Plus, the Millennium is very attractively crafted.

  72. Oh my! The thought of a quality frame that I wouldn’t have to fiddle constantly with just makes me quiver with delight. What a wonderful giveaway!! Have all my fingers and toes crossed – makes it a bit difficult to type, but I’m managing.

  73. I’ve read your reviews on the Millenium and you’re so enthusiastic about it I’d like to try one. I’ve always used hoops or scroll frames but have been a little disappointed with both.
    Thanks for another great opportunity!

  74. I want this frame so bad I can taste it. I saw an antique frame like this years ago on Beth Russels’s website she uses it for her needlepoint. Hers was all stained and just beautiful. I like the tension that it appears to give and the ease of putting the fabric in. I just like everything about this frame.

  75. Well, I’m attracted to it because you recommend it so highly. I am intrigued by the adjustable side bars and suspect that this would be a great help in keeping a good tension.

  76. <>

    Your reviews are what make me want this frame. I have tried so many different frames — many highly praised — and been disappointed. But you’ve convinced me. For once, not too good to be true.

  77. The tautness. The idea of being able to get the fabric working-taut without lacing is like a beacon. That it is a beautiful item is, of course, a huge plus…

    This has been a wonderful series, thank you and those who have contributed to make such a fun opening to the year. I’ve gotten several ideas of where to spend some of the money I received for the holidays, that’s certain!

  78. I really want to try the Millenium Frame! It looks way cool to work with, plus the “new gadget” factor makes me want to play with it! I love trying out new gadgets for my hobby crafts. Sign me up!

  79. After reading your review of this frame, I actually wanted to try it out. It looks so convenient, the design seems well thought out for needlework projects! It seems like a stitcher designed it for stitchers. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  80. Wow! I have been eager to see and try the Millennium frame since your review in November. And I’ve watched the video on the Needle Needs website. I want one, I want one! What most attracts me is the ease of getting drum-tightness in all directions so quickly.

  81. The quality craftsmanship is big. I got stretcher bars once that gave me splinters. But also they design seems to be great. I love not having to spend as much time preparing my work.

  82. The simple and strong construction. I love the way you just slip in the tiny dowel to hold down the fabric. How easy is that? I have never had to opportunity to embroider on fabric that stayed taut. Even with my wrapped hoops, the fabric loosens so quickly. But those first few minutes, it’s heaven. A very cool tool.

  83. Wow, Mary, I’d love to win this needlework frame! It would be wonderful to work hands-free on the whole project, instead of moving the hoop around on the fabric. A quality frame would be a joy to use. Thank you.

  84. This is just the frame I have been looking for. So easy to use – no drawing pins or tacking. The quality is outstanding too and with a stand it would be a handsome piece of furniture in my stitching corner.
    The convenience of using this frame would give more hours for stitching.

  85. Mary,

    Have heard nothing but good things about the Millenium frames. Strong point seems to be the ease of setup, and the even tension it provides. And yes, quality craftsmanship is part of that. Reports are that they hold up well. Any word on a distributor in USA for these?

    And yes, I do get better stitching results when I use a frame.

  86. Dear Mary, Your reviews are so influential … ever since you reviewed this, I have wanted one! I put it on my Santa list, but I guess I must have been too naughty this year (no frame!). I am attracted to it because of the no-lacing aspect and the ability to keep the fabric taut. Thanks for all your great reviews; they really influence my purchases.

  87. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to have the Millenium Frame for its craftmanship and convenience. It is a beautiful product and would provide years of stitching enjoyment.

  88. Wow! What attracts me to this frame are those little rods that hold the fabric absolutely snug from end to end. The craftsmenship looks excellent. What confident stitching I could do with this at home. Thank you!!

  89. Most of all, it’s a good frame in general. I have never had a good frame. Time to get some good tools for myself. My husband has all he needs, since he is a mechanic by trade. Why shouldn’t I ?

  90. I have only used hoops and would enjoy trying a frame. I’ve been a bit confused about which brand and size to buy, so have just avoided the whole subject. What a fantastic opportunity to try something new. Thanks.

  91. It looks wonderful – so well made and easy to use. I gave away my slate frame as it was too big to cope with.

    If I should be so lucky to win, I would be grateful.

  92. How about the chance to be both twitterpated and besotted in one fell swoop? I rarely have that opportunity. I admire quality craftmanship and thoughtful designs that meet the needs of the consumer.

  93. Based on your review, the amazing quality appeals to me.

    I love my scrolling lap frame, except for one part — it’s poorly made. It doesn’t stay tight, and the wood has already cracked. Inferior wood was used, I think.

    I would love to have something so wonderfully made as the Millennium Frame appears to be. It looks like a joy to use!

  94. I just love using a good frame, it is the start of any good project, and will shield one from many frustrations. I have wanted one of these, since I saw your review of them and I sure would like the floor stand as well.

  95. I would love to try the Millenium frame! I’m just starting a new large project today and this looks like it would be wonderful for it. But alas, since I can’t guarantee that I would will I will use what I have and hope that I get through it.

  96. For me, it’s the craftsmanship and the way the pieces have been carefully made to provide the best stitching experience possible. I don’t like to work anything that isn’t framed up, and I have really dreamed of getting one of these frames to try. And, of course, with the new year, I have loads of things I want to stitch that need framing!

  97. In addition to all the glowing words you have about how easy this frame is to use, I’m interested in trying new ways to manage needlework, especially with stumpwork and other 3-D motifs, to keep it fresh while working on it and make the work go faster.

  98. Wow! Everyday give-a-ways just keep getting better and better! I just love everything about the Millenium Frame. I hope I win this one! Again, thanks Mary and your contributors for these fantastic give-a-ways!

  99. wow, I love the idea of how easy this would be to use! For the most part I do my needlework in hand, but there are some occasions that I prefer a hoop, qsnap or bars. I would love to work with a set of these. Please enter me in your contest.
    Thank you for all the great chances to win and to learn about some new things in our craft! I have really enjoyed it.
    Judy Starkey

  100. I like the idea because currently I can not stand my current frame. It is a cheap, big box frame that I purchased because I needed a bigger frame for a large project and had little money. I regret it and have fussed with it every time I use it on this project. Thank you for all the wonderful giveaways and for the all the knowledge you have shared on your blog

  101. Dear Mary,
    This frame looks like the dream of every needleworker. No tacking- no moving fabric- when one is ready to stitch- just time to go and enjoy the experience. What could be better? Thank you for telling us about it!
    Peg from NJ

  102. I love tryibg out new gadgets. And these look really usefull, and your review is good.
    Bye, Winnie

  103. I love the fact that it has such neat woodwork and also, I am attracted to the new gadget aspect of it.

  104. Just watched the demo, and I’ve been following your comments about this frame. I think the biggest attraction for me is the tension on this frame–getting the fabric taut enough is always a problem on the hoops and scroll frames that I have. I also like the idea of the portability of taking out the side bars and the work stays in place–doesn’t happen with mine :0) thank you for considering me.

  105. I think the idea of an overall good (great) quality frame is appealing to me, especially to hold fabric nice and tight. I have an inexpensive frame that works ok – but I am constantly retightening as the fabric slips. Good tools make all the difference – thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Because of your great review on the Mellenium Frame by Needle Needs I bought one and it is the quintessential in embroidery frames. I was going to get an extra set when I bought the first, but hesitated. Now I am sorry so I will throw my hat into the ring and hope I can win this one.

    These are just the best and are a well and truly beautifully made frame.

    3 wishes in the fountain…make it mine, make it mine.

    Whomever wins this frame will not regret it.


  107. To me, this is the most important item you have so generously offered.
    So far in my stitching, I’ve used hoops to stabilizse my projects, and am now ready to try a square frame.
    What interests me about this particular frame is the quality of craftsmanship. This could last a lifetime
    Also, it is designed very well, with the end-user clearly in mind.
    A very nice prize for the lucky winner.
    Lee F

  108. I do not have a good frame for needlework, so this is something which greatly appeals to me. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  109. I’d like to try it because it’s a new idea for the embroidery frame, and since I’ve always used hoops in the past I think I would be a great new tool!

  110. I have never used a frame for embroidery, so I guess I don’t know what I’m missing. Most of my embroidery has been small work in a hoop… nothing bigger than about 6 inches. I would be really interested in having this new tool and using it to tackle a bigger more extensive project.

  111. I would like to try the Millenium frame because I have heard so many good things about it. The quality of the frame and the fact it would hold the fabric tight is what attracts me to the frame.

  112. Morning Mary!
    I was wondering if a set of these frames would be included in the give-away!! Ever since you posted your review of these frames, I’ve been drooling over them. I immediately went to their website and checked out the video. I’M IN LOVE!! So many times, I’ve come so close to ordering the “starter” set w/stand, but finances just won’t allow it right now. The biggest draw for me is the ease in which you can mount your fabric. Right now I’m using the split rail scroll rods, and hate them because I can’t get good tension on the sides. I would give my right arm for a set of these! I’ve posted a link to their website everywhere I can find a place! Thanks so much to you and Needle Needs for including these.

  113. Hi Mary!
    I like the convenience of the frame. The less time it takes to set-up and prep for a project, the more time I have to stitch, relax and ENJOY.
    Thank you for your newsletters, website and, especially, these very nice giveaways.
    Happy New Year.

  114. I need a good needlework frame and how convenient it would be to have it set up so I could take that 30 minutes to stitch. These giveaways just get better and better. There are going to be some very happy people on the 9th. Thank you.

  115. haha!!! I’ve been craving one of these since I read your review… not only because you love it so much, but also because I go crazy for every hi-tech gadget… and who said that hi-tech is only about computers???

  116. Hi. I haven’t left any comments for the giveaway yet as I live in England and am still not sure if I’m eligible, but this frame is to tempting not to try. I am currently laid up after foot surgery and am getting a chance to catch up on some sewing and for the last two days have been cursing my old roller frames for being useless. I was just thinking that the time had come to invest in one of these frames as they really do look like the last word in frame geekery so I am giving it a try. hank you so much for your wonderful blog.

  117. What intrigues me most about this frame is that there is no tension put on the fabric sides and you can retention with ease. I am doing larger works these days and use a ridged frame witch often needs to be re strung. The beauty and quality workmanship of this frame only adds to it’s allure!

  118. Wow! I am the needlework toy queen and this is on my list of must haves. I love the way its an easy alternative (but just as good) to the slate frame which has been on my list for some time. Kudos to you for all the opportunities you have provided to your followers. You truly are an inspiration to us all.

  119. The Millenium frame attracts me because of it’s superb workmanship. I do much better work when I use quality tools. And that goes for everything else too!

  120. I find the craftsmanship and the idea of a great needlework fame most attractive. I’ve never used a frame as well made as this one, and the possibility to do so is quite exciting!

  121. Of course I love gadgets! I think I mentioned it on one of the earlier entries but, like men and their penchant for tools, I am the same about needlework tools. The frame though is lovely from an engineering standpoint and I would love to try it! (of course, now I want a Necessaire floor stand too)
    Sandy O. WA state

  122. What attracts me the most is the convenience it offers and then the quality.
    Thank you.
    Jean B.

  123. I really would LOVE to win the Millineum frame.

    Love reading your blog everyday!! Lots of interesting things about all types of stitching! Thanks for writing about your experiences.
    Hope to win the frame!!!

  124. I have avoided using frames in the past because it seemed like it would be a big hastle to attach the fabric to the frame. I would be interested in trying a frame that is easy to attach the fabric to.

  125. Would LOVE to try these frames. Can’t have enough projects going and this would give a great frame to use.

  126. Good Morning and Happy Tenth Day of Christmas.
    The millenium frame has some great attributes.
    I would like to try it because i can hardly believe the ease with
    which you have demonstrated it”s “tightness”. Yes and its quality looks
    superb. and lastly, like you suggested, just to try the latest and greatest
    tools out there. I like the idea that it is hand crafted and i appreciate anyones handiwork.
    Have a great day,

  127. The frame is one of the best gadgets ever created for those who have trouble sewing with the right tension….with the frame, all the stitches will be even and neat

  128. This frame has features that should rank it above all the others. I like the way it adjusts the tension and the overall quality of the product.

  129. I’ve really been wanting to get my hands on a well-constructed needlework frame. I want to move up from just using a hoop all the time. I think this could help take my embroidery to the next level!

    erin from brooklyn

  130. My first reason is because it holds the fabric so tautly (my friend recently received hers so I’ve seen it in action) and my second reason is because it sets up quickly and easily. Janet

    (PS: If this is for the 11th Day, whatever do you have in mind for the 12th Day!!!)

  131. Just looking at the Medallion on the stand and frame convinced me, Iโ€™m ready to quit practicing small projects and go for a medium size project. Excellent tools like this help a beginner to find success. I like the dowel so I would not have to tack to fabric.

  132. What attracts me the most is 1. I don’t have a frame to work with and it makes embroidery quite difficult and 2. this looks easy enough to use and 3. it looks sturdy. I like a solid product that won’t fall apart after the first use!

  133. I would love to win this. The frame looks very nice and I’m attracted to the craftsmanship of it. Looks like it is very well thought out for the needlework stitcher in mind, therefore giving convenience to the stitcher.

  134. Wish I had known long ago about this marvel tool. Its craftsmanship of undeniable quality, its convenience of use, make me realize that I must own one of these. Thanks for the opportunity.

  135. Oh goodness. Another great giveaway! I read your review of the Millelium Frame with great interest. I think the aspect that attracted me most was the craftsmanship. It is simple, functional and so elegant. I would also love the opportunity to stitch on a frame that keeps the tension of the fabric taut.

    Thanks once again Mary. These 11 days have been such fun!
    Tania from Brooklyn, NY

  136. Dear Mary,
    Now, this frame would really do the trick for me, as it would not require me to use my aching, crippling fingers too much for set up and it would allow me to use both my hands for embroidering. I get such cramps from holding hoops or cloth! From what you have written about it, it is easy to set up. My aching/aging fingers will be very grateful and my soul would delight in being able to continue embroidering with less pain when I do so.
    Thank you and Needle Needs for the opportunity to get a chance at getting one.
    (And what will the Three Wise Kings bring us tomorrow on Epiphany?)
    Doris HH

  137. What an awesome find. My favorite item so far. I’m one that is still using her old frames with the never ending turnings that never tighten.

  138. G’day there Mary,
    I’ve found I can’t go to bed until I see what the next giveaway is. Although I’ll be really sorry to see the finish of this beaut educational ‘game’, I’ll be glad of some earlier nights!
    “The idea of a good needlework frame in general” for me. I reckon that takes in all the other reasons as well anyway!
    John and Ann, thank you, your worth more money, or maybe you already have an inkling of that! Seriously NN, this is a very valued gesture. Your bookmarked for ever!
    Thanks again Mary and Cheers, Kath from Oz

  139. WOW! You caught my attention on this one in your original post…I checked out Needle Needs video and was impressed with the quality of product, ease of assembly and how truly functional this system is and would love to use it in my daily stitching! Linda49

  140. Hi
    its an amazing tool.i like the craftmanship and the conveniance.thanks for the giveaway.

    hymavarun from massachusetts

  141. This does look like an amazing frame. I always used to stitch in hand, and then when one of the local stitch shops went out of business I bought the frame display, and now I very seldom stitch in hand. I am always ready to try a new frame. Thank you for making this possible!

  142. I just finished watching the video and that frame sure looks like a winner to me!! So easy to assemble, to use as a ‘take along project’,nice and taunt – so many good asects of the frame. It is a viable tool and not just a fad item; looks like it would last a liftime. Very nice!

  143. Oh, wow. I’ve been excited about this frame ever since reading your review. It’s both the idea of no tacking and the overall quality of the frame that sound exciting to me. Thanks, Mary!

  144. What aspect of the frame attracts me the most? You’d get a shorter answer if you asked what attracts me the least!
    I love this frame, but I am primarily a needlepointer. I emailed Needle Needs and asked about using canvas with it, and they said it works just fine. So now I want it. I covet it. I’m not sure I can live without it! I would almost (not quite) trade one of my cats for it.
    I think the workmanship is beautiful and that is important to me. I know that it would keep me from constantly having to reattach a canvas once it’s stretched out, and that would be a blessing. I am also fully aware that if/when I win this, my next purchase will probably be that stand.

  145. I think the overall quality workmanship that is hard to find these days makes it the one to consider buying plus the wonderful recommendation
    from you.

    Almost put it on my Christmas list but then considered with overseas and all would be better just to order one myself one day.



  146. TWITTERPATED? Omg…someone outside of our family actually knows and USES that word?? LOVE IT!! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Twirpistilated is another goodie.)

    Oh yeah. Frame. The idea of having ANY frame that is simple, works well, and isn’t a royal pain in the tailfeathers….wow! My hands aren’t the best and the whole ‘tack and stretch and sew’ just isn’t one of the things I can really do.

    Simple is good. Good is better. Good and reliable? Takes it all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if I don’t win this now, this frame is ON MY LIST.

  147. I have wanted the Milennium frame ever since I first read your review of it. I am a beginner and I am still acquiring the necessary tools and haven’t purchased a needlework frame as of yet. Of course I would like to start out with the best!! I like the rolling feature and that you can use a longer piece of fabric with this frame, also no tacking! Thanks for this opportunity, what a wonderful giveaway!

    Jenny P in Kansas City

  148. I have always loved quality tools for a project, so this it what draws me to this frame-high quality craftsmanship. I also like the size of this one, and the way this one works thanks for the chance Kathy in Missouri

  149. I like all about; the quality craftsmanship, the convenience it offers, the fact that itโ€™s a โ€œnewโ€ gadget to try, and of course is a very good needlework frame.
    Thank you.

  150. I have not found the perfect frame yet.
    This frame looks like it may be the one.
    I would love to give it a test drive.

  151. I have been intrigued with the Millenium Frames after reading about them in your first article. I am a gadget collector loving everything for my home (kitchen to cleaning to organization), knitting, beading and embroidery. I love having the latest items! When the Evertite frames were first introduced I quickly converted my stitching to these frames and was very happy with the results. For my crewel I discovered the German hard wood hoops and while they are good at keeping the twill firm I still cannot get the fabric as taught as I would like. This new frame system sounds like it will be the answer I’ve been looking for. Doesn’t matter what I’m stitching — canvas, crewel on twill or linen — it must be tight, drum tight! Even my knitting is tight (so much so that you can hold one of my knitting needles vertically and not one stitch falls off).

    I’d like to thank you for your wonderful articles which I thoroughly enjoy reading every day. I have learned from you; a girlfriend within my EGA chapter first told me about your website and I have now told many others within EGA; I also love many of your designs and appreciate that you have offered them to your readers. It is so wonderful that you take the time and effort required to provide this information; your love of embroidery is reflected in each article you write.

  152. Swoon!! Mary, what a generous giveaway. Fine workmanship is always lovely, but the fact that it works so well makes it an amazing tool. I remember your review, and you were able to prepare your fabric/project easily, and it fulfilled all the requirements needed for supporting and enabling ease of stitching.
    As we said before…if you want to create soemthing beautiful fine tools, and supplies are are must. This frame makes the grade!

  153. I’m attracted to the Millenium frame because I need a frame and I’d like one that is easy to use as this one appears to be.

  154. I’m most attracted by the convenience (though the craftsmanship is high on the list,too). Being able to set up quickly, with even tension across the fabric, is very enticing. My current favorite is my slate frame, but because of the time it takes to set up, for smaller projects, I’ll often settle for something with less perfect tension.

  155. I absolutely love the frame just based on your review. I would love to use one. The ease of attaching the fabric to the frame is one of the best assets in my opinion. Standard slotted scroll frames are so tough to get the fabric in just right and it doesn’t always hold the tension. I think this is one of your best give-a ways yet!

  156. I would love the Millenium Frame because I have never found one that works how I would like to work. Thanks again.

  157. Having beautiful tools that work well is the perfect combination. I love the look of the well crafted wood and from your description it sounds like it works well too. A marriage made in heaven. I sure could put this tool to good use.

  158. The idea of a good needle work frame intrigues me, one that stays put, does not need adjusting
    during my work. Thanks once again, Mary.

  159. I have a 10 wide by 27 inch length project that I haven’t started yet as none of my stretcher bars are long enough. This frame would be a great item for me to win. Thanks for offering it.

  160. The aspect of the Millenium Frame that attracts me the most is the quality craftsmanship. The right equipment makes anything more enjoyable….and I do believe you ‘make’ better when you make with things of beauty, of technical precision, and use things that look beautiful to you. I long for a good quality frame because I am positive, absolutely positive, my embroidery will be changed forever with the ownership of one!
    Thank you for the giveaways, this is so much fun!
    Merry Christmas!

  161. Hi Mary

    I’d love to win the Needle Needs frame. I am in the UK and have admired them on several occasions – I think the thing that most appeals is their rock solid construction. So many of the wooden frames available feel unstable once you try to get really good tension on them. I would love to try one of these because of the screw adjustment on the side bars – I find it so difficult to get really good tension top to bottom on normal scroll bars.

    Thanks for your fantastically generous series of giveaways.

    Guildford, UK

  162. Ever since you reviewed these frames I’ve been dreaming of one! I use a frame whenever possible but none that I own have “fit the bill” for me. Each one has drawbacks. When I watched the video for this frame being demonstrated I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Saving the money for it is another matter however ๐Ÿ™‚
    Each of your gifts to us are wonderful but this for me is the BEST!

  163. Hello Mary,
    The giveaways are getting better and better! I’d really love to try the Millenium for all the reasons you mention, but most of all because of the quality of the craftmanship as you describe it. If you think they are THE best frames available – they must be exceptionally good.
    Kind regards

  164. THAT has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m having those “if it seems too good to be true” thoughts, though. Can it really be that easy?

    I have only ever used hoops, and I’m actually considering making the investment…

  165. I like the construction and the ability to change the size. BUT what I like the most is the seller’s confidence in his product ….to do a video with customers chatting and walking around. That makes me feel that this is a could place to be and a great product!

  166. Hi Mary,

    Best wishes for the new year!!
    Thanks for all the helpful tips on embroidery and amazing tools/aids!! As a beginner, i find all these gadgets absolute fun.
    The best part of the millenium frame is the ease with which you can use it. It sounds very easy to set up, and would be very helpful when trying to learn the stiches. As then i wouldn’t have to try to balance everything in my lap.(“,)

    Kind regards
    Carol from South Africa

  167. The craftmanship of this frame really impresses me. It looks so smooth which is extremely important so as not to snag my threads. I love the idea of being able to roll my work.
    Gita L.

  168. Thanks for the opportunity to try this frame. I like that the can be placed on the frame evenly. It drives me crazy when I use my old scroll frame and after much effort, my fabric is still uneven.

    Pam in IL

  169. I adore first-class, and from your reviews, this frame system fits the bill! I would love to have this frame and will promise to use it every day…at least!

  170. I love the smooth finish you talk about and a good frame can make things soooo much easier, especially if you used to using a hoop frame that has to be moved along. This is far better to use when you do 3-dimensional work or working with beading as well. Can you believe that the colour also appeals to me ?!

  171. I don’t often share your email with my husband, but I thought the beautiful workmanship of the Millenium frame would appeal to him. I was also hopeful that he would take the hint and get me one for Christmas, but that didn’t happen. So, I am grateful for a second chance.

  172. Oh, Mary! I’m a novice stitcher who needs encouragement to really use a hoop. The Millenium is probably wasted on me, but what an incentive! I’ve eagerly read your review and references and would love to try one out. It might even inspire me to complete one of the cute Crabapple Hill designs that I can’t seem to resist. On the other hand, if I fall in love with it, I’ll be forced to purchase the Necessaire floor stand! Save me from myself and award this prize to someone else.

  173. I love the convenience of this frame. I tend to work with a hoop, but only because I’ve never found a frame I felt truly comfortable using. This one sounds perfect!

  174. Good afternoon,

    I work during the day but am on e-mail while at work. One of the highlights of the day is getting your daily blog.

    I find your work quite inspiring and enjoy reading about all the new projects, gadgets, threads, materials, stitches etc that you discuss.

    I was most interested on your article about the Millenium Frame and checked out the website. I also looked around in Cape Town to see if any of the embroidery stockists in my area would carry this frame – alack and alas not. With our exchange rate being so bad they felt that it would not be a good seller ๐Ÿ™ I would need to order it direct from the UK which I have not yet done. So when I saw that you were giving one away I just had to enter.

    To answer your question – I have not used such a big frame before, I normally use an embroidery hoop So size counts and so does the fact that one would not have to lace/sew the work into the frame. Ease of use is always a plus so that one can get on with “the embroidery” which is what I would far rather be doing:)

  175. I’d have to say that the appeal is a good frame in general. I have the inexpensive scroll bars which I stapled some tape to the bars. Now I stitch the fabric to the tape instead of stapling the fabric to the bars. It works, but is a pain to get the fabric on, and no way am I removing it to do another project. I have a split-bar frame, but never could get it to hold the fabric right.

  176. I have been looking for a nice needlework frame. One that I do not have to constantly tighten the tension on! I have read your review and think this is the one for me! If I don’t win it, I will be buying on for myself for my birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. I am attracted to a needlework frame in general (so far I only have hoops), especially because my mother-in-law has requested I embroider some larger projects for her and the hoop is just not cutting it anymore! This looks like an especially nice one.

  178. I would love having the perfect tool for the job — based on your recomendations, it sounds wonderful. And without your advice, I would just be floundering around without guidance – I have horrible visions of buying many frames, all borked for one reason or another. In any case, I am saved from that! When I buy my own, I will be buying this one!

  179. Ever since I read your reviews about this frame, I was interested. The frames look like they are really well made.

  180. Dear Mary,
    Thank you so much for the chance to win such a wonderful prize! I would most certainly love to have such a beautiful frame to stitch on….I have been looking for something to replace my old standby of a good hoop for a long time due to arthritis in my left hand and your reviews have definately made this frame sound like a perfect solution to my problem.
    Dottie J.

  181. I have never worked with a frame before. But I can tell by the video that this is a product that was developed with utmost care and I should have one for my stitchery projects! It appears to be very easy to use. I think I would also purchase the stand that is available. With this tool I feel as if a whole new aspect of stitching is about to begin for me!

  182. Hi Mary, I think this frame looks gorgeous. It sounds as if it is as functional as it looks. I don’t own a good sturdy frame but have a few pieces waiting in the wings that really need one. Thank you for all your gifts of Christmas.

  183. Yikes!!! This was on my Christmas wish list, but didn’t make it on Christmas day. I would love, love, love one of these frames!!! The tautness of the fabric to work on is one of the things that attracts me to it – hoops just don’t do it for me. The ease of set up is another plus – it seems to take me forever to get a project mounted onto Evertite stretcher bars. The craftsmanship is a plus. I truly appreciate it and prefer to spend a bit more for something which is well made. Thank you so much, Mary, for all of the time you are spending to do these 12 days of Christmas give-aways.

  184. Whoever wins this will be a lucky person. I’m not looking to win this though! For Christmas Santa brought me two – yes two! of these in different sizes together with the floor stand. For me it was the convenience it offered and the fact that it looked high quality – I haven’t been disappointed.

  185. Oh, my goodness!

    Mary, I fell in love with the Millenium Frame in November just from reading your review. To have a frame that is easy to set up – doesn’t require me to sew the project onto rollers and lace the sides (and then constantly re-tighten those rollers as they work themselves loose) – would be utterly amazing. On top of that, there is the ability to take the work off and roll it up so that another project could be worked using a separate pair of bars.

    Many thanks to you and the people at Needle Needs for this generous gift.


  186. I think that a well designed, well made frame is the basic tool of needlework. You have tried many frames and you feel that this is the best.From other suggestions that you have made that I have purchased and used, I trust your judgment and would love to own this frame.

  187. Wow! What a magnificent prize.
    I made a point of looking at these at the Knitting and Stitching show at Harrogate, but my spending budget would not stretch far enough. I was really impressed by the solid construction, but what appeals most is the screw mechanism to get the fabric at taut as I wouuld like it to be.

  188. Oh my goodness! I never thought I’d be so lucky to own one of these. But, just the opportunity like this makes me feel like a kid at Christmas! When you reviewed these frames in the newsletter I went to their site right away and watched all the videos – phenomenal is an understatement. I had frame envy, the dreaming began…and now it’s like the Red Rider BB gun – I get to write about it. While there’s no compass in the stock this frame will keep me in the right direction that’s for sure! The workmanship of the woodend turns/gear like rails, the ease of set up, the smoothly sanded surfaces….sorry, I was dreaming again! Oh my goodness, thanks for relighting the flames again! This is soooo much fun! I can’t limit this frame to one thing because the craftsmanship is superior-so I will just have to say it would make my needle working a reality again as I suffer w arthritis and fibro-myalgia and holding the work is becoming more difficult. Thanks for the dreams!

  189. After watching the video on how to use the Millennium Frame I can see why you like using this frame for your projects. At the moment I have a circular wooden frames wrapped in cotton bias tape . If I am lucky enough to win the Millennium Frame I think I will try making a runner for my dining room table. Thanks for sharing all the tools of the trade you like to use. You have the best site for beginner and experts.

  190. This frame sounds fabulous. I don’t normally use a frame because of the limitations of them. If I’m going to use a frame, I want it to hold my fabric tight, tight, tight and most of them don’t. Sounds like this one would and so I’d love to have one.

  191. While the craftsmanship you described is a major selling point for me, I would have to say it is everything in your review that made me curious and anxious to try this frame. I have a new project just waiting to be stretched on a proper frame!

  192. Hi Mary,

    I would love to have this Millenium Frame.
    It looks so well made and would be ideal for
    many stitching projects.

    I had considered purchasing one, but the price
    was an issue.

    Teri Sanfilippo

  193. The Millenium Frame attracts me mostly because it’s made of wood, believe it or not! That makes it so appealing to me. It’s beautiful to look at, appears very sturdy and looks like it would stand the test of time. Then when it’s worn out in 150 years or so, it will easily break down into components to replenish the Earth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. I’m always looking for new things to try. I thought about purchasing this frame but just haven’t gotten around to it. I’d love to try it for myself and see if I like it as much as you do.

  195. I would love to win this frame for both reasons you state. First, it sounds like they are high quality craftsmanship and are easy to get nice tension on your project. Second, I love to try new products all the time.

  196. Oh, my. Sign me up! It’s hard to say which is more attractive, the quality craftsmanship, or the ease of set up. The set up may be inching ahead by a nose. What a wonderful give away!

    Ann Davis in LA

  197. Hi – I’d love a Millenium frame because it’s a quality tool. It will help me do a better job with embroidery. Thanks. Judy

  198. This is a wonderful frame! I would love to have the chance to try it out. I love the way it tightens the fabric with ease and loosens it just enough to put it down for a while before going back to stitch again. Thanks for chance to get one.

  199. Everything about the Millenium Frame appeals to me and has since I read your original review. I like working on a frame and the Millenium seemed like it eliminates the things I don’t like about the frames I do use. The fine craftsmanship is a big part of the appeal because if it is well made, it is less likely to cause me problems.

  200. Ever since I read the review and saw that it actually keeps the fabric taught throughout the frame–without having to lace up the sides!–I’ve been longing for one. I usually work such small things that a hoop is fine for me, but I have been wanting to do some bigger projects in 2012, and I would love to do them on a Millennium frame.

  201. I would love to try this frame. For cross stitch, I am still using scroll frames and find that I have to continually tighten the knobs to keep the fabric taut. It looks like this frame has taken care of that problem. Thank you, Mary, for a fabulous assortment of truly quality items to be won.

  202. The idea of a wonderful frame to use for stitching would be exciting. I think any “tools” we use with and for our stitching to make it better and more enjoyable is a must. I would do a “happy dance” if I won this!

  203. Just last night I went to several websites you have recommended for linen. I plan to order some today and was thinking about a frame, which I have never used. I would love today’s gift because it is top quality and I could follow your post on how to use it.

  204. I like the idea of having a quality frame that will allow me to remove one project and start another, then put the original project back on again – easily. If I won this frame, I would purchase the stand though. That would be stitching bliss. Hugs.

  205. What a fantastic give away! Craftsmanship is always tops because if you have it, ease of use is right there. The floor stand is also a great help since it frees both of my hands to work on the embroidery. This is important to me as I have had several visits from “Arthur” in my knuckles and freeing my hands from a hand held hoop would be a real bonus. Learning to work with arthritis gloves is tough enough by itself. Quality “help” is always welcome.

  206. So far my favorite of all of the giveaways would be this frame! Convenience. Easy set up. Quality craftsmanship. Who could ask for anything more???? Brenda Day, Wilmington, Ohio

  207. A good frame in general I use hoops on my small projects but on the bigger ones I have done it has been in a frame. The most frustating thing I have had with some frames is that I have to keep readjusting to keep the tension.

  208. I love that idea that the frame is made of beautiful wood, and it seems to be very easy to setup and use. I have been looking at other frames, but for some reason they are either very complicated to assemble or once assembled they don’t work as well as one hopes for. This frame would be pure bliss to use.

  209. Wow, just what I need and can’t afford at this time. Hum, and I have a project ready waiting for it. Hope I’ll be the lucky one.


  210. Evaluation:
    1) Does it stretch the fabric adequately? yes
    2) Does it hold the stretch? yes
    3) Is it convenient to work on? yes
    4) Will it last with repeated use? yes
    5) Is the craftsmanship of high quality? yes
    6) Now we separate the “good” from the “superior”.
    Is it easy to set up? yes
    7) Bonus: Is it beautiful to look at? yes
    —-Final note: “newness” is not a factor for me.
    Thankyou, Mary. Thank you NeedleNeeds.

  211. I’m attracted to a good quality frame in general. But I think the ingenious design and quality craftsmanship is what sets this frame apart.

  212. I would absolutely love to have this frame (and, of course, would have to buy the floor stand as well…). I’m still a relative newbie to embroidery, but I’ve reached the stage where I wish I had a good frame to use that would allow me to change tension, hold larger pieces, etc. I’ve looked at a number of frames locally and even tried a few, but have not been happy with how the material is gripped…not to mention having to spend so much time tacking or sewing the material down. It would be lovely to have such a well made frame.

    Sue U in KY

  213. I watched the video, and the frame looks so easy to use and convenient. I love to try out new things, and that certainly would be a wonderful one! The ones i have have to be laced, or the ring has to be moved…next to the Millenium frame, they seem quite archaic! It’s a wonderful give away!

  214. I sure need all the help with stretch for tension of material . Thanks for this opportunity

  215. Wow! what an awesome giveaway. I’ve coveted one of these frames for a while now–a good frame is a joy. The craftsmanship is what makes it work so well. The beauty–that’s a nice bonus. Thanks for the opportunity!

  216. would love to win this frame. I am doing TAST and it would be so convenient and of course the quality is impressive. thankyou

  217. oh everything about it is great – hard to narrow it down to just one feature!!
    Elizabeth L Mac

  218. I like the way the fabric attaches in the slot – no need to sew to a leader.

    When your review was first posted, I immediately went to the Needle Needs web site to have a closer look. I need one of these frames!!

  219. Oops just forget to answer the question. I allways like traditionnal tools, but when you find tools that is up to date to our present needs. Thanks to craftman who thinks how to make
    a better convinient tool.

  220. What a wonderful gift! I don’t think I can say what I love best about the frame. The craftmanship is beautiful to behold. The tension you can get so easily is amazing. Perhaps one gets ease of setup and great tensioning because of the superb workmanship. Perhaps you can’t tease out the single best thing.

  221. I’ve been dreaming about this frame ever since I read your review.I love good needlework frames.As usual I’ve added this to my wishlist.The quality craftsmanship ,easy to roll it up when I want to start a new project attracts me the most.I hope it’s easy to carry too.I’d love to try this frame.
    Thank you for this wonderful give-away Mary.

  222. I have been very intriqued with this frame since you introduced it and I watched the video on how to use it. The craftsman ship looks to be superb. I like trying new gadgets, but as a means to get to the ones I like the best for my purposes. I’ve done that with scissors, rotary cutters, and other quilting tools. I’m doing the same for embroidery now.

  223. The Millenium frame would be a real plus for my stitching. I usually stitch in hand for the lack of a good frame. The ease of Set up, quality workmanship and convenience is what I like about this frame.
    Ruth on the First Coast

  224. I am tired of putting my embroidery in a hoop then taking it out every time I sew. This frame appears easy to use and very sturdy. I would dearly love this for my crewel.
    Louise B.

  225. I am impressed with the Millenium Frame because it has passed the “Mary Test” with flying colors, even to the point of inspiring such lovely words as “twitterpated” and “besotted.” If for no other reason alone, I must have one.

    As always, thank you Mary,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  226. Good Morning Mary,

    oh Wow this is something really amazing and so special. I love the quality craftsmanship of this frame… I really do hope I win this it will help me get started on my first project… God Willing… Thank you for the chance to enter.

    Jennifer G.

  227. Since I use a frame daily, the fact that it is a quality frame is the most important to me!
    Kathy from McKinney

  228. What attracts me to this frame is the ease of use factor. I would love a frame that doesn’t take up my stitching time just setting up.

  229. I am so curious about this frame! I love your review of it, and of course I want it because it sounds like such an effective tool, but I must admit part of me wants it just because IT LOOKS SO COOL!

  230. A window has opened and a ray of sunshine enters! Your review of the Millenium frame was thoroughly studied and my conclusion was to wait … wait … until I could purchase the best. I was so impressed with the ease to assemble a project and the fact that it stays taunt. It certainly is a beautiful frame to be passed down from generation to generation in a family.
    Thank you so much NeedleNeeds for being so generous!
    Thank you Mary.

  231. Oh what a wonderful opportunity! I’ve never had a ‘real’ embroidery frame, just plastic hoops. What appeals to me most about the Millenium? The fact that it would hold my work drum tight and allow for two-handed embroidery. I know from your recent review that this is an excellent quality frame. As a believer in the fact that good tools make for good results, I would love to have a chance to try out this beauty.

  232. I once had a frame of sorts but it was very inexpensive and when you tugged on your thread, it moved quite a bit. It seemed to be more of a hassle than it was worth. It would be very nice to have a quality tool in my stash! Thanks once again for the try. Chris Beresford from Michigan

  233. Because of your initial review of the Millennium Frame I put it at the the top of my Christmas list. So, you can probably guess why I am writing. I am impressed by the the design which seems reminiscent of a medieval frame whose design got lost over time. It’s simple and effective. The tension that is provided looks to be superior. What is charming and important to me is that the Millennium frame is handmade. I do like supporting the craftsman.
    Another reason why I would like to have this frame is that a stitcher can take their unfinished project off the side bars, safely roll up the piece, put on new bars and start another project. I don’t know of any other frames that allow that capability.

    This would be the creme de la creme of prizes for me.

    Thank you,


  234. After watching the demo on the Millenium Frame, I was amazed at the craftsmansip and design. A great deal of thought went into this with the stitcher in mind. What a wonderful tool! It would be a pleasure working on this frame making our stitching more enjoyable without the headaches of dealing with lost tension.

    Suzanne Morgan from The Woodlands

  235. The Millennium Frame is definitely on my wish list. I like my Q-Snaps but really want to get a frame and floor stand set-up as well. From all I hear, this one has great workmanship and the ability to truly hold the fabric tight, a quality lacking in other frames I’ve looked at. Someone’s going to be very lucky! Thanks, Mary. Theresa/OctoberLace

  236. I would love to have this frame. The frame I now use requires constantly adjusting the tension to keep fabric taut. Please, please, please draw my name.

  237. I have been slowly replacing my old stretcher bars with Evertites. I almost have a complete set (which is why I have also entered for their giveaway) so when you reviewed this frame originally , I thought “NOW she tells me there is a better frame out there!” I would say all of the things you listed make it something I would like to have, except for just trying out a new gagdget for the sake of having a new gadget. Since it is rather expensive, it would be lovely to win one. Actually I will be delighted if I win any one of the things I have tried for! Thanks again for a wonderful contest.

  238. The Millenium Frame looks to be beautifully crafted and a please to look at. The flexibility is amazing.

  239. Wow, a frame with no lacing and tacking.. That’s me sold ๐Ÿ™‚ I love a new gadget to try and anything that make life that much easier!

  240. The quality craftsmanship and attention to details that stitchers would love are what attract me to the Millennium Frame.

    Thanks for the link to Needle Needs. We’re all winners, whether you draw our name or not, for the rich resource links that you’ve provided.

  241. First up, thank you for offering this frame. I’ve been debating whether to buy one since your review. So a chance to win a Millennium needlework frame is exciting. As for the most attractive aspect of the frame, that’s difficult to say. It’s a toss up between the frame’s expandability and tautness. I really like the nut and screw system. However getting even tension edge to edge without lacing seems too good to be true. I’ve only started using embroidery frames relatively recently, so a high quality easy-to-set-up system is just all around attractive.

  242. I have been hoping that this would be one of the days of Christmas! Thank you thank you thank you! I have heard nothing but how wonderful these frames are from my sister, that is all she talks about! The quality, the ease of use, the benefits, the quality wood, she goes on and on! I want one! Reading your evaluation of the frame it sounds like I am listening to my sister talk about the frame. I would love the opportunity to have one and work with it. I have a project I have been building up to doing and the frame would be the perfect tool to push me to get me started seeing as how I have just done little projects to date.
    Thanks again!

  243. This was the only thing on my christmas list this year – then everyone decided not to exchange gifts:(

    I have been using just my round sit-on frame so my projects are limited to that size. I did get a frame you can roll your projects on from the local chain craft store but it doesn’t really hold the fabric consitantly tight and gets looser the longer you stich. Not really practical at all.

    It would be wonderful to have a frame that is this easy to set up and holds the fabric so well. My husband is an engineer so the craftsman ship is greatly appriciated to us but I still think the ease of setting up and the consistant streach is the most desirable to me.

  244. The qulity of the frame appears to be excellent pus the ease of use is a plus.

    Thank you!

  245. i have never tried one of these, always relying on my old hoop. This would be fun! It’s beautiful to look at and that is just another appealing part of the creative process. All of these pretty things you are showing us and giving all of us a chance to have for our very own–thank you!!

  246. Mary,
    All the examples you gave are reasons I want to have this frame! I like stitching with a frame, but there is something inconvenient about all on the market today. I also love to try new “tools”. The thing I think most exciting about this frame is how easy it appears to use!

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  247. I was intrigued by your original review and had already looked up the video. This appears to be a superior frame, and I had considered purchasing it at some point. I really hate lacing! Thanks again for the contest. Tomorrow (January 6) is my birthday. It’s as if you conceived this series of drawings just to make me feel special. I’ll be sorry when it ends.

  248. Hi Mary,

    I think you are saving the best for last (almost! – can’t wait for tomorrow). This would definitely help me finish all those to-do projects and my New Year’s resolution to get them done, and I would love, love, love to own a beautiful frame set!

    Thanks for making the 12 days of Christmas extra Mary (Merry)!

  249. Mary,
    I just can’t believe that the company is giving you one of these frames for your 12 days of Christmas! That is fantastic. I think the things which intrigue me the most are the quality workmanship & the ease of use. I have just the simple frames that you have to shove together & they don’t always…very cheap construction. So quality is what I consider the most important issue. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to win one of these frames. Sheila K in CA

  250. Mary, I have to say that of all the gifts for the 12 days of Christmas that this is the one that I would love to win most of all. I would love a frame that doesn’t need tacs and could be tightened once the piece is already on it. The floor stand would be so wonderful to use that I can just imagine myself sitting at it to stitch. I might just have to save up to get this system if I don’t win it.

  251. I like the idea that it’s a good quality frame and would, therefore, last. I like things that last and don’t break within the first few uses.

  252. Hi Mary!
    Wow! I am soooooo excited about this give-away!! My favorite part of the frame is the ease of use. I have a very bad habit of leaving my work in the hoop and not removing it every time and honestly, this was made with me in mind!Don’tcha think. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you!!

    Jen B in Oregon

  253. I have other frames from Needle Needs so I know they are very good quality. I thought when you reviewed it how I would love one but they are rather expensive although good quality.

  254. Hello Mary,
    The only frame I have used was a scroll frame for cross stitch and needlepoint/Bargello from Michaels and it is not the best quality frame. I read your review on the Millenium frame other than the fact as you mentioned of being exceptional quality woodwork; I also like the fact that you can stretch you canvas drum tight without having to lace it to the side bars. I will buy the stand and other sets of bars.


  255. Glad you asked Mary–Convenience with a capital C! After re-reading your review, it looks like the Millenium is quicker & more
    straightforward to “frame up” than a slate or Japanese frame & more easily adjusted during use–a win-win. Stitching is so much fun, but the prep work is drudgery that I can do without! Here’s hoping I win–but if not, do you have a crew of prep-elves to give away on Day Twelve?

  256. I like that you don’t have to lace the fabric to the frame. I hate that step. I also like how beautifully crafted it looks.

  257. Everything about the Millenium Frame shouts craftmanship.It’s beautiful to look at and easy to use. Top of the range. Yes please I would love to win this.

    Pam in Hampshire UK

  258. Eleventh day …. missing one day for my daily torture to end …. but still have 3 more days to await the outcome of the winners …. even though my heart is strong!
    What attracts me most in this item … is to test if the fabric is taut enough as I like …. is clear that this frame is made of good materials …. but my curiosity is how this test is great! Thank you.

  259. OMG a millenium frame! I like most needleworkers, have many different frames and hoops. Some are good for some things and others are so-so! I have coveted the millenium frame BUT the cost has held me back, I do have it on my anniversary/mothers day/birthday list! I am not sure what draws me to this frame other than its a new tool and your enthusiasm over it. I thank Needle Needs for their generosity!

  260. Of all your giveaways I would love to have this one most. A really taut working surface is that one elusive asset for which I have been searching for years. In a recent commissioned project I struggled to keep the ground fabric tight enough to get a really good result. My Japanese frame was engaged so I couldn’t use it. Therefore, I stretched, attached, removed, restretched and reattached the piece to stretcher bars. I stuffed paper towels between the bars and the fabric on the wrong side trying to keep the tension good. Nothing was ever good enough. I don’t know about the quality of the Millennium frame or its convenience except what you tell me, but given your history that’s enough.

  261. What attracts me the most is the idea of a good frame, since I don’t own any. I’d love to win this, it’d be a great start for building my stash of needlework tools.
    Hugs from Argentina, Libertad

  262. This frame is something that we all dream of owning for needlework, but the cost can be a problem. To win this frame would be an incredible way to start the 2012!

  263. Ease of use and quality is most important. With limited time to stitch every minute counts, so quick set up is essential!
    Thanks for the wonderful give a way

  264. I can’t imagine I would ever want to leave home, if I had a Millenium frame with a project in progress on it! Wow. That frame looks so easy to use, and well-crafted and durable. I would be in stitching heaven! The possibility of my ever owning one is slim, but it’s a bright and shining hope. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And then I’d have to spend a year or two saving up for a good floor stand… haha…

    Thanks for these giveaways, there are a LOT of us stitchers out there that don’t have access or funds for these really great supplies. Some people are going to be REALLY happy next week!!

  265. I went back and read your review of this frame and from the looks of it in the pictures and your rave reviews, whats not to like? I do needlework for a living. I model stitch for an online embroidery designer. I love to cross sttich also. The ease of set up with this frame is especially attractive. I dread starting something new if I have to use tacks, tape or velcro……..ugh. I believe that this frame would make it all so much easier. Thanks for the chance at such a wonderful gift.

  266. It would be wonderful to work with such a frame and would be interesting to show it to others who may not have heard of it.

  267. What atrracts me to this frame is no tacking and that it would be a great frame in general.
    I would think I died and gone to heaven to win something like this.

    Robin Marks

  268. Frame looks awesome. would love to be able to easily tighten work when i wanted to stitch. Linda from NJ

  269. This is a comment as it would be unfair to be part of the draw for the prize. I could not wait after Mary’s review and brought the frame described and the floor stand. A friend brought them out to Kenya for me and I LOVE using them. I love your reviews, Mary, and just wish I could get all your review! The frame I could not resist and am ordering different size side stretchers – but have to wait as they sold out over Christmas!

  270. Hello this frame sounds wonderfull for the large projects i seem to covet. i have a few frames and bought supposedly no sew frames thinking they were ones that clipped on or had the spilts but when i got them they were just plain and i discovered you had to attached the fabric with masking tape. not so good if you dont have oodles of fabric spare. my other frames are ok but as others have said you have to constantly adjust to keep tension and i also like the idea of being able to buy seperate sidebars and rollers to fit all the different sizes. i had no stitchy gifts this christmas so thies would be an excellant consolation. Well done for getting these wonderful give aways and best wishes to the lucky person who recives it( me me please miss! lol)

  271. Would love to try this frame, the one I have just is to much trouble so I went back to the hoop.

  272. Oh wow! I would like to try that frame based on your review of it, Mary. I don’t normally use a frame, but am trying canvas work for the first time and am having a problem stitching in the manner that I normally do. Your sponsers/donaters are being so generous for your 12 days of Christmas. Aren’t needle work folk just the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet?

  273. I would love to try the millenium frame. I am just getting underway with learning goldwork and have had a bit of difficulty getting the tension on all 4 sides. I have purchased the 4 bar, lace up slate frame available on line but find it very overwhelming to use. It would be nice to try something which is easier to use and still get the proper tension needed.

  274. I was sooooo hoping this would be on your 12 days of Christmas list! I love the solid, sturdy look of this combined with the fuss-free ease of use….. Your review had me hooked.

  275. I watched the video to see how the millenium frame works and woah!! I like all aspects of this frame, but what I thought was the most interesting part of it was the fact that you can use the stretchers with different bars,leave your work on the same bars, neatly rolled up, and work on another project. It looks so easy to use. Thanks, Mary, for the opportunity to win this great “gadget”!
    Vivian M.

  276. I believe what attracts me most about the frame is the quality craftmanship. I’ve also never had a frame, and always wanted one, instead of the various hoops I have sitting around…

  277. The convenience of using a frame like this is what I find most appealing. I’ve used something similar for needlepoint and it was very easy to use.

  278. What aspect of the Millenium Frame attracts you the most? This frame would be a new gadget for me and oh how I love new gadgets! But I have to say that the craftsmanship in very impressive and I would love to add this lovely tool to my collection.

  279. I have always loved a good frame that does not bend or break easily. Well the Millenium Frame which is being offered for the Eleventh Day of Christmas is fabulous. For one, the craftmanship and the convenience it offers is excellent. This is what I’ve always wanted(but cannot afford one) as I do a lot of Japanese embroidery(Bunka). I would love to have my hands free and sit at ease to enjoy my work while this frame does the good job of holding my tapestry firmly down. Thanks Mary!

  280. I WANT this!! It’s a clever design, it’s easily adjustable, it’s artfully made. It would make me purr.

    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  281. Oh WOW!! This is an unbelievable giveaway!! All of your 12 days of Christmas delights have been wonderful…..but this! Oh WOW!!! My answer to the questions are YES,YES, YES and YES! The craftsmanship is so impressive…..I was in awe when I read your original article several week ago. The convenience it offers seems unsurpassed. And, oh, how I LOVE a new gadget….trips my trigger every time! Mostly, I’ve never had a good needlework frame, so the possibility of this one gives me goosebumps!

  282. What attracts me to the Millenium Frame is the good solid craftsmanship and no lacing or tacking necessary. Seems to be an all around better mousetrap. I have to say that I’m still skeptical about the tautness of the weft. I’ll take your word for it!

    Thank you!

  283. I did read your review. I did contact the company but a little out of my price range. Thanks for the chance of winning the frame. I think the best part would be, being able to depend on a frame that does what it is advertised to do in the simplest way and stands up to the job each time its used.

  284. Hi Mary,

    This is a great tool!! I can see that the craftmanship is the best I have seen. I will love to win the Millenium frame. I might think that Santa was late…

  285. What attracts me most to the Millenium frame is all of the above mentioned points, but mostly that it would be a huge asset to a RSN handpainted canvas of a fox that I am working on. I finished a badger canvas from the same source, The Royal School of Needlework. The canvases themselves are a work of art, but stitching is a nightmare. The colours are blended beautifully on the canvas and so much blending of yarns must be done. Along with the Ott light I purchased so that I may stitch at any time of day, this frame would allow me to work on a solid base, freeing both hands for the basketweave stitch I am using as both tapestries are intended for library chairs, which I hope to sand stain and finish myself. A work of art and hands such as these two canvases deserves and requires the best of materials and tools so too the chair frames must be truly unique. I do hope that I am fortunate enough to win this frame for I have been lusting after one like this since I began the work more than 10 years ago. It is a lifetime project which I hope to finish and enjoy in THIS lifetime!

  286. What attracts me to this frame is the beautiful quality and workmanship. It looks like something that would last forever and even be passed down through the family. In other words an heirloom. I would love to receive this quality item. Thank you for a chance to win.

  287. I was taken with your review.
    I think it would be great because of the quality and design.

  288. I’ve used a rachet frame for some time and the Millenium frame looks like it would solve all my complaints! I’d love to win this one, too!!
    Robin in Virginia

  289. I have been a “free hand” stitcher for a long time. However, I recently won a “Q-Snap” at a cross stitch retreat. I want to try the Millenium Frame because of its quality, and ease of use. It would be a new thing for me but I would love to try it!

    Desiree from Gresham, Oregon.

  290. Hi Mary,

    The thing that attracts me the most is the fact that although I know that proper tension is key to good stitching, the process of using anything but a hoop terrifies me. I have never attempted to use stretcher bars for fear of not being able to put it on correctly. Being able to use this frame would be a dream and put my fears to rest.
    Thanks for your fun 12 days of Christmas.


  291. From your review, the fact that it is a well designed tool. Nothing beats the correct tool for the job. Knowing that it is well-designed and a joy to use is added assurance.

  292. Quality craftsmanship is always a requirement for me so that catches my attention. But the feature that has me hooked is the ‘no sewing or lacing’. Oh yeah!.

  293. Love this ! the system used to stretch the fabric is great and the quality too.
    Again thank you Mary.

  294. I would love this frame for its ease of use. When I get excited about a project I want to start it NOW! I’ve used hoops (always need adjusting), scroll rods (floppy on the sides), stretcher bars with tacks (oh my aching thumb!) and slate frames (lots of set up time). Your review and the video sold me!

  295. Oh wow, I just watched the you tube video for this. Its amazing. It looks so easy. Fingers very crossed for this one…

  296. I think this is the best gadget I have ever seen. I like how easy it is to change the size by changing the components. It is made out of wood. I love the feel of wood. It adds to the enjoyment of working projects. I want to thank you again for doing the twelve days. I miss your stiching and cant wait to see what is next.

  297. I think two things attract me to this frame: 1. the craftmanship – it looks so well made and 2. how easy it appears to use and how taut it keeps the fabric (which I really(!!!) like.

  298. I have been toying with the idea of a frame for a while but have always been put off partly by the price of really good ones and even more so by the nuisance-factor of cheaper ones. They seem to be so complicated to set up and very difficult to adjust once the work is in progress so this frame really appeals to me.

  299. I think that it is a very good, quality frame.
    It is easy to use. Thanks for the chance to win!

  300. I live in a rural area and like many of the other commenters, I like the idea of a great quality frame. I use cheapy wooden hoops from Hobby Lobby when I don’t work in-hand and this frame looks like a pretty amazing tool.

  301. Now, here’s a frame unit I could sink my teeth into. (well, not literally!)

    I use scrolls all the time and I remember you saying a while back how secure and tight this one is. That really appeals to me to use what I’m used to as in a scroll rod, but to have the best quality and tightness there is out there.

    Thanks for the chance!

  302. Hi Mary, Wow! These 12 days of Christmas keep getting better and better. The Millenium frame looks beautiful, well designed and sturdy – definitely the right tool for the job. I have a much less sturdy and awkward set-up that I bought long ago and kept using because of the investment. Now I’m working to take my embroidery to the next level. I can see the Millenium frame would be a dream to use and really help me attain the desired results. Thanks for reminding me about your previous review too!

  303. I wouldn’t mind giving those a try! I have the roll up kind of bars I got from Michaels. And while for some pieces it’s easier than a hoop, on the bigger pieces, it tends to ‘warp’ like the frame won’t lay flat on the table, and no matter how I adjust it, I can’t seem to get it flat. And it also seems very bulky to me, I’m always getting my thread (or my sleeve) caught on the screw or the wing nut…sigh…. maybe i’m just a hoop girl!!! Karen Gass

  304. the millenium frame would take my craft to a higher level. I’ve only worked with hoops and struggled to keep even tension.

  305. The aspect that attracts me the most about the Millenium Frame is that I don’t have to lace to keep everything nice and tight. It would be great to try one of these out in person. Thanks for the chance to win one of these ๐Ÿ™‚

  306. I have a frame I use for cross-stitch and crewel, but it’s cumbersome and I hate having to baste the project to the cross bars. I would love to have this beautiful Needle Needs frame.

  307. I have coveted these ever since you highlighted them. They are so sturdy and clamp from every angle. These would certainly improve my daily stitching.

  308. Aaawwww Mary!!
    It just gets better each day!! I would love these frames for the simple fact that I don’t have them, they are beautifully made, they look like it would be so easy to set up and especially be able to use them with ease for a beginner!! Need I say more?
    Thanks again for doing this give-a-way, these are products that most of us just dream about having someday.

  309. I love the whole “gadget family” and this looks like a good one. I want it!

    Elaine in New Mexico

  310. I have learned. Ore about stitching just from these twelve days of Christmas blog posts than reading my stitching mags! I have never heard of these frames….and they look perfect! I have a wonderful birth sampler for my almost born grandson that I would use them for.

    Thanks for all the instruction! Theresa

  311. Wow Mary This giveaway today is the best. The thing that attracts me to the frame is the ability to easily set up large projects. It takes me hours sometimes to set up a project and this looks as if its much easier. Also the quality of the workmanship is awesome.

  312. Oh, my – I’ve been drooling over this since I saw your review! I love well-made tools, but the ease of set-up is what attracts me most. Having to lace a frame is a pian – figuratively and (because of arthritis) literally. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  313. Good Morning. Saw the video and what I was most impressed with were the large screws to
    tighthen the fabric. Thank you for your website.

  314. I’m most interested in how easy they seem to be to set up. My scroll frame never seems quite as tight as I’d like, but I have avoided using a slate frame because of the extensive set up time. These seem to be a great way around the issues (and laziness) I’ve been having.

  315. Well! I had to go back and read your review to see what a Millenium Frame was but now that I know, it sounds like the perfect frame for tambourwork–something I am dying to try, but wasn’t quite sure how to get into without a really good frame. So, I guess I am impressed by the fact that this frame sounds like it would be extremely useful!

  316. What really appeals to me is the fact that there is no lacing to do with the Millenium frame, and any adjustments to tension can be done without taking the fabric off the frame – how cool is that! I use slate frames, and Japanese frames all the time so can fully appreciate the time-saving qualities of the Millenium frame. It would be wonderful to own one of these and I thank you Mary for the opportunity to win one.
    Barbara, in the UK

  317. I have several different frames but non of them doesn’t fit into my floorstand. The hoop works fine but I don’t like to use it cause I like the square frames more. I would like to try these millenium frames so I wouldn’t have to get another floor stand which I’m not afford to buy.

  318. What attracts me to this is the fact that i do not currently own a stitching frame and i would love to have one.

  319. This frame would be an awesome prize – I read about it on your blog and checked out the website and I like the fact that you can adjust the frame after the fabric is on it.
    I have a couple of frames that I have tried but there is something wrong with each of them – one too cumbersome and the other doesn’t hold the fabric tight – it slips even when tied – the centre of the fabric seems to become “heavy” and starts to distort. They aren’t the best quality but not the cheapest either. It would be very nice to own a “quality” frame. Thanks for the opportunity.

  320. What a functional and user friendly frame. The stand is very nice as well. I would love to try it!

  321. Happy Eleventh Day of Christmas!

    Wow! The Millenium Frame looks like a wonderful tool, made with excellent craftsmanship. That always is appealing. It appears to be so easy to set up, and be ready to stitch. The technical aspects of the frame hold the fabric TIGHT, which would certainly make a difference in how the project turned out.

    It would be wonderful to have a chance to own and use this frame. It would make ecclesiastical embroidery so much easier to do. While I’m grateful to be able to have my home made version of a slate frame, I would certainly be forever thankful to have a proper frame to work on.

    Thanks for arranging all of the wonderful give a ways!

  322. Oh, please pick me, pick me, pick me. I would give anything to cut down the time and effort needed to lace fabric into a regular slate frame. I love the wooden screws in the side bars that tighten up the piece. I’ve been in love with wood since I was tiny when my grandmather and mother still worked with hand-made wooden rakes on the farm.

  323. Oh, I’d love to have a well made professional frame
    and stand. The best tools do make a difference in
    one’s work.

  324. I would love to have one of these frames for ease of use. The fact of not having to do lacing is strong impetus to use this frame. That is really my waterloo – lacing the frame.

  325. Oh, my. I recently lost my frame to an auto accident and have been frantically scrounging for a new one and this is the one I have had my eye on, thanks to your recent review. So I’d like to have it simply because I really need a good frame soon–I’ve almost caught up my tiny projects.

    Wheee…the hoping is fun even if I don’t get it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the exciting event, Mary.

  326. I have really enjoyed reading your reviews. These giveaways are very generous. Thank you. Teresa

  327. What attracts me the most is that it looks very well constructed. This is a frame that the designer has taken into consideration all our needs in stitching on a frame and solved it.
    I would love to win this, since I am in need of a good frame that I can count on.

  328. Hello Mary,
    The only frame I own is a Q-snap. It has nothing to do with this frame !!
    I really enjoy good quality products, especially when it is wood. The fact that you don’t have to lace the sides makes it very easy to use, that what really appeal to me.

  329. This frame has the look of great craftsmanship also and that its an around good frame…One that would hold your pieces firmly not always getting loose…It would be a frame that I would use a lot..I don’t use stretcher frames much with the tacks…I love my roller frames but this frame looks really sturdy and well crafted…Thanks again for the opportunity to win this Mary.

  330. What attracts me the most is the tightness that you can get with it. I am trying to use a scroll frame that is rather poorly made (mind you, I thankful to have one at all) but It’s almost unusable. So the dreamy tightness of the cloth and from what you’ve said there are no splinters in the wood either. Both of those are amazing qualities to me!

  331. At the moment I do not have a scroll frame (sigh). After reading your glowing first impressions of the frame I had decided that this is the one for me. I loved how easy it was to set up your fabric and keep it taut. Amazing. My 2012 New Years resolution is to have one of these for myself.

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  332. I can’t wait to try a Millennium frame! I’ve fought for years with other types of scroll frames, lacing frames, you name it and I’ve tried it. I get so frustrated with either the difficulty of setting it up or re-tensioning it- this seems like a dream answer to a constant nagging problem!

  333. Wow, c’est la trรจs grande simplicitรฉ d’installation qui m’attire sur ce cadre. J’aimerais bien en faire l’essai.

  334. I am attracted to this frame becuse of the quality. I am starting a new Stumpwork project that this frame would be perfect for. I would love to win this frame. i would buy a floor stand and other pieces to go with it..
    Cheryl H.

  335. Just the fact that it’s an amazing frame! I haven’t gotten a really amazing frames, I’m only just starting my collection of stretcher frames.

  336. These frames look fantastic, I have been using the plastic ones that are a pain to take apart, I would love to try them. What a giveaway!!!!

  337. Mary, apart from the beautiful quality of this frame it would be great to have a frame I can leave in place without getting a mark on my work. Unfortunately I often get sidetracked and forget to remove my hoop to remove the hoop frame and you well know the consequences I am sure!
    Pam Rae

  338. Well, it’s a “yes please how wonderful” on the Millenium frame! Just last night I was complaining about my silly little wooden hoop that doesn’t stay taut. I would put my current project right on that frame and buy a stand.
    Debbie S.

  339. Hi Mary!
    Wow – and when I based frames on the flimsy one I tried – I have lost out all these years.
    I had stated in one of my previous commens that I use a small hoop so it would stay taut enough. Well, this is a great and wonderful eye-opener for me – as well as easy enough for me too. I really would use this a lot – I just purchased “Embroidered Flora & Fauna”
    three dimensional textured embroidery by Lesley Turpin-Delport and Nikki Delport-Wepener. It
    is totally “eye candy” with information attached. I suppose you already know of it.
    To answer your questions – the quality and convenience would be a major consideration as well as just touching something constructed with so much care. Mary – I really would try to do this frame justice. Thank you – blessings to you.

  340. I’m interested in finding the best needlework frame possible–seems like an impossibility sometimes as I like some features of one type and some features of another. I’d love to give the Millenium frame a try.

  341. I’m always looking for a good frame — I have K-frames and EZ scrolls right now. This one sounds wonderful. The good craftsmanship is a plus. After reading your review, this sounds like a must have, and winning one would be great.

  342. Hi Mary, After many years of sewing the fabric onto slate frames, the quickness and accuracy of being able to put the project together so well is mightily attractive. The quality always helps too! A lovely giveaway, thank you.
    Victoria, Vancouver, BC

  343. I’m simply just looking for new frames that win my approval. I’ve yet to find something that really works and will have to look at these more closely.

  344. I think the quality craftsmanship is the most attractive aspect of this frame. Ease of use is a close second, but the two together are over the top.

  345. I would love to be able to work with such a high quality frame. As a mom to young ones, I am constantly having to pick up and put down my needlework and it would be great to have a frame that would stand up to that.

  346. Hi Mary,
    This is the best giveaway ever! I think the Millenium Frame looks like a fine piece of equipment and your review tells it all about the quality that can be expected. Just looking at it makes me want to own one because it has a sturdy sensible look and beautiful fine craftsmanship. I really need this! I would love to win!
    Mary Ann H.

  347. I have been thinking about ordering this frame – because of how you’ve described the craftsmanship, quality and how much you like it. I think the most important reason I want one is because it sounds like an incredible frame that will do what it’s supposed to do – give a drum-tight base for my work. I would order the stand and other bars too!
    What a great give-away!

  348. The best in Millennium frame is that gives a strength tension, necessary in most of needleworks. Tension lasts long without an basting. Besides, it’s really beautiful. All my needlework life I was dreaming of such wonderful frame!

  349. Hi Mary,

    The feature I like most about the millenium frame is the convenience of being able to leave one’s needlework on the frame without having to adjust the tension. It is a beautiful, quality product and thank you for the opportunity to try and win it.

  350. Oh Mary, this is a beaut! I saw these once in our travels and thought this would be the ultimate dream tool. Now I’ve read your review & WOW! I had been impressed with the craftsmanship but now I totally taken. Too bad Christmas & my birthday are in the past. This is definitely at the top of my wish list.

    Thank you for all of these “golden opportunities”

  351. I would love to win one of these frames in order to give it to a friend. I bought myself one just before Christmas ( as a result of your review and recommendation) It is excellent and I have been enjoying its ability in making the material very firm for stitching, the ease with which you can dismantle it for travelling purposes and the craftsmanship is excellent. Thanks for the opportunity to receive another and the recommendation.

  352. The Millenium Frame is a major advance in frame technology over my ancient fixed width/size minimally adjustable frame (bought in ’72 or so). The fit, finish, and mechanism are what attracts me. That and your word that drum-tight tension can be achieved. I’ve avoided several other styles of modern flat frames for this reason.

    I’m about to embark on a silk on linen project, Italian 4-sided drawn stitch, an original sampler using historical strip patterns – my “opus” for 2012. This won’t be a candidate for round-frame work, and I’ve been agonizing about what flat frame to seek out. This is VERY timely opportunity!

    As ever, thanks for making these giveaways available. -k.

  353. I was so hoping this would be one of the give aways! I would love to own one of these frames! I am always very excited to start new projects and if I use a slate frame there is so much set-up time. I do understand that it is worth it but I just cant wait to start stitching!! The easy set up of this frame as well as the great tension it maintains makes it a must have for me!!

  354. I’ve wanted to try these since you first reviewed them. I think the ease of use & quality sound terrific. Hoping that someone is able to get them imported to the US before too long so we wouldn’t have to order from the UK. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  355. Oh, my heavens what a fabulous prize! The Millenium Frame is, I think, unusual in its thoughtful design and beautiful craftsmanship. The designer crafted a beautiful thing that is the essence of form follows function. I am fairly new to embroidery and believe that high quality tools help improve workmanship. So, an excellent embroidery frame such as the Millenium in combination with my sincere desire to make beautiful embroideries would, I’m sure, contribute to my needlework efforts. This frame has been on my wish list from the moment I read your review. I have been saving for it. Perhaps I will only need to save for extra stretcher bars? I wish. I wish. I wish.
    Thank you.

  356. Hands down–no stitching, no tacking, no screws to loose!

    It is also quite beautiful. I love trees and using wood tools makes me feel good, kind of connected to Earth.

  357. The best part appears to be the ease of use with no lacing. It would be great to have it so easy to keep your work taut. The other factor that appeals to me is that you love it! I know that if you like it, I will.8-)

  358. I’ve been looking at frames for a while now, and I know I need one. I’ve been using stretcher bars and hoops, but I know that a frame would help my embroidery. I just never thought I would have the courage to set up a frame so this one looks really interesting!

  359. This just gets better and better! I think the most appealing part of the Millenium frames is the possibility of removing and replacing the projects so easily. And I won’t have to buy any more tacks!

  360. I have been thinking that a needlework frame would be a good thing to use but have not invested in one. When I read your review of the Millenium frame I began to think that I should start saving for one. It seems like it would be so nice to use. Diane

  361. Mary , what i can say to you , i am speachless with all your give aways .
    They are all the perfect gift For all stitcher lovers , Millenium frame is a magnificent tool!
    merry christmas to you and happy new year

  362. This is a fabulous frame! I thinks it looks very well made and I have a lot of time watching good craftsmen at their woodwork. I love the tension adjustments, I really like my fabric tight.
    ~Valerie in CA

  363. What aspect of the Millenium Frame attracts you the most? Is it the quality craftsmanship, the convenience it offers, the fact that itโ€™s a โ€œnewโ€ gadget to try, the idea of a good needlework frame in general?

    All of the above!!! No matter what art or craft I am doing, I’m always looking for the perfect tools. And from your description, this could be the perfect frame.


  364. Happy New Year Mary!

    Oh, what attracts me most to this frame is two things: The fact that I do not have a frame at all; and that you liked it so much and recommended it so highly. All the things you said about hand-crafted quality are wonderful; great tools make work of any kind so easy, and with two bad thumbs and two bad hands, tacking a project in a frame is simply out of the question; this one I could manage, maybe with a little help from husband.

    Of all the gorgeous colors of threads, exciting books, and more in the give-aways, this is the one I actually NEED, as opposed to just coveting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much for your generosity,

    Cathy in PA

  365. There is no doubt this frame is unique and
    delicious … :o)
    To avoid tacking,or lacing and/or sewing up of
    the fabric is a blessing, indeed.
    However, what is delightful is also to see the thought behind this wonderful tool, as well as the craftmenship.

    Jan in British Columbia

  366. Hi Mary, I was eager to try one when you received your first one and how easy it was to set up. I would love to try one, because the setting up is hard on other ones.

  367. I admire the craftsmanship of the frame. When I work on something, I’m always a little happier doing the work if I have quality tools. The craftsmanship of the tool connects my work to the work of other artisans. An artist doesn’t work in a vacuum, and working with a quality tool makes me take a little extra pride in my work, knowing that someone else took pride in their work and I am benefiting from that work.

  368. It’s the idea of a needlework frame that is so high-quality and beautiful. Just think of the wonderfulness of stitching on a frame like that!!

  369. I’m astonished at how generous these giveaways have been. I’d have never imagined that a Millenium Frame could ever be up for grabs like this.

    I’m particularly attracted to the ease of maintaining a high level of tension. The idea of sitching on a frame becomes far less attractive when I factor in the time spent fussing with the setup and having to disassemble the rig to adjust the tension. Valuable time that I’d much rather spend stitching!

    Thanks for giving us all these opportunities to win such tremendous prizes!

  370. I love useful tools that look great. The craftmanship is so wonderful. Would love to work with this.

  371. I would love, love, love to win a set of these frames – I have been in love with them ever since you did your review of them a while ago – I keep drooling over them and wanting to splurge and buy them, but I am just not able to afford that sort of extravagance right now. I would love them because I have been wanting to try out a frame and stand for a while now – they would definitely get some good work at my house!!

  372. I can’t believe my eyes!! I have been dreaming about this sort of frame ever since you first told us about it!! not only can you stretch it without tacs, but you can readjust it during the project too!…AND it doesn’t have those pesky modern plastic knobs so I can demo with it during historic reenactments as well!!

  373. OMG all these toys you have offered. A quality item is always preferable. I have used substandard frames and they don’t even last the length of the project. Enjoy you newletters. Always learn something.

  374. I received the millenium frame and stand for Christmas and love the ease of putting the design on the frame. I am still trying to find time to actually do some embroidery, but it looks very pretty sitting in my living room. I am planning on ordering the 16″ bar once the Mini wizard is back in stock so I can order both at the same ti,me, but it would be nice to win one instead:)

    Carole Krause

  375. WOW! I hate the frames because they require adjusting the tension every 2 minutes. Thank you God, now we have the The Millenium frame. It is the best for his good quality craftersmanship and the convenience it offers.
    This frame is the invention of the century for the stitchers. Thanks Mary for the contest.
    Louise Qc Canada

  376. Your previous review of this frame was wonderful. Thank you for the update and pictures. Definitely been looking for a fabric frame that can keep my stitching material taut. Qsnaps are good but it takes time to get larger pieces on them properly. They also tend to loosen up during use. These are definitely on my list of future purchases to support my bad? habits.


  377. Dear Marymentor:
    While I would love to win any of the prizes set forth so far, this one has to top the list! I longed for it when you first showed the millenium frame, albeit a bit pricey. However like anything of good quality, you get what you pay for and I so much love the multiple adjustability of this frame, not to mention the highest quality wood, which I can sure pass on as an heirloom to my progeny. I can only hope. Thanks for adding this to the list of prizes. Judy in Pittsburgh

  378. I watched the video and thought “What a lovely frame!” it seemed very easy to use. I love how the fabric can get so taut. I always have a hard time with my current frame. I can’t get fabric really taut. I would love to win this frame.

  379. Mary,
    Working in the trades among carpenters I have learned to realize a quality product, and this one is A++++. An embroiderers dream. Outside of the superior heavyweight quality, the design using the dowel rod to hold the fabric is ingenious to me, as well as the way they have turned the wood to be like screws for tightening.
    I have to admit I was very disappointed that it wasn’t under my tree for Christmas, but so very thankful to have a chance to win one. Thank you Mary. And thank you NeedleNeeds.

  380. I watched the video and thought “What a lovely frame!” it seemed very easy to use. I love how the fabric can get so taut. I always have a hard time with my current frame. I can’t get fabric really taut. I would love to win this frame.

    Cheryl in San Diego

  381. Good Morning Mary,
    The frame looks absoluately wonderful. For me craftmanship and ease of using go hand and hand. I can not separtate the 2. It certainly looks like an awesome frame and making stitching a lot easier.
    Thank you
    jean marie

  382. For me it would be the convinience of it! Second the workmanship, and third a new gadget is always fun to play with! I have a few scroll frames and Q-snaps, and as much as I like them, they don’t always have the tension I like! From what your reviewed, this frame is wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize on the Eleventh Day of Christmas!

  383. What can I say Mary, except that I would love to win the Millenium Frame. It looks to me like it’s far and above your average frames or hoops. The craftsmanship looks superb. I mentioned earlier in one of the 12 days of Christmas that my frame has bit the dust, so now that you are offering this one, I’m going to wait and see if I win it before buying another one. If I don’t win and I have to buy another frame, it more than likely will not be the Millenium. My pocket book is a little stretched.

  384. Watched the video and on the surface it seems easier to mount the fabric than the scroll frame I currently use, no sewing the fabric to the bars. However, the video didn’t address the ease of kepping the weave of the fabric square. I would also be very interested in seeing how it works with various thicknesses of fabric.

  385. What a beautifully made frame. Doing needlework on this would be a total pleasure. Sure beats a hoop and the marks they leave.


  386. The look of the frame seems to be quality and sturdiness. But what attracts me most is the dowel slipping in to hold fabric. That looks like it would be possible to stretch your fabric very evenly. Something I’ve always had a problem with on other frames.

  387. I really need an embroidery frame and this one looks fantastic! It looks really easy to use and also seems to be of high quality.

  388. This frame is on my wish list after reading your review. I would like this frame because of both the craftmanship and convenience.

  389. Wow, really looks like a good frame. I read the last post you wrote about it. I would love to own a good frame like this. Amazing craftsmanship!! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  390. Aloha Mary,
    I have wanted a frame with the screw turned ends since the 1970″s when I first saw a picture of one in a book. I even tried to talk my dad into making one for me. He didn’t have the tool for turning the screw grooves in the wood. So, to win this would be a dream come true. It is functional and beautiful.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  391. I think I’ve tried just about every kind of frame available, and they all have pros and cons, but you love this one so much that it makes me really want to try just one more to see if it can be the one that finally does it for me.

  392. Mary – this is a HUGE give-away! When you first posted about this frame I was so impressed with the workmanship – that is what appeals to me most. Anyone who wins this will be inspired, and well-aided – to do their very best stitching!

    Thanks for this opportunity,
    Tomi Jane

  393. This frame is beautiful and looks exceptionally well made. I am drawn to it because I’ve never used a frame before but have been thinking about investing in one. This giveaway would really expand the possibilities of the size projects I want to try.

  394. Mornin’ Mary!
    I like the design – I love mechanical things and this is awesome. Looks easy to use, too. I would like it because I lost part of my old scroll frame…I can only find one bar lol!

    I’m thinking it may have been used as a bird perch. BTW, cockatiels like to watch you stitching but you gotta keep them away from the needle so they don’t bob and poke their eye out. (My daughter was mad I was exposing her “baby” to sharp objects!)

  395. What a beautiful stitching frame. The thing I noticed first was the craftmanship. I have never owned a frame as lovely as this one. Would absolutely love to give it a try, who knows perhaps it will improve my stitching?
    Theresa N

  396. I watched the video and there are so many things about this frame that I like it is hard to pick just one. The side bars that can be screwed up or down would be wonderful, so I guess that would be my choice. I signed up for their newsletter so will be examining it more closely a few more times. Joan

  397. The craftsmanship & the convenience is what interest me the most in the frame! Of course you rave review makes me extremely excited to try the frame too!

  398. I spent a lot of time and money several tears ago looking for a frame that worked and was easy to use. Sigh non did. I hope I win the Millenium Frame.

    The idea “of a good needlework frame in general” attracts me the most. The quality craftsmanship, and the convenience it offers are a very close second though.

  399. I have a love for wood and fine workmanship. I can look at this frame and almost feel the sturdiness and smoothness in my hands. It would be such a pleasure to see a project in this frame as well as stitching a design. If you receive this message please excuse the note I sent regarding the website issue. I am trying one more time to send this. Don’t you just love it when old ladies try to use the computer! LOL. It sure is fun to see the projects on your site though! Thank you for all the work you put into the articles. Linda

  400. OH MY GOSH would I love to win this drawing!

    So here’s what I like about this frame, based on your evaluation. It gets the fabric really, REALLY tight, without putting undue strain on the hands. Plus, there’s no sewing involved. Plus plus, it works with both canvas and fabric.

    I have a problem pulling canvas/fabric when attaching it to stretchers with tacks–I can never get it tight enough for my liking initially, and invariably it loosens up while stitching. Restretching is such a pain.

    I do have several sets of scroll bars, which I like, but I don’t like the back that I have to sew the fabric onto the bars. The slot mechanism is the best solution I’ve seen for that.

    I would have a hard time deciding which project to do first, if I were to win these.

    Thanks for all the giveaways, Mary. I’ve only entered the ones I really wanted to win, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    Carol S.

  401. I am always looking for new tools to make my stitching easier or better. Your recommendation means a lot to me and these frames look amazing.

  402. All of the above! I adore working with a piece of linen drawn tight in a set of frames! There is nothing like working hands-free and with the smooth surface of a fresh piece of ground fabric. I have many forms of frames and roller bars and the Millenium frames look amazing! Having the right tool that works the right way and looks beautiful at the same time is what enhances the pleasurable experience of needlework for me!!

  403. What a neat frame. I like to use the best tools that I can afford to save wear and tear on my hands, and love convenience, especially if it allows me to get to the stitching faster! To be able to have a taut stitching surface without the pain (literally) is worth the higher cost that excellent, well-thought out engineering requires. Can’t wait to try one!

  404. The Millenium frame is interesting because it looks like you can really get your fabric tight on the frame and that makes stitching much easier and keeps the fabric from distorting. I would love the chance to try this frame.

  405. This must be kismet because I’ve been convinced for some time now that I need to purchase a good frame for my Stumpwork embroidery. I need a quality frame that will hold my fabric drum tight from start to finish.

    Celeste in CA

  406. Oh Mary! What a wonderful give-away. Have longed for one since reading the review, but pennies are tight, especially after Christmas, so it would be fantastic to win one.
    I love the fact that this comes from an English craftsman who clearly cares about quality, even in these difficult times. If I do not win, I shall just have to save up.
    Thank you.

  407. I love the entire idea. I only have the round hoops and I always have trouble with hooping and slipping and hoop marks, ect……
    this looks so neat…enough to make me want to finish some projects.

  408. What attracts me most? Two parts. The fact that I have been looking for a while to try a frame,and do some larger projects but have no desire to deal with a catbox-load of thumbtacks. Also the fact that it is likely good and sturdy. For years and years when I first learned to embroider as a girl I could only find the cheap balsawood hoops in craft stores. They would last 3 months or less before the screws tore out from the outer hoop. So a few years ago, I went online and found several brands of good quality hoops and purchased one of each brand to test. Now I have several good hoops of the type I liked best and have not had to purchase any cheapies at craft stores. Rosie

  409. Hi Mary,
    I had read your review of the Millenium frame and love the simplicity of set up, the quality of the frame itself and the quality of process it affords the stitcher, the fabric is stretched evenly and kept tight. Plus it is a beautiful looking piece of equipment! I would love to stitch on/with this!

  410. Having never used a frame, but really wanting it start, it’s the ease and convenience that attracts me. Of course quality matters a lot too!

  411. convience is the most important thing for me, that means i can stitch more and worry about setting up less.

  412. Having good tools, no matter what the craft, can make such a difference. What I see of this frame is that the fabric will be evenly taut and not stretched on the bias. This is common when using a hoop. When the project is finished on this frame, the work will lie flat and beautifully.

    I do believe this frame would like to travel to the middle of the USA to Oklahoma City. Just dreamin’.

  413. This is the first time I saw what that frame can do. I love it. It would be so easy to work with. I would even give up my favorite old hoop for this beauty. Thanks, Carol W, Windsor, CA

  414. So far I’ve only worked with hoops, so any frame at all would be wonderful, but one of this quality would be an amazing step up!

  415. For me I think it is the ease of having a tool that is useful and more importantly works which in turn is a mark of their high quality craftsmanship.

  416. Practical equipment that looks like fine art? What’s not to admire, fantasize and even covet something that is absolutely beautiful? I have never used an oak needle frame as I have only maple frames and stands. I would love to try this because it is so graceful and well crafted.

  417. The most… I would have to say the easiness of framing up the fabric and after that definitely the quality craftsmanship.

  418. Looking at the frame and never having used frames before, it does look easier to use than a frame that required tacking etc and that of cause attract me to it without a doubt. It also looks well made and sturdy, the design thought through, so it feels like a quality tool that I’ll treasure for a long time.

  419. Dear Mary –
    What attracts me primarily about the Millenium Frame is the ease of setting up. Sometimes the rigamarole of starting a new piece the traditional way is enough to make me find it would be preferable to attend to the postponed house vacuuming and do that instead! Secondly, the quality of the workmanship and the use of wood are very attractive. No matter how good a tool is, if it feels or looks ugly, I’m never quite comfortable or satisfied with it.
    Cheers, Shirley

  420. Twitterpated! I can actually feel the delight and joy of this frame just from the description. I have tried many frames but one that get us on to the process of stitching quicker and easier is one to eagerly desire!

  421. What attracts me the most is how you’ve described how easy it is to get good tension on the fabric, without having to lace down the sides of it. I’d love a chance to find out, since for me working with metal & silk threads, tension is a key part of that work I’m finding.

    Thanks again for a great gift for your readers.

  422. The ease of setup is what has me VERY curious about these frames. I am primarily an in-hand cross stitcher but have been venturing into counted canvas work and *hate* traditional scroll rods/frames. This sounds like a great solution and would work with my System 4 stand currently gathering dust in my stash.

  423. I have never used a frame and would like very much to try it out. Would it make stitching go faster, be smoother, easier or look prettier? Would it just get in the way and be something for my dogs to knock over? Anyway – I would like to try it. Also – haven’t heard that word – twitterpated – since watching the Bambi movie at least a hundred times when my children were little.

  424. I have already bought one of these frames, initially attracted by the ease of set up and the fact that, as a new embroiderer, I did not have any decent frame as yet. But as soon as it arrived, I was incredibly impressed by the workmanship!

  425. I read your previous article on the Millenium frame. It looks to me to be the best frame on the market. I love that you can tighten the fabric with just a twist of the side. I also love that it is a no-stitch, no-baste frame. I would love to own one, but as a single living on social security, this contest is my only hope to own one!

  426. The ease of use and your recommendations make me want to try the millenium frames. I currently use q-snaps which I like but have to adjust tension regularly. Th craftmanship seems to be fantastic and I can envision the feel and weight of the wood in my hands.

  427. i think i’m mesmerized with the beautiful workmanship of the wooden screw threads…..
    oh, and it would be so nice to have another project to work on in my down time.
    thanks mary, have a happy day

  428. I have a few frames I use, but they tend to be very cheap in construction and never stay tight. Any new product that you endorse has to Great!

  429. OMG! Another FABULOUS contest from Mary! It just keeps getting better and better…

    I would love to try this frame because of the ease and convenience of use. I’m not a good “framer” so need all the help I can get – anything that provides a quality tool AND is easier, too, works in my book!

  430. Mary, Thank you again for this fun opportunity to win some fabulous stitching tools! Thanks to all the contributors, too! What attracts me most about the Millenium Frame is your positive review and followup after using it for a month or so. I haven’t used a frame like this ever, and would love the opportunity to try it out! Thank you!

  431. I tend not to try new gadgets unless someone
    highly recommends them (and even then I do not
    always think something someone else likes is
    that great, but the craftsmanship of this frame
    looks wonderful, and living in an island climate, with all our salt and humidity, the
    fact that the frame is wooden would be good
    for me. This looks like yet another prize
    to dream of winning!

  432. Have always wanted a frame of excellent quality, and not have to fight the tension. Your taking the time to describe this frame was much appreciated.


  433. Years ago, I had used only the hoop-style frame, and found the surface it allowed me to work on to be limited; thus, I needed to release and move the fabric more frequently, which also changed the fabric tension and put stress on some of the embroidered areas. The Millenium Frame would correct this problem. Given that I am slowly teaching myself on how to embroider alter linens, primarily with the information that I find on “Needle ‘n Thread” (I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find this site), I believe that the Millenium Frame would play a significant role in achieving my embroidery goal.

  434. all of the above attracts me to these frames. I am totally a gadget person….can’t ever criticise my husband, cuz I think I’m worse than he is with ‘tools’! That being said, there is nothing like the right tool for the right job. Quality makes all the difference. Put it all together in one tool an it’s one I must have!

  435. I have never owned a frame. The thought of owning and using one of such quality that easily and conveniently maintains proper tension is such a happy thought!!!!!

  436. Good tension that stays! Wow. I always use scroll bars and am always tightening them. Most of the ones I have are old. New ones would be wonderful.

    Donna G

  437. Since I read the article on the Millenium frame, I dream to have one of it. How I would like to win it !!!!

    I saw nothing similar in Mexico.

    Ginette of Mexico

  438. This sounds like the whole package to me. Other frame setups offer one good thing but you trade that for some bad things. The best thing about these may be that there are not bad things?

    Alice in Las Cruces

  439. The answer is “Yes!” All of the questions you posed about the Millenium Frame would be answered with the word “yes”. It’s such a wonderfully crated tool that, like a fine pair of scissors, you are just itching to touch/pick up and handle it. I have never had a frame of any real quality to compare one with so I guess I would like to win it to have that chance. And I remember you raving about the perfect tension.

  440. While the craftsmanship on the frames is great, I love them to bits for their practicality. No sewing on of fabric to the scroll frame! And tight fabric! Yeah!

  441. Wow, what a cool frame! I haven’t seen one of these before, but I went back and read your review of them and I’m excited!

    I think the most exciting part is simply the evenness of the tension. Especially without too much extra work, lacing and whatnot.

    Thanks for all these great giveaways!

    Katie in Indiana

  442. I have never really used a frame that I liked. I started out doing counted cross stitch on the heavier aida clothes that really do not require a frame. I started using finer linens that do not require a frame but certainly can improve my stitching. I want to do crewel work – I liked your word besotted – and know that a frame is a neccessity. Please, please!!!

  443. I would say that I’m attracted to it because of the tension. I get tired of pulling on fabric and it also distorts the design if not careful. So having said that….pick me! pick me!!
    Renee Wheeler
    Austin, TX

  444. The opportunity to use such a quality tool is exhilarating. I’ve done relacing and the old pencil under the threads techique for tightening. To not have to do them would be such a timesaver!
    Terry in PA

  445. I have not worked on a frame that didn’t loose tension after about an hour of work. For that reason, I work in hand as much as I do on a frame. A really, really nice frame could change all that. I’m sure it would help the finished look of my project, especially with no more hoop marks that I can’t get completely ironed out.

  446. Your review of this frame was so helpful–lots of gadgets out there; what to choose!

    Two things stand out–the quality when it comes to wood (love its warm feel) and having a large enough area to stitch on especially with a lining fabric.

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive one of these frames.

  447. As a dedicated user of my slate frames when the project has to be kept drum tight,the 1st thing that atracts me to the Millenium frame is the ease of set-up. Then the feature of being able to screw it tight. I’ve never perfected the procedure of stepping on the crossbar and inserting the cotter pin to tighten the frame. (I’ve never been able to walk and chew gum either.)
    Like a liitle kid I was hoping that this would be one of the days of Christmas.

  448. Having read your review and watched the video, I am excited about this new tool. I hate taking a lot of time setting things up for stitching when I’d rather be stitching, so the ease of use really intrigues me.

  449. Wow — that frame is gorgeous. The workmanship per the pictures is amazing. And if it only works half as well as you, and the people commenting on your original article say, it is an amazing tool. I like working on a bar frame when doing counted work. I have not tried it for Brazilian Embroidery or crewel work. The frame I use is not very user friendly to set up. I have been toying with the idea fo using stretcher bars, but all of the thumb tacks put me off. Thumb tacks can be hard on hands that have some joint issues. So the ease of using this frame is the most technically intriguing aspect. But to own, and use, a tool of such workmanship is also very appealing.

  450. Please be advised that I am speechless with the 12 days of Christmas giveaway. Thank you so much again and again. The Millenium frame would be an exciting gift to say the least. I only have inexpensive hoops and it is a constant struggle to keep tightening them. My pocketbook is not always available to use for myself. Oh dear, woe is me. Truthfully I am very blessed.


  451. Ooh la la! I love the idea of the fabric being rolled up and not hanging all over the place, as it would with a hoop. I’m always afraid I’m going to unwittingly catch hanging fabric in my back-to-front stitches and make a big problem that’s difficult to undo. Thanks for hosting these swaps!

  452. I read your review of the millenium frame last month with great interest, and am happy to see it on the 12 days of Christmas give-a-ways. My chief reason to appreciate it is my work at the Denver Vestment Guild. We use laced frames with trigger cloth, and is that ever a pain!! I would love to use one of these millenium frames. Thank you so much for including this.

  453. Good Afternoon! A good frame is essential to some embroidery projects. No tacking, sewing or lacing would be great. Thank you.

  454. What a wonderful frame. Stitching is easier when both hands are free to work the thread.
    I would love to try the frame instead of using a hoop. Thanks

  455. I think the cfaftsmanship is outstanding. I have been using a hoop, but know I need to change to a frame. I would be thrilled to own this wonderful product.

  456. Dear Mary,

    This frame would perfectly for my new design, which is a tiger for my neice. I have stretcher bars, but am finding the fabric (a rough linen) slips through the clamping rod, despite padding. This frame sounds perfect.

    Greta596, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  457. What a great giveaway! I’d love to have the frame so as to have a “proper” embroidery frame. It looks like it would make everything easier.

    Marie T.

  458. I’m always working on keeping my stitching tight. I’ve tried cheaper frames before with no luck. Hoops I just have to move and tighten. Would love to try out this beauty!

  459. What attracts me to this frame? – the ease of use and convenience. I love the way the fabric doesn’t have to be stitched to the canvas on the roll bars, the slot seems to be a great idea that I would really like to try. Can’t think why no-one thought of this before!!!!

  460. When you first showed us the Millenium frame, I immediately wondered why no one had thought of using splines to secure fabric to embroidery frame before. To my mind, that is the mark of an excellent idea: that it seems obvious as soon as one sees it.

    I’ve since been playing around with the concept but my tools and woodworking skills are meagre. To use such a well-made and clever tool would be a real delight!

  461. Oh my!! Thanks ever so much to Needle Needs for offering this frame!!! Thanks to you Mary for doing the give-aways!

    There are several things I love about the frame, but the way it tightens with the screw mechanism is fantastic & my favorite thing about!!! I like the piece that fits into the channel, too. I have a frame with that & it really makes starting to roll on very easy.

    I don’t think there’s another frame on the market that tightens up as well as this frame.

  462. The ease and practicality of this frame are attractive features, but I am most impressed with the beautiful wood and the fact that these crafted by hand.

  463. Oh my goodness. I have tried a couple frames and not loved them (they didn’t give me the tension I really needed) but I’d really like to find a good one! Hoops don’t cut it for me. I would love to find a good quality, well made frame that really does what I need and lasts!

  464. Oh My! I would love to give this a try, I’ve tried to figure out the roller type frame in the past and found it to be unsatisfactory, couldn’t keep it tight. After reading your review I would just love to try this one.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this.

  465. The Millenium Frame looks very attractive to the hand emobroiderer stitcher because of its gadgets that helps better tension the fabric to work on. Definitely, the frame has been designed to facilitate fabric handeling and stretching at the time of work! I love this!

  466. they look sooo easy to use…..it won’t take alot of time to get the fabric just right…I have been dreaming of those since you first showed them to us…

  467. I use dove tailed stretcher bars and tacks.The Millenium frame seems so simple to set up and use WITHOUT tacks. You can even relax the tension when you’re not working on the project. I would love to try this well crafted marvilous frame. Thank you for all the blogs and now this 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. I am learning all the time. Have a blessed New Year. Looking forward to many more blogs.Ana-Maria K.

  468. I’ve bought so many needlework frames and been disappointed in them. So I’d love to have one that you recommend highly.

  469. I would love to win the Millenium needlework frame. What a thrill it would be to try this new tool.

    Thanks, Mary,

  470. I’d love to try working on a frame – and usually love it if I can fit a nice quality tool into the budget!

  471. It would be a joy to receive the Millenium frame. I’d love to use this new item.

    Thanks Mary,

  472. Being able to use a frame that you don’t have to lace appeals the most, as that is what puts me off doing projects that require lacing them into a stretcher frame. The ease in which you are able to set them into the frame is great, along with the craftsmanship of the frame. What an awesome prize to win.

  473. twitterpated & besotted!? I really must try the Millenium frame – I tweet and I’ve never been sotted but framing a piece to work is exasperating if you don’t do it right or have the right equipment.

    thank you

  474. For me it would be finally having a decent frame of good quality with the features this one offers. In fact, ever since I read your reviews of it and the floor stand I’ve been avoiding other needlework purchases so I could have one of my very own sometime this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, Mary. And, thanks for taking the time to do this blog and site to share your experience and knowledge with us.

  475. This frame seems like the best blend of a scroll frame and a slate frame. I’ve used and liked scroll frames; slate frames scare me as I’m afraid I’ll damage my fabric with my lacing. The Millenium is just a beautifully crafted, well thought out tool.

  476. Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! lol
    Ever since you reviewed this, I have been wanting one. The promise of the work staying firm really impressed me. Also, the ability to roll the work to reach a new area. I like working on a smaller exposed area so being able to roll the project is almost a must. Of course, the quality of the product speaks for itself – I would be willing to invest in something solid. Even if I don’t win this, I will still be saving up my pennies to purchase one.

  477. I have used several different types of frames, hoops, roller frames, tacking etc. and have not found any that suited. This frame sounds as if it would change my mind and that it would replace the frustrating task of pulling taut and tacking..a great give away! Jean Lee

  478. The aspect of the Millenium Frame that attracts me the most is the ease of its use. I don’t have a frame and think starting with something like this one would be a painless way to start.

  479. What a wonderful frame! The craftsmanship and quality is awesome. I have never heard of it before I came here, thanks for the heads up for the tip. I hope I win the Millenium Frame. Thanks for your hard work putting this together.

  480. Dear Mary,
    I would love to try the Millenium frame as I have never had the opportunity to use anything but round hand held frams. My projects are not as complicated at your projects but I am attempting the Home Sweet Home project and I’m sure that this Millenium frame would be an asset with this project.

    If you love it I’m sure I will love it, too. Your advise and recommendations are invaluable.
    Debbie Brian

  481. All of the aspects you listed attract me to this frame. It does look like it is very good quality, and I would love to give it a try.

  482. This is a frame that I might actually use! I’m usually so eager to get started on a project that I don’t want to take the time to get it set up properly. With this frame, I’d be able to start right away. Thanks, Mary, for doing all of these give-aways possible for us.
    Nancy in Newport

  483. Hi Mary and thanks for this chance to win!

    What attracts me to the Millenium Frame is the convenience. I don’t want to spend a lot of time attaching the piece to the frame, so this sounds like it would be ideal..and it also sounds more stable. I love having my work on a frame set up in my living room and then I can go and work on it at my convenience.

    Jan B. in Florida

  484. I love that it is made of wood and such high quality-wood is so much nicer to work with than plastic!

  485. Can I just say, “All of the above”? I’ve never had a truly good frame, and the quality of craftmanship and ease of use are just as attractive as the “new gadgetry”.

  486. The whole package attracts me to it, can’t decide on just one. It is good all the way around no matter how you look at it…Craftsmanship, convienience, new, easy to use…can’t get any better than that!
    Terese USA

  487. I have not really used a frame, except in a couple of instances, and certainly didn’t use a slate frame or anything as sophisticated as that!! However, I understand that using a frame results in better work and less frustration, so I would say that the idea of a good neeslework frame in general appeals to me. But the beautiful craftsmanship and convenience certainly appeal to me as well.
    Thank you for your generosity in having this twelve days of Christmas series of giveaways. I am learning so much from you already!

  488. The fact that you don’t have to tack, sew, or
    lace the ground fabric onto the frame is
    awesome, and if it stays taught there is nothing more you could ask.

  489. My arthritic fingers would be so ever grateful for a frame that actually holds my needlework. I find with the scroll frames I have the fabric is constantly losing tension and reuqires tightening. The optional floor stand sounds wonderful.

  490. Hi Mary…Thursday greetings…
    I fell in love immediately with this product. The craftsmanship is superb, i love the wood and the design seems so simple, yet perfectly thought out. I went to their site when I read your review, watched their video, and would have ordered one immediately if I had the money. They seem like lovely objects and look like a joy to use and just to feel.
    thanks! Cindy

  491. I enjoy new gadgets to play with for arts & crafts. Quality ones, that work well and are user friendly even better. Though to be able improve skills and quality of my work not only takes practice & time but good products in conjunction. One day planning to be able to upgrade to a good quality product. Thank you again for having these contests they are a lot of fun.


  492. Hi Mary,
    I saw your review on this frame and was so impressed I went to the site and watched the video. I like the idea of a good needlework frame in general. There’s nothing like having an excellent piece of “equipment” when working on a project, no matter the size. If you always have to fiddle around with tension and worry about rolling the rollers often to tighten them up (as in my current frame) it does dampen enthusiasm for the project. A beautiful frame this one is!

  493. I would absolutely LOVE to have this frame! I have several slate frames by various manufacturers and they all lack something in their goal to be “the perfect frame” for me. This one looks well-made, it is beautiful and I am especially attracted to the ease of framing up. I love the screw sides, too, for fabric tension. I’m in the middle of a large goldwork project that I wish I’d been able to frame on this one, but, of course, can’t remove and reframe now that I’m in the middle. But I’d love to have this frame for my next project. I’ve been eyeing this one from afar for some time now ever since you reviewed it on your site. Thanks.

  494. This frame looks like a marvel. Being a woodworker also, I can understand the effort and precision work needed to produce this tool. I am also influenced by the convenience and versatility of the frame. Allowing for various sizes and a very secure hold on the fabric make it a dream come true,

  495. Ok, wow. This is an excellent product because of the craftmanship. Ease of use, high quality. I love it that the scrolls for tightening/loosening are big so there is no stress on fingers. And I love the way it so easily adjusts. Obviously made with expertise of embroiderers!
    Thanks Mary.

  496. Mary, that’s an awesome frame, and I like the versatility for different sized projects. Oh, using this frame would make me feel like I really know what I’m doing.

  497. I’ve been eyeballing one of these for a while now. And frankly couldn’t justify the expense to myself. It is a beautiful frame. I have found lately that I really enjoy using a scroll style frame. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to own the best.

  498. I have never had a frame. the quality is a definite plus. so many items are junk and disappointing. I would like to try a frame. I am now working on a rather large project and it would have been great to have a frame rather than to have to keep moving a hoop and leaving marks/indents

  499. It’s got to be the convenience for me. I move about a lot, (At the moment I live half the week in London and half in Kent) and I ALWAYS have a stitching project with me, so the ability to just unclip the sides, roll up the project and reclip and retension when you want to resume work would really be a boon.

  500. Hi Mary, This prize is a gold star one. I have the Necessaire stand which I have had for a few years which I have found really good and did ask Santa for one of the frames but nothing appeared under the tree!! There are several things about this frame which is magic and among those features is the ease of setting it up and the secure hold of the material and the drum tightness that is achieved and then if you want to go away on holiday or to a course it is simple to take it apart and store it flat saving space for travel – a big plus. This is without doubt the Rolls Royce of frames for the discerning stitcher – Thanks Mary and Needle Needs.
    Eleanor – Isle of Man

  501. I love everything about this frame. The craftsmanship, the flexibility, the ease of use. No lacing. Did I mention no lacing! Thanks for the opportunity.

  502. Happy 11th Day of Christmas! I like the look of fine craftsmanship is see in the Millenium frame. I like to work on a frame more than not but don’t have one that looks to be as easy to tighten/loosen the linen so easily. I would like for this one to be mine!!!

    Missy Palmer, Grand Junction, CO

  503. I would jump for joy if I had a great embroidery frame. My old one is pretty to look at but doesn’t work so great.

  504. For me, the fact that it is a new gadget to try is the most appealing idea for this giveaway…that & your enthusiasm for the product. Mary, you make me want to try everything that you love!!

  505. I like the idea of this frame. I have tried others and they do not hold the mateial tight enough to work on. I would liketo try something new.

  506. The Millenium frame is beautiful, practical, and would be a tremendous asset to our (non profit)vestment guild, where at present we lace our frames for each project. This frame would considerably reduce the time needed for frame setup, thereby allowing us more time to hand embroider!


  507. I really would love to have that frame. I have several things that I want to work on that won’t fit in the frame I have, and mine does not even begin to compare with the one your showing. This is really high on my wish list of things that I would truly love to own. I know from what you say and what I can see of it that it is a really top notch product.

  508. I have not yet used a frame, only hoops. I am trying to overcome my fear but haven’t taken the plunge!

  509. Just the fact of your recommendation is enough for me to go on! I only have hoops at present and would love to add this to my arsenal of gadgets to use for my new hobby of embroidery.

  510. This frame is beautiffully constructed, and the fact that it combines good tension with ease of setup is wonderful!

  511. Apart from the lovely craftsmanship, the thing I appreciate most about the Millenium frame is that my work would not need to be laced onto it, a tedious, time consuming task – done away with.

  512. What attracts me about the frame is the quality of workmanship, the pride of the maker, and the thought that went into it to make it useful.

  513. One of the reasons I stick to working in a hoop is that it’s easy to set up. Frames just seem too fiddly – but if the Millenium is as easy as you say, I’d love to give it a whirl!

  514. This is a superb prize for todays giveaway. I own one “Frame” but it doesn’t look as good as this. I have a project on this already, but I do have another project started and I am using rings on this so it would be great to own another one. I do hope I can win, thanks for the chance.

  515. Hello, Mary. What appeals to me most is the craftsmanship, convenience, and the frame itself. I’ve never had a stretcher frame but I have certainly needed one!

  516. I would love one because it looks like it would maintain tension a million times better than my standard scroll frame! (Which doesn’t, really.)

  517. I would love love love to win this frame. I’ve read with interest your critiquing of all frames, and have been weighing the differences. I’ve decided this one is the best of them all and have been saving up to buy one….along with the stand. So if I win this, I will be thrilled!

  518. The most appealing aspect of the Millenium frame is the hand free aspect of not having to hold the frame in one hand because if I win, I’ll immediately be ordering the stand with light and magnifier. They’re on my, “Should I indulge?” list and the answer, of course, is yes you should. Otherwise, the encroaching arthritis will continue to slow me down.

    The craftsmanship and design look lovely and I can’t wait to use one.

    Thanks again, Sue Savel

  519. I have two needlework frames and both are a pain to use. I watched the demonstration video on their site and I have to say that it looks wonderful! The set up may take a tad longer; but, I do believe it’d be so worth it! The technique reminds me of a longarm quilt frame! LOL. Once you set it up, it looks like the fabric will remain tight in in place. I love the fact that it looks like it could be very portable! (I tend to work on stitchery when I’m on the road). I really love to try this frame out someday! It might even inspire me to finish the Dragon cross-stitch project that I have half way done and set aside years ago. I’d transfer the project from the old frame to this one!

    Thank you for a chance to win. And thank you for doing a review on this frame!

  520. Another great giveaway! Thank you Mary & Needle
    Needs. Aside from the idea of a well-made & good needlework frame, it’s the idea of no tacking, no sewing & no lacing necessary for attaching my fabric. Now that is a real selling
    feature! Thanks again Mary & Needle Needs for this opportunity.

  521. I think framing is the most expensive part of needlework so any thing that makes this task easier and less expensive(1e less mistakes) has my vote maureen murray

  522. I am thrilled to find a device that is easy to mount fabric and keep it tight. This
    Is always a problem for me. Thank you for all of your posts.

  523. I have never used a “gadget” like this, but I’ve been doing more embroidery lately and would love to give it a try!

  524. What a wonderful giveaway this is, you have certainly excelled yourself. For me the Millenium Frame’s quality craftsmanship is the biggy. You know what it’s like to work with beautiful tools when they are well made. Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  525. what attracts me to this frame is that it seems it would be the last frame I’d ever buy! I hope I get to try for myself!

    thank you for this wonderful giveaway and good luck to all!

  526. My mother just bought me this frame for my birthday based on your recommendation. I love it! And I’d love to have bars that are larger than the ones that I currently have. I do feel a little guilty entering a comment when I have the frame, but I wanted to say how much I like it. And fortunately, I have probability on my side in terms of not winning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  527. This frame looks so easy to set up and no lacing and from your review it holds the fabric so securely.

  528. It’s gorgeous, the frame looks like it’s smooth to the touch and very sturdy, no twisting or rough edges to catch threads or snag fabric.

    Though I’d probably never be able to buy it, I would LOVE to win it!

    Thanks for the chance.

  529. This frame looks fantastic!! I have never looked at frames, however, recently I have found my hands are cramping up badly. I have figured out how to stitch three different ways since my accident and it’s disabilities and am running out of alternatives. I will be looking in to getting my self some sort of frame soon. Most glad I saw this one and hopefully I can win it!!

  530. Wow! I love trying out new items. This one really looks like it would be easy to use. I have loved getting and trying out all the new stuff that manufacturers make. I have been looking for a frame along these lines for a very long time!

  531. This sounds like a good frame! I would like to try it because it would be better than the stretcher bars that I use now and would keep the fabric really tight. I tried a scroll frame but found that I could’t keep the fabric taut enough. What things I could stitch with a great frame….

  532. The Millenium frame is really quite beautiful. and would be such a help. The frame I have is a simple thing that really doesn’t do the job. Would love the win this frame!

  533. Oh wow, I’ll join in for this one! These frames look to be such fantastic quality. The wood looks gorgeous, and your review tells me that they’re a wonderful product. I’d be very happy to try one out for myself! Thanks Mary and Millenium Frames!

  534. From your newsletter description of the Millenium frame, it actually looks fun to set up. And any good quality item that turns a chore into a delight is at the top of my list of items to collect. Just wish that they were sold in the U.S.

  535. I have only used a hoop frame, seeing the whole design in this new frame would be great.

  536. all of the above for me too. I don’t have a frame for stitching, so it would be nice to have something of such good quality.


  537. Wow! I can’t believe you are giving one of these great frames away. I am so impressed with the design. I of course love any new gadget but anyone can see the quality is top notch. good luck to all who enter.

    Kelley P

  538. Convenience is always at the top of the list for me. I would also like to try a floor frame some day to free both hands for stitching.

  539. Definitely the convenience it offers but also from what I could tell from the Needle Needs website the thought and craftsmanship that went into designing and producing it.

  540. Hi again Mary, this is Lisette Root from Oregon:) Oh my gosh, the frame that is being given away is such a wonderful tool! I myself am working hard to become a professional in the needlework world, so I feel that the frame would help me turn out more work. The fact that it is adjustable, easy to use, and can be changed in a flash are the reasons I would love one:)Thank You and your Sponsors so MUCH for giving us a chance to win a prize:)!

  541. Wow! When you first previewed this frame, I was awed at the possibilities and wished I had had one of these setups when I was doing a lot of cross-stitch. I used Q snaps then and thought they were great. Now I am into embroidery and the thought of using one of these setups with embroidery has been a “in the future” dream. The fact that you are giving someone a chance to win one of theses is indeed a yummy thought. Thank you!

  542. I was fascinated with this when you reviewed it the first time. I would love to have a frame that holds the piece tight, but is also a quality tool.
    Thank you for this give away. Have enjoyed it very much. Great way to review the items spotlighted during the year.

  543. This Millenium Frame looks very easy to use-no stitching canvas to tapes or threading the sides to ensure tauntness. It is also very flexible since you can change your stitching spot very easily and change the size of your ground fabric using the same frame or changing easily the sides or the top and bottom frames. I especially like that the tightness can be adjusted easily by turning the “wheels” on the side posts. What a good idea.

  544. What aspect of the Millenium Frame attracts you the most? Your gushing review! I dont have enough experience with frames to judge, so your original review caught my attention. Justine

  545. Even this my husband would get–it is a beautiful tool! Sometimes the craftsmanship/quality of the tools combined with the projects just work together to make magic. After your review it made my “necessary” wish list. It would be a fabulous win. Thank you for putting on this 12 days of gifting.

  546. This is a big give-away! The thing I love most about it is the fact that you don’t need to tack or string it to the sides. That it’s nice wood is a big plus.

  547. Dear Mary,

    Your review convinced me that I should try this frame if I ever got the chance. The thoroughness of your reviews on a daily basis really helps me choose between all kinds of stitching projects and tools, of course. I would choose this frame for because of its excellent construction and for the ease and convenience it offers. In addition, I had a nasty fall while carrying my current frame recently. In the process, in addition to breaking my ankle, I broke the frame. So receiving this frame would really be serendipitous!

  548. Dear Mary
    The Millenium frame has got to be the easiest system to put together. I don’t own a frame but read your initial review and went to their website. Extraordinary both in craftsmanship and ease of use and this convenience would be the one things that attracts me. I am saving my pennies. Heres hoping….
    New Zealand

  549. This needlework frame looks to be one of the best I have seen. It seems to be user friendly, which is what I need now. I use strecher bars now and sometimes it is hard to use the pins to put in place to hold the fabric/canvas. I hope to be able to buy a pair before long if I don’t win this. The whole craftsmanship of these bars looks wonderful!
    Debra Puma

  550. Since your review of this frame it has been on my wishlist. I’d love one because it seems to be a really good frame.

  551. This looks wonderful! The feature that appeals to me most is the convenience, especially the no lacing part.

  552. For me, I’m most attracted to practical things so I’m more interested in the quality and the usdefulness (convinience) of the frame. Someday, I’d really like to try a frame like this.

  553. Mary, I read your review on this frame and went immediately to their web site. I have been looking for a long time for a quality frame that would hold my projects firm, easy to use and the convenience of taking your piece and then reattach it. I do a lot of hardanger and it is necessary to have taunt material – this is a grand prize and I hope I win it but if not I am saving my pennies and hope to be able to get it in the near future.

  554. Another nice give away. I like what I see in this one. Looks like a quality built item. But I like the fact that it is something new for my to try out.

  555. For me it’s definitely a combination of having a quality frame, and the convenience of not having to do all that tacking, adjusting, and re-adjusting…okay, I admit it, I like gadgets!

    Thank you for the chance to win one of these great frames.

  556. I usually stitch in hand, but it would be interesting to try a good quality frame. I wonder how much it weights.

  557. Wow, one more wonderful give-away. This frame look like to be perfect, because of convenience to have few frame sizes in one, quality and modern solutions.Thank you for opportunity to win this dream of every needle worker!

  558. Wow! What a marvellous tool. I would love this for all the reasons you asked. When I embroider I like to use the best tools available and I see this as an added bonus. The finished product of any embroidery is only as good as the tools being used, so anything to enhance my finished product is most welcome.

  559. Wow! A new frame setup! Some of my favorite “gadgets” are frames – and I would just love to try these new ones! Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks…

  560. I am drawn to the idea of this frame system, because so far I haven’t found one that meets my needs… maybe this one!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  561. Hi Mary,

    I would have to say I am interested in the frames for many reasons. First of is the ease with which you can use them. Also because they are a new tool and the craftmanship that went into them. I love the feeling of wood.

  562. Your recommendation is enough for me, as opinions from expert emboiderers I hold in high regard.The quality and versatility of the frame is very appealing to me, particulary as I love stumpwork and goldwork and am always looking for frames that hold projects very firmly and can be tightened easily.

  563. My wish for one of these frames is two-fold really, I love the look of them they look fantastic and I would love to try one out and see if it works as well as you say.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Sue

  564. Hi Mary, What attracts me the most is the quality of the frame and the ease of use. The glowing review that you gave the frame makes us all long to own one. It would be a joy to win this. Thanks for a wonderful website.

  565. Right now I just have a slate frame for large projects. Which seems to take for ever to lace up and stitch projects to bars. I would love to have one of these beings that you take the project off of it very easily and switch to a different one.

    Thank you!
    Camille Van Fleet

  566. Hi MAry
    I would love to have the Milenium frame. Not only does it look beautiful, but after watching the demonstration video, it is obviously so easy to use! If I don’t win this time, I will definitely save up for one!

  567. I’ve over here. Can you see me?

    I loved using scroll frames for my needlework. Sadly, I transitioned to stretcher bars for needlepoint, because that’s what most people use and sell. I’d LOVE to try this magnificent Millenium frame.

    And if you don’t pick me (and how could you not?), are they sold in the U.S.?

  568. I have stayed away from scroll frames due to the fact it took so long to baste/lace/attach the fabric. And then if you needed the scroll frame for another project….. This frame seems very easy to set up and get stitching, no fuss.

  569. I really would love to try this frame. It looks practical and easy to use. I have only hand-made frame and I would like to try some really good one.
    Agne (Lithuania)

  570. Wow!, what a frame. What is there not to attract you to the Millenium Frame? The quality craftsmanship, the convenience of setting up and transporting when you want to share an afternoon at a friends house.
    What’s not to love..
    Thanks, Mary and Needle Needs. Have a great day!

  571. Hi Mary,
    I cant say I’ve ever owned a quality product like this, so to have one so simple to use would be dreaming. ๐Ÿ™‚

  572. I would like to have the millenium frame because it is an overall great frame. The main thing is that one no longer has to sew your fabric to the frame.

    Mary, you have found wonderful gifts for the 12 Days contest. Thank you so much.

  573. This frame looks winderful – easy to use, keeps the fabric super tight and is vbeautifully crafted. Thanks Mary for the chance to win it.

  574. Oh my goodness, these are incredible! The craftsmanship definitely is what appeals to me. I think it must be a dream to work with this frame.

  575. Two features of the Millenium Frame make it attractive as a quality stitching tool: the ease of use and the fine craftsmanship. Having something so beautiful and well-made elevates each project. Thanks for your high praise for this latest stitching find, Mary.

  576. I prefer using frames and this one is excellent. I haven’t used it but would love to win one.

  577. I’ve only used hoops and simple plastic clip frames for my embroidery so far and have heard lots of good feedback about this frame from your website and friends, so I hope I get a chance to try it out through this giveaway! Thanks again for your generosity and as always your great website.

  578. I think the ease of setting up the frame and the fact fabric doesnโ€™t need to be stitched in.

  579. Quality tools always makes projects easier and more fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.


  580. I like the idea of a frame in general. I’ve been considering buying one, but was overwhelmed by the choices. I’d love for my first one to be the one you regard so highly. Thanks for the chance!

  581. What aspect of the Millenium Frame attracts you the most? Is it the quality craftsmanship, the convenience it offers, the fact that itโ€™s a โ€œnewโ€ gadget to try, the idea of a good needlework frame in general?

    The quality of the frame attracts me the most. I haven’t been doing much embroidery lately because of wrist/elbow problems and a good, taut frame would alleviate a lot of those problems. I would love to really get back into it again. I’m pretty sure my mom’s got a floor stand I could use this with, if not, that’ll be on my birthday list!

  582. After seeing your review and watching the company video, I thought WOW!!. this frame is a “must-have”. I would be thrilled to win it
    Phillipa in NZ

  583. This frame has appealed to me since I first read about it on your website- and I have used many different kinds of frames- most with not much luck. I love that this is beautiful enough to leave out all the time and I am proof positive that if I am able to just pick up my work everyday instead of unpacking and repacking, I accomplish so much! I would love to just stitch everyday, and would if it was “right there”!

  584. Wow I have just watched the tutorial on this frame at the Needle Needs site. Very Impressive. It looks so fantastically easy and to do away with all that lacing would be leave more time to stitch which is what I always want. I’d love to win one.

  585. Hi Mary, This frame just looks beautiful – I love the craftsmanship. But I would really like the tautness of the fabric in the frame. I think it makes all the difference in the finished product. What an amazing give away!


  586. Hi
    I like the frame because it seems that I would like to be able to see my entire work space, pick up easily where I left off, and of course because it is a cool new gadget.
    Hoping to win any one of the days!
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  587. You have done such a good job of reviewing the Millenium frame that we all would like to try it out. It seems to have several features that other frames are missing.

  588. Ooooh, yum, yum, yum. This is the one I really, REALLY want to win.

    I work in silk and my current method of stretching the fabric over an old picture frame and securing it with a staple gun sometimes causes damage to the fabric. It also limits me as to the size of work that I do. An adjustable frame, beautifully crafted would literally CHANGE MY LIFE!

    Thank you for the chance to win. This whole “12 days of Christmas giveaway” concept has been a lot of fun.

  589. A frame is always an asset in needlepoint and embroidery. This frame would replace all my round and oval hoops that can be very bothersome. I would like to try it because it is a new gadget and it looks like a very useful one in my needlework. It looks like it would be excellent for the tambour beading that I have endeavored to learn. I’m not there yet, but maybe this year.

  590. I would love to win this frame. I’m currently doing all my needlework in-hand as I’m tired of always adjusting my frame tension. The Millenium frame is beautiful and would be a treat to work with.

    Kathy H. in K.C.

  591. Wow…what an awesome give away. I have been intimated by slate frames because of the set up requirements. The idea of something that is that easy to use is very attractive. So I guess the ease of set up is one reason I’d love win one. According to my husband I just love new gadgets and he’s not entirely wrong…but that is a really lovely item.

  592. It is the ease of setting up ready to start stitching that attracts me to the Millenium Frame. With no basting onto the bars then lacing the sides it will be a lot quicker to get the fabric nice and taut onto the frame ready for that first stitch in any new project which I am always eager to start. I currently use a bulky slate frame which necessitates unlacing each time I need to move the fabric – wasted time when I could be stitching.

  593. I walk on crutches, so often have problems with my hands – for me, the idea of something fairly easy to set up a large piece of embroidery on sounds sooooo nice!

  594. I have never used this kind of frame but the workmanship is beautiful. I’m all for a tool that makes my creativity easier because that’s what I want to spent my time on.

  595. Oh, man! The ease of set up with the Millenium fram is fantastic – that’s what most intrigues me. No lacing, no basting, no nothing – just slip the narrow rod in the groove! AMAZING!!! Love it and want it!

  596. I am drawn to quality craftmanship whether it be in tools or accessories of any kind, and I recall being impressed with your original review of this frame. It would be heavenly to use one!

  597. This looks like an incredible frame, I’d love to win because it appears to be well built and EASY to use.

  598. Wow!! very nice give-away!!!!!!!!!
    The quality of craftsmanship attracts me and the fact that itโ€™s a โ€œnewโ€ gadget to try. I hope I win the Millenium Frame.
    Thanks Mary.

  599. I am looking for a good quality frame and the fine craftsmanship on this one makes it very desirable. At this time, I am doing everything “in hand” and a frame looks like it would make embroidery so much more fun. Thanks

  600. The Mellenium Frame intrigued me when you showed it awhile back. It looks like it would be wonderful to have and the quality looks like it would be outstanding. I could never buy anything of that quality, but it would be so nice to be able to try one.


  601. Definately the craftsmanship – it looks superb – plus the fact I love new gadgets. I always say its all about having the right equipment to do the job.

  602. Hi Mary, Since I read your initial review on the Millenium frame I knew I wanted one. I checked out their website but it was a little costly at the wrong time of the year! Apart from the quality of the craftsmanship what appealed to me most was that you said it was really easy to use.
    kind regards,

  603. Eu ficarei muito feliz se ganhar um quadro Millenium. Nunca usei um quadro, com certeza o bordado fica mais perfeito. Muito obrigado.

  604. i have tried roller frames before. i like the idea of them, but they always seem to need adjustment. from what i have read and from your review and their video, this one seems to have overcome all of the problems. it just looks fantastic! i like working with wood products. i just finished a long search for a cheese press because i knew there had to be one out there in wood that would do a great job. i found it. this would probably be the same with my needlework. built to last. fantastic giveaway. thank you so very much for the chance.

  605. I have been saving up to purchase one of these frames, so winning this would be wonderful. What appeals is the quality construction and the ease of use. Not having to stitch and lace – amazing

    thank you so much Mary and Needle Needs for this opportunity

  606. I have not used a frame, but have been thinking about getting one. I am attracted to this one because of the quality. If I am going to buy a frame, I want it to last.

    Mary in Oregon

  607. I use frames for most of my projects. I think these look to be so strong and would really help in stitching. This one really looks great.

  608. Hi, Mary, and Happy 11th Day of Christmas!
    Well, craftsmanship always turns my eye so that tops my list of the Millenium Frame’s qualities!

  609. Definitely love the notion of easy but I also really approve of the workmanship. What a gorgeous prize. Thank you for the 12 days of giveaway.

  610. The convenience is what attracts me most.

    Plus, I think my back would thank me a healthier sitting posture when stitching. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  611. I was hoping beyond hope that you would have this in your wonderful Christmas extraveganza! This frame really excites me becasue it is so easy to use and it looks like a no brainer to make the fabric taut. Sharon C. Bethel, CT

  612. Good quality tools are such a pleasure to work with, they make me want to do my best work and give me a little sigh of contentment every time I use them.

  613. Mary,

    Thank you for your review of this product. I happen to be in the market for a frame, and would love to have this one! It takes away the downside of using a frame–having to stitch on the linen to the bar.

    Now, I would be willing to use a frame! And it must be good if its coming from those wonderful stitchers in England!

    Happy New Year.

  614. I loved your review of this frame and am impressed by the craftsmanship. there’s nothing like the right tool for the job and a well crafted tool is even better.

  615. Fine craftsmanship always makes any task much more pleasurable. These frames are so lovely to see as well.
    BC Marilyn

  616. I also enjoy woodworking. swas amazed when I visited the website featuring the Millenium frame. What beautiful woodworking it appears to be. I praise and appreciate the combination of form and function this frame appears to be. Here is one stitcher who also hammers, sands and nails!

  617. When I first started needlework and quilting seriously, someone told me, “Buy the best quality that you can afford to begin with. People can do remarkable and beautiful work with less, but why let poor quality materials and tools work against you if you can avoid it?” The Millennium frame is the best quality available. I want my attention to be focused on my needlework piece, not my frame. Every moment I spend wrestling to keep the tension on my cloth is a moment lost in stitching and an opportunity to have less than my best work. The Millennium frame works beautifully and without fuss. It maintains the proper tension to give one the best foundation possible on which to work. This would be a marvelous frame to have and would help me live up to the advice I was given those many years ago.

  618. I would love to have a good needlework frame. Right now I just use plastic hoops and as I start to do more and different needlework I realize how inadequate the plastic hoops are.

  619. Oops- my last message got wiped out.

    The workmanship of this frame attract me most. And the fact that you highly recommend it!

    Thank you,
    Betsy Pratt
    Knittingbetsy (at) comcast (dot) ne

  620. The millenium frame: a perfect marriage of beauty and functionality. I love that it does what it claims to do (i.e. your personal testimony) in that it looks so easy to set up and use. I would be so thrilled!

  621. Definitely the ease of set up. Although I love working with my wooden frames the thumb tacks are brutal on the hands.

  622. Oh wow, what an awesome gift to win! I have no frames except the kind you use only tacks on. The convenience of these sounds amazing, I would really, really, really, like to have one. They sound amazing.

  623. I love the fact that this frame is easy to set up and portable. The quality craftsmanship is definitely a plus.

  624. What aspect is the best about it?
    Well, I read your posting some time ago and in my eyes this kind of frame is much better than every frame I saw and found at the shops around here…
    easy to set up… easy adjustable… I so love this embroidery frame… you are really tempting me to order one…
    …and I love the floor stand!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  625. It sounds similar to the Ever-Tites, which I love. It’s be great to be able to compare them.

  626. I would love to try a frame, and your high regard for this one is all I need to believe in its superior qualities. This giveaway is the stuff of a really good daydream! Thank you.

  627. Hi, Mary,
    I, and I’m sure so many others, have been hoping this wonderful new tool would come up on your 12 days list. I love it for its convenience. Imagine! No stitching and lacing!! Oh my. What a terrific invention!
    I am very rarely lucky in random draws but I dream and hope and enter anyway. I dream of doing crewel on this frame. I hope I win.
    Cheers — Phyllis

  628. Wow, Mary! I have to reiterate how amazing these giveaways are. The Millennium is definitely on my wish list. Besides the obvious fine workmanship, the real attraction is the simplicity of setting it up, which translates into more time to stitch! Here, indeed, is the marriage of beauty and function, and it doesn’t get any better than that. I see why you are so in love with your frames! ๐Ÿ™‚

  629. The Millenium Frame is a joy to behold
    How I would love to feel with fingers and thumb
    Those marvellous curves, that beautiful wood
    My fabric taut, smooth, almost a drum!
    Then all of my colours, on bobbins like soldiers
    Will wait for their turn to be woven between holders,
    With loving fingers and helped by my frame
    Stitching without it just won’t be the same!
    Oozing quality, craftmanship, stitching with ease,
    That’s what I love best, its ability to please!

  630. Convenience, which is putting it mildly. It would be a major labor-saver. I heartily dislike lacing my work to frames, enough that it’s an active deterrent to taking on larger pieces. I have a very low tolerance for any kind of project that requires time-consuming, exacting set-up time. That’s time I could have spent stitching, and I have little enough of that as it is!

  631. This would be the new thing to try. Move out of the comfort zone and see if there is something new and better than what I use now. What a challenge and what a nice give away. There is something about good wood and good frames and hoops that blends together.

  632. Everything about this frame looks so thoroughly thought through and made with the finest of craftsmanship. As most embroiderers are very “detail” oriented, this is Big. I think the thing that first struck me was the tightening mechanism (twisting the side bars) — as this is the way antique frames are constructed. I always wondered why this changed with the contemporary frames — probably because it required more time and care. Guess I am just an old fashioned girl!! (except for plumbing — I really like plumbing! and electricity!)

  633. This frame looks excellent. I have only ever used hoops, so the idea of having the entire piece stretch taught for the duration of the project is quite appealing.

  634. After reading your review, what attracted me the most was the ease in setting up a new project, no having to lace up the sides to keep the fabric taut. I am also interested in its good craftsmanship. After all, we appreciate good craftsmanship in embroidery, so why not in our embroidery tools?

  635. What attracts me the most to the millennium frame is the fact that the fabric is drum tight all the way across. No more elastic, ribbon, or perle cotton attached to the sides to keep the fabric from getting floppy. These “fixes” don’t work anyway, so the millennium frame is the only way to go!!!!

  636. Two of the attractions of this frame for me are the ease of set-up and the craftsmanship. I use a slate frame (and love it) but this seems to offer a whole new level of ease and enjoyment to the stitching experience.

  637. I read your past article on the millenium frame and put it on my list for a future purchase. Your eleventh day of Christmas gift offer of this frame is an offer I would like to receive.

    I do alot of both linen sampler and canvas work. I am constantly struggling with my linen sampler work trying to keep the ground material taut on roller bars inspite of tighlty winding and lacing the sides. The screw sides on this frame make alot of sense and may solve my problem in keeping the ground taut.

    I use stretcher bars for the canvas work I do and when doing alot of composite stitches the canvas begins to stretch and one must remove the tacks, restretch and tack, which is time consuming. The screw mechanism again will be a definate asset on this frame.

    From the pictures I have seen on your website, the craftsmanship looks very good and as a dedicated needleworker, the tools you work with must have quality craftsmanship, which this frame appears to have.

    Thank you so much for your website, I have learned so much from you and am grateful to have a chance at winning one of these lovely frames.

  638. Quality and convenience always works best for me; trying new technology and new products to achieve better quality of handwork is my goal.

  639. Mary, you wax lyrical about this frame with good reason. I have one. Want more! It is, hands down, the easiest frame to set up I’ve ever seen. Anything I would mount on those sew-on tape roller bars will go on these in a fraction of the time. And, you can take your project off and put it on, again and again, painlessly. I also have to mention the exceptional craftsmanship. They are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. There is nothing on them that will ever snag your fabric or threads. Great, great product. Tina from Melbourne.

  640. Since I started following your blog, I have been facinated with each post, waiting for the next one to come with anticipation. When you posted The Millenium frame I was so excited, I struggle with a frame that was given to me several years ago. This frame is awesome no messing with loose material, stretching out of shape, Etc. Oh I would be so excited to have it and it would be well used.

  641. Hi Mary
    It sure looks like a wonderful frame and I think that not having to tack or lace up the frame is an excellent idea. I love working with a frame and would really enjoy having one of these.
    Joan Turrell from Canada

  642. I would love to try this frame as it seems from your description that it would absolutely keep the desired tension all through the task. That would be a relief.

  643. The fact that I don’t really have a frame I’m thrilled with leads me to answer this one…the ease of use, the craftsmanship and the fact it is part of a system makes this one attractive ‘gadget’! Thanks for putting this on your give away list.

  644. That frame is awesome!! It looks really easy to use. I would love to try one out. it looks easy to tighten if you have arthritic hands like me.

    Dawn C
    Southcoast, Ma