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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Embroidery Art in the Middle Ages – Exhibit Catalog



Last year, there was an exhibit at the Cluny Museum in Paris titled L’Art en Broderie au Moyen Âge – Embroidery Art in the Middle Ages.

Much as I would have loved to see it in person, it’s a bit of haul from Kansas. So I did what I often do when there’s a major museum exhibit that I can’t get to: I looked for the exhibit catalog.

Most major museums that host an exhibition of some importance produce an exhibit catalog, which is a book that details at least the major pieces (and sometimes all the pieces) in an exhibit.

Exhibit catalogs also include a lot of research and information on the individual pieces, the places, the times, and so forth. They’re worth having, if you have an interest in a certain area of art and there happens to be a good exhibition with a good catalog.

Embroidery Art in the Middle Ages
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Stitching Progress & Some Embroidery Tips


Welcome to Wednesday! It’s a slushy, snowy morning in Kansas, and promises to be a pretty glum and rainy day – perfect for staying in and stitching cheery things. (I’m not complaining!)

What a week it’s been so far! I’ll tell you more about that below. But in the meantime, here’s a bit of stitching progress and some tips along the way, for the floral floche piece I showed you last week.

Floral embroidery with cotton floche embroidery thread
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Remember those Tweezers? They’re Great for Needlework!


Many moons ago, back at the end of last October, I made this rather humbling confession about my messy embroidery worktable.

The problem posed was that I couldn’t find my tweezers. Many of you chimed in with questions about my tweezers. Many wanted to know… “What are those tweezers?”

I featured them in my Thanksgiving Eye-Spy puzzle here, and they showed up in my Christmas one, too.

They keep showing up here on Needle ‘n Thread, because I keep using them day to day. Lately, they are never off my work table.

Today, I’ll show them to you in all their little 1″ x 1.5″ glory. I’ll tell you what they are, why I like them, and share some pros and cons.

Pinzette tweezers for hand embroidery
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Multi-Packs of Embroidery Needles & How to Read Them


Whether you’re a newcomer to embroidery or you’ve been stitching for ages, one needlework tool that you could never deny the importance of is the ‘umble needle.

If you’re new to embroidery, you might find yourself flummoxed by the whole question of needles because there are a lot of types of needles out there, and they come in all different sizes.

Whenever someone new to embroidery asks me What needles should I get?, I always recommend starting out with a multi-pack of embroidery needles in a variety of sizes.

Multi-packs of needles, though, can sometimes cause confusion. Let’s take a look at them and chat about how to read them.

Embroidery Needle Multi-Packs
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Some Call it Poison – Don’t Underestimate Color!


Did you know that, once upon a time, the color green killed people? Up into the latter half of the 1800’s, arsenic was used as part of the green coloring process for different textiles, with deadly results.

These days, thankfully, we don’t have that particular worry when we use greens in textiles.

There’s another notion of “poison” in color theory, too, that can be helpful when choosing colors. Quilters use this approach quite often – adding a “poison” color to a main color scheme by choosing a color directly opposite on the color wheel to the main color scheme. This makes the main color scheme spring to life in a curious way and can add a certain vivacity to a scheme that may otherwise seem somewhat lifeless.

Today, let’s chat about a shade of green that was the springboard for a discussion I had last week. It comes across as a kind of poisonous shade – something you might expect to find glowing eerily through the heavy mist on a dark night when that radioactive thingamabob from your nightmares comes lumbering after you.

Neon green and pine greens in cotton floche embroidery thread
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And We’re Off! First Embroidery Projects of 2020


Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting started!

You know when you have a task looming in front of you, and you’re just not sure where to start – or how to start, or the best way to start?

Sometimes, the key is just starting! And with that in mind, here’s my start on my first embroidery projects that will materialize into Something of Some Sort in 2020.

The way I go about projects and the way you might go about projects is probably slightly different, just because I use the projects I do as demos here on the website, or as possible kit or e-book content, or as a springboard for tutorials and so forth.

But in some respects, our approach would be the same. So here’s my start! And maybe it will give you some ideas on how to start your own potential project, too.

First embroidery projects of 2020
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It All Starts with Thread


I’m a little late to the New Year’s party, but now it’s time to kick off 2020 here on Needle ‘n Thread.

Happy 2020, my friends! I hope it is a fruitful year for all of us in every regard!

Over my short holiday (holidays always seem short to me… I wonder why?), I started lining up projects for the new year and assessing my carry-over projects from previous years (of which there are several).

While I was milling about, mulling over this project and that, I kept coming back to thread. It seems that every idea that’s brewing for Needle ‘n Thread at the moment comes down to thread. I have designs. I have fabric. I need to make thread choices.

Overdyed floche hand embroidery thread
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