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Christmas Wreath, Part 3: Beads & Bow


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Time to move on with the next installment of our last Stitch Snippet stitch-along for 2023!

Today, we’re going to add the embellishments to the wreath that we embroidered on Monday.

If you’re just joining in, you can find all the previous articles for this stitch-along listed here in the Christmas Wreath Project Index, in chronological order so that you can follow along easily!

For members on Patreon, you’ve already received today’s installment in the PDF that was posted for you earlier this week.

Today’s lesson is short and sweet!

Stitch Snippet Wreath Ornament: Beads & Bow
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Christmas Wreath Ornament – Project Index


If you’re following along with the Christmas Wreath Ornament stitch-along here on Needle ‘n Thread, you will find this project index under “Tips & Techniques” in the main menu on the website – along with all the other Stitch Snippets and stitch-alongs we’ve worked together in the last several years.

I will list in chronological order all the articles that have to do with this project, so that you can easily find them as you work at your own pace.

Christmas Wreath Ornament Project Index
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Stitch Snippet: Christmas Wreath, Part 2: Embroidery


Welcome to Part 2 of our Christmas Wreath ornament stitch-along!

This project is part of the Stitch Snippet Stitch Along series here on Needle ‘n Thread. You can find previous Stitch Snippets listed under Tips & Techniques here on Needle ‘n Thread.

Previously, on this project, we covered the introduction, materials, and transfer information here, plus some additional information here on fabric layout and cuts, especially for those who are using the materials kit that goes along with my new project e-book, Twelve Wreaths for Christmas.

A little bit later today, members over on Patreon will find a new downloadable PDF for the stitch-along. The PDF will cover all the embroidery and embellishment of the ornament (including beads and bow, which can’t cover here in one article due to space). And oh, hey! I’ve also added a new chat feature on Patreon for members in the “Avid Stitchers” category who use the Patreon app on their smart phones. Look for that, if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s in the test phase at this point, but I think it’s worth trying!

Ok, on with Part 2!

Christmas Wreath Ornament, Part 2: Embroidery
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First Explorations of the St. Matthew Embroidery


A few weeks back, I shared the initial images of this St. Matthew embroidery that I acquired via an eBay auction.

It’s been a long time since I’ve explored a similar piece of embroidery (I wrote about one here). There is so much I enjoy about owning a piece like this – not least of which is the fact that I can handle it and do whatever I want with it.

My first approach to any piece of embroidery like this is to take some initial pictures of it – especially photos that will get me close-up to all the nitty-gritty details you might not see when you step back from it. Then, I just start exploring it from all kinds of angles. Every time I look at it, I generally find something new that interests me or excites me!

St. Matthew Embroidery
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Wreath Ornament – Fabric Layout Correction!


I’m dropping in very quickly this morning to let you know that I made some corrections on yesterday’s article introducing the Christmas Wreath stitch-along, specifically concerning the ground fabric for the wreath ornament.

You need a 5″- 6″ square (or rectangle) piece of fabric to embroider the ornament on. If you are not using the kit, I recommend a 6″ square to give you more hoop room, if you’re using a 4″ hoop.

If you have purchased the Materials Kit for Twelve Wreaths, you have a 6″ x 15″ piece of natural colored linen in there. You can do two things with it. The first method below is preferred, especially if you want a little more hoop room with your fabric.

Fabric Layout for Wreath Kits
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Stitch Snippet: Christmas Wreath Ornament, Part 1


Here we are, about a month before Christmas, with just enough time to squeeze in one more Stitch Snippet before the end of the year!

We’re going to create a little embroidered wreath ornament from my latest project PDF, Twelve Wreaths for Christmas, which is available here.

If you’ve already purchased the PDF, you have the basics for this wreath – plus a whole lot of other wreath designs just waiting for your needle and thread. Here on the blog, we’ll go into a little more detail on certain aspects of the project.

The wreath that we’re going to work through together is the traditional evergreen wreath with the red silk ribbon bow, Wreath #1 in the e-book.

Christmas Wreath Ornament Stitch-Along
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Happy Thanksgiving!


Here in the States, it’s Thanksgiving Day – and a great day it is, too, unless you happen to be a turkey.

No matter where you live, even if you’re not officially celebrating Thanksgiving Day, I think we can all understand the universal idea of Gratitude and taking time to be thankful for the blessings we have. I hope that your life is filled with abundant blessings to be thankful for!

Without a doubt, you are all a huge blessing in my life and I am especially grateful that you are a part of this online needle-and-thread-loving community! Thank you so much for your ongoing enthusiasm, inspiration, participation, and support over the years as we keep a little fire burning for all things hand-embroidery!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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