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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Stitch Fun: Multi-colored Ribbed Wheels



How about a quick tutorial on how to stitch multi-colored ribbed wheels?

I’m a huge fan of ribbed stitches. We’ll actually talk about them a little bit later this month, as we compare two types of stitches and discuss how the direction of a stitch can change everything!

For now, this little Stitch Fun! tutorial is pretty basic, but it will help you create uniform color changes on ribbed wheels and other similar stitches.

Stitch Fun: Multi-colored Ribbed Wheel Stitches
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Embroidery Daisies 4: Long & Short Stitch and Turkey Work


It’s time to get back to embroidered daisies! Yay!

Our last installment of these tutorials on how to embroider daisies covered a lot! Today’s tutorial doesn’t cover quite as much.

Today, we’re going to look at Daisy #4, which is embroidered in long and short stitch, with a turkey work center.

This is my favorite daisy in this series of tutorials.

How to embroider daisies: long & short stitch with turkey work
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Kit Re-Runs: Leafy Tree, Stockings, & You?


Well, well – a Glorious Wednesday to you! Things have been hopping here in the studio this week. I keep thinking the pace is bound to slow down, but it doesn’t.

Among various other tasks, I’ve been pulling out my ordering lists to re-run kits that I’ve already produced, that you might be interested in.

I’ve had a couple requests for the Leafy Tree kit and the Mini Sampler Stockings kits. I’d like to get the opinion of a wider audience, so I thought I’d ask you!

Embroidered Tree with Large Leaves
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Sea to Stitch – Project Index


It’s Organization Time!

In an attempt to keep things a bit organized, and to help folks who are looking to find the whole collection of articles on the Sea to Stitch monogram that I began embroidering at the end of last year, here’s an index for all the articles in this project.

A quick update on the project: I had hoped to show you the finish at the end of last week. That was the article planned for Friday which never appeared. Many obstacles collided at the same time, and I didn’t get the stitching finished. So it’s still languishing out there, somewhere seaward!

I’ve also run into a little problem on it that I hope to solve this week. I will tell you about it once I work through some possible solution.

Sea to Stitch monogram M - embroidered seashell
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Embroidered Daisies, Part 3: Stems & More!


Good morning!

I’m going to launch right into today’s topic, which is the third installment of this tutorial series on how to embroider daisies.

Today, we’re going to look at embroidering the stems and the leaves, plus we’ll talk about some corrections (or just changes of mind) and we’ll embroider the large central daisy on the motif in approach #3.

This is a rather long tutorial, and for those who are following along, it will probably keep you busy for a while!

And, as usual, members on my Patreon page will be able to download the PDF for printing later today. Keep an eye out for it!

How to embroider daisies, part 3: stems, leaves, and more
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Thread Organization: Solving the Twist


To my rather tunnel-visioned brain, there’s nothing quite as lovely as an abundant collection of glorious silk thread all gathered into one mass of twisty, colorful, smooth, shiny Possibilities.

A few weeks ago, we chatted about this collection of overdyed Soie de Paris from Chameleon threads that are new to the studio, and since then, I’ve started some tentative planning with them.

I have Ideas, you see.

Chameleon embroidery threads - over-dyed Soie de Paris twists
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