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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Reticello Progress, a Tip, a Tool, and Books



Buongiorno! Good morning! Or just plain howdy, as we say in Kansas. (Well, some of us do…)

While getting back into the Studio Routine last week after a short break, I revisited my impromptu reticello sampler and discovered that it doesn’t take long to forget certain important steps. It’s weird how a week away from routine can be so disorienting!

Today, I’ll show you some slight progress on my sampler, I’ll share a tip and a tool with you, and then I’ll share some news about some fabulous books that I’ve brought in for you!

reticella sampler
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Cotton Quartet 2: Stitching Lines C, D, and E


Welcome to the second installment of Cotton Quartet!

If you’re just joining us, you’ll find the first installment of this stitch-along project here, with background information and instructions on getting started.

Today, we’ll add a few more rows onto our sampler tool wallet, using some pretty simple stitches. (Hey! Never underestimate the power of simple stitches! You can do a lot with them!)

If you are a member on Patreon, you’ve already received these instructions in the PDF download posted week before last, so you’re ahead of the game. You also have the stitch dictionary at the end of the PDF, so that you have access to the stitch instructions in one place.

I’ll also share a couple tips today that may help you avoid some frustrations. These are points that occurred to me while I was writing today’s blog post, and thankfully, I already had some pictures.

While the lesson today is relatively short, two of the stitched bands take a while to stitch, so you’ll have time to get those finished before next week’s installment.

Cotton Quartet sampler tool wallet instructions
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It’s All in the Details: Embroidery Up Close


Good morning, my friends! I missed you on my short hiatus!

As things worked out, I didn’t have the wherewithal to get any blogging done right (or well) while I was away, so I resigned myself to catching up with you once I was home again. And I am home again! There’s loads to catch up on – that’s the huge disadvantage of taking a break – but Anna kept things going well, so the load isn’t as much as usual.

While I was gone, I added about eight hours onto my trip to make a wide detour up north to Dayton, Ohio. I knew I probably wouldn’t get away again this summer, so on a whim, I decided to take advantage of my escape and hightail it northwards to Dayton. Given the extra driving, I only had a short time to spend at the University of Dayton’s Marian Library, to see the Anichini exhibit there that features two of the Loreto Embroidery panels on loan from the Royal School of Needlework.

Loreto Embroideries at Anichini Exhibit University of Dayton
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Cotton Quartet 1: Preliminaries & First Stitches


Welcome to the first installment of Cotton Quartet: A Sampler Tool Case! I’m excited to get going, and I hope you are, too!

This project is part of the Stitch Snippets Series for 2022 here on Needle ‘n Thread. In this series, we’ll explore several projects from start to finish, so that you can recreate the project at home, at your own pace. We’ve already completed one project – the Bee-Jeweled Pincushion – and we have more coming up!

When possible, Stitch Snippet kits or partial kits will be available to purchase, so that you don’t have to source supplies from all over the place. We’ll do that for you, and put them all together in a tidy package.

Even if you’re not stitching along with this project, you’ll find tips and techniques along the way that you can apply to your own needlework adventures, so please feel free to read along!

Cotton Quartet: Preliminaries & First Stitches, Intro
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A Meditation in Silk & Gold: Online Presentation


If you’ve been hanging about here with me at Needle ‘n Thread, you already know that I’m almost giddy with excitement over the fact that two of the panels of the Loreto Embroideries from the Royal School of Needlework are here in the US on exhibit.

They can be found at the Marian Library at the University of Dayton through August 26, as part of their Vision of Art and Faith exhibition, focusing on the works of Italian artist Ezio Annichini.

Loreto Embroideries on exhibit at University of Dayton
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