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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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For William Morris Lovers – A Design Resource



If you’re alive and kicking today and in tune even just a little bit with the craft world in general, you’ve probably noticed the coloring book trend. It’s been going on for a while, and although the market is pretty well saturated with “adult coloring books,” I’m thinking the trend will probably continue.

For embroiderers, the explosion of whimsical and diverse coloring books available today offers a different approach to their use. Coloring book designs can be easily adapted to embroidery designs. For example, I’ve done so here with this hummingbird coloring book page from one of Jahanna Basford’s books.

As long as you’ve bought the book and you’re using the designs for personal use (you’re not reproducing and selling them, or selling items made with the designs embroidered), then you’re perfectly allowed to adapt a design to stitch rather than color.

For those more specifically interested in designs that are textile related, and for William Morris lovers in general, there’s a nice design resource to be found in a beautiful William Morris coloring book that I want to show you today. This was a birthday gift from my sister earlier this year. She knows me well!

William Morris Designs Coloring Book
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First Things First – My Embroidery Trestles are Up & Ready!


I mentioned last week that I’m moving Needle ‘n Thread into a new space. I can officially call it a “studio,” I suppose, because that’s where I’ll work, design, stitch, mail things from, and (tentatively) offer some small classes and the like.

I’m very excited about it! Once I get things situated, I’ll take you on a little tour of the apartment (flat) that’s half of a duplex that I’ve rented. I’ll tell you the whole story of why I ended up going with a residential space despite my deepest dreams and desires of setting up shop in our pretty historical downtown district, discuss the obstacles, the pros and cons of the set-up, and give you some before and after photos of the simplest and affordable cosmetic changes I’m making to the space. Perhaps if you’re considering expanding a space – maybe you have a small home needlework business, too? – it might give you some ideas.

But, first things first!

While I haven’t started transporting the daily essentials to the place (I start that today), I did take advantage of all the empty space to assemble my trestles. Yes, I will Finally have a Dedicated Trestle Space! I want to show them to you and give you some information on where you can find them in the States.

Trestles for Embroidery Frames
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Embroidery & Travel – The Cat and the Clump


As I mentioned last week and shortly before I took off on my little vacation, I did some traveling recently. And of course I took some embroidery with me!

After all, the plan during my sisters’ reunion was relaxation, and I always figure embroidery is a terrific tonic for relaxation.

And I knew a few of my sisters were bringing knitting along, so it made sense to bring some stitching, too.

And since I was driving, I had plenty of room to tote stuff! Yay!

Tote bag with embroidery supplies for travel
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Stitch Fun! Embellished Wheatear Band Tutorial


Good morning and Happy Friday all around!

Today, I’m going to share with you a little Stitch Fun! tutorial for a decorative composite band, worked on a foundation of wheatear stitch.

This band can be used for lines, gentle curves and the like. I’ve used it on letters (in Stitch Sampler Alphabet) and I’ve used it for decorative borders or just little pretty accent sprigs. It’s an easy and fun combination!

Stitch Fun Tutorial: Embellished Wheatear Band embroidery stitch
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Ukrainian Rushnyk – Beautifully Embroidered Swaths of Cloth


So, I’ve been traveling about in the Northeast lately, where I met up week before last with my six sisters and spent a splendid time (albeit too short!) hanging out together.

After we dispersed as a group, I continued my excursions.

One of my sisters recommended a visit to the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts.

I thought it was somewhat odd that there was a Russian icon museum in Clinton, MA, and so my curiosity was piqued. I looked it up, and sure enough – there is one. It’s a well-known museum with a fantastic collection of icons. But, better yet, they’re currently running an exhibit (until June 3rd) that made me doubly eager to go: Rushnyky: Sacred Ukrainian Textiles.

Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton MA - Ukrainian embroidery
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