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A Stitcher’s Christmas #4: Slate Frame & Needle Minder!



We’re almost half-way through the Stitcher’s Christmas series here on Needle ‘n Thread! It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just barely over two weeks away, isn’t it?

So far, we’ve seen some pretty nice Christmas gifts in this series of give-aways, much thanks to the independent small businesses, designers and artisans who have made such lovely gifts possible!

We still have more exciting things to come – not least of which are the goodies in today’s give-away!

So, without further ado, here are the details for today’s give-away, and the winner from A Stitcher’s Christmas #3, the goldwork horde from Tanja Berlin!

Stitcher's Christmas #4: Slate Frame & Needle Minder
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Needlework News Snips for December!


Happy Wednesday, and happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

When I was growing up, we would leave our shoes out the night before December 6th, and in the morning, we’d have treats in them!

So, today, a few treats! I know it’s Wednesday, and I don’t usually do Needlework News Snips midweek, but there’s a lot of fun stuff going on out there in needlework world that I’d like to share with you – inspiration, ideas, resources, news – and since the schedule is thrown off a bit with A Stitcher’s Christmas through the rest of December, I figured today is as good a day as any!

Besides, who doesn’t need a mid-week break with a nice hot cup-of-something and a chat with a friend? So, pull up, get cozy, and let’s have a bit of a natter!

Needlework News Snips December 2017
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A Stitcher’s Christmas #3: Goldwork Kits & Tools – and other news…


Happy Monday! We’re already moving into the second week of December! Can you believe it?

Today, A Stitcher’s Christmas give-away #3 is on the agenda, along with the winners from last week’s give-away for three Hands Across the Sea sampler charts.

I’ve also got a little bit of extra news at the end of this article, especially for those of you who are playing with Twelve Trees for Christmas released last week, as well as some scheduling information for the next few weeks.

So let’s move on to business!

Stitcher's Christmas: Goldwork Kits & Supplies from Berlin Embroidery
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Twelve (Embroidered) Trees for Christmas!


After a couple weeks of sneak-peeking my little embroidered Christmas trees to you, it’s now your turn to have great fun stitching them!

I mentioned last week that these little 3″ embroidered Christmas trees (or really, they could be for any time of the year, if you switch up the colors) have totally captivated me! I’ve had so much fun stitching them, but I’ve run into a Big Problem!

The problem is, now I don’t want to stop. With the holidays around the corner and everyone so busy, it’s just nice to have little, quick, satisfactory projects that work up in an evening. Sitting quietly and embroidering a little Christmas tree after a hectic day is balm for the soul!

Twelve Trees for Christmas features twelve small Christmas trees to embroidery, involving simple stitches that you can mix and match. They’re small enough to finish in one sitting. And yet they’re pretty enough to feature prominently in Christmas decorations, on cards, hoop art, dish towels, Christmas gifts, perhaps even a holiday banner!

12 Embroidered Trees for Christmas
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A Stitcher’s Christmas #2: Reproduction Samplers for Three & Winners


We’re halfway through the week, and sliding straight into December. You know what that means? It means it’s a perfect day to announce the next Stitcher’s Christmas give-away and the winners from the last one!

Today’s installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas is for all historical reproduction sampler lovers! If you love stitching stories from the past, if you love the look of traditional needlework samplers, if you love the thrill of watching a sampler come to life under your very fingers – this give-away is for you!

First, I’ll announce the winners from Saturday’s give-away and then I’ll tell you how this one came about…

Stitcher's Christmas Give-Away #2: Reproduction Sampler Charts
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More Addictive Stitching & a Cyber Monday Sale!


Howdy ho and a happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was a Banner Weekend on the stitching front. I got a lot of embroidery done! In anticipation of a fun collection of trees coming out this Friday on Needle ‘n Thread, I thought I’d show you some more of my stitched samples that materialized over the weekend.

I wrote about my new stitching addiction last week, and I’ll tell you this: I don’t think I’ve had such fun with my needle and thread in a long, long time! Oh, sure, I always have fun stitching, but for some reason, these little trees are completely engrossing! Is it because they are trees? Is it because they are Christmassy? Is it because they involve simple stitches and work up quickly? I don’t know!

In any case, here’s some weekend progress that you’ll hopefully find fun and inspiring. If they spark your stitching imagination, grab some thread and start stitching!

Oh! and I’m having a short Cyber Monday sale in my shop. I’ll share the details at the end of this article!

Hand Embroidered trees for Christmas on Needle 'n Thread
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Stitcher’s Christmas 2017 Give-Away 1: Ribbon Embroidery on Felt Kits & Books!


Good Morning All Around!

I’m so excited this morning! Why? Because it’s time to launch this year’s series of pre-Christmas give-aways, A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2017!


If you’ve been following along with Needle ‘n Thread for at least a year, you might remember we did this last year. It was so much fun that I thought we should do it again!

To put the series together, I knocked on the doors of lots of folks in the needlework industry – designers, manufacturers, store owners – and asked if they’d be willing to give you the opportunity to receive a really special Christmas gift. They generously hopped on board with enthusiasm, and I was able to put together a nice line-up of beautiful give-away prizes for this year’s series!

So, between now and Christmas, I’ll be hosting several give-aways. I’ll explain the way it works below, and introduce you to the first prizes! Come along…

Di van Niekerk felt and silk ribbon embroidery kits & books
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