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Wool Embroidery Threads – Article Index


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Before we explore wool threads any further – comparing different types and discussing their make-up, pros and cons, and so forth – I want to do a little house cleaning so that these articles are easier for you and other visitors to find on Needle ‘n Thread.

To that end, here’s an article index of everything I’ve written on wool embroidery threads in this series. As I work through more comparisons, I will add the articles to this list.

The article index will be listed under “Tips & Techniques” in the main menu on Needle ‘n Thread.

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Wool Thread for Hand Embroidery Article Index

Earlier in 2024, we began exploring different types of wool threads that are used in hand embroidery and other types of needlework.

While I don’t have every brand of wool embroidery thread under the sun, I compiled a collection of the wool threads I do have and began grouping them, photographing them, and test stitching with them in order to show you various types available on the market today.

This is a list of the articles written in this series so far.

As we explore more wool threads, I’ll add future articles to this list.

Our next exploration will focus on stitching comparisons with Array wool, Bella Lusso, Threadworx, Renaissance Dyeing, and Simply Wool.

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  1. Over the past couple of years, I have read these articles on silks over and over! It’s so very helpful! If you wished to take it a step further, I’d love to see an article that described – from the perspective of surface embroidery – what each of the core Au Ver a Soie silk threads were best suited for, and perhaps even more importantly, what they were not suited for. For example, Soie Paris, Soie Perlee. Soie Ovale and Soie 100/3 are very different. What is each best suited, or not suited for? You could even take this through to a stitch-along, where one purchased a Discovery Pack (easy kitting for you!), and the project used all of the different threads into a single surface embroidery project. We would learn so much!!! Thank you for considering this!

  2. How timely! Yeah, I’m behind (as usual). For my project, I’m light on wools. Contemplating adding Cifona silk/ rayon to the mix.

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