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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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I’m Guilty: 6 Bad Stitching Habits


Talking about bad stitching habits seems like such a negative approach to things, doesn’t it?

But I’m all for presenting a negative lesson, if it can achieve a positive outcome. And don’t worry – I’m not pointing the finger at anyone here. Well, at anyone but me, anyway.

I’ve developed all kinds of bad stitching habits over the years. Some, I’ve overcome; some, I still cling to. I know they’re bad habits, and I know I need to overcome them. But my Will Power and I haven’t come to terms on them yet.

With this in mind, I’ll Bare All and tell you about some of my bad stitching habits over the years so that you can learn vicariously through me and avoid them. Or maybe you have the same habits? In that case, we can work on overcoming them together!

6 bad Stitching Habits and how to overcome them
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Embroidery Project Progress: That Paisley Thing


Good morning and a happy Monday all around!

Time to look at some embroidery project progress! Thanks heaps for all the input on color selections the last time we discussed this particular embroidered kaleidoscope, which I am officially naming today.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a problem coming up with names for my embroidery projects. But this one fell in my lap. I’ll tell you all about it.

We’ll also discuss color vs stitches. Not that the two things are diametrically opposed when working an embroidery project, but in this case, in my mind, they’ve separated from each other.

embroidered kaleidoscope paisley design
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Goldwork & Silk Christmas Ornament: Project Index


A few weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook page a photo of a goldwork & silk embroidered Christmas ornament that I embroidered a looooooooong time ago!

In fact, I had completely forgotten about this little project (and its really bad photography – which unfortunately can’t be re-done). I came across the pictures of my stitching progress on it when digging through photos, in search a different picture altogether.

A few friends on Facebook asked for a list of articles for this project, and lo! I realized I never made an index for it. Tsk, tsk!

With Christmas a mere three months away, I wanted to make it available again for those of you who haven’t seen it and for stitchers looking for some ideas for embroidering or finishing a special Christmas ornament.

Goldwork & Silk Christmas Ornament Project Index
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About Those Threads, the Learning Process, and a Video!


So, on Monday, I launched Octoberfest! An Embroidered Kaleidoscope, and along with it, the news that there is a specialty thread pack available for those interested in stitching the project.

Now, this was a learning experience, to say the least!

In the past, I’ve never worked with a manufacturer to get any specific embroidery supplies out to go with a design. But I started toying with the idea this year, because I figure some folks might want access to specific threads.

My brain has been working around the muddle of excitement on one hand, maybe a tad touch of disappointment on the other, and lots of thoughts in between. I figure your collective minds can help me sort ideas, so I’ll tell you what’s in my head and then open it up for your feedback!

Embroidery Threads for Octoberfest!
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Octoberfest! Autumn Embroidery with Specialty Threads – Available Now!


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is officially autumn – my favorite time of year!

To put you in the mood for this colorful season, I’ve just released a new design called Octoberfest!, a vibrant, leafy embroidered kaleidoscope perfect for beginners and beyond.

But that’s not all! Not only is Octoberfest! ready for you today, but there’s even a special House of Embroidery thread collection available to go along with the design, discounted and with free shipping for Needle ‘n Thread readers.

Gosh! What’s not to love?

Read on, and I’ll tell you all about the project and the threads…

Octoberfest! An Embroidered Kaleidoscope for Fall
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Stitching & Listening: Entertainment Options for Needleworkers


By nature, I’m a moderately social, chatty type of person.

But by occupation, I’m a loner.

Despite some folks’ impression that I work with some kind of team, I don’t. (I answered that point in this article.)

It’s really just me on this side of Needle ‘n Thread, so when stitching, designing, writing, blogging, editing photos – everything I do that’s Needle ‘n Thread-related – I’m alone.

But for many reasons, I never consider myself alone. When it comes to the needlework world, I’m definitely not alone! And when it comes to my work, I never feel like I’m alone.

Sometimes, I choose to work in silence so that I can think about things. During those times, I often end up carrying on splendid conversations with myself!

But usually, I’m a listener, and especially when I stitch, I get in a lot of listening.

Embroidery and Listening: sources for audio entertainment while stitching
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That Color Splashy Embroidered Kaleidoscope Thing – Again.


Remember this embroidered paisley kaleidoscope design I’m playing with?

Well, I’m Still playing with it! As usual, you all chimed in with some great suggestions, encouragement and advice on the last article. I love it when folks leave comments that we can all interact with – it’s such a jolly way to share ideas and inspire others! So thanks for joining in!

Today, you’ll see that I’m still plugging along with it. While the color scheme hasn’t changed, I’ve tested the mild background filling that I had in mind. I’ve also pondered the design in general. There are a couple things about it that I’d change, if I were re-drawing it (which I will). So let’s chat about it!

Embroidered paisley kaleidoscope with colors and stitches
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