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Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery – Book Review



Good morning, and welcome to the first embroidery book review of 2021!

I have an ever-growing stack of needlework books on my book table at the moment – some fabulous bookish treasures have appeared in the past year! – but I really wanted to highlight Sharon Boggon’s Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery right away for several reasons, not least of which is that Sharon’s was the first embroidery website that I ever found and followed (way back when it was called “In a Minute Ago”), before craft blogging was big. She’s been online for a long time, and of all the contemporary embroiderers out there, she is one of the most thorough and creative when it comes to manipulating the stitch.

Sharon heads an initiative every year called TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) in which she presents a stitch every Tuesday, highlighting variations, and encourages the participants to explore the stitch thoroughly, experimenting with combinations, variations, threads, colors, embellishments – all the aspects that can bring a different look and life to the stitch.

Predominantly, Sharon is a crazy quilter. But her embroidery goes beyond crazy quilting. She creates fascinating embroidered works of texture, color, and combinations, all hinging on getting the most out of each type of stitch she uses.

Creative Stitches in a Contemporary Embroidery is the natural outcome of Sharon’s explorations in stitch. It’s a book for embroiderers who love embroidery stitches of all kinds, from simple to elaborate, and who find fascination in the creative ways they can be employed.

Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery by Sharon Boggon
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Happy New Year! And We’re Off….!


Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope that the recent holidays brought you an opportunity to rest, relax, regroup, regenerate, and perhaps stitch a bit!

And I hope that 2021 proves to be an exceptionally stellar year for everyone. As with any year, on a personal level, it will be what we make of it, I suppose. Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from doing what you can! Here on Needle ‘n Thread, I hope to make 2021 a Great year!

I have Plans, you see… so let’s start out by chatting about a couple projects and unfolding some January Plans!

C’mon! Let’s go!

2021 Stitch Fun Sampler
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Merry Christmas – & Some Puzzles!


Merry Christmas to one and all!

While 2020 has been a tough year for most of us in one way or another, I hope you have still found some blessings in your everyday life to be thankful for, and that this Christmas, all those blessings are doubled and even tripled for you! May joy abound all around!

To add a little Christmas cheer, here’s my Christmas 2020 Eye-Spy game and jigsaw puzzle for you! I hope you enjoy them!

I’ll also announce the winners of the last give-away in this year’s Christmas series. And so… read on!

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A Stitcher’s Christmas #10: Embroidery Books Galore from Search Press!


Happy Monday! And welcome to the Last Installment of this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas series!

It’s been a fun series of give-aways this year, with some wonderful prizes, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it – and that you will keep the businesses who contributed to the series in mind when you are looking for needlework goodies!

Today’s final installment features three grand collections of needlework books, courtesy of Search Press North America! This means that three of you will receive one of the collections, based on the order in which names are randomly drawn. Each collection includes a themed group of books to add to your needlework library.

At the end of today’s give-away, I’ll announce the winner of Friday’s episode and share any pertinent news, so … read on!

Stitcher's Christmas: Search Press needlework books
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A Stitcher’s Christmas #9: Blackwork – a New Book & a Materials Kit!


One more week until Christmas – and things are winding down for the year here in my wee studio. What a year, eh?

Before we get entirely into today’s edition of A Stitcher’s Christmas, some brief news: I’ve restocked some holiday towel sets in my shop, as well as Alison Cole’s Goldwork and Stumpwork Masterclass books – and one stray Mini Stocking Kit. You’ll find them all here. If you’ve been waiting for any of the above, they’re available now, and I will ship priority this afternoon (for any purchases made before noon today) and again on Monday for any purchases made through noon Monday, and then … I’m done! I’ll be taking a short hiatus for Christmas, so Monday will be the last shipping day for a short bit.

Ok, now, onto the fun stuff! Today’s give-away focuses on blackwork embroidery – specifically, the beautiful blackwork of Jen Goodwin, who has recently written an extensive and thoroughly instructive book on the subject.

I’ll give you the details about the give-away – and a little information about the book, since I haven’t yet had a chance to review it thoroughly – and I’ll also announce the winner of Wednesday’s give-away below. So … read on!

A Stitcher's Christmas: Blackwork book and materials kit from Jen Goodwin
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A Stitcher’s Christmas #8: Threads, Tools & Accessories!


Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the 8th installments of A Stitcher’s Christmas for this unforgettable year of 2020!

Today’s give-away is courtesy of Needle in a Haystack, where Cathe Ray has been busily producing needlework tools and accessories! This give-away includes a nice sampling of them.

I’ll also announce the winners of Monday’s gifts at the end of today’s articles, so read on!

Stitcher's Christmas: Needle in a Haystack
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A Stitcher’s Christmas #7: Stitch Palettes for Color Selection!


Happy Monday! Hard to believe it’s less than two weeks until Christmas and we are over half-way through with this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas series.

There have been some fabulous gifts in this year’s series, don’t you think? And there are more to come! A huge thank you to all the small businesses who have participated! Remember: your support of small needlework businesses is crucial to keeping needlework alive. These businesses rely on you to stay open. So please support them when you need needlework goods!

For today’s give-away, we’re going to look at a tool that will help you with the color-selection process for embroidery. Then I’ll announce the winners of last Friday’s give-away and share some news with you – so read on to the end!

Stitch Palettes for color selection in embroidery
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