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Golden Forge Embroidery Scissors: the DOVO Substitute?


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Several years ago, Dovo, the scissor manufacturer in Solingen, Germany (and makers of my favorite embroidery scissors) went out of business. For many of us, that was bad news. Although there are many decent scissors available these days, Dovo’s embroidery scissors were always consistent, superior quality scissors with sharp, fine, pointed blades, super-smooth mechanical movement, and the perfect weight in the hand.

And although Dovo scissors were somewhat expensive compared to some embroidery scissors, they actually fell in the “moderate” price range for very good scissors – until they went out of business, at which time everyone who had remaining Dovo stock increased their prices significantly.

Needless to say, I treasure my Dovo scissors. I’m almost hesitant to use them – but not quite hesitant enough, because, after all, they’re meant to be used!

In recent years, I’ve been on a bit of a quest to find scissors that ticked all the Dovo boxes – sharp, fine blades; a nice weight in the hand; smooth mechanical movement.

Golden Forge embroidery scissors

These Golden Forge Scissors made in Switzerland for Access Commodities may very well fill the void, I’m happy to say!

I like the way they feel – they have a nice, balanced weight in the hand. I like their smooth mechanical movement. And I love the fact that the blades are thin with nice, sharp tips.

The current available style has cream-colored handles with steel, drop-forged blades. Drop-forging insures strength and durability – they are much stronger than typical machined blades.

Golden Forge embroidery scissors

And I will not lie – I like the fact that they are gold.

They are respectably pretty scissors, without being floofy!

Golden Forge embroidery scissors

It’s kind of difficult to show you how thin the blades are, but hopefully this photo will help.

Golden Forge embroidery scissors

And of course, the sharp tips – so essential for snipping the finest of embroidery threads and for cutting individual fabric threads for techniques such as cutwork, drawn thread embroidery, and the like.

I have to say, these scissors have reignited my Scissor Love!

Golden Forge embroidery scissors

Golden Forge scissors are definitely the type of scissors you’d invest in if you want a really nice pair of excellent, long-lasting scissors that work and do the job they’re intended for.

They are meant for threads, not for gold work or wire.

While they are not highly decorative in a trendy way or in imitation of antique scissors, they are attractive in their simplicity and straightforwardness, making them a visually pleasing and highly functional addition to any embroidery workbox.

Where to Find Them

You may find Golden Forge scissors available right here on Needle ‘n Thread for those who are looking for really good scissors for fine hand embroidery! They ship via Priority Mail, tracked and insured, to the US and Canada.

Should they sell out, I will restock as soon as possible!


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(7) Comments

  1. Your reviews are the best! Previously I got an UpLift table based on your review and I love it! I’m doing quilt repair and being able to have a large surface and sit or stand while working has been very helpful.

    1. Oh My Gosh, aren’t the Uplift tables the Best?!?!? I’m so glad that you like yours. I love mine!! They’ve probably been my best investment when it comes to work area / furnishings.

  2. Mary, Can you please recommend a scissor brand for white work? There’s that pesky part where you cut threads to remove them.

    What do you use for this? Thanks, Holly

    P.S. Excited for the wool thread review!

    1. THESE!! The blades are thin and sharp, and the tips are sharp and small, so you can clip carefully into tight spaces like corners on cutwork, or when you just need to pick up one little thread out of the fabric.

  3. Those look wonderful. I was one of the lucky ones that purchased a Dovo right before the prices skyrocketed. I also discovered that I have a pair of Gingher embroidery scissors that I believe Dovo made for them as they are marked Solingen Germany on the blades. I’ve had that pair since the 80s.

    1. Gingher scissors were originally made in Germany. I seem to recall that Fishers bought Gingher at some point, but maybe I’m imagining that? I believe some of their scissors are made in Italy now. I recall seeing a “Made in Italy” stamp on some Gingher scissors recently. They are certainly not as good as the old Gingher scissors.

  4. Hi Mary,
    These scissors look incredible. Im glad you found them and you re so sweet to provide them on your website. Happy Spring from New England.

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