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Trish Burr Miniature Embroidery Kits – a Give-Away!


Just in time to tuck one of these lovely miniature needlepainting kits into your own Christmas stocking – or to give it to your stitching pal, who will undoubtedly think it The Best Gift Ever – I’m giving away one of each of Trish Burr’s miniature kits.

Trish Burr Miniature Embroidery Kits

Thanks to Trish, who generously provided the kits for a give-away, you have the opportunity today to win either the Attic Pansies kit (above) or…

Trish Burr Miniature Embroidery Kits

… the Bluebirds & Daisies miniature kit.

These are the actual kits that Trish sells. The come with the instructional booklet, the pre-printed fabric, backing fabric, and needles. There’s a thread chart in the instructional booklet for the required threads, with conversion between DMC and Anchor, so you can choose which threads you want to use.

Incidentally, the miniature kits won’t be available again for purchase until after the New Year (she sold out after my review – sorry, Trish!), so this is your only opportunity to get a kit before Christmas!

(However, if you’re eager to stitch one of these delightful minis right away, you can get a digital version now – Trish has made the miniatures available for digital download in her Etsy shop, in response to the popular demand for them. Thanks, Trish!)

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to join in for the give-away, it’s really, really simple! Please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave your comment below, at the end of this article, here on the website. Comments received via e-mail or left on other articles are not eligible.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

What do you prefer to be going on around you while you’re embroidering? i.e. do you watch TV, listen to music, listen to audiobooks, embroider around friends or family while chatting, do you prefer silence, do you like to be outside where you can see and hear the wonders of the natural world around you, or … ?

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the “name” line of the comment form or within the comment box.

4. Leave your comment by Wednesday, December 12, 5:00 my time (Kansas, USA), and the winners will be announced some time that morning! This Give-Away is Closed – but keep an eye open for other great Trish Burr kit give-aways in the future!

See? Simple dimple!

I’m looking forward to reading your answers to my question above – it’s one of the best aspects of a give-away! So, comment away!

Note: Unless you want all of the comments for the give-away filling your inbox, do not tick the “follow-up comments” box at the end of the comment form. Make sure it is left unchecked, or you will end up with many e-mails in your inbox!

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(764) Comments

  1. Mary: I love to stitch to all of the things you listed EXCEPT have the TV on – good music, audio books, friends who are also stitching, friends who are talking or doing other things that don’t require me to look up, etc. Probably my all time favorite stitching scenario would be stitching to an endless stream of NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” especially when they have Paula Poundstone and Roy Blount, Jr. on the show.

  2. ohhhh! those little birds….

    Answering your question : it depends. Normally I embroider listening music on radio or TV not too loudly; if the weather allows i like to be outside; with family or friends I do always easy things – too distractions for complex projects…
    Thanks, Mary, for another beautiful giveaway and Thanks to Trish Burr as well!
    Wishing both of you a Merry Christmas

    1. I most enjoy stitching in the presence of my dear long-time friend Cynthia. She also stitches, and can appreciate the project I’m working on as well as sharing hers. She taught me the finer points of counted cross-stitch and I started her off on quilting, and so we enjoy each others’ projects as much as our own.
      But the real joy comes in the conversation that is sewn into a piece when I have sat with my old friend. That needlework becomes the remembrance of a place, a time, and most of all, a friendship that has remained through graduate school, children, parents, weddings and funerals, relationships, voyages, and stories of our midwifery experiences. Tears and laughter, trust and mutual respect are woven through every stitch, and are preserved in my memory at the sight of the stitching.

  3. These kits are adorable. I would be honored to win one. I do my embroidering several ways….while my husband watches TV, in silence at times, while camping outdoors, while sitting in my yard on a lovely day. My favorite time is in the evening…..
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  4. I’d love to have those little birdies! I would stitch while watching Downton Abbey with my neighbor. But if no Downton Abbey is on, I would stitch while watching something else.

  5. I am usually watching TV when I embroider, but I get more engrossed in my work and then realize I missed all of the punch lines in the show. Trish Burr’s work is amazing! I hope to get more like her-or you, Mary. Thanks for all you do.

  6. With 3 active kids and constant busyness, I prefer peace and quiet when needleworking. It is a great time to think and reflect.

  7. Beautiful. I love Trish’s embroidery kits and wish I could afford one. I love all crewl designs but her’s look so real.

  8. I usually turn on a show that i’ve seen before, something I enjoy but can zone out to. Nothing matchs the relaxation you get from embroidering.

  9. Hi Mary,
    I listen to audiobooks whenever I embroider, Agatha Christie more often. She never fails to keep me happy. I adapt a lot of patterns on the garments I wear – we wear kurtas & dupattas (long broad stoles ).I’m from India
    Thanks for the daily updates – I wait for them eagerly.

  10. Since I am somewhat hearing impaired, I don’t usually have background noises at any time. I tend to curl up with my stitching and fill the evening. I take out my hearing aids and enjoy the silence. I generally am in the same room with my husband who will have the TV going. Lots of programs are pretty hilarious when the dialog is based on quick glances as I look up from a chart.

  11. There seems to be only two places/times that I am able to get enough time to sit and stitch – when I’m home at night watching tv, and occasionally at an outside event on a weekend afternoon (like a concert or a tournament, since I attend medieval reenactment events).

    I truly wish I had more occasion to sit and stitch, as I have not yet progressed past the beginner stage of needlepainting and truly love it! Thank you for your wonderful website! I’ve learned so much here and you’ve been the major inspiration for my stitching.

  12. I “listen” to the TV while I am stitching or I visit with friends and/or family. I stitch almost every evening and many times during the day. Could you say I am addicted? I would love to have a Trish Burr piece to stitch. Her work is beautiful!!!

  13. I like peace and quiet the best, just sitting in my sewing room. Except for the days when NCIS re-runs are on…then, I’m listening to Gibbs. Hugs!

  14. I embroidery when watching tv or visiting with friends.

    I just recently discovered you wedsite and love it! Boy, do I have a lot to learn and practice! thank you for sharing your talent.

  15. Yes to all of the above, but my I prefer to listen to a book when I stitch. That seems less distracting than a movie or TV. I am lucky enough to get together with friends almost every week to stitch, and that is always lots of fun, but we never seem to get quite as much work done as we hope to – I wonder why? I love Trish’s work and these kits are amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  16. My favorite way to embroider is sitting on my sofe with my rasther large cat curled at my side. He alwyas seems to want to “see” what I am doing, or is it really he expects some extra attention when I change thread colors??

  17. I usually sit in the living room so the tv is on and my family is in there also. When I work in my bedroom aka ‘sewing room’ it is quiet unless my cats are ‘visiting’ me and helping.

  18. Thanks for the opportunity! I’m mostly limited to stitching in the evening, and I love to have the TV on. I find the combination of TV and stitching to be most relaxing, and generally avoid fast-paced programs such as action films, which would be hard to follow while stitching 🙂

  19. T tend to have TV on because Hub is watching it, sometimes I plug head phones into lappy and listen to music but only if I don’t like what Hub’s watching. I hope I win I love those kits so sweet.

    Hugs SuzyRed

  20. OMG – I’ve been waiting for this!!! I love those little bluebirds and could just hug them! I want to do that feathery looking stitch that makes them look so fluffy! (i know it’s just a straight long and short stitch, but I’ve never come up with anything fluffy!) 🙂

    Ok, to answer your question, I have to say I like to watch TV – a good movie or my favorite shows I have recorded, my own marathon – if the embroidery is something I’m familiar with and know how to do. If it’s something new I’m learning – total silence. TOTAL!! 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway – it’s an awesome one. Merry Christmas 🙂

  21. I like to stitch while my husband is watching football. I enjoy watching football too, but I can’t JUST sit and watch football; I’ve got to have busy hands!
    I’d love to have either of these two beautiful kits. I have one of Trish Burr’s books, but have yet to try needle painting. The kit might be just the kick start I need.

  22. I have different projects for different environments. If I’m stitching with a group, I need something simple. It’s too easy to be distracted with conversation. For concentrating, I prefer music, but if I’m improvising, (CQ) audio books are nice. This time of year my favorite spot is in front of the fire with a cup of tea by my side. In summer I move out to the arbor with some lemonade. Just let me stitch!
    Nancy in Newport

  23. My most favorite stitching is when I’m stitching with my family of sisters. 2 sisters 1 DD and 1 DIL. Other than that I prefer to “listen” to TV or music. It is soothing to me with needle in hand and fibers going through fabric. Mental therapy when I was a working gal, LOL. Would love to win a mimlniature of Trish Burrs.

  24. Hmm…. no silence for me. I like having things going on around me. That’s probably why I’ve stitched everywhere from ice rinks to embassy meetings. My usual stitching is with a video or podcast on and with my husband sitting next to me. I get a lot done that way.

  25. I love listening to music – mainly folk or movie music – while I work. I usually work in our home office and the computer has a large selection of our favorite pieces

  26. Trish’s kits and designs are lovely! I like to stitch in quiet after a busy day. I have my favorite area and, Bailey (my sit ‘n sew yorkie puppy) snuggles up next to me while curled on his blanket. it is so relaxing to hear the sound of the needle and a snoozing puppy.

  27. I just found your site last week and am loving it. I do most of my stitching at night in our great room with my husband while he watches t.v., and I too find myself missing most of the shows! Does keep my hand out of the cookie jar! I also do get together once a month with a group of friends to do hand crafting of whatever nature, where we share our knowledge and teach each other new techniques

  28. Thank you for this lovely offer. I generally have television going as I stitch. However, I cannot honestly say that I watch tv; rather, I half-listen. Since I am somewhat elderly and live alone, just having sound in the background is, for me, a companionable thing. But were you to ask me what I heard, I should probably not be able to answer; I am generally so engrossed in stitching that that becomes my sole focus.

  29. Oh, those little birds have my name all over them! Ihope they find their to me.

    When my boys left home, I converted the bonus room to my studio. My husband calls it The Nest. It is a large room and used to be spacious, but I soon managed to stuff it full of projects and supplies. I have the ability to listen to music up there, but plying my fiber arts is so deliciously soul-feeding, I usually enjoy the process in silence.

  30. What a marvelous giveaway! These kits are gorgeous.

    I embroider while watching TV at night, but I also take my embroidery with me when having coffee with my mom, and to the family get-togethers during football season. Any time the mind is engaged but the hands can be busy. 🙂

  31. I find music or the background chatter of tv or radio a distraction when embroidering. The meditative experience of moving the needle and thread through fabric is broken by lots of noise. But if my family is sitting with me and talking that can be enjoyable. It all depends on whether they are talking or arguing!

  32. Hi Mary and Trish,

    Thank you for the lovely offer! I prefer to do embroidery projects while I listen to classical music either on tapes or on the classical music channel on the radio without all the commercial interruptions. If the weather is fine, I enjoy doing embroidery in the garden or on the patio.

    Best wishes,

  33. While embroidering I like to sit by a large window in our bedroom. It looks out over some woods and I love watching whatever woodland critters that happen by. If it’s not too hot I love to open the windows and listen to the wind. It always seems so relaxing and rejuvenating!

  34. Mary–thanks for offering Trish’s mini kits. By the time we organized a group order, her site was sold out. For me, stitching conditions need to match the project! TV, chatting with friends etc. is great background for repetitive stuff. For more serious projects, especially using metals or metallics, soothing classical music is a must. Stitching outside doesn’t cut it–too many creepy crawlies!

  35. I like to listen to music while I stitch, but it has to be music without words: otherwise I start singing along and forget to count!

  36. When I sit down to embroider I always make sure I have a fresh pot of coffee brewing and pop in a movie like Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Doris Day or something else entertaining. Also, I always make sure the cat has just been fed or I’ll be jumping up again 🙂
    I love all of Trish Burr’s work (who wouldn’t?) and especially the little birds! She is so talented! Thanks for yet another chance at a giveaway and have a Merry Christmas!

  37. Hi Mary-
    My favorite would be with friends chatting & listening to soft music in the back ground. Mostly though, I stitch listening to music or with the tv on.
    Thank you Mary and Trish!
    Jean B
    Greensboro NC

  38. My favourite way to stitch is with my stitching group The FETE ladies. Obvoiusly we all have other lives do when I am at home I love to stitch in my kitchen with the radio on or listening to music. At this time of year it is a particular pleasure to listen to Christmans music while I stitch.

    Meery Christmas

  39. Well, Mary – it took 51 years for me to truely appreciate SILENCE. I remember when I was growing up that my mother was always begging for it and I never understood why. With three pre-teen aged children, a groucy husband, a clingy (and yappy) little dog and I, too, now crave silence. I love to sit in the evenings or early in the morning and stitch in solitude. It centers me – it restoresth the sole.
    Mary Ann

  40. This is an easy one – the very best way to stitch is in the quiet of my living room, with a daylight light on in the evening, or in the garden in the summer, with a sleeping cat beside me. My two cats snore a little (in a nice way) and this makes me smile. If they are awake and purring that is great too.

    My second favourite way to stitch is in the study whilst my husband is playing the piano. I don’t like the TV or really the radio though – they distract me.

    I like stitching whilst chatting to friends, but it has to be an easy project ot I go wrong all the time.

    I love Trish’s kits – I have been learning needle painting from her books this summer and hope to progress from beginners projects soon(ish).

    Thank you Mary for this opportunity for someone to win on the kits – how marvellous.

    The review you wrote was very enticing.

  41. I’ve had a hearing loss since I was a little girl so that hearing/listening for me is work! How wonderful it is that embroidery is something I can enjoy in silence. Embroidering itself is so pleasurable; being able to absolutely relax and not work to hear while doing it is just the best. Hours go by in perfect contentment when I don’t have to wear hearing aids. Wonderful.

  42. Happy Holidays Mary!
    Thank you for this amazing give-away! My most favorite stitching “companion” is wonderful music. It enables me to concentrate on the stitching- most important for me- as well as to relax and have the experience pleasurable.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that the New Year brings you good health and happiness! Your work and your sharing continues to be a blessing !
    Peg in NJ

  43. I like to surround myself with the sounds of silence. Concentrating on each stich is a meditation for me.

  44. Family, friends and chatter is the background music I prefer most, but there are times I like (ok, need) silence and enjoy being alone in my head with my stitches. Outside stitching is really nice when the weather permits, and that’s usually while on vacation!

    When the TV is on, it will be a show I don’t have to follow closely — I’m not very good at dividing my attention.

  45. Those birds, they are so cute! And the size of these projects is just right for evenings, in the living room, when everyone is home and telling about their day.
    That’s my favorite while sttitching, listening to everyone else talking.

  46. Waou!!!what lovely birds & what generosity! I prefer listen classic music when I’m stitching!Foundest thoughts & I cross my fingers!!!

  47. For me, I love the calm quiet of the classical music playing in the background as I stitch. This music seems to calm my soul and helps me relax as I sew.

    Being new to hand embroidery work I find I tend to concentrate very hard on stitches sometimes holding my breath. With the music I find myself humming along with the music thereby taking the pressure off my stitches.

    I’ve just purchased Trish Burr’s DVD “The Long and Short of It – A Needle Painting Workshop” so I can learn to needle paint like an expert.

    I would love to win Trish Burr’s Miniature Embroidery Kit so I can work on the project after working through my workshop lessons.

    Eva McCormack

  48. I am so fortunate to have a spare bedroom for a small studio. I have a table set up with my Dazor mag light in front of a south-facing palladium window, and with my stash all around me and my stereo and my TV in there, I can stitch in complete comfort and pleasure, winter or summer.

  49. I can and do embroider almost anywhere. I seem to be in my own world when I am stitching. Generally I can keep up with either a conversation or music or television, but my preferred way to stitch is in silence. Stitching is a very meditative art to me. I work out a lot of life’s tangles while I stitch. It is actually a form of prayer for me. I love to be outdoors with my stitching but get very distracted by the beauty of the outdoors when out there.

  50. I have always loved miniatures and have been doing a number of small quilts are the present time. I also love small embroidery pieces. Just finished a Thanksgiving quilt with 16 small squares that are stitched and then put into a quilt. I would love to have a miniature piece by Trish Burr. Thank you for all of your wonderful give-aways, Mary. Lynn Foster, MI

  51. I knew right away what I like to have going on while I embroider. Life. At night I embroider while my husband watches TV. In the day time it depends if I want music or a movie or silence while I’m embroidering. As long as I’ve got a needle and thread (floss) or any other fiber in my hand I’m happy. I will also take my stitching to my husband’s store and stitch in the lobby. I like to be able to visit with his customers while they wait to get their cars done.

    Thank you for the chance to win these little beauties!!

    Melissa Bird

  52. Hi Mary! I think these kits are amazingly cute! My favorite way to stitch is while watching TV or a movie however it can’t be one of my favorite movies as I tend to spend more time paying attention to my stitching than watching!

  53. Oh I would love to stitch one of these kits. I have been doing handwork for over 40 years. It is my favorite form of art. When I stitch alone, I love to listen to my favorite soft music in the background. I also love to stitch with a group of ladies all interested in handwork. We learn so much from each other.

    Thank you for entering me in this give-away contest. Merry Christmas and best of stitches in the coming new year.


  54. I definitely need something going on, whether it’s friends stitching/knitting/beading, or tv, or music, or podcasts (a recent favorite is Spark from CBC, they often talk about art and technology together), or audiobooks (a recent addition to my distraction list). If I go without, I find the street noises too annoying, and if I have a white noise generator going to block those out, I spend too much time worrying about the other things I should be doing, and I don’t enjoy the stitching experience. I need something audible that engages the thinking part of my brain just enough to turn the worry off.

  55. Hi,
    There are times I listen to music and there are times that I have the TV on. I really feel more inspired when the music is on. I feel so lucky when I do that. We are all blessed to have such a passion for something. Many people are bored( can you imagine). If I live to be 100 I will never be able to stitch all that I hope to. I would love to add a Trisha Burr kit to my to do list, I admire her talent and would love to learn more about needle painting.
    Happy holiday ,
    Cathie Bridwell

    1. Life goes on around my when I embroider, even though I’m in my own little world. I listen to an audio book or music, something to keep my body and mind relaxed and allow the stitches to paint beautiful things.

  56. My husband is also my best friend, so I like to stitch when we are together after he gets home from work and after supper. Usually this is while watching TV together, but many times it is just while we are talking over the day. Thank you.

  57. HI, Mary…I yell too much at sporting events so I’ve got to taking my stitching to baseball, basketball and football games. It’s a good way to use the “commercial” break times during live games…at home, I love to “listen-watch” movies while I stitch. My demeanor must be comforting at those stitching times as my kitty loves to jump on my lap. So, full heart, full mind and full lap!

    Thanks for sharing YOUR stitching life w/all of us…

  58. If DH isn’t home, I quite often just stitch in silence or listen to music or an audio book. If he is home usually the tv is on but I tend to tune it out as just background noise.

  59. I enjoy embroidering while watching cooking and gardening shows. They help give me inspiration on what I should make and the color combinations I should use.
    What a great giveaway!

  60. Due to some stresses in my life I have not been spending time doing needlework but I am well aware that I should be doing something for myself and something like the bluebird project could get me going again. When I stitch, I prefer to sit in a cozy chair or corner of the couch, listen to music and maybe even have my cat cozied up next to me.
    Thanks Mary, for your fabulous daily dose of hope.

  61. Mary it doesn’t matter where I stitch or what’s going on around me. I go so far in I usually don’t know much of what’s happening. A really nice time is having the house quiet, the fire on, and my dog lying next to my chair. Trish Burr has done a lot for embroidery hasn’t she – so do you.

  62. Hi Mary, When I try to meditate I have to fight myself not to fall sleep. Embroidering liberates my mind and keep me awake. It is way to connect beauty, handskills, and soul. You Mary, have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all this knowledge you share with us during 2012.

  63. These kits are lovely. How I would love to win. I enjoy needlework anywhere and whatever is going on around me. My favorite time is when my grandchildren are playing all around me and I have music playing in the background. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  64. Oh my – those are both so beautiful! The ONLY thing I don’t like when I’m doing embroidery is silence! I embroider at Embroiderers’ Guild workshops with chat going on around me, at home in front of the telly, with my husband reading to me, listening to audio books or listening to music. If I’m doing something really tricky then either music or TV I don’t care about is the preference, but if it’s something simpler then probably an audio book or hubby reading is first choice.

  65. I like stitching with friends. I do also stitch with the TV on just as background noise. I don’t like to stitch with music on, because it distracts me too much. I guess friends distract me too, but that is a welcome sort of distraction. 🙂

  66. Hi Mary- embroidering is such a relaxing thing for me, that most of the time it is enough to sit with crossed legs cuddled in my armchair and work in silence. If it is some complete linear work, where I have not to think about counting or colours, like my (long) renaissance-silver-border, I sometimes like to listen to classical music or to an audio-book. Never TV- (I simply don’t have one…)
    As always you offer a very lovely give-away! Thank you for doing this and thank you for your blog- it’s an every-day joy to look and read!! Merry Christmas and cheers!

  67. I want those birds! They’re just so cute! Thanks for this great give-away.
    As to your question, I mostly stitch with the TV going, but also during traveling, which I do a lot of. It’s nice sitting in a train, listening to my Ipod and getting on with my embroidery or needlework project! Sometimes I stitch while sitting and chatting with friends, who unfortunately don’t do anything needle-related themselves.
    Thanks again, I so hope that this time I will be the lucky one…

  68. Stitching for 45 years and it does not matter what is going on around me….I leave this planet when I am stitching. I loose track of time and all my troubles. Needless to say supper has been late a few times.

  69. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I love listening to music while I am stitching….but it ends up usually being conversations with my kids or the TV as I would much rather be in the same room as the family.

  70. Love those miniatures!!
    My embroidery is usually done in silence -when I am all alone and have time to contemplate. Once in a while a little bit of music and a wee bit of T.V also peeps in. But friends?? -No,No- I can never stitch if friends are around, I would be chatting and not stitching at all.


  71. So many have commented how cute the birds are! I agree, but those flowers look about as real as could be! What a talented lady Trish is. I’m also surprised that only one comment has mentioned the car. We live in “the middle of nowhere” as my 16 yr old daughter likes to lament. So we do a lot of driving and if my husband is driving and it’s not too dark out, I’m working on handwork. I can talk to hubby or the kids, listen to the radio, and I’m still being productive. Thanks for your blog, Mary. The world would have a little less color in it w/o you and your work! Blessings,

  72. These birds are soooo cute….
    I usually stitch while watching TV or while riding in the car on long trips. I have even braved the sand at the beach and the glare of the sun…

  73. Hi Mary, It depends on the time of day. During the the day I tend to listen to the radio and at night while I am watching TV. I have to do something with my hands otherwise I feel it is time wasted 🙂 Regards Elza Bester xxx

  74. Oh! to have one of those kits would be wonderful. My favorite thing to do when I get ready to embroider is to listen to music, usually something soothing. If I do happen to turn on the television it will be something I can tune out after the first few minutes, or else I will find myself setting down the embroidery work and watching the television. Thanks to both of you and have a happy and safe holiday season.

  75. I’ve been spending days on your website reviewing the stitches and admiring your work. These miniature kits are absolutely wonderful, she is so talented and thanks for the opportunity to give myself a present. have a good one

  76. I just love those little bluebirds!!!
    I usually stitch while hubby watches TV. I’m not good at sitting still, lol.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  77. Dear Mary…I have been the prodical daughter that has come back to hand embrodiery. I forgot the satisifaction I found in embrodiery. In the past, I worked mostly on sampler reproductions, but I am more ambitous with the many silk threads and fabrics now available. I always admired Trish’s work. Many times, I had I needed to zoom in on her work, thinking it was a painting. I enjoy and look forward to your daily newsletter. Thank you and continue the good work! P.S. I don’t have a website, therefore leaving it blank.

  78. Mary, I prefer to embroidery outside in natural light. My eyes are getting old! Lol. But living in Nebraska, the weather is a factor, so then I prefer to have other noise in the background when I am inside. Most of the time it’s music. THe TV is too distracting. If I am embroidering Christmas items, I am definitely playing Christmas music. Otherwise it’s my nature noise :). or classicals. So, Mary once again thanks for the give a way, I enjoy following your blog. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring, and your reviews…well they are so well written and photographed that I can make informed decision. Just like with Trisha Burr kits, I reeeealy like both of them! So winning either one would be ok with me!!! :). Have a nice weekend. Nebraska is suppose to get snow! Ugh!

  79. Mary, if I’m stitching during the day, I’d love to be outside in mother Nature listening to all the critters around me, but, where I live, there are too many bugs. So I sit in the sunroom, sometimes with music and stitch. In the evenings, I may also stitch in front of the tv, but I’m usually just keeping DH company. (If it’s a good movie, not much stitching gets done lol) When my friend Shirl comes to visit, I them have the fun of ‘stitching and b!tching’ with her, which is so much fun.
    I would love to win one of Trish’s miniatures! Thank you for the opportunity.

  80. When I finally get the time to stitch I need silence. Any noise is a distraction from what I love to do the most. Putting down color, concentrating on stitches, all the minor decisions involved get sidelined if I have to talk or attend to dogs or even change a CD. I guess I love the total immersion so only dead silence will do.

    Love the Trisha Burr kits. Normally invent my own patterns, but those birds are too cute!

  81. Actually, this question isn’t so easy. Depends on the day and the “atmosphere.” Today, for example, it’s nice to visit with my Mom and be doing a little handwork. On a cold winter day, it’s nice to sit by the fire with a cup of tea, work on some ebroidery and reflect. If I’m working on something pretty easy, then the TV or a movie is the way to go. But what’s really fun is getting together with a small group of friends to talk and stitch together. If they are knitters or quilters, that doesn’t really matter, but it’s especially nice if they are all embroiders. Then good ideas get traded and you learn a few things. The off-subject talk can get lively, too!

  82. I prefer sttiching with noise-usually History of national Geograpic ont he TV. For beading I like to be with friends. AliceRae

  83. I prefer silence so I can concentrate on my work. I “undo” less often and consequently the whole project is completed more rapidly. Either one of Trish Burr’s minis would make a wonderful Christmas gift for me but I’ll admit that I am intimidated by the little bird. I could probably not give it the fluffy look since I am a beginner in thread painting. But I am willing to give it a try………..
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  84. Sweet, sweet embroideries. I like to embroider in the summer sitting by Lake Superior. The wonderful light, quiet solitude, and a beautiful embroidery is a little slice of heaven.

  85. Oh, either kit would be a delight. Thank you and Trish for this great give-away. To answer your question, sometimes I stitch very early in the morning before everyone is up. I enjoy that time of calm and silence. It gives me a time to think and quiets my thoughts. Other times, I set up my computer and stitch while watching TV shows I have missed, like The Good Wife, The Midwife or Downton Abbey on PBS.

  86. I got back into embroider when I came across your blog. I enjoyed watching how, I think it was a minister robe come together. You do such beautiful work!! I like to embroider while I’m watching TV. Keeps my hands busy, instead of eating. Lot less calories!! Thanks for sharing.

  87. I like to embroider while watching TV or sitting with my family. Like to have activity going on around me!

  88. Mary,
    I love Trish Burr’s miniature needlepainting kits. They are so cute, and would be so much fun to stitch. I hope I win one.
    Stitching in front of the TV is probably the place that I mostly stitch. I sometimes stitch at the table in the kitchen or dining room also. I like to sit on my front porch in the summer if I have a small piece that I am doing on an embroidery hoop. If my husband is home TV will be on or if not I prefer to listen to music. If I am doing an easy piece I love conversation while stitching, if it is a complicated piece I like to have it quiet.

  89. I love reading your blog. Your enthusiasm and talent keep me in awe. I love to listen to audiobooks when I sew. I download them from my local library to my MP3 or iphone and I’m ready for the next project. I listen to all types of genres and really recommend the website: fantasticfiction.co.uk for list of authors, their books & series and also what books and authors they are reading and recommend!
    Thanks for spreading the art and beauty of embroidery!

  90. My favourite spot for embroidery is my sofa, with everything I need to hand, where I can sit in silence looking out at my garden which is often visited by blue tits and full of flowers. It is a form of meditation for me.

    So I would love to have one of these kits to embroider while watching the garden scenery.

  91. Hi Mary, I so enjoy embroidering while listening to books on tape, TV, music, talking with friends while we work together….it’s quiet, relaxing time that’s productive! I’m hoping, if I win, to break a life-long trend of bad luck….the last time I won anything I was 14 yrs. old…I’m now 63. I think those little birds would love to come to VT! Thanks, Mary!! I absolutely LOVE your web site and have learned so much!!!

  92. Actually I do not care what’s going around. I’m in my embroidery smelling, touching, enjoying colors. Life around just dissapares.

  93. I enjoy stitching while “listening” to TV, talking with my husband or complete silence. Frankly, I just enjoy stitching in most any situation. I really love Trish Burr’s patterns. I learned to thread paint from one of her books. I would love to have one of her kits.

  94. My favorite places to stitch are with my follow stitchers at stitch-in. I attend about one to two a week. During the summer I love being out and about stitching in public, as I love to share my love of stitching with the public. on those evenings when I am at home you will find me stitching away in front of the TV (for noise) with family coming and going. They are always wondering what I am stitching next. Oh yes I also stitch during my lunch time at work. Love those hour lunches. yours truly Ronda

  95. I love to listen/watch movies while working on my hand embroidery. I enjoy doing this alone. Watching movies with family and embroidering at the same time causes my work to suffer. Besides, doing it alone becomes part of my priceless me time!

  96. Thank you for this offer! Trish’s work is amazing. I watch TV while stitching because it gives my eyes a chance to change focus . . . they are slow to adjust now-a-days.

  97. I used to do my handwork while watching my sons play or practice basketball and football but now that they are older I do my handwork while sitting with my husband watching TV. It amazes my how my handwork has helped me with the “empty nest” symptons!

  98. Thank you Mary and Trish for the wonderful opportunity to win such a beautiful gift! I enjoy stitching while watching TV, listening to music or chatting. I often sit in front of the window and watch the birds at the feeders also, from the little chickadees to the big pileated woodpeckers. I find it relaxing and enjoyable.

  99. Mary;I love needlework,enjoy doing all types of embroidery.The articles of Trish Burr are very educating.Even a lay man can follow the instructions and complete the project.Yes coming to the point I enjoy the music when i am dong my needle work.I also exchange my views with my friends who are into this hobby and try to know new things .I am entirely in a different world with music and my project.I devote most of the time to my project once I start.I am a fan of TRISH BURR.

  100. Mary:
    In all of your giveaways this one <attic pansies) is my very favorite. I have recently completed a pansy pattern from Trish and loved it. My answer is that I love to embroidery while listening to classical music through my computer. Also I love to put on one of my collection of outdated LP records of various operas I collected before CDs became available.
    Thank you, Mary

  101. Her thread painting is gorgeous . I have looked at her designs online and her books . I am really wanting to try this art form and learn more about thread painting.

  102. I love to stitch and do it most anywhere, anytime I can sit down for a few minutes. My favorite place and time is in the family room with my hubby in his easy chair watching TV and my dog curled up beside me. This is my haven, with love and support surrounding me. However, when I have had a difficult day at work, I like to stitch where it is quiet and I can relax and let go of the tough stuff.

  103. Morning Mary,

    I have a small nook set up in my living room. So I have the TV on and most times my kids are there, too. I don’t necessarily “watch” the TV, but I do listen to it and the kids and I usually carry on several conversations while I’m stitching. The get upset with me sometimes because I “tune” them out when I’m counting and then have to ask them to repeat what they said. They think I’m loosing my mind. I just laugh because all of us stitchers know how to tune things out. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of Trish’s kits. I’ve admired her work for a long time.


  104. What a lovely giveaway! I like to either listen to the radio (not music; Radio 4 in the UK which has many interesting programs, plays, The Archers) or I have the TV on not too loud, or i listen to a podcast or audio book. I prefer to sew indoors usually, although in the summer I might go out to our beach hut (glorified shed) in the garden and sew there.

  105. I stitch or crochet anytime I have to sit still for a bit. Riding in the car, waiting for an appointment, or sitting on the front porch or in front of the tv (if it’s too cold to sit on the porch!) I’ve found that if I have something to work on in my hands, then my hands aren’t putting food in my mouth!! And it also gives me a lovely little stockpile of gifts for whenever I need something – handy since we live in a very rural area and stores are not close by. Both of these patterns are beautiful!!

  106. Fun question! In the summer I like to sit out on the patio and work. In the winter, the living room will have to do. In either case, I like to listen to podcasts while I work. It’s nice to catch up on news and listen to stories while keeping my hands busy.

  107. I am glad to just sit and get my needle going..I love listening to a good book or watching a bit of tv in between stitches too and also find that music can also be a lovely accompaniment to the work too! The little birds you have offered are just too sweet thank-you for the opportunity!

  108. Lovely kits! I would love to work on one of them while listening to audiobooks or the radio. Thanks!

  109. If I’m alone, I always have music playing. I have picked up lyrics I never knew before from many old songs based on the combination of today’s better sound equipment and my subconscious picking them up! I also stitch when my husband is watching TV. He’s not very good at names, so I am always telling him the names of characters in shows I don’t even watch!

    Every time I see one of Trish’s designs, I am sorely tempted to try one, even though all my previous attempts at non-counted work have been truly disastrous! I wouldn’t expect to be
    nearly as good as she is after only one attempt at needlepainting, but I would love to try.

  110. These Kits are GORGEOUS! I love Trish’s work! I generally stitch while watching TV, crime dramas, cooking shows, science or history programs… but I really enjoy stitching with friends. In January I’m going to a stitching retreat, a long weekend of nothing but stitching on whatever I want. One of these Trish Burr kits would be a perfect project for that weekend!

  111. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful little kits! In answer to your question, all of the above! When I have a stitching project in progress, it doesn’t matter where I am or what is going on around me, that project MUST be with me. I even take projects in the car on longer rides (as long as the road isn’t too bumpy!) Once I took a crochet project with me on a trip to Canada, so that became part of the excitement of giving the gift…that it had been to Canada and back. Well, I hope I win! Thank you for your website, it is awesome!

  112. Hello Trish.
    Wat een leuke give aways.
    Als ik borduur, dan luister ik het liefst naar rustige muziek op de achtergrond.
    Ik vind het dan heerlijk om te borduren het liefst overdag.
    Ik kijk elke dag naar je website.
    Vriendelijke borduurgroet,
    Maria Mulder

  113. Trish’s kits are amazing and these miniatures are absolute treasures!
    My favorite stitching place is in the lounge, sitting next to my hubby,keeping him company whilst he enjoy’s his favorite hobby – watching sport on TV! Two happy old codgers!

  114. Dear Mary

    The thing I like best when I’m embroidering is absolute peace and quiet. It helps me put niggling worries in perspective and chills me completely out.

  115. Oh those little birds are adorable! They are definitely going on my wish list! When I stitch or craft I like to listen to music, a talk show or listen to nothing at all. It all depends on how involved I need to be. Thank you, Mary, for your wonderful website and for having this lovely giveaway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  116. Anything at all can be going on around me while I am stitching, I don’t care I will still stitch. Friends, family, and colleagues all expect that I have something with me to stitch wherever I am, but my ideal place is at home, in my conservatory, on a lovely sunny day (I live in England so not too many of those to be had!), with doors and windows open, so that I can hear the birds singing, see the flowers, and stitch by the best light ever invented!

  117. I have wanted to learn needle painting for some time and hope that this will be my opportunity to begin. Thank you for making this available!

  118. Mary,
    For me it all depends on what kind of embroidery I am doing. If it is counted and I am really concentrating on getting things in the right place then quiet or music are ideal, but for anything else then I am not fussy – I just like to stitch!

  119. Hi Mary. If I’m at home, I stitch in front of the TV or have music playing. Wednesday nights I’m with friends stitching. During the warmer months, I like to stitch outside either on the porch or at the beach (not on the sand) as the water has a very soothing effect and I love the natural light. Thanks for the give-away.


  120. Trish Burr’s embroidery is one of my favorites. She gives each piece an almost 3-D effect.

    In a perfect world I’d be sitting on a very comfortable chair near a big picture window looking out at beautiful trees & mountains in the distance and listening to all kinds of music. In reality, I sit here in KS in front of the TV on a not-so-comfy couch with g’kids running around & playing in the background – such is life!

  121. Mary,

    I like to stitch when I am listening to baseball games on the radio. If no games are on, I listen to MLB on XM radio.

    I would love to stitch outside and listen to a game but I would be eaten alive by the bugs.

  122. Mary,
    The background changes with the time of day and the season. In the morning it’s usually NPR on the radio. In the early afternoon, it’s a CD of music or an audio book. During football season, thank goodness for replays. But some of the best times are when it’s nice outside and I can haul the stitching outside in the sunshine on the patio.

  123. I mostly stitch in my Lazyboy chair and have the tv on. I’m not watching — can’t do that and stitch at the same time, but I am listening. I love to sit somewhere the sun is coming in over my shoulder but the only place in my house is at the kitchen table so I don’t do that too often.

  124. I find TV series and/or movies that will give me a specific amount of time to stitch to work the best for me. I have completed a few of Trish Burrs kits over the years and they are wonderful!
    Thanks to the both of you,
    Avis in VA

  125. I like to stitch with the TV on or music playing, sitting next to my husband in the evenings after work. Before her passing, my cat would be in my lap, getting threads wrapped all around her, enjoying my stitching as much as I did. Next would be stitching with friends while visiting. I would love to win one of these kits!

  126. Love the little birds.
    I like working on these projects any time of the day or night. I can’t just sit and watch tv my hands have to be busy. Used to love sitting outside our camper and doing hand work, but do it on our deck now.

    What a wonderful give away.

  127. My favorite activity while stitching is to listen to an audiobook. If not listening to an audiobook I’ll have the television on for background noise. My stitching nook is set up at the end of my dinning room table with bay windows behind me for plenty of natural light. The dogs are usually napping on the area rug next to my stitching chair. I can’t think of a better way to spend my afternoon.

  128. I love to watch TV while I stitch. It comes in handy because I like the crime dramas but if I’m stitching, I’m looking at my lovely piece instead of the gore which seems to get worse and worse. I also sometimes stitch while visiting with friends but not often enough. Everyone is too busy and far away.

  129. I have music on whilst I stitch. I find music soothing and doesn’t detract from my concentration. Having said that, in summer (when we get the warmer weather and no rain ha ha) I like to sit outside with the birds singing in the background. Love Trish Burrs needle painting and would be thrilled to receive one of her kits.

  130. In my mind, I am off in a far away place like Fiji, right above the water looking at the beautiful fish and coral thru the see thru deck, dressed in my pjs with my embroidery hoop in hand trying out one of those beautiful Trish Burr bird kits. For real I am watching my grandsons play with their trains in the living room while I have my granny glasses on doing my favorite thing in the world…embroidery is my relaxation! Thank you for an opportunity to escape in my thoughts. 🙂

  131. Depends on the embroidery … Most times the TV is on .
    If I am alone in the house then I much prefer quiet
    And stitching inmy loft lookin Luton the trees and lake and listening to the wind, bids and other critters

  132. Oh, my goodness! Those little birds are so sweet.

    Stitching is an indoor activity for me – something I usually do either in front of the TV or while listening to music or an audiobook. With a small hoop or working in-hand I sometimes take a project along as a “waiting room” activity, and I can often get a lot done then. Of course, occasionally that means more time spent answering questions than actual sewing, but that’s okay too.


  133. I love to stitch with friends or listening to my daughter tell me about her day. Otherwise I’ll stitch in dr offices, with tv or the radio on. I just love to stitch! Thank you for this wonderful give-a-way.

  134. I don’t get much stitching done if I try and talk to friends while I’m doing it — I talk too much with my hands! I usually watch TV or listen to music. I get a lot done during football season because I like to sit with my husband while he watches, but I’m not necessarily interested in the game.

    Merry Christmas!

  135. I prefer to have the tv on. I did a little rose from one of Trish’s needlepainting books and watched X-Files episodes on Netflix for the whole thing. Of course, every time I look at the rose I think of X-Files now though! So next time I’ll put something different on 🙂

  136. Hello Mary,
    Most of the time I stitch sitting at my computer table,with music on, and in between looking in to my favourite blogs and social networks.
    I stitch more(quantity) while chatting with family members..:)
    sometimes in the evenings I sit outside and stitch watching the nature around..
    when I got tensed I prefer silence..stitching make me calm..
    To say I love to stitch all the time..

    Love and Regards
    Lakshmi Sadala

  137. My nest has a tv with my own DVR so I can watch show I enjoy. The down side to this is that I am fast forwarding and that takes away from stitching and don’t get me started on the time I waste on the IPad. I also enjoy stitching on the terrace in the warm months. I usually stitch with friends at least once a month. I travel several months a year so I work on planes and at pools (in the shade and without suntan oils.)As you can see I will pretty much stitch anywhere, with anyone, it all comes down to having the time.

    Trish’s kits are really cute. I am learning needle painting and need to get back to my project so I can master this technique. Thanks for giving us get information on your daily posts!

  138. I generally like to submerse myself in peace and quiet while stitching while in the company of my 4 dogs, but I usually have several different projects that I’m working on that require differing degrees of concentration. I am interested in stumpwork and in needle painting, which require more of my attention, but I always have a cross stitch project going which allows me to listen to the news on TV. My favorite place to stitch, however, is with my EGA group. Love their input and support! I would absolutely love one of these kits. Trish Burr’s book on needle painting is on my Christmas wish list this year! Merry Christmas to all!

  139. In the summer I love to set on the porch and listen to the world spin around me. I love to hear the birds and the breeze blowing through the trees. In the winter though its in my recliner and have an old movie on TV. Although I don’t see much cause my eyes are concentrating elsewhere, I would dearly love to win one of these kits,.

  140. If the weather is warm, I love to sit outside and commune with nature while I am stitching. Otherwise, I like to listen to my classical symphony cds while inside. I have to have those little bluebirds–they remain me of all the little baby birds I have each year along my bluebird trail.

  141. I tend to enjoy having some kind of noise going on – music, a movie, or television (love QVC and Gem shopping channels) while I am doing my needlework. It all depends on my mood. I especially enjoy the second and last Fridays of the month – that is when my local library sponsers a needlework group meeting. We bring whatever we are working on at the time, be it embroidery, knitting, crochet or sewing and we sit and chat and eat and, sometimes, get a little work done on our projects!
    Karen in Morganton NC

  142. I am new to embroidery at this level. I have quilted, embroidered, and cross stitched for years and bemoaned what looked like the demise of hand work until recently when it joyfully appears to be becoming popular again. I enjoy stitching when alone and near the windows and music playing. It’s so relaxing for me.

  143. mmmm…at this time of year I enjoy embroidering by the woodstove and being all toasty warm. Ideally with a good b/w movie on in the background. In the summer, outside on the deck enjoying the warm weather and my flower gardens around me.

  144. I have few of Trish’s books. I love her work!

    Easy listening Christian music, and when the weather is nice and warm I enjoy listening to Gods nature as I sit near the wetlands next to my home.

    Thank you Mary and Trish for this great give away. I have been so busy these days that I need to slow down and rest with my embroidering.

    May the Peace of Christmas find you all!

  145. I’m so glad for this giveaway for the kits are all soldout!!! Very glad!!!!

    Funny that you ask this question as I was discussing this very subject with a non stitching colleague this morning 🙂 I mostly watch TV and listen to the radio or audiobook. For TV, it must be a documentary or a known movie (and not an action movie) as I mostly “listen” to TV than “watch” TV. Jane Austen movies are my favorite (and Jane Austen audiobooks too).

  146. These designs are so beautiful.
    When I am stitching, I prefer quiet. However, I get so involved in my hand work that I can tune out almost anything.
    My stitching time is precious to me.

  147. My favorite thing to do while embroidering is listen to NPR. I watch t.v. while I knit but I need to keep my eyes on the embroidery.

  148. Lovely giveaway, Mary, thank you! I like to stitch outdoors with just (hopefully) the sounds of nature, or if I’m indoors, I prefer silence. We recently adopted a young kittie, so when I’m not playing referee between him and our 3 yr old cat, quiet time is a gooood thing!
    Happy Holidays!

  149. I generally stitch in the evenings, in front of the TV.
    I’ve listened to some very good (and many not so good)
    Shows that way. However, if it is something very fussy
    Or very precise ~ (pulled thread for example). I will sit in the living room, listening to CD’s.

    Those are lovely little kits and I would love to win one.
    Regardless, I do enjoy your posts and hope you have a safe and happy Christmas, with those you love.

  150. I like to watch old movies while I embroider. They are easier to follow for me while doing embroidery. As far as having others around that is good too I can carry on a conversation during the commercials. Inside is best in Oklahoma as the summer is too hot to be outside, winters are too wet and chilly and spring/fall I don’t get to do much hand work as other activities are taking up my time. I’d love to try either of the kits.
    Thank you for the generous offer and to Trish too.

  151. I usually watch TV while doing needlework and enjoy the conversations that arise when my daughter’s see me working on a piece. This had led to many legacy discussions about my wonderful mother-in-law who despite losing one eye to cancer created many of our Christmas ornaments, needlepointed kneelers for her church in St. Augustine, FL, cross stitched samplers, and even learned to create intricate cut work handerkerchiefs. She, of course, learned many of these techniques from her own mother.

  152. When I am stitching I like silence or mood music in the background because it is like going into my own small world and I don’t think about anything except where the next stitch will go. Occasionally, I will watch NCIS or
    a Hallmark movie. Stitching really keeps me centered.

  153. Rob and I are retired and spend our time together sharing activities we enjoy. Whatever he is doing, I usually have a piece of needlework in my hands – watching Tv, in the car, chatting. I do put it down to eat! My current passion is a Kaffe Fassett designed needlepoint rug (Today, 12/6, is his 75th birthday!) but I’d love to have a new small, portable project! I’ve always wanted to do one of Trish’s needle paintings and the Bluebirds & Daisies miniature is one I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’d be honored to win!

  154. I have a favorite spot in my home where I can see the humming birds at their feeders, I have the sun over my shoulder and can listen to a baseball game (when in season) on the TV. All this and stitching! Life is good.

  155. I like to embroider anytime and anywhere, but I find that around this time of year I actually enjoy working on my projects during football games. (Crazy right?) You see I don’t really watch the games, but being around means I still get to spend time with my husband (and his brothers!). It’s not the most serene of scenarios, but oddly enough I find I get a lot done on Sunday afternoons. =)

    Merry Christmas!

  156. Excellent giveaway! I’m hoping for the Bluebirds and Daisies.

    I like to have something playing in the background while stitching: TV, radio or better yet audio courses. Conversations work but I find that I don’t get much stitching done because of the need to pay attention to the other person. And while most people are forgiving of attention lapses while stitching, I still find it slightly rude and so prefer to stitch while watching/listening to something that doesn’t mind being ignored if my thread tangles.

    BTW my spouse and I are big fans of the Great Courses from the Learning Company and TED talks. It’s a great way to keep learning while stitching away.

  157. I have admired Trish Burr’s work for a long time. I have even purchased two of her books.

    I usually listen to music, jazz being my favorite to stitch with. I have tried TV and audiobooks, but, for me, they seem to lessen the quality of the stitching experience.

  158. I’m in my favorite location right now – in my stitching room (read second guest bedroom) – sitting on the sofabed, with the TV on. The husband has his own TV, so I can watch whatever I want….. It’s particularly great right now, with some freezing rain coming down outside, and toasty warm inside. Of course, I have to share my stitching place with 4 cats, who love to help me stitch, thankfully not all 4 at the same time.
    In the summer with the window open, I also get to listen to the birds in the trees around the house.

  159. I usually stitch in the evening…sitting on
    our sofa and watching (listening to)television
    with my husband. If I’m alone I like to listen
    to books on tape. It seems like such an
    indulgence to have someone read a book to me.

    Pat S.

  160. How pretty. I have always had the TV going Maybe it was my excuse to watch TV with 3 growing boys I didn’t stop very often But I loved to sit with them and do my needle work

  161. I have learned that I am what experts refer to as a “haptic learner” or someone who learns best when I am doing something with my hands while listening or watching something. I watch television while I work, whether it is embroidery, knitting, or sewing, and I don’t miss a thing. If I just sit and watch TV, I fall asleep, so I MUST forge on and always be working on a project! (That’s a good excuse to shop, don’t you think?)

  162. I promised myself I would have one of these kits someday. Usually, I get up early, turn on the TV and watch the news, then I check my e-mail. Next I do some needlework to get my day off to a good start. I’m retired so I don’t have to hurry with anything anymore. It is very nice.

  163. I prefer to “listen” to tv while I stitch in my favorite chair surrounded by my nest of needlework, using my ott light and sometimes stitching with friends and sometime all alone. Thanks for the giveaway. Love the kits.

  164. Dear lady,
    I think this type of embroidery is one of the nicest there, because it seems a painting – a painting embroidered.
    When board prefer the silence, in a good light …… I focus only on embroidery and is a therapy ….
    thank you for giving away these two kits. With wishes for happy Christmas

    Maria Filomena Reis

    Cara senhora,
    penso que esse tipo de bordado é um dos mais bonitos que há, pois parece uma pintura – um pintura bordada .
    Quando bordo prefiro o silêncio, num local bem iluminado……concentro-me só no bordado e é uma terapia….
    muito obrigada por sortear esses dois kits. Com votos de feliz Natal

    Maria Filomena Reis

  165. Hi there.
    I love to stitch when all my doggies are around.We have 3 dachshunds.One mostly sits at my side and is watching what I do.So I have two of my most loved ones near me,my dogs and my stitching.
    That is so relaxing and really gives you the fealing “I am home!”
    Happy stitching to all of you.

  166. Thanks for this opportunity to win one of these great kits! My choice would be the little birdies.

    My preference for doing handwork at home is “watching” TV. Of course I love being among stitching friends, but that tends to really slow me down as I can’t stitch so well while laughing, chatting, and snacking.

  167. I enjoy sitting in my sunny roon with a lovely veiw of our pond, that have many ducks and birds around it, and stitch away on one of Trish Burr’s lovely birds patterns. I’m at peace with the world, at that time.

  168. This is an easy question to answer. I love to stitch while chatting and visiting with friends, preferably outside when the weather is warm in Canada. And I love to embroider alone while listening to classical music.
    Ruth Ann

  169. I love to stitch in the den surrounded by my hubby and kids. They are usually watching something on TV. I am not much of a TV fan so instead of missing out on their spontaneous conversations that pop up, I can sit on one of the couches and enjoy myself stitching.

  170. Interestingly I just had this conversation with members of our embroidery guild. Fellow guild members discussed using audio-books to stitch by and I’m going to add these to my Christmas list. My idea of contentment is an afternoon listening to interviews or talk shows on my favourite radio station, (CBC radio one) while stitching in front of the fireplace with a window view of large fluffy snowflakes on a sunny winter afternoon. Working on one of Trish’s kits would remind me of warm days to come.
    Marg from Ontario

  171. Yes, What a great give-away! Thank you Mary and Trish! I usually stitch after my little girl goes to bed and DH and I are watching TV on the sofa. Just now we are working our way through the ‘lost’ series while I work my way through Trish’s Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners” book. I also stitch my way through her naps. Then I either listen to sermons online or watch really girly movies like “Anne of Green Gables” or “Emma”…

  172. Hi Mary,
    What a lovely Christmas present!
    I usually “listen” to recorded TV shows while I work…being a multi-tasker I can clean out the DVR at the same time I whip up something beautiful. Thanks for the give away!
    Sheila from CA

  173. Hi Mary,
    So cute!!!! Those little birds are so adorable. I would be so honoured to win one.
    I’m busy embroidering one of Trish Burr’s kits at the moment. Usually I like to embroider in total silence, with my thoughts, drifting to and fro.
    And sometimes I like to listen cd’s of Sting. Not too loudly.
    When I’m stitching I’m totaly happy. My soul comes to rest. When stitching, all the sorrows of the day are drifting away. A day without any stitching isn’t a Happy Day. But I must confess that Trish’s designs, when stitching, are of great help.

  174. Trish’s kits are so beautiful — I’d love to win one. I listen to audiobooks while I stitch on my train journey to and from work each day. When I stitch at home I “listen” to TV – don’t realy watch because I’m looking at my stitching. I like to stitch outdoors but in Chicago the weather usualy doesn’t cooperate — too cold or too windy.

  175. I usually like to have some sort of period movie or miniseries on when I’m embroidering. Usually Sense & Sensibility or Bleak House (2006) 😉

  176. I like doing my stitching either watching tv or listening to music. What is really cool about that is, when I hear the same song or watching a repeat of the show while I was stitching, it will flash me back to the project I was working on. I usually stitch gifts so I will remember the project and the person I made it for. I love that!

  177. I usually have the TV on with a LONG movie or series DVD running (I don’t have cable). That way I can curl up on the couch and stitch without having to do anything other than relocate cats every few minutes.

    I do take my stitching to other folks’ homes or gatherings but not as much will be done.

  178. Dear Mary,
    I embroider really everywhere: in the train to my work, at home with the tv or radio on, on my balcony in the summer. The only places i do not embroider (at the moment) are my bathroom and my bed 😉
    Kind regards, mari-jan

  179. Oh, Oh, Oh, I’m sew excited for an opportunity to win one of these kits!!!!
    I like to sit in the living room with my husband as he watches TV. It is about the only time we have together. It seems that embroidering while listening to the TV takes my mind off the TV and still allows me to concentrate on the embroidery. I also like to listen to light jazz music while I’m doing hand work.
    Thanks, Tris and Mary for the opportunity!!

  180. I have a favorite spot in the Sun Room where I love to stitch. It doesn’t matter if T.V or radio or family and friends conversation is going on. I can stitch and still enjoy the surroundings. In the summer I love to sit on the patio and enjoy nature while stitching.

  181. I love to stitch while my husband and I watch TV in the evening. Though I also love to stitch while listening to a great audiobook. I’d probably accomplish more if I stitched without distractions around me but I enjoy these stitchy evenings at home.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of these gorgeous kits.

  182. I love to stitch outside when the weather is nice, but I can stitch with music or books or tv. I spend a lot of time alone in the evening as my DH goes to bed early, so I usually sit in my comfy chair and listen/watch TV while I stitch..thank you for the giveaway, very sweet kits..RebeccaK.

  183. How beautiful. I agree that those little birds are just the cutest thing. I have joined a group of around 35 women and we meet every Tuesday for about 3-4 hours. I love the music these women make with their voices and their laughter. That is my favorite “music”.

  184. When I am stitching on a project I enjoy the down time most when my Husband is watching a good game on tv (his comments are great to listen to), backed up by my birds chatter and sound effects. It is nicest when there is a fire in the woodstove and no plans or need to venture away.

    a back-up or alternative to that enjoyment is listening to an audio book. Somehow, that is just not as comfy.

  185. What an awesome giveaway!!! Trish’s offerings are beautiful – hope I win. I most enjoy stitching when it’s quiet. I may gaze out the window every now and then but mostly I just think about things as I stitch – life, things that are going on… etc.

    Happy Christmas!!!

  186. My days are very busy with my mother (dementia) and also helping out with grandkids so I am finding that I love to stitch almost anytime. In the summer months, I did love sitting outside in my great backyard and stitch and read my stitching books – keep finding there is so much more to learn about stitches and techniques. As the weather has gotten so much cooler, I try to sneak time during the day sitting by the fireplace and stitch and every evening when we both finally sit down and flip on the tv; I pick up my needle and piece and begin — sometimes going til early hours. I seem able to zone into whatever I am doing and distractions disappear — so relaxing.

  187. I stitch in a box or with a fox. I feel free to stitch in a tree. I will stitch anywhere, with any background noise or not. I stitch a lot. I like to stitch. It’s what I do. It’s what I am. I like to stitch, Sam-I-Am. I do! I do! Thank you for the give-away. If I win, it will keep idle hands at bay.

  188. Hi Mary,

    What do I like to do when stitching? Humm? I live alone so the TV is almost always on. I listen to the dialogue. I can follow the story line and still focus on the work at hand. Sometimes I talk to my dogs even if they are asleep. They don’t care about politicians and such and don’t argue with me.

    If I’m going out to visit family and friends I keep small projects ready to take with me. It seems to be the norm for us to have knitting or stitching projects going while we are chating.

    The Trish Burr minatures are so pretty I would love to be able to do one. I really, really like her designs.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win one!


  189. My favorite thing to do while stiching is to watch Downton Abbey on DVD or watch one of my many Jane Austen movies. I have most of the movies memorized, so I can mainly just listen to them and stitch for hours on end. I also like to stitch with friends, but then we usually end up getting more chatting done than stitching, lol

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