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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Passion Flower – Embroidery Pattern


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Here’s a pretty pattern for hand embroidery. It would look great on a small table cloth in white work, on a dresser scarf, on a set of guest towels, or even on a handbag! The passion flowers are arranged in a corner design, and could be worked in white, or in colors.

Satin stitch could be used for much of the design, or it could be needle-painted. Try some Montmellic techniques on it, in white, for a textured design. The possibilities are endless! Have fun with it!

To use in two corners on the same piece, you can “mirror” the image by flipping it horizontally in your graphics program, or you can trace the image, and turn your traced design upside-down before transferring.

Click on the image for a larger version. Right-click on the larger image and save to your computer.

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  1. Hey, you don’t have to do square corner designs only on square things. I like to make round cloths (for tables or like doilies) out of linen. I use square patterns in the middle of the circle. Thanks for this pattern too. I’m snatching them all. Keep them coming. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Cathy P – you’re welcome for the designs. I’m glad you like them. The square design within a circular cloth is a great idea! Thank you for sharing it! Now… if I just had more time, I could try it out!

  3. Hi Mary,
    your designs are wonderful!! I wonder if this design is good for bedspreads. what other designs would you suggest and also colors?!! Neetha

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the recent comments. The reason the design probably only comes out partially is that it is too large for your print area on your computer. You may have to save it to your computer, then "shrink to fit" before you print, in whatever program you use for printing graphics. After that, if you want it larger, photocopy it and enlarge it by percents (and, if necessary, using larger paper in the machine…)

    For information on transfering designs to fabric, etc., you can visit the tips and tricks page, where you'll find lots of articles listed that touch on this topic.

    Here's the link:

    Tips and Trick for Hand Embroidery

    Hope that helps!


  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing such a wealth of information. I've been searching for patterns for quite some time and have not come across anything as beautiful as the patterns shown here! They're are lovely!

    Thanks again!


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