Learn Embroidery Stitches – for Beginners and More!


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Sharon Boggan of Pintangle offers online embroidery classes off and on. If you’re interested in building a repertoire of stitches but your schedule restricts you from getting out to a class, why not try one online? If you’ve ever checked out Sharon’s stitch dictionary, you know the classes are going to be top-notch.

Another great idea that she is working up can be found on her blog – a weekly stitch challenge, where she posts detailed instructions on a particular stitch each week, and we interpret the stitch, work something up, and post pictures. To me, this sounds like a great idea! Creative, fun, interactive, and – best of all – perfect for improving embroidery skills.



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  1. Thanks Mary for the link and the plug both for my classes and the stitch challenge I appreciate it

    The challenge should shape up to be alot of fun and hopefully a good skills sharing exercise so I am looking forward to it

    I am enjoying your blog thanks for the effort you have been putting in I will be swinging by regularly.

  2. Hi Mary
    I have done very little embroidering in my life but am now looking for simple designs. I am busy crocheting around 16cm Calico Squares with the idea of joining the squares once I’ve done the borders. I want to do a very simple design in the a winter white on top of the beige squares, for a table cloth. Your rose design will work well and if you have any others similar to them I would appreciate it if you let me know where to find them.
    Thanks for the rose design I will try it out but am not sure yet which stitches to use. I guess I will play around until I find the perfect stitch(es)

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