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Ott Lites are great for hand embroidery – they come in all different models, for all kinds of uses. They would make a perfect Christmas gift for you or another needleworker in your family! But … they come with a price tag, too! If you’re looking for an Ott Lite with a discount, you can find them at Joann’s online, believe it or not!

This is the deal. Joann’s has on online coupon running for 50% off the regular price of one item. The coupon code is NOVA650. You won’t find it on their website right now, but – with a little online hunting – you can usually find coupon codes for Joann’s and other craft places.

This particular coupon expires November 30th, so you have to jump on it if you’re interested – and hey, it’s not just for Ott Lites! It’s 50% off any one regular priced item. You might be looking for a sewing machine!

You can also get free shipping right now at Joann’s, until November 30th as well – but, here’s the hitch – you can’t combine free shipping with other offers. So it won’t work with this 50% off deal. But if you’re interested, the coupon code for free shipping is NOVFSH6.

You can get to Joann’s official website through the link in the left-hand column. You’ll see the free shipping coupon there, but you won’t see the 50% off coupon – you just have to put the coupon code in at checkout. It works – we just bought an Ott Lite for Christmas for my folks this way! We saved $130! But shhhh! It’s a surprise!



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  1. Ott Lites are wonderful, but if you are absolutely broke like I am right now, I’ve found some mini-snap on lights at dollar stores that have worked in a pinch. Thanks for the link, and most of all thanks for the absolutely fabulous videos of stitches. They make me braver to try new stitches!

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