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Opposite Faces Embroidered Pillowcases II


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Here’s the follow-up on yesterday’s first shots of my pair of embroidered pillow cases, and an explanation of what they were for and all that! Before I launch into it, thanks to everyone for their positive response! I really just thought “This is sooo silly to bother with” – but I was having so much fun with them, I couldn’t stop. Now that I see other people like them and have enjoyed looking at them, I’m glad I finished them!

Both pillowcases are a cotton-poly blend, and I stitched through the two layers of the cuff. It seems to me that natural fibers “work” with the thread better. I don’t know why. Linen, cotton, real silk – these are so wonderful to stitch on. For some reason, the poly-cotton simply doesn’t stitch as well as the 100% cotton. I would be interested to know if other embroiderers think the same way, or not. Maybe I’m just imagining it! Let me know!

So the pillowcases were for a contest on the Craftster website, which is a huge forum website with all kinds of craft-related stuff on it. I feel I should caution people against some of the content on the site, though. Extra caution, especially if you have children. But overall, there are some very clever and artistic people on the site who share tips and tricks for different types of craft-related hobbies. I came across this “challenge” on the site, and, on whim, I thought “why not?” I’ve never really done anything in way of a contest before, so I did it.

In fact, here’s my plug for my entry: If you go look at the Awake Asleep Pillowcases on Craftster, and you find you like them, you can also visit the challenge category, go to the poll, and vote for my project, by clicking on “challenge #22” – and you’ll get a list of the entries. Mine’s titled “Awake Asleep: Opposite Faces Pillow Cases.” Click the radial button and hit submit. It’s that easy. Oh, you do have to register to vote (left hand column), but it only take a few seconds if you want to do it.

What do I get out of it? Some thread and patterns and stuff from DMC – about $280 worth. When I joined, I admit I joined because – yes – I wanted the stuff. I figured it would be good to have for my kids’ classes, and… you’re right, I’m cheap enough to say it – it’s stuff I don’t have to pay for.

So there, in all it’s glaring cheapness, is my plea for your vote!

Here are the other photos. This is the whole shot of the black one (overlapped by the white there in the corner!)

Can you find my rendition of Charlie Brown? I couldn’t help it. He just materialized! (OH, no pun intended!)

My clown’s a little more subdued in this one. Well, after all, he is sleeping!

For some reason, the drooly guy is really a favorite!

How does one illustrate a sleeping pumpkin? That was a weird problem.

And so, there they are!

What do you think? Worth it? Will you vote for me? Actually, you don’t really have to if you don’t want to! I’m not super-attached to the idea of winning! And there are a couple other really nice entries on there. So you might want to vote for one of them!

Ok, onto other projects. I’m in the mood for something…. grand! I have some goldwork to repair, some tiny lace trim to add to an ecclesiastical project, my silk sampler to make headway on, a Christmas present I want to make, some beetle wings I want to play with, and … *sigh* stitches to film (I have a list of about 20 I would like to do for you before Christmas), and, finally, a website to overhaul! I want to give this one a new look. So, wish me luck!


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(7) Comments

  1. You got my vote too. I think you’re supposed to click on ‘THIS ROCKS’ icon and a window pops up and then you hit the submit button, right?

  2. Thanks, MV – but no, actually you have to go to the poll, here:
    Challenge Page and click on challenge #22, (the pillowcases one), and then you’ll be at the poll page!

    Let me know if that works!!


  3. These are SO cute and imaginitive!! I have NO freehand talent, so I’m really impressed with your talent, and your execution of this wonderful design. GREAT JOB!! I’m off to vote for you!

  4. Thank you! I’ve been trying to draw up a pattern of faces – so perhaps in a bit I’ll be able to post a small pattern of a group of faces, in case anyone wants to use it!

  5. Your work is amazing! I used to do crewel embroidery back in the 80’s and loved it, but stopped doing it. You have inspired me to maybe try it again.

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