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A Reader’s Embroidery


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I’m always happy when I find out that people really do use the embroidery patterns and other resources on Needle ‘N Thread! Actually, I find it really exciting! It makes the effort of keeping up the website worthwhile! One reader sent pictures, so I thought I’d share them…

Meeta used the sunflower cross pattern and the flower medallion pattern, and stitched up two really nice projects! She used a variety of stitches, especially in the second medallion, where you can see bullion stitch as the filler in the “buds” at the four points, vandyke stitch as the center flower petals, stem stitch, seed stitch, satin stitch, etc.!

They’re both well done, and I like the use of color in them! So here they are for your enjoyment!

Sunflower Cross Embroidery by Meeta

I love the use of seed stitch as filling in the outside leaves – it “frames” the design and finishes the edge.

Sunflower Cross Embroidery by Meeta

The center flower is worked in long and short stitch, with a lattice work center. Although the photo is somewhat blurry, you can still get a good idea of the stitching.

Embroidered Medallion by Meeta

And I like the interpretation of this pattern, too. The center, the filled areas, and the buds put the color and weight of the design in good places. I especially like the fact that she didn’t fill the large leaves, as that would have been too heavy-looking!

Don’t you think she did a great job??

Thanks, Meeta, for the photos and permission to publish them!


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  1. Nice job Meeta! I love the shades of pink going into red, and the seed stitch filling for the leaves. Now I’m wondering what will these two pieces be used for?

  2. Hi, Jo! Oh, goodie! I’m glad you used the patterns! You can send e-mail to me at mary[at]needlenthread.com — I’m just revamping my website, and will soon have a place just for contact information!

    Thanks for letting me know! I’m super excited to see what you’ve done with them!


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