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Reader’s Embroidery: Crewel Work Enchanted April


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I love being able to share readers’ needlework projects, and this one is really stunning. It’s a piece of crewel work – embroidery done in wool, with a lot of shading and so forth – called “Enchanged April” and stitched by Margaret.

Margaret works with an embroidery group that focuses primarily on counted work, but she likes surface embroidery best. This particular piece was voted to represent her embroidery guild at the EGA national headquarters display this year. She was also asked to send a photo for possible inclusion in NeedleArts, the publication put out by the Embroiderers’ Guild of America.

Reader's Embroidery: Crewel Work Bird in Whites and Purples

It’s a lovely piece, with many hours of work put into it! Margaret said she got a little tired of working on it (it’s quite large), which makes the finished piece even more impressive! To persevere to the finish line on a piece of embroidery when you’re weary of it is reason enough for congratulations! But really – look at this close up! What a beautiful job!

Reader's Embroidery: Crewel Work Bird in Whites and Purples

The bird looks so wispy and white and stately, and the shading is incredible. I love it!

Thanks, Margaret, for sending it along! And really, you should feel pretty darned good about it! I hope to see it in an issue of NeedleArts this year!

I’m always happy to receive pictures of readers’ embroidery. If you have a piece you’d like to share, do send it! Contact me, and I’ll send you an address for sending along photos.


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(15) Comments

  1. It’s beautiful…I simply loved it. Is this from a kit or a pattern from a book? Would you mind telling where you got this pattern from. Many thanks!

  2. Congratulations Margaret – this is beautiful. Having done a little crewel embroidery I can appreciate bhow much time and skill this must have taken. the shading is fabulous

  3. Thank you all so much for your kind comments. Yes, Meeta, it is a commercial kit and is still available. You can find other retailers by searching on something like:

    “enchanted april” crewel kit

  4. Wow, absolutely beautiful. I had to do a double take after reading Michael’s comment – did you really say it was worked in wool? Yes, you did. I hadn’t thought that wool could look so lovely. How many shades of blue?

    Fabulous, thank you for showing it to us.


  5. This is just beautiful! I hadn't realised that such sophisticated finish could be achieved with crewel work. Very inspiring.

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