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Free Stumpwork Pattern: Crimson Chat by Jean Fletcher


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The Kreinik website offers several free hand embroidery projects, but the most interesting one – and the most detailed – is a little stumpwork bird pattern by Jean Fletcher. Guess what I like about it?

Well, besides the fact that it’s stumpwork, it features a bird! And I’m really fond of birds. Besides the bird, though, there are very pretty blue flowers – what more could you want?!

Crimson Chat Stumpwork pattern by Jean Fletcher offered by Kreinik

When I first saw the pattern, I was, admittedly, a little distressed by the bird itself, as it wasn’t familiar to me and I didn’t much like the colors. But then I looked up the crimson chat, a bird native to Australia, and it grew on me! It’s a great little bird!

This stumpwork freebie includes a full list of supplies, and detailed instructions for the Crimson Chat in PDF format.

The project features Kreinik’s Silk Mori, a thread that I haven’t actually used. I was turned off Kreinik silk a while ago, when there was some kind of strange cuffuffle in the Soie d’Alger line from Au Ver a Soie – about six years ago, the Soie d’Alger was sold with a Kreinik lable. The Kreinik threads did not match the Soie d’Alger color-wise (just slightly off) and they seemed stiffer and duller to me. So I gave Kreinik a miss for a while.

However, I’ve heard very good things about this thread from other stitchers and have added it to my “List of Threads to Try This Year.”

If you’ve wanted to try stumpwork, this is an inexpensive way to venture into it: there’s no kit fee. I suppose that you could substitute threads in your stash – which would be an economical way to experiment.



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(5) Comments

  1. Hi Maria:

    Thank you for the link friend. It’s the beautiful embroidery. Not yet tried the silk thread, I imagine it will be special!

    Maria del Valle

  2. Hello there
    many years back when I was a newby to the web and all it entails I blundered onto A Brazillian and Stumpwork group, and one of the many contributors was this wonderful lady Jean Fletcher- I learnt a lot from her and believe me she was very very generous with anyone trying to make out how to do this Newer type embroidery. I hope that those who are taken with this little Red Chat bird will source some of Jeans books (as sadly Jean died on her way to a workshop she was to run that day) but we do have her books to continue her love of Australian birds and stumpwork.
    love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hey bear, I am desperate to get a hold of jeans fur and feathers book etc. I have exhausted all chanels I realise she has passed. Surely her gorgeous books are still available somewhere can any body please HELP !!!!!!!!

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