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Reader’s Embroidery: Cat, Pond, Flowers in Floche


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When I mentioned using floche for embroidery several weeks ago, Margaret was very kind to send along a sample of a piece, part of which she worked with floche.

The floche really changes the look of the piece. I guess that’s so when you’re talking about any thread, really – the thread you choose to embroider with is going to have an effect on the outcome of the piece. The neat thing about floche, which is one strand of mercerized cotton, is that it’s thicker than regular stranded cotton, and a little… oh… mmmm…. well, in a sense, it’s “looser,” which seems to make it softer, and it’s smoother, which gives it a great sheen. Does that make sense? Some day I need to develop the correct vocabulary for these things, I guess! In short, it’s nice stuff to work with!

Enough, enough. On to Margaret’s piece. This is a kit – specifically, a Rowandean kit. The cat itself is stitched in floche. The rest is stranded cotton.

I’ve left the picture large, so you can click on the image below and get a much bigger version. That way, you can see the threads a bit closer.

Reader's Embroidery: Cat worked in floche

This is the original kit photo:

Rowandean Kit: Cat by a Pond

I like Margaret’s color scheme for her cat. She wanted to match the colors and style more to her own cat, so she adjusted it. The results are great!

The size of the actual piece is smaller than the large version of the photo: it’s only about 4″ x 2.75″ – so really little! Nice, isn’t it? And when you realize how small it is, it’s even more amazing!

Thanks, Margaret, for sending the photo along!


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  1. Sweet! I see what you mean about a looser, if you will, texture. It sort of reminds me of the texture of a beautiful hand hooked rug.

    It’s beautiful, Margaret! I’m expecting that kitty to sweep a paw into the water any second. 🙂

    Mary, I was sitting here yesterday thinking of emailing you to ask if there is a blog entry where you have specifically discussed and compared various types of embroidery thread.

    It’s a topic that’s still confusing to me. I’d love to see a list of names and descriptions of the threads aspects if there is such a thing to be found.

    Oh! It would be very cool to see pics of the same subject embroidered repeatedly but using various types of thread. Is there a book that you can think of that might show such a thing? – Jeannine

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