Tapestry Woven from Spider Silk!


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Thanks to Pam Alley, who sent along this really interesting news article on a tapestry woven completely from spider silk. It’s an interesting article – if you have a chance, take a look! The tapestry is on display in NYC at the Museum of Natural History…. might be worth seeing if you live in the area! Enjoy!


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  1. That is amazing! I would have guessed longer than 4 years to complete this project. I wonder if it has to be kept under climate controlled conditions since it's a very organic substance. We know how long cotton, wool and silk last. No idea about spider silk. I got a chuckle when I read this line in the article: "Peers picks up the thread of the story."

  2. This is crazy (a good crazy)! The tapestry is beautiful…who'd a thought you could make something so beautiful from the little critters. I am an arachnaphope, too, but will never look at a spider the same again! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is stunning. It's a beautiful woven piece to begin with…and all the effort that went into harvesting the silk…wow. I love the color, too.

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