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Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth – It’s Out and … I … Want … It.


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Did I mention that Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O’Connor is out? And that I want it?

I’m not a book-comings-out watcher, normally. There are very few embroidery books on the market whose arrival I anticipated before the fact – a couple Jane Nicholas books, perhaps, (Medieval Flora being one), but that’s about it. Oh, yes. I’m glad to hear certain books are coming out, but I don’t write them down on my calendar and wait and watch. And wait. And watch.

Susan O’Connor’s Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth is one of the exceptions, and I’m happy to say that……


Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O'Connor

The book is published by Country Bumpkin – the folks behind Inspirations Magazine (the newest issue #65 is wonderful!) – and right now, the only way to get your paws on it is to order it from Australia. I’m sure it will eventually be released worldwide, but for now, it’s hovering Down Under.

Lo! A strange feeling creeps over me! It is one of determination. I must order the book, and I must order it from the Antipodes. (Actually, it’s not “determination.” Wrong word. It is sheer covetousness, and you’d think I’d drum up some virtue and get over it, but….)

It’s true – I haven’t ordered mine yet, and the book has been out for a couple weeks. You see, there are two drawbacks to the CB website: 1. They don’t take Paypal for international customers, and some debit cards don’t work for overseas orders, so unless you’re a credit-card person, you have to devise another way to order; 2. The shipping is – whoa – high, but they can’t help that. And I suppose every time I order from CB, I don’t have to go browsing through their website finding all kinds of other things I want to order, which only increases the cost of shipping, not to mention the cost of the order.

Ok, enough about the mundane details behind this maniacal need for hobby-related goods.

Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O'Connor

The fact is, without having even seen it, I know this book is completely up my alley. It is … it is Me. I realize it wasn’t written with Me in mind, but it is really my kind of book, my kind of stitching, my kind of inspiration, the type of embroidery I really love to do and love to look at and love to plan to do and …. just…. love.

Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O'Connor

And hence, I have waited. I have anticipated its arrival. I have planned. I have saved. And I will purchase!

If you haven’t seen the preview for this book yet, do visit the Country Bumpkin website and flip through the Flash preview of Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth. Try not to become twitterpated, or you’ll be in the same boat I am.

I’ll review the book more thoroughly once it’s in hand! In the meantime, if you’ve had the opportunity to see it or buy it, what’s your take? Will we like it??


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  1. It certainly looks good. I went to Amazon.co.uk to check for it and it was there waiting for me 'recommended' by Amazon before I could even type in the search box.

    I'll add it to my wish list.

  2. Hello Mary! I feel the exact same way about this book! I preordered it with a gift certificate from my adult choir at school in Berlin. I had to order it from Amazon in Germany since that's where the gift certificate is from and now I have to wait until it arrives which won't be until April!! Aaarrgghh! My only consolation is that I have enough to do until it comes. Thank you for posting pictures of it on your site so I can "see" it now!

    I have an antique folding screen that belonged to my grandmother. I have been thinking about embroidering panels for it and I may take my inspiration from the designs in this book. Wouldn't that be beautiful?! But until I actually HAVE the book, I can only dream!

    Kathy in Berlin

  3. Mary, I'm one of your UK followers and like you, have been eagerly awaiting this book. I've just ordered it from this online bookshop http://www.bookdepository.co.uk It's available at 28% discount, they do free shipping worldwide and they take Paypal. I buy lots of embroidery books from them and have always found them very reliable. I'm now stalking my postman in anticipation.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Oh, Mary, I want it too! I do have a couple questions about some of the other books available from CB. This one – The Wool Embroidery Collection by Gail Rogers
    and this one – 19th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh. Of the three, if you could only get one, which would you consider the ONE?
    I love wool embroidery and already have a couple good books on it. I mostly crazy quilt and wool just doesn't seem to work well with what I'm doing.
    I'm in love with the rooster. Maybe someday…….
    Judyth in Kansas, too. Where it's cold! and the wind……… awful!

  5. Hi Mary.
    With regards to Embroidered flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O,Connor.
    Amazon sell it for 12gb pounds plus postage,unless you wait the 5 days then postage is free
    Regards .

    PS Ive ordered it.

  6. I love your enthusiasm for books and I can say that I suffer from the same symptoms….Must have this book. I have to wait a while to get this book. Just got 7 books of the A-Z series

  7. Ah, thank you for the link, Irene! Everyone, check out Irene's link…!

    Brian – thanks for the heads up about Amazon – it's not quite available yet on Amazon in the US, but it looks like it's coming.

    Hi, Judyth – I think I'd go with this book (Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth). But I do have several wool / crewel books, so that's why I rule that one out, and I already have the 19th C Embroidery Techniques one – it's a really good book. But I suspect I'd still go with the Embroidered Flowers book, because I like the small motifs that can be worked individually, and I love this style of embroidery in general.

    And as for Kansas! I'm laughing my head off this morning. We expected snow on Sunday and Monday and didn't get a lick. It was practically balmy. Then, this morning, when it's supposed to be "partly cloudy and cold" (that was the extent of the forecast) it's been snowing all morning! Everything's practically covered again!!

    Have a terrific day!


  8. This book looks so great! Now I want it too! The pictures are delicious.

    We are having a balmy day here in NYC but apparently a blizzard is on it's way and the NYC school's have already annouced a snow day for tomorrow! Hard to believe since it is about 36 and the skies are clear blue. Tomorrow will be a perfect day to stay home and stitch – if my kids will let me.

  9. I've seen this book in CB newsletters and it's really a temptation!
    and it has a pomegranate!!!!:)
    I've already checked out that link!Thank you Irene!

  10. Years ago, when Inspriations was new, Susan O'Connor did a tour and I took a class with her. It was amazing to see the variety of threads used in the project. (wooly blossoms and buds on padded hangers). It made me realize why the materials lists in Inspirations were so long and varied–and that it was worth it. I've also been awaiting this book and have an Amazon.com gift cert. earmarked for it.

  11. I, too, have LUST in my heart for this one! Now, (greasy giggle) I think I'll just go somewhere private and look at those pictures again heh, heh…

  12. Hi Mary – I am like you – I LOVE books, and as I am getting more and more into embroidery, I seem to dig deeper and deeper through the history and roots…my last few purchases before I ordered this one from CB, was a book on the Bayeux Tapestry, the Embroidery book with the lion on the jacket, and a couple of books on Jacobean and crewel embroidery… As of today – I HAVE TO STOP! Yeah, right 🙂
    Oh, and BTW – the first thing I look for when I turn on my computer every morning is your blog/newsletter!

  13. Because you do such a fantastic job of tempting an already weak needleworking soul, I just might have to quit reading Needle N Thread (no, not really)… I've just placed my order for this book through the Book Depository. (Thanks, Irene, for the info!)

  14. Thanks for the heads up! I haven't kept abreast of the other recent publications out of CB. The latest Inspirations landed in my mailbox last week and I lost a lot of time sunk into it (and Embroidery and Stitch which are my only other subscriptions). But I haven't kept up with books, so thanks for mentioning this.

    Now, I wonder if anyone will be selling it at Stitches & Craft in London in March… and if I should head over with an empty suitcase just for my purchases…

  15. Hi Mary – looks like you have the problem solved but if ever you are in such a state of agitation about a book from OZ drop me line – since I live down under I am sure we can sort something

  16. Twitterpated? I thought I was the only one that used that word! And yes, I am already twitterpated with that book and I too WANT it!!

  17. Hi Mary,

    I'm with Irene. My hubby and I love the Book Depository. They carry a lot of books we like that might take a while before it gets released in the US plus free shipping is always good. 😉
    As a matter of fact, when I succumbed to the temptation of your post on "Why Not Embroider Boxes" I ordered it from them as well as "Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth!"
    I have been salivating over that book ever since Country Bumpkin started promoting it.
    Oh, "Making Hand-Sewn Boxes, by Jackie Woolsey" is available at Lacis. Did I mention how I liked free shipping? 🙂
    Now to try to exercise what little self-control I have and wait before I get "William Morris in Applique.:


  18. I've been waiting impatiently for this book, too. It looks wonderful! I am going to wait a bit longer and probably get it from Amazon since they say it will be available in March. I *think* I can wait that long. 🙂

    Great link, Irene!

  19. And I want it too! I've been watching it for ages waiting for it to be available. And I just ordered it from Bookdepository.com. What a great site, thanks Irene! I will let you know how long it takes to arrive in Southern California.

  20. I want this one too, but, given my name, I should, shouldn't I? She may as well have written it for me!!=) (And I'm interested in Elizabeth I as well.)

    I'm FAR away from home in Taiwan just now and won't be buying many books at all thanks to having to pay mucho shipping £$£ to get it here, then having to pay to get it home as well when we move back, I'm not buygin yet. I'm saving up a load of wish-list books for home, or, if they appear at a price I can't refuse (like a Barbara Hurst stumpwork book did recently) on Amazon Marketplace, I have it sent to my mum's and possess my soul in patience until December……

    Thank goodness I can get 'Inspirations', 'Stitch' and 'Classic Stitches' here, which your post has just reminded me to go soon and pick up.=)

  21. G'day Mary,

    Just wish I had the financial means to buy a copy for everyone and send them over post haste with a note written on the outside like we used to do as kids, 'Postman, postman please be quick,
    My friend can't wait another tick'!

    Cheers, Kath.

  22. Dear Mary,
    This from Susan O`Connor will be available at Amazon.ca fro the price of $28.31 cdn.
    The date is March 2010. I am ordering it right now….
    Thanks to you for the wonderful info.
    Jocelyne from Quebec, Canada

  23. My copy arrived on Tuesday – very exciting. But I've got a couple of quibbles with it.

    The book is beautiful, well put together, stunning photos, and the actual embroidery is a dream (I can't wait to get started).

    But in terms of guidance on the construction of the blanket, I think it's lacking. For someone like me, who is competent as far as embroidery goes but a beginner in terms of construction, the actual final product is pretty confusing.

    A pity, but I'm not going to give up – waiting for my wool order to arrive and then I'm going to start on it!

  24. Hi Mary

    I’m nearly done with my “Flowers for Elizabeth” project and was about to start on the acorn and gillyflower motif tonight. However I’ve discovered that 2 of the colors needed to complete it are not in the thread list at the back of the book (932 and 934) – which is abit of a challenge!

    Have you any idea how best to get feedback to the author / publisher so they can fix it?


  25. Hi Mary,
    I’m a middle school teacher, and I just wanted to thank you for having such a great resource. You are my “Go-To” site to find instructional videos and images for my students, and I have placed links for them to access. My hope is that they will pursue additional instructions beyond the basics after this unit is complete.
    Lisa B.

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