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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Tulips & Carnations


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Here’s a free hand embroidery pattern for you. I mentioned it a while ago, but never published the complete pattern. It comes from a stitched design in the work New Patterns in Old Style by Emilie Bach, which you can find in digital format (PDF) online at Antique Pattern Library.

I think it’s an excellent design that would look great worked small, in silk and gold, or larger in crewel embroidery.

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Tulips & Carnations

I do actually have plans for embroidering this one day! I’d like to work it small, in silk and gold. But given the plethora of things I’ve got in the process of stitching right now, it’s probably best not to jump into another project! Still, you might be itching for something to stitch and might like the pattern, so you may as well have it now, too!

I’ve included two PDFs here – a small one with the width being about 6″ wide, and a larger one, with the width being a bit more than 9″, I think. If you were to work the pattern as a silk & gold project, I’d go with the smaller one. As a crewel project (with wool), I’d go with the larger one. If you want to use cotton floss on it, you can go with either size!

Here are the PDFs:

Tulips & Carnations Embroidery Pattern – small
Tulips & Carnations Embroidery Pattern – large

You can find more free hand embroidery patterns here on Needle ‘n Thread, if you’re looking!

Hope you enjoy this one!

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  1. What a great pattern! Thank you ! I found some patterns from the forties my mom had saved. They are iron on and have subjects from farm animals to religious themes. The flowers are very similar to these. They are an odd assortment as the rooster is very stylized but the calf is typically cutesy. Of course I am not going to iron them but have transferred a few and it is fun to think of mom thinking of using them.

  2. Thanks for the pattern! Your the best!!! Wow! I went to the link with all of those free books from the turn of the century. Talk about losing yourself for hours. They are incredible to look at and a great source for information and inspiritation!

  3. This is a beautiful pattern Mary … Thank you for sharing it!
    There are so many possibilities on this one.
    I wish I had time to work it up every which way just for the fun of it …

    Since you have brought it to our attention, I have been completely addicted to the Antique Pattern Library. What a treasure!
    Thank you for it …

  4. Lovely pattern! Thanks! I would go for crewel, myself – and I’d turn the carnations into bright blue bachelor buttons…

  5. Thank you Mary for posting another great image to use. I love it, and hope to work on this one this spring after I get another project finished.

    I would like to ask, what do you think the middle flower is supposed to be? The carnations and tulips are obvious, but the middle one is stumping me.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi, all – I’m glad you like the pattern!

      Oh, for that middle “flower” I have no idea – it doesn’t strike me as any flower in particular, but just a decoration of sorts. And I’m really bad at names, so I’d probably just refer to it as the middle flower bumpy thing!

      Yep, I’d love to stitch this pattern some day soon. I think whitework is a Brilliant Idea, too!


  6. I looked at the old book online which featured this design and am curious as to how you got that old design into the pattern on your blog.
    Your design is lovely. I am interested in how you stitch it.

  7. hi, Tulips & Carnations pattern is very niceā€¦. please suggest me which all stitches can i use to make the Tulips & Carnations look beautifulā€¦.

  8. Hello Mary, I was wondering if you can upload some patterns that are baby oriented, because i’m having a baby and I want to do some embroidery work but I don’t have any baby appropriate patterns. Thank you in advance.

  9. I am really interested in learning different embroidery techniques. Thank you for the patterns to practice on. Can you recommend a pattern for fly stitches for me to practice on?

  10. Koszonom a csodalatosan szep Zathureczky Berta -LillY munkait, mintait.Ha meg lenne ilyesfajta regi magyar minta, akar urihimzeses szivesen elfogadnam- akar cserebe en is kuldenek par mintat/Koszonom, koszonom:mer.

  11. Just found your site recently. I am thrilled to be able to tap into your wealth of knowledge and inspiring ideas. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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