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Needlework Nibble – a Guilt-Free Snack!


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Tricia Nguyen over on Thistle Threads is doing it again – she’s selling a special little “needlework nibble” to help a cause. For each $18 Tulip Slip Needlework Nibble kit she sells, $10 will be donated to Winterthur Museum to support their textile and needlework exhibition budget. They’ll be running an exhibit called With Cunning Needle: Four Centuries of Embroidery, from September 3, 2011 through January 8, 2012. The more funds they raise to support the exhibit, the more items they will be able to exhibit. RIght now, they’re $5,000 short of their needed budget.

Needlework Nibble to Raise Funds

So Tricia has designed this little Needlework Nibble – it’s a petit little piece of embroidery, worked in tent stitch, on 34 count linen in silk threads. The piece, once finished, can be used as a slip to apply to … well… anything you want to apply it to, or you could just frame it as a little mini accent piece. Tricia is also selling a limited number of finishing kits for this pincushion here….

Needlework Nibble to Raise Funds

… in case you want to apply the slip from the Nibble to a little silk velvet cushion. I could see the design also being used for the front of a wee needlebook.

So do take a look at the Tulip Slip Nibble kit (say that ten times fast!) if you’re looking for a little something that’s fun to work. Not only do you get the pleasure of working with good silk on nice linen, but you get to indulge in the pleasure guilt free, because you’re helping a good cause!

If you purchase the Tulip Slip Nibble Kit, don’t forget to download the Tulip Slip instructional chart (PDF), which is available on Thistle Threads.

Incidentally, for the first $1,000 raised for the exhibit, a benefactor has offered to match the funds – so your contribution when you buy the kit just doubled! Pretty good, eh?


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(3) Comments

  1. Mary, Thank you for the info. I just ordered my “Tulip Slip” kit. I don’t do cross stitch, especially on linen, but I will try to muddle thru. The donation is really the bigger issue.

    I’m excited that Winterthur is going to have another exhibit on needlearts. I can’t wait to go.

    We saw the Plimouth jacket/waistcoat 2 weeks ago and it is magnificent! I can’t think of enough adjective to describe it and I didn’t want to leave. As I walked around the jacket the spangles sparkled like little stars. Whoever wore the original must have looked gorgeous.
    Again, many thanks for you website. It has been so useful to me as I am trying to relearn crewel embroidery again. Jeannette

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t order the kit because I don’t shop online but I did print out the PDF of the pattern. It’s interesting because the design looks like it would be for embroidery, the tent stitch is most often used in needlepoint and the chart looks exactly like a cross stitch pattern. Kind of crosses all 3 forms of needlework. I bet the basic lines of the pattern could be transferred to linen and embroidered. Imagine the different stitches you could use.

  3. At first I thought it was a cartoon character, running along but suddenly checking on its tailfeather….

    I can see it as a tulip, I guess…if I work at it! 🙂

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