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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Reader’s Embroidery: Circular Thing


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I love it when stitchers send me pictures of the embroidery they’ve done, using embroidery patterns they’ve found here on Needle ‘n Thread! Here’s a stitched-up version of the Jacobean Circular Thing, embroidered by Marilyn.

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern stitched by a reader

The stitch selection and the colors are fun, aren’t they?! Thanks, Marilyn, for sending the picture!

It isn’t often that I actually see any finished work from the patterns posted on Needle ‘n Thread, so I tend to get all excited when I do! Marilyn made the point that pattern collections are like cookbooks. It’s fun to look at and dream about and plan to cook recipes from cookbooks, but whether or not we ever actually get around to doing all of them is another question. And yep, that’s how I am with patterns, too. I like them – I love making them available – I have ideas about them – but actually getting around to stitching all of them? It probably won’t happen!

Speaking of patterns, that’s what I’ve been working on lately – developing some embroidery designs to work with this summer. I’d like to do an online class with a kind of “sampler” I’m playing with. Anyone up for something like that? The new Ask & Share section (debuting next week) will have a dedicated space for interactive online classes. I won’t actually open that part up yet until I can provide a decent class, done right, but the space is built, anyway!

Now, about that workspace that needs organizing…. guess what I’m doing today?!

Hope you have a pleasant day!


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  1. I would love to take an online sampler class. I’ll be watching to see if you decide to do it.
    Renee Wheeler
    Austin, TX

  2. Yes! I’d be very interested in an online class! Your work, your tips, and your topics never fail to inspire and instruct. I’m grateful for your enthusiasm (and that of your readers) for keeping the art of handwork alive and well (and worthy of striving for excellence).

  3. Dear Mary

    Would love to join an online class samplar I’ve been looking to join a class locally here in North London but can’t find any so online class would be great.

    Regards Anita

  4. Ciao Maria, piacerebbe anche a me seguirti, ma il traduttore non ‘traslate’ bene, perciò avrei paura ad avere problemi. Ed inoltre mi sento molto impegnata, non so se potrebbe essere al di sopra delle mie capacità….Ma bellissima l’idea per chi potrà seguirti!! Grazie per l’idea, ci dài una meravigliosa opportunità.

  5. Would love to participate. I always seem to do better in an “organized” class environment, or in this case, online format because there is a defined sequence to follow in the project.

  6. I’d love an online class! Your site is so inspiring and a class would be a great addition. I don’t know how you do it all!

  7. I’d love to join one of your on line classes. Just let me know when you are ready and I will join you.


  8. Mary, online classes are a great idea! I’d love to participate; and I’m really looking fordward to the new Ask & Share section… so many questions!!
    Greetings from Argentina

  9. I found your site a few months ago and enjoy seeing your work. You’ve inspired me to pick up a needle again after years away from embroidery. I recently began sewing church linens, but the needle feels clumsy in my unpracticed hands. I would love an online sampler class!

  10. I would love an online class given by you. The Ask & Share section sounds like a really great feature and fun, too. Thanks

  11. Hi,

    To Marilyn, what a colorful work you did! It’s what I call a happy embroidery. Most importantly, I congratulate you in being constant enough to tackle and complete the project, and on sending it to Mary for us to see! Thank you! It’s very encouraging for me.

    Mary, an online class would be wonderful. I just hope I can participate–depends on a lot.

    Thank you for everything you do for creativity and for the preservation of a lovely art!

    Doris HH

  12. An online class would be terrific! I get so bogged down in design that I don’t do the stitchery. And I find myself arguing (with myself) that I’ll get enough practice doing a stitch while doing a project, so I don’t need to sample. Having a class where sampling is required would be a real boon.

  13. Would love to participate in an on line class. Am returning to embroidery after a 30 year gap…what a world of change,

  14. yes Yes YES!!! I would most certainly be interested in taking an online class. The cost of the class would be the only deciding factor. You are a natural Teacher. I have learned SO much from your website. (I went back and read EVERY post available on this website!) You have opened a lot of creative doors for me. Things I never even knew existed!
    Well…just…Thank you 🙂
    ~Sandi Ratliff

  15. Mary,
    I look forward to participating in your online sampler class, a first for me. Hope to hear more!

  16. Mary, online classes!….count me in, and like many others, I am looking forward to the ask and share. Love your enthusiasm as it helps no end learning new techniques and creating ideas. Thank you once again

  17. A sampler sounds great. I’ve gotten away from embroidery for the last few years and have been spending my time with crochet and quilting. Lately since visiting your site every day I’ve captured the embroidery bug once again. But my interests are very diverse lately so I can’t see myself commiting to a long-term, large project. A sampler would allow me to work on smaller projects and I might even combine my sampler pieces in book form and include some crochet motifs as well. I’ve always wanted to experiment with drawn thread but haven’t gotten past the dream stage yet – not sure what is holding me back.

  18. Mary,

    Would love to participate in an online class. Love your site and newsletters. Thanks for all the great information.


  19. Dear Mary,

    I am would love to do an online sampler class with you! Your website has been my lifeline since I am a beginning embroiderer. I will be watching for upcoming news about the class…

  20. Marilyn did a lovely job!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    An Ask & Share area, wow… that will be great!!!
    About the classes… You are an awesome teacher!!! We (your readers, followers) learn sooo much every time we visit this blog.
    [PS= I will keep an eye for non-counted embroidery classes ;-). ]

  21. Hi Mary,

    I would certainly be interested in participating in an online class with you. I’m sure I would learn lots of interesting things!

  22. I want to take an online course sampler. I’ll watch to see if you decide to do.
    Viviane Marseille France

  23. I love the idea of a class! Unfortunately as for actually signing up, I’ll have to pass. I’ve come to realize my actual time and energy does NOT match my imagined time and energy.

    I love to see what others have done with your patterns also!

  24. ME!and both my kids.I would loveeee to join I have been looking for a while now for something like this.So TIA

  25. I’d be interested in an online sampler class. The Ask & Share section sounds interesting as well.

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