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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern for Fall: Scarecrow ‘n Pumpkins


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When my niece asked me to draw her a scarecrow, I really wasn’t thinking in terms of hand embroidery (incredibly enough). But this is what we concocted, and I thought I’d pass it on to you, in case you’re looking for something cutesy and fallish to embroider. Maybe if not for you, for the kids – and if nothing else, it can always be a coloring page, right?

Hand Embroidery Pattern: Scarecrow 'n Pumpkins

I can see this fellow embroidered in outlines all in one color (for example, redwork?) or even stitched in a variety of colors. If you really wanted to get elaborate, you could fill the fellow up with color, too. A plaid shirt, perhaps? Patched overalls, a rustic hat in a textured stitch – lots of possibilities!

When you’re doing things like this for a three-year-old, you can always expect a variety of candid responses. Our drawing session went something like this:

Why does his face look like a pumpkin?


Why does he have fireworks in his pockets?

(Uh…. that’s supposed to be hay… )

He doesn’t look very scary.

That’s because you’re not a crow.

Yes, I am.

We don’t do this type of thing too often. She’s cute and all. But she’s my worst critic.

Here’s the PDF:

Scarecrow ‘n Pumpkins Hand Embroidery Pattern (PDF)



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(16) Comments

  1. Oh, Mary!

    Love the scarecrow; he’s adorable, and those cowboy boots are the perfect touch. Tears are rolling down my face, as I read the conversation with you and your niece … having just spent the weekend with our 4 year old grandson, I understand the “translation” perfectly :))) Thanks for sharing.

    Cathy in PA

  2. He is so cute!

    My …. you are a talented artist as well as embroiderer.

    LOL about the questions only a three year old could come up with. Such a delightful age 🙂

  3. Oooo, Thank you for the scarecrow & pumpkins!!!!!!! They’re my favorite for the fall! I don’t get into the scarey stuff! 🙂 Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Es gracioso el dibujo y los momentos compartidos con los niños haciendo trabajitos en común no tienen precio. Gracias por compartirlo.

  5. A delightful day brightener. I’ll be smiling all afternoon. After teaching math, grammar, literature, etc, all day, it’s a treat looking forward to your daily post.

  6. I am laughing too. My almost three year old grandson would ask the same questions. Last year anything with a mask scared him, now he is a ghost for this Halloween WITH a mask. He can me scary, but nothing else!
    Thank you for the free pattern. Your art is great!

  7. Thanks for the scarecrow. Conversations with small children gives your brain quite the workout coming up with fast answers to questions and comments that have long since left our (usually) adult heads.

  8. That is so darling. It would look really cute on a table runner. Hmmmm Probably for next year, because by the time I got it done, it would be Valentines Day. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I’m looking for iron on transfers swans , and Holland boys & girls, and Halloween,thanksgiving. Do u carry them or know some where I can get some. Thank u for your time and help

  10. This post made me laugh so much. Especially the ” Yes, I am.” response!! Thanks again for always being so gracious to share!! 🙂

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