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Oh Happy Day! An Embroidery Thread Give-Away!


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It’s Friday! It’s Spring! It’s my birthday! And it’s a Perfect Day for a Give-Away!

And not just any give-away, but a thread give-away. Yes, that’s right! I’m going to help you feed your embroidery thread addiction!

When it comes to Tangible Things, there’s nothing better than embroidery thread, right? I have a serious infatuation with threads, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

The most appealing aspect of embroidery thread, to me, is the color, and no one does unique, hand-dyed color quite like Colour Compliments, a small embroidery thread business in Canada.

Lorraine at Colour Complements has announced a clearance sale at Colour Complements starting today, and, to kick it off, she thought it would be fun to give Needle ‘n Thread readers a chance to win some of her threads. I wholeheartedly agreed. Any time I have a chance to get thread into an enthusiastic stitcher’s hands, I’m all over it!

Colour Complements embroidery thread

Lorraine’s been producing some new color lines for this year and she’s discontinuing a few types of threads, so it’s time to make some space for the new additions. Hence, the sale. It’s a great way to pick up some fun hand-dyed threads for your embroidery, needlepoint, crazy quilting projects…

My favorite threads from Colour Complements? I love the cotton embroidery floss. It’s hard to narrow down favorite colors, but if I had to, I’d say all the greens and “Colour #1,” which reminds me of summer, lemonade, flowers and sunshine.

The perle cottons are wonderful additions to any thread stash and can be used in all kinds of embroidery pursuits. I especially like sizes 8 and 12 for surface embroidery. And size 5 works great for canvas work, bold crazy quilt seams, and for what I call “chunky stitching” in surface embroidery.

Colour Complements embroidery thread

Give-Away Details & Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks for participating!

Today’s give-away is for six threads of the winner’s choice from the Colour Complements shop.

If you’d like to join in, here are the guidelines:

1. Please leave a comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can get to the comment form directly by following this link, or, if you’re already on the website, just scroll to the end of this page, to the comment section. Comments submitted on any other article or via email are not eligible.

2. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What’s your favorite use for over-dyed threads? This can be a planned use – maybe you haven’t worked with them yet, but you have ideas!

3. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central daylight time (Kansas, USA), Friday, April 15. The winner will be announced that day. (It’s tax day – might as well do something exciting!)

4. Please Note: Replies to other comments on the give-away are not considered entries, so please don’t use the “reply” link below any comment to submit your own entry. Dual entries will be deleted. Please don’t panic if your comment does not show up right away. Comments are moderated to keep the site free of spam.

And that’s it! Easy!

I can’t wait to read your answers to the question above! I love thread talk, and it’ll be fun to hear how other stitchers use over-dyed threads.

Have a splendid weekend!


(1,038) Comments

  1. What a wonderful give-away opportunity! Thank you!
    I am an artist in upstate NY, in the past year I have begun to incorporate
    Embroidery in my work. Embroidery and sewing are very near and dear to my heart, as my Grandmother taught me both skills.

    I would specifically use the thread in a piece from Vameer’s “Girl With
    A Pearl Earring”. I’m recreating this painting with acrylics, watercolors
    And embroidery, with my daughter Chloe as the model! I have been told
    time and time again she resembles the “girl”, so I’m going put her in the headpiece and earrings and begin painting and stitching!!!

    Thank you for this fun opportunity! Sandy

  2. I have not yet used over-dyed threads, but they would make a lovely punch needle floral design. The different shades of blue for the sky with the green grass and vivid flowers in the foreground. This would be so beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday Mary. I hope you have a lovely day. And thanks for all your on going blogs, advice and inspiration



  4. I love to use overdyes in embroidered crazy quilt seams. I love the color variation it gives.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I have not used over-dyed threads yet but would like to try them. I have made several matryoshka doll tree ornaments out of wool felt with free hand embroidery and I would love to make one using these threads. I’m fairly new to your blog and am learning a great deal from it. I look forward to your posts. Thanks for the give-away opportunity.

  6. One word for those threads!!! YUM!!! I am a self confessed ‘thread a holic’ embroidery, sewing or quilting…. I used all kinds of thread… for various purposes…. I am using some pearl for big stitch quilting and these would fill in nicely…. (the quilt is bright)!!!

  7. I like to use this thread type for my mixed media work. They give added depth to each piece with the varying colors and added dimension.

  8. Hi Mary,
    No entry for me, thanks — I just want to wish you a very very happy birthday!

  9. Verigated thread gives such great dimension. I find it thrilling to see what added beauty it gives to a project. It’s the simple things in life that make me happy.

  10. Happy Birthdwy, Mary….best wishes for the coming year. Since I’m on a mission to clear out stash, please do not enter me in the lovely giveaway.

  11. I have used the over dyed threads on some seasonal embroideries but want to try some accent quilting with them.

  12. My favourite use is for samplers. The variation gives an aged look to the piece. It is also neat to know that if someone else used the same thread, the pieces would still be one of a kind.

  13. I am VERY new to actually embroidering although I’ve been addicted to your blog for a few years now. Been reading….now’s the time to do.I’d like to thread paint some small birds with these beautiful threads.

  14. I like using overdyed perle cottons on canvas, and for small things…needle books, scissors cases. They are very nice in Bargello projects.
    Thanks and Happy Stitching.

  15. I love the use the over-dyed threads to do flowers on my crazy quilts…I use lots of jewel tones and anything that can enhance the stitching makes me happy! you have the BEST site for stitching videos and all the information….I encourage all who stitch with me to visit your site regularly ! thanks from Texas

  16. What a lovely give away I love playing with threads and these are new to me so would love to try them. I don’t like working with wool so would use these for canvas work instead of wool.

  17. I have yet to use any over dyed threads but think I would use them in the Christmas ornaments that I have been working on!

  18. As Spring has arrived, I look at all the possible flower color combinations for my garden. I can see the glorious embroidered garden combinations that these lovely threads can create!

  19. Happy Birthday. Have a lovely day. I can have a problem using overdyed threads as I just like to look and admire them. I panic that if I use them I might not get such a nice replacement. But when I can overcome that I love using them on felt to embroider and create lovely little bags or phone covers. Such wonderful colours. Thank you for this chance to win. Mary

  20. Happy Birthday, Mary!
    Hope your day is filled with everything that makes you happiest. I love reading your blogs and hope to be able to continue that pleasant activity for years to come.

  21. I haven’t had the opportunity to use over-dyed threads, there is no where to get them in my area. I’d love to try my bookmarks, some knot work, but its really hard to say. I would like to have the chance to try. Thanks for much for the giveaway.

  22. My head is about to explode with ideas! I have only knit with fiber dyed like this, so I’m almost giddy at the prospect of adding it to my embroidery designs! I am working on a big needle point project, that is abstract with beads and lots of raised stitch variations. I can also see how to work it in with my head embroidery projects where the colors would play off the multicolored beads wonderfully! Yes, I think that’s it! My next bead project for sure!

    Thanks for this exciting give away and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your new year be blessed with good health, much joy and a grand supply of your favorite threads!

  23. I really haven’t used much of this thread but I think canvas work would be my choice.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  24. My favorite use for overdoes threads is everywhere! I used an over dyed black thread for a Halloween cross stitch project and then sprayed it with water before it final ironing and it bled into the fabric so perfectly! It gave an extra eerie Halloween punch to the piece! I don’t recommend wetting the thread but it really worked well in this piece!

  25. Happy B-Day!

    Over-Dyed Thread – is there any other thread? I love doing multi-stitch canvas work with over-dyed thread. The color and patterns just seem to go together.

    I also want to Thank you for such a wonderful website. You inspire me with all of your amazing projects.

  26. I don’t use a lot of over-dyed threads when I do they are usually christmas canvases. I tend to use 3 ply watercolours because It can be used from 1 ply to the 3 ply depending on what is needed

  27. This is first time I have seen these threads. I am new to hand embroidery but many years ago learned some basic stitches. I am now 72 and taking a hand embroidery class and find I am enjoying it so much plus the wonderful women in the class, not to mention our great teacher who has won local awards for embroideried quilts. I would love to experiment with these threads. I was lucky enough to take one class from Judith Baker Montano. She had some beautiful threads for sale too. I would love to do butterflies with these threads. Butterflies are my favorite. Thanks for sending me information about this site. I will be back to purchase threads.

  28. Such beautiful colors! I have not used the Colour Complements threads, but would love to have the chance to do so. Currently, my favorite use of the over-dyed threads are in the “colored with thread” creations.

    I have visions of doing some iris blooms, and the explosion of color from these thread would make lovely variations in the coloring of the irises.

  29. Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful thread. I have used Pearl Cotton when smocking, but have not used over-dyed thread yet. I am looking forward to seeing the effect it has in my needlework.

  30. Overdyed threads are great for pattern darning. Overdyed of one color, like green, is great for tree foliage. Multi-colored are great for the flowers. Overdyed are the spice of an embroidery project.

  31. Happy Birthday! Have a very lovely day. I hope you get some lovely sewing supply gifts!
    I would use the over dyed threads to embroider some lovely monograms from my little boys’ room. How cool would that be, for each of them to have their colorful initials on their wall.

  32. I would love to use this beautiful thread for quilting! I love to embroider crazy quilts and quilt labels, and I also enjoy decorative quilting with Peale cotton. This thread looks beautiful!

  33. Great giveaway.
    My favorite use for this type of thread is hardanger, it gives such a rich contrast to the very plain fabric, but I also like using them for stitched crazy quilt effects. Againsts a solid color the multicolors really show.

  34. Yay us! Give-a-ways rock! I am a fibre artist/embroiderer for as long as I can remember; started with creating art around the holes in my jeans in the 70’s. The overdyed yarns are a colour fix like no other…the question is “what can’t you use them for”. I have a fixation with knots, knots of all kinds, knots for shading, for texture, for dense colour blasts….. you can never have enough thread or colour ….. I shake just thinking about it. Sometimes I just like to line up all my threads and look at them or touch them……oooooooooooh, i know …. gettin wierd
    I couldn’t go on without them.

  35. Happy Birthday and many more!

    I love over dyed threads for quick small projects
    Of florals or animals that I then give as gifts or gift tags.
    Perfect for necklace charms or ornaments or mini samplers.
    They give me lots of color without changing threads
    Constantly. Also great for background stitches!

  36. As a community outreach project, my chapter of the embroidery guild makes bookmarks for an adult literacy group. I would love to try some over-dyed threads for these small projects.

  37. I love the color mixes to make little flowers on hankies. So delicate for the my nieces and the daughters of friends (my son doesn’t think they’re so nice).

  38. What a nice give away.I love over dyed treads and often use them instead of solid ones, to give some depth and shading, or to avoid using several threads, whether for cross-stich, needlepoint, bobbin lace or embroidery.I often buy some because I can’t resist the colour. The last time I used some was green pearl cotton to make a flower stem and leaves.
    Thank you for this give away.

  39. I love using over-dyed threads. They add a wonderful depth with the subtle change in color. Favorite use of them … foliage, flowers, etc. Yep, I like them for everything!

  40. Happy Birthday. Such rich and exciting colors. My primary thought would be to use the thread for embroidery on a jacket I am making my wife to make some really popping designs

    Thank you

  41. I especially enjoy watching the color change as I do geometric canvas work and hardanger.
    Thanks for offering this give away!

  42. I like using over-dyed threads for crazy quilted seam treatments. Lorraine’s threads are so lovely!

  43. I enjoy using multi colored threads in my work. I looked at color #1 and I nearly swooned. I once used a similar color way to make summertime coasters that make me think of pink lemonade. I even made a coaster for a sweaty pitcher. I gave them to my mom who lives in the SW USA. There’s more, but I’ll stop here.

  44. I use embroidery thread to embellish my artwork. Beginning with an acrylic base painting, I then layer papers atop to achieve luminous effects. The crowning topper is adding beautiful threads, beads, shells, found objects to add punch and interest to the pieces. I have to say that these offerings from Colour Compliments are scrumptious! They would add subtle shadings that would compliment the paintings.
    Simply gorgeous stuff!

  45. I like to use overdye for embellishing quilts, doing large fill in areas or long borders where one color tends to get monotonous. They also make great tassels. The variations in shades adds more depth to the finished piece than a single color would and gives it a more painterly appearance.

  46. I haven’t worked with them much, but I’m really looking forward to trying them in surface darning.

  47. Those threads are gorgeous! I can imagine stitching up a garden of flowers with them. My other thought was to make some beaded bracelets on my bead loom.

  48. I look forward to trying over-dyes. I plan to embroider a quilt pattern that was originally embroidery but made into an applique pattern. I will turn it back to embroidery.
    I enjoy your newsletters very much and read them as soon as I see them come in.

  49. I am still a novice at embroidery but have been drooling over over-dyed threads. Wait, that sounds funny but you know what I mean. I love your blog and eagerly await each new post. Thanks for the joy you bring!

  50. I use Lorraine’s wonderful threads in my embroidered landscapes. The variegated colours are wonderful for flowers, foliage, tree trunks, leaves and more. Her cotton floss and perle cotton are great to work with and her rayons and sparkle chainette add just the right amount of glitz to my work. Now I must go and check out her sale:)

  51. I embroider all my tee shirts with whimsical, free-style, free-hand design, and appreciate the rich depth over-dyed threads bring to my wearable artwork!

  52. Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you have a great day!

    A thread give-away… What fun! I’m going to make and embroider a sewing workbox in the shape of a house, full of nifty accessories and these threads would be perfect to use for it. I think it would be cool to create a whole village of houses full of accessories for all kinds of crafts, or hiding little-things clutter.

    Thank you for the give-away!

  53. I would love to try these threads. I am just starting to use threads to embroider my appliqué and quilting, and my mind is full of ideas. Many thanks.

  54. Colour Complements is one of my favourite
    places to buy beautiful threads. Use them in my canvas work they can be used to bring out other colours. I love her hand died Silks I use the #5 as I don’t do surface embroidery to much but do love my canvas work. Also I find that when I make Birthday Cards or Christmas Cards I use my left over threads for the cards. Love it.
    Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great Day

  55. I did a My Big Toe birth sampler for each of my first two granddaughters. It was all in over-dyed green floss. Stunning results. I love to work with over-dyed fibers. They add depth of design easily. Happy Birthday to Mary…wish you many more.

  56. Hi,
    Now that I have finally retired, I am looking forward to doing embroidery work on baby and children’s clothes (grand-daughter will be born in May). I am in need of many colors of thread – so, here’s hoping that I win!

    Thank you,

  57. Happy Birthday Mary! Hope it’s a wonderful day! I’ve just discovered that over dyed threads will be perfect for the large floral design I’m currently working on. Thanks for all your great instructions and ideas

  58. Over-dyes are wonderful to use when surface stitching masses of flowers such as a field of violets or an azalea bush. You get a beautiful variation of shades without needing to change threads frequently. Green over-dyes are ideal for groups of leaves or grasses as they are an easy way to imitate the subtle color shifts when a breeze blows through a field or branches. Colour Compliments threads are such luscious color combinations, they would be a pleasure to use in any embroidery.

  59. I really like over dyed threads because they are great eye candy. I use different colors for embroidering wool appliqué, cotton art quilts, and on thread painted wall hangings. I love the sunshine colors that add light and warmth at the same time.

  60. I have not used much over dyed thread, however, I have a few ideas. Normally I only do cross stitch work but through the SCA I’ve been learning embroidery. I’m trying to put together a pattern to embellish a medieval dress. The bodice of the dress is a deep green and I’m planning a bit of vine work with flowers and buds on it. If it works the way I hope, the shifting colors of the overdyed threads would be a lot closer to the an older form of variegated thread.

  61. Love theses threads, I use them for embellishments on wool embroidery. They add so much to a project.

  62. The first thought that jumped out at me was a beautiful smocked dress I made for my grandaughter using overdyed floss…the dress was a yellow/green batik and I used a overdyed dark green…Then I started using overdyed threads for “crazy quilting” absolutely love them…What a wonderful giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  63. I love Lorraine’s threads! I’ve used them in a few projects and would love to have more to work with. I first started really learning embroidery about two years ago with a Sue Spargo project and she encourages using all sorts of different types of threads, so I began embroidery life with a pretty expanded thread vocabulary. I think it changed my learning curve as I was not only learning stitches but which threads worked best for which stitches and what needles went with everything! Still, it was great fun. So thanks for this opportunity!

  64. Oh Mary I forgot to put into my comment
    Have a very very Happy Birthday. I hope you get all the things you have been wishing for.
    Have a Great Day Don’t eat to much cake.

  65. So beautiful! What luscious colours! As a Canadian I am shocked that I don’t know about these. Thank-you for featuring them. I love to use over dyed threads in embellishment for crazy embroidery. The beautiful threads do almost all the work! Thanks so much……Renate

  66. I love, love, love over dyed threads for surface embroidery. Of late I’ve been printing from my ink jet printer directly to fabric simple line drawings. Picking a beautiful, colored linen and stitching with over dyed threads makes for clean, modern art.

  67. Happy birthday Mary. I have not used over dyed threads and in fact have not heard of them until now, which just proves what a fabulous resource your blog is. I would be particularly interested in trying the floss.
    Best wishes Sue.

  68. I would love to use the thread for filet lace – for both the net and the embroidery.

  69. You know, I could offer some stitching ideas but truly my favorite way to use over-dyed threads is to put them in a pretty jar and set them out where I can admire them until the right project comes along.

  70. I am a quilter and love dyed thread for embellishing fusible appliqué. Thanks for a chance to win such beautiful thread.

  71. Mary,

    I especially like to use overdyed threads on
    cross stitch projects that only call for one
    color; it adds so much interest to the design.

    Pat from Lebanon

  72. Happy birthday, Mary! God grant you many years in health and happiness!! Thank you for this give away.
    I would use these threads in abstract designs or patterns so that I could allow the color variations to take a star role.
    I might also use the thickest thread to make some small crocheted bracelets or decorations for pins.
    There are many options.
    Alessandra in CT

  73. Hi
    I love looking at overdyed threads and would try using them in learning hardanger work.

  74. Thank you for a chance to win some lovely thready. I have never used overdyed thread. I imagine using them in a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

  75. Over the years I have used over dyed threads, such as perle cottons, Wildflowers and Overture, and I must admit that an over dyed thread brings a canvas to life when used as a border, or for areas on a roof, or for grass or sky.

  76. First, let me wish you a Very Happy Birthday Mary!
    I love Lorraine’s threads and just placed a new order with her a couple days ago! I recently finished stitching some simple designs on painted lutrador with variegated pearl cotton. I’m not sure if I’ll use them to make covers for a notebook or a needlekeep, but they will be used somehow. I would use the won threads to stitch more lutradur pieces and colour coordinate the painted fiber to the thread. Then I’d make a small box with the pieces, after embroidering on the surface.
    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  77. Thank you for the opportunity to join this giveaway. I recently taught myself how to Punchneedle Embroidery. I would love to try the hand dyed blended threads in my work. Presently, I am splitting threads using one lighter, medium and darker thread to obtain the shading and depth that I want in my piece.

    Either way, even if I don’t win, now I have another lovely shop to visit and buy from. Thanks for the information.

    Kind regards,


  78. Hey, Happy Birthday, Mary.
    I’m hooked on doing the raised spiderweb stitch that I learned from your site and these beauties would be perfect for that. They are lovely!
    Thanks for the chance to win them.

  79. I have purchased these threads and not only are they produced in such beautiful colors but they are of the highest quality.

    Nothing pleases me more than to purchase from independent supplies who have a great passion.

  80. Happy Birthday, Ares!

    Lorraine’s over-dyes are mouth-watering. Every time I go to her shop, I just think, “GIVE ME EVERYTHING!” It’s very generous of her to sponsor this giveaway. Her greens, oh my gosh, (especially #127, a very springy tone in that one) the greens…I also loooove her pink/yellow colorways. And the blues..

    Anyway, favorite use for overdyes right now is smocking. I use #8 and #12 for that. Being the only little girl in the family right now, my niece continues to be on the receiving end of a lot of handmade dresses and doll clothes from Aunt Liz. Easily half of what I’ve stitched up for her in the past two years has had smocking on it somewhere. I used one of Lorraine’s purple-y blue colorways for my niece’s Elsa doll (yep, “Frozen” is still a thing). There’s a gorgeous pinkish orangey yellow skein that reminds me of chrysanthemums in autumn…

    I should probably just shut up, now, wish you a wonderful day, say thank-you to you and Lorraine for this giveaway, and go to her site to spend some money. 😉

    Happy Birthday again, Mary. Eat all the cake you want!

  81. I have always wanted to try overdyed threads. The colors are so beautiful. I’m thinking flowers or fruit depending on the shades. So love your column Mary. Keep up the great work.

  82. I am just learning to embroidery and have not yet tried over dyed thread but look forward to trying it. LOVE LOVE LOVE needle thread!

  83. Happy Birthday! What a nice giveaway. I love over dyed threads. I’ve used them for monochrome stitching. Thanks for the chance. Teal

  84. Overdyed threads remind me of the variegated threads I learned to embroider with years ago, just on steroids! They add a new dimension to any piece. Love the effect!

  85. Love the gorgeous threads! Would be happy to give them a good home! I am doing more and more embroidery with my wool Applique. I look forward to getting your weekly newsletter and keep your how to videos close at hand!

    Jane Lemley

  86. Good morning Mary!

    I am planning on creating a needle-book/folder using the last design in Hazel Bocamp’s book Crewel Intentions. I would love to ‘win’ thread for the project (and change-up the color scheme). Thanks for the give-away and good luck to everyone.

  87. Happy birthday, Mary!

    I am very new to embroidery and to your blog and have not used over-dyed thread yet, but wow does it look luscious! I imagine it would work well for embroidering a vibrant bouquet of flowers. Thank you for the chance to win!

  88. Happy Birthday Mary 🙂 I didn’t realize we shared the same birthday, I hope you’re having a great day, and that at least there’s no snow where you are (I’m looking outside at a white world).

    To the point though. Great give-away as always 🙂 I haven’t really used over-dyed thread yet, I’m still fairly new to embroidery. But I’ve been working on some hardanger pieces lately and I would love to use some over-dyed threads on a few of those 🙂

  89. I am a big fan of over dyed or variegated threads. I like to use them in fill in areas, like leaves or areas enclosed and then bordered with a complimentary solid colour. Sometimes they take the place of colour planning as that has already been done in the dye process. Using them also means that a pattern never looks the same twice and each leaf (for example) in a single piece looks unique.Also beautiful in mixed media projects. Love them.

  90. I absolutely love overdyes threads! I particularly like to use them in canvaswork projects with many repeats of the same stitch. This really shows the variations in the colours. My favorites are pearl cottons.

  91. I have not worked with the overdyed thread–yet.
    Presently I’m into crewelwork using Appleton’s wool thread. But the main reason I would like to create a “stash” of embroidery thread is my sewing group at my church makes flannel quilts for TX Children’s Hospital in Houson and ties them off with bits of embroidery thread. The babies and toddlers love to play with the thread tails!

  92. I have not used any over-dyed threads, but, they are pretty and I’d love to give them a try! Happy B-Day!

  93. I’m very touch sensitive since I’m a child and I always wanted to knit or crochet but the wool bothered my dry hands . My parents owned a consignment shop and a lady gave them a round hand painted basket . I love the flowers painted on the top but it was the surprise inside that took my breath away when I opened it beautiful deep rich colored skeins of embroidery threads in all colors. I read the tiny gold and black labels that said they were from Ireland. Being part Irish I was thrilled . I was about 13 then and didn’t really know what to do with them. I would take them out and line them up according to their colors . But I never really learned to use them. Years later when I was in my twenties and walking past a small hole in the wall store I saw both needlepoint and embroidery kits to make pictures or pillow cases and I purchased one . The older woman that owned the store gave me basic instructions this was before the Internet so it was that or a book and there nothing better than personal instruction. I’m made about four projects and they were so beautiful three were lost in moving and the fourth is still at my parents home. During the past years I’d been busy with raising children and business that I was too tired to almost think about it. I still enjoy picking up an embroidery needle and choosing colors still gives me a thrill of anticipation as it did when I first opened that hand painted box at thirteen.

  94. Would love to win some threads! I do multi media art, using both paper and fabric. I do stitching on both. I love the varigated colors.
    My birthday was yesterday, would be a wonderful belated gift.

  95. I haven’t used any over dyed threads yet, but I have a flamingo canvas that I have been contemplating over threads and stitches. I was just thinking that the over dyed threads may complement these birds but haven’t fully made up my
    Mind yet. This may be just the ticket !

  96. Oh what delightful delicious colours – I have just started to try some ribbon embroidery and these threads would be an absolutely wonderful compliment to this. Oh yes and A Very Happy Birthday to you and lots more stitching to come xx

  97. This is so exciting! A give away of beautiful threads! I have a couple of antique hand towels that are stamped and ready to embroider. I have been looking for some beautiful thread to complete these towels. These threads would be perfect. In the meantime, I need to order a couple colors just in case my name is not drawn as the winner. Thank you for sharing these beautiful threads!

  98. Thank you for this wonderful give-away. I love to use over-dyed #12 & 8 to do hardanger table runners. It adds unexpected color to the piece. I also love to use over-dyed threads on my needlepoint canvases.

  99. I embroider albs for my son and have used the threads there. Also, for general embroidery I use kits and love to change up the colours using over dyed and variegated. These would be a wonderful addition.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Sue

  100. I haven’t used over dyed threads yet. They are beautiful colors! I am planning a blanket for a gift to my Grandson and have thinking about doing embroidery on it. I’m thinking these brilliant colors would be perfect on it for a toddler!

  101. First, may I wish you a very happy birthday. You have had a very difficult year, so your celebration has much more meaning than usual.

    I absolutely delight in the spectrum of colours available to stitchers!
    I’m particularly thrilled that this give-away is from a Canadian supplier.
    To me, colour is the food of life and I couldn’t live without it. Colour, whether thread, paint or the evening sunset, takes my breath away!
    If I had to choose a colour palette it would be peaches and turquoise. Those shades remind me of the beauty of flowers, the horizon between water and sky and the heat of the sun in the desert. If I had to choose just one shade it would be a fine weight cotton turquoise.
    Thank you.

  102. Very Happy Birthday Mary! And may your year go well for you.
    I love to teach children new stitches using these vibrant threads. Just a few squiggly lines of Colour Complements’ perle cotton in different stitches and they have an instant picture! Smiles all round!

  103. I have recently developed a fascination with dark linens (such as charcoal or indigo) embroidered with fresh bright floral crewel, so I think that is where this thread would eventually take me. To be honest though, initially I would probably just pet and stroke it lots, and sigh!

  104. Well, a very Happy Birthday to you, Mary!! I hope your day is wonderful. And, thanks for sharing the joy of playing with a new thread.

    I love using over-dyed threads when working a monochromatic piece. It’s wonderful to see the subtle shading expressed throughout the piece without having to keep track of what will show up where.

  105. I absolutely love every shade of thread in this amazing shop! I’m working on creating a quilt of embroidered Raggedy Ann and Andy story scenes. I have 3 scenes completed so far and these lovely threads would be a wonderful addition to my creation! Thank you very much for the chance to win!

  106. Mary,
    First, happy birthday! Oh, how I love over dyed threads and ribbons. I have used the color compliments threads and love them, plus other brands. Lorraine had a brown that she suggested for trees. I used it for a tree in one of Kathy Shaw’s class. It turned out beautifully. Have really just started my journey in Crazy Quilting and find it very sad not to find supplies locally, so to win these wonderful threads would be the icing on the cake.



  107. I love doing blanket stitch around applique and just like I don’t use solid color fabric I don’t use many plain threads. I like to use unexpected color which only comes from unexpected thread. I like texture so mix all sizes of thread in a piece. I have fun doing fun.

  108. Ooo! My favorite use for overdyed threads is in counted cross-stich, where you can vary the effects by using them straight, using them plied with solid colors, using just sections, or stripping the plies and turning half of them around and recombining. Overdyed threads can really jazz up a “monochromatic” sampler. One can never have enough variegated threads!

  109. Happy Birthday!

    I love pretty threads and yarns! I haven’t used over dyed threads, but I have in yarn and I love it. I think I’d like to try these in a sampler…

    Take care.

  110. First Happy Birthday Mary. I have thoughts of a stitch sampler whirring around in my thread obsessed brain. I’ve never used overdyed threads yet!!!

  111. I would use them to embellish the Sue Spargo quilt I am making. They would be the perfect complement to the bright colored fabrics I’m using.

  112. Many years ago, I had my first encounter with over dyed floss while stitching a reproduction sampler for my mom. It was a joy to see how the floss worked up! The sampler hangs on my wall again, as my mom has passed away, but I’ll never forget the fun of discovery!!

  113. No way! It’s my birthday today too! I am 50 today! Happy Birthday to you, Mary! I have never used over-dyed threads, but love color and the feel of good quality thread. I’ve been experimenting with embroidered pendants…not sure if that’s a good fit, but would love to have the opportunity to try! 🙂

  114. I love overdyed perle 5 giving extra flair to my Temari. How fortunate I would be to have the luck to share in today’s giveaway of Lorraine’s beautiful threads. Peggy.

  115. I love using them on large floral patterns on full skirts. I just picked up a pattern from Jenny at Sublime Stitching… now on to the skirt and stitching. Yes, I’m the mom at the skate park in a beach chair stitching away.

  116. Dear Mary

    A very, very Happy Birthday to you I hope you have a wonderful day and the sun is shinning for you on this Spring day. I’m not entering the competition but just hoping you have a lovely Day and a lovely weekend. Thanks for the opportunity of the give-away and I hope who ever wins will enjoy the lovely threads.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  117. Favorite use of overdyed threads: Instead of using one color (such as red work or black work), I love to make pincushions using an somewhat intricate pattern and one color of overdyed thread; sometimes I use beads, buttons, or other embellishments — whatever seems right with the pattern, colors, and my mood of the day. And thanks for the chance to win such an intriguing prize. These threads look luscious! And Happy Birthday to you.

  118. Wow, let me see. Landscapes, gardens, trees, and crazy quilt blocks. I love sharing my thread with my Tuesday Circle of beginners in my home. The over-dyed thread makes their work look so exciting. Smiles all around the table. I had a free mentor for five years and now I’m paying it forward.

  119. Great give-away! I’m retiring soon and for the past year have been thinking/planning/collecting for a 4 Seasons crazy quilt, including drooling over over-dyes. Colour Complements’ are beautiful. Happy Birthday!

  120. My favorite use for over dyed threads? Endless…….I especially love leaves and vines in varied shades of green and the trunks and bark of trees in shades of brown over dyed thread. Flowers in pinks and yellows, purples and reds, the uses are endless for me. I am a surface embroiderer who also loves crazy quilting, I use overdoes pearl cotton #12 consistently.

  121. I love to use my threads to embroider and embellish all sorts of crazy quilt projects and gifts.

  122. I often add embroidery to my quilts. Using over-dyed threads add a wonderful dimension to them. The colors are so vivid! If I want a whimsical look to my quilts, I will use perle cotton for my hand quilting stitches.

  123. I love over dyed threads, and use them almost exclusively for my
    needle painting portraits. The varigation is perfect for creating the
    look of painted brush work.

  124. I teach sewing to young girls and make sure that they all do at least one embroidery project. They love using over-dyed threads to create their projects. One told me that these type of threads are ‘the best, as it’s like magic the way the colours change’
    As I live on a tiny island in the Caribbean it is impossible for me to buy craft supplies here, so I have a large stash that the girls love picking through. Adding some of these beautiful Colour Complements threads would be wonderful, and I’m sure they would be the first ones used on the next project!

  125. O frajous day! What a wonderful give away!
    What’s my favorite use for over-dyed threads? Well, in Crazy Quilting, especially wool CQ, I love to use them for seam treatments, but also stitching down wool applique and motifs. Subtle shifts of color make the work (doing it and looking at it) more lively.

  126. I love to use overdyed threads for nature – trees, sky, water – to give the look of movement and shadows without using lots of different individual colors.

  127. I especially want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Each one is special and I hope this one is the happiest and most special.

    I think the threads are lovely … If I won them I would use the blues (especially) for a surface embroidered tea cosy I am planning!

    Again, wishes for many many MANY more happy birthdays!

  128. Happy Birthday to a fellow Aries!

    These threads are just beautiful! I have a wonderful black and white photograph of my mother as a young woman, staining in a field holding a rifle, which I want to print out on fabric and use as a base for a crazy quilt piece. The photo will be in the center and will be framed by various silks and velvets. I plan to use some dyes to add some soft color to the photo and then add embroidery to both the photo and the seams of the “frame.” These threads would be perfect for that project.

  129. I’m new to needlework.Most of my life I knit.I started needlepoint a couple of years ago. Imostly use pearl cotton 5 on 18 count canvas. I would love to use the over dyed threads in a sampler,so that I would familiarize myself with them. I love doing new stitches with new threads. Thank you Sally in Ojai,Ca.
    Ps I love your blog.

  130. They would give a unique look to my piece. Any time you can get something that is not mass produced is a real treasure!

  131. Happy Birthday Mary!

    Wow! What gorgeous colors! Simply drool-worthy!

    I like using over-dyed fibers for simple projects. I have an angel Christmas ornament that is personalized for each family member. I have a couple of bookmark charts that are perfect for an over-dyed thread. Teresa Wentzler has a free XS chart of a dragon that she designed for a stitcher to select an over-dyed thread, then guides the stitcher to develop their own colorway. I wish I could learn other ways of using these threads as they as so beautiful and fun to stitch!

  132. I have recently started to embroider a monogram initial for my granddaughter. The over dyed threads are wonderful for the flower embellishments.

    Thanks for this give away! And Happy Birthday Mary!

  133. Happy birthday dear Mary, may it be one of many many more. Hope you are feeling much better. Thank you for your letters, so much enjoyed and appreciated always. Peggy

  134. I like to thread paint landscapes. I use overdyes and blends in my work. They are fun to embroidery and just
    Ike mixing paints.

  135. COLOR! SPRING! On this cloudy/rainy/windy day I long for warmth and color. I love overdyed threads because they can make beautiful whimsical pieces. Cotton floss #127 reminds me of pastures and woods and wonderful green growing things. Perle cotton size 12 color #165 reminds me of glorious sunsets, while sampler threads #8 is just begging for a water scene with its moody blues and sparkle. So much fun to browse!

  136. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine was yesterday! And I wish you many more happy years to come. Secondly , the thread that is pictured is spectacular! The color gradients are hard to find especially ones that are offered in the stores. There is no such animal! I haven’t done this before so I hope that I am doing it right. Thank you for your site it helps me a lot and have a great and blessed birthday.
    Theri Burke

  137. I use over-dyed threads (mainly perle no 8 or 12) for Kantha work on patterned fabric. My favourite relaxing thing is to buy bags of left over strips from retailers who cut fabrics for sale, tack them on to calico and use Katha work to stitch them down. Then I embellish with beads and turn the fabric into make-up bags.
    I checked out your colour#1 – gorgeous. I have a canvas work box and pin cushion I made in those colours with a little gold for bling!!

    Happy birthday Mary, I love your emails and I am so pleased you are medication free for a few weeks. There are so many of us out here that are thinking of you and wishing you well.

  138. I am a canvass stitcher and I love the pearl cottons. I use them for all manner of areas. I design my own work. I don’t use Kits.

  139. Happy Birthday, Mary. I would use over-dyed threads for flowers (using bullion knots), grass and tree trunks (stitched vertically). Changes in color can add so much interest!!

  140. I have just decided to hand quilt, with over dyed Perle cotton, my very first Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. Color Complements has the perfect selections.

  141. Happy Birthday!!!

    I love using over-dyed threads on black-work patterns. I suppose it’s far from traditional but I love the way the flow of color across a repeating pattern looks.

  142. I have never used over-dyed threads before! The colors are lovely and I would love the chance to use them in creating appliqué pieces to be used on my daughter’s wedding dress. I also make earrings with floss as well and would love to give this thread a go in making some new pieces! Thank you for this incredible giveaway!

  143. I love to use overdyes in monochromatic designs, to liven up the mass of one-color stitching.

  144. I am new to embroidery, but would love to use this thread for a new Bible scripture project I’m working on!

  145. Happy Happy Birthday! How nice of you to give away a gift on your special day!

    The over-dyed threads shown in your photos look delightful! I have never tried this type of thread before. I can “see” these threads stitched into your pattern entitled “Be Ye Thankful” which is on my “things to stitch” list!

    I hope you have a wonderful day…

  146. I have not used these threads yet but would love to try with hand quilting on a new red work or baby quilt I am working on. I have surface embroidered the panels and these threads would be great for the quilting on the frame surrounds! Happy Birthday, hope it’s a fun one.

  147. I have used these threads in my Stumpwork projects and in my needlepoint designs. I love the colors. I have so many projects I could use them on.

    Happy Birthday Mary, hope all goes well with your treatments and it will soon be over.. Avril

  148. I particularly love using overdyed threads for a field of grass, with the thread colors giving a hint of wildflowers sprinkled throughout and also to show the subtle differences in the colors of grasses. I love them for skies and water, too. Actually, I love them for just about everything. It’s great fun to see what color patterns spill out of the thread!

  149. I sewed when I was young and stopped as family and work took over my time. I have recently fallen in love with wool applique and would love to try some of this beautiful thread with the designs I work on. I’m currently working on a sampler to practice stitches and learn new ones. This thread would be a bonus for my work.

  150. Happy Birthday Mary!!!
    And thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!
    I adore overdyed threads, especially pearl cotton. They’re great for embroidering flowers. And I love to embroider flowers on things – I could do it all day long 🙂

  151. I do a lot of wool applique and the over-dyed threads add a lot of interest–love them!

  152. I love over died threads especially for crazy quilting.i can never have too much choice.and how did I ever miss knowing about a Canadian source? For me it means no exchange or customs problems.

  153. Thank you for having this type of contest. I live in Texas and am primarily a quilter but I add embroidery work to a great many of my pieces. I love all kinds of thread but I drool over special embroidery threads. I’m always looking for different embroidery threads to use on my wool applique pieces. It adds life and vitality to the wool that I can’t seem to achieve any other way.

  154. My favorite use for over-dyed threads is anything to do with Crazy Quilting. I have used all of the knowledge that I gleaned in my previous embroidery work and taken it over into doing “Crazy Quilting” and you can never have enough thread. I sometimes find myself doing a design on a work project that is only an inch long. Depending on the design I choose it can use as much thread as a design for a 3 to 4 inch long run. Thanks again Mary and God Bless. Karen

  155. I have checked out the colors and have made my list. They are gorgous. Might just hand them up as they are to view always.

  156. I really like over dyed threads in cross stitch. They look beautiful worked up!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  157. I’m a new stitcher and have just started a mystery piece that will use overdyed thread for some sections. The Colour Complements are beautiful and wonderful to have in my accumulating “stash!”
    Best wishes for a happy birthday! kk

  158. I would love to be a fly on the wallpaper in Lorraine’s studio where she creates the lovely colors of the rainbow. And since my granddaughter and I love to search for rainbows, I do think I would use my new threads for just that. I would make a picture of Millie watering her garden following a brief shower. Unbeknownst to her, a rainbow is gracing the afternoon sky right behind the flower garden. When she turns to go into the garden shed, she will surely see the beautiful colors that have been magically painted in the sky. For the beauty of the earth…..for the blessings of the day….we give thanks!

  159. Love over dyed threads! I would use these in a current obsession I have, trees.
    Lately I have begun a fascination with embroidered trees and over dyed threads would look beautiful incorporated into the piece!

  160. I love colors. I am slowly learning Needlepainting and would like to make my own designs with overdyed threads. I think they are lush and beautiful and I can’t possibly choose a favorite!

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

    Happy Birthday!

  161. I haven’t had the opportunity to use these beautiful threads yet but can see the beautiful flowers they can become, or maybe leaves in a tree , or some sunset clouds, oh so many ways

  162. Thanks for this great opportunity.I love over-dyed threads.I have used thses threads embroidering trellies,floral and geometrical patterns where a continuity in design in maintained.Shadow work with over-dyed threads in floral patterns looks very beautiful.We can give a good shaded -varigated- multicolor effect even with a single thread.

  163. hello mary..would love to use these colors in a set of ornaments I am embroidering for my three daughters..
    and a very happy birthday to you

  164. I have not used “over dyed” thread yet but would love to give it a go. I do lots of stitching and sewing, especially for my granddaughter. I am currently working on an alphabet sampler for her and think this kind of thread would be marvelous for some aspects of it.
    A huge thank you to Mary for having gotten me started in embroidery at the ripe old age of 61! I have watched all of your videos multiple times and read your web articles voraciously. Keep up the great work.
    D. Becker

  165. Lately, I’ve been using fine overdyed perle cotton threads for bobbin lace. I love the way that the colour can make a simple piece of lace with a basic repeat pattern look special. It means I can whip up a simple bookmark as a birthday present for a friend, and it doesn’t look simple at all!

  166. Dear Mary – Hope you are having a wonderful day and fondest wishes for the year ahead. Thanks again for the lovely give away and I would use them to incorporate into an embroidery which our Embroiderers Guild is doing to celebrate Capability Brown. I think the flowers would just pop out so well in those mixed colours and save a lot of thread changing!
    All good wishes especially for today and all the days to follow. Eleanor x

  167. I’d love to try some new techniques with the overdyed thread – lately I’ve mostly been creating felt Christmas ornaments because they’re cute, easy, and I can give them away as presents. Maybe a star-shaped piece with overdyed thread fill to create a kind of sparkling effect..!

  168. Currently my favorite use for over-dyed threads has been in my embroidery on paper greeting cards. I had a happy accident while preparing a sample to use when teaching the technique to my EGA chapter. I needed a striking color for my sample and just pulled a variegated over-dyed skein. It made the cutest card. Had I not been in a hurry I might never have thought of it!

  169. Happy Birthday! I love using over-dyed threads in crazy quilting. Love the results. Thank you for a chance to win a gift on your birthday. Linda S. Pewaukee WI

  170. What a glorious riot of color. I have already picked out my first two projects with these threads. The first is a darling necklace I saw on Pinterest fashioned from floss for a grand-daughter, and the second a smocked linen blouse for myself. I have never seen these threads and thank you for bringing them to my attention.Nancy

  171. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Mine is on Sunday and I will be celebrating my big 70.

    I am a threadaholic, just a bit I just love them, can’t resist, like a child in a sweetie shop.

    Needlelace is my number one technique, variegated hand dyed threads just call out to be worked in needlelace, they give such a lovely effect.

    Oh they would just fit right in with the rest of my collection.

    Have a great day.

  172. These threads are so beautiful. I like to use pearl cotton overdyes for Hardanger. They really make a Hardanger piece “pop.” I also like to use overdyes which making leaves with surface embroidery. Leaves made with overdyes have so much beauty.

    Thanks for a great giveaway.
    Judy C

  173. Oh my goodness, don’t get me started! Threads are, well, threads, what other reason do you need for wanting them :-)?
    I love using hand-dyed and variegated threads, some of my favourites being Caron and Threadworx, and finding a new one definitely cheers my day (or week. or month.)

    In the past I’ve used hand-dyed stranded cotton for monochrome cross stitch patterns (like Ink Circles), and Caron’s Watercolours for an adaptation of a monochrome Madonna and child for Christmas cards (shaped satin stitch is SO much quicker than cross stitch or even half cross stitch!), but most of all I use hand-dyed perles (or threads of comparable thickness) for Hardanger.

    Looking at the available colours there are some really bold ones as well as more subtle ones that I think would create beautiful effects in Hardanger pieces, even if I have to design something specifically to fit the colour!

  174. My favourite use for these threads would be smocking. I love the colour gradations in these threads and would love to try them in my next project!

  175. Mary,

    Happy happy birthday. I hope it is a lovely day filled with friends, family, and your favorite needlework.

  176. I have not yet used over-dyed threads, but I would love to try! I would love to try them as part of a bloom, on a seam as part of a decorative edge. It would add a bit of whimsy to a stitched quote. And something is telling me it could bring something to shading with long and short stitch. Thanks for introducing us to Colour Complements! Hope your birthday is amazing:)

  177. I love overdyed threads – for everything in my needlepoint. I especially like them for shaded skies, foliage, and flowers. Brick paths and distant groundcovers are great too. I even love them for animal fur. I use overdyes all the time.

  178. I have just started using over-dyed threads in a cross stitch picture. I love the dimension it gives a piece. It creates depth and texture, I will be using it more often in future projects. Happy Birthday!

  179. Okay, I’ve got a newbie question. Please define over-dye for me. Is it more dyed than other thread? Is it to do with it having more than one colour?

    (Note, I’ll pass on the competition.)

  180. Use for dyed threads.

    I work with vintage cloth and try to reuse everything !
    I pops of cool that come from the new thread against the older and sometimes faded thread make a great effect

  181. Happy birthday, Mary! Hope you have a lovely day. Thanks for the giveaway with yummy fibers. It’s hard to have too many… Overdyed threads are best used for foliage, samplers, alphabets, animals, hair, clothing and almost anything that doesn’t require exact shading such as human faces and hands!

  182. Always something new to consider! I was always suspicious of these ‘random dyes’, as they never seemed to work for me, but recently I tried blending one strand with a plain dyed strand to do the petals of a stylised water lily/lotus flower in an image of a leaping koi carp (very orientally symbolic!)Using a light green to cream with a plain cream worked a treat, so I’ll be keeping a more open mind from now on. Thanks for the opportunity, Mary!

  183. I like over dyed threads for my fall and thanksgiving projects the colors just flow like fall leaves. I’m just starting a new project. Embroidering my 8 dining room chair seats each one with a different seashell or ocean animal ie jelly fish. This is a monochromatic project with a silky fabric that looks like silver sand and DMC pearl #762 a lovely silver. These colors work with my new house.

  184. What lovely threads!

    I have been wanting to do a framed monogram…forever….and would love to do it in subtle variegated colors that provide some shading!

    Thanks for this opportunity to enter the contest…and hope you are feeling well!

  185. I am trying to finish a embroidery fairy tale quilt for my grand children and need a flowered walkway for Little Red Ridding Hood. The thread would be perfect. Happy birthday Mary and thank you for all you do

  186. I use overdyed threads for whimsical elements. I’m pretty new to this so the overdyed threads add a lot of interest to simple elements for me. They look fancy on a simple piece.

  187. Hi Mary, I would use the threads on wool appliqué projects – where the perle cottons “pop” against the wool – both color-wise and texture-wise. I have a pattern for a scissors/needle keep that would be perfect for these threads, and I’m in the thinking/design stage of another wool project that would showcase these pretty “perles”very nicely. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  188. I am primarily a counted cross stitcher and find overdyed threads invaluable.
    Whether trying to emulate a vintage look on a sampler, or shadings on a tree trunk or leaves, overdyed threads are the way to go. In addition, they are wonderful eye candy! I love to see the colors transition as I stitch – some changes subtle, some more dramatic. Overdyed threads raise the level of your completed project.

    1. Since I saw your reader’s recent fantastic rendering of the peacock with variegated Sulky threads, I have had the urge to try something similar in a more free-form textile art creation. These beautiful over dyed threads would be wonderful for such a project. I have never used the Colour Complement brand but they look divine and I would reserve them for something very special and creative.

      I follow your daily posts faithfully and really appreciate them – love your blog, Mary. Thanks for continuing it through thick and thin and wish you all the very best!

  189. I’ve never used overdyed threads, but I think I would pick something in an all green scheme (like Perle Cotton size 5 #173) or yellow/tans (like Perle Cotton size 5 #191) for landscape embroidery. I’ve done one landscape embroidery (inspired by Monika Kinner’s work) and I think the variegated colors would really work well for grass.

  190. Happy birthday!!! I wish you a splendid year with beautiful embroidery and GOOD HEALTH!!!! I wish you continued success with Needle and Thread!

    Thank you for this giveaway and for showing a fellow Canadian artist! I just love hand dye threads, particularly the varigated kind! I do mostly cross-stitch and I like to use varigated threads with “whitework” designs or celtic knotwork designs, for bookmarks usually. They make great gifts! Thank you again!

  191. Happy Birthday!

    I have to be honest; I have no idea what I would do with this threads. But, I would absolutely do something. I just haven’t thought of it yet.

    Pick me!

  192. Dear Mary,
    Since I started doing needle painting about 8 years ago,I always find a way to incorporate variegated threads in my embroidery as well. Those threads are really so useful. At the moment I am using variegated threads for a tree trunk and it work oh so well. It helps tremendously when you have a rather large area to embroider.
    Enjoy your birthday and my biggest wish for you is a complete recovery and only good health from now on xxx

  193. Happy Birthday,Mary. I have not used over-dyed threads yet but I want to do some crazy quilting using hexagons and those beautiful beautiful threads. Currently I do quiet a bit of quilting
    and just general sewing.
    Wishing you a Happy Stitching Day!

  194. What a great giveaway! I love to use the over dyed threads in my embroidery work on crazy quilt seams. It gives such a beautiful variation and “texture” to the embroidery work! Beautiful colors.

  195. Happy Birthday!! I would like to try a needlepoint on canvas piece. so many colors to choice from could spend hours looking and thinking of ways to use them. also would like to use on a quilt and venture into crazy quilting.

  196. I would use the threads in an art journal that I’m working on mostly through embroidery. I love Colour Complements and have ordered from there before. Thanks for this opportunity. I’m heading to her shop right now!

  197. I don’t know how I would use these threads as I’m a beginner. I generally like to use colors to do big stitch hand quilting so that’s where I would start. Happy birthday.

  198. Dear Mary,

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns. Please escuse if you have had this before from me, the last one bought up an Error!

    I will be celebrating my high 70 on Sunday, and I am a self confessed threadaholic.

    My love of needlelace us my first choice, but I do and still learning other techniques of hand embroidery. Variegated hand dyed threads just shout out to be worked in needlelace, and I would love to win and add to my stash.

    From Spring sunshine in Windsor. UK.

    Have a great day, Carol.

  199. Best use of variegated threads for me is for use in landscapes…water, the sky, leaves or grass. Nature isn’t a stagnant color. I will always pull the overdyeds for nature.

    Thanks for this opportunity,
    Denise Story

  200. Your threads are wonderful! My favorite use is for temari balls–the changing colors make patterns much more interesting and less predictable, while still maintaining the accuracy the technique requires. Thanks!

  201. I love the spontaneity of over-dyed threads when used in crazy-quilt seams and would probably use Color Complements in that way. When the blends are done by a color master, such as your donor, the results are particularly rewarding.

  202. These over-dyed thread are beautiful! I’ve started doing some art quilting and think they would be fun to work with. They also would work great in my crazy quilting pieces.

    Happy Birthday!

  203. I love thread, all weights and embroidery thread is one of my weaknesses. My silk thread collection has to be one of my treasures.

    Have a wonderful birthday and my sincere best wishes for many more happy stitching years.

  204. ENABLER, yes Mary you are an enabler. I didn’t get past the words Colour Complements and Sale before I was on their site placing an order. Yes, you are definitely an enabler!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I am a crazy quilter. I live for great threads!! Since these threads are specifically dyed for crazy quilters I have been told that they have short distances between color changes. Perfect for seam treatments. You will laugh, but probably my favorite use for them is to just look at them in a beautiful pile of color. just looking at all that gorgeous variety makes my heart sing. Will I use them in my crazy quilting? Of course, but first i will just put everything in a pile and gaze at it a while.

    Thanks to both you and Colour Complements!!

    1. By the way – I forgot to say …


      I hope the coming year is healthier and happier for you. May it be filled with family, friends and lots of time for stitching. All the best & Happy Stitching!


  205. I’m about to restart a project that is a grouping of small flags ( think prayer flags like) each I’d drawn thread work on happy colors of hand dyed linen. Wouldn’t this thread be the perfect thing?

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  206. I haven’t had a chance to work with overdyed threads in embroidery – yet 🙂 I’m visiting my sister, who’s sick, in TX, from MI, which is all snowy still, whereas her garden is full of roses, mostly pink with some white and yellow, and irises and a few late daffodils and jasmine and clematis and other flowers. I *love* flowers! To be able to use overdyed threads to stitch flowers and greenery would just be the perfect way to convince myself spring will in fact eventually arrive at home!


  207. The invention of over dyed threads is the best! I have used them as the background on a Christmas stocking..if you take two threads and reverse them to each other, you get a wonderful blended shade. I have also used them for trees and to create Bargell Easter eggs on 18 count canvas. Thank you to Mary and Lorraine for thinking of us with this contest. And Happy Birthday Mary!

  208. I would use the luscious threads in flower embroidery. What wonderful colors! A non embroidery use is in kumihimo to make gorgeous braids.

  209. I love trying new threads. I have worked with some over dyed silk threads for special projects in the past but not cotton. The colors are amazing and can’t wait to try them out.

  210. Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for offering this give away. I love using variegated threads in needlepoint. Really enjoy experimenting with different stitches to see how the colors come out. These types of threads add so much life and surprise to my projects
    Best wishes to you on your special day and for many more to come

  211. A clearance sale and a give-away? Oh happy day!

    I haven’t embroidered with overdyed thread yet (which is odd considering that I have used overdyed yarn and fabric for every conceivable application) but I’ve been wanting to try some for a floral embroidery on the front pocket of a purse.

  212. I didn’t know about these, but they are amazingly beautiful! And from Canada, no less! I think I would love to use them as embellishments on monochrome quilting projects.

  213. I love threads of any type but I particularly love over dyed threads. I love the play of colour as you stitch. I have been doing a lot of applique using felt and fabric and embroidering the flowers and leaves to give them more texture and vibrancy. It’s great fun and no rules so you can really let your imagination and your fingers run wild. And using over dyed threads in different colours is just the best. I like feather stitch down the centre of leaves because it shows off the change of colour. My fingers are twitching already. Have a lovely birthday and try not to think about the taxes. Roma

  214. I use overdyed threads A LOT! Ido a lot of nature scenes and they’re great for that shading effect. I also do a fair amount of crazy quilting and they’re perfect for bumping up the effect of a seam embellishment.

    Although I don’t normally do counted tings, I have done a few and again the shading possibilities are great.

  215. Hi Mary–thanks to you and Lorraine for the giveaway. I follow her blog…

    My favorite use for overdyed threads is in Hardanger. I use them for the Kloster blocks, then use solid colors for the weaving and filling stitches. I love the way they add a pop to the finished project.

    Depending on the subject, I also like to use them for needle painting. The subtle coloring in some of the shades (browns, grays) can make really nice animals.

    Carol S.

    1. Oh, and happy birthday! I got so excited about talking about the threads that I forgot to mention that!

  216. Good Morning Mary, I would love using these threads for embroidery on a pillowcase for my little grandsons!! They love colorful designs and if it was to run when washed they would love that too, the more color the better. Thanks for all you share with us !

  217. Happy birthday, Mary! I have never used over dyed threads but this opportunity to do so thrills me. I think I would use the cotton floss for thread painting – probably flowers, and the #5 #8 and #12 perle cottons for hardanger in pastel shades.

  218. I love to use the over dyed threads for small projects, where these types of threads seem to stand out. On Biscornu’s pincushions, scissor cases, needle cases and fobs. I also thought of a sampler with butterflies I would use them on. In fact any nature inspired piece would lend it self to these types of threads.

  219. That’s a hard question! I’ve only occasionally used over-dyed threads and that was on cross stitch. I love the idea of using those pearl cottons for hardanger. Kloster blocks gradually changing color… mmm! I like the sound of that!

    Happy Birthday, Mary! You bring so much joy to our lives, I hope your day is full of joyful returns!

  220. Love threads!!!!! I have plans to use over dyed threads on some embroidered blocks that I will then incorporate into a quilt. I love to use these types of threads on basic line drawings. The one I am working on now are floral bouquets. Good luck to all entries!!!

  221. Happy Birthday, Mary!!
    I’ve been planning to make a stitch sampler and these threads would be fantastic to use! I will be using various stitches and doing them in different threads, just to see what the final effect is. Sometimes you don’t know what a stitch will look like in a specific thread until you try it, so it would be fun to have such beautiful threads to try out. It’s going to be hard to choose which colors to use first!

  222. These are gorgeous colors. Wow! I use these threads for embellishing wool applique project.

    Mary, you are amazing. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  223. I like over-dyed floss for small geometric motifs in crossstitch and perle cottons for Huck weaving ( if colour fast)

    Happy Birthday!

  224. Happy birthday!! I am totally a thread addict, and adore over-dyed threads. I really enjoy Banu Demerel’s designs (Seba Designs), and love using over-dyed threads in her geometric blackwork.

  225. Beautiful colors! I’m just learning Hardanger and would like to work with overdyed perle cotton. This would be a great introduction to a new style of colors and to a new company for me.
    Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your blog.

  226. Pearl cotton is my favorite thread and I have used it in many techniques. The overdyed pearl #5 thread is wonderful for making Temari balls as well as canvas work. The floss is wonderful for cross-stitch. I love seeing the spontaneous patterns that develop as one stitches with over-dyed threads.

  227. Happy Birthday Mary. Hope you have an awesome day!
    I like to recreate my landscape photos by stitching them so need lots of shades of blues and greens and golds. I would be most pleased to add these overdyes to my stash should I be the winner.

  228. I’ve never used over-dyed threads, but I would love to use them on some little girl dress, fruity accents for summer, or a summery smocked design.

  229. Birthday greetings!
    Being new to stitching, I am overwhelmed by the thread choices! All of the Colour Complements look simply gorgeous to me. I would use these threads to create a vivid workbox with utility pieces.

  230. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve never used over-dyed threads. I’d definitely try them in some abstract pieces.

  231. I enjoy using overdye thread in my needlepoint while working in sky or water areas.

    Thank you for the give away chance!!

  232. I do a lot of embroidery but have not used these particular types of thread. I am starting a journey with art quilts and would love to use them on this journey.

  233. Nothing makes me happier than sitting with needle and thread. This is a lovely collection of threads.

  234. Happy Happy Birthday Mary!!!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead with good health, happiness and great stitching!
    I LOVE over-dyed threads and would love to try some from Colour Complements (especially since they are Canadian, like me!)
    I find most surface embroidery projects are great for variegated or over-dyed threads.
    I am currently using over-dyed threads for a sampler.

  235. I’m a crazy quilter and love over-dyed thread, floss and #12 perle cottons are my favorites. I usually have an over-dyed thread in almost every seam treatment as it sets up a nice colorway. Love using the thread for flowers too. Its an easy way to provide shading in each blossom. Lorraine, thank you for your talents! Happy Birthday, Mary!

  236. I have had a love affair with perle cottons since I first encountered them – long, long ago. Back then I used them for embroidering on jeans for my friends. I still like to stray from the straight and narrow and see where a project takes me. Surface embroidery, of course.

  237. Happy Birthday
    I have not worked with those threads but they look like a lot of fun.
    Lovely colors to brighten up our day.
    I would love to get my girl scouts introduced to embroidery.

  238. I think these would be great for adding embroidered detail to the knit or felt toys that I like making.

  239. I haven’t used over-dyed threads yet, but plan to use them for flower motifs on my next crazy quilt project.

  240. At last this time I have a comment for your giveaways.Best use, for backgrounds for say small trees, cover all the shape for leaves, with varigated, and put a few leaf shapes in solid colors I want to show off and the leaf colors become much very different . Easy shading. Charlie

  241. Happy Birthday, Mary!!!!
    I think I’d use over dyes in a crazy quilt. They’d be lovely on the seams where they’d be featured in assorted stitches.
    Enjoy your special day!

  242. A very Haapy Birthday and Happy Spring and happy no more snow (I think) I have use over dyed thread along with other embroidery threads on my counted cross stitch projects. I like the way it makes my pieces look vintage and folksy.
    Thanks for all you share in your blog with us!

  243. First, HAPPY B-DAY!!!
    Wow… those threads are really gorgeous!!! I do cross stitch, use different sizes and types of threads to give texture, but also the shiny and the beauty of the colors. The variegated colors give a special touch, “mimicking” the nature, “breaking” the same tone, giving more variety on the design.
    Thank you for sharing with us all the beauty of the Colour Complements, which I did not know before. Also, for allowing us to participate in this give away!!! With gratitude!!!

  244. Happy Birthday Mary! Fantastic giveaway, I would use it in a pretty specialty stitches sampler

  245. A very happy birthday to you Mary. In answer to your question I love to use overdyed threads in many of my stitching projects. They are wonderful for embellishing crazy quilts, embroidery projects and even in my cross stitch projects. It’s always good to have a selection of these threads on hand.

  246. Good morning Ms. Mary.
    Before anything, I want to wish you a safe, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    As for the embroidery thread give-away, I have never used this kind of thread before. I am an elderly left handed newby, learning all I can. I love your site. I would love to try the threads, comparing them to what I have used in the past. I love doing pillow cases with different flowers, of different colors (my favorite colors are peach aad burgandy)
    My grandmother was proficient in embroidery. I was very, very young. Wish I had learned from her.

    Have a wonderful day.

  247. I love overdyed threads! My favorite use is to pull one I like use it for the base of a canvas project. ANG’s stitch of the month projects use the concept a lot. I also like using them in crazy quilts as it gives movement and interest in a seam.

  248. I’ve never used these threads before. It’s hard to find some threads in Puerto Rico. I can think of some pretty amazing things to do with them, like embroidering something for my grandchildren to remember me when I’m gone.

  249. How generous! I have not used over dyed thread as yet but, would try them out using one of my adult coloring books for a pattern. I have an idea to use nature inspired with butterflies, dragonflies,bugs, flora and fauna. Thank you for the opportunity to win these and Happy Birthday

  250. Currently I’m in the planning stage of a piece involving a Chinese fan with lots of folds. I know that every panel will be unique and that overdyed thread will give this project the pizzazz it deserves!

  251. Happy Birthday Mary, and a very Happy Spring too 🙂 Thanks for the lovely Giveaway! I first heard of CC in one of your posts and have been “dyeing” to try some of Lorraine’s beautiful threads ever since LOL

    I’ve only just started to venture into the rainbow world of overdyeds, but I have used a pink/orange/yellow Anchor pearl cotton #8 for a floral blackwork bookmark and was amazed at the fun “mystery stitch” feeling as you’re never quite sure how the colours are going to work out until you actually stitch with them 😉

  252. Oh. .what perfect timing! Our needle arts guild had a weekend workshop on crazy quilting last month. ..and so,my answer to the question is that using overdyed threads is wonderful for crazy quilting!! Having more wonderful threads to add to my project would be so much fun! Thank you, Mary,for the give-away..and happy birthday! PS- it’s also nice to see a Canadian vendor for this giveaway!

  253. Happy Birthday Mary. Thank you for this terrific thread give away. I am just getting back into my embroidery after 38 years and have so many projects floating in my head. I have always wanted to make a jewel tone crazy quilt. My pond with all the spring flowers needs it’s own painted thread embroidery work. I need to make a needle holder with your beehive design. The list is endless and those beautiful threads just call to me to find the perfect project using them.

  254. It appears a happy birthday is in order!! These threads are beautiful. I think I’d try them first on a wool felt sampler I’ve been wanting to do.

  255. I love using Perle #8 over dyed threads to embellish my wool applique with various embroidery stitches!

  256. I love to use over dyes for a design that I want to create easy interest in that I am just using one thread throughout.

  257. I have never heard of these threads and would love to learn about them. What better why than to win them. I’m making a Christmas stocking from a kit and like to try different things instead of following the instructions exactly. Happy birthday Mary and Thank you.

  258. Happy Birthday – it seems like you should be getting gifts, not us! However, as you are always so generous with your time, talent and treasures, I will tell you that I love using over dyed threads on tree trunks. The “bark” comes to life with the blending and contrasting colours. Here’s wishing you a colourful day!

  259. My favourite use for over-dyed threads is to use them in crazy quilting. And I make fancy tea cosies and Christmas stockings which I call “Victorian Fanciworks” that feature pieces of antique lace and doilies with lots of buttons and added ribbons and lace , all mixed together with various surface stitches. I like to match the colours in the giftee’s china patterns with the ribbons and thread colours. And some of my Christmas stockings have been in regal purple and gold and black and gold.

  260. I have never used these threads being relatively new to embroidery but I would like to embroider my grandchildren drawings. The colors look rich.
    All the best

  261. What beautiful embroidery threads! I recently purchased some mini embroidery hoops from Dandelyne, and I have been thinking of many little embroidery motifs that I could stitch up to make necklaces! I would use these lovely colored embroidery threads for those!!

  262. Happy Birthday, Mary! Great giveaway – thank you. I haven’t used over-dyed threads yet, but this would be a wonderful opportunity to try them. I see lots of opportunities for flowers with these, and for accent stitching.

  263. I am so new to embroidery, but have purchased threads from Colour Complements! Love them! Am designing my own labels with embroidery and am excited about how they will turn out! Would love to have more Colour Complements to experiment with.

  264. My favorite use for over-dyed threads is to incorporate them into designs in subtle ways. I like taking a thread that is close to the solid color I wanted (or that was planned in a kit) and then substituting for a touch of different color and flare. Since I often have a hard time choosing just *one* color I love, this lets me blend more complementary colors in without having to choose! 😉

  265. I love overdyed threads in just about anything. But especially bullion flowers. They add a depth that you just can’t duplicate any other way!

  266. Hi Mary
    Happy Birthday! I’d love to use the over dyed threads in a meadow flower garden I’m planning to do. The colours would be spectacular.

    Needle and thread is such a lovely site and so informative, thank you so much for all you do.


  267. Not only have i never used overdyed thread, i’m not entirely sure what it is! It”d be fun to get my hands on some and see what i could do with it

  268. I am a crazy quilter and I love the variegated threads, especially size 8. My crazy quilt blocks are loaded with embroider.

    I was just looking at this site this morning (from another blog link). Please enter me in the drawing. You can never have too many colors of thread

  269. Hi Happy birthday Mary. I’ve just had mine on the 4th! As for the threads well they would be gorgous on the wall panel I’m sewing for my bedroom wall. It’s all my own design and the threads would compliment the colours and different threads I’m alredy using. Me and my hubby have only just moved to Spain from the UK and I’m finding it sooooo difficult to source decent threads and other supplies. It’s amazing how many companies won’t deliver to Spain. I love your web site to bits and am on here every day for my “fix” of Mary Corbet. Gill

  270. I use wonderful over dyed thread on wool appliqué. It is a passion to embroider on the colorful wools available now. This thread gives a dimension to the fancy and plain stitches.

  271. I am a threadaholic and hand dyeds are my favorites! I love them especially for crazy quilting. The variations in color and shade give any stitch a sense of movement and can make even a simple stitch a star.

  272. Overdyed thread? I have not used them but I think they will be lovely for my crazy quilting where anything goes! Thank you for your needlenthread website, I learn a lot about embroidery. Happy Birthday, mwah!

  273. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Mine is the 13th. Aries till the end…hehehe
    Right now I am in a fork in the road as to which needlework I am wanting to go.
    I truely wish to make pin cushions and do intricate embroidery for each design.
    That is what I would do with the threads.

  274. Thank you Mary for the opportunities of an exciting give-away and a nice thread talk. I love over-dyed threads. They bring full of possibilities for imagination to bloom. I am doing studies on freeform embroidery and over-dyed threads have been working well at places where I chose to use them. Actually your question inspires me to make a freeform piece that works only with over-dyed threads to see how I can manipulate over-dyed threads or let it lead my way. Happy Day to you Mary!

  275. I have used Lorraine’s threads on an appliqué project, and they are wonderful! My favorite use for the threads is to embellish my appliqué work with embroidery. The variation in colors adds such a lovely richness to the work. Thanks for the chance to win…but I guess I’ll be heading over to her site for purchase, too!
    Happy birthday, Mary!

  276. Thank you Mary and Lorraine! I love over-dyed and space-dyed threads just for the fun that they bring to a pattern. 🙂 I don’t stress over where colors are landing and just let the thread surprise me. I don’t have a specific plan for over-dyed threads right now, though I would likely choose colors for a Seasons Sampler SAL that I’m collecting right now, where we pick our own colors.

  277. I am a fan of Sue Spargo and have taken several of her classes. I love the effects of overdyed threads in extensive embellishments on wool wall hangings.
    I go often to the Needlenthread website for ideas of decorative stitches.

  278. I am not the biggest fan of over-dyed threads in this world. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like them. I do … in certain places … for instance, in the ‘godzilla ornament’ that I am currently stitching for my grandson. Godzilla is very handsome in his over-dyed green and the house he is about to destroy struts its stuff with over-dyed blue-grey on the roof.

    Thanks for the chance to enhance my over-dye inventory….and to try a new-to-me thread.

  279. Wool! That’s almost exclusively my fabric of choice. Perle cotton, particularly size 8 and 5, is my favorite thread.

  280. I have just completed a course sewing duffle and can see how these colors would be great for the embroidery. Thanks for offering this give away and giving a source of material for people like my who live far from shops etc.

  281. I find your emails and website fun and informative. I have many many more hours of checking out the archives ahead of me! I would love the threads for using in my wool applique I am embarking on. I am a rug hooker so have tons of felted hand dyed wool and am all set to go!

  282. I love using embroidery floss for crazy quilting and I have been collecting pearl cotton for larger stitch quilting. The best thing about over-dyed threads is the excitement changes in color give to the stitches. It draws the eye to look more closely at the area where it has been used. Thank you for this opportunity.

  283. I have purchased some of these lovely threads and have used them in both I kale and Saori weaving. They are wonderful. Thanks for doing this and happy birthday.

  284. I love using overdyed threads to create a variety of flowers and leaves in complicated designs. It eliminates the need to start and stop individual color threads and makes a “cleaner” backside and stronger stitching for delicate designs.

  285. I like to use the overdyed threads because they give a more natural look and shading to the articles you are working on. Shirley

  286. What gorgeous colors! I’ve not worked with overdyed threads before, but much of what i’m currently working on is vines and ivy leaves. the variegation of the greens would translate beautifully into an undulating vine through dappled sun! 🙂

  287. Happy Birthday Mary! I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying a respite from health practioners!
    My favorite use for overdyed threads are flowers, of course! They add unique character to the flower petals!
    Thank you for this opportunity too!

  288. I have never over dyed thread. I can imagine them being used in a number of ways. I quilt so my first impulse would be to add decorative embroidery to a hand dyed fabric quilt. It would be as much as the story factor on the label as well as the decorative element. I am a thread snob, it would be fun to win the floss to find if I become a floss snob as well.

  289. Happy Birthday, Mary!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! I have some felt in my stash that I would like to use to make some needle cases for friends. These threads would be perfect for embellishing these gifts. The colors are beautiful!! Thank you for this giveaway. Enjoy your special day!!

  290. I live in the CO mountains, and don’t have easy access to supplies. So, I keep things I’m drawn to like on hand, so I can choose from them as a project develops. Since I do my own designing, I never know what I will need, and it can change during the project, as plans with the best intentions don’t always go as planned! These are just lovely threads that would be happy in my collection to be used in my fiber art.

  291. Happy Birthday, Mary! What a wonderful give-away just as spring is struggling to brighten our days! In the past I would have said that over-dyed threads would be great for Hardanger embroidery, but as I am exploring canvas work, I am considering designing a lovely box top.

  292. Happy Birthday Mary!! Hope you have a very wonderful day doing just what you want to do most!!

  293. Oh, the colors on her Etsy website! I have always worked with softer colors and am just beginning to stretch myself. It is so much fun! It would be a honor to work with some of her marvelous threads. The possibilities are endless.

  294. I have used over-dyed threads in hand embroidery in general and I have dreams of completing Elizabethan raised embroidery on a a vest. It would be a modest echo of the Plymouth Jacket, which I would wear with delight.

  295. I do crewel embroidery but I have a very good friend who is retired and she embroiders little sayings with designs to highlight seasons and holidays and then gives them to friends and neighbor’s. She enjoys going to the needlework store to see what new threads there and I’m sure she’d be excited to have something original.

    Thank you for the give away.

  296. Hi Mary


    Thank you for the opportunity to win these gorgeous threads!
    I plan on using them in my new nature how-to-do-it-stitch kits.I especially am excited about the greens because nature is always a riot of color and am looking forward to getting that excitement into my teaching kits.


  297. I’m working on a Christmas tree skirt at the moment. I have been “stuck” on the sky. I just haven’t been able to execute what’s in my mind. This would be the ticket. Sending good thoughts.

  298. Mary,
    Thank you. Happy Birthday! I feel like we should be sending you presents.

    I have been daydreaming about making button covers to embellish a red wool vest. I have the fabric, but need to make the vest, or more like the sleeveless coat that keeps calling my name. I want to hand embroider the embellishments to showcase my art for a simple public display to share while I’m out and about. These threads would be the perfect thing. I would even have enough to embellish the pockets as well. I’ll keep daydreaming, but I love those threads and may have to order them if I don’t win them.

  299. I am a long-time collector of all things with dragonflies. Whenever possible, I like to create water scenes with koi and dragonflies. Water, koi, and dragonfly wings are all perfectly suited to overdyed threads. The seemingly random gradations of these iridescent surfaces as they reflect light look all the more organic when done with variegated materials.

  300. I love yo use overdyes for sea and sky, you can get such a sense of depth and motion, and it’s fun to play at cutting out sections to manipulate the colour change.

    Godalming, UK

  301. I love overdyed threads as they have a softness in the color that is absent in mahcine dyed threads. I use them in making the embroidery on my daughter’s hankerchefs, particularly in shading flowers or the curves of tendrils, or in casting her initials. FYI, she doesn’t use the hankies, but saves them. We plan to pierce them together to create a patchwork hanging (there are 10 so far). It is also very satisfying to use a hand-made thread on a hand-made piece.
    Happy Birthday Mary!

  302. This would be wonderful to add to any that I have already as I just received my thread painting book.
    I have been doing crazy quilting and want to go further in this art form. So look forward to some thread painting on my work.

    I have so much enjoyed the news letter over that last three weeks and look forward to many more. Hugs for all the work and keeping everyone on track. Happy Birthday and thank you for this wonderful opportunity to encourage us more.

  303. Happy Birthday!
    I have never used these types of threads, they look so lovely and colorful and beautiful! I have a few baby gifts to create, I would make some monogrammed/personalized creations for them. Also, I would like to try string art, I have the supplies and I think this thread would work perfectly (don’t know for sure, but . . . )
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  304. My favorite use for over-dyed threads is “cross wheel” type of Dorset buttons. Perle’s work the best, and since it is easiest to use a continuous thread, the over-dyed threads offer some variation. I also like to use the subtler over-dyes (especially greens) for foliage and flowers. I am not a big fan of the sharp contrasted ones, excepted in some mixed-media opportunities! These threads look lovely! I have not ever used them before!


  305. We are making 150 lap quilts for our local nursing homes. Colour #1 and greens is what we are needing right now. 42 large blocks were donated to use from family of a deceased loved one, which have 9 Eight Pointed Stars (or Star Flowers) cross-stitched in yellow & green alternating around the perimeter of the block. We are appliqueing a yellow/pink rose with meandering leaves & rosebuds radiating out from the center, with a small floral border, then a log cabin 6″ border. One of the fabrics used will be Moda’s Los Cabos Sunrise, both in the roses and the pieced border. We will be defining the pieced roses with embroidery.

  306. What a fun give-away. I am working on an embroidered Halloween quilt and I’m not using the customary colors you would find for Halloween colors. I am seeing a lot of different colors that I could use in this quilt.

  307. I have never used over-dyed threads but can certainly imagine using them to add depth in a project.With the right pattern and colors, it could look like 3D without being 3D.

    Happy Birthday.

  308. Happy Birthday Mary,
    Hope you have a very special day filled with all the things you love.

  309. Happy birthday, Mary!
    I haven’t used over-dyed threads before, but I know what I’d do with them until I had an inspiration. I would admire them, I would look at them, I would touch them, I would look for colors in my stash that compliment or match them. I love perle cotton!

  310. First I had never heard the term over-dyed threads so googled it. Naturally one of your blogs came up and learned a lot. I think I want to try more of these threads due to these points you made. Uneven color, random in length of the dyes, hand dyed and are different from varigated threads. I tried hand dyed threads years ago and ready to try more.

  311. Happy Birthday dear Mary, happy birthday to you!
    Color Compliments creates delectable colors and blends, Nothing is more fun than grabbing an ACS flour sack dish towel and embroidering a whimsical design to give to a friend. The color blends are mesmerizing as they develop within your design. Friends who receive these whimsies decide you are their BEST friend.

  312. I have not used overdyed threads. For some time I have wanted to embroider one of the patterns from the Minnesota Historical Society. It is a pastoral scene that reminds me so much of growing up on the farm. These threads might well be what would get me going on this project.

    Thank you, Mary, for your column. I discovered it several years ago when I was retired and wanting to do embroidery again. It has been a good refresher and I have learned more about embroidery than I could ever have imagined.

  313. Happy Birthday Mary! I loved using variegated perle cotton in Lorna Bateman’s beautiful projects “In an English Country Garden” scissorkeeper and needle case. The way the over-dyed threads give the embroidered flowers interest and make them even more beautiful is very exciting and I love using them. They are also great for bullion roses.

  314. Happy Birthday, Mary!!! Hope it’s one of the best you can remember.

    I also like color #1. It reminds me of a flower that grows wild in my area. All shades of pink and orange. I see delicate posies made with free-form button stitch on a Crazy Quilt, perhaps.

    Thanks for everything you do, Mary.

  315. I have never tried over-dyed threads but am intrigued by them. I would try them in free hand embroidery ……. maybe embroidering a field of flowers where subtle color variations would contribute to making the work unique.
    Thank you & Happy Birrhday!

  316. Love the giveaway! A special Happy Birthday to you!! I love it that over-dyed threads give you such great options to change the look of a pattern; making it your own. It is especially fun to do on a pattern that is originally designated as only having one color. I love to pick out cotton fabric to use with a project, using the colors in the cotton fabric to base a pattern on. It makes for such fun when sewing up a pillow, a small, or adding something to a sampler or ornament. I am a lover of color in all things; have to have color!! So glad to find out about this vendor – I had not heard of her before. A new place to feed my addiction!! LOL

  317. Happy Birthday! I have never used over-dyed threads, but would love to try them. I would make some embroidery blocks and then incorporate them into a quilt.

  318. I would like to add my wishes for a happy birthday and a rewarding new year.
    I love to use hand dyed threads in Hardanger and to embroider flowers. I’ve bought some of these threads and can attest that they are beautiful to use with clear colours. Thank you again for all your efforts to produce such a magnificent website!!!

  319. Thanks so much Mary, for this wonderful opportunity!

    I haven’t used over-dyed threads yet but I’d like to use them on some wonderful summer outfits for my two gorgeous granddaughters.

    I’m wishing you all the best in your speedy recovery.

    Many hugs,

  320. I mostly do cross-stitch samplers, some historic but more and more my own designs. I’m a recent covert to over-dyed, which I’m finding give me lovely effects on borders, flowers and leaves, especially when I’m using specialty stitches. I’ve been a bit of a bit of control freak about my work, planning everything to the nth degree, but these threads take total control out of my hands. I’m finding since I’ve been using over-dyed threads, I’ve been relaxing a bit and taking more chances with other aspects of my work. Funny how that works.

  321. Hi Mary, I love collecting embroidery threads; especially varigates. I enjoy designing my own cross stitch patterns with Pattern Maker and I like adding different variegated threads to the design; especially if I want to do something with a stained glass look. Sometimes I will also take a variegated and substitute it for another color in a kit I have. Seems like there is always a spot to put in a variegated on stitching. 🙂
    In Christ,
    Gail J.

  322. These threads are so yummy! I use over-dyed threads on embroidery that I put into greeting cards…have lots of interesting motifs that I use. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  323. Oooh, I love the look of those threads. I have not used over-dyed threads yet, but I’m thinking of a major project I’ve been wanting to start on that those would look good on. I’m wanting to make a quilt with many blocks hand embroidered, with each block representing a memory in the recipient’s life. These threads would be perfect for that.

  324. These colors are so beautiful. I am tempted to leave them intact and bunch them together into a necklace. I usually use over-dyed for things in nature (flowers,leaves, tree trunks; however, these perle cottons begs for something new.

  325. What’s your favorite use for over-dyed threads?

    I like to mix threads to achieve a closer to nature depiction of flowers, trees, grass, bushes… over-dyed gives the dappled light and shadow so nicely and in delightfully surprising ways!

    And happy, happy birthday, Mary! May your days be filled with joyous stitching.

  326. Happy Birthday! What a thoughtful idea, to share your birthday celebration through a giveaway!
    What a gorgeous rainbow of colors these threads create! I love to quilt and I love to embroider yet I have never, so far, combined the two. I would love to use these threads to add colorful detail to a quilt.
    Hope you are having a blessed day!

  327. Happy Birthday Mary! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for the giveaway. I like using the over-dyed threads for the depth and dimension they add to projects.

  328. Overdyed threads provide a great variety of color to the area you chose to use the thread. I love the color it provides to any piece. Future piece will be a punched piece.
    Thank you. Happy Birthday, mine is too.

  329. I absolutely love, love, love overdyed pearl cotton for my crazy quilting projects. The colors give an added visual dimension to my efforts and lift them out of the ho-hum “done that before” rut. They can give added emphasis to any other embellishments I might use. My needlework helps me relax and keep me sane – most days.

  330. Hi Mary,
    Yes, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for your wonderful blog-it has helped me so much since I started to read it- in fact, I’m reading all of your blogs from the beginning!
    I love over dyed threads-I’ve used them in hardanger work (size 8 and 12 especially)and in counted cross, but they are especially beautiful in surface embroidery doing flowers and foliage. Using them gives my embroidery a greater depth of color and texture.
    Best regards,
    Jenny Bonner

  331. Thank you for providing yet another give-away opportunity.
    I recently bought a chart in which it is up to the stitchers to choose their threads. I think the design calls for over-dyed threads. I could mix the overdyed with some co-ordinating solid. The possibilities are endless.

  332. I would use it for clusters of French knots. Thank you for this wonderful chance, Mary.

  333. I have been using autumn coloured over dyed threads for leaves. Also make interesting stump work petals

  334. my current favorite use for overdyed thread is needle tatting!

    which, i just learned last night

  335. I used the overdyed for working with wool applique. Happy birthday and thanks for the opportunity to feed my thread addiction.

  336. Wow! A thread giveaway! Even tho, I’m a thread addict,I haven’t worked much with overdyed threads but love the way they create shading and a shimmer to my cross stitch. I would be excited to get these and use them for initials I am stitching for two of my granddaughters.

    Thank you so much

  337. I use up a lot of different colors and thread styles and weights on my primitive projects. Then over dye the whole project.

    The surprise at the end is like opening a gift.

    This is the true meaning of using what you have.

  338. Love hand dyes, they add so much texture to my wool applique projects. Whoever wins this give-away, is one lucky person.

  339. Happy Birthday Mary ,I hope you are having a lovely day ! My favourite would be the pretty Perle Cottons , that I love to use for joyful folk art surface embroidery .I have never used variegated coloured threads before though . Good luck everyone ! : ) Daisy Debs in Cornwall U.K.

  340. Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you’re spending it doing some fun cool things? 😀

    So I haven’t used over dyed thread yet but I imagine I’d like to do a kind of ombre chain stitch rainbowy sampler but it would be huge! And all the lines would be squiggly wiggly. It would be so much fun.

  341. First off – Happy Birthday Mary! Or rather hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday. I enjoy wool applique; primitive rug hooking and hope soon to take a course or two on punch needle. Colorful threads really make a project “pop” and naturally adds to the beauty of the project. Thanks for this offer.

  342. I love overdyed threads for surface embroidery, needlepoint (especially Perle cotton), any counted work. The threads add interest because the colors create a pattern within the pattern.

    I have been doing needlework my whole life, and I would love to see what new threads are available because there is no needlework store anywhere near here anymore (not counting JoAnns).

  343. I am very new to embroidery and haven’t used over dyed threads yet. I would love to win to help build up my stash. I’m thinking they would work perfectly for a nice Spring design!

  344. I love the use of over-dyed threads for leaves and also for bark on a tree. It is so much more realistic than just using a single shade. Happy Birthday and I hope this finds you feeling better and that your treatment is working. You have definitely been in my prayers. Blessings this spring.

  345. Happy birthday Mary!

    I LOVE thread, what embroiderer doesn’t? I generally use over-dyes in my cross stitch as long as the color variations are not to dramatic (for “scenes”). I also love using them as a “single” color when the color changes are dramatic. I did by Terry Bay and used a wonderful rainbow-ish silk overdye and it was really fun! The latest fun I’ve been having is with a Mystery Bargello pattern 2 ladies from our EGA guild are designing. We pick one color of overdye (most are using Watercolors) to begin with and all the other bargello colors complement that overdye. We are mixing cotton, silk, wool, metallic etc. fibers. It’s been really fun choosing colors and working out the design with them!

  346. My favorite use of overdyed threads would be in canvas work/Needlepoint — have done some of Carolyn Mitchell’s patterns with a variety of what I would consider (in the past) as ’embroidery’ thread. Beautiful impact on canvas. Also, I love them on a Crazy Quilt which is taking forever to finish!! The overdyed threads are an elegant edition to the project!! And Carolyn’s dyes are magnificent!

  347. Wow, looking at all the colours, it is beautiful. I sewed hexagons together to make a machine cover. I want embroider a flower garden on both sides of the cover.

  348. I love hand-dyed threads and I use them for Christmas ornaments, in canvas work and recently for my guild’s program piece, actually 2 program pieces (one’s not finished yet). I find them a great source of inspiration. I’ve been meaning to order some of Lorraine’s threads because I want to try them out.

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  349. I love the thread as it adds so much texture. The most embroidery I xo with it is for wool appliqué and then fancy stitches to add to the elements. I like al threads but the thicker the better for me.

  350. I Love the effects of overdyed threads especially if used in a random (what one teacher I had called ‘puddling’) manner.

  351. Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you have a wonderful day! I enjoy your newsletters and enjoy your perspective on needleworking. Happy and healthy for another year!

  352. I like working in natural themes and variegated thread offers a unique opportunity for color blendings that I may not have thought to use or may not have in my basket.
    Number 8 and 12 seems to work best for me.
    I really enjoy perle cottons’ soft glow.

  353. Joyeux anniversaire je trouve magnifique tous ces fils et le choix est difficile, mais je aimerais particulièrement s parle chaînette,

  354. I am new to embroidery and all these beautiful
    threads. I would like to use them. Thanks for this opportunity. These are beautiful threads.

  355. “What’s your favorite use for over-dyed threads? This can be a planned use – maybe you haven’t worked with them yet, but you have ideas!”

    I’m primarily a patchwork/quilting person, but your blog has nudged my dormant interest in embroidery (I always did love the wonderful colours of embroidery floss!) and I am starting to incorporate embroidered embellishments into my patchwork, so some delicious over-dyed threads would be a very welcome addition to my stash! 🙂

  356. Have a blessedly wonderful birthday, Mary!! Tax day is a wonderful time for the giveaway, it’ll boost someone’s spirits. Yesterday was my baby sister’s birthday, that will help me remember yours! I have not taken up the hobby of using over-dyed threes, but I enjoy looking at the lovely colors

  357. Color, glorious color! What could appeal to an embroider more than an entire rainbow? Absolutely beautiful!

  358. I’ve been bying some of my thread from Lorraine fow awhile now, just love the colour she comes out with,
    I usually do nice bookmark and some biscornu with it, hey but I have a wild imagination and always looking forward to new stuff to create with varigated or reg thread .Love her stuff
    and Happy Birthday to you have a threadful birthday.

  359. I love using over-dyed threads to build up coloured texture, using colonial stitch and French knots, in the miniature landscapes I enjoy working.

  360. I love pastel over dyed threads for canvas embroidery, it gives a lovely whimsical
    look to the piece. I haven’t used stranded Cotten but maybe now the time to give it a try.

  361. Happy Birthday, Mary!
    My favorite use for an over-dye is to select one and then choose colors to use with it, especially on counted geometric designs. And I love perle cottons.

  362. I have not worked with these particular threads but if I won them, I would use them in crazy quilting and I am sure they would add some extra pizazz.

  363. My favorite use for over-dyed threads is practically anything! I love how the variegation makes things look more natural and appealing. I am currently working on some pumpkins and have been using over-dyed greens, yellows, oranges, and browns almost exclusively.

  364. I love using over-dyed threads as the basis of a color scheme for needlepoint geometries. I have several stitched examples on my walls and made into pillows around the house. Over-dyed threads are also great fun used in Bargello patterns.

  365. Happy Birthday!! What a great opportunity to try a new product. Since I enjoy hand embroidering pillows for my relatives, these efforts must be my best. I’ve also made pillow case dresses for children, embroidering their favorite animal around the neckline. To use Colour Compliment threads in my projects will make them richer. Colour Compliment threads are lovely.

  366. Love to use overdyes for creating new designs on vintage pieces.
    Embroidering birds onto well-loved quilt blocks are one of my
    favorite things to create.

  367. I love using over dyed threads. When doing cross stitch it is best to complete each stitch as you go to get the maximum flow of the colors in the thread. You can also pick a section of the thread to make the perfect stitch in your project to give it just the right color.

  368. Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    I’ve never used this particular brand of thread, but an overdyed thread is the first thread I choose when I’m working on a design. All the other threads are chosen to compliment it.
    Thanks for your lovely blog!

  369. I love these threads. I have been adding embroidery features to quilts as well as doing more traditional embroidery such as Hardanger.

  370. I especially love using the overdyed, variegated, perle cotton with my needlepoint projects – it gives such a great opportunity to incorporate lots of colors in the design!

  371. I *love* Colour Compliments threads! I’ve used them in everything from monograms to borders to sashiko-style sampler pieces.

    I think borders are my favorite way to use these, since you can really see the color variation progress.

  372. If there is one thing I have, it’s a thread fetish, so THANK YOU for this opportunity to get my mitts on more fabulous thread! I do a lit of wool appliqué in my quilting, and what is wool appliqué without thread/bead embellishments with embroidery of all kinds? In addition, I do surface embroidery and am planning to get into stumpwork, so new threads will definitely be a plus. Thanks again, Mary and Colour Complements!

  373. Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you get your heart’s desire all day..week..month and year long! I love April and have a birthday this month as well! It’s my happy month.

    My absolute favorite way to use over-dyes is when stitching trees (especially willows) in reproduction samplers. Even though that was not possible way-back-when, I love the extra dimension it adds in today’s world!

    Have a blessed day! Praying for you.

  374. I used hand dyed threads to embellish my appliquéd quilt Autumn Abundance. The variegated colors made the leaf stems pop!

  375. I love to use overdyed threads (embroidery floss) in counted cross stitch. I also like to crochet edgings on flannel baby blankets with the overdyed pearl cottons. Thank you so much for this giveaway and I have learned so much from you,
    barbara (in Tennessee)

  376. I have done lots of embroidery in the past but am just now restarting my projects. I would chose an easy pattern at first until I feel that I can do something along the lines of my former projects.

  377. Dear Mary,
    My favorite use of over-dyed threads is in counted work where a color change is not expected — band samplers and “blackwork” lines (done in back stitch to keep the color transitions smooth) especially. I’m wondering how those perles would behave in bargello on canvas!

  378. I love using over dyed threads! I like to use them for sayings and little motifs like flowers and hearts or to fill in large spaces to create a look that is “different” than other people’s pieces!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  379. Just the pick me up I needed. Fighting a spring cold. Ugh. I didn’t know there was someone out there making over-dyed perle cotton! Wow–what fun. I have only used over-dyed for my cross stitch pieces. Love the effect. Would like to do some hardanger with this thread! Please include me in this wonderful give away and now it is time to go visit her store! Thanks for sharing!

  380. I am a novice crazy quilter and am currently working on a bed runner featuring Utah earth tones. I would love to stitch some oranges, reds and greens in overdyed cotton perle. My stash is a lot of “vintage” crochet and embroidery threads from the thrift store, but I am slowly using up the old and acquiring new colors as I fancy and grow in my repertoire of stitches. Needle n’ Thread is my go-to for inspiration and expansion in this area. I love the spirit in which you share your love of the art of stitching in all its various and wonderful forms.
    Thank you!!!! 🙂

  381. I would love to do hardanger embroidery with it. I feel it shows off thread’s beauty like no other embroidery. I will make a small purse with clasp with it.
    Thank you.

  382. Happy Birthday Mary, what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday with a thread give away! I have used these threads before and they are wonderful! I’m making An under the sea crazy quilt right now. So would use them in that and other crazy quilt in the making.

    Thank you


  383. Just wanted to pop in and wish you a wonderful birthday, filled with lots of colorful needlework. Love following your blog.

  384. I haven’t used these kinds of threads yet. But I’m obsessed with butterflies and every time I see the overdyed and variegated threads, I think they would make lovely embroidered butterflies. Thanks for your efforts on your blog. I’ve learned a lot.!

  385. Over dyed threads are my go to choice to create interest in my crazy quilt. I especially like the realistic variation of shading they lend to flowers and leaves. My crazy quilt is a special collection of fabrics, and embellishments and experiences that I’ve been saving for 50 years. I would be delighted to include you in it! Happy Birthday

  386. Happiest of days, Mary! May the bonfire on your caketop ever grow!:)
    I’ve only just started using an overdyed thread this last Christmas making an ornament. I would love to try some new colours. How fun would that be? Thanks for the opportunity!

  387. Many Happy Returns.
    I like to use over dyed threads for flowing designs which show off the colour changes, particularly Celtic knot work patterns.

  388. Never used over -dyed threads,but would like to try them ,maybe in some surface embroidery or even some needle tatting.

  389. First of all, thank you for the chance to win some beautiful thread!! I used to cross stitch years ago, and have decided to pick cross stitch back up…anda new hobby; needle punch! I have not used overdyed threads YET! I would love to use it for a pretty floral piece with vivid colors to hang on my wall. Really, the possibilities are endless!

  390. I wan never going to use the over dyed threads; mostly a cost thing UNTIL I used them for a wedding project. Love them after using them! However, I do watch where I use them. If the area is larger and the threads will show to their best or the piece I am working on is “antique” I use them and love them. Smaller area just don’t do the threads justice.

  391. I haven’t used over-dyed thread before but just looking at the beautiful collection at colourcompliments makes me want to add some to my stash. I agree with you about Colour #1. It looks like sherbet!

  392. My very favorite use for over-dyed threads is in doing Ukrainian embroidery. The vivid colors especially add a real pizazz and depth the embroidery.

  393. I plan on using these threads in my crazy quilts and mini circular weavings, also tapestry weaving.
    Thank you,

  394. I love Lorraine’s threads. She does such beautiful color combinations. I would use these threads in applique work with wool felt. The thread looks so elegant when you use speciality stitches and it glides through the wool felt very easily. I usually use pearl cotton #5 for this.

  395. I would love to be included in the giveaway. My favorite way to use over dyed threads is to make bargello needlepoint ornaments!

    thank you for this opportunity.

    priscilla hogg

  396. Not sure where I would use it. I have a snowflake quilt planned that has a lot of embroidery on it. I think it would look great there

  397. I have been filling my Pinterest boards with hundreds of patterns to begin tatting… Your threads are beautiful and looks like they fit the bill perfectly for my needs!

  398. Thank you Lorraine for this give-away!
    I can never say my favorite anything. Mostly I love the variety in threads we have now–there are few threads I can say I don’t like. and I love experimenting with different ones. Overdyed threads give my work a look that cannot be achieved any other way–and there is such an incredible selection of color combinations. If I win, it will be difficult to select 6 skeins out the many that are available. But, like you I do like green.
    Love your website Mary!

  399. Happy Birthday, Mary. Thank you for all the ideas and how-tos.

    I have not used this type of thread, but it looks like it would be great to make a temari. I love making the Japanese thread balls, and think this would make a beautiful one!

  400. As a needlepointer, overdyed threads are some of my favorite threads. There are countless ways to use them. I use them for hills in the background, tree trunks and leaves, shading on clothing, walls of buildings and rooms, fur on animals and feathers on birds, waves of water,baskets and the list could go on and on. It is great fun to try them on something you never thought of using them for. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  401. I would love to have some new overdyed threads to use in my wool applique. I love how the color variations in overdyed threads blend with the variations in hand-dyed wool!

  402. I have used this type of thread once — I am a beginning needleworker — for a canvas of Ganesh that i just completed. I would love to more for my next one, which imthink will be an image of Vestia. Thanks for the giveaway.

  403. I really like using overdyed perle cotton threads for canvaswork projects and hardanger…. it really does wonderful things for kloster blocks! adding to my stash would be great! 🙂 hope you’re having a happy friday and feeling well.

  404. Well, mostly I love looking at overdyed threads and gloating over the colors! But I’ve also used some lovely ones in projects, and they are wonderful. I love the subtle color play. I need to pick up a long, sampler-style project again–it has the nicest overdyed threads I’ve ever used. It’s also over 3 feet long and contains a zillion bands of stitching…now my fingers are itching!

  405. Thanks for introducing these beautiful threads Mary! I love trying new fibers and color combinations. I mainly do counted work on both fabric and canvas. I always like working with overdyed threads because it’s like a surprise to see the way the color pattern develops when stitching. I am in love with Sparkle Chainette #3. It reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night. Wouldn’t it be amazing to recreate in thread??? I also love her bright colors like #189 that remind me of parrots and exotic flowers from the rainforests of South America. I guess I will have to break into my emergency stitching funds and get some of these.

  406. I like overdyed fibers when there is a swath of one color in a chart, so that the subtle differences give it a bit of movement and interest. I did a all-one-color bird in an overdyed floss, and it was much more interesting than if I had used a solid.

    I also like overdyed pearl cottons for quilting and embellishment. Pretty!!

  407. My favorite use for overdyed threads, is for hand embroidery. I used them for an album cover, for my mom’s 80th birthday, and it turned out just

    I also love to use them for small, crochet projects; bookmarks, bobbles for
    doll accessories, a little lace trim, and so forth.

  408. Hi Mary!

    My favourite use for multicoloured pearl cotton threads would be in a hardanger piece. I’d use 2 thicknesses of the same shade yo produce a nice table centre or scatter cushion cover.

    Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  409. Like many others I’ve not used over-dyed threads but would like to try them in a project for my bird watching neighbor. The American bunting is such a rainbow colored bird it would make a glorious thread painting for her. jc

  410. Hello Mary, happy birthday!!!
    I’ve never used hand-dyed color threads.
    I don’t even know if we have that here on France!
    Looking at the beautiful colors of the threads from that shop….it would probably be a embroidery canvas with threads and satin ribbon (i love nature, so flowers there’s never too much flowers!!!) and also with felt those colors would give felt a lot of interest.
    thank you for your work and for teaching me soo much! Hope you have a great day!

  411. Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

    Over-dyed threads are really helpful in putting natural variations into leaves and flowers which makes them appear more real. On some leaves and flowers the addition of a brown or gold thread makes the leave or flower appear very real.

  412. I like to use over dyed threads especially in Perle Size 12 for embellishing and quilting my quilt blocks!

  413. Love using the over-dyed threads for hardanger and also for needle point along with embroidery. Enjoy your blog……. thank you so much.

  414. I have not yet had the pleasure of using over-dyed threads yet. I use DMC for cross stitch and embroidery and Valdani threads for wool applique and needle punch. I would love to try the over-dyed with wool applique and needle punch. Thank You!

  415. Hi Mary. Hope you had a happy birthday. What a great opportunity to increase my stash!! I have used over-dyed thread for canvas and samplers. What fun it is to see how the colors work together. Jean from OH

  416. I love to use as many different colors as possible for embroidery of flowers. I am currently doing a velvet crazy quilt to replace my childhood blankie that my mother disposed of when I went away to college

  417. I absolutely love working with overdyed and space dyed threads. The finished product, whether it be a crazy quilt project, surface embroidery, or a spot sampler, will be stunning. Right now I am working on a large spot sampler with one color of a competitor’s over dyed thread and the sampler is gorgeous though only one third done. You never know exactly how your project will turn out but you know it will be beautiful.

  418. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for having the contest.

    I have a couple of friends that want me to take a crazy quilting class with them in May. I’ll admit I’m pretty curious about it, and, I love the fact that it involves embroidery, which I haven’t done much of for a while now.

    I’ve never used over-dyed threads, but I bet they would look pretty spectacular on a crazy quilt, right?

    Just want to say thank you for all the tutorials and information you’ve posted. Every week it’s something new and beautiful.

    Enjoy your day.

  419. My favorite use for over-dyed threads is a crazy quilt that I am working on: have been working on, am working on and will continue to work on!!! It is made from my daughter’s T-Shirts and blue jeans. I am probably not a traditional crazy quilter in that each block is having one large embroidery somewhere in the block … an owl, Maria Santo, Butterfly … you name it. Then the seams are traditionally embellished. I am also using beads, sequins and charms on it. So much fun! Not knowing when to quit!

  420. I love to use over dyed thread to set a color plan for counted geometric designs. Yum!

  421. I find over dyed threads to add a depth and shading texture to my needle painted quilt blocks. Some of the I tricate shading I get is because of the amazing variations in over dyed thread. Last year I did a Shakespeare quilt for my daughter with 16 blocks, each of symbols from a different play. The Daggar in Romeo and Juliet looked like have wrought steel, because of the carefully chosen over dyed thread.

  422. My favorite uses for over dyed threads are my embroidered clutches and clothing which I sell locally. I make all my designs and just love what colour compliments threads have to offer in color and beauty. I have a couple projects that I am going to start that are going to be gorgeous when finished, one is floral embroidery and the other will be a beta fish design.

  423. I have fallen in love with threads. It would be hard to single out just one for my favorite. If I won I would use them in my first block of a crazy quilting.

  424. Happy Birthday Mary. 5 days after mine! I’m a relatively new embroiderer and am still in that acquisitive squirrel stage, adding all sorts of goodies to an ever increasing stash. Fellow stitchers tell me it never stops! A good needlework shop has me drooling and I just have to buy a thread or two or four or more. Especially hand-dyed, over-dyed, multi-hued, multi-tonal deliciously coloured ones. Future projects (in various stages of planning) include a green man, a tree of life, a stormy hued crazy patch etc etc. So many ideas, so little time! Nothing new there.
    Thanks for the education and inspiration

  425. So happy to hear others place the colored thread in a jar or vase to be admired. When ready to work on a punch needle project, the overdyed threads give such a beautiful look!

  426. Not entering the giveaway, Mary. I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many joyful returns of the day. Enjoy!

  427. I love overdyed thread because I like to stitch over batiks. Sometimes the color in a portion of the background isn’t exactly what I want, so a variegated overdyed lets me shift the dominant color to something that suits me better. I like that Colour Complements offers the same colorway in a variety of weights and types of fiber, even mixed with metallics!

    Thanks for an opportunity to get a treat on your birthday!

  428. I’ve never used over-dyed threads before but I am very excited to possibly win some inspiring threads! I’ve only used good thread like this once before, but I have a little idea in my noggin for an embroidery piece that will sate my gardener’s heart for now, until spring comes to way northern Maine.


  429. Hand embroidery has become my passion. I am yet to work with over dyed threads but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to give it a go. My first thought is to use to cover come thing large space where slight variations in color would be natural and add to the dimension, such as a field of grass or leaves of a tree with green or the blue of the sky, maybe the grays and browns of a rock or mountain. I just love playing with threads and different stitches of the same colors to get different effects. Mary, thanks for all you do.

  430. Thankyou Mary for pointing out this wonderful shop! As a Canadian, I’m always delighted to find a shop in my country that I didn’t know existed before.
    The threads from Colour Complements are wonderful! I’d love to have a chance to use these over-dyed threads in a project that I’m currently planning based on photos I’ve taken of my mother’s flower garden. I hope to have it ready for her birthday in October.

  431. I’m not familiar with over dyed thread but I can see from your illustration the colors are very rich. They would look wonderful on my bookmarks I make for friends who love reading and handcraft as much as I. Happy for your years of life as I too am a two time cancer survivor. Life is so good. Thanks for enriching mine with your talents.

  432. Happy Birthday, Mary! My favorite use for over-dyed threads, other than collecting every delicious color, which doesn’t count as USING them,
    is to take an old chart created before overdyed threads were available, and do it all in overdyes – makes the old designs feel new and fresh, and it’s exciting to watch the results. I “pool” the colors, so the changes in color or shade are not just in a straight line, and a simple cross stitch project becomes fun again! And if we don’t have fun stitching, why stitch?

  433. Happy Birthday!
    I like to use overdyed perlé cotton for tassels – it’s a bit expensive but since the tassels don’t need to match anything, I can be as creative as I like.
    Otherwise I just like to buy them and ogle them.
    Hope you’re having a great day, thanks for the give-a-way!
    Hey, I rhyme!
    Jeanine in Canada

  434. Love to use these threads for wool applique/embroidery. It really highlights the woolens.
    Thank you for a great give-away.

  435. I would like to use the over dyed thread for handmade greeting cards. Using the prick and stitch method, the thread is the perfect weight for my needs.

    Thank you, mauri

  436. Happy birthday. What beautiful thread. I have a hard time choosing between samplers and flowers. I really do like how the shading can make flowers look, though, so I think that is my first choice.

  437. Happy birthday, Mary. May your day be filled with lots of stitching. L have used over dyed threads for some monogrammed letters which I framed and hung in our bedroom. Lots of purples and grays.

  438. I haven’t used overdyed threads so I have no idea how I would use them. But since I CQ I am sure I could find a place for them in my blocks. Thanks for the give away chance and hope you have a fantastic birthday.

  439. Mary, Happy birthday! That would be a great way to end the tax season. I am an accountant and am looking forward to having more time for my stitching. Variegated threads in greens are great for grass,leaves, and other backgrounds. The blues add great dimension to skies. The really deep purples work wonders on a spooky Halloween dark night sky. Shading in flowers also come alive. They are a really versatile thread.

  440. These are beautiful looking threads . I would love to add them to my crazy quilting stash.thank you for another wonderful giveaway. I don’t win but I love to have the chance to.

  441. I love color in general. What is not to love about over-dye threads? Two people using the same thread will never duplicate their patterns. Working with over-dyed threads makes your work unique to you. It is so much fun to watch color transitions as you stitch. We recently had a teneriff lace program presented at our EGA meeting. Flowers were stitched with over-dyed thread. The whole project was so much fun. I plan to try my hand at additional teneriff lace projects.

  442. These are such beautiful eye candy! I am new to the world of embroidery so I don’t have a definite plan on what I will be using these threads for but I am eager to build my thread stash so I can be ready for a Sue Spargo class I’m taking this fall. I am also working on a hand applique project that uses all kinds of embroidery threads and embellishments on the finished blocks.
    I love the color and texture thread brings to projects and would love the opportunity to bring these into my sewing room! Thank You!

  443. I haven’t used this type of thread before, but I could picture it in a crazy quilt design or a fun stitched design on a knitting/quilting project bag. The colors are beautiful and remind me of all the beautiful hand dyed yarns that I use in knitting.

  444. My favourite use for over dyed threads are for animals. It gives them movement and motion!

  445. Happy Birthday!!
    I think these threads are perfect for raised embroidered flowers. Hope i win!

  446. I love her overdyed cottons threads too – I love to use them in my crazy quilting

  447. I have never tried over-dyed threads yet, but would love to. Mary, you have taught me so much about threads and I know my creativity has been blessed by your encouragements, Thank you so much, and have the best birthday.

  448. Hand dyed threads are my favorite threads to buy and use 🙂 Just last week at our guild a fellow member commented on how lovely my hand dyed threads were on the needle cushion I was making (feather stitch, blanket stitch and stem stitch for flower stems etc) I especially like to use hand dyed thread for canvas work or needlepoint.
    I often buy the thread without a purpose in mind simply because of the beautiful colors and the colors shown on Mary’s page are so beautiful. Thanks for chance to enter 🙂

  449. Happy birthday and thanks for the give-away. I love overdyed threads, and use them for canvas work and surface embroidery. I am using more perle #12 for samplers and loving the effect provided by the variegated threads.

  450. Love, love, love variegated fibers, especially size 12 and 8.I use it to make Hardanger bookmarks for my local libraries young people’s gathering. The kids love them…the parents do to! The colors are luscious!
    Happy Birthday, Mary

  451. I have not used over-dyed threads, but I just purchased the book “Needle Painting Embroidery” by Trish Burr after reading about it on this blog, and I think it wold be great for needle painting.

  452. I would love to see these threads used for a pretty flowered edging embroidered along the hem of a little girl’s dress.

  453. I love over-dyed threads, but when I choose one over-dyed color, I don’t like to mix it with other over-dyed threads. I use simple colors, for the over-dyed one will be the “cherry on the cake”, the very special one (the only one!).

    I’d use it for leaves on a tree, so they would be changing shades without the need of changing threads.

  454. Happy Birthday!

    I love over-dyed threads. They are so gorgeous. I think my most favourite thing to have done with them to date is embroidering fabric handbags. They add a bit of punch and make it that extra bit special.

  455. I have not worked with over-dyed threads but I am ready to try a variation in needle painting. I have completed a couple of small projects and am ready to try doing my own work. I could have a LOT of fun with new colors!

  456. Happy Birthday.

    I love overdyed threads (and any other threads, actually). Ok, I’m a confessed threadoholic. I love variegated threads for the dimensions that it adds to whatever I use them on. I love them for seams and for flowers/leaves. Thanks. Jenny

  457. I like to use overdyed threads for elements of nature such as trees or the sea and sky. They aren’t solid colors so they adapt well to the overdyed threads of all kinds – cotton, silk, bamboo.

    Thanks to you and Lorraine for this wonderful opportunity to expand our thread stashes.


  458. Hello Mary and Happy Birthday! Please enter me into the Colour Complements drawing. I love using over-dyed threads. My favorite use is in satin stitch borders where their subtle variations can really shine. In a more complicated or layered stitch these variations do not show up as well. – Adrienne

  459. I have not had the experience of using over dyed threads. Yet! But the mind boggles at all of the possibilities. I have been working on some new tunic and pant sets for summer. I am using some pale dyed gauze, in yellow and rust as well as white.
    I think that these will be nicely interchangeable. And I have been toying with the idea of embroidering a little something at the keyhole neck and on the sleeves cuffs. Just to add a little glamour. I have to keep covered as I cant be exposed to the sun. I have had some bad spots removed, so goes it. Getting old really puts a crimp in ones lifestyle. LOL

  460. Oh my! flowers and leaves are wonderful with overdyes – automatic shading with surprises is such fun. Once in awhile I adjust some sections, but mostly I like to just see what happens.

    For overdyed pearl 5, I love to make Temari to see the differences from one “identical section” to the next.

    Thank you, Lynn

  461. Everything you see around you is made of many colors! The beauty of needlework is that with beautiful floss you can bring those into any piece of your work. It becomes your own. Love the chance to have more beautiful flosses to bring art alive!

  462. First of all Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway and all of the embroidery knowledge you share! I would use the over dyed threads for big stitch quilting!

  463. Yummy, yummy, I want some! I love #8 pearl. I use it in all types of embroidery and embellishing, crochet (makes the best bullions!)and kumihimo, and I’m getting ready to try macro-macrame.

      I was trying to edit Comment 104 when I entered Comment 105. I swear, swear, swear I wasn’t trying to double enter. Please, please, please and pretty please with mountains of beautiful stash, disregard Comment 104.
      Have mercy on my greedy soul. I appreciate your making a freebie opportunity

  464. I have been working on a project for each of my daughters for about two years. I went online and chose a tall pine tree, used that as the pattern, and have been “painting” each tree with felted wool, and beads, and shiny threads, and regular threads. Mostly I have used greens but also blues and purples and grays in the shadows and silver and white beads and tiny glittering knots. I have used color values to shade the tree as though it is shimmering in the forest, and “push” the color you see in the branches. I will frame these trees to be brought out at Christmastime. I would use your beautiful threads as inspiration and the materials to continue “painting” these trees, and decorating them- to be brought out at the most special time of the year in my family. Thank you your inspirational daily posts as well as this special opportunity to win lovely threads!

  465. Yummy!! I LOVE over-dyed and hand-dyed threads for embroidery projects. I love to use the mix of autumn colors when working on nature-type projects (different leaves, nature’s bits, etc.). And every once in a while, a group of threads will themselves be the focal point of a new project, so the thread is the creative muse of a new needlebook, a collar on a shirt, ahem on a skirt, and so on. So glad to be introduced to Colour Complements. And what a fun giveaway. AND–Happy Birthday, Mary (is it really your birthday or did the threads just make you that happy??)! Good luck, all…

  466. I have embroidered for about seventy years and have explored most every facet of needlework by hand as well as by embroidery machine. I have made clothing for my mother, my sisters, my children and sister’s girls, my granddaughters and neices as well as for myself. Frequently I will tat, smock or embroider these garments. Every gift I give has been made or enhanced with embroidery. My favorite use for hand over-dyed threads is for the construction of embroidered flowers on a gift for a friend or family member. The color gradations in the thread help to provide more depth and beauty in each flower and in its surrounding foliage. Creating an object that is beautiful is so rewarding for the embroiderer and also a delight for the recipient. I believe these gifts are valued more highly because you have put yourself and your time into their creation. Also I find my older grandchildren want to master these skills themselves. I’m so thankful to be living in a time where there are a multitude of beautiful threads, floss’ and yarns available that make it possible to enjoy every moment I spend making gifts for others.

  467. Wow! A contest, a sale and a Canadian thread company I didn’t know of before! Almost too much for one day. I love overdyed threads and would use them everywhere, but I have especially liked using them for “big stitch” quilting on my rather improvisational quilts.

  468. I have 2 loved uses for overdyed thread. Firstly, for simple back stitch embroideries, and secondly, where I’m feeling a bit lazy but I want to see colour variation in a leaf, a flower, a twig or a stem – or just a thread doodle! Overdyes just give me joy in watching how the colour and movement appear on the cloth. Happiness.

  469. Happy Birthday, Mary.
    I love using over died threads in continuous borders, Celtic knots, and needlepoint samplers where the same thread gives a totally different look, depending on what part of the thread you are using.

  470. Happy birthday Mary! I do hope you have a blessed and healthy year.
    My favourite uses for variegated threads…I have used them in Hardanger (just beautiful results), surface embroidery and canvas work. I just love them. I have bought threads from Lorraine and they are just lovely. How kind of her to donate some.

  471. Hi Mary,

    I learned to embroider as a girl. My mom taught me and just this year decided to begin honing my craft. I’m having a ball and have been embroidering like crazy. I just recently, after reading your blog, discovered cotton pearl. I love working with this thread! The colors are so vibrant and it gives my embroidery a texture that I never achieved with floss. So, I find myself going to shops and just looking at the colors and picking new ones and then putting together a pattern at home. Its so much fun and I am thoroughly enjoying it. These threads, in the give away, would be perfect for a modernized Jacobean floral! I can’t wait!!!!!

  472. Love to use with my bright felt appliques such as sue spargo embroideries I have done and similar ones.

  473. These are so lovely. I have not yet used overdyed threads but have recently purchased some counted cross stitch pattens that call for them. I’ve also been thinking of some projects for my grandchildren incorporating their names that I think would work well with varigated floss.

  474. With overdyed floss I have fun doing variegated backgrounds. With a perle cotton it I play with Temari ball patterns – and I have been thinking about how it would fit into a couple of hardanger designs I am looking at. Might really jazz up the borders. Or in a very lacy Hardanger table topper it would be a nice change from monocolour!

  475. Thank you for your great Give Away Fridays.
    I LOVE overdyes – they are so beautiful used in any nature object – be it leaves or flowers or animals, etc. They show all the values from shadows and sunlight.
    They also show depth and bring stitching alive when used with other basic embroidery stitches, instead of going back with other colors. or without having to split threads and add others to make a variable colored strand. Or even adding one or two strands to a plain color.

  476. My favorite use for overdyed thread is to fill large boring spaces on embroideries. I love randomly making stitches to keep it from striping. It makes stitching large areas of a single color more interesting to stitch as you have to consider where you want different colors. That seems contradictory but it isn’t really.

  477. I’ve never used over-dyed threads but would love to give them a try! I have completed two quilts where all the squares were made from coloring books so I get to use a lot of creative and unique stitches and colors. I think I would work the threads in to my next coloring book quilt pursuit! 🙂

  478. Overdyed threads are such fun in fill-stitches, and also outline stitches. And those ‘meandering-line fill’ patterns (can’t for the life of me think what the proper name is–it’s Friday!) are beautiful in overdyed threads. The colors change magically!

  479. I’ve never used over-dyed threads but would love to! I’ve been spending time with my daughter in the hospital and a brief project that I would like to do (in-between medical needs) is surface embroidery on brooches/buttons. These colors would be vibrant and work wonderfully for a quick project to brighten the days of the sick and staff in the hospital.

  480. Hi Mary and Happy Birthday.
    I love just looking at overdyed threads. While texture is important in a lot of embroidery styles, so is colour and overdyed threads add another layer of complexity but they can be tricky to use. To really show off the colour variations, I like using them in Wessex embroidery. I also like using them in blackwork (seems like a contradiction here!).
    Thank you for hosting this.

  481. I love to use overdyed threads as a basis for a color scheme for a needlepoint project. They work very well and give me a chance to try new things.

  482. I haven’t tried the over dye threads, but they are so pretty! I agree, love the perle cottons, especially for hardsnger.

  483. Yummy, yummy, I want some! I love #5 pearl. I use it in all types of embroidery and embellishing, crochet (makes the best bullions!)and kumihimo, and I’m getting ready to try macro-macrame.

  484. Happy Birthday and many good wishes to you!
    The over dyed threads would be great for seeing in facial features on cloth dolls. Maybe even use some vivid color for a fancy hair do.

  485. Oh yummy…just looked at Colour Complements and I could just eat all the threads with a bowl of vanilla ice cream! And Spring Logs Kit #1 is sooooo pretty.
    As for what I would do with these threads….I just love owning beautiful craft supplies and displaying them in my craft room. Getting inspiration over time from admiring their beauty. Oooooh how I hope I might own these beautiful threads.
    Thank you for the opportunity to become more creative.

  486. Happy Birthday? Mary!best wishes for the coming year!
    I have a birthday too! It`s – 9April! 🙂
    I like used over-dyed threads.
    I have used the over dyed threads on some seasonal embroideries

  487. I’m Canadian and didn’t know about this company. I will certainly pass the word on to my friends.

    I’m a quilter who likes to do fibre art and the over dyed threads would really add some interest to my work.

  488. Happy birthday, Mary! My favorite use for overdyed threads is definitely for temari. The subtle shades look so nice in the wrapped bands and give so much interest to even the simplest designs.

  489. I love, love, love overdyed threads, and have used them for years. Initially I used them in needlepoint, especially when there were repetitive patterns in the design. I’ve also done bead crochet with them, using clear beads so that the thread colors show through. Lately I’ve been experimenting with buttons made with thread, based on an article that Mary published a few months ago. I’d be thrilled to win this giveaway!

  490. I would use overdye’s in single color projects and to add punch to a project. Also I would use in crazy quilting to add another faucet in a rich tapestry of design.


    Dianne ( aka joyfroggie )

  491. Colour,glorious colour, a wonderful addiction of stitchers! I love using over-dyed threads on plant stitching especially flower petals for lovely striations and shading without having to change threads.

  492. My planned use for overdyed threads is on a CQ project. I love the color blends

  493. Happy birthday!
    I needlepoint and love overdyed threads. I like using them in areas with many shades of the same color. Lately I have been into Spring and pastel subjects and find Colour Complements perfect for them.
    Thank you for the chance try out other colors in the line.

  494. I love to use overdyed threads to add texture to an embroidered motif. For example, I recently finished Sylvia Murariu’s piece, “Hello, Cutie.” Instead of doing the raised, padded hedgehog in regular DMC colors, I used a brown with a little carnelian overdye for the darker part of the body, and a beige with a little darker brown overdye for the stomach. The darker part of the body then had an overdye of brown shades and yellow to make bullion “spines” for the hedgehog, although I tried not to use the yellow parts, as they were too light.

  495. Happy Birthday Mary!!!!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway – overdyed threads are wonderful for so many different kinds of projects, currently my favorite is using them in designs that typically call for one color only. It really brightens them up and can show off the beauty of the colors in the thread!

  496. I would just sit and look at them for awhile, then pet them, then work on some of the 8-10 embroidery projects I have going at all times! Lol

  497. I love the over dyed perle cottons for small projects like bookmarks and ornaments. You get a lot of expressive color with very little effort.

  498. I love love LOVE overdyed threads. They are rather like licorice allsorts and deciding which one to use is part of the fun of embroidery. I have some lasercut horses that I want to embroidery into a picture depicting them as white horses in the waves on the sea and the overdyed threads will give the dappled colours as the sun shines on the water and the horses.
    Happy birthday Mary from New Zealand.

  499. I love to use overdyed threads in embroidery work quilting. They give the piece a much for realistic feel.

  500. Me encantan todos los colores, sobre todo los tierra, bordo vestidos para niños y suéters. También sabanas.

  501. Happy Birthday to YOU!!
    I’ve never used overdyed threads, but have been drooling over them and admiring them for awhile. My embroidery goal at the moment is to embroider a design I found in the Animal Kingdom coloring book, by Millie Marotta and I think some of the bright colors would work perfectly.

  502. I love using over-dyes for color inspiration in geometric designs. Part of the design is stitched in the over-dye itself and other parts are stitched in colors pulled from the ones used in the over-dye.

  503. I am in the process of making an ocean-themed portable embroidery and paper doll play item for a child. (I want to make it portable for homeless/ children who move often–which is stressful). The paper doll mermaids have an embroidered cloth scene they can have their adventures in. It is a freeform interpretation of ocean life–especially the corals and other unusual life forms. The over-dyed threads will be well-suited to showing the wonderful,rich changing colours of these life forms. Sometimes bead colours sprinkled on linear stitches will follow thread colour changes.—-(It will be mounted on a quilted placemat and given protective cloth “doors” with pockets for dolls. It can be hung on a wall, put in a drawer or the provided shallow box.)

  504. Hello Mary,
    First, Happiest of Birthdays to You! I hope you are doing well. I, too, love threads – can’t get enough of them. I love how over-dyed threads can add depth and character to a piece. I plan to start deigning my own surface embroidery pieces soon and would love to add these threads to my collection to choose from. Thank you for the chance to be selected to receive them!

  505. I use them in a couple of ways. I love to use them in counted cross stitch designs. I also find that they enhance embroidered designs on special heirloom pieces, especially Christening gowns,hats,and blankets.

  506. Happpy Happppy Birthday! Oh, what a wonderful give-a-away opportunity especially for those of us that have only wished for these over-dyed threads. I never heard of this company so I will check them out since they are closer than the one I dream of in Australia. I would embroider a garden…greens for leaves and pinks, purples, yellows and any other colors than I fancy for the flowers. I would love to tuck in a red ladybug, a spider and it’s web and maybe some other little critter…..because as they say “Life is about using the whole box of crayons”

  507. First of all, Happy Birthday!I am hoping that you are enjoying your day!!
    I use over-dyed yarns in my weaving, spinning and embroidery. I have even been known to use it in my sewing for that special one of a kind bling. I love the “pop” and color variations.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
    Barbara Downey

  508. I love to use overdyed threads for designs that incorporate fill patterns, and sewing embellishments on quilts and the stitches on crazy quilts. I love to use embroidery threads for doing solids on a piece that isn’t overly busy, to add color interest.

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a lovely day!

  509. A very happy birthday to you, Mary. Thank you to you & Lorraine for the lovely opportunity.

    I’m a longtime threadaholic; there are very few that I don’t like, and I’ll use them if need be. I’ve been fascinated by & totally in love with multicolored threads & yarns since childhood. The J&P Coats pastel floss & Red Hart ‘Mexicali’ yarn were used in my early embroidered dresser scarves & knitted scarves. (To my delight, I recently found a few pristine skeins of that floss at an estate sale!)

    There’s something magical & mesmerizing about watching the colors change when using an overdyed thread, but it also serves a purpose. I use 1 or more in almost every embroidery or needlepoint project, in the wonderful variety of fibers & weights available to us. I especially like them for things from nature, in combination with well-chosen stitches…for flowers & greenery, for hair & fur, and for water, sky or sand. They also lend interest when mimicking fabric. The gentle color changes make for a very natural appearance, and have the added benefit of keeping the backside of the work tidier.

  510. I quilt and I love Crab Apple Hill Studio patterns (lots of embroidery squares embedded in traditional quilts). The over dyed threads are beautiful in those applications as it gives an easier way to have variety in the embroidery (baskets are the first thing that comes to mind because natural baskets are variegated).

  511. I love the Colour Complements Shop. Her thread and colors are amazing. I am doing a stitch along with Rebecca Smith and have all ready used some of the pearl cotton thread. The most resent month has some great elements that would be perfect stitched with this multi colored pearl cottons. Thank you for the great give a way.

  512. An unusual use for overdyed heavier threads is to combine them with ribbons and yarns into an open-weave fabric for scarves. Can be very colorful, soft, and warm.

  513. Oh oh oh! heaven. We are so deprived of beautiful over dyed thread here in NZ. I would love to use them on any project that requires a statement like raised surface stitching, particularly on bags, any funky Mount Mellick and anything funky to get younger people involved with embroidery. We all need to promote our passion and can do it with products like this. Happy stitching! Your website Mary does this. We love it over here.

  514. Oh happy day, indeed! One word sums up this assortment of threads – YUM, I would love to choose variegated Pearl cotton threads for the loads of embellishing stitches I add to wool appliqué

    Thanks and happy birthday wishes to you.

  515. Your article brought a joyful feeling to me because I love threads so much.

    Not having ever owned any over-dyed’s, I can only visualize fields of flowers. I subscribe to Colour Complements so am familiar with how beautiful the threads are.

  516. Hi Mary, thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity to use these wonderful threads,overdyed threads are delightful to use in shadow work and and I would love to use them on a butterfly piece I am about to start.

  517. I love over dyed and hand dyed threads to complement my painted fabric. The color variation gives an added pop to the stitching.

  518. I use overdyed thread as much as possible-My favorite way to use it is to find colors for a new project. you can find one with the whole range of colors for the entire piece!
    Thanks for introducing this new and striking brand!

  519. I love overdyed threads and have been eager to try Lorene’s! I am using them now in a sampler that has lots of trees. I chose a green that offers just a little bit of shading. Several years ago, I stitched a sampler of Quaker medallions using a dark purple overdyed thread.


  520. I haven’t used those threads yet but I would probably use them in my Crazy Quilting. Either in the seams or in an embroidered motif.

  521. I am new to crazy quilting and the use of embroidery threads and find it exciting to look, touch, and admire different threads. I think these threads would really work well in a crazy quilt. The colors would pop and show off your design very well.

  522. Happy Birthday to US, Mary! (mine’s monday)

    I’ve not used overdyed thread but I know exactly what I would do with it if I were lucky enough to win your giveaway. I will LOOK at it, lovingly, every day!! And I will TOUCH it, gently, until it speaks to me of its deepest desire for what it would like to become. And then…. I’ll haunt your site for guidance, as always, until I make my personified threads happy!

    Happy SPRING

  523. Thank you for an awesome opportunity to win some gorgeous threads. I have not used over-dyed threads before but i would love to. There is a class coming up in Guild that they would be gorgeous for. I cant remember what the technique is called but its an Owl with raised bits of stitching for the tree trunks and the Owl etc. I love variegated threads and the owl would look lovely in it. It is really stunning and I cant wait to do it. I am looking forward to learning a bit more from these ladies by reading what they would do.

  524. I love to use over dyed threads to make padded leaves. The leaves change shades over their length, adding depth and shading.

  525. I’d love to use them in small counted thread projects such as lavender sachets or bobbin lace bookmarks made with no.12 perle. The gradual, soft variations work well. Happy birthday.

  526. I love using the over dyed thread in crazy quilting or any embroidery. You get such unique colorways and variety which looks like you used several different threads.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful threads and Happy Birthday.

  527. I love the perle cotton for quilting but also would like to try my hand at Temari. Thanks 🙂

  528. Oooh those threads look yummy!

    I love to use overdyed threads in hardanger. Actually, I love to use them everywhere 😀

  529. I have been doing embroidery for years, but I am just now working on my first crazy quilt block. After I get this first block done and learned a few lessons, I have a lot of silk, velvet, and upholstery fabrics for a serious project. I’m making a shawl/open pancho for my cold, cold office. Many of the fabrics are solid, and I think that the varying shades of overdyed thread would add a lot to the colorful explosion I have planned for this shawl.

  530. First, Happy Birthday Mary. Wishing you all the best always. Thank you for your wonderful blog. It is a highlight every time I read it.

    While I have never used over-dyed threads, I can already see many uses for them. The would be just great in a garden seen, French knots, I think would look wonderful.

    Also I have been incorporating embroidery into my scrapbook pages and these threads would be great used that way.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to add these to our personal stash.

  531. Those threads look really lovely!

    I like to use overdyed threads in Hardanger. Actually I like to use them everywhere I can!

  532. I would like to use these threads for big stitch quilting. I also do embroidery,cross stitch and needle punch. Love the happy colors! Have a wonderful birthday!

  533. I’m a dabbler, but would love to do a felt piece like Mary’s example, with circles on felt. The thing that drew me to embroidery was my love of colors. Overdyed threads are exactly what gives me my color fix.

  534. I have not used over dyed or hand dyed threads yet, but I am in the planning stages for some hand embroidery hoop gifts (wedding and thank you gifts). It would be great to use some Colour Complements thread. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. Even if I don’t win, I am planning to purchase some of their product.
    Thank you, Mary, for sharing your talent and gifts with us. I so enjoy reading your blog and learning from your instructions. Happy Birthday!

  535. I love the varigated threads, they work up so pretty in crazy quilt stitching, I would love to add some of her threads to my current project.

  536. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would use the threads on some wonderful Prim Cross stitch or Needle Punch! I have several patterns in my stash. 🙂

  537. Overdye’s are great for skies and water, but I also like to use greens for a dappled sunlight effect. The trick is to use a solid green in the needle with the overdye and stitch to create little patches. The solid color allows the patches to become a little more subtle and flow into each other.

  538. Happy Birthday Mary!
    I’m really not sure what I would use these wonderful threads on until I saw them! They look so beautiful and vibrant I think I would probably look at tho doing a spring/summer flower garden embroidery! Good Luck everyone!

  539. My very favorite use of overdyed threads are in hardanger embroidery. There are so many delicate colirs in the overdyes and they make the hardanger pieces beautiful works of art. Overdyes are also beautiful on band samplers. The repetitiveness of the stitches enhances and allows the color varigations to glow.

  540. Happy Birthday Mary!
    What a great give away. I love seeing lots of threads, all the colors it’s like visiting the local nursery in spring and absorbing all the color in the greenhouses. My favorite use for overdyed threads are surface embroidery, flowers and leaves and vines. Lots of interesting shading without trying and stop / start new threads. KathyB

  541. I have not done a lot with surface embroidery using perle cotton. I would like to try. Her color are so deep and luscious. The purples make me smile.

  542. I hope that overdyed threads are the same as variegated thread – or maybe variegated thread is shades of one colour and overdyed threads are multiple different colours in one thread. Either way, I enjoy using them. As a little girl of 4 or 5 my mother gave me variegated threads because we could not afford to buy lots of different shades or colours. My lilac chair back therefore had variegated orange flowers – I will never forget it. Thanks for the chance to win some glorious thread and for introducing me to a Canadian thread provider. I am obsessed with redwork right now.

  543. I just placed a order with her I love her colors! I can always use some more., because thread is even prettier when you win it!!

  544. I love using over dyed threads in doing hardanger embroidery. They give depth to the pattern.

  545. Thank you for the oppurtunity! These colors are absolutely beautiful. I would use them to make Christmas ornaments and fairy dolls.

  546. I am currently working on a piece that has a large basket on it. I think I would use this thread in a braided stitch I’m looking forward to trying.

  547. I love overdyed threads for handanger! I’ve stitched several teapot doilies using overdyeds to match (more or less) the china patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to try this thread!

  548. I love to sequence the overdyed threads, making each side of the design and various motifs such as leaves, fruits, flowers, match or mirror each other.

  549. I love using overdyed threads in samplers, especially on borders. It seems to add a little ‘more’ to the overall appearance once completed.

  550. My favorite use for over-dyed threads? My new project — a crazy quilt for me!

  551. Thank you for this opportunity. I love using the handdyed/overdyed threads for “tribal” patterns that contain a limited color palette. I think that this allows the color changes to give life to a sampler that otherwise might not have very much pop to it.

    Thank you,

  552. I like to use over dyed threads when I’m doing a single thread project. For example a dog bone on the canvas tote I keep the dog training supplies in, or an owl I used lots of different stitches but one over dyed thread for cohesion on the bib of a craft apron.
    I also like over dyed threads when I’m stitching a border around other surface embroideries. I think it gives a little flash and movement.
    Happy birthday and thank you for the opportunity to win a lovely present!

  553. My favourite way to use over-dyed threads is in a hardanger project. Hardanger designs show off the threads so you can admire the gorgeous rich colours.

  554. Happy birthday, Mary! Thank you for giving us a gift – it should definitely be the other way around.
    I LOVE over-dyed threads! I use pearl 8 often for counted thread work, but my favourite effect (in floss) was in a stumpwork olive leaf, where the subtle shading in the thread made the leaf dappled, as though it was glistening in the sun.
    I’d love to try Colour Complements – the colours look so wonderful!
    Thank you so much.

  555. I have never used these threads. I would incorporate them in my embroidery or crazy quilting.

  556. My favourite use for overdyed threads are as hghlights in the casalguidi projects I design. I usually use overdyed stranded cotton, but sometimes perle as well. The different techniques beautifully highlight the combinations of colours in every thread

  557. I love working with overdyed threads – they offer so much more character than the normal thread. My next project to use them in will be in your lattice sampler. I am sure they will work extremely well in it.

  558. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday. As a very amateur embroiderer I have never heard of over dye thread and would love the opportunity to use it in my many projects I do for my grandchildren…thanks for the opportunity.

  559. My best friend is having a baby in July, and I’d love to make something bright and sweet and cheery for the nursery wall in their new home!

  560. HappyBirthday I hope you have a nice one.
    I have used the overdyed floss on many projects and love the different dimensions it gives.I stitched a crewelwork piece that used overed dyed threads(floss)and was pleased with the result
    I also have used perles 8 and 12 for elizabethean embroidery alos ging it a different look.
    Perle 5 I have used for canvas work as well for hand quilting on one of the quilts I have made, the overdyed thread looked amazing

  561. Happy birthday, Mary!
    I also have never used over dyed thread before but after looking at her site, I am eager to use the embroidery floss! I have a project that I am just starting to plan out that I would love to use this floss for. It will be a nature scene, flowers, trees, bees and whatever else I come up with, but each element will include the names of my children and grandchildren. I would really love to use these threads for it!

  562. Over-dyed threads are not in my collection of embroidery threads but I’d certainly like to try them after seeing all the great colors in the picture. I have a project with a Christmas theme that might look good with the variegated threads. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  563. I’ve been working on putting together a project that has a stylized Raven on top of a mandala or maze kind of pattern. I keep seeing a rainbow…but perhaps the over-dyed thread would work for a sunset effect. I would do the background maze in a satin stitch, or maybe button hole. I won’t really know until I get it ready for a hoop and find the color that speaks to me, then put needle to cloth.

    Happy birthday!

  564. I love over dyed threads to add depth and character to my stitching. They make my stitching more dimensional and appeal to my senses.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

  565. 597 comments so far! I think that’s the most I’ve seen, especially on the first day. 😀

    So far I’ve only used overdyed threads for cross stitch. They add nice texture there. I used DMC Color Variations floss for a stitchery quilt, because they are colour fast, but I don’t know if they are technically overdyed. I really enjoy the random placement of colour that you get, it keeps me motivated to see what will happen next. But, I also admit I’ve “booked” the floss, or done other controlling things at times to keep an even flow. Baby steps! I still would like to try overdyes for Hardanger someday. You know, in my spare time!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  566. Hi my dear Mary:
    I wish you happy birthday and I love today´s giveaway…although never used, I´d love giving some color to my old Little White dress.
    thanks for your amazing blog.

  567. Happy birthday Mary! I was drooling over Lorraine’s site yesterday, looking at the sale items as I am on her mailing list, but made the BIG decision I really couldn’t justify spending more money on threads at the moment! So this opportunity is wonderful. I use over dyed threads, especially floss, for crazy patchwork designs and the pearl threads for canvas work . The fine pearl threads are very suitable for using as an addition to a ribbon embroidery piece for little details . Thanks for the opportunity

  568. I teach two young girls – 15 and 13 now – and i would love to make a shared project with the girls maybe needlepoint needle books exploring colour and stitch – i have looked at the sale items from CC and they are gorgeous and lend themselves to any work but could be stunning in canvaswork. thank you for making such an offer available.

  569. You are so right Mary, a girl cam never have too many threads. I have never use over dyed before but if the photos are anything to go on they look great. I can imagine the yellow/melon/summery looking one as flowers on one for my hand embroidery greeting cards.

  570. Happy Birthday!!! Love threads and playing with them. What they create can be sooo amazing.

  571. I haven’t used the threads before so too win would be a delightful experience. Using these threads would work will on stitchery blocks in a quilt.

  572. oops – hit return too soon. I have not worked with over-dyed threads before, but they sound like a lot of fun.

    Happy Birthday again!

  573. Thank you very much for having such a good giveaway!! I would use the threads for crazy quilt embroidery embellishments!! I love the awesome stitches with awesome colors.

  574. Thanks for offering this thread, and Happy Birthday! I’ve used over-dyed threads in some samplers, and I love to see the color changes as I work along.

  575. Feliz Cumpleaños Maria !!!! Me encantaría tener esos hilados tan bellos, soy de ARGENTINA y en estos momentos no se consiguen hilos tan bellos es escasa la variedad y estos son maravillosos. Espero tener suerte para poder continuear mi tarea de bordados que es una de mis pasiones. Cariños

  576. Happy birthday and many thanks from a novice stitcher! Right now these threads would be wasted on me! Let someone with more experience enjoy.

  577. Happy Birthday! Happy giveaway! I think a great use for this thread would be tambour embroidery, and I’ve been eager to try it after seeing all the lovely projects on your website 🙂

  578. I haven’t been fortunate enough to get these where I live. Never even seen. They sound tropical almost, our great barrier reef. Or tropical rainforrest

  579. Happy birthday, Mary. I love using overdyed threads in all kinds of needlework, especially for adding soft color changes in flowers and vegetation. These threads are beautiful.

  580. I like to use overdyes for a different kind of blackwork (it’s stunning!) and for effects – like a rusted roof 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  581. I would use the thread to embellish my applique with embroidery. Using floss and #12perle cotton with the applique, produces a more complex piece.

  582. Hi Mary,
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Wishing the very best for you this year! Thank you for all the wonderful information and tutorials you have provided. I haven’t used over dyed thread but would love to try. Thank you for this opportunity.

  583. My favorite use for over-dyed perle cotton would have to be a stash buster counted needlepoint design. Either size of perle, 8 or 5, will work. From the over-dye I can pick coordinating cotton or silk solid floss. Also, ad some glitz with some metallic. I have also begun using size 8 for making bullions. Solids for a flower center then the over-dyed for consecutive rounds. Over-dyed greens make beautiful funky leaves and stems. Picture over-dyed neutrals for baskets, rugs, roofs and fencing in a pictorial. Oh, I love threads like you and can’t get enough of them. Shower yourself with all their colors for your birthday and enjoy the moment. Have a wonderful time. Let the fun begin!

  584. I would love to try it to use it in a flower garden. I’m also so excited that it’s a company in Canada. If I order from the US there is heavy duty and taxes. I can’t wait to t to look them up. Thank you

  585. Happy Birthday Mary 😀

    i would like to try Hardanger embroidery for a single color bag fabric

  586. I’d like to try a big stitch quilting project!

    Hope you have a wonderfully stitchy birthday!

  587. Lovely threads! I really like using overdyed perle threads for hardanger – have used Chameleon Threads in the past with great success, especially when matched with their overdyed fabrics. I also like using overdyed silks (such as Colourstreams) for thread painting type stitching.

  588. I use over dyed threads regularly in my canvas work. I love using over dyed threads when stitching a large area of sky or lots of tree greenery or expansive fields. They are so wonderful for creating interest and shading effects. I have used some over dyes on a small embroidery piece with small flowers. It worked super well! What a treat to be lucky enough to win this giveaway !

  589. Thanks for this opportunity to celebrate your birthday. I plan to use the over dyed threads on a fill in background color because of the automatic transition of shades. It’s a much more interesting technique to fill in large spaces than a solid color.

  590. Happy birthday! I love your site, it’s a real inspiration. I’ve only used stranded cotton floss, I’d like to try perle for monogram gifts.

  591. I have never used this particular thread but would really like a free opportunity to try it. I enjoy huck weaving and would use it for this type of needlework.

  592. Mary, Happy Birthday!

    I have not used over-dyed threads yet but it sounds intriguing. I am experimenting with sashiko right now and would like to try color along with the usual white thread.

    Thanks for this give-away!

  593. Over-dyed threads! Oh MY! I have seen them or worked them before but they sound amazing and I would love to play with them! I like to take vintage embroidery patterns that were used on pillowcases, table runners, doilies etc. and use them on things like little zippered cosmetic bags, patch-pockets on tote bags, plastic grocery bag holders etc. etc. I love to try different threads just to see different results and to spark creativity!

  594. Happy birthday Mary!!

    My favourite use for overdyed threads is on blackwork or on canvas work – I love to see the changing colour patterns throughout the work.

    Can’t wait to see some of the new colours (in person) from Lorraine.


  595. Ooo, I haven’t used overdyed thread too much, but the one time I did it was too get a varied look to a section that was all one color. Very nice! Wonder what I could make with those 🙂

  596. I like to use overdyed threads on my embroidery pieces, in particular, flowers, birds, specialty stitches, just anything really. They are also wonderful on wool appliqué because they blend in so well if you don’t have a perfect match to your fabric or if the fabric has several colors, such as a plaid. Thank you for the opportunity to win these threads.

  597. Thank you for the give away.I enjoy using verigated threads when I monogram pillow cases for gifts.

  598. Happy Birthday Mary! Have a wonderful day with lots of stitching and cake. (This is not a thread entry.)

  599. I have never used over dyed threads but these are so beautiful I might just put them in a sampler! Thanks for the chance to win something so lovely.

  600. Those are beautiful threads. I would use overdyed thread in card embroidery, to add character. Or, perhaps, I would try my hand on embroidering eggs.
    Happy Birthday and thank you for all your amazing work.

  601. I created an embroidery for a friend’s birthday from one of her favourite quotes.

    As I worked I kept working around a piece of it because I just couldn’t figure out “the right colour”. I had picked up an over dyed thread ages ago and thought “let’s try”.

    As I worked I worried it would be okay, but then when I looked at the finished piece wow! It set the whole piece off and best of all she was thrilled with it.

    P.S Happy birthday Mary I hope you have the best day ever =)

  602. I have been doing embroidery on and off for years. I’ve always wanted to design, and I this is the year for it! Gorgeous threads, love the sampler packs for playing with. What would I design….a colorful sea maiden with her ocean minions. Color options are endless with the colors in, and out of the ocean! Truly inspiring colors by Colour Complements. Winning is being introduced to the awesome shop! Thank you!

  603. I love to get embroidery floss! I’ll buy it whether I need it or not. You can always use it for something right? I have never used over dyed thread but I would love to try it out. Maybe use it on a pillowcase.

  604. I have to admit that I struggle with overdyed and variegated threads with some embroidery styles. However I recently did a sampler with some canvas work and bargello samples. Alternating the overdyed with plain colours worked really well, so that is my favourite to date. I also love using them for accents on blackwork (just enough to give a sense of movement across the block pattern.

  605. I love the variety, texture and density of colour you can get with overdyed threads. I love using them for flowers when I embroider and for background foliage when I am doing silk ribbon embroidery.

  606. I love using these cotton threads on wool,appliqué, some times to stitch pieces in place using a blanket stitch but more often to add texture to the wool itself. Then you get to use fun stitches, like Palestrina knots, fly stitch, couched stitching, or any number of other. The bigger sizes really add punch to your pieces.

  607. Happy Birthday Mary
    I love overdyes for anything in nature…hills, trees, leaves, grass, animals’ fur. I love the way it creates shading for the subjects.

  608. Firstly..happy birthday! I have not used these threads, but I have an obsession with Australian natural dyed threads, plus any other thread I can access. I love to embroider themes revolving around my garden..flowers, grasses but particularly trees…..love trees too! I am about to add embroidery to my hand appliquéd queen bed quilt which is covered with vines and branches needing to be finished by some hand embroidery. I would really like to try incorporating some new threads for different colours and textures. Thanks for the opportunity to try something different. xx

  609. I love to take a new color of hand-dyed #5 and stand at the display of solid #5 and pick three or four colors to do a canvas piece. Heavenly. SOr use a #8 hand dyed for klosters and solid perle for weaving Hardanger. Even twisted cord is fun with hand-dyed fibers. Switched end-to-end is great on cross stitch trees, fur, leaves and lots of others. I just love playing with fibers and these are gorgeous. You are right about #1. Makes my mouth water. I hope to win this giveaway. I love fibers.

  610. I love using overdyed fibers and threads. The colors are wonderful and different. I do a lot of embroidery on my crazy quilt pieces and the threads just add zing and dimension to my embroidery. Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy and best of all it is truly non fattening especially to the waller.

  611. I haven’t used overdyed threads yet, but those look yummy. I have been doing a lot of embroidery on wool appliqué using your Stitch Sampler Alphabet stitches. These beautiful threads would look great!

    I love your blog and your website. You have taught me so much. I never knew embroidery could be so exciting. You have changed my life. Thanks so much!!

  612. I love the surprise element in over-dyed threads – no predicting how it will turn out, just waiting for it to unfold before me! Would love to give crazy quilting a go and make use of these threads in a beginner’s project.

  613. Happy Birthday Mary! How lovely – to give on your birthday! Of course, you’re always giving: information, inspiration and lovely things to look at. I am primarily a counted thread needleworker and am overwhelmed with ideas if I were to win this for my stash! What comes to mind first is Hardanger. I will dream!

  614. Hi Mary!
    I hope you are feeling good, strong and healthy on this beautiful spring day?!
    Thank you for this great chance. I love working backgrounds and “fills” with variegated cottons, especially the smaller sized threads. The color variegation makes the simple stitches look so elaborate and wonderful.
    Thanks again and all my best.

  615. Thread thread and more thread, what could be more awesome than that.

    Thanks to you, I’ve been learning a ton of new stitches in the past few months and have been enthusiastically incorporating them into a variety of items that are given as gifts to friends.

    What would I do with more thread, especially the very cool colors that you displayed? Why make more stuff of course. The list of what to do is somewhat endless for me. Depending on the colors, I would be inclined to try working one of the designs in the adult coloring books that you recommended, or perhaps do a variety of monograms that is found in the Stitch Sampler Alphabet patterns that I purchased from you. Maybe the Lattice Stich sampler that I also purchased from your site. The projects are endless, so more thread is always a welcome treat. Until next time, keep stitching and may the knots be always in your favor.

  616. A very happy birthday to you Mary. I hope you have a wonderful celebration. I love the over dyed threads you are giving away. I use variegated over dyed threads a lot in my landscape embroideries. I love the shading that is achieved. A much more realistic look than a single colour.

  617. I am a crazy quilter and adore over-dyed threads ! You never know the full effect until the flower or motif is complete and it is always a happy surprise !

  618. OMG. Flowers… I can see whisteria, and delphinium, lazy daisies. Thread like this makes me twitchy. Where is my crazy quilt square?

  619. I have not sewn with the perle cottons before, but would love to start. I have some redwork patterns that would look beautiful in the #138 teals, blues and purples.

  620. I haven’t used these type of threads before but I do a lot of mixed media embroidery and am always looking for new color combinations to fit in with a project. They are gorgeous!

  621. I’ve never used over-dyed threads, but I think they would be nice on some felt ornaments and other embroideries that I do. Thanks for the opportunity! Love your blog!

  622. First…Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was full of good things…and of course an awesome birthday cake!

    What would i do with these threads…first, i would drool…and then i would find the perfect designs to use them in….and then i would probably have to get more since 6 colors would only start me off…i do love color and color shifts…i know for sure that i would do some biscornues for extra special gifts, and quite likely some blackwork….along with free surface embroidery on a small table cover that i have been contemplating for some time….it is to go on my home altar and must be very special…and done as perfectly as i can get it…
    thank you so much for introducing me to these threads!

  623. I like to work Jacobean patterns with over-dyed threads. It’s my own take on making the beautiful flowers & vines colorful. A bit unorthodox maybe but I really enjoy the results.

  624. I love using a pretty overdyed thread for blackwork. I find blackwork very soothing, almost hypnotic. Then with overdyed threads I only have to make that one initial color decision and I’m set. It’s no-bra0in stitching but I still get something lovely at the end.

  625. Love using over dyed threads in a pattern that calls for a plain colour to add my own personal zing to bring it to life. nothing like that fairy dress in an over dyed thread to make her sparkel

  626. I would love the chance to to work with new types of thread! I’ve only worked with DMC, JP Coats and a little Anchor threads. Over dyed threads sound interesting. I don’t know that I have ever actually seen any. I love embroidery, crewel, and cross stitch. I would probably select a floral design to frame for the use of over dyed threads!

  627. I would use the over dyed threads in a cross stitch Baltimore album pattern I’m working on.

  628. My absolute favourite is using over dyed treads for black work.love this type of work but find it a bit monotonous to stitch…but if you use a variegated over dyed thread ,…well it just sings as it is stitched.
    Happy spring to all our northern hemisphere stitcher friends

  629. What lovely colors! I would really enjoy using these beautiful threads for a crazy quilting project. Then I would try them with a Christmas project.

  630. I love using over dyed threads. The colour combinations are amazing and at the moment I’m working on this year’s Christmas decos for my stitching pals. It is a Christmas tree design in different colour hues of traditional red and green, all green shades and Autumnal shades.
    Regards, Jenni

  631. I’m relatively new to embroidery and so far have done mostly tea towels. People rave about them, and tell me they’re fabulous, so I am encouraged! 🙂 making something from nothing is so fun!
    I’ve never used over-dyed floss before, but I think it would be fun to stitch bright, simple clusters of wild flowers on medium denim quilt blocks.
    I hope you have a very lovely birthday, Mary! Your work is inspiring!
    I’m praying for your comfort and good health.

  632. I have not had the opportunity to use over died threads. I love everything embroidery and have been trying lots of new things lately. I just retired and absoutely love your website! I have 2 granddaughters that are loving learning embroidery, sewing and we are having a great time! They are so creative. I’ll go on your web site to find a great new project

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  633. I love all the colours, but the red’s, pinks, blues and greens are my best. I love the texture cotton perle gives my work. I would love to win something for once, and it’s my birthday on Sunday 10th. Thank you

  634. Hi Mary, What a great idea. I love over dyed thread for use in loads of different projects. A crafting tragic I weave, sew, knit, crochet, tat, bead, patchwork, quilt, embroider and so on for myself, friends and family. I am in the process of stitching simple teddy designs for incorporation in a quilt for my grandchildren (who are yet to be conceived) Next I plan to start a tambour project incorporating beads in the tree of life design I have in mind. I can see these threads as the star of the show. Next will be Sashiko style place mats (with a twist) incorporating lots of colour and movement. Again, a perfect fit for over dyed threads. There are so many uses for this thread I can’t cover them all. Needless to say I have enough projects to keep me busy for the next 40 years.
    Happy birthday Mary, look forward to the next installment….Naomi

  635. Happy birthday! I would use the thread for a engagement present for friends combining Indian and Armenian embroidery.

  636. I have never tried overdyed floss or pearl cotton. I love to do cross stitch and have a pattern with overdyes and silks that looks so amazing! I would like to give this pattern a try…I hope you have a great birthday and thanks for the opportunity to win such a fun prize! The pictures you show in today’s blog post of the threads are so colorful and fun! Who could feel down when stitching with those colors!

  637. I love the way overdyed threads help me find good color combinations! Once I have found an overdyed thread I like, I can then use it to chose other colors to flesh out the color scheme – all while knowing they look lovely together. They are also really helpful as a bridge between a dark and light shade of the same color when you want to soften something just a bit!

  638. I love the overdyed threads for the liveliness they bring to my embroidery. I am working on a series of garden inspired pieces and the threads I have selected would be perfect to convey light and shadow on the floral motifs.

    What a wonderful give away! So glad to find a new vendor producing quality overdyed embroidery threads. My local source has done away with them, so this is very timely.