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Happy Fourth! & a Little Christmas in July for you!


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Happy Fourth of July! Even if you’re not in the US, you can celebrate the fourth of July – we all have it on our calendars, after all. Just pick any reason to celebrate, and you’re good to go!

Independence Day here is the quintessential small-town-USA summer holiday, but since most interesting things don’t get underway until closer to evening, I’ll be spending most of the day in front of the computer, taking care of loose ends that have been piling up. No stitching! *Sigh*

But even though I’m not stitching today, that doesn’t mean you can’t! And to help you along, it strikes me as a great day for a Christmas sale.

Even if it is 100 degrees out…

Since Christmas is barely six months away, I thought I’d offer a little Christmas in July sale, just for the fun of it!

12 Trees for Christmas embroidery projects

Through midnight tomorrow, July 5th, you can pick up my instructional and project e-book Twelve Trees for Christmas for 20% off.

It’s a perfect time to get a head start on those Christmas gifts, ornaments, and projects you wanted to stitch this year – all the while dreaming of cooler weather.

Hop on over to my shop here on Needle ‘n Thread and pick up your copy today! You can be stitching Christmas trees before the sun goes down!

With the war zone cacophony of fireworks set off by kids who can’t wait till dark, the increasing heat, and the anticipation of evening festivities simmering in the air, I think I’ll probably enjoy being a recluse for a bit while I catch up on the technical technical side of Needle ‘n Thread.

And if I’m really good and get my work done quickly, who knows? A half hour or so with needle and thread?

I hope you have a jolly fourth! Don’t melt!

Lots of news and interesting tidbits coming up for you on Needle ‘n Thread this weekend. Look for it!


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(7) Comments

  1. Dear Mary,
    I have been following your wonderful blog for quite some time now.
    Thank you for the little Christmas trees to try to cool down the temperature a little!
    It is supposed to get to 105 degrees in Central Texas today!
    I’m hiding out inside and stitching!!!!!!
    Happy 4th of July to you also.

  2. I bought this for Christmas last year but have to admit I was a bit too I intimidated to try it!
    It’s gorgeous and I will try again for this Christmas.

  3. Hi Mary,

    Hope you won’t have fires like California. Here in Brittany, it has been very hot too, but fortunately we had three very rainy days and now the temperature is normal again. Thank you for your kinf offer. I wanted your e-book so it’s the day for it ! I enjoy very much your posts and learn a lot.
    Happy 4th of July and happy stitching to.
    Best regards

  4. Happy 4th to you Mary! After being reminded of your pretty Christmas Tree Sampler, I had an idea: why not make a sampler of fireworks for this holiday? I’m sure you could come up with some really beautiful designs!

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