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Oh, the Guilty Pleasure of Stitching What You Want


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You might find it hard to believe that there are times when I feel guilty about embroidering. Weird, huh? Especially considering I do it for a living!

There is a certain guilty pleasure in stitching what you want to stitch, when you know you should be stitching what you need to stitch, when you stitch for a living.

Do you remember, growing up, your parents explaining to you the difference between a want and a need? I’ve always tried to keep the difference in mind when I prioritize things.

But sometimes… sometimes… you just have to capitulate to the guilty pleasure of want as opposed to need. And this week, even though I needed to get some other stitching accomplished, I really wanted to get this thing started.

And so I did!

White & Peri Project

I know. It doesn’t look like much right now!

I’ve always had an obsession with all-white embroidery on natural fabric.

A couple years ago, I made a little something involving all white on natural fabric. It was this:

white on natural needlebook

I wrote about this project here.

Since making that needlebook, I have had it in my head to make a somewhat modified version. Before I could ever start writing about the process, though, I’d have to make the modified version first. And it’s been on my list!

This week, I really wanted to get that underway. Why?

Because I love this type of stitching, where you can take perfectly simple stitches and turn them into something pretty that might look complicated, but really isn’t! It makes me happy!

I love it when the whole process of a small project is simply a fun, relaxing exercise in stitchery. Sometimes, you just need that relaxed approach that allows for exploration but isn’t too taxing.

As it turns out, indulging in the guilty pleasure of my want, made me realize I was actually fulfilling a need, too.

The Whole Design Collection Needs Out!

I needed to rekindle a little excitement in some past projects that I need to get out to you – including the heart project you can see in this article. That project has been on the back burner for far too long.

The white-on-natural needlebook above – and the little design I’m working on now – figure into a series of projects that fit together in a design theme. They’ve been languishing. It’s time to revive them!

So that is my indulgence this week. It occupied my Thursday afternoon stitching time.

And you know what? It was fun – just what I needed!

Do It!

Sometimes, we put off what we want to stitch, because we feel guilty that we aren’t stitching what we need to stitch. For example, you might have an unfinished project that’s hanging over your head like a dark cloud because it’s keeping you from stitching something that you Really Want to Stitch.

Putting off that want in favor of the need can really hinder your enthusiasm for embroidery.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to set aside the project that hangs like a cloud and reach for that sunny project that will tickle your enthusiasm again.

Coming Up! It’s Finish Time!

Monday, we’ll start the last embroidery part on the Bee-Jeweled Pincushion! This is adding the beads to the side.

For members over on my Patreon page, we’ve already done the beads, so next week, you’ll get the finish work if you’re following along on my Patreon page.

There are a few kits left over from Advanced Notice list non-responders, and you can find those in my shop now. My plan is eventually to keep a small trickle of those kits in stock, if possible, but whether or not I can depends on the supply chain. Right now, I’m waiting again on a few items.

If you want a kit, there are about seven available, and I’m guessing that will probably be it for about the next month. Even if we move on to the next Snippet, though, you can still come back and make the pincushion whenever you want!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Hi Mary, I’m stitching along with the bejeweled pincushion project (so fun!), but I was wondering if I I’d missed a post? In this post you mentioned that on Monday we’ll start the finish work on the pincushion. Does that include the instructions for how to do the beading? Finish work sort of sounded like assembly type stuff, and I was wondering if I missed something on how to sew the beads; the last post I saw was the supply list? Thanks so much for doing the stitchalong-I’m really enjoying it!

    1. Sorry! Yes, today’s post is beading on the website. Over on Patreon, we’ve already covered the beading and I’ll be releasing the finish work information. I crossed wires there.

  2. The white on natural is so beautiful. It accentuates the different stitches. So wonderful to do what pleases you.

  3. I agree, 100%. I recently began stitching an embroidery kit I’d purchased awhile back. While the pattern is nice I wasn’t enjoying myself. At all. Feeling disappointed because of the price I’d paid, I stitched on. I finally told my husband I can’t do it any more and put it aside. I’m so glad I did! I may get back to it, I may not. I’m now embroidering a pattern by a favorite British Etsy site. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do. Stitch on and stitch what you want!

  4. I have been patiently waiting for your Jacobean project to become available. It’s been awhile…I know you have multiple projects going on…is this one on the list????

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